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  • William Tocci Jr
    William Tocci Jr 4 hours ago

    I feel like it was the perfect finish to the breaking bad saga...and I can't wait to see how better call Saul turns out...

  • mauro gardesani
    mauro gardesani 4 hours ago

    When you have high expectations most of the time you get disappointment. But this is not the case. I enjoy the movie very much

  • Tobias Stieber
    Tobias Stieber 4 hours ago

    I really loved the movie and also how you analized it. Great work.

  • Mr TomAW
    Mr TomAW 4 hours ago

    Ima just say it todd did not age well

  • Dashing Dreww
    Dashing Dreww 4 hours ago

    Been waiting for this since Friday 🤧

  • Dhruv Naik
    Dhruv Naik 4 hours ago

    Why aren't we talking about the last scene where Arthur gets flashes of Wayne couple murders? If we believe the depicted story to be true, Arthur wouldn't have been present at the scene of the murders. Or is it the case that Arthur himself killed the Wayne couple and he depicted the story of his inspirator, which can be the actual clown prince of the city? Any thoughts/discussion?

  • DaZi
    DaZi 4 hours ago

    This video is cool but this is totally Baron Zemo erasure

  • Rengar26
    Rengar26 4 hours ago

    Is there an app that smacks people that put stickers on their texts

  • Lamar Newton
    Lamar Newton 4 hours ago

    Where is the $70 mil in cash that Todd’s uncle took from Walt?

  • Sami Pitts
    Sami Pitts 4 hours ago

    Loved it and want more!

  • Linda Cook
    Linda Cook 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one why thought he was being delivered to the Canada border? Why do the signs say they are approaching the Canada border? Alaska is a Canada/ US boarder and I thought that Jesse was getting screwed again.

  • D jed
    D jed 4 hours ago

    So all in all by what everyone's trying to say is. He imagined & imagined him imaging him imaging that then him imagining that imaging & he imagined it¿?

    • D jed
      D jed 4 hours ago

      Something like that¿?


    Answered all the Walter White really dead, what happened to Jesse,etc... Worth a watch!

  • David Wested
    David Wested 4 hours ago

    This doesnt make a lick of sense. Of course everything was real. If it wasnt real he wouldn't even know his connection to Bruce and think up his parents murders. You are off your rockers. Not every movie is Fight club. that movie also explain its all a fantasy in his heads. this doesnt. He is in there because he was captured. Everyone knows wh he is. And is literally standing in a police crowd up on the car at the end. Its easy to put him into Arkham.

  • Johnny Allen
    Johnny Allen 4 hours ago

    I think he actually is Batman's older brother.

  • Johnny Allen
    Johnny Allen 4 hours ago

    You could also argue.. he was just remembering what happened.

  • Johnny Allen
    Johnny Allen 4 hours ago

    It's real.. there are scenes that don't have joker in it that reveal info.. like the killing if Batman's parents. Plus.. joker is having a dream within his dream. The real answer is.. how did he get caught? That's an opening for a Batman addition to joker. Based on the logic your using.. no movie would be very plausible.

  • Michael Edmond
    Michael Edmond 4 hours ago

    It totally lacked the humour of breaking bad, and any Twists... It could have been a lot better with a little extra, but it felt they were being deliberately cheap, massive police presence in town but hardly any police interaction, big eXplosions and a crime scene, no. Cops, gets some money and leaves.... The flash backs had more story in them!

  • Mehmet Gorgun
    Mehmet Gorgun 4 hours ago

    Movie was eh. Not bad but nothing special. It was more like Jesse epilogue. No meth, No Cranston, no Breaking Bad.

  • Pak Glass
    Pak Glass 4 hours ago

    Thought it shouldve been a 3 part or 6 part mini series.. 6 hours instead of just 2... Most of it felt flat.. No gut punch i was used to in the series... I was dissatisfied.

  • Alexis Cupp
    Alexis Cupp 4 hours ago

    They stayed true to the joker’s origins being multiple choice without this ridiculous theory that allll of it was a delusion. At the end of the movie we still have no clue if his mom was actually his mom, if his mom was clinically insane and/or abusive, if Thomas Wayne was his dad or if that was his mom’s delusion, if Thomas Wayne used his status and wealth to get his mom hospitalized in order to deny his illegitimate child, if Arthur Fleck had a mental disorder that made him laugh from the previous abuse, or if it was a mental conditioning because his mom constantly told him it was his role to bring joy to the world. You don’t need to throw away every premise in the movie to still stay true to the joker’s multiple choice origin story.

  • Hambone4815
    Hambone4815 4 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about the size of jessy's neck??

  • Monty Zuniga Jr
    Monty Zuniga Jr 4 hours ago

    I thought it was good

  • TheValueKing
    TheValueKing 4 hours ago

    mmeh this movie was kind of wack

  • westhamboi18
    westhamboi18 4 hours ago

    Both Joker and Batman orphans 😱

  • Ryan Linkous
    Ryan Linkous 4 hours ago

    I dont think El Camino was great but it was good enough. I enjoyed watching it but probably wont rewatch it like I have with the Breaking Bad series.

  • TechNOGeek Reviews
    TechNOGeek Reviews 4 hours ago

    I love this movie 🎥

  • Kingsley Jackson
    Kingsley Jackson 4 hours ago

    Sarah Connor now is a grandma 👵

  • Adam Mcconnon
    Adam Mcconnon 4 hours ago

    Thought the tarantula was a symbol of Jesse being trapped in a cage

  • Marceline Wolf
    Marceline Wolf 4 hours ago

    Been waiting for the video for a few days

  • Sebastian Fair
    Sebastian Fair 5 hours ago

    As an alaskan, cant wait to run into jessie ;). Loved the ending, couldn't have thought of it better myself

  • Connor97
    Connor97 5 hours ago

    Been waiting all weekend for this

  • Edward Pichardo
    Edward Pichardo 5 hours ago

    Umm nah, Jerome ave is just where they filmed in the Bronx. Nothing to do with Gotham’s series. I take the bus there every day lol

  • Tabitha The Goat
    Tabitha The Goat 5 hours ago

    There's so many more. Kinda underwhelming video.

  • Elijah Drake
    Elijah Drake 5 hours ago

    Been waiting for this video!!!

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson 5 hours ago

    But how did jesse have the gun ready in his pocket like he knew that it was gonna be a wild west showdown

    • Ivanperez 128
      Ivanperez 128 5 hours ago

      Ben Wilson he had a secret gun they assumed he had two guns a third hidden is very helpful

    • Ricardo
      Ricardo 5 hours ago

      Well he grabbed both of his parent's guns and then figured that he would want to appear not dangerous for the dudes. Since they wouldnt have believed that he didnt bring a gun it was a good idea to bring a gun that doenst have much power to kill a person instead of saying he didnt have one at all.

    • Samuel L Jackson
      Samuel L Jackson 5 hours ago

      Erase your comment.. HURRY!

  • Billy t Gould 6
    Billy t Gould 6 5 hours ago

    The boy in the sheffield United 1989/1990 football shirt

  • Samuel Ortiz
    Samuel Ortiz 5 hours ago

    The joker is in fact an unreliable narrator

  • Jose Rios
    Jose Rios 5 hours ago

    It was fine but not needed

  • Ben Jewel
    Ben Jewel 5 hours ago

    I thought the line “ it’s a horror movie” Was a reference to a nightmare on elm street

  • Mason Penn
    Mason Penn 5 hours ago

    Thought it should have ended with Jessie doing some sort of carpenter work in Alaska. Would have wrapped up his character arc nicely.

    • Jamx_12
      Jamx_12 4 hours ago

      maybe some lumber jacking...

    • Kyezie131
      Kyezie131 4 hours ago

      Never thought of that. That's would have actually been really amazing.

    • Annabelle Jouchoux
      Annabelle Jouchoux 5 hours ago

      call back to the box he made, re-made and re-re-made until perfection in the series ? the one he traded for drugs ^^ i agree, would have been perfect

  • Sense
    Sense 5 hours ago

    This film is absolutely beautiful

  • S
    S 5 hours ago

    I saw the movie. I dont need to hear u repeat it again. And again.

  • LooseSkreww LuhKyro
    LooseSkreww LuhKyro 5 hours ago

    I mad we didn't get the skinny Pete interrogation scene

    • Ivanperez 128
      Ivanperez 128 4 hours ago

      LooseSkreww LuhKyro probably gonna be another film called Badger Pete.

  • Christina
    Christina 5 hours ago

    I’ve been waiting all day for this!

  • Tony ov
    Tony ov 5 hours ago

    The midget tho the midget was a troll

  • Andrew Fix
    Andrew Fix 5 hours ago

    I don’t think him saying at the end of the movie “you wouldn’t get it” was reference to it being unreal. I think it’s reference to the actual Killing Joke, that only he would feel someone at his same magnitude would understand, obviously Batman doesn’t exist yet but I think that’s the joke he thought of and won’t tell until the right person who will understand it will hear. A.K.A future Batman.

  • Rongie Faustino
    Rongie Faustino 5 hours ago

    The "Alaska" scene with Mike was a callback / explanation of why Jesse wanted to be Hoover-filtered there (Breaking Bad season 5 episode 11).

  • Jorge Bibiano
    Jorge Bibiano 5 hours ago

    The movie was great but all these videos about what happened and what didnt are anoyying just let the movie be

  • sov13t_c0mr4d3 _SJW
    sov13t_c0mr4d3 _SJW 5 hours ago

    No one cares but I’ve actually been to the owl cafe

    • Stephen Harvey
      Stephen Harvey 5 hours ago

      I went to Twisters a couple years back 😁

  • overlandcupid 86
    overlandcupid 86 5 hours ago

    the next villain I hope is Kraven venom or the dark avengers or something like the dark avengers

  • Gabrielle Seunagal
    Gabrielle Seunagal 5 hours ago

    IDK LMAO. I believe Thomas Wayne. I think Penny made it up and was delusional. His current laughing condition is because he was abused as a child, which backs up the paperwork from Gotham Asylum. I think the "love your smile, -TW" photo caption is another delusion.

  • Priya Singh
    Priya Singh 5 hours ago

    the take did a rly good video essay on how jesse is a christ figure. it’s called “jesse pinkman died for your sins”

  • Matt Ostendorf
    Matt Ostendorf 5 hours ago

    Just watched.. really good!

  • Trioajo
    Trioajo 5 hours ago

    comparing jesse to jesus made me nor take the rest of the video seriously lol what a reach to get 15 sec

  • Stephen Waterman
    Stephen Waterman 5 hours ago

    i DI DNOT CARE TOO MUCH FOR THIS MOVIE, AFTERALL JESSE WAS JUST A RAT. IT WAS LIKE 4 SCENES AND PRETTY STUPID. BUT WHEN WALT WALKED OUT OF THE HOTEL ROOM I GASPD AND FELT LIKE I COULD CRY. They should have........ did better call saul season 5 and get us caught up and then season 6 we cut to Jesse and everyone else moving forward.

  • PugSaysMeow
    PugSaysMeow 5 hours ago

    It was a lovely gift to the fans who yearn for one more taste of these characters.

    • Timothy Hodnett
      Timothy Hodnett 5 hours ago

      Totally agree..I think this movie separates the real die hard BB fans w those posing as fans...I find that also w can't love just one if you are a fan..they are all part of the same large story

  • Charles Waldon
    Charles Waldon 5 hours ago

    Was a disappointment

  • KiiDKiiNG3
    KiiDKiiNG3 5 hours ago

    I love this theory here

  • smokey sings
    smokey sings 5 hours ago

    nix can also be spelled Nyx the greek goddess of night

  • harryHOLA
    harryHOLA 5 hours ago

    Wish it was a mini series not a movie tbh

    • Ricardo
      Ricardo 5 hours ago

      This was like 3 episodes put together lol so it kinda was a miniseries

  • Jack G
    Jack G 5 hours ago

    It was honestly a beautiful movie, Aaron Paul should be giving Joaquin Phoenix a run for his money with this Oscar in my opinion

  • idiot man
    idiot man 5 hours ago

    This is a very minor thing but i noticed it mahself and im proud of it; you can briefly see a vamonos pest jumpsuit in todds messy apartment when the "cop" is about to find jesse.

  • FoxxGames
    FoxxGames 5 hours ago

    I don’t like the bs thing

  • Eddie Van H
    Eddie Van H 5 hours ago

    Wanted to see how he killed Plemons

    • Andrew Pether
      Andrew Pether 5 hours ago

      They showed how he died in the original series. He was shot by Walt's car turret.

  • jordan karl
    jordan karl 5 hours ago

    Film of the year

  • Gary Kurkewich
    Gary Kurkewich 5 hours ago

    Wish there was a bit more badger and skinny Pete.

  • Carl Bullers
    Carl Bullers 5 hours ago

    Amazing film. Great review. Initially, I thought the title referred only to the truck Jesse had stolen. But "El Camino" translates to "the road"....maybe symbolizing the long road he has ahead of him in life....?

    • Samuel L Jackson
      Samuel L Jackson 5 hours ago

      @DevineAaron like your opinion

    • Rongie Faustino
      Rongie Faustino 5 hours ago

      Yes. I thought the car would be more significant. It turns out, it's gone within the first few minutes of the film. So yeah, El Camino refers more to Jesse's road to his future, to freedom, to Alaska.

    • DevineAaron
      DevineAaron 5 hours ago

      HOW was it amazing? It was pointless

  • Ercan Kucukkart 6g Herstedøster Skole

    It was a fantastic ending to the story

  • Capital_Beaz47
    Capital_Beaz47 5 hours ago

    Can we get a Walter Jr movie called Mustang

    • AyeCrofty
      AyeCrofty 4 hours ago

      Why mustang?

    • Ivanperez 128
      Ivanperez 128 4 hours ago

      Capital_Beaz47 Badger & Skinny Pete kidnap Walter Jr an his Dodge Charger because they believe he knows where jacks gang left the cash and in the end they drop off Walter Jr take the money and go to Alaska with Jesse.

    • Connor97
      Connor97 4 hours ago

      Needs to be called breakfast imo

    • Capital_Beaz47
      Capital_Beaz47 4 hours ago

      @Ivanperez 128 Hurry Call Vince!

    • Ivanperez 128
      Ivanperez 128 5 hours ago

      Capital_Beaz47 yeah it will be a college comedy where Walter Jr and his friends go on a road trip an trynna find Walters money that the Nazis hid

  • HeyWhoIsThatGuy0 Zero

    I'm glad u explained this movie by following the multiple choice background of the killing joke. I thought similarly.

  • Venomous Nate
    Venomous Nate 5 hours ago

    No words can describe how great this movie was. Excellent final chapter for Breaking Bad

  • Packie Shepard
    Packie Shepard 5 hours ago

    El Camino was something I didn't necessarily want, but found that I actually needed. It was a beautiful ending to Jesse's story and whereas I never thought I'd ever need to see what happened to him, I'm certainly so happy that he found some peace.

    • Braden Young
      Braden Young 5 hours ago

      its not the movie we wany but the one we need

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson 5 hours ago

    Loved the movie

  • Chavez Ingram
    Chavez Ingram 5 hours ago

    Bout ducking time lmaoo

  • Collin 255
    Collin 255 5 hours ago

    Great movie to end one of my all time favorite shows

  • Em Christobal
    Em Christobal 5 hours ago

    How did Arthur do all these things? Because he's the fukking Joker.

  • Gustavo Cortes
    Gustavo Cortes 6 hours ago

    I clicked on the video thinking there were 20k comments already but theres 30.

  • DevineAaron
    DevineAaron 6 hours ago

    What a pointless shit movie lol. Good to see Jess and WW talking though. That was nice.

  • RyanIsGood
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    ACTUALGAMING 6 hours ago

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    KCG 6 hours ago

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  • Satpal Singh
    Satpal Singh 6 hours ago

    ❤️ this

  • blueflash 107
    blueflash 107 6 hours ago

    I love newrockstars they are amazing

  • Andrew Ogunji
    Andrew Ogunji 6 hours ago

    First 50

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  • Mrtube55
    Mrtube55 6 hours ago

    0:16 me

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  • KCG
    KCG 6 hours ago

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  • Robin Hoffman
    Robin Hoffman 6 hours ago

    Will there be another episode? I have more questions than answers.

    • Jacob Dean
      Jacob Dean 6 hours ago

      More questions? There was no questions at the end or threw the movie... It was all pretty self forward

  • Mr. Diddlez
    Mr. Diddlez 6 hours ago

    Oh shiiiiit

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    Noel Salgado 6 hours ago

    1st view 😊🙌

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    Joshua Vasquez 6 hours ago

    Love you

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    Milton Isaac 6 hours ago

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