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  • Kickor Sidumain
    Kickor Sidumain 18 hours ago

    Do Black Panther Trailer 2 review right quick....

  • Iron Lungs
    Iron Lungs Day ago

    hey dude, can you do a review for Netflix's The Punisher?

  • mccpcorn2000
    mccpcorn2000 2 days ago

    You should review Star Wars and ESB Revisted by Adywan :)

  • David McCray
    David McCray 3 days ago

    Jeremy, I know you saw that "New Mutants" X'Men trailer. What's up with that? Cause it's looking like a horror/thriller...If so...Awesome!!!

  • sheersh Shrivastava

    jeremy jahns can you do a review on db super ?

  • Michael Fang
    Michael Fang 4 days ago

    review Foreigner

  • r7diego
    r7diego 5 days ago

    Justice League trailer review ?

  • Betty Bros
    Betty Bros 6 days ago

    No justice league trailer???

  • Anthony Aguilar
    Anthony Aguilar 6 days ago

    I'm actually curious what your stance is on Battlefront 2 now that it's the polar opposite from why you refused to get the first one. DLC fees have been abolished but now there's micro-transactions. Playing the Beta the star cards don't feel or look game breaking like Angry Joe believes...but I could be wrong. Either way, it's a complete change from the first one and hoping you've had your hand in the Beta to give your thoughts on said change.

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White 7 days ago

    so I was watching half time tonight on Monday Night Football and I realized that Jeremy would be busting out his Star Wars sheet tomorrow. "Staaaar Waaaars nothin' but Staaar Waaaars!!!"

  • Sam K
    Sam K 7 days ago

    Waiting patiently for Jeremy to pull out the Star Wars cape again......

  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards 7 days ago

    JEREMY, look up angry joe battlefront 2 EPIC FAIL, it's pay to earn/win in the beta >< either grind 3600 hours to get all guns and upgrade them all with all classes, OR get stuck. . . AND upgrades to your hero card, bobba fett has a damage reduction card when in the air. . . max rank is 600 scrap earned ONLY in the loot crates, which is45 hours to crack the 600 for the final rank.

  • 35th Kekistani Armored Division

    Jeremy, the trailer to Pacific Rim 2 just dropped yesterday, and I've never been more angry or heartbroken at something on the internet. Tear it a new asshole.

  • Garrett Pedde
    Garrett Pedde 8 days ago

    Gotta do it Jeremy. Be the 1 popular youtube critic who watches and reviews the My Little Pony Movie. Um, plz?

  • james lawrence
    james lawrence 8 days ago

    Plz do geostorm. Looks shite lol

  • macross101292
    macross101292 8 days ago

    JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Heroes Trailer please review!!!

  • marlena stratton
    marlena stratton 11 days ago

    Review jeepers creepers 3

  • videoworld
    videoworld 12 days ago

    how about you actually do videos that your FANS suggest for you, you know the people who practically pay your salary, lazy cunt

  • Simon Thurman
    Simon Thurman 14 days ago

    dude! Where's your Blade runner 2049 review?

  • Breeze
    Breeze 16 days ago

    Could you talk about Star Trek Discovery and Orville?

  • Joshua Park
    Joshua Park 18 days ago

    Hey Man Just Wanted to know if you had any intention of Reviewing the new Chucky movie "Cult of Chucky". Personally i loved it, bringing a Spin i didn't see Coming and an Ending that Makes me Excited to See More.

  • TZ Eccentric
    TZ Eccentric 18 days ago

    Did you see the trailer for "Downsizing"? It looks kinda trippy.

  • monster madness
    monster madness 20 days ago

    have you seen the ring the grudge and IT 1990 and IT 2017

  • Liam Godinez
    Liam Godinez 22 days ago

    Dude Do a Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite review gaming.

  • Joseph Kelleher
    Joseph Kelleher 22 days ago

    Watch Swiss Army Man it is amazing

  • philippe sauve
    philippe sauve 23 days ago

    yo talk about the punisher's trailer

  • Policeking2003
    Policeking2003 23 days ago

    With Halloween around the corner can you do a review on the movie Candyman? I remember as a kid that movie scared the shit out of me. I just recently watched it again, but I didn't find it scary this time. I was more confused then anything. But to this day I still will not say "Candyman" out loud lol.

  • Mark Bramhall
    Mark Bramhall 25 days ago

    Hey, please do a video on the new Punisher trailer. It's amazing in my opinion but would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Shin The Mouth
    Shin The Mouth 29 days ago

    hey are you going to do an American Made review?, can't find reviews from my favorite reviewers and was wondering why, cheers :)

  • josh joyce
    josh joyce Month ago

    duuuude .. love your stuff .. only one thing confuses me ....where is rick and morty?? review rick and know you want to "get shwiftyyyy"

  • Deepak Krishna
    Deepak Krishna Month ago

    Hei bro, could you do a review on A bug's life?

  • Sean Hine
    Sean Hine Month ago

    You going to do a Destiny 2 review seeing as you had some strong opinions about the first?

  • JonnyCashh
    JonnyCashh Month ago

    can u do Superman 1978 ....and also the retro clark kent to the morden superman

  • MrAlski1986
    MrAlski1986 Month ago

    Check out Colossal. I reckon it's the best movie this year.

  • Gina Freeman
    Gina Freeman Month ago

    Hey Jeremy!
    I love your channel, it's easily one of my top 5 YouTube channels.
    Could you review the original Blade Runner that came out in 1982? It had mixed reviews when it came out but is now largely regarded as a classic. I saw the director's cut in my film history class and greatly enjoyed it. I'm curious to hear what you think of it.

  • Jani Fučka
    Jani Fučka Month ago

    Hey man! Just watched Rememory and would love to see your review of it if you've seen it. Take this as a suggestion if you didn't, cheers!

  • NoshrokGrimskull
    NoshrokGrimskull Month ago

    I'd love a review of the new The Tick show. That would be ... neat! :-D

    LIE LUNAR Month ago

    injustice 2 fighter pack pleaseeeee

  • SunTae 정선태
    SunTae 정선태 Month ago

    Wind River review? prolly a top movie this yr

  • Vatroslav Morbidović

    Jeremy, take a look at this one and do a review if it is not a big problem. I'm interested in what you have to say about it. :) Cheerz!

  • Edward French
    Edward French Month ago

    For the love of all things good in the world, PLEASE do What happened to Monday.

  • Kuro Maxima
    Kuro Maxima Month ago

    Jeremy you need to talk about the season 7 Finale of GOT when you have the chance!!!!!


    review berserk 1997 if you like game of thrones. Berserk was game of throne before game of thrones came out

  • Shamsul Bahari Abdul Rahim

    Come on, review 'The Tick' its a nice superhero tvseries too. only 6 episodes

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds Month ago

    are you going to do a review of the game of thrones season 7 finale, when it comes out?

  • Mario Murillo
    Mario Murillo Month ago

    I'm watching videos of yours from back in 2010. You had some dark sense of humor, man, really dark, it was beautiful. What happened?

    LIE LUNAR Month ago

    review the new injustice 2 fighter pack

  • Harsh Sharma
    Harsh Sharma Month ago

    Hy Jeremy! You have mentioned many a time Band of Brothers in many of your reviews. And also said will review it.
    Please review it on your channel it is a brilliant mini-series. Hope you will consider my request as many of us would love see your review of the Mini-series. Thanks!

  • Bryan Day
    Bryan Day Month ago


  • Bens Bricks
    Bens Bricks Month ago

    Hey can you please review Arrow Season 5? I understand that you probably didn't watch it since both Season 3 and Season 4 were bad, but trust me... season 5 is truly great, like Season 2 levels of great. Please give it a go and I'd love to see your thoughts on it.

  • Yeti Man
    Yeti Man Month ago

    You kinda looks like Andy Samberg....

  • karanjeet singh
    karanjeet singh Month ago


  • karanjeet singh
    karanjeet singh Month ago

    watch "Bahubali and dangal".......Super entertaining foreign movies of all time...

  • Steven CC
    Steven CC Month ago

    Hey Jeremy, longtime viewer and big fan :) did you end up reading the Timothy Zahn "Thrawn" novel, interested in what you think

  • Ovidiu Joldea
    Ovidiu Joldea 2 months ago

    I want to say that I am a huge fan of your work, and yours is pretty much the only youtube channel that I watch every video from as soon as it comes out, even if I'm not particularly interested in the movie/game/series. Thank you for this, I hope you get the appreciation you deserve! Have a great day, and best of luck with all your projects!

  • daschy t
    daschy t 2 months ago

    Hi JJ, any chance of getting a Stand By Me (1986) review? A true classic!

  • Rodolfo Medina de la Rosa

    Plis review Eagle Eye movie, i think it´s from 2008 old but very entretaining.

  • Bdogamus
    Bdogamus 2 months ago

    I just wanted thank you for all the amazing content! Do you think you might be able to Review "What we do in the Shadows"? Its a really low-budget underrated comedy that I would love to see your opinion on! Thanks everyone who read this!

  • Person Who Talks Shit
    Person Who Talks Shit 2 months ago

    Jeremy can you review the new Annabelle?

  • ahmed alfatih
    ahmed alfatih 2 months ago

    westworld mate come on seriously

  • Junyan Pan
    Junyan Pan 2 months ago

    Hi, Jeremy, would you please do a review for "Patapon™Remastered" on Ps4?

  • Sung Ra
    Sung Ra 2 months ago

    J. Jahns, I know you're a busy dude, but is there any chance you could watch/review the Rick and Morty Seasons? Season 3 is on right now.

  • Tom Dill
    Tom Dill 2 months ago

    do a review on GOT season 7 episode 4. SO BADASS MAN!!!

  • Eddy Sitoe
    Eddy Sitoe 2 months ago

    Hey Jeremy,huge fan of ur reviews.. Please do one for "The Autopsy of Jane Doe" I think it's a hidden gem u missed.. I watch almost any movie and look for ur review afterwards to match it up & was disappointed to see u haven't one for this movie.. Salute!

  • Kade Stones
    Kade Stones 2 months ago

    Jeremy any chance you could take a look at pink floyd the wall (1982) for a possible review? Id love to hear what you think.

  • Cosmic Pursuits
    Cosmic Pursuits 2 months ago

    Dark Tower review incoming?

  • Marcelo Chauvet
    Marcelo Chauvet 2 months ago

    Jeremy did you fucking forget about Harry Potter?

  • Octavio89
    Octavio89 2 months ago

    your reviews suck and you should delete yourself.

  • Manuel Palacios
    Manuel Palacios 2 months ago

    la verdad me gusta mucho lo que comentas en los trailers y las reviews de peliculas, greetings from argentina

  • Tyler Onna
    Tyler Onna 2 months ago

    Jeremy please review the emoji movie just give us the hilarious review pleassee

  • Kane Aquino
    Kane Aquino 2 months ago

    Review the Emoji movie! Trash it to oblivion! Give it the Dogshit of Dogshit rating!!!

  • Garek Gaillois
    Garek Gaillois 2 months ago

    It's about a alternate reality where Nazis and imperial Japan rule the world and some average citizens get caught up in serous situations. Be advised it is a slow burn but it pays off. Ridley Scott helped create it and it is based off the novel of the same name written by the great Phillip K Dick.

  • Garek Gaillois
    Garek Gaillois 2 months ago

    Jeremy can you please watch and rate Man in the High Castle? Thanks for listening even if you don't. I'm a huge fan! :)

  • Gyorkland
    Gyorkland 2 months ago

    calling it right n0w, the emoji movie review will be dogshit but with the poop emoji.

  • Crocheful22
    Crocheful22 2 months ago

    IT official trailer!!!!

  • Yahya Agouzoul
    Yahya Agouzoul 2 months ago

    do a review of all the SDCC with DC's line up and Marvel's captaine Marvel and the infinity war's poster

  • Hafis Thaha
    Hafis Thaha 2 months ago

    hi jeremy,

    jus saw ur justice league trailer review it was good , the new thor ragnarok trailer is out do the review for that as well

  • Elisheval
    Elisheval 2 months ago

    I think you should do a review of My girl... that's some solid 90's gold.

  • vorden25
    vorden25 2 months ago

    why haven't you reviewed Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

    GSMMW 2 months ago


  • tbc76
    tbc76 2 months ago

    Why no Valerian review? I was interested to see your take away. Not a Luc Besson fan?

  • youness senhaji
    youness senhaji 2 months ago

    i know that you are a boxing fan, so you gonna say something about mcgregor mayweather fight ?

  • Bill Dailey
    Bill Dailey 3 months ago

    GoT S7 Premier Review!!!!

  • TR Sniper
    TR Sniper 3 months ago

    You are bad at your "job".

  • sdfsdf sdfsdf
    sdfsdf sdfsdf 3 months ago

    Guys can anybory tell me if the following are good to watch: Under the Shadow and The Wailing

  • Michael Bledstein
    Michael Bledstein 3 months ago

    Hi. I watched some of your videos mostly best of/worst of lists. Would you like to watch any of mine? I have short film projects I edited, but I also edit myself talking about movies I get autographed on dvd/bluray.

  • luka Ilić
    luka Ilić 3 months ago

    try watching hannibal it's 3 seasons long beach 13 episodes

  • Elijah Hernandez
    Elijah Hernandez 3 months ago

    Gonna do some self promoting but if anyone wants to go to my channel and check out my short film Empathy. It's my first short film, and I'm a high school student who would appreciate anyone's feedback. Thank you.

  • SnakeEater866
    SnakeEater866 3 months ago

    Can you review Spectacular Spiderman?

  • Maxx Creese
    Maxx Creese 3 months ago

    when are you doing castlevania season one on netflix?

  • TheCrimsonChin91
    TheCrimsonChin91 3 months ago

    So, where's that Breath of the Wild review?

    • AdBlock Every1
      AdBlock Every1 2 months ago

      He's not a big game reviewer. Probably doesn't own a switch..

  • JeremyListTV
    JeremyListTV 3 months ago

    Hey Jeremy, have you watched Castlevania on Netflix yet? Show is dope!

  • Paul Fitzmaurice
    Paul Fitzmaurice 3 months ago

    whats the story with the harry potter reviews dude?? keep em coming

  • spirittammyk
    spirittammyk 3 months ago

    Yes, I agree with rotoninja, do a review on Netflix's Stranger Things!

  • Zheng Yang
    Zheng Yang 3 months ago

    By any chance you're giving thoughts on Destiny 2 & Vampyr?

  • draakjuhnl
    draakjuhnl 3 months ago

    Review Okja please!

  • Nicholas Dias
    Nicholas Dias 3 months ago

    Hey Jeremy,
    What software do you use to make your video reviews?


  • Richard Locas
    Richard Locas 3 months ago

    Hi Jeremy, please check out "They call me Jeeg" on Netflix. Great Super hero movie.

  • caleb evans
    caleb evans 3 months ago

    Watch the Annabelle trailer!!

  • Donovan Little
    Donovan Little 3 months ago

    Could You Please Review The Trailer For The Foreigner? Love That They're Bringing Jackie Chan Back And I Wanna Hear Your Thoughts On It.

  • Raj Abbas Khan
    Raj Abbas Khan 3 months ago

    Love you JJ... you are the reason i am into movie reviews... Man u r AWESOMETACULAR

  • Twan Duvigneau
    Twan Duvigneau 3 months ago

    I know you'd probably be busy, but would you consider reviewing The Lost City of Z (2016). Just saw it and I thought it was amazing. Have a nice day :)

  • David Smith
    David Smith 3 months ago

    you need to see captain underpants

  • Jon Ericson
    Jon Ericson 3 months ago

    Jeremy-see the trailer for The Foreigner with Jackie Chan. HOLY SHIT.

  • That's My Opinion
    That's My Opinion 3 months ago

    I need help getting licences and all that to use movie trailers for my channel how do I do that? do I need a licence to do a react video on a new trailer?

  • Lisbeth RavensKiss
    Lisbeth RavensKiss 3 months ago

    Jeremy have you seen the Game of Thrones season 7 trailers? Are you going to make a video about them? ^__^

  • Theghot791
    Theghot791 3 months ago

    Bro I know you've seen these game of thrones trailers and I also know you know we're expecting a video lol

  • Joshua Cazares
    Joshua Cazares 3 months ago

    Can you do a review of It Comes at Night please?

    • Dani
      Dani 3 months ago

      Right, I don't know why he skipped that one. Critics seem to be tiptoeing around the movie, like they're afraid of saying that it sucks.

  • DCLT05
    DCLT05 3 months ago

    Hey Jeremy, I just moved to Seattle, specifically West Seattle. What, in your expert opinion, is the best movie theater in the area?

  • Rony Gangadharan
    Rony Gangadharan 4 months ago

    All Eyez On Me pls pls pls

  • Alin Eduard
    Alin Eduard 4 months ago

    What about the Oats Studios Rakka youtube series by Neill Blomkamp

  • Dead Man's Hand
    Dead Man's Hand 4 months ago

    review "All Eyez On Me"

  • BradleyZbacK
    BradleyZbacK 4 months ago

    Where is your Flash Season 3 review

  • Justin Young
    Justin Young 4 months ago

    New Assassin's Creed Origins trailer dropped? What are your thoughts?
    Looks pretty sweet...

  • DrewGardellaFilms
    DrewGardellaFilms 4 months ago

    It Comes at Night. Plz?

  • John Lincavage
    John Lincavage 4 months ago

    I have a question.. In Wonder Woman, the movie mentions Aries battling and killing other
    Gods (If I remember right). Does that include Posidian "God of the Sea"
    and how does that effect the Aquaman story line. Any ideas?

  • Cecilia Holbert
    Cecilia Holbert 4 months ago

    ...and TURBO KID!!!

  • DenzoGamin
    DenzoGamin 4 months ago

    Jeremy, just a suggestion, but you ought to review the Sam Raimi Spiderman Trilogy within the next month leading up to the release of Spiderman: Homecoming. That would be awesome, since you've already done the 'Amazing' films. A big fan and awesome channel, keep up the good work buddy :D

  • SnakeEater866
    SnakeEater866 4 months ago

    Can you review Spectacular Spiderman in honor of Homecoming coming soon?

  • Cecilia Holbert
    Cecilia Holbert 4 months ago


  • H Turkeyville
    H Turkeyville 4 months ago

    mate where is manchester by the sea review??????

  • Hakeem Kizito
    Hakeem Kizito 4 months ago

    Please review Table 19. You'll be surprised

  • Libertarian Wolf
    Libertarian Wolf 4 months ago

    Please review "A Cure For Wellness" - At least watch the trailer, it's so sick

  • Galvatron64
    Galvatron64 4 months ago

    Captain Underpants by any chance?

  • MNHunter37
    MNHunter37 4 months ago

    Are you gonna review Flash Season 3 and Arrow Season 5?

  • whatever
    whatever 4 months ago

    please review american gods, let us now what you think in he videos

  • Bob Harris
    Bob Harris 4 months ago

    Could you review TWD: A New Frontier?

  • kurama441
    kurama441 4 months ago

    Flash Season 3 Review?

  • LeAnthony Holden
    LeAnthony Holden 4 months ago


    Can you share your thoughts on this idea?? "Superman and Batman"

    I think if the other JLA members were on different mission; and, a worthy and personal threat arises for the Dark Knight and Man of Steel, similar to the animation movie, Batman and Superman could team up and support one another for a great JLA spinoff Buddy Hero Movie, "The Worlds Finest." Batman vs Superman, take on Joker, Lex, some kryptonite and lets us add Lobo and Bane.

    Batman vs Superman did not do as well as expected, I did enjoy BvS, the Ultimate Cut better than the Theatrical Cut. In my opinion BvS, was not as good of a movie as it should been because of so many different things and characters added to setup Justice League. 

    Wonder Woman is a smash hit I will go see multiple times and buy the Blu-ray. I think a part of its success is the focus was on Wonder Woman. What if a Movie was focused on Batman and Superman with one shared mission one goal?
    This would be a Fan Pleaser! Your Thoughts??Lee Holden

  • I Believe In Gaming
    I Believe In Gaming 4 months ago

    Do a Prey Spoiler Talk! Ya numpty!

  • Gaming 4 Life(Tylerman)

    Hey the embargo was lifted on Wonder Woman. You can post your review now!!

  • Kushtrim
    Kushtrim 4 months ago

    waiting for the flash season 3 review...

  • Rob Raj
    Rob Raj 4 months ago

    flash season 3

  • Mikey Urena
    Mikey Urena 4 months ago

    Please review The Flash season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joakim Åkesson
    Joakim Åkesson 4 months ago

    as a mix of The Wire, Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones. And it's in the
    same class as them all. You will be VERY pleased.

  • wubba lubba dub dub
    wubba lubba dub dub 5 months ago

    Have you been watching Better call saul?

  • Mike O
    Mike O 5 months ago

    Hey man where's that Wonder Woman review? You're VIP they should've let you see it.

  • BlackBNimble
    BlackBNimble 5 months ago

    Jeremy, please review A Dark Song! Please, please, please, please, please!!!!!

  • Tman&Jaydog
    Tman&Jaydog 5 months ago

    Jeremy pleas tell me how to get the star wars despecialized edition

  • mark hursey
    mark hursey 5 months ago

    can you do a Review of the Newsroom plz......

  • Ian Plocki
    Ian Plocki 5 months ago

    Dude! After tonights episode of the Flash you need to talk about what happened! There's one episode left in the whole season, share your thoughts on Savitar and what you think will happen. As a comic book fan you are obligated to tell us!

  • A.J Herbert
    A.J Herbert 5 months ago

    Hey Jeremy! Just wondering if you were going to do a review of the trailer for the new Netflix series "GLOW"?
    Looks pretty good to me, so i was wondering what you think of it.

  • Ken Samson Panicker
    Ken Samson Panicker 5 months ago

    JEREMY bro......It's interesting since your a BIG FAN of THE MATRIX ( Remember the CINEFIX Homemade movies :) and you have not yet reviewed SENSE8 Season 1 or 2 .....Please do justice to all the other MATRIX fans....


  • Kale
    Kale 5 months ago

    PLEASE watch Black Sails! Such an amazing show based on Captain Flint and his pirates. I can't say anything without spoilers, so just do yourself a favour, watch it!

  • BrettAvatar
    BrettAvatar 5 months ago

    if ever u feel bored and want to give something new a u think you wld be open to watching the biggest indian film so far in the history of indian cinema, Bahubali 2:The conclusion, before which watching Bahubali 1 ofc... in any case huge fan of your work! really love ur reviews! keep it up!

  • Michael Arzt
    Michael Arzt 5 months ago

    Where's the trailer review for Blade Runner 2049? Expected you to be all over that one Jeremy!

  • The wizard
    The wizard 5 months ago

    star wars!! nothing but star wars!!!

  • J P
    J P 5 months ago

    He needs to review "Sleight". I watched it today and it was really good. It's getting no pub at all.

  • djdj165
    djdj165 5 months ago

    No Dunkirk trailer reaction?

  • argella1300
    argella1300 5 months ago

    Reaction to the final Wonder Woman trailer?

  • Tairica Brown
    Tairica Brown 5 months ago

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday.

  • pratik sharma
    pratik sharma 5 months ago

    Review Baahubali 2: the conclusion please

  • caleb evans
    caleb evans 5 months ago

    im still pissed at Jeremy for not doing a t2 trainspotting review.....still love him though he better do it, but watch it after the first film

  • Steven Huynh
    Steven Huynh 5 months ago

    please please do a review on this film. It was amazing and you won't regret it!

  • Tman&Jaydog
    Tman&Jaydog 5 months ago

    hay Jeremy because you reviewed the jj Abrams star trek movies for a classic review can you review all the original star trek movies.

  • Esmail Ehab
    Esmail Ehab 5 months ago

    jeremy review 13 reasons why :)

  • WeArrLegion
    WeArrLegion 5 months ago

    Still waiting for that Beasts of no Nation review... :P

  • catcharide56
    catcharide56 5 months ago

    When are going to review Mass Effect Andromeda?

  • U wOT maTe
    U wOT maTe 5 months ago

    When are you gonna review Fate of the Furious?

  • mark hursey
    mark hursey 5 months ago

    Jeremy do The 100 TV show, really want to hear your thoughts on it.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 5 months ago

    do one on the league of extraordinary gentlemen

  • Nikola Spasevski
    Nikola Spasevski 5 months ago

    hello jeremy, I wanna ask you something connected with homecoming. every time when this kind of movie comes out it flips to my head the guy from the, everything wrong with,, and till today each marvel movie had at least 50 sins which it is something that should be taken as a measurement although the movie could have a lot of sins but still somehow find itself on imdb top 250. my question is simple. do you think that this movie will skip the sins,, and also have a great story? or it will be full of sins in use for the entertainment that is essential and typical for Spiderman considering that this movie is in patiently waited, we don't expect to see a lot of plot holes cause no matter how small they are, Spiderman finally deserves to be at least on a dark knight level and i think fans just want to make sure that this time their waiting was paid off :)

  • Lynx Lynxov
    Lynx Lynxov 5 months ago

    Did you do a "Kung Fury" review? I can't find it.

  • THE FLASH 2662
    THE FLASH 2662 5 months ago

    Do a 13 reasons why season 1 review

  • Lucius Amaranth
    Lucius Amaranth 6 months ago

    pleas review the Alien vs Predator series

  • George Cristea
    George Cristea 6 months ago

    review iron fist... pls

  • Criticom Link
    Criticom Link 6 months ago

    Jeremy, eagerly waiting for your review of Mass Effect: Andromeda. I think you're also reviewing Zelda: BotW, so whichever comes first, I'll watch both.

  • Zack Taft
    Zack Taft 6 months ago

    review star wars battlefront 2 full tralier

  • Shawn Lowe
    Shawn Lowe 6 months ago

    Please Do Predestination movie review!

  • H Tambwe
    H Tambwe 6 months ago

    Would you love to hear your take on Black Sails

  • Miles Hayford
    Miles Hayford 6 months ago

    patiently waiting for the cape

  • Daniel Sundersingh
    Daniel Sundersingh 6 months ago

    The Last Jedi!

  • Galvatron64
    Galvatron64 6 months ago

    I am curious if have you given up on Arrow? I haven't seen your review of season 4

  • TacticalHaydo754
    TacticalHaydo754 6 months ago


  • Jack Hunt
    Jack Hunt 6 months ago

    HEY JEREMY!! Long time viewer since you had 300'000 subs. Listen man, always enjoy your videos as you bring valuable insight and enlightening opinions on the content you review. I want to recommend "Thirteen Reasons Why" on Netflix. I think this show has the potential to earn an "awesometacular" check out the IMDB page on it, it will give you a better idea on what to except. Give it a try and not saying you have to make a video on it but would appreciate feedback on what you liked and didn't like. First time posting something on one of your threads, so show the support! Thanks man !

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    Jaime Zavala 6 months ago

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    Bajadre 6 months ago

    this cunts retarded

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    • Jack Hunt
      Jack Hunt 6 months ago

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  • The Art of Jireh Bourg

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