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  • Matthew Timbs
    Matthew Timbs Month ago

    Peter... you should build an RC firefighter plane (a float plane that can land on water, pickup some, then take off and drop the water on a fire). That would be so cool, and a neat challenge I think.

  • w yore
    w yore Month ago

    Peter, stumbled on to your styrofoam plane video.
    several hundred hours as a private pilot myself.
    please listen to the Good Advice; but Ignore the haters!
    we would not be where we are, in the air; if not for
    innovators who, occasionally, "bend the rules a little bit."
    Great Job! Thank You for apologizing to the "hard liners."
    Very best to you and yours. regards, walt

  • Brett Plowman
    Brett Plowman Month ago

    Hey Peter LOVE what you do and THANK YOU for all your sharing..... I reckon you should do this next ... ..... PLEASE!!!!

  • Luca Berman
    Luca Berman 2 months ago

    paint plane camo

  • frenchmytoast
    frenchmytoast 2 months ago

    Peter you should build combat robot for this year's Robogames in California. April 27th be there please.

  • Leeroy crankens
    Leeroy crankens 2 months ago

    what is the flight range on your ultralight?

  • Mr Worldwide
    Mr Worldwide 2 months ago

    Hey peter, you should make a modefyed batman RC car or drone

  • Tokyo Control
    Tokyo Control 2 months ago

    I love your videos!
    ...and I have a question.
    What software are you using for the drawings?

  • Handsome Rob
    Handsome Rob 2 months ago

    hi Peter, I wanted to know what laser cutter you use.
    PS: you are doing cool stuff.

  • flo72
    flo72 2 months ago

    Hello Peter, possible to have the link for the engine of the propeller of bow of the boat thank you.

  • Ty
    Ty 2 months ago

    Next project idea: RC airplane dogfights with fpv camera and goggles!

  • Dean Eber
    Dean Eber 2 months ago

    Hi Peter, We'd like to send you some HV Si-Grpahene batteries to put in your plane, contact us:

  • skimfreak92
    skimfreak92 2 months ago

    r u ded?

  • Jerry Burkey
    Jerry Burkey 2 months ago

    I'll bet you could make a vickers machine gun on a 3D printer good luck and good flying.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    hello again librepenseur;
    this time, it is ionocraft!
    I wonder, have you tried making a plasma-excitation reaction,
    et piping the ions across the ionocraft 'membrane' ?
    if we are constrained to 'non nuclear' decay chain etc, what plasmas might provide the better;
    flight time, et payload-to-massbody ratio?
    the performance of an ionocraft vtol though is intriguing...
    I have made a few different designs - delta shaped, 'coanda-craft' shaped.
    ionocraft 'power via wifi' et an onboard plasceiver make for an excellent flighttime for drone etc,
    though not as much for a payload to lift things...

  • Lost MyChicken
    Lost MyChicken 2 months ago

    Great stuff Peter, found you on Flitetest and glad you are doing your own thing. Oh glad you didn't die in that plane you built either, very cool....I love makers...Would you have any suggestions on other sites I should check out, I'm into anything that can be made from RC, to Painting and everything in between. In other words who dose Peter Subscribe to if he doesn't mind saying?

  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva 2 months ago

    Hey Peter! Have u seen this? ---> Many things about it look similar to your plane, only more $$$.

  • Chinplays !
    Chinplays ! 2 months ago

    Why is your dog always on the video's miniatures ?

  • Dominic Jenevein
    Dominic Jenevein 2 months ago

    What Tyme of motors does Peter use.
    What do you sugest?

  • Kajo Engelicht
    Kajo Engelicht 2 months ago

    How do you earn money from YT iff you don't play any advertising?

  • Ace Athor
    Ace Athor 2 months ago

    ►makes a plane (RC plane) covered with canvas or cloth (I'm french and I don't know the right word for this). Like old planes...

  • Troubled Asset
    Troubled Asset 2 months ago

    Here's a plane you haven't built yet: A SLEWED wing concept. It's an asymmetrical flying wing. Drawing:

  • Mark Evans
    Mark Evans 2 months ago

    Hey Peter; I've become a big fan since you showed me how you built your sexy little biplane ultralight. I was obsessed with flying as a kid and started building hang gliders in grade school back in the late 60's with failures and successes as is wont to happen to creative DIY projects. I gave it up in college, life happens, etc, but I want to get back into it.
    Anyway, you've inspired me to try RC to sample some ideas before returning to the ranks of crazy inventor test pilot. If you ever lack ideas to try out, let me know, I still day dream about it.

    1) Are you willing to post or sell plans for the ultralight, and/or kits & parts?
    2) Is there any cheap or free aircraft or rc design software you would recommend or just affordable CAD programs?
    3) What percent change in cost do believe it would take to push the vne higher, like maybe double?
    4) etc... I won't burden/bore you with more at this.

  • AceRedstone
    AceRedstone 2 months ago

    candy corn minigun.

  • Louis Peek
    Louis Peek 2 months ago

    I just viewed and shared your video lucky number 7 on Liveleak! WAY TO GO PETER!!!!

  • Eric Prince
    Eric Prince 2 months ago

    Hey man, I dunno if you go there or not, but you got articled on posted sometime this morning.

  • ZafforTheGreat
    ZafforTheGreat 2 months ago

    Peter, I live in PA and would love to see that plane of yours. I have flown a 4 seat warrior twice now, no license yet though. Have been interested in aviation since childhood. I would like to pick your brain sometime. More specifically. I would love to find out how you get the funding to do these things. I have wanted to build an ultra-lite for years now, but the money and engineering aspects of it have eluded me. Any tips you have would be great. Also, why no bomb bay doors on the plane? You could be dropping water balloons or something on the crew. Please make that video. Thanks for reading if you did.

  • Robert B
    Robert B 2 months ago

    a interesting build might be one of these

  • Ben Hitchcock
    Ben Hitchcock 2 months ago

    I'm glad it flew, please tell us you're OK and not either bogged down in litigation, or in hospital after another flight.

  • adam tekle
    adam tekle 2 months ago

    Hey Peter can you list all the livestream links pls?

  • Albert Vanderlyn
    Albert Vanderlyn 2 months ago

    Peter , why have you not put your Instagram flight on TVclip ?

  • Wesley Filips
    Wesley Filips 2 months ago

    where did you get your props for the ultralight build?

  • Luca Berman
    Luca Berman 2 months ago

    What happened to the flight part?

  • David Brettell
    David Brettell 2 months ago

    Did I miss a memo? What happened to the flight?

  • Fumitaka Hayashi
    Fumitaka Hayashi 2 months ago

    Where is all the stuff about the flight last night? Was I dreaming or something?

    • ComikzInk
      ComikzInk 2 months ago

      I was wondering the same, I remember in the vid them mentioning they were not legally allowed to fly after Twilight and they had done so anyway. I assume they took it town not to set a bad example or to not get busted for it?
      That or he wanted to make a special vid just on the flight alone and felt this took away from what was planned :)

    • Lithiic
      Lithiic 2 months ago

      I seen it too, just looked for them. Guess they were deleted for some reason.

  • The Technology Waffle
    The Technology Waffle 2 months ago

    Make a B2 Spirit Bomber...that would be cool...right?

  • PKMartin
    PKMartin 2 months ago

    No more bunnyhops? Taken down so they can't be used as evidence against you? ;)

    • PilotguyR6
      PilotguyR6 2 months ago

      Possible "crash" mixed with flying at night, probably for the best just in case lol

  • Conn653
    Conn653 2 months ago

    HINT - When you originally checked your CG, you left out the weight of the pilot sitting in the seat.
    I would recommend moving your seat back, or aft, a minimum of 6" & up to 12" so you're sitting over the
    front spar. Your CT envelope should be between the wing leading edge & the rear spar. Then check your
    CG with you sitting in the seat. This will also give you more room for back stick movement & help to
    eliminate the nose-heaviness. Also reduce the need for back stick or up elevator to maintain flight.
    The pilot should be sitting directly under the top wing or between the leading edge and the middle of the
    wing. Think about where you sit in a C-150. Your view out the side window should be similar to what
    you see from your Ultralight. You may not need larger motors with the re-positioned seat. This should
    help and be a lower cost than adding more motors. Try wider blade props as they would give greater
    airflow & thrust.

  • Adam Tekle
    Adam Tekle 2 months ago


  • dOgBoGsY wOoFsAlOt
    dOgBoGsY wOoFsAlOt 2 months ago

    What day do you plan on doing the maiden flight?

  • Sinan ÇINAR
    Sinan ÇINAR 2 months ago

    Peter, I hope to read this comment, please warn us before real flight video we will make it #1 trend video.
    For instance, I will open your video in my workplace, 2 personal computer, 2 tablet device, 2 cellphone and share via social media. You need to reach more people bro. We all love your works. See ya

  • Vyom Rajan Singh
    Vyom Rajan Singh 2 months ago

    the new episode of electric ultralight peter

  • thealex_12
    thealex_12 3 months ago

    What brand is your laser engraver/cutter?

  • Dirk Keijzer
    Dirk Keijzer 3 months ago

    PLS post the new DIY electric ultralight video, I love it. I hope that you are getting more subs en vieuws because I love your channel.

  • fahrvergnuugen
    fahrvergnuugen 3 months ago

    Peter - I challenge you to find the speed limit of foam board. I have a twin prop foam board plane that has reached 110mph. How much farther can you push it?

  • Tim Weidner
    Tim Weidner 3 months ago

    Peter: If you want to use any vinyl for this project let me know and I'll cut it for you.

  • pleasanthacking
    pleasanthacking 3 months ago

    hi. your landing gear needs to be a tad better. i made a model to help you land smooth on rough terrain without worries of warping the spar. basically instead of pipe you have, use a bent pipe with split in half at one end where gear in between will be (or your method of mounting via 2 bars with screws) and a simple metal bent rod that acts like a spring and as a sled when rough landing. you can weld it to main pipe or attach like push rod. those are pics of it:
    also, after your adventure go vegan, and grow own food (90+% of it), and take care of your family and find someone to snuggle with, its the only way to be really free, things only give temporary rush :) bonus points for learning how to forage wild foods like berries, but also greens

  • Dariusz Kucharski
    Dariusz Kucharski 3 months ago

    How are you Peter? R U still alive?

  • Gerard Marshall
    Gerard Marshall 3 months ago

    Peter, you should make a fully functioning 3D printed Gun

  • Brett Kent
    Brett Kent 3 months ago

    Hi Peter, part 5 ETA?? So keen.

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 3 months ago

    Would it be possible to make an RC airplane out of paper? (Or maybe cardstock for better support)

  • Hans Schaer
    Hans Schaer 4 months ago

    Hi Peter, I think you are great I need a forward thinker like you with the determination you showed, how about come on board with my Ringwig... Final destination HoverWig I will explain if you call me 1 604 898 5327...Hans

  • Martin Šalko
    Martin Šalko 4 months ago

    Is he dead?

  • Kid Toys Channel
    Kid Toys Channel 4 months ago

    I like rc tank video, i love this channel.

  • Zakky Mizanul Fikri Ash Sodiq

    can you Make a flameThrower in Hovercraft ??

  • Ace Athor
    Ace Athor 4 months ago

    You are the new Macgyver... A plane with food, I'm never seen this in an episode of Macgyver. Even more powerful than Macgyver. For your big plane ►PS = Please Survive◄

  • craig palmer
    craig palmer 4 months ago

    javelin missle project, I would buy plans or parts for the swing wing parts,

  • Isaac Santeliz
    Isaac Santeliz 4 months ago

    Have you thought of the actual wing assembly's internal structure to a degree of acuracy, based on the actual torsion stress created by the micro pressure differences of the atmosphere. Will you build a model of nx 01 enterprise its shape is a lifting body.

  • Isaac Santeliz
    Isaac Santeliz 4 months ago

    Have you thought of the actual wing assembly's internal structure to a degree of acuracy, based on the actual torsion stress created by the micro pressure differences of the atmosphere. Will you build a model of nx 01 enterprise its shape is a lifting body.

  • Isaac Santeliz
    Isaac Santeliz 4 months ago

    Have you thought of the actual wing assembly's internal structure to a degree of acuracy, based on the actual torsion stress created by the micro pressure differences of the atmosphere. Will you build a model of nx 01 enterprise its shape is a lifting body.

  • Isaac Santeliz
    Isaac Santeliz 4 months ago

    Have you thought of the actual wing assembly's internal structure to a degree of acuracy, based on the actual torsion stress created by the micro pressure differences of the atmosphere. Will you build a model of nx 01 enterprise its shape is a lifting body.

  • Algy NTS
    Algy NTS 4 months ago

    How about using battery cells from a crashed electric / hybrid car?

  • Louis Peek
    Louis Peek 4 months ago

    Hi Buddy, fugdat from Liveleak! Found ya'!

  • zmark73
    zmark73 4 months ago

    Peter, how old is your dog and what kind of dog is it?? Mark -

  • Finley Dickinson
    Finley Dickinson 4 months ago

    Hi peter just started thinking about building my own rc model. What type of foam board do u use and where do you get it from please.

  • Wesley Filips
    Wesley Filips 4 months ago

    i think you should focus on the ultralight

  • Joshua Dunne
    Joshua Dunne 4 months ago

    I love you man :), just watched what you had to say in your flitetest interview, couldn't agree more. Keep it up, sure gonna share, anything that gets more people in a park at the same time, A-ok.

    BRUNO GABORIAUX 4 months ago

    Hello Dear Peter,
    Do you know this project please :
    If you have an interest for this plane I would like to discuss with you on the subject if you want to. I live in Canada in Montreal CANADA!
    Best regards,

  • hunter kerle
    hunter kerle 4 months ago

    I love what you do, I'm going to get up off my ass and actually do something with my life. hope you take off to the clouds in that sweet plain of yours!!!

    VIP_DEF 5 months ago

    peter plss do a lipo giveaway i need battery
    for my l959 buggy i miss it so much.
    by the way
    if im gonna win, im in the philippines, i live here
    i sub too plssssssss. :) :) :D :D:D:D

  • George Turner
    George Turner 5 months ago

    hey peter can you post the pdf's for the parts of the javelin rocket and launch tube and the links for the electronics and motor please

  • anubhav shukla
    anubhav shukla 5 months ago

    which is the best motor for very heavy weightlifting drones

  • Counselor Gallius Rax
    Counselor Gallius Rax 5 months ago

    I want a DIY Nerf flame trower attachement

  • Samuel Mayfield
    Samuel Mayfield 6 months ago

    Hey Peter! You have great ear for music, could you post a playlist of the music you listen to? Loving these fun builds and projects, keep it up dude!

    PYROxSYCO 6 months ago

    Do you take requests? I got an idea for you.

  • GearedUpTiger Gaming
    GearedUpTiger Gaming 6 months ago

    ive been here since 28,000 and seen how fast youve grown. keep up the good work!

  • Michael Garrison
    Michael Garrison 6 months ago

    I just watch the new video and I remember when i subscribe there was like 298,000 subscribers the next morning there were 300,000.This is a great channel with awesome people subscribe to this channel thumbs up.

  • Matthew The Toaster
    Matthew The Toaster 6 months ago

    Idea: attach wings to something dangerous

  • Five Nights At Freddy's Redux Official Channel

    you should get an old Centurion and make a BFG-50 (if possible)

  • macmaniac77
    macmaniac77 6 months ago

    Seems someone is useing your video for less than desireable publicity

  • Michelle Walker
    Michelle Walker 6 months ago

    Suggestion for a video...Formula E Race Car 3D printed and it goes super super super fast

  • Wayne's World
    Wayne's World 6 months ago

    For every one that asked why he's not on test flight. It because he wanted to start his own channel and not be locked down to just things that fly. Creatively he was not aloud to express himself to the fullest. Watch the 100,000 subscribers video. You can hear it in his own. Words. Hey Pete what your doing is awesome keep up the good work and good luck on all your endeavors. I look forward to seeing what you will come up with in the future! Maybe a battle bot would be something that you could make,that would kick ass. I don't blame you for leaving test flight how many planes can they review? really

  • Keith Berube
    Keith Berube 6 months ago

    make a flying boat

  • pauljs75
    pauljs75 6 months ago

    Thoughts on this thing I modeled?
    Figure it may need some fixes, but nobody has printed it in order to get feedback.
    (Yeah I'm designing stuff, but too broke to actually make 'em.)

  • Kyle Georgeson
    Kyle Georgeson 6 months ago

    id love to see some plans available for your new cargo plane! it looks pretty awesome! I'm loving my guinea pig so far! its taken its share of abuse!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 months ago

    The USS Erie (PG-50) would be a great ship to 3D print and RC model in large scale. My guess is that it wouldn't be too hard in fusion 360 especially after you did the big Tug boat.

  • Ethan for fun
    Ethan for fun 6 months ago

    What will your next project be?

  • Elderith Dragon
    Elderith Dragon 7 months ago

    make a subnautica dive scooter

  • X47 hacker
    X47 hacker 7 months ago

    try to make coil gun or DIY missile infrared seeker

  • Levi Waschmann
    Levi Waschmann 7 months ago

    Just ordered the Guinea Pig off the Flight Test store. Was watching the build video and had a question. Do you get royalties from each sale? I mean it is your design.

  • TobbeTheDude
    TobbeTheDude 7 months ago

    A channel called The Best TVclip Commenter stole your Thomas the tank engine hexpod video, re edited it and is passing it of as his own.

    • TobbeTheDude
      TobbeTheDude 7 months ago

      I can no longer find The Best TVclip Commenter's video or his channel so i guess he realized his mistake :)

    • TobbeTheDude
      TobbeTheDude 7 months ago

      The guy is now trying to cover his tracks by changing the description and removing comments.

  • Melanie Turner
    Melanie Turner 7 months ago

    The video of you making the "Yeti" cup handle was awesome, as they are also. Do you sell them? I want some they are absolutely the coolest and nicest handles I've ever seen. Please make some for sale, if you aren't selling them, Please!!!

  • jimmytrudel0524
    jimmytrudel0524 8 months ago

    what classes did you take, or where did you pick up the skills to do these kinds of things?

  • Rob R
    Rob R 8 months ago

    Hey what kind of laser cutter do you use thats cutting your thin wood pieces?

  • sean scimeca
    sean scimeca 8 months ago

    Hey guys.... You should recreate a version of the old Air Hogs Storm Launcher. That would be a cool build. :)

  • kittenclaws
    kittenclaws 8 months ago

    Have you considered using thermo plastic like Worbla or kydex for a build?

  • 59connect
    59connect 9 months ago

    I'd love to see an auto flying disco ball next XD

  • DIY Flight
    DIY Flight 9 months ago

    I miss you in Flite Test!

    BANK LHON 9 months ago

    You looks like an Asian man. ,You are an asian

  • John Tumlin
    John Tumlin 9 months ago

    Hey Peter, I was wondering, What 3D printer you use?

  • Gijs Van den Eynde
    Gijs Van den Eynde 9 months ago

    can you make please a helium zeppelin?

  • craig viret
    craig viret 9 months ago

    Hey peter. Any space shuttle or Uss enterprise nc1701 builds or mods. Saw a shutlle carrying 747 on your instagram phoros.

  • panzer_MN
    panzer_MN 9 months ago

    It would be cool to see some model rocket videos.

  • grifflyer
    grifflyer 9 months ago

    I have a show idea do a
    cheap toy airplane upgrades.
    kinda like you did with a boat but with a plane.

  • phong le
    phong le 9 months ago

    can you make a rc titanic 3D printer . i think it will be good . please make it

  • Jason Dodds
    Jason Dodds 9 months ago

    great videos, excellent editing, just stop saying 'stupid' so much please. Reminds me of adam savage's builds but a bit more accessible for my "skill" level.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 months ago

    hello mon librepenseur.
    I found your Magnus/Coanda effect sVTOL very interesting.
    it brings new meaning to the term "bucket of bolts".
    I wonder what happens as you reduce the speed of the left or right as a tank,
    and what would happen if it is variable geometry for the "buckets"...
    what happens if you have a coanda lattice, and a bucket inside the bucket?
    I wonder, what do you think of "ionic lifter craft" -
    gilbondfac has a lot of insight into them,
    and the lifting lattice itself.
    mylar etc work quite well.
    thus, such things can fly quite well near inductor "wi-fi" power source.
    a 48cm triangle, it can be an interesting design.
    it could be the beginnings of an eyebot or a mr-handy...
    that would be awesome -
    a collab with Adam Savage, to make a real
    working Mr Handy prop...

  • Moe Shouse
    Moe Shouse 9 months ago

    MOE7404. iam not an air plane guy. iam a RC car guy. but i was thinking that the taper on the bucket bight be letting the air slip to the center.

  • Ķęñţøx
    Ķęñţøx 9 months ago

    ayyyyeeeeeee...... 200,000 subsss

  • Ķęñţøx
    Ķęñţøx 9 months ago

    2 more to 200,000

  • Clax C.
    Clax C. 9 months ago

    You should try building a hydrofoil boat! Love the new channel by the way.

  • DCVlogsOrion
    DCVlogsOrion 9 months ago

    hey peter, whats all the electro swing music you have in your vids, aside from noir by S. Strong? and i love that song, thanks for showing me it, or i mean putting it in a video so can discover it.

  • Khairul Helmi
    Khairul Helmi 9 months ago

    try to make a rc submarine

    • Kenneth Hicks
      Kenneth Hicks 9 months ago

      wanted one of these for a long time...

  • Siyam Haider
    Siyam Haider 9 months ago

    can you build a flying jet

  • Peter Barthel
    Peter Barthel 9 months ago

    I have an idea for you. Build a Dr. Doolittle push me pull you plane. By that I mean a plane with a regular fuselage and symmetrical wing but no rudder or elevator. Instead have a vectored thrust motor on the front and one on the back. By changing thrust side to side and up and down on the front and back of the airplane you should be able to have all the yaw and pitch you need. You are allowed to have ailerons for roll. I imagine there will be some crazy mixes you need to program but I think you would be up to the challenge. P.S. great job on the videos.

  • Devin Mendoza
    Devin Mendoza 9 months ago


  • Devin Mendoza
    Devin Mendoza 9 months ago

    Hay peter you should create a submarine with a built in camera

  • Jacob Heine
    Jacob Heine 9 months ago

    and how much is the foam board

  • Jacob Heine
    Jacob Heine 9 months ago

    where do you get foam board

    • KC Jackson
      KC Jackson 3 months ago

      1$ at Dollar Tree stores. Flitetest sells a water-resistant foamboard on their website too for a little bit more than that.

  • shock rock
    shock rock 9 months ago

    Your javelin failed

  • Bronson Yap Wei Shen
    Bronson Yap Wei Shen 10 months ago


  • Thiago Apoc Game
    Thiago Apoc Game 10 months ago

    nice chennel

  • Zack Inventor
    Zack Inventor 10 months ago

    Hi Peter, I think it would be cool to make a rc plane than launches like a bottle rocket. You could make it with two 1 liter bottles. The front compartment would contain all the electronics. The motor would be in the front. The large compartment would have the water and pressure for launching.

  • phil alvirez
    phil alvirez 10 months ago

    i would appreciate if you provide the link for the results with the project chimera. how it ended. details. i coluld not find any data on it. thanks.

  • Marvin Labajo
    Marvin Labajo 10 months ago

    just curious, what course are you taking in college?

  • Thomas Schmidt-Lange
    Thomas Schmidt-Lange 10 months ago

    Hey Peter! Love your channel and your propensity for trying outlandish stuff. Ever thought about making a hybrid micro-quad / blimp thingy? I've been having a ton of fun flying my Inductrix and have been thinking about trying to attach it to a helium balloon just to see what would happen. The idea is to attach it in a way that allows the Inductrix to pitch and roll so you can control the thrust direction. I would love to see what you can do with that idea.

  • Zachary Watson
    Zachary Watson 10 months ago

    WOW! Peter! You are the best! You are one of the fastest growing channels I know, if you keep it up, you will get BIG. Hang in there Pete

  • MInhaz The Techno king
    MInhaz The Techno king 10 months ago

    can you give me a transmitter and a reciver 9ch plzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplzplz

  • Martijn Cauwenberghs
    Martijn Cauwenberghs 11 months ago

    i love this channel

  • Esteban Suarez
    Esteban Suarez 11 months ago

    Hi aaaaaaaa
    You are an elycho

  • tzc9338
    tzc9338 11 months ago

    I have the same hobby with this TVclipr. Hope he can make more interesting stuff. :)

  • Campbell Webster
    Campbell Webster 11 months ago

    My son Louis (age 7) and daughter Sophie (age 5) are huge the projects and the jokes ("on the right track"...flying banana etc. We are in Prince Edward Island, Canada...We have family in Columbus, may stop by someday!

  • blandiant
    blandiant 11 months ago

    Which software of 3d creation use you to make your models (hovercraft) ?

  • bob hop
    bob hop 11 months ago

    can you make a you own custom rc car that would be cool and make like a mini steam engine
    and build something with coloured LED

  • Moses Taylor
    Moses Taylor 11 months ago

    hey peter can you do a video for me

  • Manan Sarna
    Manan Sarna 11 months ago

    hey peter i have thought one really good design and i suppose you can build it

  • FarFox
    FarFox Year ago

    make more rc videos

  • bepowerification

    I like your channel and you. Please keep uploading stuff :) good luck Peter!

  • Robaus
    Robaus Year ago


  • Desiree Gomez
    Desiree Gomez Year ago


  • The Iguana
    The Iguana Year ago

    Please build an ornithopter

  • SomeThingCatchyGaming

    please do more vids? i love all this kind of stuff upgrading shit to awesome =]

  • model nutty
    model nutty Year ago

    +PeterSripol oh hey-hey, the FT guys have DEVOLVED to throwing a giant paper airplane
    (maybe next they'll be having water balloon fights geez!)
    anyhow, maybe you're the man to make this happen from 1-2 sheets (tops!)
    check out his "paper airplane" with ailerons and elevons (or rudders?) that could be scaled down for maybe a 2206-2208 motor. (gawd I feel like such an instigator sometimes lol)

  • model nutty
    model nutty Year ago

    concept: pair of 8.5x20mm motors gearboxed to a prop for 1S powered control line combat airplane (3D print motor block?). missing ingredient = LVC or 4 minute timer cutoff.
    little WLtoys F929-939 micro planes use only one 8.5x20, so two should deliver plenty of power into the 6x3 or 6x3.5 prop that .049's used.

    not saying copy the FT guys, their CL effort was such a fail! watch some control line combat video's here in TVclip you'll see how it gets crazy fun, a combat bird would be super quick simple doing a KF-6 to KF-4 wing, same kind of fold-over to make the tail booms

  • Joe H.S
    Joe H.S Year ago

    Will you be at Weak Signals?

    • PeterSripol
      PeterSripol 11 months ago

      probably will be! just for saturday though.

  • Carl Chong
    Carl Chong Year ago

    Hi Peter,
    I sure enjoy your videos. They remind me of a time when I was getting into more interesting mischief with RC planes and pyrotechnics a long time ago.
    I just watched your RC tank video and saw that you were making small charges to make your tank hits more dramatic with coarse black powder taken from a much larger firework which reminded me of an accident I had that was pretty big.
    I was soldering the leads onto a little squib. Heat conducted down the lead of the squib (I should have used flux) and lit up the squib. If it was the squib alone, it wouldn't have been such a big deal (it was pretty small) except that it looks like a hot particle shot out and stuck to the side of a quarter pound container of 4F powder and melted through the bottle which lit up pretty violently about 3' away from me. I thought I was working safely, the bottle was closed, and the squib was pretty small. I was wearing safety glasses (because I figured that the squib could go off with the soldering), but I hadn't reckoned that it could emit something that could go through the bottle. I suffered a mild concussion and large areas of 1st and 2nd degree burns. After putting out some minor fires and making sure nothing else was burning, I self propelled myself to the hospital.
    I strongly suggest that you subdivide your powder from a big firework like that into safer smaller volumes and bring only one volume out as it is needed, instead of keeping that much stuff lying around in an open cardboard tube.
    Take care man. I want to keep seeing your channel updates with all of your limbs.

  • Theodor Kristiansen

    why there be no upload list this anoying is

  • Alan Yelvington
    Alan Yelvington Year ago

    You've got skills! I don't have a job for you, but I'd like to see your resume and hear about your mentors. Beautiful little shop you have there. RSVP

  • model nutty
    model nutty Year ago

    +PeterSripol check the thread about your brass casting.. details about a CHEAP to make great working vibration+vacuum bell for more precise investment plaster molds.. from a quick modded aquarium pump (provides vibration+vacuum) a big coffee can for vacuum bell, an 11x15 bit of 5/8" birch ply (or similar light ply) and a tube of RTV silicone (to seal the air pump and make the seal for the vacuum bell). been there done that and it rocks. the vibration+vacuum pulls all the air bubbles out of the fresh wet plaster and wax/plastic parts in first 20-30 minutes. less work grinding+polishing (or balancing if its a boat prop). we used inch thick weather strip foam rubber for it's feet so whole thing can vibrate. real cheap and fast track to casting quality stuff.

  • Ricky B
    Ricky B Year ago

    More videos!! Smoke grenade launcher

  • Cyprian Zander
    Cyprian Zander Year ago

    Hi, I don't know if anyone reads these comments but why did peter leave Flite test? He was the coolest guy there and made the best creations between 2014 and beginning of 2016. Nowadays FT only makes lame videos of unpacking bought stuff instead of building really cool planes like the FT guinea pig (which I bought myself and is great)! Could anyone please tell me why he left? I have the feeling from one video to the next Peter was gone.

    • xingran wang
      xingran wang 9 months ago

      I think you have already pointed the reason, Peter wants to make creative content of good quality, FT wants to unboxing advertise to make quick money(I don't blame FT, they are a team which lots of people involved).

  • Marmol David
    Marmol David Year ago

    Cowboy Dave asks, Where are the videos? Dang gone man we need more cool stuff yalls.

  • JaxRCExplorer r2w

    I saw this and thought of you Peter.
    What I would love to see is one like #7 morphed into #6, ie a single or double passenger craft with maybe 3 motors... put two in the wings that close upon level horizontal flight, and the one in the rear pivoting to propel it forward... and small enough to park in my garage. Can you do it?

  • MrCuervoRC
    MrCuervoRC Year ago

    I've been following you for quite some time, your planes are very handsome.
    Several channels of youtube we are going to make a challenge, that tries to see who builds an airplane in less time possible, do you want to participate?
    It's just for fun and to promote to each other channels, the idea is to upload the video the same day everybody.
    The idea was of a subscriber of one of the channels that we are going to participate and we are organizing it among all.
    If you want to participate join our facebook group or send me an email.
    My E-mail:

  • Me YepMe
    Me YepMe Year ago

    Hey, I enjoy your videos. Do you have an engineering degree? Is this merely a hobby? I used to try similar, yet more basic, stuff like this when I was younger. I stopped when I got older and realized I don't have the math/physics abilities it would take to pull off the things I think of. Also, budgeting is not allowing for it. By budgeting I mean wife. I like the fist propellers. E-mail me at if you would like. I have a few thoughts, if you are interested and find them useful, awesome! One is that you should patent some of your ideas. If you don't want to hear about them, no worries, just keep tinkering.

  • Alex Springer
    Alex Springer Year ago

    Hey Peter i absolutely love the channel. i have been watching since the foamandtape days. i just recently found out that our dads work together...small world. i do a lot of drone video and stuff and if ya ever need any help i would absolutely love to take that opportunity.

  • Sawyer Phillips
    Sawyer Phillips Year ago

    Happy Holidays Peter!

  • lefa Molokwe
    lefa Molokwe Year ago

    Hey Peter does the kit that you used on the javellin guided uav come as a set with flap controllers?

  • James Oakes
    James Oakes Year ago

    Where's Peter? Missing you.

  • Aryawijaya Adibrata

    why you're not in flite test again???

    • Jerry Burkey
      Jerry Burkey 2 months ago

      Remember guys when you work for someone, you have to do it the way they want it!

    • Vyom Rajan Singh
      Vyom Rajan Singh 2 months ago

      true man

    • Maxim Kozlov
      Maxim Kozlov 6 months ago

      in one of FT blog was phrase about Peter: "He moved with family"

    • Name Surname
      Name Surname 6 months ago

      Don't ask me why ... I have the feeling that we don't know the real true and probably he'll never say it. Moreover look at David and Knoptop. It's kind of ... strange that they are all gone.
      Of course of course I red all the articles explaining why they left and it was confirmed by themselves. But watch the videos again ... maybe I'll have the same feeling.
      I like Peter's videos. I know them all and ironically ... I love his Thailand Notebook the most. I watch Flite Test videos too but I prefer the older episodes.
      ... but can't stop thinking about Peter, David and Knoptop ...

    • robe 834
      robe 834 8 months ago

      I think peters more of a free spirit

  • a100nick
    a100nick Year ago

    hey peter 1st off i have to say i love your vids man and your creativity specially with the flitetest builds, but i have an epic build idea for you i even have the plans to build it.
    its for a rc airplane with a airsoft gun built in using a v3 gearbox or a bullpup gearbox shooting at 400fps.
    the plane is made of lowes foam covered in fiberglass or strapping tape.

  • Robert Dalessandro

    Hey Pete, if you're interested in boats, I've always thought the SPRINGER tugs would be great for fpv.

  • shubham waghulde

    Hey Peter i like your channel and the stuff you do . I am from India and here , the craze about RC drones or even toys is very less compared to the US or some other countries so even if we get some spare parts or some stuff for hobby its not that great as it is in the US . the quality of the stuff is very cheap . So , please suggest any online RC hobby store which ships to India . Because it would help me with my engineering project .

    thank you .
    and keep up the good work .

    • shubham waghulde
      shubham waghulde Year ago

      Thnx man 😊

    • Enzo M.
      Enzo M. Year ago

      I would recommend HobbyKing. I don't know if they ship to india, but it's worth a try.

  • pauljs75
    pauljs75 Year ago

    Hey Peter, this might come in handy on one of your future 3D-printed R/C boat projects:
    Was fun watching the boats you were messing with. And going with an idea in one of the comments I made, I'm trying to figure out how to make a 3D printable nozzle that could be aimed by servos. Something to goof with, not only neat but a bit of mischief could be done with a fireboat style model.

  • Mauricio Santoyo

    What modeling software you use in your macbook ?

  • Cookie Clicker
    Cookie Clicker Year ago

    dude your totally awesome. i love tinkering with this kind of stuff and to have your kind of skills when i'm older i would love

  • Eric Neuer
    Eric Neuer Year ago

    I would love to see a detailed video about how to wire up and program the v-tol Bronco from the flighttest vids. Many of us would. Thanks Peter for all the genius projects and over the top ideas, you are the best.

  • Jack Houghton
    Jack Houghton Year ago

    i love ur vids
    but i thought u still worked for flitetest
    i bought ur guinie pig and pun jet love the plane thx for making them
    did they fire u or did u quit?

  • itchy robot
    itchy robot Year ago

    Shared you on FB.. I have 2500 followers. Word needs to get out.
    Share and support Peter! :)
    Loving the channel so far. Keep it up M8

    • Hans Schaer
      Hans Schaer 3 months ago

      Anybody know where to get a hold of Peter by E-mail?

  • Cube
    Cube Year ago

    Are you no longer working for flite test?

    • VN Gaming
      VN Gaming 8 months ago

      Oh no! What happened? He was really a great designer and maker!

    • Enzo M.
      Enzo M. Year ago

      yes, he stopped a while ago.

  • Bryan Harris
    Bryan Harris Year ago

    Cool Javelin idea Peter. Had you considered using compressed air w/the RC prop vs. the rocket motor? This would likely give you a reusable "air vehicle" ... awesome work and great inspiration!

  • David Kraft
    David Kraft Year ago

    I just wanted to buy a rocket motor. This seemed a lot safer.

  • Ciarán Farley-Toone

    can you make a video going into more detail about how you ignited the rocket motors in the guinea pig video? (also rocket plane video)