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  • QueenTara
    QueenTara 2 months ago

    You guys are the best !!! Love y'all !!!

  • 3486401
    3486401 2 months ago

    my mom said i cant watch you but i do anyway she dont like yall but i love yall

  • Dae & Sel
    Dae & Sel 2 months ago

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  • jade graham
    jade graham 2 months ago

    I hope you guys come to London one day!!!!

  • thái hà
    thái hà 2 months ago

    sub me back

  • Javier The Bear
    Javier The Bear 2 months ago

    change the discription it says 2 girls

  • Xbox gaming
    Xbox gaming 3 months ago


  • Jade Standley
    Jade Standley 3 months ago

    hey my name is jade domo and crissy I like you guys and I like your videos on youtube

  • Ibraghim Aushev
    Ibraghim Aushev 3 months ago

    Fuck you! Bitch niggers!

  • Bree & cassi edwards
    Bree & cassi edwards 3 months ago

    hey domo and crissy me and my girlfriend cassi is new to youtube and we would like to know if you can give us some pointers on how to use it we are some of your biggest fans and we love you guys to death . your such an inspiration to us and one day would love to met yall . hope you get back to us

  • mohamed amine
    mohamed amine 3 months ago

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  • Tek Paradise
    Tek Paradise 3 months ago follow my new account pliz :)

  • usman maros
    usman maros 3 months ago

    My chanel is usmanmaros,please visit and subscribe me

  • jassline smith
    jassline smith 3 months ago

    love u guys

  • Courtney Mabe
    Courtney Mabe 3 months ago

    beginner my bad!!

  • Courtney Mabe
    Courtney Mabe 3 months ago

    Aye Everyone Subscribe to my channel im a beggimer im trying to get my subscribers up and then i will post a video!!!!

  • jah and jahi nation
    jah and jahi nation 3 months ago

    domo and crissy

  • Nikki Baby
    Nikki Baby 3 months ago

    I have to say that i watched all your videos and you have like two good ones but the rest suck i bet you i could start making videos tomorrow and make better ones and have more fans than you as a matter of fact ill make a couple edit them and upload them and if i get more followers than you in a week you have to delete your channel.

  • Ory lover
    Ory lover 3 months ago

    please view my channel

  • shaniya banks
    shaniya banks 3 months ago

    I love you Crissy and you too Domo

  • Sdot Nicole
    Sdot Nicole 4 months ago

    cant wait for you to do your tour too new york

  • tionna butler
    tionna butler 4 months ago

    yall lit

  • Duncan Banks
    Duncan Banks 4 months ago

    GOALS!!!!! We are also a new couple looking to start up our channel

  • Kadan Williams
    Kadan Williams 4 months ago

    Hello My name is Kadan Williams and I am 12 years old. All my life i
    have watched my grandma's every step. I've watched her help countless
    of families and friends through many different situations and also
    have watched herself be helpless through the loss of my grandpa and
    her only brother . However through all her personal and extra brought
    on stress I have never seen my grandma break. (I would really like to
    see my grandma have a break). I'm writing to you to ask if you could
    please help me give my grandma and her best friend one of the biggest
    gifts of giving by helping them open up their very own Non Profit
    Alzheimer's Facility so that they can continue to bless others. They
    have a visions of opening a Springfield Alzheimer's vision of faith
    center. It is an old school building that both attended in their grade
    years and they are fighting harder then every to continue to see it
    succeed. I know i am only 12 and I really cant do much to help my
    grandma and her friend but one thing she has taught me is to always
    have faith and pray daily. So I pray that this letter finds you in and
    your family in good health and also find away to help bless my
    grandma and her bestfriend! Thank you so much.

  • Angel Sanders
    Angel Sanders 4 months ago

    sorry i misspelled crissy name

  • Angel Sanders
    Angel Sanders 4 months ago

    hey domo and chrissy i love you guys so much and baby domo

  • Damn Trash Modding
    Damn Trash Modding 4 months ago

    VERY NICE!!!!

  • abby rhine
    abby rhine 4 months ago

    guys i need a video

  • Kamillah Bryant
    Kamillah Bryant 4 months ago


  • Anarhistul
    Anarhistul 4 months ago

    Fuck u niggers!

  • Ashley Duvall
    Ashley Duvall 4 months ago

    Put your snap in the discription

  • Tejano Airplay Promotions

    Any plans of bringing your show to New Mexico?

  • Tejano Airplay Promotions

    Any plans of bringing your show to New Mexico?

  • Tejano Airplay Promotions

    Any plans of bringing your show to New Mexico?

  • cockerspanishgirl
    cockerspanishgirl 4 months ago

    Just! Love You, Both! and Baby!!!!!#followingyoubutnevercomment#godbless#seeyouinBklyntour#onelove

  • Catty Cristina
    Catty Cristina 4 months ago

    Love your channel so much, so inspiring! Wish you guys all the love in the world!
    I started my youtube channel too and im happy to start my journey :)

  • antareka knight
    antareka knight 5 months ago

    Heyyy domo and crissy I am a huge fan of yalls, and my bestfriend and I just made a channel and we were wondering if y'all could give us a s/o @themjwayy

  • heather day
    heather day 5 months ago

    love you domo and crissy !!!!!!!

  • Ashley Duvall
    Ashley Duvall 5 months ago

    I have for you on my playlist I can rap it 5times fast

  • Mariah Kessler
    Mariah Kessler 5 months ago


  • jamaine smith
    jamaine smith 5 months ago

    unsubscribe because they say you are their family but when u see them u cant touch baby domo and either kiss them

    • Hwi Ai
      Hwi Ai 4 months ago

      XD tf it is their baby

  • Mbali Manzini
    Mbali Manzini 5 months ago

    Hey Domo and Crissyyyy!!!!
    So, since Domo is into music and stuff I would like to request a reaction video to South African Hip Hop, preferably Nasty C - NDA or Nasty C - Phases. It would be great if you guys tried it out.
    This is Mbali all the way from South Africa, I love you guys...

  • Krisha Fussell
    Krisha Fussell 5 months ago


  • Ashley Duvall
    Ashley Duvall 5 months ago

    National kissing day

  • Nacirema Hawkins
    Nacirema Hawkins 5 months ago

    yall should do the mouth guard challenge

  • Karla Kennedy
    Karla Kennedy 5 months ago

    You guys should check out PrankVSPrank and get some pranks off there :p Some of your pranks are intense, but at the end ya'll show how much you love each other its so cute

  • Sydney Kelly
    Sydney Kelly 5 months ago

    You guys are so cool. Forget about these haters. They both in. Don t let them sweat you.😀😀😀

  • Jazmine Carter
    Jazmine Carter 5 months ago

    DOMO AND CRISSY & BABY DOMONIC IN THE SIMS 4 | Create A Sim + FULL CC LISTXureila 54,180 views3K33

    • Jazmine Carter
      Jazmine Carter 5 months ago

      I love y'all so much y'all really make my day sometimes and just forget what the haters say !!!❤️❤️

  • Andrea Gomez
    Andrea Gomez 5 months ago

    do a draw my life and i love you so much can u give me a shot out plz and love u guys all ways

  • erica tention
    erica tention 5 months ago

    hey domo and crissy  I love ya'll guy.  ya'll guy is so funny

  • jamaine smith
    jamaine smith 5 months ago

    unsubscribe go  and add beam squad ,cj so cool ,superwoman, Jake paul

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  • Kaylee Chance
    Kaylee Chance 5 months ago


  • Ashley Duvall
    Ashley Duvall 5 months ago

    I love you guys

  • sara travis
    sara travis 6 months ago

    i love them but i be so press when i come and see no new video

  • CupCake
    CupCake 6 months ago

    my brothers say Domoinic is ugly and your gay but i say Domonic is the cutest thing and your not gay

  • Alysha Payne
    Alysha Payne 6 months ago

    Hello domo and Chrissy my wife and I watch your channel every time you guys post something new we were truly inspired about the pregnancy one because we're going through the same thing except I can't have anymore kids and we wanted to make our family bigger so we're going through an adoption agency for new borns and we got accepted but we're having issue with finance and I know this sounds stupid n ppl may comment negatively on but when it comes to saving a child and wanting to love I don't think it's negative at all but we're asking for help on our GoFundMe account which Alysha & Mercedes adoption we're asking everyone for help give what u can so we can save a child and give them love n care thank you guys so so so much

  • Osh Mari
    Osh Mari 6 months ago

    Hey guys my name is osh mari and i am starting a youtube channel and i am doing pranks,challenges,and WAYYYY MORE so can you guys subscribe and tell others about me please? i will shout you out and have others subscribe to you so help me out guys get ready O.G Gang!!!!!!

  • El-adje eloukase Lil
    El-adje eloukase Lil 6 months ago


  • Savage bates
    Savage bates 6 months ago

    I love domo and crissy

  • janiah campbell
    janiah campbell 6 months ago

    I love y'all so much

  • Gellah Benjamin Kalala


  • jamaine smith
    jamaine smith 6 months ago

    unsubscribe people wastes of time nobody want to see u cleaning a house

  • jamaine smith
    jamaine smith 6 months ago

    this YouTube channel sucks  people I unsubscribe you should do the same nobody aint want watch u clean ur house

  • Jay Bee TV
    Jay Bee TV 6 months ago

    I love you guys so much please make sure to check Instagram messages!

  • m4k
    m4k 6 months ago

    Amazing video lad, really enjoy your awesome content!

  • Aloni Mahoney
    Aloni Mahoney 6 months ago

    Hey domo, how did you get started on your vlog?? I was thinking of starting one but not sure how to start or make one. If you have any advice or tips, I would greatly appreciate it! Btw LOVE your videos your my inspiration on wanting to start my own vlog

  • Rebekah Mikealson
    Rebekah Mikealson 6 months ago

    So why i should get the chance to fly out there and spend time with you guy's Well honestly writing this was hard cause i am bisexual And i recently have told people about it and its all because of you guy's i see how confident you guys are to tell people u guys are lesbians and not have fear in it so it gave me confidence so i told people it was hard i got some pretty rude comments back like 'go die' or 'god doesn't love bisexual or gays" and a bunch of 'ewws" But i still tell people so its kinda hard now doing it on the internet , I would really love the chance to see you guys in person and do something fun i am really not picky and you guys are the reason i keep a smile on my face everyday and deal with all the bullcrap but also i love you guys your super like funny and sometimes i wish i could be you guys at most times. Even tho i should have faith i might be able to win this i honestly don't think i would be one of those lucky winners lol also sorry about the name its says rebekah mikealson but my Real name is Faith Cintron . Anyways Hope i win this and if i don't good luck and have fun to the winners
    but thanks for making me happy and giving my confidence domo and crissy it means a lot oh and say hi to domonic !

  • honesty quick
    honesty quick 6 months ago

    are we still registered for the night stay giveaway thing if we dont have a snapchat????

  • Penny Eli
    Penny Eli 6 months ago

    OMG Crissy and DOMO you are so funny and I'm not lying and who cares what other people that think of you as gay (no offense) but as long as you have each other that will make you guys feel better BTW you are a cute couple

  • michelle jester
    michelle jester 6 months ago

    I was wondering if I could still enter into the chance of spending the day with you guys even though I only have Instagram

  • Alizay Garcia
    Alizay Garcia 6 months ago

    I love you guys so much 💖💖 you guys live in the same state as me

  • Jaylon Love Comer
    Jaylon Love Comer 6 months ago

    come to Madison Wisconsinplzzz

  • Tmoi Aska
    Tmoi Aska 6 months ago

    for being gay

  • Tmoi Aska
    Tmoi Aska 6 months ago

    ur child need to die

  • Tmoi Aska
    Tmoi Aska 6 months ago

    ur face look nasty

  • Tmoi Aska
    Tmoi Aska 6 months ago

    u guys nasty

  • Tmoi Aska
    Tmoi Aska 6 months ago

    u guys need to quit life 100%

  • Asiyah's world
    Asiyah's world 6 months ago

    i miss Domo and Crissy videos

  • Yolanda Jones
    Yolanda Jones 6 months ago

    i love you guys so much i love watching your videos you guys are such a cute couple

  • Nate Last
    Nate Last 6 months ago
    please like and share so my family wins this trip !

  • Natasha 20
    Natasha 20 7 months ago

    CRISSY you should do I LOST MY MEMORY prank!! Love you guys!

  • banana bus
    banana bus 7 months ago

    lesbian fuck

  • crystal lee
    crystal lee 7 months ago

    can wait for a new video !!

  • Mimi
    Mimi 7 months ago

    Crissy can you try doing a prank on Domo that Dominic is gone? (Didn't Domo prank you about a dog?)

    • Mimi
      Mimi 7 months ago

      If you seriously love Dominic, Crissy, then you don't have to do it!

  • Chris Cain
    Chris Cain 7 months ago

    i love u guys so flucking much

  • Jaleesa Lundgren
    Jaleesa Lundgren 7 months ago

    Hi I am new to your channel and so far I love it

  • Timur Baibylatov
    Timur Baibylatov 7 months ago

    OPA, Russian Style

  • rainbowunique12
    rainbowunique12 7 months ago

    i need advice and you and crissy are the real mvp love you guys

  • Keeping up With Nae '
    Keeping up With Nae ' 7 months ago

    hey domo and crissy I am one of your biggest fans all the way from the Cayman islands and I just started a YouTube channel  and one day in the near future. anyway I wish you guys and baby domo the best of luck in life

  • sarahi2003iscool
    sarahi2003iscool 7 months ago

    Domo and Crissy are so amazing!!!!❤❤❤

  • anthony rivera
    anthony rivera 7 months ago


  • Lovely_ Liyah
    Lovely_ Liyah 7 months ago

    happy birthday crissy I love you

  • Tairica Brown
    Tairica Brown 7 months ago

    I'm deaf. Happy Birthday Crissy Danielle.

  • TyDollarPimp
    TyDollarPimp 7 months ago

    can i call him nephew

  • cristian gonzalez
    cristian gonzalez 7 months ago

    pendeja negra de mierda .l. lesviana puta

  • tiana 17
    tiana 17 7 months ago

    i love ya'll but ya'll need to do more panks that stuff be funny but love you baby Domoick as chrissy would say but yes i love ya'llllllllll!!!!!!!!

  • brandy gray
    brandy gray 8 months ago

    domo and crissy should do a 2 mill sb video

  • Gabreelle Destinoble
    Gabreelle Destinoble 8 months ago

    Do you guys have an email i'f so please tell me so I can contact you guys also if you are having a giveaway please pick me

  • Gabreelle Destinoble
    Gabreelle Destinoble 8 months ago

    Y'all intro should be its Domo Crissy and Domonic

  • Douse and Tiny Gang !!

    Hi. me and my girlfriend enjoy watching you two. We feel as if you two are our role models. We watched almost every video. We have started our own channel. We only have up like an little flipagram thing. We was wondering what type of advice that you can give us , as for us being new to the youtube channel world. how to get subscribers up and things like that.

  • Red Reed
    Red Reed 8 months ago

    I have been watching your channel since last year, please keep spreading the msg of love into this fucked up world of ours..Love a mom of 3 adult girls, and 4 grandbabies

  • Dgeloul Dgaafarid
    Dgeloul Dgaafarid 8 months ago


  • Nicholas Arrington
    Nicholas Arrington 8 months ago

    I really need your help I'm not an advent viewer of your channel but the woman I love does if yoy can make a video or just contact her for me to let her know mistakes are made and people fuck up, but I do love her and want nothing more or less than her it would realky help. I made a huge mistake and know I hurt her but I really want to make things better and fix things. Please help me save my relationship. her name is Donna Mason , hoopz mason on facebook PLEASE!!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE NICK

  • darcy luv
    darcy luv 8 months ago

    Y'all must be busy with the lil prince....praying everything is well, hope to see a video soon... God Bless❤

  • Zirploide ​
    Zirploide ​ 8 months ago


  • Destiny Sanchez
    Destiny Sanchez 8 months ago

    whats your facebook page i am a big fan of you'rs :* :) here is my fb is destiny elisa sanchez :)

  • Asia wilson
    Asia wilson 8 months ago

    Were a new lesbian youtube channel, hoping to be an inspiration to someone so support me and my gf page! we show love back.

  • Jamiah Block
    Jamiah Block 8 months ago

    I love Domo,Crissy,and Dominic Wilson please forgive me if i spelled Dominic wrong just know that i love him!!!!$$100%

  • Lisa-Hawaii
    Lisa-Hawaii 8 months ago

    you need to change the about to HAVE a baby boy :P

  • LaShaes World
    LaShaes World 9 months ago

    this couple gives me life!

  • Diamond Grady
    Diamond Grady 9 months ago

    I just want to start off by saying that everyday I come on here I'm hoping to see a new video yall are just so inspiring and yall son is so beautiful and such a gift from god. Yall are just so amazing and I just wanted to say keep doing you and don't let no one tell yall otherwise and its such a blessing going through this amazing journey watching yall family grow as 1 and it is so gorgeous how much yall family supports yall and how yall love your son but just know that you have a lot of supporters and I enjoy watching yall so very much.

  • Nedesha Wesley
    Nedesha Wesley 9 months ago

    hi domo and crissy my name is amy and i'm 16yars old and i'm so happy for guys domo i you were my sisiter and crissy dam girl i wish you were my sister i'm from trinidad and tobago every time i see yourl vedio i just fell to cry domo be safe when you are makeing domanic i'm so pround of you adn my girl crissy so i will like to talk to yourl a little and domo let me say something dont let nobody try mash up you and girl i get your back sisi yourl are the most sweet couple i ever seen i just will ike to met gus god bless you guys oh also domo you dont need to worry because i'm just like you is just i'm not in a relatoinship i need help domo i need someone to show me love iwant tru alot of things when i was 8years domo you are really funny ,smart ,charming ;and the most important thing is you yourbaby and you beutifullady so just remeber no one can't live your life

  • Shayron Ward
    Shayron Ward 9 months ago

    You guys inspire me thank you guys for

  • Kailah Bell
    Kailah Bell 9 months ago


  • Antionamente1
    Antionamente1 9 months ago

    Real talk, you guys seem to be making big moves. I love it!! Other than social media, what do you do for a living?

  • Destiny Walker
    Destiny Walker 9 months ago

    where is the new video.. did you have the baby or something

  • dehja crittenden
    dehja crittenden 9 months ago

    i love you guys so much u guys are like inspration to me sorry cant spell today

  • Eviexoxo
    Eviexoxo 9 months ago

    I can't wait for baby Domonic 👶 👶 👶

  • DD Grind Session
    DD Grind Session 9 months ago

    DoMo i was wondering if you guys will help me with my new channel DD Grind

  • Denoshana Martin
    Denoshana Martin 9 months ago

    plz come domonic i really eager

  • J.Bound_4greatness
    J.Bound_4greatness 9 months ago

    d and b nation broke up

  • Heather Green
    Heather Green 9 months ago

    hey demo and Chrissy! I just want you to know i love watching your videos!! and congratulations on becoming a mommy! I have a 5mth baby girl and it's the most amazing feeling! i can't wait to meet your lil man! im so excited for you guys and love watching your journey!!! demo I wish you the best of luck with your delivery! love you guys!

  • Erin Hilton
    Erin Hilton 9 months ago

    I love domo, she is so truthful and honest about things

  • Courtney Lowe
    Courtney Lowe 9 months ago

    I just wanted to say I love you guys! You guys are my favourite bloggers. I love getting a glimpse of what your guys life is like. Also I'm excited for Domonic to arrive. When I go on youtube the first thing I look up is if you guys posted another video. Looking forward to more vlogs :)

  • Alsheka John
    Alsheka John 9 months ago

    where the videos at

  • Qveen.Kaittt
    Qveen.Kaittt 9 months ago

    I love you too so freaking much! I want to have a relationship like yalls, when my mom allows me to date! Please keep doing what yall do! You too are perfect! Please reply back it would mean the world to me. Love you!

  • ammie miranda
    ammie miranda 9 months ago

    I love you crissy

  • Yourgirls.fatou.khady
    Yourgirls.fatou.khady 9 months ago

    are you to gay

  • nina xoxo
    nina xoxo 9 months ago

    I can't wait until ya'll post Baby Domo's room tour. I've been excited to see it ever since ya'll mentioned it in your new house tour!! ^-^

  • crystal julius
    crystal julius 9 months ago

    um wheres the vlogs has he has the baby ?/?? waiting waiitng

    • Laura Markwell
      Laura Markwell 9 months ago

      its not a he domo is a girl so get it right.

  • Kennedy Moody
    Kennedy Moody 9 months ago

    I've been wanting to write you guys for the longest, so I decided to build the courage and finally say something. I just wanted to say thank you for letting people like me have an insight to you guys lives. Watching your channel always brightens my day. I actually did an assignment on you guys for school because that's how much your channel means to me. You guys are a amazing representation of what true love is and I just want to say thank you again!

  • Zhoe Flanders
    Zhoe Flanders 9 months ago

    I love all of your videos

  • Rylee Goad
    Rylee Goad 9 months ago

    what state did u live in before Arizona?

  • Renee McClain
    Renee McClain 9 months ago

    Hey could you give a shout out to my channel or a like to my vids

  • Tuana South
    Tuana South 9 months ago

    This is Tuana South want to know to put more YouTube video on YouTube

  • Nyla L
    Nyla L 9 months ago

    I luv domo and Chrissy keep making videos

  • Vvpiwhn7
    Vvpiwhn7 10 months ago

    what do you guys use to edit your videos

  • Breanna Walker
    Breanna Walker 10 months ago

    Don't forget to put an extra outfit in the diaper bag.

  • lovelovelovebeautyyy
    lovelovelovebeautyyy 10 months ago

    Domo&Crissy!! My fiancé and i want to start a vlogging channel and we dont know how to start one?.. any suggestions

  • Margot Hernandez
    Margot Hernandez 10 months ago

    Make sure to pack a bag for yourself. Comfy sweats, chapstick (a must), snacks (the snack room usually closes early in the hospital). Hospitals offer all the diapers and wipes you need while there (mine did) for the baby and receiving blankets so you can swaddle them (they look like a burrito lol) they'll teach you how (babies love it!)

  • marquis _gaming
    marquis _gaming 10 months ago

    you should do the onion prank have onion in the bed next to crissy since you been bad on the prank they were still good

  • ItalyStoleMyPasta
    ItalyStoleMyPasta 10 months ago

    *has a box* *writes in sharpie* "friendly comment"
    I love your videos and I hope your delivery goes well!

  • Tamaria Cummings
    Tamaria Cummings 10 months ago


  • Faith Buckner
    Faith Buckner 10 months ago

    I can't wait in till Dominic is born !!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Nikki Baby
    Nikki Baby 10 months ago

    I am your biggest fan but i want to see more than just prank videos like i created a DIY channel. and i am going to create an anti bullying channel. maybe you guys should look into things like that because its just getting old what you do but congrats on the baby

  • aulecea henry
    aulecea henry 10 months ago


  • aulecea henry
    aulecea henry 10 months ago

    Domo and Crissy you guys should do the mayo challenge

  • TreVonia Davison
    TreVonia Davison 10 months ago

    Got my first referral for using headphones to watch Domo and Chrissy

  • Brother and Bro
    Brother and Bro 10 months ago

    they videos are okay

  • Fallon N Alexis
    Fallon N Alexis 10 months ago

    what do you use to edit your videos????????

  • epic kawaii patato
    epic kawaii patato 10 months ago

    love this but it wont let me see the vids cuz they be in the catigory "comedy"

  • Mafia 3 Bossman E
    Mafia 3 Bossman E 10 months ago

    hi domo dont let the haters get to u all u got to do is shake the haters off your body plz reply back love u

  • x cee cee x mcc
    x cee cee x mcc 10 months ago

    You girls are awesome yous make me smile xx

    JACQUELINE MARIE 10 months ago

    domo u gotta get crissy, I thought that prank about your water breaking was really gonna work but she wasn't having it she was looking for cameras every where!!! but u have to get her bac, and btw I love your engagement ring so much..... the prank I think u should do on her is that somone broke in and killed u, please u gotta do it

  • Marta Kluska
    Marta Kluska 10 months ago

    yup i love you girls

  • Desi Jae & Mari
    Desi Jae & Mari 10 months ago

    Hey loves don't mean to be a bother but I'm trying to set up an channel for my boys they are 4 and 7.. I would like some pointers as to where to start or how to start a channel.. Help please!!!

  • alondra Rodriguez
    alondra Rodriguez 10 months ago

    babes you guys have to put on a video please i have been waiting !!!!!just grab the camera and record you guys!!!!!
    p.s. LOVE YOU GUYS

  • swaggerxranger
    swaggerxranger 10 months ago

    I'm not hating, but how can you get pregnant if a girl fucks another girl

    • Naomi Mateo
      Naomi Mateo 10 months ago

      swaggerxranger, if you watch their videos then you know because i do and i love them sooooo much as a real true fan and i am always engaged (always interested) in their videos

    • K'hara Johnson
      K'hara Johnson 10 months ago

      dude just stop you are not a real fan

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