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Is vodka Russian?
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  • Heisted
    Heisted 2 hours ago

    I look like the stereotypical European Russian. I’m from Volgograd and I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes

  • Darth Dingus
    Darth Dingus 2 hours ago

    They can have most of the few good things from the USSR if they want, having products and events akin. Minus the starvation, grueling labour, and oppression.

  • Robin Bobin
    Robin Bobin 2 hours ago

    Anything but possible! :)

  • KanchoKomancho
    KanchoKomancho 2 hours ago

    Some western men think Slavic women are great marriage partners, who uphold traditional values long lost by their western counterparts.

  • Richard Pego
    Richard Pego 3 hours ago

    Does that include native americans from Latin America region?

  • Archangel Gabriel
    Archangel Gabriel 4 hours ago

    My Russian woman is awesome, sweetest woman ever. 💯

  • Stevovich
    Stevovich 7 hours ago

    People who were doing bad during the USSR, are doing bad today in Russia. Its not the government, its the fact that some people are not productive citizens. If you're a drunk in 1960 Moscow, you're a drunk today 2019 Moscow.

  • B Money
    B Money 8 hours ago

    I am Sioux Native on my mothers side, and I've known about this Siberia thing for quite some time. The Native Americans in the U.S. today are descendants of a few different lineages. Asia, Siberia, I've heard some from Latin America as well. Long story short, America isn't our original homeland. Sorry. It just isnt.

  • Azerbaijan Turkic Nationalist

    Hello to all Siberian Turks! Altai brothership! We all from Central Asia!𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰰

  • Scott Bachmann
    Scott Bachmann 22 hours ago

    Any chance anyone knows anything about a us citizen using air bnb in Russia or if you can get a tourist voucher any other way, my fiance is From Russia and I am trying to see her in January, and info on that would be amazing also for people in the Midwest states, you can get your visa for Russia in Chicago

  • Hendrick Adakai

    Not all Siberians are related to Native Americans get your facts right. Most current Siberian population like Turkic, Uralics and even the Indo European scythians are recent arrivals and culture in Siberia, what you should have said is Paleo Siberians who are descendants of prehistoric population like Ket Yenesian people Chuktco kamachatchan and Eskimo Aleutian people are more Ancient and are indeed related to Amerindians and First Nations and Alaska natives. Not all Siberians are though get your facts accurate next time.

  • ryan thomas
    ryan thomas Day ago

    At any moment if the Russian people wanted Socialism they could get Socialism. It was the people that formed the USSR, it was a small counterrevolutionary click that dissolved it, and if the Russian Working Class wanted it again they’d simply revolt against that same bourgeois click that has since taken over Russia. Balls in your court Russians.

  • Ryo Onizuka
    Ryo Onizuka Day ago

    Sooooo, don't date a Russian woman. Got it.

  • 33Ddg209Ret7
    33Ddg209Ret7 Day ago

    It was great for some people. Some people had to leave it was so bad. Organized crime was and is a huge problem. The black market supplied everything! Propaganda anyone?

  • Zheyuan Xu
    Zheyuan Xu Day ago

    Despite various national tension between USSR and PRC in the past, as a citizen of china I want to thank USSR for helping us while we were among the weakest. After Korean war China became USSR's largest ally and became industrialized thanks to their help. China's education system was directly inherited from USSR before the Open Up in 1980s. Socialism is the grandiose goal of both China and Russia, and it could only be achieved if everyone is happy and rich and does not have to worry about necessity, and that's why China later adopted a different approach! Now I am glad after so many years China and Russia are still friends, and China is becoming stronger and stronger. Now we have AI and robots and China's space exploration is going to be true in the next 10-20 years: automated robots can improve the working conditions of those workers and peasants, their life standards are going to be improved. Soon there will be no poverty in the entire Asia, and *international socialism* will replace american democracy everywhere in the world -- the working class is going to rule the world.

  • Charon's Obol
    Charon's Obol 2 days ago

    such a bunch of far fetched fallacies

  • Rasyay P
    Rasyay P 3 days ago

    This is lies native americans came from africa traveled all over the world to Siberia and americas stayed for thousands of years

    • Rasyay P
      Rasyay P 3 days ago out of africa

    • Rasyay P
      Rasyay P 3 days ago

      Every historian will tell you everybody came from africa so how do native americans come from Siberia did siberians come from the snow where did siberians come from they came from africa

  • Explorer 1327
    Explorer 1327 3 days ago

    Who taught this dumb ass American how to shoot. He holds the Glock like my 7 year old sister for the first time

  • KjK
    KjK 3 days ago

    80 percent of Russian citizens are struggling to make ends meet, and that more than 36 percent cannot afford to buy pairs of shoes for each family member each year, state news agency Tass reported. Russians want to move to wealthier countries like China and America, but neither country wants or trusts them.

    • Robin Bobin
      Robin Bobin 2 hours ago

      "Why aren't you laughing?! Isn't it funny?! Haven't you got it?! THIS IS RUSSIA!!!!" (C) LMAO

  • Yegor Z
    Yegor Z 3 days ago

    Спасибо за интересный репортаж! Подскажите, пожалуйста, где это было снято?

  • muraturile
    muraturile 3 days ago

    The Makarov its more sexy.

  • Inga Nodie
    Inga Nodie 3 days ago

    Asian Brains and European confidence = master race

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel 3 days ago

    The Soviet Union freed my country albania from nazi occupation I would help to restore the USSR

  • 123456kiste
    123456kiste 3 days ago

    Kek no recoil-Control

  • Jabari James
    Jabari James 3 days ago

    I knew something wast right

  • Addicted Robloxian
    Addicted Robloxian 3 days ago

    when russian empire was born... guy 1: okay its time to make our own language! guy 2: youre right! that stupid english make my tongue sick! guy 1: *makes the language* 1 hour later guy 2: make it harder! guy 1: *makes the language harder* 1 hour later guy 2: make it harder! guy: *repeat the same thing* and so on...

      RUSSIA BEYOND Day ago

      Overall, Russian language had emerged from mixing of the Church Slavonic language and Old East Slavic.

  • Кирилл Ананьев

    Ему бы в хоре петь, отличный басс :-)

  • Emil Sosnin
    Emil Sosnin 4 days ago


  • Ali Erkoç
    Ali Erkoç 4 days ago

    Genes of Cenghis Khan?

  • Smãrty roczzí
    Smãrty roczzí 4 days ago

    Very beautiful and stunning 😍💖

  • feensta89
    feensta89 4 days ago

    soo, you are a seriously interesting person

  • Kid Genius
    Kid Genius 4 days ago

    you said their latest achievement is the T-34 mine tanks. Did they make a full sized one? I wanna start buying those tanks. How much do some of the tanks they make cost? Do they have a website?

  • Molnar Riki
    Molnar Riki 5 days ago

    Im moving there if in eu win the liberal propaganda

  • fromnsk
    fromnsk 5 days ago

    What can be more dumb and boring than racing "sport"?

  • Walter
    Walter 5 days ago

    I was dating a Russian woman who lived in Finland for a couple of years on and off (2 for those who does not understand that a couple means two). She said she was from Samara, and i did not really know what she thought we had in common since we both liked different things and different things in cultures, and i was into health and training and music and she was into... Well i never found that out. She was chubby and on the heavy side so i guess eating and gluttony and being a slob was her thing. (Big tits though, but her pussy stank of piss and she smelled like a dirty pig). But she came onto me like she never seen a man before. (An act i suspect). She basically looked like a soviet village woman that had not seen a shower in 2 months. But she was kind and friendly and open and we got along more or less. She was on a work visa for some company and i think in the end she was desperate to marry to stay and wanted to become a mother. And there was obviously something not quite right with her either. This was way back in 2007 to 2009, and idk where she is or what she is doing nowadays. But i can say this that i hope that i never find out either, because in retrospect she was a nutjob and if this is the standard of slavic women that "want" western men then no thanks. (Big tits or not).

  • vinayak s
    vinayak s 5 days ago

    All the best Sergy , go ahead.

  • Türkiyeyi Türkler Yönetmiyor TV

    First: Turkish/Turkic/Turanian SIBERIA is not FAKE RuSSia! Second: True History: Proof of Türkish & Native American Kinship (Censored by NaziTube)

  • Azz Lazz
    Azz Lazz 6 days ago

    They’re byproducts of sadistic asiatic invaders

  • Andrew Wilks
    Andrew Wilks 6 days ago

    Fascinating! I have noticed how native americans and russian shaman look very similar to each other and how the belief systems are very similar. Very interesting.

  • Grand Anse
    Grand Anse 7 days ago

    Why the fuck does she speak with a british accent??

  • vinayak s
    vinayak s 7 days ago

    Lots of love from India.

  • StopFear
    StopFear 8 days ago

    They hired a British designer to design the car? It looks exactly like every other brand's small car. OMG

  • StopFear
    StopFear 8 days ago

    Everyone in Russia knows the russian cars are really the last resort when you cannot afford anything else.

  • Playground dolls
    Playground dolls 8 days ago

    0:47 wow wow which Year this map is? Straight after Latvia and other two Baltic states left and became Independt from Soviet Union? I never seen this Map! So cool to remember thoose days.

  • Я просто человек и все. TM¡

    Ladys, you are go in Russia! Haha rofl и да я из России

  • charles kidney
    charles kidney 8 days ago

    Great stuff, if this is actually true and not misleading garbage. At present antibiotic resistance is small, what I am seeing as real problem is fear mongering going on. Patient don't think they should be taking antibiotics and some doctors won't prescribe them. That is causing so many problems and why we are seeing a massive increase in infection and people ending up in hospital in a very bad way, due to a minor infection not treated and then turning serious. Friends of mine and myself included ended up in hospital due to doctors refusing to write out an antibiotic prescription. I am suffering with a chronic illness because of this.

  • Omar Bejarano Gonzalez

    What if i made DIY flowers for her? ohhh and put LEDs on them that will be cool, would a girl accepted it?

  • Omar Bejarano Gonzalez

    Me being a Mexican i want to Marry a Russian Woman!!!

  • Crimson Phoenix
    Crimson Phoenix 9 days ago

    USA: Is smell some communist bullshit!! (loads m16 with malicious intent)

  • vinayak s
    vinayak s 9 days ago

    Are you American living in Russia?

    • vinayak s
      vinayak s 7 days ago

      @RUSSIA BEYOND Thanks I thought she was an American women.

      RUSSIA BEYOND 8 days ago

      Video about Anna

  • J. M.
    J. M. 9 days ago

    September 8th 2019 Jay it's good to see you we going to get a new video because the one you have is 2014. I was thinking about you and how you're doing how's your farm doing how's the wife got any kids how are things going I find if one gets a chance to get a farmer that has organic foods fruits and vegetables and I received this food a farmer up north where I live and he sends it through the ups and it's called nutrient dense food. They raise Mangalitsa pigs. I believe they originally came out of Czechoslovakia or hungry back in 1990 they came to America. It's one of those slow-growing pigs that take about a year and you prepare different fields non GMOs no Hong Chau and beautiful Pig beautiful taste charcuterie Thai Pig. This man has classes that teach people how to slaughter a pig how to make charcuterie how to cure Meats 4 long for a long time. Well there's a book I was wondering if you would like to get it devil in the milk illness health and the politics of A 1 and A2 milk the author's name is KEITH WOODFORD, and Foreword by THOMAS COWAN,MD. ISBN Library of Congress serial number.#978_1_60358_102_8. Is your farm expanding have you decided to find out if any white South Africans could come on your farm it's you could sponsor them. You could grow your heart I definitely going to make an opportunity in the next 12 years from now and make a trip to go down to Russia. King of Kings, Lord of lords, prophecy of America:

  • Tinfoil Ushanka
    Tinfoil Ushanka 10 days ago

    everything about this video is sexy

  • Paradox Previat
    Paradox Previat 10 days ago

    Anna petrova u r a deep russian soul.

  • Paradox Previat
    Paradox Previat 10 days ago

    Good home made medicine,I will try it.

  • Roman Fomenkov
    Roman Fomenkov 10 days ago

    Даже на славенском титры есть, а на русском не судьба было сделать?

  • Nate a
    Nate a 10 days ago

    You are all talking about Hollywood getting details of your countries wrong? I was in the US military and they get everything wrong about our own country and military!! It pisses me off! Get it right Hollywood or don't do it at all!!

  • RIVER PLATE 1901
    RIVER PLATE 1901 10 days ago


    • Morrisey
      Morrisey 6 days ago

      @RIVER PLATE 1901 If you go back far enough their ancestors came from the middle east so they didn't originate in Europe. They're not native to Europe.

    • RIVER PLATE 1901
      RIVER PLATE 1901 6 days ago

      @Morrisey once again they were races originated in europe! american natives originated in mongolia !

    • Morrisey
      Morrisey 7 days ago

      @RIVER PLATE 1901 Yes and those European races came from somewhere else therefore they aren't native to Europe by your logic.

    • RIVER PLATE 1901
      RIVER PLATE 1901 7 days ago

      @Morrisey most of european races originated in europe by mixing with other european races ! the wrongly called american natives came from Asia ! first settlers were the eskimos! a mongolian siberian nomad tribe

    • Morrisey
      Morrisey 8 days ago

      @RIVER PLATE 1901 They are, by your logic Europeans aren't native to Europe

  • Domenico Giordano
    Domenico Giordano 10 days ago

    Complimenti MARCO!!!

  • crazyfish253
    crazyfish253 11 days ago

    Nice work 👌, who's technology?

  • Victor Chugunov
    Victor Chugunov 11 days ago

    At least people had free healthcare and college education and low taxes people did not suffer. At least during the Brezhnev era

  • Chansai Commerce17
    Chansai Commerce17 11 days ago


  • Tina Taki
    Tina Taki 11 days ago

    1:11 what's the name of the song?

  • Chansai Commerce17
    Chansai Commerce17 11 days ago


  • Chansai Commerce17
    Chansai Commerce17 11 days ago


  • Chansai Commerce17
    Chansai Commerce17 11 days ago


  • Leopard
    Leopard 11 days ago

    Since I became familiar with Russia, good things happen in my life. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cyrus Bayat
    Cyrus Bayat 11 days ago

    What do we do now mike?🤔 See a russian say nothing and run away👽

  • Виктор Цой
    Виктор Цой 11 days ago

    Спасибо за видео,сам тут живу.благодаря твоему видео решил для себя открыть новые места,еще раз Спасибо:)

  • Виктор Цой
    Виктор Цой 11 days ago

    я здесь живу😍

  • DaryaJovi
    DaryaJovi 11 days ago


  • Akeno Chu
    Akeno Chu 11 days ago

    France ‘Russia is bears in the streets’ Russia ‘France is croissants on the streets’

  • Alex Wyntword
    Alex Wyntword 11 days ago

    Expensive?! Whaaat, dude it's literally one of the cheapest places you can visit... That one was a shocker O_O maybe Moscow is tho, okay, but the rest, come oooon! :D

    • Alex Wyntword
      Alex Wyntword 11 days ago

      @Robin Bobin omg calm down drama queen, nobody's bashing anything... You could be just as wrong, so instead of being crazed grammar nazi, I think it's YOU who should learn from this, how about that?;) My english is pretty good by the way.

    • Robin Bobin
      Robin Bobin 11 days ago

      Dude! Prior to any bashing, you'd better learn English along with the Runglish editors. ExpAnsive is not expensive. ExpAnsive is what probably the poor Canadian meant. Unless of course, the participants were reading the text prepared in advance by the propagandists. Thus, it could have been 'expensive' either.

  • deniklas
    deniklas 11 days ago

    It`s very cool

  • D
    D 11 days ago

    My friend married a Russian woman, and she does like to cook, not sure about the personal trainer part though, because his wife turned him into a land whale over the years past. Almost like he was some kind of 4h project. Not sure if their all gold diggers though, my friends Russian wife is very hard working and out earns my friend, but she does control all their money, but she has lots of valuable perks too.

  • Julia Bartlam
    Julia Bartlam 11 days ago

    Was kind of hoping for more but, not bad.

  • Roberto Claros
    Roberto Claros 12 days ago

    Let's go to Russia right now 😁😁😁😁

  • Robin Bobin
    Robin Bobin 12 days ago

    Russian propaganda slowly grinds to a halt.

  • dtvalternative
    dtvalternative 12 days ago

    Anna is the best reason I have to watch TVclip

  • Михаил Маринченко

    Thank You! We Love You!

  • Товарищ
    Товарищ 12 days ago

    Россия лучше... Из Америка.

    • Товарищ
      Товарищ 11 days ago

      @Alex Rusхахаха

    • Alex Rus
      Alex Rus 11 days ago

      Таварысч из Амэрыгааа! Зря надрываетесь. Metabot отметил ваш профиль.

  • Naeem Bhatti
    Naeem Bhatti 12 days ago

    The best of all Pakistani expression ,Love Power and Beautiful

  • Кирилл Ананьев

    Прикольно получилось, спасибо :-)

  • Lemoni Menisza
    Lemoni Menisza 12 days ago

    To me, Russia is just Russia where Russian lives + many beautiful girls+ great cultures tradition and I'm learning their language. Spasiba.

  • Paradox Previat
    Paradox Previat 12 days ago

    Russia is bigger than Pluto.

  • Rusalka and Sanya: Provincial Russian Life

    ♥️♥️♥️ Such a wonderful video! Please, make more such videos! 😉 I'm impressed that a Canadian said Russia is expensive. Wow, maybe he visited some luxury places in Moscow? Dear Sandor Fabian from Hungary, come to Russia, we are not far from you 😉☺️😌

    • Rusalka and Sanya: Provincial Russian Life
      Rusalka and Sanya: Provincial Russian Life 12 days ago

      ​@Robin Bobin Wow! Thank you very much! This is what happens when you listen to the video more than watch it...

    • Robin Bobin
      Robin Bobin 12 days ago

      The chances are the Canadian guy said, "Russia is expAnsive". The words expensive and expansive are homophones but have different meanings.

  • Dannia65
    Dannia65 12 days ago

    Скиньте ссылку на трек в конце 🙏

  • lovingjk
    lovingjk 12 days ago


  • Paradox Previat
    Paradox Previat 13 days ago

    Stop comparison,weapons distroy the world.

  • Paradox Previat
    Paradox Previat 13 days ago

    Rb makes awesome video.normally not seen anywhere.well done carry on.

  • Paradox Previat
    Paradox Previat 13 days ago

    She is a fighter and inspiration for all of us,i wish her a happy and prosperous life.

  • Paradox Previat
    Paradox Previat 13 days ago

    So beautiful.

  • Baldi's Basic's
    Baldi's Basic's 13 days ago

    Oh ok, then I'll make the *M A U S -* actually no hmm.... How about the *P.1500 Monster Tank?*

  • psgrenier
    psgrenier 13 days ago

    Какая умница! So impressed with her grace both of body and, well, just everything: spirit, mind, character. Like a heroine from the 19th century (in a Charlotte Bronte novel).

  • Pavel S.
    Pavel S. 13 days ago

    Дмитрий, делайте русских персонажей и будет успех.

  • John Kashur
    John Kashur 14 days ago

    0:24 "patent pending"

  • Pilum1000
    Pilum1000 14 days ago

    Bullshit. Russians looks likes as Negroes. Proof :