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Loose Tooth vs Nerf Gun!
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Offensive Interview Prank!
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Chase Your Dreams!
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Crashing Golf Carts!
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Extreme Tubing Behind Car!
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He Wanted To Fight!
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Jumping Bike Off A Bridge!
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I Love My Job!
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Burying My Friend Alive!
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Airsoft Battle Royale!
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My Car Caught On Fire!
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Putting Horns On My Tesla!
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Putting My Car On The Roof!
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Broken Sunglasses Prank!
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I Didn’t Make It!
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Can’t Believe He Did This!
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Can You Open This?
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Hitting Dingers Off Girls!
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My Favorite Thing To Do!
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Mowing a Cemetery!
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I Finally Got it!
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Boxing in Public!
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Being an Asshole!
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Meet My New Puppy!
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Kissing moms in Idaho!
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We Crashed The Car!
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Feeding People Corn!
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She's Always On Top!
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Cops Were Pissed!
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Making Kids Cry!
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Launching My New Truck!
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My Mom Flipped Her Car
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Crashing My New Car!
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    IMORTAL_GOD_SHOT * 4 hours ago

    how meany dirt bikes do you have

  • Morgan Elizabeth
    Morgan Elizabeth 4 hours ago

    this guy is the loml

  • Pumpsproduction Com
    Pumpsproduction Com 5 hours ago

    I seen you Friday 20th you passed us going on to the van wick

  • 100 subs No vids
    100 subs No vids 5 hours ago

    10:00 did he swing

    DEACON BOBBINPLAYZ 5 hours ago

    when danny does something weird that mean its gonna be a good good vid XD#

  • sea weed29
    sea weed29 5 hours ago

    Bruh these swan from the warrior game ps2 is fucking retarded

  • Liam Burns
    Liam Burns 5 hours ago

    you could tell that Cameron was scared on that dirt bike

  • Kelsey Huffman
    Kelsey Huffman 5 hours ago

    Mr Danial is a legend

  • Thatsme_ Sammy
    Thatsme_ Sammy 6 hours ago

    One moment boxing. Next moment calm af

  • Nick Paulo
    Nick Paulo 7 hours ago

    11:01 when he flew off mattress I was crying! Poor Donnie Duncan lol

  • Nick Paulo
    Nick Paulo 7 hours ago

    Papa Jim to

  • Nick Paulo
    Nick Paulo 7 hours ago

    Who is watching in 2019!? Bring the Grocery shopping with Twins back!

  • Kaine Orozco
    Kaine Orozco 8 hours ago

    If Usain Bolt had a kid

  • Jose Velasquez
    Jose Velasquez 9 hours ago

    3:15 bro he was hella high😂😂💯

  • Big Thirty-Eight
    Big Thirty-Eight 9 hours ago

    0:46 slapped the fuck outta him lmao

  • DMND BiggestFan
    DMND BiggestFan 9 hours ago

    Fuck that bitch

  • DMND BiggestFan
    DMND BiggestFan 9 hours ago

    Well fuck yea love it

  • DreamR
    DreamR 9 hours ago

    8:50 Proves that slow motion and a sick ass beat can make anything look lit 💀

  • Chris Darcy
    Chris Darcy 9 hours ago

    Danny cannot be trusted like 😂 imagine them women working their jobs for the boss just to see this video 😂 he was like acting all nice and shit, straight up snitching on them for letting him give his boy a bath haha Danny Duncan 6ix9ine 🤷🏼‍♂️😂😂😂

  • Kyle Dallendorfer
    Kyle Dallendorfer 9 hours ago


  • Michael Caesar
    Michael Caesar 9 hours ago

    4:02 “Should we leave him? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pappalardo Peter
    Pappalardo Peter 9 hours ago

    i swear this guy and i have the same playlist

  • Michael Caesar
    Michael Caesar 10 hours ago

    2:30 Yo dead straight thought that was Jason from the minorites

  • Rene Arbizo
    Rene Arbizo 10 hours ago

    Don’t put you cowboy hat on your bed it’s bad luck

  • Keke Amour
    Keke Amour 10 hours ago

    I Love Danny Duncan 😂💛

  • Ethan Bruce
    Ethan Bruce 11 hours ago

    To this day i still have no idea what he bought 😂

  • ZEUS
    ZEUS 11 hours ago

    10:09 never seen this dude shy like that

  • ZEUS
    ZEUS 11 hours ago

    A whole group of dudes amused by Danny breaking shit classic love for you brother dannny fucking duncan

  • YTBwest
    YTBwest 11 hours ago

    The end!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Frvsh
    Frvsh 11 hours ago

    Does anyone know the newest video that Danny released No it’s not that

  • MissShay Familia
    MissShay Familia 12 hours ago

    My birthday is October 20 and I was in Wisconsin would like you to come

  • RAMY Boii_IOS
    RAMY Boii_IOS 12 hours ago

    Danny is like just for one vid I’ll have to say FUCK VIRGINITY

  • honeyluv x
    honeyluv x 12 hours ago

    Meanwhile I can’t even pick a singe Pennie who can relate?

  • sk8 TV
    sk8 TV 12 hours ago

    100k let's do it

  • Alex Spencer
    Alex Spencer 12 hours ago


  • ZoiC Cut
    ZoiC Cut 12 hours ago

    You got those workers fired no cap

  • Brandon Nguyen
    Brandon Nguyen 12 hours ago

    Danny your fucking asshole for fucking with all them people

  • Lon Gshlong
    Lon Gshlong 12 hours ago


  • levi lang
    levi lang 12 hours ago

    Midgets are so cringey

  • Brian Costa
    Brian Costa 12 hours ago

    Horns down

  • Kikaman1
    Kikaman1 13 hours ago

    Idk how to do time stamps but we gonna see the kicks at 9:00

    • Kikaman1
      Kikaman1 13 hours ago

      O thats how you do a time stamp

  • Jcorns
    Jcorns 13 hours ago

    "I dont like butt stuff".

    HYVNG LVRD 13 hours ago

    fuck bro thats some heart warming content

  • subscribe me
    subscribe me 13 hours ago

    Is that finssnow at 3:52

  • Scars_26
    Scars_26 13 hours ago

    i love you too danny duncan no homo

  • Mr. GoodWoods
    Mr. GoodWoods 13 hours ago

    What the fuck can you legally go to jail for that, shit seems unlawful as fucc

  • Jason Wiese
    Jason Wiese 13 hours ago

    when Cameron hit him with the vacuum cleaner at the beginning I died

  • XxICEMAN11xX
    XxICEMAN11xX 13 hours ago

    Hell yah mcnary go Celtics

  • Glaithius
    Glaithius 13 hours ago

    1,000 likes and I get Danny’s face tatted on my right thigh and post a vid

  • Owen Evers
    Owen Evers 13 hours ago

    He would probably get ptsd from the pop of the fireworks

  • JacobThecaveman H
    JacobThecaveman H 13 hours ago

    Damn these kids now days look like pussies

  • Owen Evers
    Owen Evers 13 hours ago

    When u coming to Dallas tx?

  • Geordie
    Geordie 13 hours ago

    He wasn't close off with iPhone 11

    • .
      . 4 hours ago

      Geordie true

  • Justin Knight
    Justin Knight 13 hours ago

    I wish you came to Omaha ne

  • Nick Corso
    Nick Corso 13 hours ago

    People that don't know Danny Duncan deserve to get water poured on them

  • YNL Dmo
    YNL Dmo 13 hours ago

    i live in nebraska lmao

  • Brian Domzalski
    Brian Domzalski 14 hours ago

    The ending 😂😂😂😂😂

  • relishhsiler Q
    relishhsiler Q 14 hours ago

    I'm outta my mind. Wbu?

  • Mitchell Smith
    Mitchell Smith 14 hours ago

    love this video

  • Jah Saucyyy
    Jah Saucyyy 14 hours ago

    Nah this had me weak

  • Thatsme_ Sammy
    Thatsme_ Sammy 14 hours ago

    He says October 2019. It just came out before the area fity one raid. Thats pretty damn close if ur just maken shit up

  • colin 15
    colin 15 14 hours ago

    Samantha sped asf 😭😭

  • Cloudzyy FNM
    Cloudzyy FNM 14 hours ago

    Bring her back

  • Connor Sullivan
    Connor Sullivan 14 hours ago

    Thanks for the scooter danny!

  • Andrew Kent
    Andrew Kent 15 hours ago

    Was that Peter griffin?

  • Austin Sanders
    Austin Sanders 15 hours ago

    My brother is born in Nebraska that's dope your a legend man you so some crazy funny shit

  • UnHeardOf 23
    UnHeardOf 23 15 hours ago

    Shits funny but Danny is a major dick lol

  • Frank Rivas
    Frank Rivas 15 hours ago

    Why is danny so good at every sport

  • Luke VH
    Luke VH 15 hours ago

    Thank you

    LIL HONEYBUN 15 hours ago

    I felt bad when all he wanted was some food to eat

  • Succulent Stan
    Succulent Stan 15 hours ago

    You guys need to make virginity rocks basketballs that'd be bad ass love you Danny ❤😘 Also if that happens give me credit so I can tell my friends I'm a big fan -Oliver Martinez

  • Lil Alex
    Lil Alex 15 hours ago


  • Powered by Video games

    sand in my shoes is regular for Danny freaking Dunkin glass regular and shoe for him

  • Rodolfo Perez Junior
    Rodolfo Perez Junior 15 hours ago

    You are mean to mexien

  • John Creviston
    John Creviston 15 hours ago

    I’ve been on that Ferris wheel down in atlanta

  • CRISTAW Productions
    CRISTAW Productions 15 hours ago

    I love being a live at a time where this is what society has to offer me. In reality all we have to do is *Read more*

  • reginae the kiddos
    reginae the kiddos 15 hours ago

    You got to give me two million

    NORTH4_IND OFIICIAL 15 hours ago

    I want do that to my mom... Ok. Its start from now..

  • GolferFN
    GolferFN 15 hours ago

    as a golfer.... i do not respect that

  • Zachary H
    Zachary H 16 hours ago

    They banned your shirts from the highschools in Jacksonville Florida you need to protest with us

  • lIIlIlIIllIlIl-
    lIIlIlIIllIlIl- 16 hours ago

    isn’t that his sister ?

  • Brandon Olson
    Brandon Olson 16 hours ago

    Too bad you went to the shittiest college in America🤷🏻‍♂️

  • GamersHunch
    GamersHunch 16 hours ago

    Danny it's got 100k likes get that cheek ready

  • Demarkus
    Demarkus 16 hours ago

    Wow no NewJersey

  • casazj1
    casazj1 16 hours ago

    When you were playing ping pong on the serve you have to throw the ball 6 inches up

  • Mike Lando !
    Mike Lando ! 16 hours ago

    Danny I was at the show in Worcester And I had such a good time

  • zack shinnick
    zack shinnick 16 hours ago

    I’ve never seen so many ass smoochers in one video

  • Isaiah Gaytan
    Isaiah Gaytan 17 hours ago

    Where is kamren I never seen him a long time

  • Isaiah Gaytan
    Isaiah Gaytan 17 hours ago

    Yes please I miss fuck around Friday

  • Official Davinchi
    Official Davinchi 17 hours ago


  • Jådëñ Sellars
    Jådëñ Sellars 17 hours ago

    Mr beast cussed?

  • nerd neck
    nerd neck 17 hours ago

    5:58 me when i trying out the army

  • Aidan Breuer
    Aidan Breuer 17 hours ago

    I feel bad

  • Larz The Raccoon
    Larz The Raccoon 17 hours ago

    A very insightful testimony Gary! Very cool.

  • Riley Cook
    Riley Cook 17 hours ago

    cameron is my spirit animal

  • Keith Haddon
    Keith Haddon 17 hours ago

    New subscriber here. I have been binge watching all your videos and liking them up. I really love and appreciate the efforts and mostly harmless but entertaining antics in your videos. Your “filmer” - videographer is doing a great job and your crew makes your work more entertaining for all of us. Keep being generous to your fans and your crew. Thanks for the entertainment.

  • Peggy Strietbeck
    Peggy Strietbeck 17 hours ago

    Hi it's me from super saver

  • AB Lunchbox
    AB Lunchbox 17 hours ago

    whats the song at 16:33 ?

  • SpitFire Vidz
    SpitFire Vidz 17 hours ago

    He was only 1 month off guessing the iPhone 11 lol

  • Drake Poovey
    Drake Poovey 17 hours ago

    Poodle looking fuck