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  • Anirudh Menon
    Anirudh Menon Hour ago

    At this point, you're just nitpicking and hating on this for the sake of nitpicking and hating on it.

  • the hydronator
    the hydronator Hour ago

    well you cant really question abrahms about decisions Johnson made, abrahms didn't kill luke. that film was nothing to do with him.

    AKSHU DHAVALA Hour ago

    I can’t help but think what this movie would have been had Carrie Fisher been alive. This was set up to be her movie

  • Sir Marshall
    Sir Marshall Hour ago

    Nobody hates Star Wars more than supposed Star Wars fans. Here is another example.

  • bart pablo
    bart pablo Hour ago

    it can't be better than solo, because this trilogy has no scenario, no point being made with these 3 movies, at list solo stand on its own as a ok space movie, watchable

  • River Paikan
    River Paikan Hour ago

    Could you, please, talk about the Last of Us trailer already? :(

  • Anirudh Menon
    Anirudh Menon Hour ago

    What's the point? You pretty much said that you'd hate this film regardless. Why even bother posting a trailer reaction for something you're going in to hate. Fuck off Jeremy.

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Hour ago

    So none of us are going to talk about the plot twist of Arthur being adopted by his mom and abused by her partner?

  • The Camberwell Carrot

    We better see freighters hyperdriving into star destroyers.

  • Jay The Wade
    Jay The Wade Hour ago

    I think this movie is going to be trash like the last one. Throw the whole trilogy away. 🚮

  • Spanish Inquisition


  • Hector V
    Hector V Hour ago

    I feel like if Luke was so powerful why did he die? This should have been the story of Luke.

  • John Riley
    John Riley Hour ago

    Do you realize that episode III and episode IX have anagrammatically acronymic names?

  • Nithin Ravi
    Nithin Ravi Hour ago

    Loved the show !!!

  • Lang Weaver
    Lang Weaver Hour ago

    You know, I like Star Wars for many reasons. However, alien space horses are not one of them. Seriously two movies in a row just gotta have them space horses. THEY HAVE BLASTERS!! What the hell are the spaces horses going to do against blasters? Are the constant space horses going to be the new Ewoks? Fuck off with that shit and throw in some mandalorians and bounty hunters.

  • M.Devendra
    M.Devendra Hour ago

    And who's more deserved to the throne of Emperor than C3PO the broken!!

  • Mark V
    Mark V Hour ago

    Regardless not gonna see it. Garbage since the force awakens.

  • judy Radin
    judy Radin Hour ago

    he was right

  • Wolverage
    Wolverage Hour ago

    look i mean if i get promised that i get my vacation and then say nah you cant but heres 4billion imma go ahead a be like thanks

    REID DUDAR Hour ago

    KATHLEEN KENNEDY is a stunned CUNT!!

  • Ronbo Fett
    Ronbo Fett Hour ago

    This looks terrible, I have no vested interest in the characters what so ever. The Last Jedi severed any interest I had.

  • Don't Panic, Get Manic

    I felt nothing watching the trailer. Not even John Williams could get me to care.

  • Scott Linting
    Scott Linting Hour ago

    C-3PO moment felt unearned and hollow to me.

  • Spencer Coles
    Spencer Coles 2 hours ago

    Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi? I thought the Jedi were more about not acknowledging your fears or not being tempted by them. Embracing or acknowledging your fears by confronting them would be completely against the traditional Jedi Code. The Sith are the ones that wield their emotions, primarily hatred and fear, in order to channel their strength. That's the most anti-jedi thing I've ever heard.

  • Lucian Radu
    Lucian Radu 2 hours ago

    They managed to fuck up Starwars

  • Tomas Favetto
    Tomas Favetto 2 hours ago

    Im just gonna wait to rent it from a red box or something im tired of giving disney my money for this

  • Jenn Gil
    Jenn Gil 2 hours ago

    just get the audio book

  • Sebastian Eskiees
    Sebastian Eskiees 2 hours ago

    It’s sad Bc ang lee is actually a 2 time academy award winning director and I just saw this movie like 15 min ago from writing this and I should’ve saw this video before I saw the movie Bc now I wasted $10

  • Ghostrick Alucard
    Ghostrick Alucard 2 hours ago

    Where's your stupid blanket you fucker!!!

  • Aytakta
    Aytakta 2 hours ago

    C3PO "Taking one last look at my friends..." Also 3PO "Where are they? Who are you people???"

  • Bumfuzzlebro
    Bumfuzzlebro 2 hours ago

    JJ's stories are as vast as an ocean and as deep as a puddle of water.

  • Miko Chan
    Miko Chan 2 hours ago

    Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice shame on me

  • Sapphire Light
    Sapphire Light 2 hours ago

    Guns...n ships?? 🤔 Hamilton, anybody?

  • Nathan Pollock
    Nathan Pollock 2 hours ago

    Not a word about the music? That new rendition of the theme was giving me the feels.

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle 2 hours ago

    They don't have an original plot. They're pulling story ideas from the expanded universe that they originally said, "limited them" but now it's all they got to save it.

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 2 hours ago

    Luke hiding on the island was as a result of his fear. Which he faced when he projected himself to Kylo Ren. But sure, lAsT jEdI sUcKs

  • Reel Culture
    Reel Culture 2 hours ago

    So Excited!!! Can't wait to see this film and get to do an review on it !!!!

  • ajamico
    ajamico 2 hours ago

    3PO doesn’t even know any of them... why is he calling them friends? This movie looks like it’s going to suck. This franchise now sucks. It’s so boring. I just came here to see what Jeremy said about it... “cautiously optimistic”... but me, I just feel like it’s going to be garbage like the last one. I’ll wait I till a friend rents it to see it

  • sleepy
    sleepy 2 hours ago

    I think that the Thomas Wayne scene was fake. But that doesn’t explain why he decides to research his moms past. That sets the course of the movie.

  • Turd Ferguson
    Turd Ferguson 2 hours ago

    i'll rate it somewhere between GOT season 8 and The Last Jedi. not the critic score, but the audience score.

  • kenz200g
    kenz200g 2 hours ago

    C3po gonna die all the og are dead :(

  • billybobtexas
    billybobtexas 2 hours ago

    Excellent video. I do feel that when he stands up with the gun on the subway that he looked like a Joker with a hand gun like you see in the comics. It was sudden like a glimpse. Such a great flick.

  • tweet2999
    tweet2999 2 hours ago

    ... Still filming today & scrambling to pick one of six endings that 6 test audiences were asked to watch.... 🤔... I'd pick the ending that no one wants to see & they're going to show anyway! 😋. I'll wait for the Blu Ray edition... 😎, then wait some more for it show on my local network, then watch something else before the movie starts. 🤗, & If I'm in the mood... I'll re watch Avengers Endgame again in my must have Blu Ray collection. 😌.

  • Binh TC Nguyen
    Binh TC Nguyen 2 hours ago

    I gotta stop myself from hyping.

  • Bep Kororoti
    Bep Kororoti 2 hours ago

    Jeremy should be an actor, I still remember his gollum impression years back

  • Code Khalil
    Code Khalil 2 hours ago

    Oh Jeremy. Will be waiting for your reaction after the movie comes out...where you'll be praising it. Abrams has had plenty of time to write the wrongs. He is closing the chapter. He will want to leave a lasting impression on the legacy.

  • JasonTheMagnificent2.0

    This trash fire is going flop

  • coolcats036
    coolcats036 3 hours ago

    This honestly feels like a better part two than the last movie tho I’m slowly growing on the last Jedi

  • Abel Salazar
    Abel Salazar 3 hours ago

    The rise of Skywalker evokes as much enthusiasm in me as when I want to take a diarrhea dump in the middle of a crowded carnival or in heavy traffic that'll take from 30 up to an hour to reach a bathroom.

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss 3 hours ago

    Disney: The final movie Also Disney: "There's another"

    • Kursmashh
      Kursmashh Hour ago

      “Saga” never did they say it was the final movie

  • Soroush Arjomandi
    Soroush Arjomandi 3 hours ago

    They said it's the last film of the Star Wars saga, but they never said it was going to be the last numbered Star Wars movie, did they? couldn't we still technically get films set after the sequel trilogy but focused on other characters than the main cast of this trilogy?

  • NextGenGaming07
    NextGenGaming07 3 hours ago

    Breaking Bad made 2019 for me great! Ps: just saw the whole damn show in less than a week

  • Ja Ce
    Ja Ce 3 hours ago

    I liked it, also enjoyed solo that unlike the last Jedi felt like I was watching the star Wars galaxy. Hopeful for this one to be a Home run after the horribly disappointing last Jedi left me not caring about this trilogy at all. Ruined my enjoyment of force awakens. Also apprehensive about episode 9.

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss 3 hours ago

      TLJ had many bad things, but Luke storyline wasn't one for me. He is a Skywalker and Skywalkers seem to have strong emotions, a very big flaw for a Jedi. That's why he wen

  • Tiia Mannix
    Tiia Mannix 3 hours ago

    My biggest doubt was if he had really been celebrated by the riot crowd after the car crash. I thought he could have just been sent to Arkham and it was one of his fantasies. I like the idea that he's not some criminal mastermind he might think he is, or wants to think he is, he's just a mentally ill person. Joker doesn't exist, Batman doesn't exist, that whole comic bookish stuff, it's all fantasy. But Arthur's life is real. He just rewrites his reality constantly.

  • The Rockabillys Band

    another garbage movie I won't see

  • Tiia Mannix
    Tiia Mannix 3 hours ago

    There were definitely scenes left out on purpose. I think Arthur had definitely done some fucked up things in the past, thus the "having to see therapist" and "I'm not supposed to have a gun". He also says something like "Should have let them be, they were just kids" about those guys who stole his sign. So I thought he might have beat them up later. Arthur constantly writes his own reality. When he drops the gun, he insists it was "part of his act" even though it wasn't, because obviously it's easier to handle a mistake like that if it had been a part of the act. I think the same way the things Arthur has previously done, he prefers to think they don't exist. Like whatever happened with his fake-gf, he doesn't want to think about it, so we don't see it.

  • martianmilktv
    martianmilktv 3 hours ago

    So full of hope...

  • Nikonas Davis
    Nikonas Davis 3 hours ago

    There's just something very appealing and likeable about Rey for me... as soon as the last Jedi came out i really liked it.

  • Chris Lenferna
    Chris Lenferna 3 hours ago

    This film should feel like Endgame but star wars but i just dont care

  • The Pooh
    The Pooh 3 hours ago

    Palatines throne was actually concept for the return of the Jedi

  • Neurotoxin •
    Neurotoxin • 3 hours ago

    Star Wars is gay

  • Halo 3 ArchlinuxBooty

    Well thank God that even after this movie Will Smith has held meme status far better than Adam Sandler😀 Everything he says could be a meme!!

  • Destiny Dude *Kable
    Destiny Dude *Kable 3 hours ago

    Plot Twist: Palpatine possesses Jar Jar Binks and Palpatine was just too powerful to where it's just the body that's Binks

  • Zeus Lara
    Zeus Lara 3 hours ago

    Purpose of the ships? the many ships? Merch, toys, and stuff. :) more money... hehe

  • VonBulbo
    VonBulbo 3 hours ago

    Disney: *The final movie* Also Disney: *"There's another"*

  • zezba9000
    zezba9000 3 hours ago

    This show is going to rune everything me thinks... the trailer just makes this movie look so bad and cheezy as fuck.

  • Stephan de V
    Stephan de V 3 hours ago

    palpatines throne was designed of the original drawings of ralph mcquarie for the return of the jedi way back.. it was never used then as it was not deemed suitable for in the deathstar look. but this is original trilogy desig they are using for it.

  • quartersskates
    quartersskates 3 hours ago

    This review is gas. For all you non magic playing nerds, that means it's good.

  • CBGaming
    CBGaming 3 hours ago

    I’m going on with the hope that it’s better than the last way I’ll be disappointed..

  • Ron 123456789
    Ron 123456789 3 hours ago

    Villains have the worst gamer chairs

  • MatthewWare Productions

    My Crew: The same crew as the movie but instead of Jay Baruchel, I would be with Bill Hader

  • ACIDesignsUY
    ACIDesignsUY 4 hours ago

    HEY at least JJ kept the lens flairs at a minimum XD

  • Ali Alegaili
    Ali Alegaili 4 hours ago

    Just finished watching it... it was TRULY beautiful

  • Roy, Corporal Type
    Roy, Corporal Type 4 hours ago

    Star Wars is dead... sad but true.😪

  • Adrian Ruvalcaba
    Adrian Ruvalcaba 4 hours ago

    Jeremy ! Big fan , long time follower . Something has been bugging me for quite sometimes and I wonder if you can shine some light on it or if possible a video on it . I know you’re a busy guy . I can recall anytime ANYTHING Star Wars related I knew the video would start off with “Staaaar Waaaars nothing but Staaaaar Waaars “ And you would have that cape on and then when trailers come out you would do a live reaction video . And then something changed . A disturbance In the force , the last Jedi . Since then you don’t seem enthusiastic about anything Star Wars. You didn’t hate the last Jedi in your review but it wasn’t just you I feel like even some of my friends changed . So my question to you is . Is the Star Wars feel dead ? Are we not excited anymore ? Are we not entertained ?! Because you gotta admit , this trailer is fucking amazing ! I’ve watched it over a couple dozen times and every time that John Williams part comes on I get goosebumps . A feeling I haven’t felt since the feeling I got watching the force awakens with my buddies . Which by the way has been one of my top theater experiences ever . I have so many funny stories of that night . But back to the point . I hope and pray that when you finally review the rise of Skywalker that it will be the rise of the Star Wars cape and that old Jeremy feel . Hope you get to Read this . And may the force be with you , always . Because like Luke said . . . No ones ever really gone .

  • Mari A.S
    Mari A.S 4 hours ago

    TLJ had many bad things, but Luke storyline wasn't one for me. He is a Skywalker and Skywalkers seem to have strong emotions, a very big flaw for a Jedi. That's why he went into hiding, he had trouble dealing with his emotions and fears. That's why he didn't want to help Rey. He was afraid of himself and he was afraid of Kylo and Rey. But at the end, he helped Rey and confronted Kylo... So, it was true what he said

  • 999999SkyGuy
    999999SkyGuy 4 hours ago

    Wait ten years and there will be Episode X. Then i come back and tell you - you fool - you wrong 😉😜

  • Mariano Torres
    Mariano Torres 4 hours ago

    I know the ending star wars dies lol 😆

  • Andreas Toprac
    Andreas Toprac 4 hours ago

    Who’s here after watching the trailer

  • Hollis Thompson
    Hollis Thompson 4 hours ago

    check out George Lucas reaction to this trailer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ( he spoils the ending 🙀🤣)

  • Mr Nemesis
    Mr Nemesis 4 hours ago

    she kicked kylos fucking ass in both previous movies he poses zero threat against rey, this movie is a complete joke

  • The Great Value Show

    “She still wants that Kylo D” 😂😭😭😭

    BURNS REVIEWS 4 hours ago

    i've never seen so much Love for 3PO before. Everytime i watch strike back someone is always like i hate that guy.

  • Panda Jacket
    Panda Jacket 4 hours ago

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  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 4 hours ago

    Attention all dumbass's. Don't see this movie unless reviews are good. Don't give them an opening weekend to justify a shitty movie.

  • niceBumCheeks
    niceBumCheeks 4 hours ago

    2:08 Palpatine is talking about a storyline by George Lucas that ends the series....

  • Kyle & Chung
    Kyle & Chung 4 hours ago

    I hope Spielberg does a 3 movie series about the founding fathers and the first 3 president

  • Mason McDowell
    Mason McDowell 4 hours ago

    Meh. That’s literally the only reaction I had to the trailer :/

  • Cynnik911
    Cynnik911 4 hours ago

    My theory is they are now showing Rey's Jedi training as a flashback from Last of the Jedi explaining how she was able to defeat Smoak's guards so easily and able to go toe-to-toe with Kylo Ren who has had actual Jedi and Sith training. Please don't let this one be another SJW shitpile.

    THE PIRATE ASSASSIN 4 hours ago

    I always thought that big boss sent solid snake to outer heaven to ultimately die and that his actual success of killing venom snake was not planned because at one point big boss tells solid “you’ve killed me twice before”

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas 4 hours ago

    I believe that New Thrown of the Emporers is what's been keeping him alive & how he managed to survive all these years.

  • Axel Kasai
    Axel Kasai 4 hours ago

    They still haven't shown us Palpatine yet so...meh

  • Cthulu1985
    Cthulu1985 4 hours ago

    So that adds up to my personal impression: the pivotal scene of the movie is the last meeting between Arthur and the therapist. Where he ponders about feeling "real" for the first time whilegetting the news that he won´t get the help he needs anymore.

  • MysterySteve: The Pathetic Gamer

    kill 3P0 and I will absolutely never watch another Star Wars movie. I'm on the edge of wanting to watch this one, so Star Wars is already not doing perfectly in my eyes.

  • Cry Havoc
    Cry Havoc 4 hours ago

    It will suck! Luke was not given his due! Luke’s character was seriously altered and changed! He deserved a more meaningful involvement and sacrificial death!

  • Sayed I
    Sayed I 4 hours ago

    I did take a Luke at the new star wars trailer. This new trailer did give me a Rey of hope. Ok, I am tired, I'm going to Leia down and get some sleep.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 4 hours ago

    Anyone else find it depressing you actually want a Star Wars Movie to fail? That's what Disney has done to me.

  • Fabulous the BOSS
    Fabulous the BOSS 5 hours ago

    It’s trash. And i cant wait till this trash noncannon trilogy ends simple.

  • Kunisake
    Kunisake 5 hours ago

    Bruce Wayne and what's-her-face in Batman and Robin

  • Alan David
    Alan David 5 hours ago

    From the leaks this movie will be amazing, imo. SPOILER: If you didn't like Ep 7 and 8 then you will not like Ep 9 based on the leaks, simple as that. I just saved your time and money so move on with your life.