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Boeing's China Problem
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How to Stop an Epidemic
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The NFL's Logistics Problem
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The Economics of Private Jets
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Iceland's Tourism Revolution
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Why Cities Exist
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The Nuclear Waste Problem
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The Little Plane War
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How to Stop a Riot
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How to Fix Traffic Forever
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Every State in the US
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How to Make First Contact
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How Maritime Law Works
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How Budget Airlines Work
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Why Flying is So Expensive
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TWL #6: Big Mac Economics
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TWL #5: Timekeeping on Mars
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  • Alvaro Gamaer
    Alvaro Gamaer 7 minutes ago

    I live in Paraguay, and this is very funny xD

  • AndreChampions
    AndreChampions 13 minutes ago

    Fake video

  • Trevor Bills
    Trevor Bills 21 minute ago

    Idea for a video- What if FedEx added retired military cargo planes to their fleet?

  • Wilson Mar
    Wilson Mar 25 minutes ago

    Waste of tax payer money

  • hhh gdgb
    hhh gdgb 26 minutes ago

    So usa is fucking the world haha and say strategic alliances. What about intelligence ? I can t imagime how it cost usa goverment

  • KawaiiRudraChan OwO
    KawaiiRudraChan OwO 46 minutes ago

    N.C fam here

  • Jeffrey Simmons
    Jeffrey Simmons 55 minutes ago

    I don't get it. They seem to have made a perfectly capable plane with a bad AoA sensor. So... fix the sensor? Add an MCAS light? Why is this such a big deal?

  • Tim L
    Tim L Hour ago

    Getting newer or younger pilots to fly the bigger airlines sooner is dangerous. You are allowing inexperienced pilots on long haul flights. The pay shouldnt be the only draw of the job. Stop allowing technology taking over the role of the pilot. Expensive dial turners or button pushes. Bring back the days when the pilots had to do most of the flying. Only use autopilot if necessary not for the whole flight

  • Ruben Supreme
    Ruben Supreme Hour ago


  • Marvel .vavtar
    Marvel .vavtar Hour ago


  • PhoenixTDM
    PhoenixTDM Hour ago

    It is annoying when you go to another state or country and someone goes "Where are you from?" And you say "Washington" and they go "oH hAvE yOu BeEn To ThE wHiTe HoUsE!?!?!?!1!?!?1" and I'm like "No, I live in Washington, not Washington D.C!" And they go "Oh, Washington StAtE!!!!1!1!!1" it is literally the most annoying thing ever, but I never say Washington State because no one else has to go "oh I'm from Alaska State" or "I'm from Connecticut state" but that question of have you ever been to the white house just drives me crazy!! I NEVER SAID DC! I JUST SAID WASHINGTON!!!

  • E. Andrews
    E. Andrews Hour ago

    Go FedEx!! Gotta love that Memphis hub!

  • Moiz Ahmed
    Moiz Ahmed 2 hours ago

    British stole estimated 40 trillion usd worth of wealth from subcontinent. If it hadn't happened india/pakistan would be far more developed than they are now. Britishers and other european colonizers were professional cunning robbers.

  • Oeshen Playz1036
    Oeshen Playz1036 2 hours ago

    on 2:00 i did 1 4 3 ^ ^ ^ 1+3 to unscrew i only focused on 1 and 3

  • Bowser Jr.
    Bowser Jr. 2 hours ago


  • Rubiconnn
    Rubiconnn 2 hours ago

    I had DCS Black Shark flashbacks when I heard that music at 1:30

  • imcanada
    imcanada 2 hours ago

    Eurocontrol is an example of a box that can never have a power outage

  • Martin Andersson
    Martin Andersson 2 hours ago

    Made possible by CIA.

  • Daniel M Enfield
    Daniel M Enfield 2 hours ago

    Tl;dw (too long didn't watch): Europe is better than America.

  • 马云
    马云 2 hours ago

    Just too many airlines out there...stiiff competition

  • C Daddy
    C Daddy 2 hours ago

    What if we just throw it into the space?

  • Oblivion[2]
    Oblivion[2] 2 hours ago

    *_illegal instruction_*

  • uhh idk
    uhh idk 3 hours ago

    when your state comes up but he only talks about LA :/

  • Wolle 411
    Wolle 411 3 hours ago

    Russia has no ice-free port? Ever heard of Murmansk? This is an ice-free seaport, and is used as a cargo port and military base of the Northern Fleet, and goes directly into the Barents Sea. Over Murmansk Stalin also got all war goods of the United States by the Lend-Lease Act from 1941 to 1945. The Russians supplied natural gas to Europe as early as the Cold War, and they never used it as a means of pressure or halted deliveries in any East-West crisis. I would not rely on Trump and the US LPG for that. In general, nobody can longer trust the US in any way - as the Kurdish people have learned weeks ago!

  • Silent Cal
    Silent Cal 3 hours ago

    I’m a USPS worker and proud of it!

  • Virescent
    Virescent 3 hours ago

    can you make this a podcast

  • Virescent
    Virescent 4 hours ago

    logically, the many universes thing is impossible

  • Virescent
    Virescent 4 hours ago

    logically, the many universes thing is impossible

  • Joseph McKay
    Joseph McKay 4 hours ago

    11 x 13 = 143

  • alexandru dumitru
    alexandru dumitru 4 hours ago

    so elon`s a factorio player?

  • Hope Chang
    Hope Chang 4 hours ago

    Wow such a nice advertisement for machine learning... I almost did not realise its an advertisement!!

  • RichConnerGMN
    RichConnerGMN 4 hours ago

    3:48 "Opportunity (Operational)" *F*

  • Jacob L
    Jacob L 4 hours ago

    Who are you?

  • Jake2001TheMelbourne Guy

    I’m not living in there

  • Brandrex
    Brandrex 4 hours ago

    Taste of Roman army tactics

  • sy ed
    sy ed 4 hours ago

    The division did not happen to create two countries for muslims and hindus. Idea was that hindu leadership rejected the protections muslims minority was demanding. So the states that had muslims majority became Pakistan. Now India has about 15% muslims populaiton but only4-5% representation in parliment. If the British India was divided based on religion only. Muslims would get about half of the area of India. The dispute Pakistan has now with India is Indian ocupation of Kashmir. Pakistan wants India to let the people of Kashmir decide their own destiny same as people of South Sudan, East Timor, Quebec, Puerto Rico etc. Indian leadership is just stupid and has been this way from the beginning by expanding its borders. India has no oil or gold etc that any country want to invade India. If India invade Bangladesh and Pakistan then total muslims population will be about 51%. So "India of the future" could be a muslim country:) Indian incitement and creation of Bangladesh has helped Pakistan focus on its own development and now poor people of Bangladesh have only India to go to. Now Indian use Bangladesh to deprive its own banglai speaking population from citizen ship rights. Indian wants Kashmir because of its strategic location but they failed to take it as whole in 1947 but it exposed Indian intentions. So Chinese invaded Tibet and despite all Indian support China has been "successful" because Indian support for Tibet contradict its own occupation of Kashmir.

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler 4 hours ago

    For a second I thought he was going to say when they was playing who’s got the biggest dick 😁

  • FreemonSandlewould
    FreemonSandlewould 5 hours ago

    Oh gawd. Not only is Elon Musk a huge douche bag and a con artist but the guy who made this video has a DB voice.

  • relative pronouns and demonstrative pronouns

    "The single most important and influential waterways in the world" Suez canal: hold my water

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 5 hours ago

    Bruh anyone who goes under just need to learn how to f******** do things right. They’re probably the same people who call chips crisps. Did you know that 100% of people who put the paper under are left handed?

  • ctixbwi
    ctixbwi 5 hours ago

    USA is hurting; The fake president is doing his best to loose the American world leadership. So is Boeing and FAA. Trump is selling out East Europe to Putin, enabling Putin to continue his dream to restore the Sovjet empire as a Russian empire. The western alliance is breaking up thanks to Trump. Who knows what will come out of this Trumpian mess?!

  • Diego Patino
    Diego Patino 5 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta till the number start breaking laws

  • Sean Luo
    Sean Luo 5 hours ago

    Nobody: TVclip recommendations: Do you want to learn some weird math facts?

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 5 hours ago

    And there’s auntartica

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 5 hours ago

    2:48 yeah their brains are structured differently, but not in a good way. Let me explain. Normal brain: 🧠 Left handed brain: 🥔 know the difference

  • Football Rtv
    Football Rtv 5 hours ago

    Pakistan geography please

  • Eamonn
    Eamonn 5 hours ago

    I'm disappointed that you didn't mention China's planning process. Public consultation is not a big requirement there; if they want to demolish your town to make way for infrastructure, they can do it and there's not much you can do about it.

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 5 hours ago

    Bruh being left-handed is in no way linked to being smart. To be honest although it isn’t a disease it’s a mental disorder.

  • The Count of Toulouse

    Search 'You were colonized by Europeans but you learnt nothing from them - Chinese man to Congolese'. There it is. How pathetic is it that the Chinese had to come in and DO this? Even more PATHETIC is that they got ALL the materials for these massive building projects from Africa. China is up to no good, when the time comes, they're not going to be controlled with cries of 'raysis', they don't care about your opinions, they KNOW you're not equal to them.

  • Isak Samuelsson
    Isak Samuelsson 5 hours ago

    If we invest in making shorter and faster railways it will become cheaper.

  • Joe Stevens
    Joe Stevens 5 hours ago

    I can understand why Rwanda would want to limit assembly and freedom of speech given what happened in 1994. I think I the early stages of a country recovering from upheaval such as war and genocide a little authoritarianism is good as the as the focus of it is too fix the country not simply control it.

  • • sh0tx
    • sh0tx 6 hours ago

    Smh it's 856507896574E15 or 8565078965741161 y'all dumb

  • Anant Bhardwaj
    Anant Bhardwaj 6 hours ago

    "never required navy" are you kidding me????

  • x Ludicrous x
    x Ludicrous x 6 hours ago

    Obviously over

  • Gxulia Yt
    Gxulia Yt 7 hours ago

    Who thinks Kurzgesagt and Wendover should do a video together?

  • Gxulia Yt
    Gxulia Yt 7 hours ago

    Imagine being in prison and the other inmates ask you what your in for: Inmate 1:"What are you in for?" Inmate 2:"You dont strike me as a person that would get arrested" (You):**Gets out piece of paper from pocket** "I uh,I wrote an illegal number on a piece of paper" Inmate 2:"What?" Inmate 1:"You what?" Inmate 3:"So let me get this straight;You wrote an "illegal" number on a piece of paper?" (You):....yes Inmate 1:"And you got arrested for that?" (You):....yes.... All inmates: *:O*

  • Eric C
    Eric C 7 hours ago

    Yall r paying 900bucks for ur instrument?

  • Jovaun Baptiste
    Jovaun Baptiste 7 hours ago

    5:00 u are wrong my country Trinidad and Tobago qualified for FIFA world cup 2006

  • Shadialoth圣凌夜
    Shadialoth圣凌夜 7 hours ago

    4:56 Pershonal Freedon xD

    AMOD PATASKAR 7 hours ago

    It was all about auto industry lobbying and forcing government to promote road building, public transport was always better

  • Jeff Foster
    Jeff Foster 7 hours ago

    Excellent! Thank you.

  • MetaDragon
    MetaDragon 7 hours ago

    If Singapore isn’t at the top, then Scandinavia is.

  • Robert Klauco
    Robert Klauco 7 hours ago

    I like the plane - flew it with Swiss twice and it was very comfortable and quiet. Good job, Bombardier.

  • LetsGetIntoGamingTV
    LetsGetIntoGamingTV 8 hours ago

    a 15:00 video that has 5,494,990 veiws

  • Wyatt Seim
    Wyatt Seim 8 hours ago

    I was wondering why flights out of Hayden were so expensive.

  • Samuel Atienzo
    Samuel Atienzo 8 hours ago

    Skip to 4:30

  • Wei Liu
    Wei Liu 8 hours ago

    I come from Lanzhou. Why government built train between two place? Because we don’t want to profit. If the Disneyland that in Tokyo is free. But all of people to go to the Tokyo, Disneyland lost money. But the hotel that in Tokyo is profit.

    ZHIHAO LIU 8 hours ago

    Railways and dams are better than weapons

  • Judes Scooters
    Judes Scooters 8 hours ago

    I’m sorry but a 787 is not a little plane

  • Igor Bojchovski
    Igor Bojchovski 9 hours ago

    Wendover you've got your facts wrong mate. Aleksandar's empire wasn't greek by any mean. The greeks called him and his father slaughter of greeks and barbarian. Why would a greek king slaughter its own people? This channel's credibility just went south. Southern then the Good Hope Cape.

  • kavorkaa
    kavorkaa 9 hours ago

    I want to see the mountains of Finland

  • mike hakseth
    mike hakseth 9 hours ago

    the weak moment at 5:00

  • Ron de l'Utopie
    Ron de l'Utopie 9 hours ago

    The way the West help Cote d'Ivoire: eliminating all their air-forces.

  • Edward Man
    Edward Man 9 hours ago

    However, none of these tactics are used in the protest in Hong Kong in 2019.

  • Connor Barbieri
    Connor Barbieri 9 hours ago

    Fuck china

  • Francesca Lacey
    Francesca Lacey 9 hours ago

    "Every country in the world" "The UK" ...right ok thanks

  • Nicky Osbon
    Nicky Osbon 9 hours ago

    nice education

  • Mauricio Riaño
    Mauricio Riaño 9 hours ago

    Ever interesting, thanks

  • Sam Spencer
    Sam Spencer 10 hours ago

    Lol at this guy thinking New York would be more densely populated that ancient European cities... americans 😅

  • Hercule The 10th
    Hercule The 10th 10 hours ago

    Swiss gang swiss gang

    FAIDE - NIGHTCORE 10 hours ago

    500000$ per year?! damn I need to finish my ATPL course quick

  • Byron Joel
    Byron Joel 11 hours ago

    It's only complicated and expensive in the USA.

  • dude shut up
    dude shut up 11 hours ago

    boycott divestment and sanction!

  • Albert Foulon
    Albert Foulon 11 hours ago

    Paul Kagame is the USA and Uganda's puppet, Rwandans are the propagandists and Chinese build everything concerning this 'miracle', all that is pure PROPAGANDA.

  • Travelling Commenter
    Travelling Commenter 11 hours ago

    I don't live in the US So... (It's 9:00PM on a Sunday so I don't have time to write the whole thing. Be doing it tomorrow.)

  • vidhan rana
    vidhan rana 11 hours ago

    4:00 India was never a country....? 😆 This is what happens when foreigners tell your history... Knowing nothing, and propounding falsehood.

  • SHËP
    SHËP 11 hours ago

    Guinea: **Get's infected with the Ebola virus** Me still playing Plague Inc on the funny computer I found in Area 51:

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776 11 hours ago

    Boeing had to learn the hard lesson from companies like Caterpiller not to set up a manufacturing center in China because the Communists will just take it over and steal all of your trade secrets.

  • Phil Reed
    Phil Reed 11 hours ago

    US Administration Power Hungry Scum still pushing one world government. The people of the USA would likely prefer the money be spent developing the USA instead of wasting money trying to rule the world.

  • Kanbei
    Kanbei 12 hours ago

    Price per ounce is important here. There is no way mass production is cheaper unless you can use or sell the extra

  • N8ght Rider
    N8ght Rider 12 hours ago

    Ya but Myanmar ,Cambodia ,Laos,vietnam and other weaker ones can form a combined army ..it needs for sure in the future

  • Slav Squirrel!
    Slav Squirrel! 12 hours ago

    Passenger: arrives in Houston, Tx Border control agent:* looks of passport* Border control agent: sorry we can’t let in. Passenger: why? Border control agent: because you come from California. Texas Logic at it’s best.

  • Kevin Oduor
    Kevin Oduor 12 hours ago

    This single video alone deserves an award.

  • BG Squiff
    BG Squiff 13 hours ago

    In the UK you just have to do well in GCSE and then British Airways will pay for you! If you get in you are guaranteed a spot!

  • Guerrero Jaguar
    Guerrero Jaguar 13 hours ago

    So Russia is the true Rising Sun, global warming is going to help them get rid of all the ice, their inland temperature will get warmer, and this will create the best and most extensive virgin land for agricultural purposes, I wish I had me a russian girl...

  • gavin Wang
    gavin Wang 13 hours ago

    It's your freedom to build roads, schools and hospitals in Africa, but why you don't? You just want to sell weapons to Africa.

  • The Helpful Banana
    The Helpful Banana 13 hours ago

    I've watched almost half an hour of this... and all he said was the name.

  • kiran Sandhu
    kiran Sandhu 13 hours ago

    An also you dont know anything about India

  • kiran Sandhu
    kiran Sandhu 13 hours ago

    3:00 are you joking ! today india navy is one of the 10 powerful navies

  • Παύλος Κ
    Παύλος Κ 14 hours ago

    mountains and heat, good combination mountains and coldness, bad bad combination