The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Iggy Pop: James Bond
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Ryan Hamilton Stand-Up
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Kane Brown: Homesick
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The Raconteurs: Only Child
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Alec Benjamin: Jesus in LA
Views 95K13 days ago
Trump's August Retreat
Views 119KMonth ago
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  • Aditya Miya
    Aditya Miya Hour ago

    Jimmy fallon is an alcholic,WTF is he talking to?xD

  • Pika Chu
    Pika Chu Hour ago

    Trump is dying for 4 years already

  • Cara Dante
    Cara Dante Hour ago

    SHE IS THE QUEEN💖💖girl u give me chills

  • Marcello Souza
    Marcello Souza Hour ago

    He deserve 95 at least

  • s marz
    s marz Hour ago

    First TRANSGENDER HIPHOP artist!! Show em!! Meg

  • Shane Wise
    Shane Wise Hour ago

    You all are trippin have you not seen his Roasts? Hes easily top 3 roaster in the World.

  • Natalie B
    Natalie B Hour ago

    Man, pre-growth spurt Noah is TINY!

  • Holden
    Holden Hour ago

    The Nipsy 20-21-20 alone should've been worth at least a 92.

  • מרשמלו לנצח אהבה של קרימבו

    She is witch see her reversed her music is satanic imagine song reversed

  • The Jack of All Trades

    Kevin Spacey! Well, at least we don't have to worry about him. Oh... Oh no...

  • swiftslick
    swiftslick Hour ago

    Rated about 5-6 points lower than he should be. Russ is a monster on the court from start to finish. No other player gives more effort. He puts on a show for the fans and gives them their money's worth.

  • IBelieveInMiracles

    So awkward indeed and yet so funny and relatable.

  • Abdul Hadi
    Abdul Hadi Hour ago

    Idk why ppl love kylie more i love kendall she's super cute♥️,i love her more♥️

  • Teha Fatiha
    Teha Fatiha Hour ago

    I really wanna see him play this with RDJ

  • DAVID MATHEWS/The Minerals

    I am sick to death of Seth Rogen already. Has no acting depth whatsoever. He plays the exact same person in every movie he's in. And then he's that same person in every interview he's in. He thinks he's funny and smokes a lot of weed.(Not that there's anything wrong with that) Also he's in a movie every other month. Enough enough enough already. Bring on the next overweight funny guy!

  • kariberrie
    kariberrie Hour ago

    She is stunning. Super model with booty! 😍

  • nel
    nel Hour ago

    get anna kendrick back there, dude!

    BIBIXGIRL Hour ago

    I think it’s good that they’re getting married. Katy has been through so many terrible relationships and Orlando actually seems respectful and loving when it comes to her. I’m still going to miss my husband Legolas though ;-; 🤣

  • Nathan billson
    Nathan billson Hour ago

    People and singers in general : we can sing / Ariana : Shut .. your .. mouth

  • Misterrossie
    Misterrossie Hour ago

    Looking like D Will with the beard

  • Melissa Ribeiro
    Melissa Ribeiro Hour ago

    Literally her and Nicki the only chicks I can listen to I love they flow

  • WWV- world wrestling videos

    Joker again Ed

  • Vladislav Kerechanin

    Yeah, suuuuure. She has iPhone 7/8 plus. Of course.... not iPhone X or XS...

  • Yoongi Min
    Yoongi Min Hour ago

    meanwhile, Will is still stuck in the upside-down, yiKES!

  • Gerardo Andres
    Gerardo Andres Hour ago

    Extraordinario 😂👏🏻😂👏🏻😂👏🏻😂👏🏻😂 Saludos desde chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • young mind
    young mind Hour ago

    Lucho ssj

  • Quennie Jamolod
    Quennie Jamolod Hour ago

    what's the title of the song in 3:38

  • Katia Daher
    Katia Daher Hour ago

    Be smart get old phones not iphones u dont want to be part of the tracking and spying system that can know everything about you and what you are currently doing and probably record you while u have no idea thats why many celebs have old phones like blackberries even obama had a blackberry and probably still uses it

  • As plund
    As plund Hour ago

  • 라면건더기
    라면건더기 Hour ago

    Oh man!

  • CJ aka DirtyBrit

    The most natural out of the whole horrible household.

  • Shamia
    Shamia Hour ago

    I knoww thatsss riteee! U better bring that werkkkkk

  • Jay Elimination
    Jay Elimination Hour ago

    Tryna see russ dunk on zion... life will be complete

  • Charlie James
    Charlie James Hour ago

    The way they can remember lyrics like that

  • Pauli
    Pauli Hour ago

    that dress gives me anxiety somehow

  • Max Sullivan
    Max Sullivan Hour ago

    Fetus deletus?

  • Gary Martin
    Gary Martin Hour ago

    Mobile phone zombies everywhere

  • Triads
    Triads Hour ago

    I miss this dude so much in okc but at least he went to my rockets!

  • Michael Izzo
    Michael Izzo Hour ago

    Top 10 rappers eminem was too afraid to diss

  • CLB30ROX
    CLB30ROX Hour ago

    Jim Jefferies is raw as hell, and I'm 100% here for it 😁

  • Adrian Johnson
    Adrian Johnson Hour ago

    He kilt the police on tha low lol

  • Kieran Dacey
    Kieran Dacey Hour ago

    Nice. I feel like videos need to be so heavily expensive to get the songs out. Glad he mentioned Irish pub music with a name like Malone. Great suit too much love

  • Shara's crazy world

    Jk is so cute with that hat💕💕💕

  • Rick S
    Rick S Hour ago

    She is another Melania.....

  • Monica C
    Monica C Hour ago

    Latinas IN this mf.

  • Henrique Resende Saboia

    Westbrook should be 91-92

  • Claudia Okyere-Fosu

    My twin 😍💯💕

  • Skyy
    Skyy Hour ago

    Meg gave me a stiffy when she came in smh she looks so hot in that outfit

  • Mason Horsley
    Mason Horsley Hour ago

    Well, The Lion King IS Hamlet

  • Jessica Turner
    Jessica Turner Hour ago

    How does she get even hotter than she was as she gets older?!! Soooooooooooooo beautiful!!! 90's J-Lo - HOTTT! 2019 J-Lo - WHowzer!! 😍

  • jezergirl
    jezergirl Hour ago

    Ecco, come ho visto Stan Lee alla fine m'è partito il luccicone.

  • john El CACO machin

    In love

  • fernando camacho

    Fallon is such a geek.. the guest always save his show...

  • Keano K
    Keano K Hour ago

    You shouldn't get a girl to do this.. it's kinda weird

  • Russel Mohan
    Russel Mohan Hour ago

    It's crazy how much I see Elio from Call me by your name in him.....can't shake that! Very handsome:)

  • Abigail Taylor
    Abigail Taylor 2 hours ago

    *g r a p e* I really believe they are both high

  • Om Singh
    Om Singh 2 hours ago

    So whats your favourite song Me- its complicated

  • Noonong Lovely
    Noonong Lovely 2 hours ago

    Seem almost people like to do activities with Harry. I also dream of that thing

  • Henry Washington
    Henry Washington 2 hours ago

    Playing defense on your girl while she backing you down😁 She gained 60lbs in 9 months is the reason she never played again.

  • Cyra Hargrave
    Cyra Hargrave 2 hours ago

    who else feeling the vibe between Megan and Da Baby 💗🔥💗

  • Increase Kru
    Increase Kru 2 hours ago

    Robert Irwin is Steve Irwin reincarnated, this family is simply amazing, I wish everyone was as friendly, positive minded, and happy as the Irwins, what a family.

  • Quenn Shei vlogs
    Quenn Shei vlogs 2 hours ago

    She sound like siri

  • Courtney Louise
    Courtney Louise 2 hours ago

    the fact that i fell for it even AfTeR lOoKiNg At ThE uPlOaD dAtE

  • lukegm12 version 1
    lukegm12 version 1 2 hours ago

    Basically copied Michael mycintyre

  • Rose
    Rose 2 hours ago

    She should’ve just performed cash shit. Hot girl summer is mediocre garbage.

  • Nur Husna
    Nur Husna 2 hours ago



    His Walker sounds like Woody Allen

  • TimeL Studios
    TimeL Studios 2 hours ago

    Tho the fennec fox can also be found in Australia

  • percy turner
    percy turner 2 hours ago

    He got why not from Hilary Duff

  • Chayse Martin
    Chayse Martin 2 hours ago

    I didn’t know they put snakes in 2k

    JDBIKERBOY69 2 hours ago

    She is a really good actress. Her hands were shaking and she looked terrified that I felt sorry for her 😧😧

  • tryitout -
    tryitout - 2 hours ago

    He rehearsed all of this on Kreischer’s podcast.

  • Zone4Gardener
    Zone4Gardener 2 hours ago

    When is this coming out?

  • Aditi
    Aditi 2 hours ago

    I got all the questions right!!!!! And also, why in the world would anyone be scared of rabbits😂😂

  • Shone Shakim
    Shone Shakim 2 hours ago

    Money moves

    KUL GEO 2 hours ago

    Alicia doesnt know how to sing.....damn....others who played this game on the show really could sing....what computers can do of a persons voice...

  • DannyArcher1983
    DannyArcher1983 2 hours ago

    Search for avi yemini jim jeffries and you will see what scum this guy is.....

  • James Martin
    James Martin 2 hours ago

    She has fallen to the dark side! She has a huge light saber shwing!!!! 👉👽⚜🦄 😷🤢🤮

  • Stephanie Ch
    Stephanie Ch 2 hours ago

    If only she sings her own songs. Maybe acting's better for her afterall

  • Mareike 28
    Mareike 28 2 hours ago

    Doppelte Geschwindigkeit hört sich so lustig an

  • Matea 2002
    Matea 2002 2 hours ago

    Logan is the only bf of hers I liked yes he slept with a lot of women but he changed and their relationship was amazing and loving and he really loved her idk I’m just mad they didn’t have propper ending

  • ღ αкємi-cнαท ღ

    Celso Portiolli BR

  • JAY_ NBA
    JAY_ NBA 2 hours ago

    Crazy thing is Zion’s rating is higher and he’s a rookie.

  • Alexia Quartey
    Alexia Quartey 2 hours ago


  • Ayu Thakur
    Ayu Thakur 2 hours ago

    Jimmy do Ew! With Jennifer Garner!

  • Raudel Rangel
    Raudel Rangel 2 hours ago

    Jack Black: My precious!!!

  • Niz Korlifa Hd
    Niz Korlifa Hd 2 hours ago


  • amna kalim
    amna kalim 2 hours ago

    "You gotta look deep into the pernium."

    PARIS MARQUEZ 2 hours ago

    Megan Thee Stallion came through this year and I first heard about her through Big Ole Freak now I’m riding the boat.

  • abbey
    abbey 2 hours ago

    i fucking adore him man lmao

  • 0
    0 2 hours ago

    It's like as if I'm watching seven(7) Rain/s. Combined in 1 group = u will definitely get a 7 SUPER TALENTED GODS

    KOHS' LAND 2 hours ago


  • Darshay Frederick
    Darshay Frederick 2 hours ago

    Its usally what they start with then it alters throught the season

  • Shone Shakim
    Shone Shakim 2 hours ago

    Ariana is gifted

  • しょうゆ
    しょうゆ 2 hours ago


  • fake Apple Store
    fake Apple Store 2 hours ago

    guy raz was supposed to be black.

  • ROR115
    ROR115 2 hours ago

    He triple doubled the show too

  • Alba Crisan
    Alba Crisan 2 hours ago

    Subscribed for this jam session. 😄

  • lynne fara
    lynne fara 2 hours ago

    I miss BTS so much. BTS is BACK 🥰🥰💜💜💜 So happy

  • Elisa Breton
    Elisa Breton 2 hours ago

    Transaction screen exceed guilty fork feel airplane psychology.