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  • 1400deadwood
    1400deadwood 2 years ago

    Please monitor the chat so that all racist and derogatory comments are deleted. Thanks - look forward to more of your broadcasts.

    • 1400deadwood
      1400deadwood Year ago

      some one named Tool Tick is trolling the chat with nonsensical comments - please block his posts

    • 1400deadwood
      1400deadwood 2 years ago

      OK. When I checked out of the chat the words were still there but am glad to know you did so. For the future, please put certain words on auto delete if possible and ban anyone who uses such objectionable language. Please continue to stream the games as they are very enjoyable and you guys do a fine job of broadcasting. See you again & soon!

    • D3sports.com
      D3sports.com 2 years ago

      +1400deadwood We did, by the way.

  • PorterCBRS29
    PorterCBRS29 5 years ago

    CB/KR Donterrious Porter NFL prospect

  •  7 years ago

    Good luck for you .Disturb