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My first live stream
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  • the bunker parodie
    the bunker parodie 10 minutes ago

    For the people who are like "muh plagiat",it was not captain joe fault(the writer is to blame)

  • EpicLittleGamer
    EpicLittleGamer 20 minutes ago

    1.22 million subs

  • Jonathan Skinner
    Jonathan Skinner 30 minutes ago

    They is your channel name “Captain Joe” when your not a captain!! Captains have 4 stripes!! You are a 1st officer (co-pilot) as you have 3 stripes!!! I guess “co-pilot Joe” doesn’t sound as good!!

  • Julius und Marc Korke
    Julius und Marc Korke 32 minutes ago

    A380 is the best

  • James Pike
    James Pike 43 minutes ago

    Another wonderful thing about the Internet is that there are so many people from so many different walks of life. I've been learning Russian, bit-by-bit, and being able to go online and find native Russian speakers who are willing to talk with me has gone a long way to helping me learn. No matter what language it is, if you don't USE it, you LOSE it.

  • Huss Hassan
    Huss Hassan 45 minutes ago

    Ok, but your flying a plane

  • ChuffChuffWoo
    ChuffChuffWoo 48 minutes ago

    Joe dnacing - Oh well, can't be good at everything... ;) :D

  • 7636kei
    7636kei Hour ago

    Was there a recorded brain lapse moment where the ATC accidentally gave the flight a reserved squawk code (as in, accidentally assigning 7600 on the flight or smth along those lines)?

  • Div3x
    Div3x Hour ago

    I have the strong feeling that the word "transponder" does not have anything to do with "respond", but really just literally means "transmit", originating from the latin "transponere"..

  • db db
    db db Hour ago

    England is labelled as United Kingdom and Ireland is labelled as England. Simple geography would be nice.

  • Charlie Verleysen

    What if yr left or right handed

  • Xenro66
    Xenro66 Hour ago

    "Make sure to perform a touch-and-go at my IG account" That was so smooth and topic related that I wish I could like the video twice, just for that.

  • A350 XWB
    A350 XWB Hour ago

    But you did not take shower 🤭

  • Eyevanvlog
    Eyevanvlog Hour ago

    3:03 who else got the AIRBUS joke and laughed? x'D

  • callmeiris
    callmeiris Hour ago

    i currently 14 years old, and i am wearing glasses.. My dream has always want to becoming a pilot so i could travel the world.. But im scared because my mom keep telling me that pilot canr wear glasses or have a bad eyesight.

  • William Estell
    William Estell Hour ago

    Did they really just give the planes points on size😂

  • thegreatwhitenorth

    Fuel... LOL.. Ok sure Looks like you guys play tic tac toe above every city... Why dont you tell us what it really is... If you really think its fuel You're an idiot

  • Artem Strizhevski

    Autopilot can. Just tell me which buttons to press. Im damn programmer I can do it.

  • RealyRandomStudio Savage

    It’s tilted for premium butter 🧈

  • T33K3SS3LCH3N
    T33K3SS3LCH3N 2 hours ago

    But wouldn't a dark painted plane absorb more heat at high altitude because it gets hit by more light there? Then it would heat up more at the coldest point than on the ground, and therefore reduce the temperature difference.

  • Explosion Fish
    Explosion Fish 2 hours ago

    How to identify captain or joe

  • T7PID
    T7PID 2 hours ago

    Me: *watches Captain Joe* Friend: What’s that? Me: Joe. Friend: Who’s Joe? Me: Captain Joe!

  • Flightpath
    Flightpath 3 hours ago

    I always wanted to know who is the captain in newly released aircraft for example the 777x since there are only a few people with a reliable amount of experience after getting a type rating. This has confused me for a while now and there is no answer that I could find. I would really appreciate if you can explain in some context this uncommon situation.

  • Itr 1244
    Itr 1244 3 hours ago

    no pilots gonna publish the fact and lose their high paying job im pretty positive coronavirus was in the air from chemtrails.. news says its from chinese people eating wild animals. but they have been doing that for thousands of years..

  • crazystunts
    crazystunts 3 hours ago

    See the title: Easy, when you see the airport, nosedive !

  • Austin Spaulding
    Austin Spaulding 3 hours ago

    Hey joe I thought you where a airbus fan

  • Letoya Johnstone - Kenya

    Ooooh I see you

  • Stoney3K
    Stoney3K 4 hours ago

    The 787 has different, more rounded side windows and is easy to mistake for an A350 because it also has a more rounded nose than other Boeings, you can still tell them apart from the engines. The 737MAX has higher gears and split winglets, so it's easy to mistake for an A320, but the same rule with recognizing them from the engine chevrons apply here.

  • Deadboys
    Deadboys 5 hours ago

    I always thought it was to defrost planes or cool down planes in hot weather.

  • Nurullah Eren Acar
    Nurullah Eren Acar 5 hours ago

    size does matter

  • Tatiana Batchelor
    Tatiana Batchelor 6 hours ago

    I’m in love with passenger planes

  • Tatiana Batchelor
    Tatiana Batchelor 6 hours ago

    I like your accent and voice, sounds better than 99% of my professors.

  • DZ Police
    DZ Police 6 hours ago

    Excellent video!

  • Benjamin Gaiety
    Benjamin Gaiety 6 hours ago

    British electronics are rubbish anyway

  • Eugene Ramos
    Eugene Ramos 6 hours ago

    Captain Joe that is very amazing I love watching your videos I'm from the US not a pilot but I am a fan of yours and watching this about wheels in the plane wow very amazing I love learning about planes I wanted to be a pilot when I was young but I got scared and that was my biggest mistake not becoming an airline pilot not studying it as a kid I just hope all Pilots got this kind of knowledge that you have don't make things better in life and pilots and passengers

    SIR KANE SADDINGTON 6 hours ago

    I always assumed that it was to anchor a fall arrest harness for maintenance.

  • Aurora García Rodríguez

    Wait but why the title is in Spanish? I thought the video was in Spanish lol

  • Boeing 747-400
    Boeing 747-400 7 hours ago

    I hate them so much

  • Sigma Fastener
    Sigma Fastener 7 hours ago

    The plane will crash long before this lady can find even the first button to push..

  • A& H
    A& H 7 hours ago

    Thank you you videos nice

  • Magma's Aviation
    Magma's Aviation 7 hours ago

    Is the approch captain only like i think you are the first officer

  • Sam B
    Sam B 7 hours ago

    Does Joe fly a 747 or an A320?

  • Sam B
    Sam B 8 hours ago

    Do you fly 747s or do you fly another aircraft?

  • Pol Argemí
    Pol Argemí 8 hours ago


  • Sri sai Dutt
    Sri sai Dutt 8 hours ago

    Hey captain! From India- said you lived in Munich. Are you a Bayern fan? Coz I'm one and would love it if you were one too. 👍👍👍👍 On the awesome contents.

  • Vincent Mccormick
    Vincent Mccormick 8 hours ago

    Would anything happen if you raised the landing gear while accelorating to take off would the front wheel fold up or is there safety features on this

    • Mike P
      Mike P 5 hours ago

      The landing gear can't be retracted when the aircraft is on the ground. There is a sensor which senses that the aircraft is on the ground.

  • Arumys Dyana
    Arumys Dyana 9 hours ago

    Thank you so much for explain capt! i have presentation Annex 14 about the lights, and that's really help me to understand.

  • randy roti
    randy roti 9 hours ago

    So....if I'm a passenger on a small a beechcraft or similar and the Pilot has a medical issue and cannot fly. How can I as a passenger, with no flight experience, get the plane back safely on the ground?

  • Aviation Forever
    Aviation Forever 9 hours ago

    Boeing is so trash

  • Aviation Forever
    Aviation Forever 9 hours ago


  • sahka
    sahka 9 hours ago


  • dan
    dan 9 hours ago

    Droop snoot 😂

  • Radka Stárková
    Radka Stárková 10 hours ago

    Your mum is full of positive vibes 🤗 my both parents are scared about flying, never been in plane...but aviation and flying is my passion (something in my family has gone wrong 🤔😁) and my dream is to become flight attendant. I wish I have so much understanding in my family, as you have from your mum ❤️✈️

  • Speedbird 118
    Speedbird 118 10 hours ago

    Wait so if that younger photo of him was in 1987, that mkae Joe atleaat 33+ years old. I thought he was a hella ofa.lot younger.

  • random guy
    random guy 11 hours ago

    Water solutes are just trucks peeing on some metal birds

  • Liam
    Liam 11 hours ago

    Imagine you hear this sound in cruise...

  • Dictolory's Channel
    Dictolory's Channel 11 hours ago

    no one's gonna talk about #32 ?

  • Jesse Adcock
    Jesse Adcock 11 hours ago

    I just came here to say that in the thumbnail you used “wear” instead of “where”. My OCD literally went full send.

    SuMo_NGUYEN 11 hours ago

    I thought the A340 was the flying Pencil...

  • gary meschede
    gary meschede 12 hours ago

    I had the honor to see the Concord coming into Houston’s Bush airfield. I’m at a lost for words on how describe how I felt that day. What a honor

  • Николай Бондарев

    i hope caroline and me will never meet, especially in same plane

  • Vpr Junior
    Vpr Junior 13 hours ago

    Yea I heard that in a 737

  • EverettAviation
    EverettAviation 14 hours ago

    Never flown after 2016, only flown 4 times; all 4 were a 737 or a 757.

  • Colby Pup
    Colby Pup 14 hours ago

    I wanna see Kennedy Steve and Boston John together.

  • Matias Bahamondes
    Matias Bahamondes 14 hours ago

    Is that an Embraer C Series Tu-B350neo? -A Friend.

  • Юрий Лисневский


  • Christine Repunte
    Christine Repunte 14 hours ago

    I want to sit beside you in the cockpit.

  • Ahmad S Balouch
    Ahmad S Balouch 16 hours ago

    Thanks 😊 Captain joe , nice information.

  • Noah Gaming.
    Noah Gaming. 16 hours ago

    She cannot land a fucking plane but I fricking can.

  • Curry_Boi
    Curry_Boi 16 hours ago

    Friend: Whos Joe? Me: Caption joe

  • Celia Gorleski
    Celia Gorleski 16 hours ago

    Smaller fire when plane crashes.What does all that fuel do to the water they dump it in?

  • Dennis Schlichter
    Dennis Schlichter 17 hours ago

    Du hast 'ne tolle Mama 🙂 Thank you for your great videos. Grüße aus Münster 👍

  • Aviation Enthusiastic
    Aviation Enthusiastic 17 hours ago

    Nice. Why does Air India A320 have 4 wheel main landing gear. You forgot to explain why.

  • Hyper
    Hyper 17 hours ago

    Hey Captain! I am a 13 year old kid from Sydney, Australia and am striving to become an Airline Pilot just like you!! You are a really amazing and positive role model that actually posts videos on interesting and educational things! Thank you Captain Joe for being a TVclipr and Pilot!!

  • Timon
    Timon 17 hours ago

    Now that we know that Boeing's aircraft have a tendency to fall out of the sky, Airbus is the only way to fly.

  • Sarah Fiedler
    Sarah Fiedler 17 hours ago

    I used to drive from Long Island to Belle Harbor in Queens, NY each morning. Some days I saw the Concorde on approach to JFK. She was so beautiful.

  • eddj7345 sydney
    eddj7345 sydney 17 hours ago

    antonov 225 is a heavy or super?

  • Antoni Kowalik
    Antoni Kowalik 17 hours ago

    7:18 Polish Airlines on the picture :))

  • John Coutu
    John Coutu 18 hours ago

    well, one has a yoke, another has a joystick

  • NDK
    NDK 18 hours ago

    9:14 there werent any computers aiding the engineers👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Austin Spaulding
    Austin Spaulding 19 hours ago

    I like airbus cause I like it better and it’s not a camel with a huge hump on it

  • Stuart Smith
    Stuart Smith 19 hours ago planes fly on compressed air not jet fuel.

  • Ôüÿ ßôñ Śàßíńgf

    Can we all appreciate that intro though

  • Foxy Girl_YT
    Foxy Girl_YT 19 hours ago

    The passenger is so loud when Joe is so calm and quiet

  • Chandler Record
    Chandler Record 19 hours ago

    Boeing due to it being built in my home state, so I'm a little biased

  • Xorloz
    Xorloz 20 hours ago

    Is it just a coincidence that this video is 7:47 minutes long?

  • Sapphire White
    Sapphire White 20 hours ago

    Ummm I’m 13 and my dream is to become a pilot

  • Gaming W/ Nicko
    Gaming W/ Nicko 20 hours ago

    I just watched the Arthur tv vid just before

  • Frank Russo
    Frank Russo 20 hours ago

    Jets have no fuel this guy is full of it. Research people. Dude stop the lies tell the truth for once.

  • Random Name
    Random Name 20 hours ago

    Damn a lot more interesting than I thought it’d be

  • Thee_jetsetter
    Thee_jetsetter 21 hour ago

    How to differentiate engine type on the a320/321 neos? Whether it be PW1100G or CFM LEAP 1A 🤔

  • yahya ghazal
    yahya ghazal 21 hour ago

    My phone's stereo speakers made my left ear enjoy quite a bit

  • Silent Trendsetter
    Silent Trendsetter 21 hour ago

    Contrails or Chemtrails? LOL

  • yahya ghazal
    yahya ghazal 21 hour ago

    Idk if you covered this subject yet but can people with heart disease be pilots?

  • XYZ Ratz
    XYZ Ratz 21 hour ago

    They should dye the water yellow

  • G0lia7h
    G0lia7h 21 hour ago

    I love how joe says "you as a pilot", sitting here watching your videos while I should do my studies for my architecture exam.

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 21 hour ago

    Why is there bumps on the tail

  • Emerald Queen
    Emerald Queen 22 hours ago

    I was on on plane that was given a water silhouette because our pilot was retiring.... I was really cool!

  • jack dunn
    jack dunn 22 hours ago

    Honestly I have lost all respect for you after the wendover thing

    • the bunker parodie
      the bunker parodie 7 minutes ago

    • the bunker parodie
      the bunker parodie 7 minutes ago

      @Kitka Kitka

    • Kitka Kitka
      Kitka Kitka 21 hour ago

      He's such a puss, he didn't even admit it and just deleted the video. Unsub

  • Ahmed Izzeldin
    Ahmed Izzeldin 22 hours ago

    What the problem to go around with gear retracted down?