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I needed some time....
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~jewel tones~ Makeup Tutorial
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  • Izabel Fan Channel
    Izabel Fan Channel Minute ago

    you’re just jealous because she have her own brand and you don’t have, you’re jealous because she’s successful and you’re not.

  • sameera aboo
    sameera aboo Hour ago

    The nudestix brow gel detaches from the browpencil, just detach it and give the pencil to someone who likes it

  • Kay
    Kay 2 hours ago

    I wish I saw this EARLIER. I had clear skin all my life, but the same thing happened to me, tiny clear bumps across my foreheads that are itchy and spread quickly. My derm told me I had acne and asked me to take oral antibiotics and low dose isotretinoin (accutane) WHICH MADE EVERYTHING WORSE. Clindamycin, unfortunately, did not work for me too, but developed some of my white tiny bumps into inflamed cysts! Turns out that antibiotics like erythromycin and clindamycin worsen fungal acne. With my derm's 'advice' to continue my medications, I continued to take the medications and till today (6 months in!!) I'm still struggling with the cysts and tiny bumps. My skin definitely worsened A WHOLE LOT as compared to before I started eating the medicines. I recently ditched them. Malassezia is alwaysss so commonly misdiagnosed and it's frustrating how dermatologists keep insisting that the bumps are acne. I've seen 3 doctors, before my FOURTH (!) doctor (who isn't even a derm) suggested that it's probably not acne and could be fungus. Then I started googling and chanced upon simpleskincarescience's blog which helped tremendously. It suddenly occurred to me that it all started because I used galactomyces serum 1 month before it all started. It's extremely silly of me to only realized that it was galactomyces after 3 months of using that DEVIL GALACTOMYCES (o gosh, I feel bad for my skin. Dear friends, please dun use anything with fermented ingredients😭) Salicylic acid and aloe vera also helped my skin and I use Vanicream too. Nizoral was incredibly dry for me and was like '2 steps forward 1 step back' - my existing bumps will shrink/ go away, but new ones will also form. It's because the ingredients arenot 100% fungal acne safe (refer to simpleskincarescience blog, just Google it) I also tried oral Ketoconazole but for some reason, I get few tiny itchy blisters on my body. Idk if anyone else has a bad reaction to oral Ketoconazole and if it's supposed to be like that (body expelling the fungus?) I have no idea if I should continue it because it works too, some of the itchy bumps went away in 1 night! Sulfur works well too! But I'm allergic to sulfur so if I use sulfur treatment (de la cruz) more than twice a week, I get hives. It sucks. 😭 I HATE THAT GALACTOMYCES. The ones on my forehead was easy to control but the cysts on my cheeks, they scar crazily and REFUSE TO GO AWAY. (note: I only got bumps on my cheeks after I took the derm's antibiotics and isotretinoin, I regret it soooo much)

  • Caitlin Bishop
    Caitlin Bishop 2 hours ago

    I’ve been watching Kat chats all night and now my ads on youtube are in Spanish 😂😂

  • ben_benim 365
    ben_benim 365 2 hours ago

    Omg i loved Sylvia's video happy to see more of this content

  • Oblivianna aa
    Oblivianna aa 3 hours ago

    Tutorial for this loookkkk??¿ pls pls

  • Junell Villanueva
    Junell Villanueva 6 hours ago

    Whatever happened to the ghost?!

  • Denise Espinosa
    Denise Espinosa 6 hours ago

    Kathleen don’t be sorry!! You are not obligated to us. Even though we miss you dearly when you are away. We all understand you are a normal person just like us. We love you for being you and always being genuine💛💛 oh and I feel like your backyard is meant for you for zen and signs from all the animals I feel visit you in your backyard like the cat for example ☺️ Tell us the rest of the story about the cardinals and what you feel they represent 😌

  • Verenice Ortiz
    Verenice Ortiz 7 hours ago

    You have a tiny nose 👃

  • jennifer stevens
    jennifer stevens 7 hours ago

    Porters awkward stares 😂

  • LynLuxe
    LynLuxe 7 hours ago

    Hey Kathleen! Could you do a video your filming setup/what cameras you use, were you get them from! I love your set up

  • Belle Soares
    Belle Soares 8 hours ago

    I love how when they say a say an English word they’ll say it in Miranda Sing’s voice 😂😂😂😂

  • Tessa Turner
    Tessa Turner 8 hours ago

    10:32 *you’re welcome*

  • Caitlen Easterwood
    Caitlen Easterwood 9 hours ago

    Omg the cardinal thing happened to me too!!!

  • Monica J
    Monica J 9 hours ago

    Keep Talking the truth like this and you will be a huge "influencer" in the truth.

  • lizette martinez
    lizette martinez 10 hours ago

    Kathleen just a question do you by any chance have or used the Dr. Brandt Biotic Cleanser. If you would have an extra I appreciate if you could send it to me. Thank you. Your my number one you tube.

  • lizette martinez
    lizette martinez 10 hours ago

    I missed you doing your makeup. Like always you look beautiful. Love ❤️ your video.

  • Beautyguard
    Beautyguard 10 hours ago

    AHORA TU TE VASS A SI COMO SI NADA, y tu vasss... dude I would have been the same way at that concert. Love you kathleen! I live in south Florida and you’re like my fav TVclipr! Much love ❤️

  • Julia Love
    Julia Love 10 hours ago

    yay for gratitude <3

  • Devynn Munroe
    Devynn Munroe 11 hours ago

    Just attempted this look with an eyeshadow palette I’ve had for a while from Walmart (profusion cosmetics festival 35 shade pro-pigment palette) and even though eyeshadow has never been my strong suit, I think it turned out nice!

  • London Sentosa
    London Sentosa 12 hours ago

    Next time on Kathahlean & Kristia: Therapy Session

  • Divya Dewan
    Divya Dewan 12 hours ago

    What brush did you use for the loose powder setting?

  • Tami O
    Tami O 12 hours ago

    It kinda looks green... the foundation that is... your actual skin is beautiful ❤️

  • Alison Raucci
    Alison Raucci 12 hours ago

    Best video que he visto in my fucking life !

  • Janet Hester
    Janet Hester 12 hours ago

    Try comparing it to the egg brush cleaner, lol

  • Alyssa Steinbock
    Alyssa Steinbock 12 hours ago

    When you say sheeny do you mean shiny?

  • Amanda Perez
    Amanda Perez 12 hours ago

    What shade in the elf concealer ?😭

  • SaNiyah Smith
    SaNiyah Smith 13 hours ago

    “Capricorns need facts to convince them of anything” Me: feels offended while I’ve been googling stuff from my birth chart during the whole video

  • Leeloo Carson
    Leeloo Carson 14 hours ago

    So happy for you Kathleen 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Fabi & Diversidade
    Fabi & Diversidade 14 hours ago

    Muru muru is a type of Brazilian fruit found in the Amazon. In fact many cosmetics are made with this fruit. Even for hair treatment

  • makeupwithkait _
    makeupwithkait _ 15 hours ago

    "my mom is dead.." kathleen's reaction LMAO. i didn't know that though :(

  • denise baez
    denise baez 15 hours ago

    does anyone else feel that the elf moisturizing l/p are a bit drying?

  • lys yeah
    lys yeah 15 hours ago

    Weird. That's why I was drawn to you. Orrrr google observes all my shizz and bases my interests on my birthday lmaooo

  • Keira_1234 Varley
    Keira_1234 Varley 15 hours ago

    I love millie bobby brown so much ur the best

  • lys yeah
    lys yeah 15 hours ago

    Omg I was told I look like christina ricci too!! It's my five head and chin 😆😆

  • Ellen van der Wal
    Ellen van der Wal 16 hours ago

    Lippenstift is Dutch/German for Lipstick hahaha!

  • Anna:.C.:
    Anna:.C.: 16 hours ago

    Thank you Kathleen, I really needed this GRWM talk today. Great reminder about not overworking yourself and getting sucked into the muck / stress of life. Doing it one step at a time. ♥

  • Daughter of the King
    Daughter of the King 16 hours ago

    Hunny, I believe in you! I support you! 😘 grl pwr ❤

  • Heather S.
    Heather S. 16 hours ago

    That candle is called angel whispers!

  • Daughter of the King
    Daughter of the King 16 hours ago

    I think they where very jealous of you! 💜 you are talented, intelligent and beautiful young lady. I can understand that these types of comments can hurt. You are so strong gurl 👊 you shine! 😁

  • Jennifer Rinaldi
    Jennifer Rinaldi 17 hours ago

    Cardinals are thought of a loved one saying hello. For me, I saw one a few times in my back yard. Whether or not its true, it makes me thinks of loved ones or friends that have passed. I had a blue bird as well one time but I forget what that means supposedly. There is a movie from Hallmark last year and a follow up this year to do with Godwinks. I am a strong Catholic and while I don't know if I would call things that happen Godwinks per say, but things of that nature pop all the time and we just don't pay attention. We may not even know all of the blessings and moments of grace or even protection until we die that we didn't realize. Either way, we aren't alone and God is in every moment. My two cents.

  • Tayler Renee
    Tayler Renee 18 hours ago

    Um omg is that hugsy Joeys bedtime penguin pal? I’m dying I need to buy one!! #friends best show in the world!!

  • arroyoww
    arroyoww 18 hours ago

    Love your videos! Also I saw a quick clip of you on the show Broken on Netflix.

  • Nadia M
    Nadia M 19 hours ago

    “Sometimes I get on a struggle bus, I get off I get on but I’m really on a struggle bus right now” love you

  • Curiosity with Kylee
    Curiosity with Kylee 19 hours ago

    full face of pacifica or colorpop

  • Heidi K
    Heidi K 19 hours ago

    My favorite is Victor and & Rolf flowerbomb 😃 but something I loved more but it’s discontinued 😞😞 Dior Cherie.. that’s sad 😢 I also like Hugo Boss the scent, Also ysl black opium, Guerlain insolence (they have many colors but it’s pink). Have more I love too 😊 Then they are so many perfumes for men’s and I love it and my boyfriend has so so many because of that.

  • MG
    MG 19 hours ago

    I think you just need to be taught how to fill in your brows...

  • Kim Sumaya
    Kim Sumaya 20 hours ago

    Just ordered mine cant wait to recieve them 😊

  • Zooty_ Slime
    Zooty_ Slime 20 hours ago

    Millie Bobby brown is the best she’s a successful teenager so whatever she makes she’s good at so basically it’s not a waste of money too me I would love her makeup your lucky to try it

  • Kimberly Davis
    Kimberly Davis 20 hours ago

    I love your infected pimple 🤣

  • Rachel R
    Rachel R 21 hour ago

    The CT Love Trap lip cheat is my favorite lip pencil ever. It’s better on me on me than the two that have all the buzz. I don’t really like pillow talk it’s too pink.

  • Daisy Vargas
    Daisy Vargas 21 hour ago

    Are you not going post the BoxyCharm unboxing vids? 🥺

  • Laura and Julieta Meza

    Hi! You’re fun to watch. -Virgo that recently purchased this palette ☺️

  • ally_ Ally
    ally_ Ally 22 hours ago

    I’m a Sagittarius and I feel attacked 😭

  • Luka Karablikovaite
    Luka Karablikovaite 23 hours ago


  • Daughter of the King
    Daughter of the King 23 hours ago

    My boyfriend is 11 years older than me. I also look younger than my age. I feel yah gurl! 🙈💗 he is so sweet to me ♡ bring the wisdom, love how smart you are 😉👌

  • Fenella Shemin
    Fenella Shemin 23 hours ago

    Take all the time you need! Your true subscribers will be here waiting for you - your health & how you feel are the most important things. Sending my love to Dani’s family! Besos xx

  • Tami O
    Tami O 23 hours ago

    If coffee upsets your stomach it might actually be gluten you’re sensitive to. You should try gluten free for a week, it changed my life ❤️ (I’m vegan low sugar also)

  • chanelle gutierrez

    www.aliexpress.com/item/33051517085.html They used this image to sell their lashes! I was like omg those are Kathleen's eyes lol I remember watching this tutorial a long time ago. Dios mio I can't believe I recognized you!

  • Amy Mandeville

    I'm sorry to hear about Danny's Grandma. Lots of love to you guys!

  • missdemicarla
    missdemicarla Day ago

    Here in 2020 because I can never get enough! 💕

  • Missy B
    Missy B Day ago

    What is the accent? Slight Scottish?

  • Chaeline SP
    Chaeline SP Day ago

    That pimple or mole situation had me laughing ahaha. Stay Strong Kathleen 🙂

  • kv0
    kv0 Day ago

    Watching your videos make me me so happy . your relatable af

  • Karol Garcia
    Karol Garcia Day ago

    I’m hoping Danny’s grandma gets better. sending prayers & positive vibes her way. also we need to see a declutter vid of your huge collection. can’t wait to see how your new room turns out

  • fusionpunk 13
    fusionpunk 13 Day ago

    I'm a big believer in what you get what you pay for. Reading through the comments, I'm shocked that no one seems to grasp the point that while 2 products may look aesthetically the same as far as their performance, the engineering is not the same. For instance, you can have 2 eyeshadows that swatch exactly the same but one can have horrible ingredients that can damage your skin and thus cause longterm repercussions. The reason dyson is so expensive is because it truly uses a superior technology which allows you to get similar results with so much less heat as it only goes up to around 212 degrees ferenheit. So while I could have a 50 dollar blow dryer which gives me the same end result, I prefer to to use something that I know will not give me only instant gratification and damaged hair later on. I use my dyson every day and I have no damage whereas I would get severe breakage using my cheaper tools once a week. Even my stylists was shocked that I can keep heat styled hair that damage free .

  • J Mac
    J Mac Day ago

    Farsali was horrible, imo. It leaves a dewy finish until it dries and then it completely disappears. Kinda gimmicky, so I sadly returned it.

  • latinabunny2000

    If you get a chance I'd like the boxycharm video. I wont try it without your review lol

  • Itxel Ramirez
    Itxel Ramirez Day ago

    Every vid I watch I learn that we’re similar in some way likenwoah

  • Baileigh Patrick

    i can't wait for jessi to move back to Florida and they can start their drunk and happy podcast, i would listen to them every day

  • Kat
    Kat Day ago

    I liked this video! No worries. 🙃

  • C B
    C B Day ago

    My great-grandma always told me that Cardinals were her favorite bird. She said, “when a cardinal lands near you, it is a loved one saying hello.” After she passed away, a Cardinal flew passed us at the gravesite. ❤️

  • Noura Alsarhan

    please do more of this! i like mukbang and u twooo!!!!!

  • Jimena Galdos
    Jimena Galdos Day ago

    I’d love to see an expensive taste test type video except with makeup & someone hands you 2 of the same makeups without any clues or labels and you guess which ones more expensive. I feel like youd be so good at it 👀

  • Johely M
    Johely M Day ago

    favorite duo

  • Stephanie Rowell

    It's January 2020 right now so I'm a little late watching this video but I'm so glad I clicked on it today of all days. Today has not been a great day 💔 but this video has me cracking up! 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you Kathleen! ♥️

  • Katerine Muñoz

    You look high (not a bad thing tho 👀)

  • Katelyn’s Eating Show

    I just want to be friends with them 🤣😩

  • Ivelisse Zurc
    Ivelisse Zurc Day ago

    A sign for WHAT???!!!

  • Megan Bouse
    Megan Bouse Day ago

    Starts lining her lips around 10:40

  • Tami O
    Tami O Day ago

    I’m really late to the party but I just bought some pretty vulgar today... I’m impressed ❤️ Kathleen said the concealer was good, she told the truth! 😍

  • makeupwithkait _

    forever jealous of your lid space 😭 my So Jaded palette is coming in the mail on friday!!

  • Alex Whybrow
    Alex Whybrow Day ago

    19:40 Domt mind me, just time stamping the best part of this video

  • Kristen Landon

    I hear a lot of people also love the Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara.

  • La Vida Mora Puerto Rico

    Kathleen...I have tried leaving this comment so many times on your channel. But I know these get lost in the sea of comments. Please read or atleast get the audible for THE POWER OF NOW. Eckert Tolle

  • Kristen Landon

    Essence Lash Princess in the black and green packaging is the BEST mascara topper! 🤩👑 Some days I like it on its own but I love it most PAIRED with my L’Oréal Lash Paradise! Taylor Wynn raves about applying it on top of the Revlon So Fierce mascara. She really swears by it! She says she doesn’t even need falsies when she uses it. And I TOTES AGREE! It’s my HOLY GRAIL mascara to pair with others. seriously, Lash Princess plays well with other mascaras. ❤️💖✨

  • Rocio Garcia
    Rocio Garcia Day ago

    Con ese fondo, con todo lo que está pasando en tu vida, venid con un video muy rústico y me haces reír igual. Eso es carisma. Ojalá todo mejore pronto 😘

  • VickyFace
    VickyFace Day ago

    That’s crazy! I feel that way about cardinals too! I see them all the time I started noticing them after my uncle died. I actually even started collecting bird/cardinal home decor that I find at the thrift store. ❤️

  • foreveryoung
    foreveryoung Day ago

    Very helpful! The revlon is too hot on high for fragile hair like mine but on low I can't get good results. I just got the dyson and after one use I'm blown away 🙌😂

  • Mariia Sanchez

    I NEED a dupe for that eye cream! Lol 🙏🙏

  • S M
    S M Day ago

    I actually really love this look. Fresh and healthy looking.

  • Alexa Lowe
    Alexa Lowe Day ago

    I broke down crying while watching this when you started talking about finding the small things when everything is too much and that is EXACTLY what I needed😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rashea
    Rashea Day ago

    I feel the same way whenever bunnies cross my path in nature how you felt about the cardinals. I went down a rabbit hole (no pun intended lol) one day looking at the significance of bunnies. And was pleasantly surprised at the meaning. I also constantly see the clock at 11:11... the beginning of 2020 has been rough in a lot of ways, but I know that it’s about to get better, I can feel it, and the signs are there!! 🥰

  • Ashley Gerow
    Ashley Gerow Day ago

    Oh no, Kathleen!! That freaking 'mole' almost killed me. It 100% looks like a red infected pimple.

  • Melissa Zuno
    Melissa Zuno Day ago

    Wait a minute !! First you say that you had a whopper two days before AND THEN you said you hadn’t had one in two years ????? What the ?? 😂😂

  • G S
    G S Day ago

    i would LOVE to see a video of your makeup brush collection. your favs, most used, least used, best affordable etc. Please!!!!!!

  • Gaby V
    Gaby V Day ago

    Hiiiii welcome back ❤️❤️ Hope everything gets better with Grams 😔 Edit: May I request tutorials for the looks on your winter lights lacquer video and the best/most used 2019 products video?? They’re so pretty!! Pleaaaseeee

  • Brynne Christensen

    Peridot is pronounced "pear-ih-dot" not "pear-ih-dough" just FYI. 🙃

  • lindsey s
    lindsey s Day ago

    I'm literally obsessed with this eye look, I can't wait to try it out - but I am OBSESSED with your lip color! Idk why but the combination of Point Zero and What's Your Sign just creates the most incredible nude lip, and the gloss just makes it!

  • Andrea Bovino
    Andrea Bovino Day ago

    Two of my most favorite humans!!! <3