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Welcome Back, Megadeth!
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Hi Poppy
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  • Reckless_Metal
    Reckless_Metal 5 hours ago


  • tlessmo
    tlessmo 5 hours ago

    Like for shitting on Nancy Disgrace.

  • Jack Murphy
    Jack Murphy 5 hours ago

    Alice Cooper looks like the human embodiment of a cigarette

  • Steven Pryce
    Steven Pryce 5 hours ago

    Never mind short songs bonny lad,if you keep on with the likes of Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner & Empire of the Clouds then I'll still be listening 👍👊

  • this time
    this time 5 hours ago

    sum 41 is the best!!!

  • johnnydash
    johnnydash 5 hours ago


  • Jason Andrew
    Jason Andrew 5 hours ago

    Metallica question just like that? What, no warning?

  • Andi-the-Duke
    Andi-the-Duke 5 hours ago

    Bruh, who was in charge of the audio?

  • Punko2389
    Punko2389 5 hours ago

    This guys are genius

  • paul power
    paul power 5 hours ago

    He nearly 60...still looks like a teenager

  • Among The Damned
    Among The Damned 5 hours ago

    I would absolutely buy that EP he mentioned. Are you kidding?

    HEINSENBERG 5 hours ago

    R.I.P Ray Burton now you are in heaven with your son Cliff!!

  • JohnnyxOh
    JohnnyxOh 5 hours ago

    If you listen Metallica that doesnt make you a metal head.

  • mach389
    mach389 5 hours ago

    Stay strong everyone ❤

  • Richard Poker
    Richard Poker 5 hours ago

    I can make my farts wiggle, vibrato 💩

  • Araphel, Ein Sof
    Araphel, Ein Sof 5 hours ago

    The totalitarian state begins at home with parents conforming children at all times and denying them the bill of rights. It is either from birth we have these rights, or not at all. Stop abusing your childrens freedom and they will stop growing up to abuse ours. Revolt.

  • Jet Raven
    Jet Raven 5 hours ago

    Has anyone tried fenderplay I'm very interested in getting it I play a lil I'm self taught but I'd like to get better n learn theory and all that I can read a lil bit of tab not much

  • Nicholas Gonzalez
    Nicholas Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    If vince was offered let's say 6billion for wwe would the family sell or as I think say fuck that and keep it in their family forever just because it's in their blood

  • John lemay Lemay
    John lemay Lemay 5 hours ago

    Those interviews pay your bills d wad.

  • Joseph Argibay
    Joseph Argibay 6 hours ago

    Can we please.get some young council members in

  • John lemay Lemay
    John lemay Lemay 6 hours ago

    Henry Rollins, blah, blah, and blah. He is in the same vein as Ted Nugent. Knows everything about anything.

  • noah adamo
    noah adamo 6 hours ago

    I am somewhat disappointed that Possum Kingdom by Toadies, was not included in this list

    FAKTORES 6 hours ago

    Pneuma yes , Mysery Index - Heirs to Thievery , Kvelertak - Ulvetid , HELENGARD - Whisper of Dry Foliage , Sleeping Giant - Tithemi , Falkenbach - Runes Shall You Know , Evile - In Memoriam , Alcest - Les Voyages De LÂme , Wolfheart - The Hunt , While She Sleeps - Death Toll , Mantar - White Nights , Mother Crone - Halocline , Ensiferum - One Man Army , SCHAMMASCH - Metanoia , Pillorian - Dark is River of Man , MYRKUR - Ulvinde , Horn - Turm am Hang , Tephra - Agra , etc.

  • Lars Stray
    Lars Stray 6 hours ago

    You can easily make a new version of this video with everybody that reunited in 2019/2020!

  • aleks
    aleks 6 hours ago

    So like.. can we just sign a petition already and remove the pop and hip hop artists out of the rarhof inductees list?

  • Terrance Williams
    Terrance Williams 6 hours ago

    Imagine Andre the giant doing a starship pain 😂

  • Anto Lo Scarso a COD

    First learn the differences between deep growls and gutturals...

  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson 6 hours ago

    Why can’t you guys just play the studio recording instead of the live version? Im just asking 😂

  • Leroy O Neill
    Leroy O Neill 6 hours ago

    Sum 41 was and i hope together LEGENDS!! Much love guys. 👍🍀❤

  • Oscar Brewster
    Oscar Brewster 6 hours ago

    Disagree on higher ground Stevie wonder is better

  • FiftyCaliberTV
    FiftyCaliberTV 6 hours ago

    Came here from Mark’s Instagram post. That’s actually Cliff’s bass he’s playing there.

  • 11c airsoft
    11c airsoft 6 hours ago

    When Miley did smells like teen spirit I think she started having a seizure.

  • Dimitar Popov
    Dimitar Popov 6 hours ago

    You should also react to a macedonian band SMUT you wont understand the lyrics but they have might music

  • ThatDamnedYankee
    ThatDamnedYankee 6 hours ago

    Shorter songs Steve? Wouldn't that delve into the Pop genre of 3:32 length? Your songs have been brilliant just the way they are.

  • Gillian Courtney
    Gillian Courtney 6 hours ago

    The first album I ever bought! And still one of my favourites.

  • TofikToficTofic
    TofikToficTofic 6 hours ago

    Where's Diamond Head? Tygers of Pan Tang? Raven?

  • masterpd85
    masterpd85 6 hours ago

    paige talking about david bowie and shes tries to play off the bulge in front of her date but she knows whats up.

  • Cole Durbin
    Cole Durbin 6 hours ago

    Some of it, I can understand why he got pissed off. Kind of like people throwing shit at the stage or just being a dick.

  • Mike P
    Mike P 6 hours ago

    Wojtek pilichowski. Then comes everybody else.

  • DH Thomas
    DH Thomas 6 hours ago

    The slo-mo Paul Stanley actually sounds a lot like Paul today.

  • Silver Addie Fun Pack

    “Alexa! Play Unsainted by Slipknot.” “OR ELSE!”


    Gotta admit, the all saints under the bridge cover was a pile of shit

  • Nicolas Loret de Mola

    Ron Bass did a version of the Pedigree, without the arm hook, as his finish in the 80s. If Trips is a big WWF fan, he had to have seen that.

  • Underrated And Sad Alien

    2:36 When Ginger Fish Got Knocked Out, He Stopped Playing So Smoothly

    #MAGA MAN 6 hours ago

    Ice T is going to speak his mind on any and all issues. And he has been this way for 40 plus years.

  • Johnny FalleN 87
    Johnny FalleN 87 6 hours ago

    No 1 is sucks...

  • TofikToficTofic
    TofikToficTofic 6 hours ago

    MegaDave no.1

    FiVEL PEREZ 6 hours ago

    GAAHL checked that interviewer , see that stare he gave when he took his drink. He like want me to kick your ass ? Your wasting my time

  • Lucas Gianoli
    Lucas Gianoli 6 hours ago

    The Cyrus cover of Smells like only manages to surprise me on the fact that he didn't hit the high notes, and can hit those notes, no idea wtf she tried to do, I mean she can pull a descent cover of Say Hello 2 Heaven but can't with Smells like? Sounds like he tried to experiemnt something different and just fucked up.

  • Jagerbomber69er
    Jagerbomber69er 6 hours ago

    I think we all watch wrestling when we were younger with our grandma.

  • MrCreepyKitty
    MrCreepyKitty 6 hours ago

    5:36 "he knows he didn't invent the cutter, right?" THE SHADE

  • Joy Gill
    Joy Gill 6 hours ago

    Be present for you kids. Just be there and guild them. The more you tell them "No you can't listen to that music" the more they will want to. Learn some of the lyrics, let them play it on the way to school if they want it. It's just expression. I've been forward thinking with my son since he was able to choose music. He is a hard working individual. He is respectful and mindful. He is a product of all music. He listens to everything.

  • phuspanathan narayanasamy

    K-pop Malaysia don't won't banned,

  • Jack Hammer
    Jack Hammer 6 hours ago

    "most iconic guitar player.." um...NO

  • Duke Silver
    Duke Silver 6 hours ago


  • Lucas Gianoli
    Lucas Gianoli 6 hours ago

    3:25 Tripod? Has good songs here and there, but compared to Dirt and Facelift its a bad album

  • Παναγιώτης Τρύπος

    It was so hard but I completed it without headbanging and I am listening this video second time to do what I am supposed to do here

  • Παναγιώτης Τρύπος

    While it seems to be easy, it is not. This challenge is so fucking hard to complete it while you have so energetic and so heavy music

  • The Phantoms Guest Guitar Channel

    People are dumb down, he is a very educated man!

  • Philip Holmes
    Philip Holmes 6 hours ago

    Is that old guy a relative of Grohl ?

  • Melanie Mmm
    Melanie Mmm 6 hours ago

    Iggy pop? How is that metal? Where is David Lee Roth?? He is like the TOP!!!

  • Benny Dretti
    Benny Dretti 7 hours ago

    Only 5% stay sober??? Fuck me I thought I was gonna make it but I can tell now I’m just gonna drink again. Fuck I just wanna quit

  • Alex Orozco
    Alex Orozco 7 hours ago

    We all miss you!

  • Lucas Gianoli
    Lucas Gianoli 7 hours ago

    1:00 do that to me pal and they'll be removing pieces of my guitar from your skull, to this day. I don't mind people getting on stage to then dive onto the crowd, but that jackass? He deserves his ass kicked, no question.

  • Jesper Hallberg
    Jesper Hallberg 7 hours ago

    Next episode "10 Stupidly slow Drummers in Metal"

  • Negaren51 ¡¡No Lap-Fox!!

    15: Allegaeon - Metaphobia 14: BloodBath - Cancer of the soul 13: Deicide - Fuck your god 12: Immortal - Within the dark mind 11: Marduk - Panzer Division Marduk 10: Vital Remains - Hammer down the nails 9: Fleshgod Apocalypse - In honour of reason 8: Oceano - District of misery Now comes the MEGA heavy weight parts 7: Behemoth - Slaves shall serve 6: Edguy - Golden Dawn 5: Cattle Decapitation - The carbon stampede 4: Infernal war - Spill the dirty blood of jesus 3: Slaughter To Prevail - King 2: Infant Annihilator - Cuntcrusher 1: Inhumano - Tirano

  • adanhu
    adanhu 7 hours ago

    The Unforgiven Wrong side of heaven Turn the page Through glass One The preacher Gone away Heaven and hell Aerials Harakiri .... Most being better picks then anything on that list... Poser much huh 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  • fahim113
    fahim113 7 hours ago

    Just comes across as a regular guy you would meet in a cafe or pub. No rockstar BS.

  • KJ 07 MB
    KJ 07 MB 7 hours ago

    Where's maralyn manson "get of my stage you pussy!" ?? 😂😂???

  • Gary Bond
    Gary Bond 7 hours ago

    Any true heavy metal fan that trashes Metallica any chance they get obviously is an uneducated moron. It’s fine to say I don’t really care for this particular album as a true fan because in all actuality we realize Metallica paved the way for pretty much all of the metal bands relevant or not today. IF YOU DONT RECOGNIZE AND ADMIT Kill em all up until for me the black album are some of the most Amazing examples of the genre and music period.

  • Bryce Planden
    Bryce Planden 7 hours ago

    I failed when sabbath came on I got chills man early sabbath videos always do it for me

  • AH-64Apache3
    AH-64Apache3 7 hours ago

    Came here for the sabaton thumbnail left after realizing the makers of the video don’t understand lyrics don’t make a genre

  • EJ Lopez
    EJ Lopez 7 hours ago

    R.I.P Ray Burton you’re finally reunited with your son

  • Balázs Gurály
    Balázs Gurály 7 hours ago

    what is the first song? somebody can tell me?

    #MAGA MAN 7 hours ago

    Jason is so fucking awesome.

  • Jacob Lynch
    Jacob Lynch 7 hours ago

    I thought "hey, a chick guitarist, maybe another Longfield, or AnnieShreds".... *YOU THOUGHT WRONG SIR*

  • J AOrtiz95
    J AOrtiz95 7 hours ago

    I would love to hang with Ice T he’s one of the Coolest rappers

  • Underrated And Sad Alien

    The Music In The Chester Bennington And Brian May's Sences Really Merge Together If You Listen Very Closely

  • I like The Grateful Dead

    There is more plastic in the Kardashians then the ocean

  • t Ga p
    t Ga p 7 hours ago

    Falta John deacon

  • sponge bob
    sponge bob 7 hours ago

    ok boomer

    WAGA NAWA MEGUMIN 7 hours ago

    what's that intro song on 0:04

  • Matt Noorman
    Matt Noorman 7 hours ago

    Mayhem is low

  • JohnnyxOh
    JohnnyxOh 7 hours ago

    Gibby always brings smile on my face =)

  • khaled khalefa
    khaled khalefa 7 hours ago

    Lonely day - S.O.A.D I Long - Saturnus Death come near me - Draconian

  • Ruzal Shrestha
    Ruzal Shrestha 7 hours ago


  • Joe B
    Joe B 7 hours ago

    I wanted to kill the guy who said he wanted to kill him after another guy killed him. But since he said he wanted to kill him after another guy killed him, I decided killing him was a stupid idea.

  • Shahid Ali
    Shahid Ali 7 hours ago

    K pop fans have their army bombs and many bombs . They use different bombs for different bands . It looks very beautiful . In other areas people just jump or dance or sing with them . People will think how awful it looking but if you see about Kpop people you will just say wow how beautiful is this

  • Алексей Траньков

    Is this trolling? I have no other explanation to the last minute of this video. WHO and WHY give the camera to this guy. My God, okay, it was mistake, sh.. happens. But WHO and WHY then published this? Unbelievable.

  • nipples Untied
    nipples Untied 7 hours ago

    It's very fitting that this was uploaded on April Fools Day

  • stale memes
    stale memes 7 hours ago

    Haha the hello kitty guitar

  • Mirco Basso
    Mirco Basso 7 hours ago

    Wings for Marie😍😍😍😍

  • Ciscoak 907
    Ciscoak 907 7 hours ago

    Member when he filled in for lars on battery n 4 horseman n played them better then lars has in years? I member

  • Q Theband
    Q Theband 7 hours ago

    What makes it worse is they were hurting themselves. It’s cutting off your nose to spite your face. A song is comprised of components. If one is compromised, the whole song suffers. What a bunch of immature twats.

  • Steven Shelton
    Steven Shelton 7 hours ago

    Girls will be girls I guess.

  • Todd Begay
    Todd Begay 7 hours ago

    Now I'm all hot and bothered.

  • Vortex777
    Vortex777 7 hours ago

    All day, every day is when he’s the best drummer on earth

  • Michael Ledford
    Michael Ledford 7 hours ago

    You know Steve Smith is a bad Mo Fo being able to replace Ansly Dunbars insane drumming in Journey .

  • J C T
    J C T 7 hours ago

    Whiny babies

  • root loggins
    root loggins 7 hours ago

    Stoned Phillip's haha