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  • Paxkimi
    Paxkimi 36 seconds ago

    This is the funniest game grumps series I've seen in a long time

  • Alex V
    Alex V 46 seconds ago

    Ahhh SOUP!

  • Mariama Joazard
    Mariama Joazard Minute ago

    The description for this episode is everything

  • Person Reviews Life

    "Palpatine, how did you get those wires straightened out?" " Conduit."

  • Aphelize *aff-ell-eez* Pariah

    "The Japanese are very relaxed when it comes to horror" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • Miles Gerschefske
    Miles Gerschefske 5 minutes ago

    The Eiffel 52 "blue" segments of this video will be nothing compared to the Orson Welles segment of the best of super Mario maker 2, and I'm okay with that

  • Earthy Brute
    Earthy Brute 6 minutes ago

    You guys are supposed to figure out what they like before you start buying crap

  • Douglas McDade
    Douglas McDade 8 minutes ago

    PLOK for Smash Ultimate

  • Daryan Swanson
    Daryan Swanson 8 minutes ago

    Ovaltine is delicious. Dan was wrong.

  • thatawkwardbean
    thatawkwardbean 9 minutes ago


  • Rae Ensor
    Rae Ensor 9 minutes ago

    This is by far my favorite game that you guys have played😂

  • flower h
    flower h 10 minutes ago

    Dan: "We need to land it on a surface no wider than two inches" Arin: *unzips pants*

  • Tequila MockingBird
    Tequila MockingBird 11 minutes ago

    Once i heard that honk i knew i was gonna enjoy this video

  • Wajabicoliptos
    Wajabicoliptos 13 minutes ago

    All i can here is sex noises and Rupert Giles

  • Benjamin Farias
    Benjamin Farias 14 minutes ago

    Mount Massive is what I call my penis.

  • B_Jameson_Harris
    B_Jameson_Harris 15 minutes ago

    Game Grumps now enters MST3K territory.

  • milk box
    milk box 15 minutes ago

    my god this is fucking hilarious. they have to get ALL the endings now.

  • Lorde Platypus
    Lorde Platypus 17 minutes ago

    I wish you guys would do face cam

  • DBA
    DBA 17 minutes ago

    7:48 I did NOT expect that Animu reference!!! <3

  • Mindy Kb
    Mindy Kb 19 minutes ago

    This is amazing. We need more co-op games, for sure!

  • CthulhuianBunny
    CthulhuianBunny 20 minutes ago

    I honestly don't understand why Dan gripes so much about Arin always setting one of the AI's to super tough. To my recollection _this_ is the only time that an AI has won, and all of the other times it's been one of the Grumps.

  • flower h
    flower h 20 minutes ago

    Dan and Arin laughing is one of the funniest things on TVclip I've seen. Just them being together in general. Two friends, not lifelong but good friends just laughing their asses off

  • Nicky The Koopa
    Nicky The Koopa 21 minute ago

    Me: *Sees title* Also me: I want chicken!

  • NotTehJon
    NotTehJon 22 minutes ago

    "we can tear out all the pages and spread them on your bed and fuck on it" Oooooohooooo boy Dan, you picked the right character.

  • Jonathan Clauw
    Jonathan Clauw 24 minutes ago

    Llama farts 10/10

  • Karen Rader
    Karen Rader 25 minutes ago

    oh yeah this is the series I was watching when I dropped my phone in the toilet. Time flies, man.

  • Sean Durham
    Sean Durham 26 minutes ago

    We are all clear that the fire creates the wind. There’s no god in Zelda or other trying to put the fire out.

  • James the7
    James the7 26 minutes ago

    he missed a quality joke at 13:13 you dragged my by the pit, into the pit

  • Le. Farquad
    Le. Farquad 29 minutes ago

    I haven’t been horny for 2 weeks, i’m worried and need to jerk it. That’s why i’m watching.

  • catwithgun 45
    catwithgun 45 30 minutes ago

    8:20 it says embar-ass-ent not embarassment

  • Fox Boi Named Ace
    Fox Boi Named Ace 30 minutes ago

    I can't be the only one that's actually enjoying this series. XD

  • mike
    mike 33 minutes ago

    Thank you Arin.

  • Vocal Vortex Studios
    Vocal Vortex Studios 33 minutes ago

    Super-villain Danny is something magical

  • Blood Reach
    Blood Reach 34 minutes ago


  • Earthy Brute
    Earthy Brute 35 minutes ago

    Are u idiots ever gonna get back to the mission? Like fixing the vcr

  • Samantha Stephens
    Samantha Stephens 35 minutes ago

    I just realized this is that game!!!

  • menslady125
    menslady125 38 minutes ago

    Dan must have been super cute!

  • berdsinthejungle
    berdsinthejungle 38 minutes ago

    "this is an example of- YEEHEE" 4:55

  • Thesleepless Mosquito
    Thesleepless Mosquito 40 minutes ago

    You know I find it so hilarious that when Arin is playing single player Danny is very supportive and cheering him on but when they're playing co-op Dan is just the biggest dick, it's the best

  • Samantha Stephens
    Samantha Stephens 40 minutes ago

    Omg I played a Dora winter game on the ps2 when I was younger!

  • Astrocat
    Astrocat 42 minutes ago

    1:51 Nice.

  • PokerFaceV1
    PokerFaceV1 42 minutes ago

    8:45 daalin

  • cattila_the_fun
    cattila_the_fun 42 minutes ago

    Everyone's talking about the song midway through the ep but i just wanna know what the one about 1 minute in is :( I heard it plenty times growing up but never found out what it was... anyone know?

  • Micheal Westfall
    Micheal Westfall 42 minutes ago

    Only if Ross where here.

  • igooog
    igooog 44 minutes ago

    Rahul ain't gonna be happy with that review

  • water flavored ice cream
    water flavored ice cream 45 minutes ago

    this is my first time watching you guys, and i can't wait to see more

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith 48 minutes ago

    before going in: dan is gonna think this is hilarious and Arin is gonna take it seriously

  • menslady125
    menslady125 53 minutes ago

    I can't-a hear you, Peach. You're in space. XD

  • foxyiebot
    foxyiebot 56 minutes ago

    I fucking love this. So funny

  • sammehzing
    sammehzing 56 minutes ago

    I was one of those stoners in the audience in Indianapolis

  • Austin Knight
    Austin Knight 57 minutes ago

    Okay, but for real though. Who hangs their bathing suit on the dang livingroom wall?

  • Thomas Riddle
    Thomas Riddle 57 minutes ago

    Arin's sculpture of Dan looked like a charactercher of Obama crossed with a goblin

  • Coffee Peals
    Coffee Peals 57 minutes ago

    Ahhh! her arm at 7:30! I can’t unsee it!

  • sweetstxr
    sweetstxr 58 minutes ago

    6:16 Danny’s “wOAh” really went full Elton John mode

  • RainReloadz
    RainReloadz Hour ago

    Grahb my hahund

  • Rose Fountain
    Rose Fountain Hour ago

    I think this has been one of the most hilarious co op series they've ever done XD I couldn't stop laughing

  • The Geek Master
    The Geek Master Hour ago

    Is this Half in the Bag: The Game?

  • Paburo
    Paburo Hour ago

    35:43 There should be a compilation of them only speaking Spanish

  • Fishy Fire776
    Fishy Fire776 Hour ago

    I want a full series of this

  • Blonde Babe
    Blonde Babe Hour ago

    Laughed so hard I almost peed myself XDDDDDD

  • Accaillia Carter

    "horse?" "Yes" Me: W A T

  • Lorena Chávez
    Lorena Chávez Hour ago

    Super bunny man was the best. Wish you guys played it again.

  • oge Eneje
    oge Eneje Hour ago

    You whippersnapper. aND i'M KAnyE West-

  • kalvin lewis
    kalvin lewis Hour ago

    Two buddies playing video games.

  • Martín Naranjo
    Martín Naranjo Hour ago

    I'm not watching shit unless it's mah Toilet Princess

  • Rifflord Shithouse

    I support this series. Very excited to see all the outcomes and yalls reactions to them

  • Wrong Choice
    Wrong Choice Hour ago

    I was never able to play this game because it gave me mad headaches

  • Abi yo
    Abi yo Hour ago

    I ?? the ears im hearing this in are flipped from the visuals

  • Abe Ridha
    Abe Ridha Hour ago

    Tobin Buttram is the name I used for my Celeste playthrough. Sadly I could not fit all of it so I named her Torbin Butter

  • Hayden Dehler
    Hayden Dehler Hour ago

    this man is dead, bang

  • Kalliblast
    Kalliblast Hour ago

    how deep can this game even be?

  • Catfish Kyle
    Catfish Kyle Hour ago

    I laughed so hard I about had a brain aneurysm 😂😂

  • Patrícia Mattos

    It’s so good to hear Arin having fun. Watching this ep and the one before this back to back is a very weird experience.. Laugh away my boys, we’ll be happy as long as you are too!

  • Robbie Travers
    Robbie Travers Hour ago

    16:39 Alternative answer: cataracts

  • Des S.
    Des S. Hour ago

    More!! This is so funny

  • Buzzarag
    Buzzarag Hour ago

    That guy said he reads women by their panties but doesn't he already learn all the stuff about this one simply by looking through her rooms? Will he later on be like "Ooooh by reading these panties I can see that she has books about philosophy, history and math!" ? Or will there be an awesome dark twist like in doki doki and he can see in those panties that she's some serial killer? :O that would be amazing! Edit: Oh yep Arin had the same thought about the serial killer xD

  • Bobcat6161
    Bobcat6161 Hour ago

    Fucking damnit Arin, I’m laughing way too hard.

  • use_alt_love _
    use_alt_love _ Hour ago

    It kills me that they aren't pinging.

  • Cybernetic Soul
    Cybernetic Soul Hour ago

    "you fell off a chair and died" 10/10 main character in this game is XD

  • Emertex7
    Emertex7 Hour ago

    Is... is Arin using up to jump, instead of the jump button?? Is that why he keeps accidently opening doors?? (I havn't had a nintendo console since the original DS)

  • Paximus87
    Paximus87 Hour ago

    13:42- LSP

  • meme-prince
    meme-prince Hour ago

    26:46 H͝oo͘oo҉ooooo̸ They both said it at the same time the audio sounded like it was vibrating

  • Davellope
    Davellope Hour ago

    2:50 - Looks like that one famous porn director. And I think I actually met him at a Subway a decade ago. And come on. Meth jokes would be way too obvious and easy here. Even for me.

  • AAA9773
    AAA9773 Hour ago

    Dan out here sounding like Kevin McDonald.

  • Vince Unknown
    Vince Unknown Hour ago

    I hope you guys go back to playing random Mario Maker 2 levels it was alot of fun watching those

  • Accaillia Carter

    Why were you looking through your girl roommate's drawers DAN?

  • Supreme King
    Supreme King Hour ago

    6:48 The Drowned Man predicted Markiplier's video what the hell

  • Boomst1k
    Boomst1k Hour ago


  • MoonLogic
    MoonLogic Hour ago

    Was the chair "cursed" or did she kill Kenji?

  • LycanLink
    LycanLink Hour ago

    Gurl, I was just thinking to myself today that a "Portal 3" announcement would be awesome. :) That was likely because my phone played "Want You Gone" and "Still Alive" while on shuffle today, but still.

  • Melanie Karlstetter

    Okay so I had no expectations admittedly, but this blew my expectations. This was sooooo funny. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rosay Darkra
    Rosay Darkra Hour ago

    Im laughing my ass off 😂😂😂😂

  • Arkham Knight15882

    Dan looks like a goth pennywise

  • LycanLink
    LycanLink Hour ago

    I immediately clicked "like," because I clearly remember enjoying watching them learn things and be silly. :)

  • Bobcat6161
    Bobcat6161 Hour ago

    Watching this normally makes me laugh hard. Watching this drunk makes me laugh until I can’t get any air into my body, this is awesome.

  • Lachlan Wood
    Lachlan Wood Hour ago

    I know what I want on my gravestone now: "he fell off a chair and died"

  • Madison Cheyne
    Madison Cheyne Hour ago


  • Joe Crouse
    Joe Crouse Hour ago

    Bill nye, washed up hack of a scientist but still a solid reference nonetheless

  • The great Papyrus

    That edit at the end tho

  • business shark
    business shark Hour ago