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VR has officially peaked
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aww man..
Views 2.2M17 days ago
camping with the boys
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Hide and YEET
Views 843KMonth ago
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the whole gang in memecraft
Views 1.3M2 months ago
Views 763K3 months ago
Kid goes full sicko mode
Views 1.4M3 months ago
babysitting in minecraft vr
Views 1.1M3 months ago
SEND HELP (Zero Caliber VR)
Views 2.8M3 months ago
his first beer (Ree Kid)
Views 1.8M4 months ago
Meme Saber (Beat Saber mods)
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  • MOV PW
    MOV PW 3 hours ago


  • Sophie Doherty
    Sophie Doherty 3 hours ago

    What game was that

  • 1ial
    1ial 3 hours ago

    every bullet shot from joshdubs deagle kills a furry Me: *mom, imma need all your cash.*

  • Sean M. Holland
    Sean M. Holland 3 hours ago

    I’m in love with bullet force, especially when I get to play it on freegames66, different experiences for sure.

  • Where's Waldo
    Where's Waldo 3 hours ago

    Mountain Dew, Hentai and Cheese its lol

  • P U R E Z
    P U R E Z 3 hours ago

    this channel is the best i love it and one of the reasons is because of ree kid

  • Rein001 ProGamer234 Roblox And MORE!

    Josh just said some russian when hes gonna get the heart

  • Quinlan McKenzie
    Quinlan McKenzie 3 hours ago

    Fortnight Player:Mincraft is for Pussies, Fornight is for men! VR:Fortnight is for Pussies, VR is for real men! Airsoft:VR is for pussies, this is for real men! Special Forces:Hold my fuckin beer.

  • Justin Brüll
    Justin Brüll 3 hours ago

    Thats wierd

  • Skateme
    Skateme 3 hours ago

    It’s like the rated R version of captain America

  • Danny Mavin
    Danny Mavin 3 hours ago

    I literally wanna buy VR on the off chance I meet reekid and josh

  • Brentos the Mentos
    Brentos the Mentos 3 hours ago

    What game is that

  • Firetusk Reaper
    Firetusk Reaper 3 hours ago

    You should've eaten their hearts.

  • Blackops Vocaloid
    Blackops Vocaloid 3 hours ago


  • kubel83
    kubel83 3 hours ago

    Imagine reekid chasing you while screaming. Would make a great horror game😅👍

  • Isiah Bryant
    Isiah Bryant 3 hours ago

    🐐 another hilarious video!

  • Noah Jones
    Noah Jones 3 hours ago

    How do you leave vr existence

  • RandomGames
    RandomGames 3 hours ago

    Josh kills someone: "looks like I'm the the bouncer of this bar now" Josh two seconds later: *violently smashes bar stool into some guys head* Josh two more seconds later: *is now just throwing people into the fire place and laughing about it* The lesson to be learnt is never let Josh do anything as he is a danger to himself and everyone around him.

  • Franco Smith
    Franco Smith 3 hours ago

    Thumbnail is at 5:10

  • jack grant
    jack grant 3 hours ago


  • DuckieFlappy
    DuckieFlappy 3 hours ago

    8:53 i can hear cats

  • Xeman Theory
    Xeman Theory 3 hours ago

    Making a probably false statement that everyone will see is going to mess VRs hype up

  • IamBanana 1002
    IamBanana 1002 4 hours ago

    I am banana

  • Hugge Wolf
    Hugge Wolf 4 hours ago

    Can you do like 20 minuties of dis

  • random_ user
    random_ user 4 hours ago

    I love t he accent He does

  • Wolf 2K
    Wolf 2K 4 hours ago

    *Everybody gangsta till the phone pulls out a UZI*

  • Gooday 2007
    Gooday 2007 4 hours ago

    What game is this

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X 4 hours ago

    Rip their heart 😁

  • Taz 56
    Taz 56 4 hours ago

    Can this not be community guide line striked

  • Witherer 101
    Witherer 101 4 hours ago

    i’m Australian and how could you do this to us

  • RnG shadow nani
    RnG shadow nani 4 hours ago

    Only I hear what he said bout alinity

  • Jethro Dabuan
    Jethro Dabuan 4 hours ago

    I didn't skip your ads btw josh

  • Mr. Fancy
    Mr. Fancy 4 hours ago

    Here comes the roll "Turns into a jelly"

  • Xandeath75
    Xandeath75 4 hours ago

    2:58 IM LITERALLY DYING!!! 🤣🤣🤣👌👍

  • the legendary ginger

    What game is this

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 4 hours ago

    11:50 to 12:07 tho and 20:58 to 21:10 honestly my 1# fave channel I die at every video

  • tylerdellina18
    tylerdellina18 4 hours ago

    Please play this more

  • Joker Jr
    Joker Jr 4 hours ago

    U should do a two sword Deadpool shish kabob

  • Justin.sxsuke
    Justin.sxsuke 4 hours ago

    Whats that for Game?

  • LoveLust
    LoveLust 4 hours ago

    More potassium!!!

  • grisha Listok
    grisha Listok 4 hours ago


  • Lemon Tablada v2.0
    Lemon Tablada v2.0 4 hours ago

    was waiting for a Mortal Kombat reference on 6:41 FINISH HIM!

  • AmusedFlyer8019
    AmusedFlyer8019 4 hours ago

    Pls play more of The game

  • obsidian_skyrim
    obsidian_skyrim 4 hours ago

    high five

  • fox gaming10
    fox gaming10 4 hours ago

    YEET hammer also known to sparta kick

  • random_ user
    random_ user 4 hours ago

    If you can’t stop combat and feed your enemies are you really playing vr

  • Sebyy
    Sebyy 4 hours ago

    Best youtuber

  • Josue Hernandez
    Josue Hernandez 4 hours ago

    reekid: FORTNITE IS FOR PUSSIES also reekid: starts to defualt dance

  • Kitsune Eternal
    Kitsune Eternal 4 hours ago

    Ree kid could be the next kirito

  • Bubbly Hamster
    Bubbly Hamster 4 hours ago

    Baby jazapy has grown so much 😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • just a guy who needs milk

    Sans is peeved 7:46

  • Jack Hollow
    Jack Hollow 4 hours ago

    Boxmon. still a better story than romeo and Juliet.

  • Valhalla
    Valhalla 5 hours ago

    Probably funniest game video ever make😂😂.. We need more.,,i sayd mooooooooorrrrrree 🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻

  • Logan Tamburello
    Logan Tamburello 5 hours ago

    What is this game called

  • Skynd
    Skynd 5 hours ago

    fuck your bananna

  • Maxiano LopeZ
    Maxiano LopeZ 5 hours ago

    Today we attack area 51

  • Justin Arroyo
    Justin Arroyo 5 hours ago

    So is no one gonna bring up the alinity joke??

  • game maniac
    game maniac 5 hours ago

    Josh:Look I’m not one for violence against women Has been killing women this entire video

  • tenrek 999
    tenrek 999 5 hours ago

    Was that reeeeekid?

    JAZ GAMER 5 hours ago

    3:50 hahahaha stop hiting your self

  • nicestguy 53
    nicestguy 53 5 hours ago

    Josh I hate how you make me smile and die of laughter every time!

  • Tucklucky
    Tucklucky 5 hours ago

    18:15 Your narrator is hilarious LOL he put his hands on the ledge and then begin his speech

  • mljue 99
    mljue 99 5 hours ago

    Cut off a head an throw it at another one lol

  • CCDJ long
    CCDJ long 5 hours ago

    Fucking auto correct oh and if you see my other comment Josh please leave a comment on it.

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 5 hours ago


  • CCDJ long
    CCDJ long 5 hours ago

    Hey if you see this Josh big fan and thanks for your videos they make me laugh and I would be sad and your humer is so funny thank you oh and you haters Josh will yeet you into REEEEKIDs house and REEEEKID will duck you up by using his spin attack.

  • Jimi Torvikoski
    Jimi Torvikoski 5 hours ago

    0:19 joshdub:hey mully up here mully: HAAAAAAAAAAH

  • Noah's Ark Fitness
    Noah's Ark Fitness 5 hours ago

    8:37 is hilarious

  • master Reaper
    master Reaper 5 hours ago

    This video is the best on God soon he take has haert out

  • David Kavtaradze
    David Kavtaradze 5 hours ago

    Part 2 like if want part 2

  • Mason Wiehl
    Mason Wiehl 5 hours ago


    DIIABLOO. 5 hours ago

    Reee kid????

  • BadW01f 2
    BadW01f 2 5 hours ago

    Omg this game is epic

  • Paul & Maria Collins

    Everyone except reee kid: *American* Reeeee Kid: *communist anthem plays*

  • Diovmiel Odontomachus

    8:52 oh god, the vsco girls got to josh.

  • ッBlackout
    ッBlackout 5 hours ago

    Josh no the....the dumb bitch syndrome got to you............what will I do now

  • Morgan Harris
    Morgan Harris 5 hours ago

    Ree kid is an internet treasure right now.

  • mammoo woolly
    mammoo woolly 5 hours ago


  • Diego Bido
    Diego Bido 5 hours ago

    I was actually eating a sandwich loool

  • x s o p h i a x
    x s o p h i a x 5 hours ago

    (I have an oculus and i love this game sm) *YOUR SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THE POINT/"RUBBER DUCKY"!!*

  • Yy P
    Yy P 5 hours ago


  • Kirito SwordArt
    Kirito SwordArt 5 hours ago

    The type of games are like Virtual games RIGHT

  • Kyle Goodrich
    Kyle Goodrich 5 hours ago

    Do you really live in Australia if so are there is massive spiders there

  • Nicholas Bruno
    Nicholas Bruno 5 hours ago

    Ree kid* Everybody needs a hero. Josh* TrUE Ree kid* “still at gun point.” Zero people shouldn’t have a hero!

  • guna nidhi
    guna nidhi 5 hours ago


  • creepman25
    creepman25 6 hours ago

    what game is this?

  • Ian Playz
    Ian Playz 6 hours ago


  • gamecat games
    gamecat games 6 hours ago

    Bullies be like 5:18

  • Cake//CakeProductions

    There's an actual informational paragraph on Area 51, from the Encyclopedia of Britannica, on this video.

  • Xavier Kogane
    Xavier Kogane 6 hours ago

    Oh Fuck

  • DeFaLtY bOi
    DeFaLtY bOi 6 hours ago


  • angel carrera
    angel carrera 6 hours ago


  • SwitchGunz
    SwitchGunz 6 hours ago

    This was very entertaining and make longer videos please.

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith 6 hours ago

    My normal earth life was filled with sleeping in class

  • DeFaLtY bOi
    DeFaLtY bOi 6 hours ago

    Anauncer: REE KID JOINS THE TEAaam. . . . Ohh shit uhmm. . . *Thud**ahem* uhmm. . . 3:01

  • AJEpicGamer Ubaldo
    AJEpicGamer Ubaldo 6 hours ago

    does anyone realised the girl in the intro of the game sounds like appolyon from for honor

  • Edited Gaming
    Edited Gaming 6 hours ago

    #23 on trending let’s gooooo

  • DeFaLtY bOi
    DeFaLtY bOi 6 hours ago

    Ree kid: uhhmm. . . . *Ahem*RRREEAAAAAAHHHHEEEE

  • Jess Power 1
    Jess Power 1 6 hours ago

    What is that video game called?

  • xd NotStaleMemes
    xd NotStaleMemes 6 hours ago

    Holy frick y'all not I got the 18'000 like, hell yeah