The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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  • Bruno Caldas
    Bruno Caldas Hour ago

    Everything we saw in sci fi movies in the past decades is actually happening..

  • Crook of the six

    Billy boy! Fack ya!

  • Mazvita Selemani

    Everyone in Riverdale is talented in their own right, the actress who plays Josie made it out.... someone needs to follow😂😂😂

  • Rich P
    Rich P Hour ago

    These fucks don't listen to Slayer

  • Christine Toy
    Christine Toy Hour ago

    Umm..ok. lol

  • Bossi Frank
    Bossi Frank Hour ago


  • Armius 063
    Armius 063 Hour ago

    They are amazing

  • Sabrina Duckett
    Sabrina Duckett Hour ago

    I was legitimately waiting for money to start falling down on Ellen at the end, so sad she didn't think of that!

  • Miro DeLuca
    Miro DeLuca Hour ago

    Tig knows the way she delivers her stories will make people laugh. The back in forth between terrible news, laughing, and deadpan looks is literally her signature move. She did an entire stand up set about her breast cancer-she’s trying to make us laugh-she’s very open about how comedy has helped her through her health complications and cancer. Even the awkward pauses are incredibly intentional.

  • sicnarf elbon
    sicnarf elbon Hour ago

    Wow ang lupet nmn

  • Maria Carrigan
    Maria Carrigan Hour ago

    I could watch this go on all day!

  • Josue Pina
    Josue Pina Hour ago

    she used to be hotter lol

  • Angelina
    Angelina Hour ago

    Love love love Jimmy Fallon, Love Scarlett Johansson excellent actress!!! Pete Buttigieg.. leaves a lot to be desired!! 🤣

  • SqiffyMarlin
    SqiffyMarlin Hour ago

    I feel bad for sloths they are part of the deadly sins : (

  • Tanya Hibbard
    Tanya Hibbard Hour ago

    There so hilarious

  • J
    J Hour ago

    Titanic is actually a battle between two Canadian gods - Celine and the iceberg. Seems like the iceberg won?

  • Natalie Moreno
    Natalie Moreno Hour ago

    JIMMY!!! LeT HeR TalK!! Still love you tho

  • SAM Nassif
    SAM Nassif Hour ago

    If you look at NYT best seller list, there's a dagger above the books where there was suspicious activity, or bulk buying, he and his buddies bulk bought his book, just like many other right wingers do becouse no one wants to read their crappy books

  • 420protoman
    420protoman Hour ago

    this guy's trick's are all fake as fuck and have been exposed already. he does put a lot of time into tho.

  • Qwerty Qwerty
    Qwerty Qwerty Hour ago

    stick around

  • Jennifer Barnard

    Is it convenient that Giselle sounds like the dilophasaur from Jurassic park

  • DogeDogIs
    DogeDogIs Hour ago

    How we fake a Robot in a reality show

  • Numb3r4
    Numb3r4 Hour ago

    Trinidad was mentioned. Cool.

  • Sumeet Rana
    Sumeet Rana Hour ago

    If you are from India's punjab and you know her real name is rupinder

  • Josue Pina
    Josue Pina Hour ago

    I'm not asleep, my mind is alive. lolwut?

  • Estefanía Ibáñez Reyes

    That woman can SING

  • sashay121134
    sashay121134 Hour ago

    This is def not meant for accident prone ppl! I bet Will Smith would be like if he did trapeze: this is fun!!

  • Zena Stacy
    Zena Stacy Hour ago

    Barfing, quitting. It’s a Dorito! Man up guys!

  • Rosalind Earp
    Rosalind Earp Hour ago

    I love how enthusiastic Robert is.

  • rennie rad
    rennie rad Hour ago

  • RacinGIRL911
    RacinGIRL911 Hour ago

    True story: I was standing in line to pay for the gas I had just pumped, and I overheard the guy in front of me ask the cashier, “Uh, yeah....can I get a pack of those *geriatric* cigarettes?”👀

  • m. p.
    m. p. 2 hours ago

    Such waste of food

  • bComplete
    bComplete 2 hours ago

    at 1:56 -1:57 if you look closely at the felt table, there's actually square slots that flip over. There's a square for each piece that flips open to reveal the ripped pieces, and one that shuts close to make the whole card with the ripped corner disappear. The camera angle just barely gives it away.

  • Falled Ángel
    Falled Ángel 2 hours ago

    Voy a destruir ese Robot 😔 🔫🔫

  • Lydia Aguilar
    Lydia Aguilar 2 hours ago

    Those high notes on Jimmy, though

  • joe cole
    joe cole 2 hours ago

    She has never explained how Putin benefited from Trump sending weapons to Ukraine. Putin's best friend was Obama, who sent blankets instead of weapons. Obama also ended the missile defense treaty with Poland. Why? Because Putin asked him to

  • J
    J 2 hours ago

    Keanu-sance, Celine-asance. Seems like a Canadian-sance :)

  • ssaye89
    ssaye89 2 hours ago

    Madea for President 2024.

  • Melanie Carroll
    Melanie Carroll 2 hours ago

    I’ve never been a fan of anyone until Rachel. The brilliance is off the chain! Brilliance is the new sexy!!

  • Florence Rose
    Florence Rose 2 hours ago

    Very very strange, staccato + stiff mannerisms...everything feels like a line fed straight into her ear to say.

  • KittenBitten Kitty
    KittenBitten Kitty 2 hours ago

    when a talk show host is almost rofling on his own show..

  • sophia collins
    sophia collins 2 hours ago

    she deserves so much better than riverdale.

  • Jupp Kaltofen
    Jupp Kaltofen 2 hours ago

    Wenn man wissen will wie sich Deutsch anhört, wenn man es nicht kann, würde ich empfehlen, sich mal in eine Straßenbahn zu setzten und dabei den Kopfhörer ab zu lassen. Du wirst dich wundern. In Amerika scheint man Deutschland mit Bayern zu verwechseln.

  • None None
    None None 2 hours ago

    I m proud of you bro real talk. Buuurrrrr

  • Tanya Hibbard
    Tanya Hibbard 2 hours ago


  • Zyx
    Zyx 2 hours ago

    The sound of the baby Ostrich gave me Jurassic Park flashbacks..

  • Brynn Fischer-Carne
    Brynn Fischer-Carne 2 hours ago

    his american accent tho

  • KittenBitten Kitty
    KittenBitten Kitty 2 hours ago

    JLO YAS WITH DA WHIP! YASS QUEEN! And Jimmy ur so cute <33

  • Nadji B
    Nadji B 2 hours ago

    She looked high af 😂

  • Hannah J
    Hannah J 2 hours ago

    You need to get Seth Macfarlane on here! He would smash this and every other one of these segments you do!

  • mastersword12345
    mastersword12345 2 hours ago

    It is very weird that someone in the showbiz does not watch any tv...

  • cool dude
    cool dude 2 hours ago

    Honestly if I become a ghost I will probably always be trying to get the WiFi password because I mean that's already me. Also the breaking bad theme song part was really good. Love the lyrics and the deep voice.

  • alp
    alp 2 hours ago

    I think he has a deathwish, but just unaccomplished... Wow, that was a plot twist.

  • KittenBitten Kitty
    KittenBitten Kitty 2 hours ago


  • addison moody
    addison moody 2 hours ago

    technically rose would have died first cause the water would have been warmer than the actual air

  • Leah Lurie
    Leah Lurie 2 hours ago

    julio torres is the only person that makes prop comedy funny

  • KittenBitten Kitty
    KittenBitten Kitty 2 hours ago

    at 4:03 when jimmy can sing...

  • D. Khoung
    D. Khoung 2 hours ago

    The New York times bestseller list is not as accurate as people think. The majority of them game the system and use bulk-buying 2 gauge selling metrics. Including Jr himself. And the reason why that's true is because no one gives a shit what Conald Chump Jr says.

  • thefilthelement
    thefilthelement 2 hours ago

    A dress that's too short for a toddler

  • Kenz Gray
    Kenz Gray 2 hours ago

    why is it slow

  • Sherry Eaton
    Sherry Eaton 2 hours ago

    Omg I love her hair here

  • faith keva eze
    faith keva eze 2 hours ago

    I love Heidi

  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M 2 hours ago

    So much respect for this man

  • William Short
    William Short 2 hours ago

    Poor acting

  • Red Roots
    Red Roots 2 hours ago

    "LeBron and Elvis, love it so much" says Jimmy holding the snake ready to pass out!! 🤣

  • toshi steven
    toshi steven 2 hours ago

    Someone please shave off his hair and see if he can still use magic 😂

  • Christine Toy
    Christine Toy 2 hours ago

    I had no idea Kristen could sing....omg, beautiful! Love her and dax.

  • KittenBitten Kitty
    KittenBitten Kitty 2 hours ago

    ...Kristen...You can sing...You sound like a Disney princess out of Disney's dreams... 0-0

  • ManDC Dkc
    ManDC Dkc 2 hours ago

    Celine is the best only 🌹🌹🌹👊👊👊🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😉😉😉😉😉

  • RacinGIRL911
    RacinGIRL911 2 hours ago

    I could watch these hashtags clips all day long!!! 😂😂😂👍🏼👍🏼

  • Osska Schindla
    Osska Schindla 2 hours ago

    I've been listening to this stupid fucking argument since i was in middle school. Watch the scene, Jack TRIED TO get on the door with her. It immediately started to sink. That was the moment when he realized, it can only be one of us on here. He decided to just save her, keep her alive. He's a hero. The End.

  • Hadi Jaafar
    Hadi Jaafar 2 hours ago

    How he bring smoke dude😵

  • Ant
    Ant 2 hours ago

    Jimmy Fallon > Jimmy Kimmel. Let's argue.

  • timozis
    timozis 2 hours ago

    Did no one get the red lobster redemption joke

  • Victoria Huynh
    Victoria Huynh 2 hours ago

    she looks like the girl from after

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 2 hours ago

    He is a Nazi, he looks like a Nazi. An inglorious Nazi basterds

  • Mario Is Number One
    Mario Is Number One 2 hours ago

    Who's searching TVclip with the hashtags? Well, that made me mad... I could be sick with #thatwascold

  • Speaker of Truth
    Speaker of Truth 2 hours ago

    Remember when Gibby dropped his pants Mr.Fallon?

  • juliamillikin
    juliamillikin 2 hours ago

    😹😹😹 so cute!!!

  • James Lee
    James Lee 2 hours ago

    It’s number 1 because of bulk buying from a undisclosed source

  • David Birch
    David Birch 2 hours ago

    If you look closely at the NYT bestseller list, there's a little symbol next to Don's book indicating that it's position on the list is due to unusual bulk purchasing. This is a rarity for the NYT list, it almost never happens - with the exception of books from right-wing pundits like Shapiro or Pierrot, which often show this behavior.

  • Ant
    Ant 2 hours ago

    John Cena is awesome!

  • forwar L.S
    forwar L.S 2 hours ago

    q sad ya falta poco para navidad

  • V
    V 2 hours ago

    idk why when people drag on murder jokes it makes me think....they're into that sort of shit lol

  • Charles Ortiz
    Charles Ortiz 2 hours ago

    Two great shows coming together ❤❤❤

  • Lewis Fewins
    Lewis Fewins 2 hours ago

    Nothing against Dom but I really wish he’d sing all the words to his songs when he performs, I’d get it if he’d improvise at one of his concerts where people who know his songs will be listening but compared to the actual song this was terrible

  • Steve Miller Band
    Steve Miller Band 2 hours ago


  • Yellow Rose
    Yellow Rose 2 hours ago

    She's got a little bit of a Richard Lewis vibe. Ill-timed doom and gloom when you're supposed to be upbeat. That's why they're laughing.

  • Jaslene
    Jaslene 2 hours ago

    Gary 🤣👎

  • cool dude
    cool dude 2 hours ago

    I recognized him from Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets right away.

  • ines correia
    ines correia 2 hours ago

    she's so funny wtf xD

  • Camron Williams
    Camron Williams 2 hours ago

    love kristen bell

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 2 hours ago

    Who cares about who this lady knows or doesn't know? Who thought it'd be a good idea to give her a show? Can't stand her personally.

  • Anthony Vassallo
    Anthony Vassallo 2 hours ago

    The fact that this is still debtated is amusing and stupid, and Jimmy Fallon's singing is very tired.

  • Pedro Freitas
    Pedro Freitas 2 hours ago

    guy's good

  • Anish Verma
    Anish Verma 2 hours ago

    In love with her

  • Lindsay Carvalho
    Lindsay Carvalho 2 hours ago

    *90% of the video: them talking about the twitter handles* *other 10% of video: jimmy slamming the card on the table*

  • Nyla Bissessar
    Nyla Bissessar 2 hours ago

    3:29 😍😍

  • Galaxy_ Oceans
    Galaxy_ Oceans 2 hours ago

    Sally really needs impleggies, like GURL!

  • nothanks 1
    nothanks 1 2 hours ago

    Omg she looks stunning and beautiful