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Repeat Stuff
Views 13M5 years ago
what. coming soon.
Views 425K5 years ago
art is dead.
Views 14M9 years ago
oh bo. -- new CD out now!
Views 16M9 years ago
words, words, words.
Views 15M9 years ago
HEY! (hi.)
Views 1.4M9 years ago
love is...
Views 8M10 years ago
how to be a youtube star.
Views 2.3M10 years ago
high school party.
Views 5M11 years ago
welcome to youtube.
Views 10M11 years ago
i'm bo yo.
Views 30M11 years ago
New Math
Views 14M11 years ago
Bo Fo' Sho'
Views 10M12 years ago
A PSA from Bo Burnham
Views 2M12 years ago
A Day in the Life
Views 1.9M12 years ago
My Better Half
Views 3.8M12 years ago
Views 4.9M12 years ago
3.14 Apple Pi
Views 7M12 years ago
The Perfect Woman
Views 6M12 years ago
A Love Ballad
Views 2.6M12 years ago
My "little" secret...
Views 3M13 years ago
My Whole Family...
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  • Alex Bruce
    Alex Bruce 3 minutes ago


  • Daine do PVP
    Daine do PVP 50 minutes ago

    "🎉🎊OoH BOo🎊 🎉" is now 9 year old. Marry birthday love you bo UwU Yesterday actually ;-; love you still

  • Daine do PVP
    Daine do PVP Hour ago

    I am the only one who thinks he's really attractive with the contacts, and most of the video, just in general...... fuck He's to old for me ;-;

  • A nice nazi
    A nice nazi Hour ago

    Should it be circumference instead of diameter

  • Jackaz Boii
    Jackaz Boii 2 hours ago

    Ur in tick Tok

  • Joey Cinanni
    Joey Cinanni 2 hours ago

    I wasn’t expecting so many people from recent

  • Tyclone
    Tyclone 4 hours ago

    I wish he didn't remove the line about people giving God money when his real collection plate is a cup held by a homeless guy

  • Mike Charbs
    Mike Charbs 5 hours ago

    I'm convinced that this dude is actually a full fledged genius----both in terms of comedy and music.

  • Clementine The therian

    The video to this day still makes me cry lmao

  • Jared Grubbs
    Jared Grubbs 8 hours ago

    This song fucks me up

  • cool con
    cool con 11 hours ago

    Nice dude fago

  • Leona Circum
    Leona Circum 11 hours ago

    he is a genius

  • M. rta.
    M. rta. 13 hours ago

    Petrarca b like:

  • sakumi hyuzumaki
    sakumi hyuzumaki 16 hours ago

    I watched this like 100 times. I laughed my ass off every time. Bo Burnham will always be one of my favorites.

  • Jeremiah Concepcion
    Jeremiah Concepcion 17 hours ago

    Rated R Justin Bieber

  • Emerson Coutto
    Emerson Coutto 17 hours ago

    Entendi o video todo

  • Saräh :
    Saräh : 20 hours ago

    The piano is a bit too loud, I can’t these “gay” lyrics

  • Johana Anguiano
    Johana Anguiano 20 hours ago

    okay but it is now 2019 !

  • lil longleg
    lil longleg 20 hours ago

    to this very day bo created the most influential and refined anxiety infused performances of this life. i wish he only knew the impact he’s made regardless of continuing. if ur reading this bo, buddy we miss u and hope things are ok.

  • Aidan Harrigan
    Aidan Harrigan 20 hours ago

    No one: Bo: Segways

  • strawberry avocado
    strawberry avocado 22 hours ago

    Lol im a 13 girl !!!

  • strawberry avocado
    strawberry avocado 22 hours ago

    He was soo young in this

  • strawberry avocado
    strawberry avocado 22 hours ago

    He is 28 it is 2019 and holy crap i love him so muchh

  • Crazy_ Chimpanzee!!!
    Crazy_ Chimpanzee!!! 23 hours ago

    The backoround music sounds like Runaway by Kanye lmao

  • Evan Dinosaur
    Evan Dinosaur Day ago

    If you have dyslexia and if your name is Macy, I'm sorry.

  • Minty
    Minty Day ago


  • Minty
    Minty Day ago

    "I'm constipated, I don't give a shit" That us genuinely good and funny wordplay

    CAMERON WU Day ago

    Not the hero we asked for but the hero we needed

  • Minty
    Minty Day ago

    Why is everyone talking about this getting demonitized? it still has ads

  • Maroš Varga
    Maroš Varga Day ago

    swallow bitch, there's people starving in Africa

  • Flanky Suittably

    9 years old!

  • That DK Guy
    That DK Guy Day ago

    Shit almost a decade ago... FUCK IM DYING

  • The Hatster
    The Hatster Day ago

    i love how when it says greenish in the eye color part bo is farther back and looks disgusted

  • MiAmore
    MiAmore Day ago

    I get chils everytime I watch this, and I watch this a lot....holy talent ♥


    21:20 everyone :tIk ToK it's not from that you potatoes

  • Bradley
    Bradley Day ago

    Anyone see where it says “accept convenience fees” ? Lol

  • Spirit GD
    Spirit GD Day ago

    Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends Rehab Center For Fictional Characters

  • Queen Lover Klano

    thanks for the nightmares, bo.

  • Queen Lover Klano please.

  • Zack Rose
    Zack Rose Day ago

    I about shit myself at the video editors joke. legit.

  • Connie Rep
    Connie Rep Day ago


  • Mysha Jahin Khan

    Katy Perry’s part was awkward

  • Daniel Barclay

    This is a true TVclip Original!

  • IfHamiltonWasAnAnime Jess

    Can we talk about his JAW THO

  • TrueNathan
    TrueNathan Day ago

    what the hell? is this like a suicide message or something?

  • Alex Makres
    Alex Makres Day ago

    it’s been nine years now and I still don’t know if he picked up the spare or not c’mon man you can’t leave it with just one pin down

  • Devin Sucks
    Devin Sucks Day ago

    Bo looks like an older version of the tennis ball up against the wall kid

  • Giorno Giovanna

    Why does he aggressively grab his wangjangler for half the show?

  • Julia Townsend

    This was my ringtone for the longest

  • Julia Townsend


  • Spoiler Alert
    Spoiler Alert Day ago

    This whole video looks like a fever dream

  • The MeMEz
    The MeMEz Day ago

    Exactly 9 years ago, this was made and honestly I found it on accident

  • Hoàng Giang Trần

    I would love it if after the " Bo Oh My God" part there would just a random guy yells "Thats what she said"

  • xStep
    xStep Day ago

    He said fortnite

    • xStep
      xStep 19 hours ago

      @Yes No no he was talking about the wildly popular battle royale game by epic games

    • Yes No
      Yes No 21 hour ago

      You know that means a 2 week time periof

  • suns
    suns Day ago

    oml bo's wink is amazing even though his eyes are scary af

  • Evan Dinosaur
    Evan Dinosaur Day ago


  • T0bze
    T0bze Day ago


  • KittyQueen 9000
    KittyQueen 9000 2 days ago

    I watched this with my dad. He laughed through the entire thing. But when it got to the ending song “Are you happy” he started crying. He suffered from bad depression which caused him to spiral in alcoholism. It was a big problem up until I was 13. Then had finally decided to go to rehab. He is a wonderful father now despite his bad past. He thinks he’s reason I’m messed up too because of my past with self harm and having to go to a mental hospital at 12. He thinks everything is his fault. He broke down and told me how sorry he was. I’ve told him a thousand times that I forgive him, but he never believes me. This show connected us in a way I used to think wasn’t possible. We laughed and cried together in just a hour. Thank you Bo. I know you’re gone and I’m happy you are because it’s better for your mental health. But just know we still appreciate your work everyday. You are still with us. Thank you.

  • Sarah Olmos
    Sarah Olmos 2 days ago

    Oh Bo is 9 year old today! 💕

  • Kensley Kidd
    Kensley Kidd 2 days ago

    Look how adorable and cute Bo is❤🥰💏

  • 2 days ago

    whos repeating this stuff in 2019?

  • Joseph Joseph
    Joseph Joseph 2 days ago

    9 years old today

  • Vive Les Histoires
    Vive Les Histoires 2 days ago

    Normal people: Modern love songs are generic so that they can fit anyone. Intellectuals: _Modern love songs are generic so that they can fit any ship._

  • Vive Les Histoires
    Vive Les Histoires 2 days ago

    Normal people: Modern love songs are generic so that they can fit anyone. Intellectuals: _Modern love songs are generic so that they can fit any ship._

  • Evan Dinosaur
    Evan Dinosaur 2 days ago


  • It's Me
    It's Me 2 days ago


  • It's Xavier
    It's Xavier 2 days ago

    Almost nine years later, people are still watching

  • Blanca Grimaldo
    Blanca Grimaldo 2 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Kensley Kidd
    Kensley Kidd 2 days ago

    Look how young and cute Bo is❤

  • Ochen C
    Ochen C 2 days ago

    Hes the only person who Im ok with making rape jokes.

  • James Goner
    James Goner 2 days ago

    well, you just created physics.

  • Name
    Name 2 days ago

    Damn couldn't find comment from 2019 or 10

  • I'm a Memer
    I'm a Memer 2 days ago

    Everytime I watch Burnham I start laughing then then cry by the end of the video.

  • Ochen C
    Ochen C 2 days ago

    My whole family thinks Im str8... boy are they wrong.

  • Ochen C
    Ochen C 2 days ago


  • Ochen C
    Ochen C 2 days ago

    As he trys to give them what he can not give himself.

  • Ochen C
    Ochen C 2 days ago

    Now I want Pringles.

  • Xavier Aids
    Xavier Aids 2 days ago

    Squaring numbers is just like women, if their under 13 just do em in your head

  • Jason tripp
    Jason tripp 2 days ago

    I hate/ like this chapter of your talent sir... But man the Millie vannili way is a quickly lost schtick

  • neiljuice
    neiljuice 2 days ago

    does this mean bo burnham is christian? or agnostic? or...???

  • Jessica Mota
    Jessica Mota 2 days ago

    Wow, I don't remember this being such shit picture quality. Great song regardless 👍

  • Paxton 1000
    Paxton 1000 2 days ago

    2:55 song starts

  • strawberry avocado
    strawberry avocado 2 days ago

    Its 2019 and im LOVE BO ! ! !

  • TheMost LemonyOfLemonade

    My heart hurts

  • Kyuubre
    Kyuubre 2 days ago

    This song is now 9 years old! Here comes a decade!

    • C0NR4D
      C0NR4D 2 days ago

      @Kyuubre Same lol

    • Kyuubre
      Kyuubre 2 days ago

      also i was just listening to this and realized it was it's anniversary lol

  • Linear Wolf
    Linear Wolf 2 days ago

    When u can do magic and be funny

  • Linear Wolf
    Linear Wolf 2 days ago

    6.9 k dislikes? Not nice but still nice

  • Linear Wolf
    Linear Wolf 2 days ago

    40 fucking fortnites?

    • Gizio
      Gizio 3 hours ago

      fortnight = 2 weeks

    • Linear Wolf
      Linear Wolf 19 hours ago

      Yes No Oh I thought he predicted the future

    • Yes No
      Yes No 21 hour ago

      80 weeks. It's a thing other than the game

  • Chloe bean
    Chloe bean 2 days ago

    Cant decide if it's really good, or really bad... help?

  • Narly Narwall
    Narly Narwall 2 days ago

    Bro this is Bo Burmham’s second most viewed video

  • Eli Turner
    Eli Turner 2 days ago

    Fun fact, 90% of stolen jokes originated from Bo Burnham

  • Nurin Naziha Matsari


  • Skillz Mcgee
    Skillz Mcgee 2 days ago

    This poor video is demonitized

  • Dylan Bond 588
    Dylan Bond 588 2 days ago

    2006: jack ain't black and berry ain't white (bo fo sho) 2008: I said listen and linger, Charlie the unicorn bit my finger (welcome to youtube) 2010: All the seats at the Sunday masses (RANT) 2013 take the best parts of both of us and put them together (left brain right brain) 2016: That's textbook pandering (country song)

  • Dylan Bond 588
    Dylan Bond 588 2 days ago

    Am I high??

  • TheNameIsX
    TheNameIsX 2 days ago


  • Skyzachblue
    Skyzachblue 3 days ago

    i watched this 7 times already, i love bo so much...

  • Logan Stump
    Logan Stump 3 days ago

    Bo is pretty talented. I bet he tried he could be Bo ler swift or Bo yay west.

  • First Name Last Name

    It's emoji time