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  • עידו אייל
    עידו אייל 9 minutes ago

    Hey bro it’s the guy from Israel , I talked to you on the stream yesterday, plz react to trikot von Paris by sugar mmfk . Waiting for you stream today , cheers bro

  • Andreas Kallenberg
    Andreas Kallenberg 11 minutes ago

    Please react to VDSIS the Song: Um Die Welt please🙏🏼🙏🏼🍕

  • LArgeShadow 999
    LArgeShadow 999 11 minutes ago

    Hallo meine Freunde😂👌😁

  • Boy_named_ Luca
    Boy_named_ Luca 11 minutes ago

    Noch jemand Deutsch hier?😂

    • Luca Beyrow
      Luca Beyrow 10 minutes ago

      Boy_named_ Luca jo ich und ich heiße auch Luca 😂

    • Oliver Ventzki
      Oliver Ventzki 10 minutes ago

      Hallo, Marßel Dawis. 1&1

  • MyRadnaskela
    MyRadnaskela 11 minutes ago


  • Pikachu_gurl.
    Pikachu_gurl. 11 minutes ago

    OooOooO 😂

  • LuciferH Sam
    LuciferH Sam 13 minutes ago

    React to Dzejla Ramovic "Ruine" shes crazy talented

  • Dyad'ko
    Dyad'ko 23 minutes ago

    Кого бесит этот чел? ставим лайк! урагшаа!!!!

  • Cano
    Cano 25 minutes ago

    Ye in germany artists seem to have no problem with takin pics. Eko fresh and all the big names walk around without body guards

  • rasmus wernebratt
    rasmus wernebratt 30 minutes ago

    Your sound is only on left side

  • Hort Junge
    Hort Junge 34 minutes ago

    I live in Thüringen

  • josh haluptzok
    josh haluptzok 46 minutes ago

    I got the belt or the wooden spoon

  • n0nuggets
    n0nuggets 48 minutes ago


  • JOXer
    JOXer 49 minutes ago

    155K followers, 550 viewers...

    • JOXer
      JOXer 41 minute ago

      @James Bray hahahahaha yes

    • James Bray
      James Bray 44 minutes ago

      JOXer yup yup 🔥👌🏽 25,000,000 channel views 🔥👌🏽

  • Cain Noterius
    Cain Noterius 56 minutes ago

    React to Santa Lucia bry Dree low and adel

  • Cain Noterius
    Cain Noterius 56 minutes ago

    React to Yasin - det som göms i snö (DSGIS) its the guy that started the rap wave in Sweden and he just came out from jail

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel Hour ago

    Lol I have the same headset, but tj beastboy kills everything

  • Mechthild Marquardt

    Can you react on ,,der bratan bleibt der gleiche " from capital bra

  • Devo The Ambivert

    What you said makes sense.

  • LilElysExD
    LilElysExD Hour ago

    Damn sick drawing skills 🔥

  • Trap Time
    Trap Time Hour ago


  • Marvin Ohmstedt
    Marvin Ohmstedt Hour ago

    React to hemso keine zeit für rap this is street

  • Trap Time
    Trap Time Hour ago

    At the Sia Part the Dad is the Producer of every song!

  • Lavinia Dunker
    Lavinia Dunker Hour ago

    Duetsche meines?!😂😂😂

  • equin0x
    equin0x Hour ago

    La Miami is stolen from Florin Salam - La Miami

  • sophie die tolle

    *Video about Germany exists* Germans: HIPPEDI HOPPEDI THATS NOW GERMAN PROPERTY

  • Liv cream
    Liv cream Hour ago

    Pommes=french Fries

  • Pietry 99
    Pietry 99 Hour ago

    Und irgendwann kommt das video wo er sagt, dass er eigentlich deutsch ist und uns alle geprankt hat...

  • Ayaz Hara
    Ayaz Hara Hour ago

    He didnt say Harry Potter gangster😂 He said fuck being gangster we are money hunters😂🔥

  • Nigaga Blubb
    Nigaga Blubb 2 hours ago

    Presse react to tvclip.biz/video/x1Lap_dIRfo/video.html

  • Slick Rhymes
    Slick Rhymes 2 hours ago


  • JB1 julian
    JB1 julian 2 hours ago

    you forgot max mostley in the title

  • JB1 julian
    JB1 julian 2 hours ago


  • Mensch 1
    Mensch 1 2 hours ago

    Knossi du Ehrenmann

  • Protoplasm78
    Protoplasm78 2 hours ago

    You should do a review of "Midnight Rider" by The Allman Brothers Band. Doubt you'll be disappointed.

  • Wutu-OutmalL Atomic
    Wutu-OutmalL Atomic 2 hours ago

    How it looks atm , TVclip is going down....

  • Dyton Edwards
    Dyton Edwards 2 hours ago

    TVclip is quickly killing itself off due to a minuscule few. TVclip will be gone in a few years and the execs will be sitting there dumbfounded as to why... If they stopped catering to the handful crying, they'll still be around. Oh well... another platform will take over and wave bye bye to the yes men lol

  • Alolan VulVee
    Alolan VulVee 2 hours ago

    Dude my toughest fear in life happened when i was 15 my mom passed of cancer she was 35 im a year away from 35 now. Family left me in that time of need and to this day still dont talk to family

  • Stefan Calenic
    Stefan Calenic 2 hours ago

    Yo Bray can you check out Rasta song beli grad its fire

  • K1w1GHG
    K1w1GHG 2 hours ago

    kollegah dropped another video. Its called Yayo... please react to it

  • Chris CB
    Chris CB 2 hours ago

    I am german and I never saw someone in Germany who used the "N" word. If someone would use that word in my presence he/she/it would be in big trouble with me!

  • Dejan Podmajorski
    Dejan Podmajorski 3 hours ago

    Brate, 5 sexy devojaka su ispred tebe, ti pricas o prstenovima(krugovima)

  • Bossa184 fortnite
    Bossa184 fortnite 3 hours ago

    listen to starta vågen - aden x asme the music video is top top fucking insane im telling you

  • FP_Hallonz
    FP_Hallonz 3 hours ago

    Exat Sverige hela vägen

  • nico
    nico 3 hours ago

    Such afaked reaction.

  • En na
    En na 3 hours ago

    Bester Mann einfach nur

  • TheReal_Ryuk
    TheReal_Ryuk 3 hours ago

    #braygang I'm from Germany and i can translate you the Lyrics

  • Luka Petersen
    Luka Petersen 3 hours ago

    Thank you for lifting my mood when everything comes crashing down

  • W D GANG
    W D GANG 3 hours ago

    Sub mee

  • W D GANG
    W D GANG 3 hours ago

    Sub me if you don t want have cancer

  • Mr kralj
    Mr kralj 4 hours ago

    PS i'm from Serbia

  • Mr kralj
    Mr kralj 4 hours ago

    Welcome to Serbia

  • Milkiie
    Milkiie 4 hours ago

    Finally jesus Christ

  • Lakshminarayanan Vijayaraghavan

    Are you seeing the close captions ?

  • aaa sss
    aaa sss 4 hours ago

    React to Dzejla-Ruine Please💕

  • JokerHD
    JokerHD 4 hours ago

    TJ_beastboy's old Group named *Dat Adam*

  • Vivien Madlen
    Vivien Madlen 4 hours ago

    0:56 what!? Not at all lmao

  • ZoCL_dripssy
    ZoCL_dripssy 4 hours ago

    This police officer is gurkensohn

  • akii doktor
    akii doktor 4 hours ago

    Reacto to tresi tresi

  • Ana Marija Pavlovic
    Ana Marija Pavlovic 4 hours ago

    "Tresi" means shake it,for example: your body shakes or shaking your butt and so on! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉😜😛😘

  • Der weiße Donnerwolf

    I would recommend you to visit a driving school in Germany before actually taking part in the German traffic.... I am German and I can say for myself that the traffic in Germany is the worst and if you do not know the laws an accident is most likely to happen....

  • Oliver Ventzki
    Oliver Ventzki 4 hours ago

    Thats really sad.☹️

  • Maria Jasek
    Maria Jasek 4 hours ago

    3:08 🇭🇷croatian t-shirttt🔥🔥🔥

  • Gavin Spencer
    Gavin Spencer 4 hours ago

    bruh i wanna check out more of your vids but dude you cant even enjoy a song for the first time when you pause it so constantly. just watch the video, listen to the music more than anything and just experience it. this is like cutting a painting into squares and looking at each piece at a time.

  • Mila Simulov
    Mila Simulov 4 hours ago

    Reackt to: Voyage x Breskvica - Budi tu

  • bojan zivkovic
    bojan zivkovic 4 hours ago

    I'm from Serbia je to je medogang ajmo sve pare da zovem i drugarice zasto da ne ma nevoli me ona zato sto sam tako ludilan ali znam da je lozi princ belvedere

  • bojan zivkovic
    bojan zivkovic 4 hours ago


  • Mizz Sonnie's Life
    Mizz Sonnie's Life 4 hours ago

    YT made its money alongside FB and Instagram and Google there all now linked together..happy New year..we had our fun but now it's sounds like it's going to be gone 😥

  • rr bb
    rr bb 4 hours ago

    Could u pls stop cut the song

  • Eren Jäger mann
    Eren Jäger mann 4 hours ago

    That's a Bad Best of...

  • Mizz Sonnie's Life
    Mizz Sonnie's Life 4 hours ago

    Do you really think YT really cares about the channels or the people who watches it..no!

  • Lost girl from Neverland

    So the idea behind it is more that things are going crazy you know and they use the songs and write other things out of them so they just use the Melody from the songs and make other things out of them so this are the jokes it would be so cool if you could understand them because this is much funnier when you understand the jokes

  • Eren Jäger mann
    Eren Jäger mann 5 hours ago

    Jo, can you react to "Dada" by Mois?

  • Milos TV
    Milos TV 5 hours ago

    Sub me please i first waching

  • ツProweddByKirby
    ツProweddByKirby 5 hours ago


  • John Rogers
    John Rogers 5 hours ago

    Bitchute here I come

  • L2 Pog - α -
    L2 Pog - α - 5 hours ago


  • TheBomb TV
    TheBomb TV 5 hours ago


  • Yenon Blade
    Yenon Blade 5 hours ago

    Please react on Montanablack

  • Mee St
    Mee St 5 hours ago

    You should also react to Wavvyboi, he’s one of T‘s best friends ☺️

  • Ruben Jäger
    Ruben Jäger 5 hours ago

    Ich würde sagen:,, 400€ kostet das."

  • ALMA Speckgens
    ALMA Speckgens 6 hours ago

    Can you react to Apache 207 please 🥺

  • ana n
    ana n 6 hours ago

    React to Dzejla Ramovic - Ruine 🇧🇦 🙏🏼 😍

  • ana n
    ana n 6 hours ago

    React to Dzejla Ramovic - Ruine 😍

  • Jeff A
    Jeff A 6 hours ago

    On the hunt. Traveling Man live

  • Magg1man zockt
    Magg1man zockt 6 hours ago

    I love this "evil" laugh at 11:06. greetz from north rhine westphalia.

  • Lukas G.
    Lukas G. 6 hours ago

    The calender he got from a fan😂

  • Dino Brezec
    Dino Brezec 6 hours ago

    Man, this girl is Sarah, please react to her audition on got talnet tvclip.biz/video/XZtm1yB6hAM/video.html Thank me later

  • Nic
    Nic 6 hours ago

    Bro, I really like how you react to our German rap videos! Just as a heads up, those rappers are allowed to say anything literally. Just so you know that you might be promoting things that are really, I mean not USA bad but just downright racism rape and... BUT! I‘m just like you so yeah. I love your work!

  • Who is Joja
    Who is Joja 6 hours ago

    5:02 When James said “And she got cheeks” i really felt that 😂

  • Sina Free
    Sina Free 6 hours ago

    Ihr müsst alle Ju erwähnen.Maybe sieht er das Video

  • Ana Marija Pavlovic
    Ana Marija Pavlovic 7 hours ago

    The song is not bad, but you get super excited when you move to the rhythm of the music and that it's awesome!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉😜😛😗😙😘

  • Ditto
    Ditto 7 hours ago

    Westghosts💜 💥79💥

  • RealPyro
    RealPyro 7 hours ago

    this is real rap!!

  • xLrD 69
    xLrD 69 7 hours ago

    This is Turkey song,no Serbian!!

  • Ian Ho-Sing-Loy
    Ian Ho-Sing-Loy 7 hours ago

    Signed into my account to dislike this to hell!! Not even a complete REACTION!! At least the other reaction channels paid proper respects to this awesome cypher. Judging by appearance is a whole other low. You need another circle of hell for this trash!

  • iamtheboss
    iamtheboss 7 hours ago

    Omg, I'm from Serbia I'm crying it's amazing 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I like ur video 💖💖

  • slavic child
    slavic child 7 hours ago

    What s up my american brother hello from croatia

  • Khan Shahid
    Khan Shahid 7 hours ago

    Abe chutiye

  • Elman Kapic
    Elman Kapic 7 hours ago

    Nuni is my favorite you tuber he is from bosna and hercegovina i from bosna and hercegovina too