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Adam West Tribute
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  • Steven Russell
    Steven Russell 2 months ago

    Butch as the creator of Tuff Puppey and though it got cancelled what is the official end to the series do dudley and kitty end up together it's a question that has been bugging me for years

  • Mr. MS-DOS
    Mr. MS-DOS 2 months ago

    Hey, Butch? I need a HUGE favor. I was designing my OC, but I couldn't really think of my final style. I want to see YOUR depiction of my character (NOT in the FOP style), so I can try to finalize my design. When you made it, send me a link via. Google Drive so I can see it. My concept: drive.google.com/open?id=0B2ATUftGpQ4ATWdGVElpMXJHSU0

  • Sasuke Hirouishi
    Sasuke Hirouishi 2 months ago

    What is the acutal name of Timmy^ s dad and Mom

  • #Passi2000
    #Passi2000 3 months ago

    The Fairly Odd Phantom | (Deutsch/German) [Synchron] tvclip.biz/video/JkK1BKCiJO4/video.html

  • ursula raz stingo
    ursula raz stingo 3 months ago

    notce me senpai

  • TheFuturamaFanboy
    TheFuturamaFanboy 3 months ago

    Can you draw Crash Bandicoot?

  • devildog452
    devildog452 3 months ago

    Are you the real Butch Hartman? I love your work on the fairly oddparents and danny phantom. I was hoping we could see Norm the genie again in season 11 in more episodes.

  • Shaughan McClintock
    Shaughan McClintock 3 months ago

    tuff puppy's my favorite show dude

  • Hank Farshy
    Hank Farshy 3 months ago

    Hey, how do creators of shows pitch their ideas to studios? I have a great idea for an animated adaptation of a book series but lack formal training in animation. How can I make my dream a reality? I loved your cartoons as a child and still do!

  • BCRunch
    BCRunch 3 months ago

    I don't think I ever saw Annabel dragon before.

  • dragonking1able
    dragonking1able 3 months ago

    can you draw the rowdyruff boys from Powerpuff girls in Fairly oddparents styles, please?

  • Life
    Life 3 months ago

    do lazarbeam, make sure to mention that he has to get that tatoo

  • Naomi Walker
    Naomi Walker 3 months ago

    Hey, Butch. Your drawings are very awesome and I love your Cuphead drawing. I got a request for you making another video. Can you please do Cuphead Bosses in Fairly OddParents Style? I love to see what they look like which is the Devil, King Dice, Cagney Carnation, The Root Pack, Hilda Berg and other bosses in the game. :)

  • Francis Paquette
    Francis Paquette 3 months ago

    What about french canadian/european comic book characters for your next fanarts/FOP crossovers? Asterix, Tintin, Iznogoud, Red Ketchup, Les nombrils, Jérome Bigras (with his pet lawn mower Rex) and Jon le Bon just to name a few ;)

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 3 months ago

    Do SpongeBob Squarepants 10 Years Later in The Fairly OddParents Style

  • LM Productions
    LM Productions 3 months ago

    All the Doctors from Doctor Who!!

  • BloxBall
    BloxBall 3 months ago

    I love bunsen is a beast, keep up the good work!

  • MavisRead
    MavisRead 3 months ago

    Mr.Butch Hartman, honestly if it wasn't for your shows then I wouldn't have been inspired to be an artist or creative. I have you to thank for that. And I know you're probably busy. But one request if Big Daddy (Wanda's dad) and Mama Cosma (Cosmo's mom) come back into the series. My request is for Papa Cosma (Cosmo's dad) to come back. He is a green fly probably flying around Fairy World, come on, there's gonna be a way for him to become a fairy again. I'm guessing cause he was turned into a green fly that means he still has magic. Just have a fairy drop their wand or something, Papa Cosma lands on it and cast the spell to make him a fairy again! I'm asking this cause the hinting at Big Daddy and Mama Cosma being in love is kinda gross, cause if they get married then Wanda and Cosmo would be siblings from that union. And that's creepy :c I'm sorry :c But if Papa Cosma comes back, Mama Cosma can be happy and will back off on trying to break up Wanda and Cosmo.

  • el pinguino naranja
    el pinguino naranja 3 months ago

    its good to know then u still doing what u like

  • AutisticPhantomOtaku
    AutisticPhantomOtaku 3 months ago

    1. Let's see: Sam is next to Danny, Tootie is next to Timmy and Kitty is next to Dudley. Glad to know you've put your 3 main characters next to their respective Girlfriend.2. What happened to your Powerpuff Girls video?

  • Logan Crooker
    Logan Crooker 3 months ago

    Draw lazarbeam so he has to get it tattoo on his arm

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 3 months ago

    can you draw Garfield ?

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 3 months ago


  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 3 months ago


    GIGGLR 4 months ago

    This is why we can't have nice things...

  • Super Mario Universe
    Super Mario Universe 4 months ago

    Hey Butch! Know what would be cool? You should make a fairly odd parents episode where Timmy, Chloe, Cosmo and Wanda get captured by Foop in anti fairy world. Then they find Anti Cosmo and Anti Wanda and try to help Anti Cosmo overthrow Foop and take back his place as ruler. Then Anti Cosmo does something for them in return! Like if you agree!

  • Kirsty Shadowdancer
    Kirsty Shadowdancer 4 months ago

    Hey Hartman, stupid question but you know what a Fusion is right? Like two characters fuzed together? So here's a drawing Idea, pick a character of your's and a character not your'se that you're a fan of - and draw fusion of them! Would love to find out what shows your a fan of and this would make it interesting.

  • John Ylitalo
    John Ylitalo 4 months ago

    Could you draw Zootopia?

  • Praxedes Roman
    Praxedes Roman 4 months ago

    plz do a Secrets REVEALED on tuff puppy

  • Vensey
    Vensey 4 months ago

    Trying to share this everywhere I can to make my voice as a Phan heard: With all of the recent Danny Phantom stuff going on, I pose a question to the DP fans about how everyone might want DP to come back, if at all: Reboot, "X Years Later", Continuation of Season 3, or Not at All (Keep as an Awesome Memory) This post is my own explanations of each of those options. (Also, IT SHOULD NOT BE DONE IN FLASH. PLEASE. JUST DON’T DO IT IN FLASH. The crossover was fun but it looked so… lifeless and honestly just looked like cutouts compared to the original.) First of all, we don’t even know if it’s being planned. However, all the recent DP activity seems to point in that direction or at least give off implication of it. Second, we don’t know if Nick will even take the fans’ perspectives or opinions into account. Heck, we don’t even know if Nick WOULD be the company to bring back the show. Maybe they’ll move it to a different channel if they do. Third, we, as Phans and part of a Phandom of this magnitude, should be very careful as to what we are asking. If we cannot even agree with ourselves or other Phans on WHAT type of revival it should be, then we run into a big problem. I wish to stand representative of the thoughts on each version of “if DP was brought back”. Here are the types revivals that I currently see as possibilities, and the problems with each of them. (If you think of any other reasons or pros and cons, please let me know and respond!) * A quick note: Some potential problems that are not directly related to the type of revival: - They might do the show in Flash, which is a different stylistic feel and, based on the crossover video, not that great - Additionally, we may get more seasons like Season 3 instead of seasons like Season 1 (it might lack the care or devotion that was present in the original series) - Not all fans may want the same thing; could create a chasm in the fandom - Might not “feel” like Danny Phantom (due to the long passage of time, different ages of audience, magnitude of Phandom and fan interest, new methods of creation, etc.) A Reboot Pros: - A chance to present new ideas or darker themes (such as ideas that were not originally in the show) - Possibility of legitimate “origin episode” - Could be used to “redo” Season 3 Cons: - Many reboots are poorly done/poorly received by fans - Could undo the awesomeness of Season 1 and the original show - Would create potentially conflicting canons An “X Years Later” Story (such as 10 years later) Pros: - According to a podcast of the DP cast, the VA’s seem to like this version; also seems to be the most-asked-for by fans - Chance for a new story Cons: - Could negate many ideas/theories/fan concepts (could create conflicts of interest in fans) - Potentially missing out on all the years in-between to ask questions left unanswered by Season 3 Continuation of Season 3 Pros: - Chance to introduce new ideas (such as ideas not in the original) - Ability to answer questions from original series (particularly after Phantom Planet) - Would be closer to the original, matching ages and tones that people originally liked Cons: - Season 3 was pretty poorly received for being too rushed - Still a lot of conclusions in Phantom Planet (does not leave a lot open for material other than the ideas already pitched) Keeping it A Joyful Memory Pros: - The original remains as excellent as it always was (it would not be “spoiled” by a poorly-done reboot, retelling, or continuation) - Continual growth of many ideas and concepts in the Phandom without conflict in canon Cons: - No new material - Disappointed fans (though this could happen if any of the above options are chosen but not the ones that some fans wanted) To me, if they were going to bring it back, the best option seems to be a combo of the “years later” story and the continuation of Season 3. Instead of focusing on Danny keeping his secret from his parents, we can see the process of how they create the “Phantom household name” that Butch was talking about, as well as exploring the Ghost Zone more and involving some ideas (like Sojourn) while keeping the original cast at their ages of 15/16 that they were when the show ended, thus giving familiarity but also introducing and reinforcing ideas that didn’t make it into the original show or were not given enough time. (You can shift focus to explaining ghosts, their realm, the blood blossoms, etc.) So thank you for reading! Please, leave your comments and thoughts and share them with Butch and whoever else you can (especially other Phans)!

  • Ricky Moran Jr
    Ricky Moran Jr 4 months ago

    I don't care what other people say about fairly odd parents getting ruined I love that show and Danny Phantom so you have to do a continuation for both shows.

  • Ricky Moran Jr
    Ricky Moran Jr 4 months ago

    Butch you should do a continuation for Danny phantom because I love that show, you should also create a new character/ arch enemy named Alexander Masters (Vlad's Son/ Danny's clone). also Danny and Sam should get married and have children whose names should be Diana, Darry & Terrance Fenton but like I said just a thought.

  • GuitarGuy 1991
    GuitarGuy 1991 4 months ago

    Hey, Butch. Can you draw Donald Trump in the FOP style?

    • Cool Guy
      Cool Guy 3 months ago

      Yeah that would be cool to see, but he is afraid that the libs will attack him

  • Seven Gaming
    Seven Gaming 4 months ago

    USUŃ CHLOE!111!11111!!!!!!!!!11111!!

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 4 months ago

    can you draw Kitty Katswell from T.U.F.F. Puppy hanging out with Mighty Mouse ?

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 4 months ago

    can you draw Ladybug and Noir Cat from Miraculous Ladybug in The Fairly OddParents Style ?

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 4 months ago

    can you draw Hanazuki and the Hempkas from Hanazuki: Full of Treasures in The Fairly OddParents Style ???

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 4 months ago

    can you draw Gumball and Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball in The Fairly OddParents Style ???

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 4 months ago

    can you draw Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear from We Bare Bears in The Fairly OddParents Style ???

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 4 months ago

    can you draw Timmy, Chester, AJ, Trixie and Veronica as The Power Rangers ???

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 4 months ago

    can you draw Lincoln Loud from The Loud House in The Fairly OddParents Style ???

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 4 months ago

    can you draw Star Butterfly in The Fairly OddParents Style ?

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 4 months ago

    can you draw Chester Cheetah and The Pink Panther ?

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 4 months ago

    can you draw Doraemon in The Fairly OddParents Style since you totally like Anime ???

  • Vensey
    Vensey 4 months ago

    Hey Butch, are you aware of the Wes Weston craze that's currently sweeping your Danny Phantom fans?

  • Jonathan D Bell
    Jonathan D Bell 4 months ago

    If you know what fanfiction.net is could you please tell us your favorite Danny Phantom ones?

  • Throw the autist Into the chamber

    What are your thoughts on Randy Stair?

  • otaku boy
    otaku boy 5 months ago

    Draw nistaliga critic Vs. the Angry Vedio game nerd please.

  • Bede Gleeson
    Bede Gleeson 5 months ago

    can you draw south park

  • Michael Iggy's Toons and Animatronics!

    Hey, Butch! Michael here saying are you planning to post the "Future Family Fusion" cartoon as part of your Cartoon-A-Day plans on TVclip?

  • gurell chetty
    gurell chetty 5 months ago

    im so all in for danny's return i will die in peace lol, but seriously i loved danny phantom for me it was my best toon i just hope this 10 year skip/character redesign will relaunch danny >>>>>>>DANNY PHANTOM FOR RETURN PLEASE<<<<<<<

  • Shane Jones
    Shane Jones 5 months ago

    Maybe you could try drawing WWE Superstars in FOP style?

  • OmegaRain Productions
    OmegaRain Productions 5 months ago

    If you havent already could ya do a how to draw Danny Phantom style video?

  • Shayne473
    Shayne473 5 months ago

    If you ever decide to bring back Danny Phantom I had a great idea for a villain. Imagine a ghost who is also a kind of vampire, but instead of blood that a vampire would suck out of a human, this villain would suck out plasma from their ghost victims. The drained ghosts wouldn't die, but maybe there could be a sort of mind control like a vampire's ghoul. But all in all due to Danny being half ghost, this could be a problem for him. He would definitely try to stop this ghost-vampire even though they're not hurting human beings because that's just the kind of hero Danny is. But he might become the next victim on his way to try and stop them ;)

  • Marlo Mallari
    Marlo Mallari 5 months ago

    How about feature if wwe superstars in danny phantom or fairly oddparents.

  • Larry Koopa 64 DS hacker

    I wanna see Madoka Kaname (from Madoka Magica), Larry Koopa (from the Mario series), Conker (from Conker's Bad Furday/Live and Reloaded) and Keroro (from Sgt. Frog) done in the fairly odd-parents style because those are my 4 favorite fictional characters to exist...

  • Peter Davidson
    Peter Davidson 5 months ago

    Quick question: out of all the cartoons you made which one are you most proud of?(By the way your a awesome animator and a really talented person and thank you for all the great memories you have given to us all. I grew up watching these cartoons and I still love them to this day thank you!)

  • joker 7195
    joker 7195 5 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/eCspsmD84jE/video.html death note in fairy odd parents form.

  • Scarlet Letter
    Scarlet Letter 5 months ago

    Someone made a really funny parody opening in your style, and many people (myself included) think you'll want to see it. Here's a link; tvclip.biz/video/eCspsmD84jE/video.html&lc=z120t504auzkcboox04cddaizzm2snl5e0s.1504305847274994

  • tsunderek
    tsunderek 5 months ago

    tvclip.biz/video/eCspsmD84jE/video.html You need to see this!

  • Chris Crews
    Chris Crews 5 months ago

    hi really wish danny phantom would be back on tv seen your videos of danny phantom 10 years later was awesome brought back a lot of childhood memories of watching the show every chance i got couldn't get enough of it

  • Noah Dizon
    Noah Dizon 5 months ago

    get rid off chloie in a special event where gorgon von strangle decides to only have relateable kids with relatable reasons keep their faries

  • Pity Cry
    Pity Cry 5 months ago

    Danny Phantom as a anime???

  • Swiftica Decepticon
    Swiftica Decepticon 5 months ago

    Thank you for designing my childhood. :3

  • Coffe Owl
    Coffe Owl 5 months ago

    butch hartman is making youtube videos that are getting decent views? you know what, good for him.

  • Silver Fox Studios
    Silver Fox Studios 5 months ago

    Hey Butch Hartman. I heard that you don't support the transgender community... that worries me. Is it true? The reason why it worries me is I grew up with Danny phantom and fairly odd parents. And I myself am trans. It worries me to think an animator that inspires me to draw, could possibly hate the fact that I am transgender. Please tell me.

  • Braden Baum
    Braden Baum 5 months ago

    Please run for President in 2035. We need an animator for president of the united states! :D and please do not get offended. ;)

  • Maurice Nickles
    Maurice Nickles 6 months ago


  • Lexi Reed
    Lexi Reed 6 months ago


  • StupidCamel
    StupidCamel 6 months ago

    can you me?

  • Ben McDermott
    Ben McDermott 6 months ago

    do a Modern Cartoons in The Fairly OddParents Style consisting of The Loud House, Miraculous Ladybug & Noir Cat, OK KO, We Bare Bears, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil and a few you can come up with

  • Emperial Squid
    Emperial Squid 6 months ago

    On your board could you please draw my favorite character that you ever drew, future Skulker

  • FangChuckFunniePines Channel

    bring back danny phantom plz

  • terminator10111
    terminator10111 6 months ago

    how about drawing Danny phantom charters with starwars weapons

  • anime fan1
    anime fan1 6 months ago

    you should give dani her own show

  • Jay Arivalagan
    Jay Arivalagan 6 months ago

    Please consider re-introducing Danny Phantom with a mini-arc that features the evil Danny Phantom that is trapped in a Fenton thermos within Clockwork's tower. Thanks for the great characters and I hope to see many more as you continue creating!

  • Magnum Slayer
    Magnum Slayer 6 months ago

    He Butch. Can you draw some popular Playstation caracter like Ratchet and Clank , God of War and Spyro with your own drawing style

  • Coolboy725
    Coolboy725 6 months ago

    Hi, would you draw Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi characters in your art style? I would love to see a video of that!

  • Vast Fire
    Vast Fire 6 months ago

    Hey, Butch. Do you think you can draw characters from TOME: Terrain of Magical Expertise in the Danny Phantom style?

  • FunnehRabbitMan
    FunnehRabbitMan 6 months ago

    This has definitely been asked before, but I couldn't find a sure answer: are Timmy's parents really named Edgar and Clemence or was that just something noncanonical they did with the Spanish dub? Also, have you ever considered trying to bring back Danny Phantom in comic form like Jhonen and Invader Zim?

  • GuitarGuy 1991
    GuitarGuy 1991 6 months ago

    Hey Butch! Can you try drawing characters from "The Loud House" in your drawing style?

  • Tyler Julien
    Tyler Julien 6 months ago

    I have new idea for a tv show

    • Tyler Julien
      Tyler Julien 6 months ago

      send me email to tjulien 17 @gmail.com for my idea

  • CavendishSpy
    CavendishSpy 6 months ago

    hey butch, i really really REALLY love your work with all your series, I propose something ... if you do part 2 of anime characters drawn to your style? I dont know, you forget sailor moon, jojo's bizarre adventure, kill la kill, boku no hero academy, bleach, death note and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood... I say, I just say xD

  • Insanity Virus
    Insanity Virus 7 months ago

    With Hartman teasing us with so much Danny Phantom stuff as of late, I'm legit just waiting for 1 of 2 things to happen XD 1.) We FINALLY get the call we've all been waiting for, and Butch announces that the show is coming back, a reboot happens, or he announces that a sequel is happening. (Or even a movie, Idc, any of them will do XP) 2.) A riot and protest happens down at the Nickelodeon Network to the point where Nick actually finally gives Butch the chance to do a Season 4 of the show.

  • Margaret Carter
    Margaret Carter 7 months ago

    Butch hartman please remove chloe from fairly oddparents please i miss the older seasons so i think that the fairly oddparents would be good again if u remove chloe

  • Max & Ruby - Topic
    Max & Ruby - Topic 7 months ago


  • Vensey
    Vensey 7 months ago

    Butch, I'm really glad that you have a TVclip channel to continue your connection with your fans. I just wanted to let you know how much I admire your work, and most of all to say that you seem like the most down-to-earth and awesome guy. I hope that wherever you end up and whatever you work on that you can feel the same love and inspiration throughout your shows.

  • Haven The Inkling
    Haven The Inkling 7 months ago

    sooo, ya'll know Danny Phantom, right? that show where some kid gets ghost-like powers from his parents machine and fights other ghosts for three seasons? yeah. that classic. used to watch it when I was a fetus, lol. you wanna know who else fought ghosts? The Batter from OFF. yup. from THAT game. think on this for a bit...what would happen if the specters/creatures from off somehow came to the Danny Phantom universe? along with the batter, the judge, the bosses, etc. hhmmm...

  • Bro Gamer
    Bro Gamer 7 months ago


  • Space Core
    Space Core 7 months ago

    may i please have your po box i wish to send fanart

    • Cool Guy
      Cool Guy 3 months ago

      Yeah and how about your address too? lol

  • Sarah Maloney
    Sarah Maloney 7 months ago

    Please make an eleventh season of Fairly OddParents! Have Season 11 be Fairly OddPhantom! Have Timmy & Danny meet for the first time and have Timmy become a ghost and begin to see and hear ghosts as well after stumbling into the Ghost Portal!

  • Joseph Pesce
    Joseph Pesce 7 months ago

    The Fairly oddparents will be canceled on July 26, how do you feel about that?

  • Timmy R
    Timmy R 7 months ago

    Butch Hartman can you draw overgrowth Sam from Danny phantom on the white board

  • Nick Animations
    Nick Animations 7 months ago

    Drawing Happy Tree Friends Characters in Fairly OddParents Style

  • Joseph Jean Valerio
    Joseph Jean Valerio 7 months ago

    Hi, Butch Hartman I was wondering if you have any advice on writing episodes for a on going series and writing in Minor characters. I'm working on a project on Werewolves and supernatural powers. And I'm watching Danny Phantom with my little sister.... she loves it! Thank you!

  • Lylie Pucisse
    Lylie Pucisse 7 months ago

    Who wants Danny Phantom backs ?

  • Rings1234
    Rings1234 7 months ago

    So I did some fanart of Sam Manson and I thought I had put the right tags on it but maybe I didn't. Any ways I have a link to the pic on my tumblr page if you haven't seen it already. rcasedrawstuffs.tumblr.com/post/162372180761/sam-manson-so-i-have-been-checking-out-butch

  • Daniel Gtz. Banda
    Daniel Gtz. Banda 7 months ago

    Piénsalo! Una continuación de Danny Phantom 10 años después, es el sueño de muchos que sólo tú puedes cumplir! Gracias por todo, a México entero le encantó tu obra de arte que marcó demasiadas infancias. Saludos!

  • Imagine That Studios
    Imagine That Studios 7 months ago

    hey butch, have you ever considered doing another nicktoons Unite game, and if so, I'd like to ask two things 1. Is it in development 2. could you do nicktoons in fairly oddparents style

  • Solomon The Swag
    Solomon The Swag 7 months ago

    yo butch can i be in a nickelodeon show pls

  • Christian Esquivel
    Christian Esquivel 7 months ago

    Do the redrawing of the characters from Zootopia plz!

  • Dark Paladin Entertainment

    Greetings...I guess

  • Adrian Underwood
    Adrian Underwood 7 months ago

    Thanks for creating this channel! :) I love watching your videos and find it amazing to see your drawing process and your personality interacting with us the viewers as well as co-hosts. I grew up watching your cartoons and wish you lots of success with Bunsen is a Beast and all your future works!

  • XxNoculous_RiftxX
    XxNoculous_RiftxX 7 months ago

    you should draw undertale characters

  • Younes Lekraichi
    Younes Lekraichi 8 months ago

    bring back danny phantom please!!!!

  • Ravenclaw Outcast 13
    Ravenclaw Outcast 13 8 months ago

    More danny phantom would be lovely, maybe how he would be in different universes.


    Butch Hartman can you draw The Real Ghostbusters in Danny Phantom Style on your whiteboard ? please

  • Vladimir Redemi
    Vladimir Redemi 8 months ago

    Came here from Ember Ghost Squad.

  • Rob Harrison
    Rob Harrison 8 months ago

    As much as I like animals I guess you think grey delisle is a better human than Joel Osteen and Tim tebow right butch just for portraying cats?

  • Rob Harrison
    Rob Harrison 8 months ago

    I called grey delisle catlady so what it's not Joe Montana ever voiced one right

  • Rob Harrison
    Rob Harrison 8 months ago

    I don't care if you worship grey delisle over jests if that is your real name

  • Rob Harrison
    Rob Harrison 8 months ago

    I still think grey delisle is a jersey unless she truly apologized to me and then I have a reason to forgive her

  • Joseph Jean Valerio
    Joseph Jean Valerio 8 months ago

    Hey Butch are you selling any Danny Phantom cells?

  • chloe1231925
    chloe1231925 8 months ago

    i would love you forever and ever if you made more Danny Phantom seasons it's my all time favourite cartoon show and I'd just die happy if it came back

  • Green Spleen
    Green Spleen 8 months ago

    Butch Hartman is so awesome! Gonna do some fan art :)

  • Soaring Wings
    Soaring Wings 8 months ago

    Can you make Ember's Ghost Squad become a thing plz.

  • seph entrikin
    seph entrikin 8 months ago

    Hey Butch can you start a segment that gives us some Ghost Origins? Like who was Skulker before he died who was Ember who was The Box Ghost ect ect

  • Saruna Uzumaki
    Saruna Uzumaki 8 months ago

    Did you know that someone made an AOT/Danny Phantom Crossover intro? It`s really cool.It`s called "Eren Jäger" I think. ^^

  • ZiMEEMga Loudbavaran Neutron 236

    Can you draw: -Nicktoons characters (Besides of the characters you drawn in the magazine) -Cartoon Network characters (Besides of AT and SU) -Little Witch Academia characters -Capcom characters -Plants VS Zombies Heroes characters -Team Fortress 2 All in FOP style.

  • Dylans Game Hub
    Dylans Game Hub 8 months ago

    hey Butch have you ever thought about making a webcomic with the Danny Phantom 10 years later idea

    INVADERGAYA22 8 months ago


  • D Heine
    D Heine 8 months ago

    Can you do a TVclip video on the origins of T.U.F.F. Puppy. I remember the show was to be called STUD PUPPY.


    Mr. Butch Hartman can you do a cross over with Danny phantom and the old tv show the real ghost busters i would love if you made actual cartoon crossover. Plus it would be a awesome cartoon episode if you put on youtube.

  • Laroosa Dalabarge
    Laroosa Dalabarge 8 months ago

    I grew up watching Danny Phantom and Fairly Odd Parents. I'm glad that you have a channel on youtube cause you're a very interesting guy, Butch. I hope you come out with some other cartoon in the near future too.

  • CaptainOvide
    CaptainOvide 8 months ago

    what do You think of these ideas for FOP? Cosmo makes the mistake of turning into an extinct animal who is being pursued by animal preservers. OR! Timmy tries to keep Cosmo and Wanda hidden during the Blue Moon which cause any Fairy to dance a tango while turning into a different animal every minute.

  • BlakesGamez
    BlakesGamez 8 months ago

    This is the most charming and real channel on youtube I love it

  • Trevor Sutton
    Trevor Sutton 8 months ago

    You should Draw 90's NickSplat characters as Fairly odd parents charcters

  • ShadowBoom364
    ShadowBoom364 8 months ago

    Pls do a FNAF in Fairly Oddparents Style

  • Lil Gametooner
    Lil Gametooner 8 months ago

    Hey Butch, When is Dimension Hotel coming out cause I added my Characters in and you said it was coming out soon. So please make it come out school. Thank You

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    Benjamin568 8 months ago

    For the sake of childhoods everywhere, we must know! Do Jimmy and Timmy still talk to each other?

  • Rob Harrison
    Rob Harrison 8 months ago

    What kind of name is Grey anyway?

  • Master DA
    Master DA 8 months ago

    Okay, I'm gonna say it. Draw animated versions of Angry Video Game Nerd, Nostalgic Critic and Angry Joe in Fairly Odd Parents. Thumbs up if you want that too.

  • Sarah Nott
    Sarah Nott 8 months ago

    Can i be a part of nickelodeon My biggest dream was to become an actor from nickelodeon

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    how have i just noticed this channels existence and how is there only 223,754 subscribers. How?!?!?

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    Subscribe! It's the official FOP TVclip channel!

  • Sierra Holbrook
    Sierra Holbrook 9 months ago

    Could you please do Transformers Prime in the Danny Phantom style. I know it's not Nickelodeon. but I leave for Boot camp soon, and would love to see that style done to my favorite Transformers continuity.

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 9 months ago

    Dude you are amazing, wish I could get someone to animate my story. lol I never knew who made my favorite shows as a kid until now.

  • cassidy gonzalez
    cassidy gonzalez 9 months ago

    It may be possible to get new shows green lit by other platforms such as VRV, youtube red, netflix, hulu or any i may have missed.

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    here you go, have fun at 200k subs

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    Could you please make gender-flipped versions of your characters? Just as Adventure Time with Finn and Jake did with their characters and produced Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake?

  • prof. Trevenant
    prof. Trevenant 9 months ago

    Danny phantom was just 13 when his parents made a very strange machine now 10 years later should be seen. thank you for the Danny phantom part 2 pleas do part 3.

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    It's awesome to see that you're are on TVclip, Butch. I still love your Cartoons after all those years.

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    I have just finished Danny Phatom 4 the 3rd time. I'm hoping there's a new season so I can watch it all over again a 4th time!

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    I wish my father was here! LA CUCARACHA! SCrrEEEEEECH COWBOY MUSICHELLOOoO Soss! Timmy Turner, my name is Dougsdale Dimmadale Dimmadimmsdomedoodiddomedimedimmsdimmadimmadome owner of the Dougsdimmsdimmadaledimmadimsdomedodimmadimmsdaledimmadimmsdaledimmadome! Thank you for locating my long-lost son Dale Dimmadimmsdomedoodiddomedimedimmsdimmadimmadome, heir to the Dougsdimmsdimmadaledimmadimsdomedoodimmadimmsdaledimmadimmsdougsdaledimmadome fortune! If there’s anything I can ever do to repay you for your kindness, all you need to do is ask!!! Doug Dimmadome? The owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome? Not right. Not right? That’s right. Doug Dougmadomedimmadimmadomedimmsdaledomedaledimmsdodimmdougdodimmadomedimmadomedimmadomedimmadome owner of the Dougsdimmsdimmadaledimmadimsdomedoodimmadimmsdaledimmadimmadimmadimmadimmsdaledimmadome. The same Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome, where they’re showing Crash Nebula? On ice? Yeah! Not right. Not right?! That’s right. Timmy Turner, my name is Timmy Dimmadoodimmadome owner of the SOUND OF COMPUTER DYING Then you can get me three tickets to s- Not right! !O L L E H hcEeeeEERrrCS !AHCARACUC AL LA CUCARACHA! LIMO REPEATEDLY PULLS UP AND PULLS AWAY I wish my father was here! Freezeframe, grayscaleCRAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWLINGGG INNNNNNNNNN MY SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN THESE WOUUUUNNDS THEY

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    Can you draw what Chip Skylark would look like now.

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    Draw Ciel and Sebastian from the anime Black Butler please

  • Geshtar82
    Geshtar82 9 months ago

    I say if you are willing to do adult shows as kids and you wanted suggestions for anime to draw in your style Do the Titans from attack from titan specifically the shifters colossal and armored.

  • Annoying lookin s parrot

    Voting: A: Do Jotaro Kujo or Dio from JJBA B: Do kid cartoons as adult cartoons (Eliel Valdivia's suggestion)

  • froskii
    froskii 9 months ago

    What the hell happened to sparky and poof? Why did you replace them with mary sue chloe? Please stop trying to pander to young kids and make fairly odd parents an enjoyable show again.. either that or cancel it

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    Do One piece characters in fairly odd parents style

  • Brandon Day
    Brandon Day 10 months ago

    What kind of iPad pro do you use in your video's? Screen size, Memory storage, etc. Would you recommend it to someone interested in graphic design?

  • Cosplay Girl
    Cosplay Girl 10 months ago

    Butch, I wrote a Danny Phantom fanfiction (a story made by fans). Could you read it? I would like to know what you think of my story. Here's the link: www.fanfiction.net/s/12273382/1/Phantom-Phamily-Danielle

  • Cosplay Girl
    Cosplay Girl 10 months ago

    for all those Danny Phantom "phans" out there www.fanfiction.net/cartoon/Danny-Phantom/

  • Cosplay Girl
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    I drew Danny Fenton. It looked exactly like him!!

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    I'm still wondering why you hadn't drawn IDubbbz

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    can u do giant animated guys

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    thanks for making my childhood awesome!

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    I love all your shows! Wish I had found this earlier!

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    If somone were to ask not me of course would you draw a zombie bunny army?

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    Can you do this? Please I beg you. As you can see here I'm a total big team rocket #1 fan. Can you do Jessie and James , Meowth from Pokemon in Fairly Odd Parents Style please?

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    "Say Butch, do you think if you can do in FOP in Disney style?"

  • YouTubeLogotehObjectThingy

    I wish Danny phantom still aired

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    Can I ask you a BIG but quick question, Butch? it's just to see if you're even aware of it.

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    can you do a short episode of danny phantom on the noog network

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    Your live stream broke up. Can you get the tech crew to sort things out?

    IABI TV 10 months ago

    Unbelievable. Last time there was a livestream, it hit me by surprise. This time I have to wait and wait and wait for it to happen! Seriously?

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    Today is the 16 ann. of the Fairly Odd Parents

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    Have you heard about Wes Weston? it's quite surprising what the fandom did for this background character from Danny Phantom. If you haven't , well if you look it up I think you will find yourself amused.

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    hi mom

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    Hey Butch, are Fairly OddParents Still going, or are they finished?

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    Mr. Hartman, big fan I was wondering what would vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/disney/images/0/0a/Dust_Crophopper_3.png/revision/latest?cb=20151215152831 look like in fairly oddparents?

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    Why am i finding this Channel just now? This is amazing, much respect!

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    Hey Butch do you think we can see a full episode of dinomice like a rough lay out or concept of how you wanted the show to go?

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    DED Pool

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    i have to thank you from my childhood self, thank you so much for making some of my favorite shows of all time! Good luck at creating more master-pieces!

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    am i the only one who DOESNT hate chloe and sparky?

  • Mechadroid209
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    could you draw timmy turner with danny phantoms powers a Timmy Phantom of sort I always dreamed of crossover between danny phantom and fairly odd parents

  • KB1KiteBoy1
    KB1KiteBoy1 11 months ago

    That Butch Hartman can really draw and design characters. I went one day like to see is rendition of an old 1960s situation comedy called My Favorite Martian with Butch Hartman modeling himself as Tim O'Hara. In my mind, Butch Hartman would make a great Tim O'Hara if he drew glasses on his self modeled character.

  • JohnsonThunder7
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    draw gabe newell lol

  • GothGirlXenon
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    Was there ever a full story behind Ember McLain's song "Remember"? Some people want to know the truth about her past and why she refuses to rest in peace after her tragic death. Have you ever thought about creating an animation of Ember's backstory regarding why she became a ghost?

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    Hello Mr.Hartman nice to meet you i'm a huge fan.

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    hi, I'm a big fan of Danny phantom and I was wondering if we could see a crossover between FOP an DP one day and if you ever bring Danny phantom back, start from where it left off because jumping to a new design for the characters so quickly would be confusing, even though it's been years, maybe let the phantom trio meet up with clock work again and see their new future selves, I would also like to see dash get jealous of Danny's newfound popularity and continue to pick on him but Danny just uses his powers to get away, anyway you're awesome butch!!!

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    you did a tuff puppy as humans how about danny phantom or fop characters in a tuff puppy style

  • Remander james
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    #Butch Hartman Can you make timmy wish he was a overwatch character

    • AcXiD Scythe
      AcXiD Scythe 11 months ago

      he can't he does not own the rights there fore he can't use it in a official show

  • Orionroseaku
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    On your Whiteboard, could you draw the one and only Danny Phantom?

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    Draw Trixie Tang, Its my favorite character!

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    Hey there, just wanted to wish you a Happy Mario Day :D www.nationaldaycalendar.com/national-mario-day-march-10/

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    I am doing a research paper about my future career, which will be being an animator, I wanted to know if i can interview you.

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    Could you draw the marvel and dc characters in fairy oddparents style like Flash Spiderman RedRobin Hawkeye Kid flash and The Hulk

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    Hey Butch can you do a Ben 10 meets Fairy Odd Parents or Danny Phantom CrossOver Or Ben 10 in FairyOddParents/DannyPhatom also you should do some danny phatom.

  • LooneyTunerIan
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    Have you tried drawing classic cartoon characters in your style? (You know, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, etc.)

  • Jordan Chamorro
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  • Brian Alvinson
    Brian Alvinson 11 months ago

    when you had Danny as an adult you could of used Michael J Fox as Dark Danny

  • Brian Alvinson
    Brian Alvinson 11 months ago

    I have so much to stay first off big fan of your work second I lots of ideas of what you can draw in your style 1. Archie characters 2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S 3. Newspaper comics characters 4. The original 8 Digi-destined (Digimon) 5. Hanna-Barbera characters (i.e Scooby-Doo,Tom and Jerry,Flintstones,etc.) (you're a former H-B animator you can do this) 6. The Wiggles (all members) 7. Grojband 8. One-Hit Wonders 9. The Cast of Your Shows (p.s while Tara Strong is a good Timmy I actually see Charlie Schlatter as the character what would that be like) 10. Star Wars 11. Looney Tunes 12. Queen (the band) and last but not least your a friend of Seth McFarlane draw his characters and vice versa.

  • Limel Lewis
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    Ok i'm sorry but I have to(... can you make out Dudley and Kitty) PLZ!

  • Sunchipp Studio
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    Hey Butch Sunchipp Here. I am an animator myself and it has been 8 years since I've been animating. I was cerious to know if you need a hand in the future. i'd say more but I'm kinda tired lol

  • Andrew Clark
    Andrew Clark 11 months ago

    Hey butch I have a quick question about the current season of fairy odd parents. Will poof make a return to the series as a main character? He appears in the new intro with cosmo and Wanda but doesn't appear in the season.

  • mythical firegem
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    What if My little pony friendship is magic crossed over with FOP