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  • peter wong
    peter wong 2 minutes ago

    HK has placed martial order at the Cetral: shops, stores, transportation are forced to stop and people are not allowed to walk there per police requested or you will be beaten by police or by the criminal underworld

  • Delta Construction Bear

    Blah blah blah blah

  • Luis D. Amézquita
    Luis D. Amézquita 6 minutes ago

    I'm trying to learn English here and Sam Smith is not helping at all.

  • James Phony
    James Phony 7 minutes ago

    Ginsburg raped me when I was twelve. 😂

  • Barbara Smith
    Barbara Smith 13 minutes ago

    We're also hitting the hemberders and orange grease paint harder than ever before. Rusher are you listening?

  • Arch God
    Arch God 18 minutes ago

    Why did he lie about shooting people during Katrina?

  • Victoria L
    Victoria L 20 minutes ago

    Is he not confident in his masculinity-- no matter if he's gay-- to be addressed by non-masculine pronouns then? Or is he just identifying as he feels on the inside-- neutral?

  • MA 292
    MA 292 21 minute ago

    Must be a slow news day if this is what you call news. Pathetic

  • Marvin Gershowitz
    Marvin Gershowitz 29 minutes ago

    THE NEW 'FOOTBALL TAIL GATE PARTY' .... The NRA knows the value of a little fun and has a AK and AR Selection for Teens and Small Children to support the team.

  • Percival Sweetwater
    Percival Sweetwater 35 minutes ago

    This event sponsored by $27,000,000 donation to Trump campaign by your NRA.

    • XxJohnnyXx 239
      XxJohnnyXx 239 29 minutes ago

      Yup go NRA glad they are protecting my gun rights

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith 36 minutes ago

    Another mentally ill narcissist

  • Stoner Control
    Stoner Control 37 minutes ago

    You're still a guy, my guy

  • Mike Xu
    Mike Xu 37 minutes ago

    Guys learning normal pronouns is hard enough for us ESL students. Please stop being crazy.

  • Plant Ster
    Plant Ster 46 minutes ago

    I totally get why someone might choose to use something other than he or she but they/them is already taken as plural. Did anyone speak to a grammarian about this?? The most obvious singular would be “it” but this does have some negative connotations. Better to have made up a neologism methinks. 😍

  • Richard Montano-Carbajal
    Richard Montano-Carbajal 47 minutes ago

    How is this still going on?? I feel like even the most progressive ppl realize how ridiculous this shit is getting

  • Eli Eli
    Eli Eli 49 minutes ago

    it was polish plumbers

  • arc arcon
    arc arcon 52 minutes ago

    Free hk

  • danriny
    danriny 53 minutes ago

    a lot of trolling ... great news! End of this pathetic losers

  • Pitbulls are Great Babysitters

    Tranny bathroom brigade

  • Pitbulls are Great Babysitters

    Ghey and fake

  • Matt Flap
    Matt Flap Hour ago

    Millenials (eye roll)

  • Phyllis Arrington

    ppl behaving badly😆

  • the truth
    the truth Hour ago

    You and your BONESPURS ,not doing shit.

  • clann parlan
    clann parlan Hour ago

    The police have nothing to go on,

  • NorCal OntheRight

    “TIME” thank you for unequivocally exposing yourself as a diabolically un-credible evil, deceitful organization!

  • Ginger Teddy
    Ginger Teddy Hour ago

    I don't like it. Look like blood.

    GODSPEED 33 Hour ago

    I'm changing mine to Thor/Zeus

  • sam dekwat
    sam dekwat Hour ago

    The manhunt continues. The police is currently looking for a burglar who gives a shit.

  • devil killer
    devil killer Hour ago

    Autism seems to be trending...aliens won't visit us as a species because we just went backwards in smarts..

  • Marcus Octavian
    Marcus Octavian Hour ago

    We need comprehensive high school football regulation

  • heyitsablackguy
    heyitsablackguy Hour ago

    Corporate hitmen at it again.

  • Bossmangamer
    Bossmangamer Hour ago

    Guys I'm changing my pronouns to why/how

  • - X
    - X Hour ago

    you never see a complete video record from CNN, TIME, BBC or other western media.

  • I Will Rock Your Face!

    I identify as a key that can open many locks, so my pronoun is master. You must call me that or you are literally Hitler.

  • Austin Poling
    Austin Poling Hour ago

    Them they is plural! Unless he’s got a multiple personalities he cannot be them or they this makes no sense.

  • teamhuman2
    teamhuman2 Hour ago

    Sick !!

  • Gioia Grazia
    Gioia Grazia Hour ago


  • Austin Poling
    Austin Poling Hour ago

    So stupid.. now he has to be confused about another thing lol

  • Shawn Newell
    Shawn Newell Hour ago

    Oh for God's sake!

  • Sam Salter
    Sam Salter Hour ago

    That's an unusual way to announce to the world that your father let you down.

  • 88Gibson LesPaul

    At his rallies, Trump keeps saying that whether we like him or not, we HAVE to re-elect him. And now, Trump thinks that if he starts a war the American people will be forced to re-elect him. He is quite mistaken about that. There is nothing he can do to guarantee his re-election. We've had enough of this insanity, this daily drama and chaos. Enough is enough.

    • Barbara Smith
      Barbara Smith 10 minutes ago

      And enough of the entire Tweedledump Criminal Clan.

  • Daniyal Ahmed
    Daniyal Ahmed Hour ago

    Love ya❤❤

  • ffb.6
    ffb.6 Hour ago

    How arrogant one must be to acctualy pretend this?!

  • Ming Yang
    Ming Yang Hour ago

    His lips is moving he’s lying. 😂

  • ffb.6
    ffb.6 Hour ago

    And mine is "your majesty"! People are not going to change grammar because of you honey.

  • Jesus Says
    Jesus Says Hour ago

    *The whole world is laughing at Little Donny Fail-Fail. And now, even the TALIBAN is laughing at Little Donny Fail-Fail.*

  • array s
    array s Hour ago

    Counter-protests. So beijing is starting the dirty tactic then? Pit people with people instead of authority forces like cops, then you can get away from criticism when things turned sour.

    • Red Man
      Red Man 43 minutes ago

      array s they filmed the pro China guys hurting themselves to blame the anti China guys I was watching a full live stream for 4 hours. They also tried to attack journalists and they got one of the guys and beat him for doing so

  • MyzteriousLadyX
    MyzteriousLadyX Hour ago

    oh the drones take out 5% of the worlds oil and he has to go into Afghanistan/Iraq and secure the oil since he offered our reserves should it be needed he declared magnanimously! Our troops have been dying over there since he took office, now with this new development he is FINALLY going to huff and puff and stop all this killing???? OIL..Black gold,Texas Tea! Go get it Donny Clampett. He is more transparent then that comb over.

  • mrs navarro
    mrs navarro 2 hours ago

    Its sad to be ask that question. Which you could ask that question back to them. What does an american look like see it they could answer it. People like that should be educated more.

  • Mark and Cathy Nickerson

    Trump is a fascist propaganda machine.

  • Aramai Jonassi
    Aramai Jonassi 2 hours ago

    Oh, ok Donny. You're hitting them as hard as you're hitting Putin and Lil Kim. Good one.😂🤣😂

  • Aabdullah Ansari
    Aabdullah Ansari 2 hours ago

    Laughing clown

  • MrAubery
    MrAubery 2 hours ago

    They are hitting up the Taliban with US dollars, harder than they've ever been hit.

  • Jeremy Toh
    Jeremy Toh 2 hours ago

    Every time you are on, you make me laugh so hard, harder than I have ever been laughing. What a joker!

  • BloodMoney!!!!!!
    BloodMoney!!!!!! 2 hours ago


  • Matthew Gray
    Matthew Gray 2 hours ago

    President Trump 2020🇺🇸🗽

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul Hour ago

      Trump 2020 KCCG Keep Chaos and Corruption in Government.

    • Jesus Says
      Jesus Says Hour ago

      Too bad, MAGAtrash. Not gonna happen.

    • Trump Isanass
      Trump Isanass Hour ago

      Matthew Gray in a grave. Time for the u.s. to bury the piece of shit.

  • canou fred
    canou fred 2 hours ago

    Beto the cuckOrourck.

  • Bobby Iseton
    Bobby Iseton 2 hours ago

    Oscar has used weights, in fact I have an old issue of muscular delvelopement, with him showing his routine, designed by Jon park, son of legendary bodybuilder reg park. Oscar should have kept with the weights, and then maybe he would have done better with the PAC man, and other fights he lost.

  • CringingCrit
    CringingCrit 2 hours ago

    "You're all the dumbass"

  • W
    W 3 hours ago

    Bernard Hopkins didn't want him out there because he sucked..... "I'll never lose to a......

  • kingmiller1982
    kingmiller1982 3 hours ago

    Oscar is a toll. Great boxer though.

  • carlo fraiia
    carlo fraiia 3 hours ago

    There is alot of ignorant people commenting here about how ugly this cathedral is who have no fucking idea about architecture or construction methods.

  • Joel Majungal
    Joel Majungal 4 hours ago

    thank you love u all🙏💟👩‍✈️🤚

  • AkaSengamin YT
    AkaSengamin YT 5 hours ago

    This guy had to take it this far

  • laugh_ is_medicine
    laugh_ is_medicine 5 hours ago

    *few hours later.... -crying inside prison cell

  • Zohaib ahmed
    Zohaib ahmed 5 hours ago

    I am from.pakistan my brother was in the plane i still miss him God will give him heaven amen

  • Iam a Good person
    Iam a Good person 5 hours ago

    Its nature, snake eat human, dont intervention them.

  • Geovany Franco
    Geovany Franco 6 hours ago


  • Naima Gray
    Naima Gray 6 hours ago

    im sorry but this kid did not pay attention in school and the speech he gave was so cringy like he expected people to remember him from it

  • Abbi Brooks
    Abbi Brooks 6 hours ago

    People in the comments say “he’s mentally ill it’s not his fault” mental illnesses do not give you an excuse to kill thousands of innocent people

  • Ricardo Romero
    Ricardo Romero 7 hours ago

    Area 51 September 20th

  • dani cali
    dani cali 7 hours ago

    question: are you sure there is no blood relation to you and tim armstrong of rancid? tim claims there isn't but why don't i believe him lol. question 2. what would you say to those within the punk scene that you often came off as a poser, eg not genuine? rancid were always the better band but you won because of majority taste, which seldom chooses well

  • Jean Redman-Roberts
    Jean Redman-Roberts 8 hours ago

    Maybe OAN secret weapon is graduates from Trump University.

  • Tricia Pan
    Tricia Pan 8 hours ago

    every single chinese dynasty/ancient china dramas are filmed here

  • On Guard
    On Guard 8 hours ago

    People just want to be free!

  • Elvin Haboc
    Elvin Haboc 8 hours ago

    i hope next time they put lyrics on this video of this song so that other nations may understand the meaning of this song, you may put caption. This is My Suggestions only. I support democracy, freedom of Hongkong -from Philippines

  • Star Child
    Star Child 8 hours ago

    Saw how many are living in limbo in spirit, He did t have the Ruach Kodesh. /HOL,Y SPIRIT. YAHUSUAH was a sinner. Plus demons go crazy for me to say Jesus in the spirit. More will come. The cross is Tammuez. Demons is his now. Mark 10:18 ✔ 18 And Yahushua said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God/Yah. Amein..

  • jose velazco
    jose velazco 8 hours ago

    Hope people don’t take this as disrespect but he looks like a big drinker 😂😂

  • Michelle
    Michelle 9 hours ago

    How old is he ?

  • colsome miah
    colsome miah 9 hours ago

    Why anyone would want her to lighten that exquisite color is beyond me. Dace had been too long populated by blond anorexic looking beings: ubiquitous: because she's beige, like Sorya Bonaly. who DID defy Physics in Ice Skating, , she's called "athletic" while blondes are "ethereal, graceful". Misty's looks enhance her plies, releves, incredible extensions, banana feet....just brilliant. Terrible that she had to cope with all the baggage plus the intricacies of dance. Brava!!!!

  • Not to be racist, but

    I don't understand why nobod could have sent helicopters to rescuee those people at the windows

  • Roger M
    Roger M 9 hours ago


  • tiffsaver
    tiffsaver 9 hours ago

    War is not healthy for human beings.

  • Know the Unknown
    Know the Unknown 9 hours ago

    The most heart breaking thing I’ve ever seen but if I was in his position I’d jump to cry breath close my eyes 💔

  • Niki 9ine
    Niki 9ine 10 hours ago

    We have enemies

  • Juan Maravilla
    Juan Maravilla 10 hours ago

    Rest in peace Chris Kyle the worlds most badass sniper and thank you all for your sacrifice.

  • Glenn Howden
    Glenn Howden 10 hours ago

    Been there. It truly was an actually awesome experience. Except for one side where some brutalist piece of slime architect had his nightmare carved in stone and added to the facade.

  • John Waithaka
    John Waithaka 10 hours ago

    I will make it happen . I will inspire my people.

  • discnman Doe
    discnman Doe 10 hours ago

    I'm mostly a cruiser guy I do own an 83 Honda cb1000c that is stupid fast but my god theses guys and those bikes are amazing the adrenaline high has to be out of this world!

  • new ripple effect
    new ripple effect 10 hours ago

    I wish all the people saw the planes coming and had enough time to vacate the premises of both world trade centers. And no one died. Rest in peace to all whom perished. 😥😥

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion 10 hours ago

    Ed Buck keeps murdering Black men at his home. Do Drug experiments on people.

  • WonkaDaGuy !
    WonkaDaGuy ! 10 hours ago

    What are we going to do when our generation becomes teachers how are we going to teach the new generation If we weren’t alive when it happened 😔

  • Levon McClam
    Levon McClam 10 hours ago

    I really like everything mayor Pete has to say he's very smart very intelligent and I'm sure that he would be an awesome leader but because of my Christian morels I can not vote for him

  • Levon McClam
    Levon McClam 10 hours ago

    You still cannot ignore the fact that in the word of God God created man and woman plain and simple Christians don't ignore it.

  • Teh Mu Jin
    Teh Mu Jin 10 hours ago

    The translation: We CIA agents pledge our loyalty to CIA USA. We will go riot for 5 cents. If you give us 10 cents we will burn down the MTR. Gory to Hong Kong.


    Our first clue should of been that neither one of the two candidates that politicians allowed to run, can hold a civil discussion. 2nd would be, how the media failed to air the dirty laundry of both candidates.

  • Dingle Stingle
    Dingle Stingle 11 hours ago

    Was that the triple lindy ?

  • J S
    J S 11 hours ago

    Zookeepers took control there

  • bubba luv
    bubba luv 11 hours ago

    he is another chinless mope