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  • Loloxito Cosmin
    Loloxito Cosmin 8 hours ago


  • Raul Javi García
    Raul Javi García 11 hours ago

    i want to buy one of your cell phones, where they have distributors official in mexico

  • awesomecat3345 the awesomest

    Makes fun of apple Has an macbook in the ad

  • Prithvi Pujari
    Prithvi Pujari 13 hours ago

    Watching it on my OnePlus 7T! ❤️❤️

  • Eliphaz TM
    Eliphaz TM 14 hours ago

    Am i a joke to you, Oneplus ?

  • Asik Basheer
    Asik Basheer 15 hours ago

    Fire one of the best phone

  • 2fast4me
    2fast4me 16 hours ago

    nice screen burn

  • PyrexBtw
    PyrexBtw 17 hours ago

    The screenshot it’s copied by oppo

  • Plankton Chanel
    Plankton Chanel 18 hours ago

    Please Made the phone similary like one plus 7t but with the litle screen i bored with the big phone

  • Damon Mullins
    Damon Mullins 23 hours ago

    Well the new one plus 8 5g was leaked like legitimately leaked lmao.. had a clear case on it but its leaked not bad looking either

  • Berkov L
    Berkov L Day ago

    Yet he uses a macbook

  • Jimmi Loranda
    Jimmi Loranda Day ago

    I lost my OnePlus 7 Pro in Manila...

  • Richard Thomas Alex

    Lew and Mrwhoosetheboss isn't in the video?!?!?

  • I'm Rayhan
    I'm Rayhan Day ago


  • gcs _
    gcs _ Day ago

    Yo TVclip, I know this phone exists and I literally own this phone for 14 months now. Why did you suggest me this video...??

  • dog _%
    dog _% Day ago

    smooth smooth smooth smooth smooth and just once *_SMOOTH_*

  • Jamie Jay
    Jamie Jay Day ago

    Going to wait till the OP 8 comes out , so that it will drop the price , love the design .

  • Sandeep Arjaria

    Want 5g in ur next edition eagerly waiting

    RATAN GOPAL Day ago

    It’s sad to see that the Oneplus 7T Pro has only two colors and that too is the expensive McLaren edition. I am a person who likes matte black but since it was not available; I ordered this sandstone black skin from gadgetshieldz to give my phone a similar matte black look.

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf Day ago

    Unique software and a differentiating taste that's what makes OnePlus what they are.

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf Day ago

    It is very important to have a brand identity and oneplus is trying to make that. They're making products that makes them different from others and that's very important unlike companies like xiaomi and other such. They have their own taste. A taste that is good enough to make a mark and they should continue with this.

  • Sacafren !
    Sacafren ! Day ago

    make your phones faster, do not get a better camara, that is not important, speed is key

  • Food Darshan
    Food Darshan 2 days ago

    Technical GURUJi ko nahi lia kia... video mein, kiun nhi nikala.

  • Prin SuperVisor
    Prin SuperVisor 2 days ago

    India phone

  • BalthazarTheGreat
    BalthazarTheGreat 2 days ago

    90hz screen? Nah I'll take 120 or 240 or multiples of 60. Not 75hz not 90 hz and definitely not 144hz.

  • Nuovo
    Nuovo 2 days ago

    I LOVE the phone, but I really hate the box! It's too tall! I think a phone's box should have the same aspect ratio of the phone. This one looks.. weird. Just like putting two suspension dots instead of three.

  • bigmatthew
    bigmatthew 2 days ago

    why yall vibrate my phone tho

  • Blodhunder
    Blodhunder 2 days ago

    The packaging is hilariously tall

  • Charles Miles
    Charles Miles 2 days ago

    Way over priced for what a different color?????

  • Kolapot
    Kolapot 3 days ago


  • superstealth
    superstealth 3 days ago

    Well where is Jerryrig everything? Oh wait

  • obolohito jibon
    obolohito jibon 3 days ago

    camera bump ignored

  • Suraj Singh
    Suraj Singh 3 days ago

    Watching in my OnePlus 7t 😀🤗

  • Shrey Gehlot
    Shrey Gehlot 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who has noticed a watch in this video?

  • D c
    D c 3 days ago

    one plus cuando llegaras a Mexico

  • Grave Dragon
    Grave Dragon 3 days ago

    U gotta trust floss when he says it "a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR GO"


    Love you so much ONEPLUS smartphone

  • Reinis Miglinieks
    Reinis Miglinieks 3 days ago

    Omg, guys these seem like amazing products if only there wouldn't be 2 comercials of em in every GODDAMN video I see on youtube maybe I'd even consider buying one instead of shooting myself...

  • KaruroTM
    KaruroTM 3 days ago

    Except for the charging time, almost none of the features are new (the longer screenshot is already a feature in samsung phones since the s8 i think?) but in the commercial someone said "memes" so it's an instant cop

  • ijjy ahmed
    ijjy ahmed 3 days ago

    I'm still gonna be careful with it , i wouldn't dare try to do something like that

  • rope
    rope 3 days ago

    How to get views - MKBHD

  • The Ghostly
    The Ghostly 3 days ago

    They didn't put Jerry they are scared lol

  • Sebastian Ruiz
    Sebastian Ruiz 3 days ago

    I have a OnePlus 7pro and I'm using it right now it's totally worth the price

  • Davebooz !!!
    Davebooz !!! 3 days ago

    Showed this to my Dad to buy me one he was like Biggest Concurrent of Oneplus now i have Xiaomi sorry

  • Shaban Shoukat
    Shaban Shoukat 3 days ago

    Literally everybody : the 90 hertz is soo smooooth, i mean really smooth i mean end of smoothness and its utterly smooth and its smooth AF! and it really feels smooth i mean i really love that smooth and i am gonna go with smooth and you'll love this smooth and it soo smoothly goes into smooth and smooth. Me : Smooth?

  • Silent Sparrow
    Silent Sparrow 3 days ago

    If I could mention apple , samshit, huawei

  • aime djekonbe
    aime djekonbe 3 days ago

    i love it

  • Kunal Ketkar
    Kunal Ketkar 3 days ago

    Yo Mkbhd one plus's home boy for life ❤️❤️

  • Prasanna Srinivasan

    My God man. 90Hz this 90Hz that. Cut the crap. Look at Asus ROG Phone II just silently lying there with 120Hz display. 90Hz is the new standard and lower end phones are already coming with it. Stop overusing it as a selling point ffs! I'm a OnePlus user myself btw.

  • Seyi Daramola
    Seyi Daramola 3 days ago

    You just brought all the TVcliprs I love to watch

  • Liqrit Rs
    Liqrit Rs 3 days ago

    The quality in this video is insane. What took it?

  • JebatKD
    JebatKD 3 days ago

    Just got to use OP6 for three months now..

  • mex herr
    mex herr 3 days ago

    I'm fine with my 6T McLaren.

  • Aagash 27
    Aagash 27 3 days ago

    Why OnePlus mobile is not sell in Sri Lanka we are interested in OnePlus mobiles

  • Sab- Ray
    Sab- Ray 3 days ago

    yo ma man flossy carter

  • BGM master 22
    BGM master 22 4 days ago

    Simply wait for it

  • night fury
    night fury 4 days ago

    If you made a watch I'd buy it

  • its just luke Revive

    MKBHD in thumbnail? On a OnePlus video? Definitely worth a click. The other Techtubers are also worth it, MKBHD is in the thumbnail though.

  • plastic bag
    plastic bag 4 days ago

    What's the song?

  • jared williams
    jared williams 4 days ago

    Just picked mines up today from T-Mobile :)

  • Enmanuel Villalobos

    We need More battery live in the next OP8, pls :(

  • M Tahir
    M Tahir 4 days ago

    All paid review

  • Pradyumn
    Pradyumn 4 days ago


  • vishal deb
    vishal deb 4 days ago

    Worst experience with oneplus....I purchased oneplus 7R 20 days ago and it started hanging over and over over and over...Few days ago I went to servicing centre and repaired my phone but again same problem has started....I just wasted my 40K on this worst phone....I want full refund

  • rubixcube
    rubixcube 4 days ago

    Just got the 7t pro lol

  • sairaj
    sairaj 4 days ago

    Is a major major go🤣🤣🤣

  • Roland Szilágyi
    Roland Szilágyi 4 days ago

    Dammit Oneplus! I bought my new 7T Pro McLaren Edition already. Leave me alone...

  • Arun Kumar Polu
    Arun Kumar Polu 4 days ago

    Watching on OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition 😊

  • yeet
    yeet 4 days ago

    This is art.

  • Kousaka Honoka
    Kousaka Honoka 4 days ago

    240hz gsync monitor : im a joke to you?

  • aasif Husan
    aasif Husan 4 days ago

    Oneplus midrange phone Kyo Nahi launch karta

  • Shyam Sunder
    Shyam Sunder 4 days ago

    Asus Rog phone has 120 Hz display and no one cares

  • Rich Jebs
    Rich Jebs 4 days ago

    This comment when this video is recommended when One Plus 10 is released.

  • Indestructible pancakes

    Don't understand why iJustine is there

  • Conservative Canuck

    Mkbhd getting paid for this?

  • E L D R I D G E L I M

    Honestly I dont know anyone that uses 4k60fps on their phone. It's just a waste of space.

  • Motor Kid 151
    Motor Kid 151 4 days ago

    Got mine and I love it too bits, turned from a life long iOS user to android and it was very easy, love this phone

  • david stewart
    david stewart 4 days ago

    Does this work with the gotcha evolve for pokemon go?

  • Lucifer
    Lucifer 4 days ago

    Watching it on my oneplus 7t pro mclaren ed

  • amit goje
    amit goje 4 days ago

    Hello Sir Will oneplus 7t pro mclaren 5g variant be launched in India?

  • kuttipattalam p2v
    kuttipattalam p2v 4 days ago

    Oneplus please reduce the size of box because it need lot of paper works Go green ,reduce the usage of paper

  • Lollo Desi
    Lollo Desi 4 days ago

    Fix A10 on 6t

  • ghostechful
    ghostechful 4 days ago

    Never thought I would see flossy but now I'm happy

  • One 2 Infinity
    One 2 Infinity 4 days ago

    Realme x2 pro is the real killer

  • Akshay Reddy
    Akshay Reddy 4 days ago

    I wona take it soon op

  • The Dukeaholic
    The Dukeaholic 5 days ago

    How long are you gonna milk the "90 Hz" and "oxygen OS" cows ?

    • The Dukeaholic
      The Dukeaholic 2 days ago

      @superstealth it's not worth mentioning if its the only thing you're mentioning over and over again.

    • superstealth
      superstealth 3 days ago

      90hz will not be special after other companies uses it But oxygen os is worth mentioning

    • Achuth S
      Achuth S 3 days ago

      Until someone else comes up with something better. 😂

    • sho mikoto
      sho mikoto 3 days ago


  • Satheesh Kumar Venkatesan

    How many days you'll brag about this feature..You people don't have content to say about on op 7t pro event. A***oles wasted my 15 mins of time only about talking their 90hz display. Fooling people with less specs and increased prices as you become big brand. Release one product a year & give support for long time, that's what people need. They took India as big market coz they got to know we are fools. Go back to OP 1 strategy, fair pricing and Innovate.

  • Maz P
    Maz P 5 days ago

    Please do us a favour Oneplus. Don't tease us with these commercials. I can't even buy this model in Canada cause you only offer old models here and 7T is really ugly with that circular camera bump.

  • Hostile Cornball 7
    Hostile Cornball 7 5 days ago

    I can't get that but yeah still happy with my 7T

  • Tamim Taher
    Tamim Taher 5 days ago

    One plus started copying Samsung 😂

  • Moto-Trend
    Moto-Trend 5 days ago

    I must know the price, and if it will come to USA?

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 5 days ago

    Asus ROG 🔥

  • YAFYO aka Brent Alputan

    Vroom, vroom.

  • Godz Gift
    Godz Gift 5 days ago

    The correlation is kinda crazy oneplus - mclaren Apple - Ferrari Samsung - Lamborghini

  • Jaden Kahen
    Jaden Kahen 5 days ago

    I use iOS stop recommending this

  • Eliphaz TM
    Eliphaz TM 5 days ago

    Oneplus: For the next video, we need MKBHD, Dave 2D, Krystal Lora, Today TLD, iJustine, PocketNow and Flossy Unbox Therapy: Have not you forgotten one? Oneplus: I think not Unbox Therapy : ...

  • Abhishek Kylasa
    Abhishek Kylasa 5 days ago

    Our 90Hz is so smooth and awesome! **uploads at 720P**

  • superlativo
    superlativo 5 days ago

    Please OnePlus 8 with 4500mAh and more colors, in red of course. Although I dream one in emerald color.

  • Jean Saverwyns
    Jean Saverwyns 5 days ago

    C'est comme une merde sauf que la c'est en boîte.

  • THE JD Darshan Solanki

    You can upload this video in Full Hd(1080p), but you didn't uploaded in Full Hd why???