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My first live stream
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    RDCST 38 minutes ago

    If my watch were set to local time, my phone to destination time and my pad to UTC I will not know what clock to watch, too many math for me, more if 'I'm wake up on early morning to pee and check the time.

    RDCST 53 minutes ago

    - Dady why they dim the lights? - I don't care, let me sleep!

  • [M] Cyka blyat
    [M] Cyka blyat 56 minutes ago

    This is my First video I Watched By Captain Joe

  • Mark
    Mark Hour ago

    this video is just like a roasting session between the two captains

  • Tommy Partin
    Tommy Partin Hour ago

    Dude, you rock a mustache! New look for Captain Joe?

  • Alexander Martinez

    You should try and do a video on the SOFIA craft. The modified 747 with telescope built into it.

  • Eric Flores
    Eric Flores Hour ago

    Roger, roger. What’s your vector Victor?

  • TheSaintST1
    TheSaintST1 Hour ago

    VOR/DME knowledge is essential. If your GPS fails, you're a bit screwed. Of course, the ultimate fall-back is the ADF but that can have a few issues not usually found with VOR. (Don't use it near an electrical storm lol)

  • meNikkie
    meNikkie Hour ago

    Still a bit confused: the sky looks soooo big, how do the airplanes manage to get so close to each other? (well besides obvious case of the airport arrival/departure)

  • Lucretius
    Lucretius Hour ago

    i thought 100% oxygen knocks you out? they should really thing about redesigning the masks, the round shape makes people think it is just for the mouth. Multiple user errors would point towards a design flaw.

  • Night
    Night 2 hours ago

    I literally never watched anything related to vehicles how is this in my recommend

  • Definitely not Jeffrey Epstein

    Fix your white balance bro

  • Drummerwoman
    Drummerwoman 3 hours ago

    Thank you, Captain Joe! -Daughter of Captain FSL of legacy EA

  • Memez Unlimited
    Memez Unlimited 3 hours ago

    Everyone here is like 14 or 10 its super cute. Those of you who are 14 you can already begin flight lessons in America!

  • Memez Unlimited
    Memez Unlimited 3 hours ago

    @CaptainJoe I've heard a lot of stories about flight attendants getting harassed by male pilots. I plan on being a pilot but I'm female. Will the same happen to me? :(

  • Gader Swid
    Gader Swid 3 hours ago

    Can you make video about pilot life like how they organize them life? Thank you about all information

  • momatomic
    momatomic 3 hours ago

    Pure Propaganda video. 5 seconds in you realize that mixing a little bit of truth in with the lie is the definition of propaganda.

  • Walid Amara
    Walid Amara 4 hours ago

    Three words "Thank YOU Captain" ❤️

  • Riad riad
    Riad riad 4 hours ago

    Mon avion préféré le 747.8i

  • Bailey W
    Bailey W 4 hours ago

    There’s always been a second floor for every plane *so that means the airbus and 747 is a 3 story aircraft*

  • Halfdan Ingolfsson
    Halfdan Ingolfsson 4 hours ago

    Kennedy Steve is a legend. I learned, early in my career as a pilot, that a bit of humor never hurts anyone, as long as you do not let it get in the way of keeping things professional and safe. In fact, a taxing and irritating experience can, with a bit of humor, have you walk away with a grin on your face. Kennedy Steve certainly achieved that! At the end of my career, I discovered Kennedy Steve clips on TVclip, and found that he had managed to make an art-form of this particular way of coping with a stressful profession. I hunted down every single clip and enjoyed them to the hilt!

  • TunnelRat
    TunnelRat 4 hours ago

    I am so happy speedbird is your fav too! It's definitely mine!

  • theskig
    theskig 4 hours ago

    Until now for me "VOR" was "Voice operated recording" a feature you can find on old portable cassette recorders.

  • Khalil Sadiq
    Khalil Sadiq 4 hours ago

    captain joe pls how did u join aviation life / school

  • Terry Anderson
    Terry Anderson 4 hours ago

    A pilot knows when to descend when there is too much air in the tanks or you’re on fire (seriously though thanks Joe for your insights)

  • flywillig
    flywillig 5 hours ago

    I guess your pronunciation of "bearing" is wrong...

  • Halfdan Ingolfsson
    Halfdan Ingolfsson 5 hours ago

    When I got my PPL (back in 1972 - I am now a retired ATPL), we did not learn so thoroughly about the origins of "roger". In our world, "roger" meant "message received", not necessarily understood or to be complied with. That actually still seems to apply. "wilco", on the other hand, was more definite: Message received, understood (hopefully) and will be complied with. Such loose communications have long ago been banished in any serious ATC environment, but are still alive and well for non-consequential communications such as simple VFR acknowledgements in a non-controlled environment. "Roger" still simply means "I heard you" without anything else implied, while "wilco" implies that you understood the message and will comply. Rather unreliable, right? This is simply a nostalgic blast from the past - the response of any serious VFR pilot to "(callsign) Rwy XX, cleared to land" will NOT be "roger" or "wilco", but "cleared to land XX, (callsign). There have been so many mistakes made, so many lessons learned...

  • Memez Unlimited
    Memez Unlimited 5 hours ago

    5:13 happened to my uncle when his airline went out of business. He was captain it was very sound but he couldn't afford to work his way up again so he got a good paying job he didn't enjoy. First-Officer Joe, be careful. I'm sorry but I won't call you Captain until you really are captain. Much respect though!

  • Benjamin Woodard
    Benjamin Woodard 6 hours ago

    I love airplanes

  • hzhang1228
    hzhang1228 6 hours ago

    the frogs in my backyard pond are not producing eggs that turn into tadpoles... hmmm

  • dyl theboss
    dyl theboss 6 hours ago

    Your not a captain you dont Have 4 stripes

  • A
    A 7 hours ago

    What is Doppler VOR (DVOR) and what is the difference between Conventional VOR (CVOR) and (DVOR). What is VOR-DME? What is Non-directional beacon (NDB)

  • Definitely not Jeffrey Epstein

    I lived in Salt Lake City, and (facing a water shortage) residents would be very angry if they found out the airport is wasting 5000 gallons of water doing water salutes for retiring planes. Just crash the planes into the lake if you want to do a water salute. It's right there. There's usually plenty of fires nearby to test the equipment on.

  • Mooris Just
    Mooris Just 7 hours ago

    You are are full of shit Joe!

  • Psycho GaMing
    Psycho GaMing 7 hours ago

    Answer: NO

  • Murilo Vidal
    Murilo Vidal 8 hours ago

    It sounds kind of weird at first, but general aviation airplanes get stolen at times. It can be especially troublesome in certain countries that see heavy drug trafficking, as certain plane models are commonly stolen by large drug cartels to be used for transportation. In Brazil, for example, small airplanes who regularly fly to small, uncontrolled airfields, especially those near the borders, employ all sorts of security devices to prevent theft. These can include padlocks, lockbars on the control wheels, secret battery master switches that require a key, and even special "collars" that are put around the propeller blades to deter the engine start. There are even many reported cases where airplane are just straight up robbed at gunpoint - giving a whole new meaning to "hijack", I suppose. This problem is common enough that there's even a list of which airplane models are usually targeted, and that could even compromise the resale value of those models. Usually, rugged, powerful and reliable airplanes with good short field performance are the most common targets. The most commonly stolen and robbed models are the Cessna 210, the Cessna 182 and the Seneca.

  • Syed Farooq
    Syed Farooq 8 hours ago

    Just a curious question.Nothing related to the video..why are commercial aircraft's not fitted with a parachute that ejects from the tail portion to slow down on the runway in case of emergencies.Or do they have one, after all the incidents. ?

  • Cjs popular vlogs
    Cjs popular vlogs 8 hours ago

    Some Middle or High school students can be watching this to get an A on Aviation class or Drone/Airplane class

  • 강대영
    강대영 8 hours ago

    I study this contents tdy. This vedio makes me to understand better! Thanks a lot!

  • See -3pio
    See -3pio 9 hours ago


  • henningvdm
    henningvdm 9 hours ago

    Why does the captain always sit in the left seat? Can he/she sit on the right seat if they so chooses?

  • Adam Vích
    Adam Vích 9 hours ago

    Which is the worst airline? Both: Ryanair.

  • Spes Nenok
    Spes Nenok 9 hours ago

    I do 100 push-ups every morning

  • Alberto Polli
    Alberto Polli 11 hours ago

    tap portigal

  • Evergreen Tree
    Evergreen Tree 11 hours ago

    I was travelling with my friend last week and she complained about the flight being 'an hour late' (it was only 20 minutes, because she didn't realise the departure time is push back not take off). Then she was on her phone during take off to tell her parents we were late. I could have hit her. Earlier this year my plane from Australia was 3 hours late so I ended up spending 16 hours in Qatar because I missed my connection. These things happen and people need to chill.

  • rash1d
    rash1d 11 hours ago

    Military pilot eliminates most of these problems

  • opl500
    opl500 11 hours ago

    Make sure to put on a yellow vest?

  • Lk M
    Lk M 11 hours ago

    Glad you did that interview. Who doesn’t love K.S.!

  • Ben
    Ben 12 hours ago

    What about Batman from Ratioflug?

  • Angeloujune Altizo
    Angeloujune Altizo 12 hours ago

    Is tattoo allowed for becoming a pilot captain Joe? Plss give me the information

    • Mike P
      Mike P 8 hours ago

      If you can cover it with your pilot uniform (e.g using a long sleeve shirt) then it's ok.

  • Kitkrack
    Kitkrack 12 hours ago

    Emirates airlines will be bringing back the Concorde by 2023

  • KBinturong
    KBinturong 13 hours ago

    I wonder how they saluted kennedy steeve when he retired ?!!

  • Zack Fraser
    Zack Fraser 13 hours ago

    Boeing 707 requires manual operation

  • hyunjin lee
    hyunjin lee 13 hours ago

    How about those seasonal flights like New York to Stanley (Falkland Islands, UK)? Does pilot sleep on that long flight And also it does mean that the more longer travel time you Have is the more longer time you can rest like Montréal to Manila via Amsterdam?

  • Joshua Doong
    Joshua Doong 14 hours ago

    worst Australian airline is Tigerair

  • Charlie
    Charlie 14 hours ago

    Can you talk about water landings?

  • Alan Gaming
    Alan Gaming 14 hours ago

    mayday well that the russian new year

  • Randommrgamer Yt
    Randommrgamer Yt 14 hours ago

    When captain joe doesn’t have a idea for a video

  • Badis Badis
    Badis Badis 15 hours ago

    To Lose Lmao

  • Charlotte B
    Charlotte B 15 hours ago

    B3 with hazel anyone?

  • Syed_ Shafahad
    Syed_ Shafahad 16 hours ago

    Joe sir i think you missed the answer of the last question.Hahahah

  • Jason CHOI
    Jason CHOI 16 hours ago

    Is the cabin air being polluted real? from the chemicals in the engines?

  • Ton that cam bach Tim Tim

    Hmm I wonder why captain joe didn’t post a single video everyday long?

  • Butterflies Butterfly
    Butterflies Butterfly 16 hours ago

    always have great respect to pilots now your channel just make that respect goes up to a whole new level! Thank you Captain!

  • Tom Jabar
    Tom Jabar 16 hours ago

    One time fuel damping = my car life time re fueling even more ;)

  • zicro
    zicro 17 hours ago

    I have a question what degree do you have to get to become a pilot

    • Mike P
      Mike P 8 hours ago

      In the USA the major airlines usually require a college degree, but regional airlines don't require that. In Europe it's not mandatory to have a college degree. But you have to be graduated from high school if you want to be an airline pilot.

  • Karan Thakur
    Karan Thakur 17 hours ago

    V3 / V"fucked": Speed at which the plane can safely climb with all engines lost

  • Zikriya Khan
    Zikriya Khan 17 hours ago

    I am going to paint my skin with a white colour 😂

  • widgon
    widgon 17 hours ago

    One of my favourites is Jet2’s callsign. It’s ‘CHANNEX’. The reason it’s so out of place is that they were formerly called Channel Express before rebranding in 2003. I don’t know why they kept there old callsign but they just did.

  • Manjula Leela
    Manjula Leela 17 hours ago

    Captain Why is that an airplane never get struck by lightning on air or land.

  • Ertan Fişek
    Ertan Fişek 18 hours ago

    Waiting for next video taxi

  • anthony wilson
    anthony wilson 18 hours ago

    Air newzealand has got many of its plane's painted black

  • Babok morrison
    Babok morrison 18 hours ago

    Anyone watching this after B737 MAX situation I like how she said at 1:15 Boeing you have control of the plane the whole time RIP Boeing

    • Mike P
      Mike P 7 hours ago

      She flies a B737-800. So in this case it's true, because a B737-800 (and B737-600/700/900) doesn't have the similar software which MAX has.

  • Luke Simmonz
    Luke Simmonz 19 hours ago


  • Simon Chap
    Simon Chap 19 hours ago

    Thanks because I’m always like Why is there gasoline getting out of the engine?

  • Zoran Vukomanovic
    Zoran Vukomanovic 19 hours ago

    Lion air is the worst airline and the worst airplane is the 737-800 max

  • faadil cm
    faadil cm 19 hours ago


  • Pilot Tim
    Pilot Tim 20 hours ago

    5:38 there Stands your Name

  • Jeremy Ellwood
    Jeremy Ellwood 20 hours ago

    Do you have a follow up using VASI?

  • Jun Lomanta
    Jun Lomanta 20 hours ago

    Because the plane ws not there for just an years ago so they miss the plane soo they salute

  • Bhargav Bose
    Bhargav Bose 21 hour ago

    For me, Red Baron is the best pilot.

  • GRV• CD•
    GRV• CD• 21 hour ago

    Im grade 6 i lived in Philippines i want to be a pilot of a a350 but i changed my decision i want to be a pilot of Boeing 747 now

  • SeanPlaysGames
    SeanPlaysGames 21 hour ago

    Ayy we got a manly pilot this should be good (tail strike)

  • Alexandru Curta
    Alexandru Curta 22 hours ago

    Why not build extra H2 tanks, kerosene fuel for the trip plus some extra for emergency, the rest of the take off weight H2, dump steam to reach landing weight? Or make planes run on H2! We have durable materials today, Hindenburg scenario impossible!

  • EXL Playz
    EXL Playz 22 hours ago

    ATC: Air WhoCares 123, you have a fire on engine 2. Pilot: meh, who cares. It happens.

  • EXL Playz
    EXL Playz 22 hours ago

    No one notices the mic on his tie.

  • Rhonda Kivel
    Rhonda Kivel 22 hours ago

    It is amazing that you highlighted the Honeywell recorders yet L3 makes the recorders for Airbus and when you highlighted the lion air crash you showed Honeywelll yet lion air had L3 recorders and when you showed the ULB it was clearly labeled L3. Yes I work for L3 and support the recorders world wide.

  • Mike Dorman
    Mike Dorman 23 hours ago

    Yes Joe, it's the chemtrails we can't see are ones that bother people

    • Elyjah Stark
      Elyjah Stark 3 hours ago

      Mike Dorman one can never tell on pages like this.

    • Mike Dorman
      Mike Dorman 3 hours ago

      @Elyjah Stark I think you missed the Sarcasm

    • Elyjah Stark
      Elyjah Stark 8 hours ago

      Mike Dorman what trails would those be and how do you know they exist if you can’t see them? Have you tested them?

  • Oscar Lit
    Oscar Lit 23 hours ago

    One question. What about planes with pets in a cargo hold?

  • Im'Anxious
    Im'Anxious 23 hours ago

    I Am really amazed by how sophisticated the engineering there is on an aircraft.

  • Fireboy Gaming

    Oh $h!t last time I went on vacation I was on southwest

  • Eranda Janaka
    Eranda Janaka Day ago

    @6.23, I think the gear positioning (raised front gears of the boggy- position) helps to reduce drag while taking off. Only front gear of the boggy contacts with oncoming air while the rest is covered to front gears. If the position were opposite there would be more drag as part of oncoming air directing even towards the fuselage and even adding a little downforce.

  • Steven Marsh
    Steven Marsh Day ago

    Airports and airlines just chasing money, this just an accident waiting to happen.

  • Yolanda Horton

    I was on a delta flight from Paris to ATL and the captain was retiring after 45 yrs and we got the water salute it was great

  • Shawana Washington

    Please explain why pilots and air control talk so fast. I cannot understand them.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown Day ago

    That's a front loader, not a bull dozer. Ha ha... flyboys

  • Louie Smithen
    Louie Smithen Day ago

    But did they kiss?

  • Mozart
    Mozart Day ago

    Can you put 27 inch spinner center chrome rims if you want to and fly with the landing gear down in low altitude over the downtown with the sliding windows open?

  • rbro3001
    rbro3001 Day ago

    Very interesting!!

  • rbro3001
    rbro3001 Day ago