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  • Tomi
    Tomi 7 days ago

    Well done steak>All

  • JaylenBrownHighlights

    This journalism is retarded. Not only do they try and show him a non-sensical complaint, all they can say is "what do you think of this"? You've got one of the greatest chefs on earth on camera and you ask him what he thinks of a picture of a well done steak at his restaurant as your first question. God how do people be so bad at their jobs.

  • haysoos christo
    haysoos christo 9 days ago

    ive worked at fine dining establishments, we only have a microwave for people who order well done steaks, mic it, even deep fry the poor steak, the customer has no clue so why should we care?

    • JaylenBrownHighlights
      JaylenBrownHighlights 8 days ago

      Oh my god hahaha. You're right though they can't tell the difference so why not

    LIGHT NOOB 15 days ago

    Im sorry guys im in a rush i just got a bad burger in burger king imma go complain to Daniel Schwartz

  • Baeyens Raphaël
    Baeyens Raphaël 16 days ago

    That humiliation attempt backfired perfectly

  • Andrew Batts
    Andrew Batts 18 days ago

    With the exception of Donald Trump the only people I know to order well done are black people. One I managed to convert, I made him a med rare Porterhouse, I swear he almost called his mom and cussed her out for ruining beef for her whole life, now when he eats steak he has that thing bloody as hell, more rare than I do, and I like it rare

  • Leo Robinson
    Leo Robinson 29 days ago

    So everyone who says eating well done steak is bad(well done doesn’t mean burnt to a crisp it means no red meat) do you also eat medium rare chicken and other meats medium rare?

  • BountyHunterJester4Liberty813

    I have had juicy well done steak.

  • Jay 22
    Jay 22 Month ago

    😂 That so called "journalist" got fucking owned!. Stick that down your pipe hole son. 😂

  • deon reed
    deon reed Month ago

    Ramsey is a bitch

  • Fun Chuua
    Fun Chuua Month ago

    See in master chef how Ramsay argues with well down steak.

  • Iron Phoenix
    Iron Phoenix Month ago

    I'll have my steak medium rare please. I want to see a pool of blood on my plate when I finish eating that steak. I need something to dip my bread roll in .

  • Iron Phoenix
    Iron Phoenix Month ago

    What is the best way to ruin a steak? Cook it well done.

  • Oofington
    Oofington Month ago

    Hey, well done steak ain’t for everyone, its certainly not for me

  • Ruben Garcia
    Ruben Garcia Month ago

    I eat and cook well done steaks and they never look like that. I'm offended by this :(

  • 3rd Dragunov
    3rd Dragunov Month ago

    Love Ramsey. Hahaha

  • Timothy Robertson
    Timothy Robertson 2 months ago

    LMFAO i just love seeing everyone opinionated on what OTHERS like. If you don't like well done steak then don't watch the video very simple :D COmplaining because of others preferences, go eat raw shit, rare shit, med rare but at end of day just eat shit good lord get some lives!

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago

    Come on man thats a well done steak wtf you saying its burned its not at all 🤣

  • RawHP
    RawHP 2 months ago

    1:32 Gordon Ramsey serves up a reporter, well done. This guy thought he smelled some good old pussy but he got his parties muddled up. There's no pussy here, just a dose that'll make him wish he was born a woman

  • Bear Grills
    Bear Grills 2 months ago

    Millennial Journalism at it's best.

  • Emma Grace Burfoot
    Emma Grace Burfoot 2 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay gets angry 😂😂😂 more like Gordon Ramsay laughs at failed baiting

  • SaltFist FGC
    SaltFist FGC 2 months ago

    Ive had some great well done steaks

  • 420yendal
    420yendal 2 months ago

    These Scotts order their steaks well-done. Because they’re retarded.

  • Jason G
    Jason G 2 months ago

    What kind of animal orders a well done steak?

  • afendi ujud
    afendi ujud 3 months ago

    Just go to MacDonald

  • Cockney Rebel
    Cockney Rebel 3 months ago

    See, now that steak'd be cooked absolutely bang on the money for my liking. No complaints here whatsoever. ❤️💛💚💙

  • Danelio
    Danelio 3 months ago

    "overdone and a bit burnt... Like ... Rubber." That's exactly a well done steak, what where you expecting.

  • SteveoMagician
    SteveoMagician 3 months ago

    I thought this was an intelligent interview lol yeah my man, Aussies don't know shit about food if they are putting shrimp on a bbq.

  • Mega Bucks
    Mega Bucks 3 months ago

    i want a raw steak

  • MrFreddy123
    MrFreddy123 3 months ago

    Probably the type of guy to baste his burnt ass steaks in ketchup, too.

  • 62202ify
    62202ify 4 months ago

    He's got a point.

  • Hendic Rivas
    Hendic Rivas 4 months ago

    Hate when people order a $30 ribeye and want it well done!! Shit go to McDonald!

  • Ashley Rawlins
    Ashley Rawlins 4 months ago

    What a response from Ramsay, what a legend.

  • Amet Rodriguez
    Amet Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Well Done my friend lmaooooo

  • stan smith
    stan smith 5 months ago

    but also that guy should have complained while he was at the resturant

  • stan smith
    stan smith 5 months ago

    gordon ramsay himself said theres a art cooking a well done and said a welldone steak needs to be moist and also that steak looks burnt

  • Territorial Imperative

    wheres all the people that gave a thumbs down.... pussies

  • Oscar Gold
    Oscar Gold 5 months ago

    How was he angry? Seemed only reasonable to me.

  • Silent-Assassin
    Silent-Assassin 5 months ago

    Blue Rare Med rare Med Med well Well done Overdone!!! Rubber rubber rubber!!

  • Jason Lam
    Jason Lam 5 months ago

    This is hilarious because on an early episode of Masterchef, Ramsay said there's an art to cooking a steak well done. He went on to say that it's something that a lot of chefs overlook. It should still be juicy but with no pink in the middle. What he has here is a burnt steak. Apparently his cooks can't cook either. And he's defending them.

    • Lindsay Whitelaw
      Lindsay Whitelaw 3 months ago

      The art to cooking a steak well done is to spend about an hour cooking the steak, and more importantly choosing the right cut of beef. Ain't nobody got time for that when they know fine well the guy ordering the well done filet is gonna squirt ketchup all over it and not taste anything different to what he'd get from piggly wiggly for $5. In a restaurant scenario you can't win. You just serve the hockey puck and hope the guy doesn't leave a bad review on tripadvisor.

  • Dad
    Dad 5 months ago

    Fucking hell he probably buys pink clothes then complains that they are pink. What a cum stain.

  • Dean Allen
    Dean Allen 5 months ago

    If you like steak well done... do yourself a favour and order a burger...

  • Wade Dixon
    Wade Dixon 5 months ago

    Would you be happy with this well done steak that was ordered well done lol

  • Ayyoli
    Ayyoli 5 months ago

    A food reviewer shouldn’t be asking for a well done steak they clearly wanted to make a bad review

  • Commander Bravo2
    Commander Bravo2 5 months ago

    theres a good way to prepare medium rare, and theres a good way to prepare well done. the steak isnt burnt its just cooked to completion, having red meat means its somewhat raw, its up to you though whether you enjoy that or not.

  • Ross DiamondThief
    Ross DiamondThief 5 months ago

    You can be Gay You can be Bisexual You can be Straight You can be Asexual You can be Conservative You can be Liberal You can be White You can be Black You can be Asian You can be Hispanic You can be Male You can be Female You can be Gender Neutral BUT DO NOT EVER ORDER A STEAK WELL DONE!!!

  • jon b
    jon b 5 months ago


  • Finn Jones
    Finn Jones 5 months ago

    I'd of cooked it till it's a leather boot just to make a point, you don't mess with good produce. It's like top notch whiskey, you don't go sticking ice in it

  • spoiled era
    spoiled era 5 months ago

    It was overcooked just because you hate well done steak is no excuse you fucking vampires 🧛‍♀️

  • BT Savage
    BT Savage 6 months ago

    If your the one asking a stupid question than I suggest you be prepared for a stupid answer

  • Jose Quintanilla
    Jose Quintanilla 6 months ago

    all of you are crazy that shit was burnt he wanted well done and no pink in the middle not black you fucking animals slurping on blood

  • Simply Red
    Simply Red 6 months ago

    If you, not just as a customer, but an adult paying money to eat in a restaurant don’t like the way something tastes it should be brought to the intention of the waiter immediately and it can be resolved easily. This was a pathetic attempt to ambush and humiliate Gordon and he calmly shut it down. What a waste of time.

  • Javier Sauceda
    Javier Sauceda 6 months ago

    Kudos to his chef tho. Customer wanted it well done, chef manages to leave it a little juicy.

  • Mask
    Mask 6 months ago

    I would love to eaten that steak Edit: I LOVE WELL DONE STEAK

  • The Dred God
    The Dred God 6 months ago

    why would you order well done the complain its like rubber? SETUP. No critic, let alone man of class orders a well done steak, I REST MY STEAK I MEAN CASE!

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 6 months ago

    Gordon "ITS RAW" This reporter "ITS FULLY COOKED"

    RED ICE 6 months ago

    Better off just eating chicken

  • Kenny Chin
    Kenny Chin 6 months ago

    That is always had stupid customer to ask for a well done steak..those people was all over the world...why my steak taste dry and rubbery?!!!! Sir, can i check with you, what doneless you had order for the steak? Well done....

  • Vince LaSalle
    Vince LaSalle 6 months ago

    who the fuck orders a well done steak and complains its inedible LOL

  • Henry Tudor
    Henry Tudor 6 months ago

    There's well done but that's fucking charcoal Ramsey don't like it up him

  • Lien Drew
    Lien Drew 6 months ago

    I tried my first steak, I opted for well done, for the sake of it, I ate the steak and thought to myself, what on Earth is all the fuss about with steak 😂😂😂 I tried it again a few days later, this time medium, I thought it was much better!! Then I went medium rare, then rare, then blue!!!!! And my god, you cannot beat a beautifully seasoned blue steak!!!! I refuse to ever order a steak any less than rare!!! Rare is perfect, but if the chefs at your selected restaurant can cook you a proper blue steak then even better!!!! BLUE OR RARE!!!! Not WELL DONE 😂😂😂

  • Anakin Sandwalker
    Anakin Sandwalker 6 months ago

    But Gordon ordered well done steaks in hell kitchen once and complained that the two chefs did not cook the steak well done

  • S A
    S A 6 months ago

    There’s no way that person is an actual food critic.. probably some dickhead from yelp that thinks their opinion matters.

  • NLM
    NLM 6 months ago

    It's kind of pathetic how they set this whole thing up hoping to fluster Gordon, but he's an intelligent guy who will look you in the face and tell you what's what. So when he doesn't respond how they expected him to, the moronic interviewer just kind of sits there repeating himself quietly. You should be backhanded for having wasted his goddamn time.

  • Padzyk
    Padzyk 6 months ago

    Perfect way to use the word "Prerogative" :D

  • UK Outdoors
    UK Outdoors 7 months ago

    Mans got a point... if you do a steak well done it’s ruined anyway, plus you can’t tell much from a photo like that.

  • Christian Kid
    Christian Kid 7 months ago

    Repent for your sins. Jesus loves you!

  • ジャッキー・ソイ

    Order well done steaks... Gordon Ramsay: *It's well done*

  • stopdropandroll
    stopdropandroll 7 months ago

    rubber RUBBER RUBBER

  • guido7095
    guido7095 7 months ago

    2:10 Thank you, now watch this drive

    SCOTT MCGREGOR 7 months ago

    I don't give a fuck about the customer is always right. Gordon handled that perfectly but in future, there should be no orders taken on steaks well done..........You don't deserve that animal to have died for your fucking stupidity..................

    • stan smith
      stan smith 5 months ago

      that was burnt not well done gordon himself said a good well done steak should not be moist on master chef and that steak looked like a plastic dog toy not steak

  • john dferfr
    john dferfr 7 months ago

    People who eat well done steaks might as well eat cigarettes too.

  • Jasper
    Jasper 8 months ago

    Who even gets well done stake rear is the right way to have it

  • Bynos Raork
    Bynos Raork 8 months ago

    Sombody please identify that so called "reviewer" who ordered the steak.... YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO REVIEW ANY KIND OF FOOD IF YOU THINK ITS A GOOD IDEA TO ORDER A WELL DONE STEAK

  • Khusyairy Khariri
    Khusyairy Khariri 8 months ago

    Owh..you are in denial Gordon

  • Kaiser Creepi
    Kaiser Creepi 8 months ago

    Everyone who wants a steak well done should eat a bullet instead

  • Redpilled af
    Redpilled af 8 months ago

    I think if gays are allowed to get married, then people should also be allowed to order well done steaks. Either both must be legal, or both must be illegal, but you can’t have a society where one of those things is ok but the other is not. A muslim who orders a well done steak should be stoned to death or thrown off a high building, but for athiests, well done steak is as acceptable as gayness.

  • seeking the truth
    seeking the truth 8 months ago

    It's well done you Fucking retarded aussy cunt, 80% of the liquid will evaporate, its not a slow cooked price of meet, it also looks like it was cooked on a chargrille, it's amazing the steak isnt burnt to a crisp. Fucking dumb cunt interviewer probably ordered that just to be a typical Australian shit cunt

  • Nathan Mitchell
    Nathan Mitchell 8 months ago

    The guy who asked the question must have a felt like a right idiot in front of all his co-workers afterwards.

  • Rase Random
    Rase Random 8 months ago

    The steak was so black it stole my tv

  • shelby
    shelby 8 months ago

    there are so many pretentious people in the comments lmao it’s just meat my dudes

  • Sir Trollsalot
    Sir Trollsalot 8 months ago

    And they didn’t even think to cut it in half to expose a cross section? Not that it would have made the gripe any less ridiculous. You got what you ordered.

  • Rusu Dan
    Rusu Dan 8 months ago

    gordon is full of crap, he could at least own up to itcheck this tvclip.biz/video/Zg4nRQJ5Jt0/video.html

  • Laxa30
    Laxa30 8 months ago

    Hes not wrong. Youre a moron to get a well done steak and then complain about the taste.

  • Jacob1788
    Jacob1788 8 months ago

    Who game here because of game grumps?

  • Thomas Hansen
    Thomas Hansen 8 months ago

    Gordon get Angry at Hans Gruber from Die Hard. ✌😀

  • dee Pitamber
    dee Pitamber 8 months ago


  • It'sMeMarcus
    It'sMeMarcus 8 months ago

    Thank you Arin!

    THE JANITOR. 8 months ago

    Looks like a turd

  • JustGoP
    JustGoP 8 months ago

    I'm glad that Game Grumps brought me back to this gem.

  • Multicolored Margay
    Multicolored Margay 8 months ago

    This is amazing. That’s what well done steak looks like. You shouldn’t order any form of steak or beef if you’re going to burn it.

  • Vic 989
    Vic 989 9 months ago

    Thank you Arin

  • ViaAyres
    ViaAyres 9 months ago

    The interviewer even sounded like a lame-ass... Not to mention an idiot on top of that.

  • ռǟʀʊȶօ - ӄʊռ
    ռǟʀʊȶօ - ӄʊռ 9 months ago

    Found it. Thanks GG.

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz 9 months ago

    Who in the hell wants to eat a well done steak? Tastes like a shoe. Rare or Medium Rare. Jesus.

    • ThatWeirdGirl
      ThatWeirdGirl 8 months ago

      Drew Rycerz I tolerate medium but Med Rare is my go to. Most of the time I’d say Medium and it’d be over done so I just started asking for Med rare and it comes out perfect every time.

  • Matt Tarrant
    Matt Tarrant 9 months ago

    Anyone ordering well done steak doesn’t deserve to eat steak

  • goldluck Dave Kazkade
    goldluck Dave Kazkade 9 months ago

    I want my steak to say moo, anything above medium rare is burnt I want to taste the meat, not the heat

  • Cart Mass
    Cart Mass 9 months ago

    When will people give up on well done steak? Most beef is safe now you don’t have to turn it into a lump of coal anymore

  • scottiboi1983
    scottiboi1983 9 months ago

    I don’t think he ‘got angry’ he just laughed at how fucking stupid the question was.

  • Goodguy Cwyzz
    Goodguy Cwyzz 9 months ago

    Gordon should’ve been way more pissed off. Guy orders a well done steak on purpose, says it tastes bad which of course it does, takes a picture and tries to get Gordon and his restaurant to look bad. The whole situation was very manipulative, including the title of this video