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  • martind586
    martind586 5 minutes ago

    When someone shows you who they are --- BELIEVE THEM ! Stafford SUCKS! Year after Year - nothing!

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 6 minutes ago

    They fucken surprised me with these I’m broke asf😔

  • Manuel Belt
    Manuel Belt 12 minutes ago

    Wow I love this video

  • Ryan Grubb
    Ryan Grubb 14 minutes ago

    I’m actually kind of shocked to see this video due to the gamers the lions have been having, Ik they’re only 2-2-1 but they lost to a Super Bowl franchise chiefs by 4 lost to the packers by a field goal and tied the cardinals. They aren’t losing by a whole lot

  • Uncultured Swine Studios
    Uncultured Swine Studios 17 minutes ago

    Can we fast forward to the part of reality where Stafford puts a bullet in Goodell's head. We can't seem to move past the part where Stafford keeps getting beat up by refs

  • Tofu Delivery
    Tofu Delivery 25 minutes ago

    Please include Alphonso Davies on Bayern next episode 🇨🇦

  • Norman Rowe
    Norman Rowe 26 minutes ago

    So far pretty boring. Unless you are a Nats fan. Me thinks Yankess vs Nationals in the WS. More interesting, with Yankees winning.

    ATOMIC 32 minutes ago

    Ya this isnt a high school football team, this is a nfl team

  • Debra Hoffman
    Debra Hoffman 37 minutes ago

    Lions got screwed against the Packers and we all know it

  • Cranium Kryptonite
    Cranium Kryptonite 39 minutes ago

    Chingon el Chicharito #14!!!😎. Cómo siempre......goooool!

  • geo122297
    geo122297 53 minutes ago

    that wink after Kirk Cousins lol


    Matthew Stafford deserved that win. Fuck the refs

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Hour ago

    Gotta be kidding me. Still fuckin westbrook? Patronizing mf'r I'm giving it 10m to keep my attention

  • Adam
    Adam Hour ago

    18:37 Lefkoe still stuck in that preacher cadence, hilarious.

  • Kyrie Irnix
    Kyrie Irnix Hour ago

    bru why did u put steven adams as a meanie his nice :C

  • ibojofamily
    ibojofamily Hour ago

    That first quarter was an image of what to expect in future years in all quarters

    SKY KBBQ Hour ago

    The real comedy is the fact that the league lets this horrible officiating determine games all the time.

  • ZOO_younis
    ZOO_younis Hour ago


  • Tharun Bala
    Tharun Bala Hour ago

    The packers game was definitely great go pack go the refs screwed the lions but that was us against the Vikings last year with the roughing the passer calls

  • FBI AGENT #47578

    I like the intro

  • Da Guys
    Da Guys Hour ago

    Sanu is the OG Taysum Hill

  • Dan Mumbower
    Dan Mumbower Hour ago

    Fantastic work with the xfinity live sign because they have that at a philly bar for sports

  • joseph Adams
    joseph Adams 2 hours ago

    parents are raising their kids to earn money. What happened to parents raising children to be a kind, humble, caring person?

  • joseph Adams
    joseph Adams 2 hours ago

    its so crazy that parents are this stupid. They see their child do something well and they think he is going to be the next pro billionaire. Get real man. Who knows how he would end up. All the parents are trying to do is hype him up, so that someone would take a look at him. Same thing lavar did for his kids. Let the kids talent prove it, not your mouths.

  • joseph Adams
    joseph Adams 2 hours ago

    looks like california has done it again, produced another lavar ball LOL

  • James Willey
    James Willey 2 hours ago

    Thanks Lefkoe ,I felt silly for praying that Aaron Jones doesn't score 5.5 more points tonight for Fantasy Football purposes, cuz I know there's bigger prayers to be answered but now I don't feel so bad I needed to hear that brother good show go read your Bible yeah I dusted mine off and read it a couple days ago just try it

  • Kele Howell
    Kele Howell 2 hours ago

    My brother got a signed card by Patrick Mahomes

  • james smith
    james smith 2 hours ago

    Adam be careful you telling on The Man ....he's gonna start noticing!

  • Twan Jackson
    Twan Jackson 2 hours ago

    Herro who the hell is this guy but anyways i love him welcome he looked like a white Stephen curry am just saying he the shit one game though but he got my vote💪💪💪

    • Colby Stahl
      Colby Stahl Hour ago

      He’s a rookie out of Kentucky. Was the 13th overall pick.

  • Fred Guzan
    Fred Guzan 2 hours ago

    BR “the top 800 players” Also BR *Insert brad Guzan*

  • Earth Master
    Earth Master 2 hours ago

    If you think Tyler herro is a real hero for this game, then just like this comment 👇

  • Deven Dean
    Deven Dean 2 hours ago

    Shannon Sharpe saved your career cause they was gonna cut you fr

  • Space1TV .!.
    Space1TV .!. 2 hours ago

    Been a fan since Fla days ..... proud of yuu Percy .

  • mmafan2223
    mmafan2223 2 hours ago

    THerro is from my home state. On draft night I was telling Redditors that his floor was Reddick, and his ceiling is yet to be seen. Everyone it seems like laughed at me. Hehehe...

  • Hayden
    Hayden 2 hours ago

    this actually made me emotional

  • Zac Primus
    Zac Primus 2 hours ago

    They redeemed themselves for game 7

  • Luna Mydog
    Luna Mydog 3 hours ago

    I’m with NO RECESSES

  • shandon johnson
    shandon johnson 3 hours ago

    I'ma be the next kobe

  • Krabby Krabby
    Krabby Krabby 3 hours ago

    Been thinking he might have a chance getting roty since he was picked. Cant wait to see the progression of his playing.

  • dino Games
    dino Games 3 hours ago


  • Terrell Morrison
    Terrell Morrison 3 hours ago

    Keep watching 0:34 over and over 😂

  • є๒гคђเ๓ Gaming

    Why is this now a Basketball channel

  • D. Coleman
    D. Coleman 3 hours ago

    Mike Vick is a HOF'er. Period.

  • Jaasiel Navarrete
    Jaasiel Navarrete 3 hours ago


  • wassupbro
    wassupbro 3 hours ago

    Qué agradable sujeto!

  • Bob Griffey
    Bob Griffey 3 hours ago


  • Carlos Pimentel
    Carlos Pimentel 3 hours ago


  • KingUfa206
    KingUfa206 3 hours ago

    Jimmy G needs to make better decisions but overall he's played good enough not to lose but when u play Rodgers or Russell Wilson Jimmy G is gonna have to play better.

  • juana chavez
    juana chavez 4 hours ago

    Donde esta la end zone

  • TheWhite Mamba
    TheWhite Mamba 4 hours ago

    Really hope he does well...maybe he will be Miami’s hero...they will look to him in the sky, as he lays down threes on other teams

  • motionpicture 123
    motionpicture 123 4 hours ago

    Bruh the amount of BEEPS in this video can be a whole new song on KIRK 😳

  • Jaccobtw
    Jaccobtw 4 hours ago

    What happened to Rhodes, he used to be the best corner

  • mattslev
    mattslev 4 hours ago

    LaVine is a great dunker, but the defense-and I use the term loosely-on display in these highlights is abysmal.

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 4 hours ago

    Zion's happy to be on Bleacher Report. They ranked him above Klay

  • Mr.E
    Mr.E 4 hours ago

    I want to see Giannis or Zion break the hoop like shaq did. I know these are reinforced so that not even shaq can break them, so if anyone does break it, it would be amazing

  • The FBI
    The FBI 4 hours ago

    Who else also here cause they’re finally restocking

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover 6 minutes ago

      The FBI me I wanted to fucken get them but I’m broke😔

  • Just Some Guy With No Mustache

    Both took the L instead of the you’ve got Lawyers and Lizards.

  • Andrew Underwood
    Andrew Underwood 4 hours ago

    Hallelujahs and hand grenades the saints are coming for that Super bowl! Who dat!

    • Jon Mitchell
      Jon Mitchell 34 minutes ago

      LoL, no. God is still punishing them for bounty gate. A sacrifice must be made.

  • Chris P
    Chris P 4 hours ago

    Do a video of worst teams in each division

  • Ka Kjj
    Ka Kjj 4 hours ago

    AFC east = patriots AFC west = chiefs AFC North = ravens AFC south = Texans NFC east = eagles NFC west = Seahawks NFC north = packers NFC south = saints

    • luisito NeymarEsNo1
      luisito NeymarEsNo1 14 minutes ago

      The Seachickens sucked before and they’ll suck again when 70 year old Carroll dies or retires and 30 year old Russell Wilson loses his speed and gets rocked by our line.

    • luisito NeymarEsNo1
      luisito NeymarEsNo1 15 minutes ago

      NFC West is the 49ers. Each week is bigger than the next for us and yet the guys are having fun on the field and off it. They’re hitting to kill and playing nasty and bloody. Seachickens have no chance.

    • Nick At Night
      Nick At Night Hour ago

      @Ka Kjj One week ago, everybody was like "oooh just wait till the 49ers face the Rams, they've been playing trash teams," then when the 49ers beat them, people said that the Rams weren't even a good team.

    • KingUfa206
      KingUfa206 2 hours ago

      @Ka Kjj u just said the niners beat weak teams, I was telling u that the Seahawks and niners play the same teams but niners beat them soundly.

    • Ka Kjj
      Ka Kjj 2 hours ago

      KingUfa206 a win is a win doesn’t matter if it was close or a blowout

  • Bleacher Report
    Bleacher Report 4 hours ago

    1:30 the current state of officiating is going to get worse and worse before it gets better 3:30 Dolphin Tank is back! 3:45 The Steelers are going to win their division. 7:20 Erik McCoy should be the Offensive Rookie of the Year 10:03 Westbrook on the importance of the O-line: You win games in the trenches, and the center is QB of the line 12:10 Goff looked really bad yesterday, and it’s only going to get worse 13:15 Lefkoe believes the Saints are going to the Super Bowl, and now they’re the team of God 14:30 Westbrook just loves Russ, reminds him of his Ford F350, he just runs. 21:20 What happened to the Falcons? 22:40 The 49ers defense is the real deal and the offense with Jimmy Garoppolo hasn’t even hit his stride 24:50 Kyle Shanahan has endless tricks up his sleeve 27:35 We think It’s Deshaun Watson, but it’s actually Kirk Cousins who deserves love in the MVP race 33:15 Let’s talk about the MVP race 36:30 Comparing McCaffrey to the last three RBs to win MVP 43:43 Breaking down each division: Who’s the best team in each one? 54:20 AFC North: Westbrook says Ravens, but Lefkoe thinks it’s the Steelers 57:10 AFC South: Westbrook says Colts, Lefkoe takes Texans 1:00:20 The Chiefs are the best team in the AFC West 1:01:00 The Chiefs Gave their RB just 8 carries in a close game? Mahomes is so good that they’re not building enough around him 1:05:20 NFC East: Westbrook says Eagles, Lefkoe arguing for Dallas 1:07:30 Westbrook knows what Dak is going through from his own experience 1:13:50 The NFC north is too close to call 1:15:00 The NFC south comes down to the Saints and Panthers

  • Matthew Traylor
    Matthew Traylor 4 hours ago

    this is shit

  • Mzilikazi Mashobane
    Mzilikazi Mashobane 4 hours ago

    Hahahahaha... that's funny:)

  • Connor Kai Shanaman
    Connor Kai Shanaman 5 hours ago

    "69... Nice"

  • Bob Lopez
    Bob Lopez 5 hours ago

    Super suarez

  • MasterM2k
    MasterM2k 5 hours ago

    Man I wish they played together forever

  • Critical Thinker presents the Critical Thinking Chronicles

    The Lion makes the Viking into a slave and makes that slave skin the Bear then makes that Viking Pack the cheese and melt it into cream which The Lion laps up with glee and gusto and rests on that bear skinned rug! Go Detroit Lions! Copyrighted by me of JA-M Publishers.

  • frank beans
    frank beans 5 hours ago

    Afflalo 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Brandi Latham
    Brandi Latham 5 hours ago

    Looking like a baby Shaq out there

  • The Burned Man
    The Burned Man 5 hours ago

    2018: Dereks Used Cars 2002: David’s Used Cars 2018: Antonio Browns barber shop 2002: Ronde Barbers

  • Shane Livingston
    Shane Livingston 5 hours ago

    Absolutely no way in hell flacco can throw 74 yards

  • Big White
    Big White 6 hours ago

    OBJ, Randle, Landry, wish they had Joe. Could you imagine?

  • Sophrodos
    Sophrodos 6 hours ago

    That last clip with OKC & Spurs always gives me the chills.

  • Tyson Kent
    Tyson Kent 6 hours ago


  • Jake Goodnight
    Jake Goodnight 6 hours ago

    Glad it worked out for us, please never do that again.

  • Trevor Cook
    Trevor Cook 6 hours ago

    Dababy: I’m a better version of Barney. Barney: ight imma head in

  • FBI AGENT #47578
    FBI AGENT #47578 6 hours ago

    Giants didn't get Kyler Murray lol

  • Kalel311 superman
    Kalel311 superman 7 hours ago

    This is what i like about the NFL those wild die hard fans regardless of what team they root for, you don't see this in baseball

  • Hank Murphy
    Hank Murphy 7 hours ago

    House Raptors with "that monster" vs a King James House Cavs would have been a fantastic series.

  • Obzinix
    Obzinix 7 hours ago

    The NFC talking about how the packers are Super Bowl contenders now

    6BURGH PRIDE 7 hours ago

    What about The Stroker

  • N B
    N B 7 hours ago

    Bro the time to double down on the trash talk is when Abrams reveals who he is. I mean if you aren't a pussy, stand behind your words, lets see if Abram can out trash talk the team they rep.

  • Ibrahim Adeniji
    Ibrahim Adeniji 7 hours ago

    Great job to the Lakers for not listening to kobe and not trading him if they traded him the championships in 09 and 10 would never happen

  • Артем Малаховский

    I hope he quite making art and start something he can do

  • Rudy G
    Rudy G 7 hours ago

    Do Bayern again! Lol

  • riosmanuel.g
    riosmanuel.g 7 hours ago

    Keep em coming!! 😂😂😂

  • Vernon Hampton
    Vernon Hampton 7 hours ago

    That sounded like a linebacker hitting a wide receiver on a crossing route.

  • Saul Zepeda
    Saul Zepeda 7 hours ago

    Forget that,take my team's Jersey off,don't deserve it,I been loyal even when they sucked and the pain of getting laugh at by everyone else,but I just laughed and put up my middle finger and stay proud and loyal!lol

  • Jordan I
    Jordan I 7 hours ago

    Chip Kelly is a jackass

  • BrayPlays7 NFFC
    BrayPlays7 NFFC 8 hours ago

    When will the next episode come out!??

  • SYZ Clutch
    SYZ Clutch 8 hours ago

    my brother coaches there

  • Zay Savage
    Zay Savage 8 hours ago

    Lmaooo my guy Da Baby expert on babies yuh shittin me

    EBE NANO 8 hours ago


  • Luis Alvarado
    Luis Alvarado 8 hours ago

    rj barrett reminds me of mark jackson

  • Jack Reinke
    Jack Reinke 8 hours ago

    Ravenwood beat them

  • Cameron Thomson
    Cameron Thomson 8 hours ago

    What's their record?

  • Arthur Fleck
    Arthur Fleck 8 hours ago

    You don’t listen do you?

  • Godfrey Casanova
    Godfrey Casanova 8 hours ago


  • MrShrabber
    MrShrabber 8 hours ago

    Tua will be special and whoever gets him will flurish

  • James Hynes
    James Hynes 9 hours ago

    Yeah I was there it was crazy😂 he was going off