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Why Cities ExistWhy Cities Exist
Why Cities Exist
28 days ago

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  • Tornado Fyre
    Tornado Fyre 2 months ago


  • Serge Vivier
    Serge Vivier 2 months ago

    Do a video of the KC-45 tanker contract for 100 planes That AIRBUS had won fair and square but was cancelled by Boeing.

  • SocialMinds
    SocialMinds 3 months ago

    Do you think you will ever make "A Problem With Korean Geography?" (meaning the whole peninsula not just the south) I think it would be incredibly interesting due to being pretty much in-cased between Japan and China. Anyways thanks for the videos I really enjoy them

  • Meaty Ogre88
    Meaty Ogre88 3 months ago

    I'm in agreement with the previous posters. TWL is a very good series and you have built in content. Why did you stop doing it?

  • David Lloyd-Jones
    David Lloyd-Jones 3 months ago

    The capital of China is Beijing, that's BAY-jing, "jing" as in jingle bells for Christmas. No, kiddies, you don't sound sophisticated if you make it a Frenchified Beizhing, because everything furrin is French. It just makes you sound stupid and pretentious. Big fail. So cut it out, OK? Unless you're trying to show what nice tame Trump voting rightwing fruitcakes you are, in which case every demonstration of ignorance helps, right?

  • Führer des Benutzers
    Führer des Benutzers 3 months ago

    Hey Wendover, what do you think about "anthro planes"?

  • Seyun Park
    Seyun Park 3 months ago

    thank you so much, i love your videos!

  • Rashid Al-Moa'awdah
    Rashid Al-Moa'awdah 3 months ago

    Awesome topics...would love to see your take on Blockchain !! Keep up the good work !!

  • Duong Nguyen Duc
    Duong Nguyen Duc 4 months ago

    Pls make a facebook page

  • Joseph Kosofsky
    Joseph Kosofsky 4 months ago

    Could you do a piece on the Bombardier CSeries jet, why it was a threat to Boeing, trade issues and what it means now that Airbus is going to manufacture the CSeries in the US.

  • civerooni
    civerooni 4 months ago

    I would love to see a video about the Boeing - Bombardier / Airbus fiasco for the C-series going on right now and how subsidies and tariffs shape the airline industry.

  • nantookatumble
    nantookatumble 4 months ago

    Possibly my favourite channel on youtube. No bullshit or clickbait, and genuinely interesting content

  • gaming 404
    gaming 404 4 months ago

    Can you please make more videos? At least one every week.

  • Taylor
    Taylor 4 months ago

    Thank you for creating useful content. I love the pragmatism and thoughtfulness in the topics you create.

  • Bohdan Paliukh
    Bohdan Paliukh 4 months ago

    Hello. Please stop marking Crimea as a part of Russia. The act of the Crimea annexation was recognized only by Afghanistan, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, and Nicaragua. Thank you.

  • 5-1-1-0 UN23
    5-1-1-0 UN23 4 months ago

    Black sea Click my TVclip Name and watch my TVclip Channel how augmented Boko Haram Freaks and Hamburg cell Germany blocked me 30 years to learn a profession and tortured. We want our HUMAN rights GG12 UN23 Kurdish EBOLA aber CONGO Aids

  • Matejs Eims
    Matejs Eims 5 months ago

    Hey Wendover, idea for video - Horses as crowd control tool. Think about it.

  • Puneet Bhela
    Puneet Bhela 5 months ago

    Hey, can we have a video on every state of India, Geography, Agriculture, Industry etc.. along with Pakistan and Bangladesh, more like a South Pacific Asia...

  • 1tommytrouble
    1tommytrouble 5 months ago

    Well done! You just got your verified tick!!

  • Finn Meiklejohn
    Finn Meiklejohn 5 months ago

    It would me super awesome if you made a video looking at what it would like if the tower from the book, The Thousandth Floor, was actually real!

  • PhantomUniform0
    PhantomUniform0 5 months ago

    Why not do a video on why flying is so much more expensive in the us compared to the eu

  • Steve McMillen
    Steve McMillen 5 months ago

    you too much of a Boeing fanboy, so much bias.

  • jeeveso
    jeeveso 5 months ago

    Can you do a video on the potential effects of Brexit on the 5 freedoms of aviation?

  • Turd Nugget
    Turd Nugget 5 months ago

    are the facts within videos real?

  • Turd Nugget
    Turd Nugget 5 months ago

    how u get the facts

  • Tianaism
    Tianaism 6 months ago

    Hi, I translated a video - 'How to fix traffic' a couple of weeks ago and the titles have vanished, along with a few hours of my work. Help anyone?

  • David Endara
    David Endara 6 months ago

    4 comments (Suggestions) 1... 90% of the world uses the metric system. Miles, yards, pounds, ounces, gallons, etc., are just part of the past for 90% of the world. Please use metric in your videos. 2... You could consider making a video about metric vs imperial. 3... 95% of the world considers "America" as a continent, not a country. 4... Bring TWL back I consider Wendover as the best TVclip Channel, ever

    • The Cough
      The Cough 5 months ago

      America is a continent, the US is a country, in reality America is 2 continents, south and north America.

  • MS
    MS 6 months ago

    I like the one about quantum suicide, and in there you referenced Schrodinger's Cat. I wish you would do one exclusively on Schrodinger's Cat. You would explain it better than anyone else could.

  • well prepared44
    well prepared44 6 months ago

    *Wendover Productions* - please considering doing more research about Russian communist history (hopefully one day you'll report on it) *- Read the article "Trotsky's day out" by the Times of Israel.* *- President Putin also stated that ethnic jews made up 80-90% leadership of the Russian Bolshevik government, in his speech at the Jewish Museum in Moscow.*

  • Alex Rawlins
    Alex Rawlins 6 months ago

    We love you!! if you need any advice on aviation for your videos feel free to contact me.

  • Doris Hu
    Doris Hu 6 months ago

    Would you pls do a video called 'why hospitals charge so high' video? Thx!

  • Dromedary Lagendary
    Dromedary Lagendary 6 months ago


  • Fiat 500
    Fiat 500 6 months ago

    Just found out that it actually says United Kingdom in the Country section of the about page.

  • Jay Shah
    Jay Shah 6 months ago

    Can you make a video on - Flights cancelled due to ATC (Air Traffic Control). Why this happens and who makes the decision on what airline has to cancel flights.

  • Hunt 777
    Hunt 777 6 months ago

    Hey check out my TVclip channel if you like planes 😎

  • Eric Boyd
    Eric Boyd 6 months ago

    Your video "Which Country Are International Airports In?" was mention on Rooster Teeth Podcast: The Fake Fiancee - #448 by Gus. Hit up Gus he loves airline stuff.

  • ddmalcore
    ddmalcore 6 months ago

    You do one more shill video like the China manufacturing one (especially since you didn't hide any bias and just outright lied), and I will unsubscribe.

  • Lark Shark
    Lark Shark 6 months ago

    Man, you sure love planes

  • Novaura Autism
    Novaura Autism 6 months ago

    With ISIS being pushed out of its strongholds and its force fading, I would like to see a video about why such a group did not learn from the mistakes of other groups throughout history such as the Nazis, the Khmer Rouge and the Taliban, choosing to resort to violence and mass genocide to accomplish their goals as opposed to using negotiations and peaceful resolutions. This is been on my mind ever since ISIS was pushed out of Mosul and I would really want to get someone's perspective on this.

  • Zachary Tarlow
    Zachary Tarlow 6 months ago

    Do a video about the Long Island Rail Road or the New York City Subway.

  • gasperle
    gasperle 6 months ago

    In you video Every country in the world you speak about Austro-Hungarian empire and forget to mention that country of Slovenia was part of that empire too though it didn't gain independants directly from the empire but its land was includet in the empire and when it broke of it became part of State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs. And when you talk about EU members at 6.40 you say that last two EU members are Estonia and Ireland but again leave out Slovenia that is also an EU member (since 2004).

  • Zachary Windsor
    Zachary Windsor 6 months ago

    Hey Wendover Productions! I live in Kansas City, and it is in the news that we will be getting a new airport that will be built without the use of taxpayer money. Could you possibly do a video on how they intend to achieve this?

  • bonrea2000
    bonrea2000 6 months ago

    I would like to see if you can create a video to explain the differences in Cruise Lines. Why some are so expensive and others are not. What they spend on docking fees US taxes, what they pay to maintain their ships, how often most of them put their ships in drydocks, etc.. Keep up the good work love the videos.

  • Rick Morty
    Rick Morty 7 months ago

    This channel is in equal measure my most favourite and most frustrating one on TVclip. I love the videos, absolutely fantastic quality, the best I've seen. But the infrequency (26 videos a YEAR?) and extensive product placement are major turn-offs. You get so many views, surely you can grow and hire some extra help with research? And isn't your revenue high enough now to cut down on the ads? You have what, 15-20 million views?! My point is that you could have one of the very best channels of this nature, if you'd make a few improvements

  • ZPZmusic
    ZPZmusic 7 months ago

    Please TWL

  • achinaghost52
    achinaghost52 7 months ago

    Hey, I remember a great video you made about Amtrak and especially a segment about its DC-NYC line, how its congested etc and they should focus on improvements to let the trains speed up rather than a separate high speed rail line. Now Elon Musk has received tacit approval to build a DC-NYC Hyperloop (and the hyperloop itself is kind of a dangerous/deadly boondoggle), but underground. I would be interested in your thoughts on how they could actually build it, things like getting land rights or just your general opinions on it. Thanks!

  • BuzzLightyear
    BuzzLightyear 7 months ago

    I love your videos, especially the ones about airline economy! Great job, keep it going! ;)

  • Great Value Bleach
    Great Value Bleach 7 months ago

    Hey i have a question about the legal drinking age for airplanes. I was just on a Korean Air flight from Seoul to Houston, Tx, and when the flight attendants were passing out drinks a young girl behind me said she wanted wine. But to my surprise the flight attendant gladly served her wine. So i was wondering what the laws for drinking alcohol is in the sky? Btw this occurred while we were over the pacific ocean.

  • Oliver Tan
    Oliver Tan 7 months ago

    Are you going to do face reveal once you reach 1 mil subs?

  • Nick Eckert
    Nick Eckert 7 months ago

    So I showed a video to a relative of mine and she brought up a good question. Why should be believe anything in your videos? I mean it's interesting and I love them but is there any credibility to some of the facts you put in your videos? I'm not angry or trying to downplay the cannel I'm just curious.

  • Max Monroy
    Max Monroy 7 months ago

    Hey this is victor here, I really enjoy your videos, was wondering if you could maybe subscribe to this channel. Its growing but soon be very big. cant wait for more vids.

  • Jim Freund
    Jim Freund 7 months ago

    Maybe, and maybe not. Try and get a ticket to exactully where you want to go now. Agentcies polled out because of misspelled something or another, the airports say. But airports can't find, or don't go any further then the big airports. So you don''t know what to expect when their domestic leaves to your destination. Or how much !

  • Micheal Drake
    Micheal Drake 8 months ago

    The city that I live in has a street called Wendover Ave. It's a main thoroughfare through the city and everyone hastes it, especially at rush hour, because of how bad the traffic on it gets. In fact my city has an entry on UrbanDictionary and half of the examples are jokes about how terrible Wendover Ave is. Just a tidbit of information. I might hate the road like everyone else, but I love your channel!

  • cityraildude
    cityraildude 8 months ago

    Also, this channel's awsome!

  • cityraildude
    cityraildude 8 months ago

    Dear Wendover productions, RE: Your international airport video: I have a question for you- when flying on plane in a federation, which state's law are you subject to? Using the USA for an example, if you're flying from New York to Washington State and are currently over Illinois, which state's laws are you subject to? Also, if you're flying over Ontario, Canada from Maine to Wisconsin, which law are you subect to? Or in my nation, Australia, if I fly from Sydney, New South Wales to Perth, Western Australia, and am currently over South Australia, which state's laws am I under? Or if I fly from Sydney, New South Wales, in an Australian plane, and am currently over the Northern Territory, bound for Singapore, am I under NSW law or Northern Territory law? Or, back to the USA. If I am flying from California to Hawaii and am not currently in neither state, which state's laws am I subject to? This is something I have wondered for a while and was hoping you would answer in your international airport video. Please do a follow up video regarding federations...

  • Eirikur H. Eiriksson
    Eirikur H. Eiriksson 8 months ago

    what a great channel

  • The Travel Vlogger
    The Travel Vlogger 8 months ago

    Nice video!

  • biebabartjegaming 2003

    pls do more TWL

  • Rafael Perez
    Rafael Perez 8 months ago

    Really like your videos!

  • Anthony Morales
    Anthony Morales 9 months ago

    I think your content is usually interesting, but I can't get over the fact that you sound exactly like Tina from Bob's Burgers. I keep thinking you're going to start talking about Zombies and boy crushes.

  • Cerveza de Garaje
    Cerveza de Garaje 9 months ago

    I just discovered you yesterday but I have to say you have the most amazing TVclip channel I've ever cross paths with. Thanks for all the information. Amazing!! Cheers!

  • Rob McKay
    Rob McKay 9 months ago

    Could you please make a video about why Japanese rail is so good? I'm thinking it's a combination of the population density of Japan but mainly because of the privatization of companies etc. What is it that other countries could learn? Could you please take the ugly bag of snakes and lay them out straight?

  • Rishi Gunness
    Rishi Gunness 9 months ago

    ok so i really hate this guy. i watched one vid then subbed and started watching his other vids now i'm soo hooked that my wife came home i didn't do the dishes i didn't shower after coming home from work nothing and she put me in the dog house, nice going wendover hope you are proud of yourself now...! lol

  • Karim Jerbi
    Karim Jerbi 9 months ago

    Don't stop making TWL videos :'(

  • Alec Parkes
    Alec Parkes 9 months ago

    since you're on a airplane kick right now, talk about the avro arrow for the love of god

  • Beckett Elliott
    Beckett Elliott 9 months ago

    You're my favorite channel! Keep the videos coming!

  • epSos.de
    epSos.de 10 months ago

    One of the best channels for the people who like learning and to understand the world.

  • Cesar Rolando Moreno
    Cesar Rolando Moreno 10 months ago

    can you link your podcast to -> shortorange.com ! please.

  • Mıchael Karazım
    Mıchael Karazım 10 months ago

    I wasn't aware they used land miles at sea.

  • bobi wu
    bobi wu 10 months ago

    Were is the TWL? I miss it!!!

  • n3rdalert
    n3rdalert 10 months ago

    Video topic: What if California were Its Own Country Considering that things I've heard about California wanting to branch off, I thought it might offer some interesting figures to research. California is a pretty big place.

  • Eapple Gamerz
    Eapple Gamerz 10 months ago


  • garra1766
    garra1766 10 months ago

    where you paid by United to make "Why Airlines Sell More Seats Than They Have"?

  • Sal ty
    Sal ty 10 months ago

    Wendover, Nevada?

  • Ryan k
    Ryan k 10 months ago

    Great channel, didn't even realize how interesting airlines and airplanes could be. All your videos are great

  • be nice 496
    be nice 496 10 months ago

    *When making Communist Russia videos* you should try mentioning that Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Leon Trotsky were ethnic Jews.. *-Quite surprisingly the ethnic Jews created the communist movement in Russia and even made up 80-90% leadership of the Communist Russian party.* *-Those percentages were also confirmed by President Putin in his speech at the Jewish Museum in Moscow.*

  • Jack Pittman
    Jack Pittman 10 months ago

    Here is your next colab, Real life lore - Africa's fake borders explaned. Wendoverproductions - African Geography explaned. Alt history hub - what if eurapeans never left africa?

  • Sriram Vasu
    Sriram Vasu 11 months ago

    Please make a video about the economics of movie making

  • Roger Park
    Roger Park 11 months ago

    do twl within the next 2 weeks or i will unsubscribe without fail

  • fvrzero
    fvrzero 11 months ago

    Very interesting videos. Surprisingly so tbh.

  • Walkrunner
    Walkrunner 11 months ago

    why not do a video on why Nike tennis shoes cost so much.

  • cityraildude
    cityraildude 11 months ago

    In your is the EU a country video, you forgot one important detail. EU countries which drive on the left, verses EU countries which drive on the right

  • Magnús Þór
    Magnús Þór 11 months ago

    Why do commercial aircraft not have Radar?

    • B ST
      B ST 11 months ago

      Because it's useless and not needed

  • anwilliams1992
    anwilliams1992 11 months ago

    Fantastic channel!! Keep it up!!

  • Idiot_gg
    Idiot_gg 11 months ago

    This is an airplanes channel now. Not for me to tell ya what to do, pal, but I am simply not that interested in airplanes. Good luck.

  • bahm005
    bahm005 11 months ago

    can you do a video on the costs and planning involved in starting a commercial passenger airline in the US?

  • Callum Nicolson
    Callum Nicolson Year ago

    I'm unsubscibing, too few videos, too much product placement and where has TWL gone?

    • Just A Random Guy
      Just A Random Guy 3 months ago

      TWL is back in his second channel Half As Interesting, and it takes time to make those videos.

  • Dean Zarkov
    Dean Zarkov Year ago

    Do one video on why renewable energy production /wind,wave,solar, etc./ is more expencive than traditional coal

  • Pedro Águia
    Pedro Águia Year ago

    Please make more TWL videos.

  • Shubham Singh
    Shubham Singh Year ago

    hehe only 4.25 hours per week travelling, here in mumbai 1.5 hours a day in car is considered heaven. We spend on an average 15-20 hours travelling a week.

  • adam leggott
    adam leggott Year ago

    are you from wendover? i have family there

  • Rameez Lalloo
    Rameez Lalloo Year ago

    what happened to the weekly TWL uploads. I love that series

  • Grey Waffle
    Grey Waffle Year ago

    Hey ! Why is Beglium the capital of EU ? Why it's a bi-lingual country ? Wasn't it a big part of France ( Charlemagne, Clovis, Napoleons, ... ) ? Is it born because of the English - French adversity after the fall of Napoleon ?

    ZE PANCAKE MAN Year ago

    You forgot the technically independent country of Pitcairn Island which has a population of 43

      ZE PANCAKE MAN Year ago

      Fair enough

    • Kenneth Chung
      Kenneth Chung Year ago

      It's a British overseas territories, it's more autonomous but officially they aren't independent

      ZE PANCAKE MAN Year ago

      In your every country in the world video

  • Josiah Choy
    Josiah Choy Year ago

    Please keep going, this channel is amazing.

  • Leonardo Espinoza

    Revive That Wikipedia List

  • Polonium
    Polonium Year ago

    Great channel; Outstanding job keeping public informed about aviation!

  • arthur fan
    arthur fan Year ago

    What happened to the TWL series

  • Julia Gevrenova
    Julia Gevrenova Year ago

    Love your channel! Keep up the good work :)

  • Shahir A. Razak
    Shahir A. Razak Year ago

    Do TWL again. That's my most favourite thing about this channel :)

  • dansam95
    dansam95 Year ago

    Great job in making these great Vids. You got me as a new sub. However, I felt something was missing. After comparing your Vids with CGP's, I think some light background music would make them even more stellar.

  • Dragon Skunk
    Dragon Skunk Year ago

    If you are looking for an idea about flight regulations, it would be interesting to see why there was a law that forced overseas planes to land at Mirabel airport then the rules changed making the airport obsolete.

  • Patrice Parent
    Patrice Parent Year ago

    another idea nobody is talking about: Ships fuel cost goes up to the square of the length but the cargo goes up to the cubed.. As a result, adding an extra ton on a today's container ships cost almost nothing.

  • Nectar Infotainment

    Hey Wendover Productions, I love the videos, especially the aviation ones. I would like it if you made a video on airplane passenger rights. I think it would turn out very informative!

  • Hari Praveen
    Hari Praveen Year ago

    Hi can you make a video about indian railways / <3 fan from india

  • Max Binnewies
    Max Binnewies Year ago

    Video Idea: A video that illustrates the dimensions of modern information technology: So lets say you have a regular piece of printer paper filled completely with zeros and ones. How many pieces of these papers is 1GB(approx. 8 billion 0/1s)? how many containers/container ships/... of these papers do companies like google generate per second. I bet the numbers would be quite impressive.

  • Wazburd
    Wazburd Year ago

    Hey man, i just wanted to leave a message saying that i'm really glad i found your channel. Your videos are really well edited, informative and a have answered a lot of the questions that i think of on a regular basis. Keep up the good work man, hopefully your channel will keep growing into the future.

  • Guywithglasses
    Guywithglasses Year ago

    Great video on Guam. Really informative and well researched. And that's coming from someone who lived on Guam for 18 years. So I'm curious why did you do a video on Guam specifically? Out of all the US territories why Guam?

  • Owen Concorde
    Owen Concorde Year ago

    Since you've made some videos on passenger trains and airlines, I'm just curious about how freight railroads and cargo airlines work and the economics of both.

  • TaNei
    TaNei Year ago

    Hello, is it possible to make a video about Medical Expenses? Like, why is it so expensive in the USA? And if in Europe the Healthcare system expends the same as US citizens\insurance. Keep up with the excellent videos!

  • Nicolas Valeije
    Nicolas Valeije Year ago

    Wendover... keep on going like this.. this channel is awesome!

  • Joseph K.
    Joseph K. Year ago

    You should do one on Numbers Stations. Super creep stuff

  • George Howarth
    George Howarth Year ago

    I think that you should change your channel name to just 'Wendover' to fit with the new branding

  • André Winter
    André Winter Year ago

    great channel. would be good use International measure units.

  • AnthonyElite
    AnthonyElite Year ago

    Hey, get making more TWL videos, they're awesome. Let's go already!

  • John EL Magnifico

    @Wendover Productions: just wondering, is your microphone really working or it's just your voice volume that really low during videos narration?

  • Simon Chan
    Simon Chan Year ago

    Great channel!

  • Pedro Góes
    Pedro Góes Year ago

    Great channel!

  • Dnivara Jaravles

    I watched all ur videos in 12 hrs! What makes it interesting is the random facts that you provide!!! keep it up bro!! My friends liked it too!

  • Millenniumforce
    Millenniumforce Year ago

    Like your trains in America sucks I subscribed

  • Alaska Skidood
    Alaska Skidood Year ago

    Video idea because I'm curious: Native American reservations. Love your channel. Keep up the great work!

  • Karl H
    Karl H Year ago

    Mr. Wendover, have you considered participating in the Khan Academy?

  • Siddhartha Unni
    Siddhartha Unni Year ago

    why doesn't the atmospheric pressure increase even after so many tonnes of gases are added every year courtesy the ecosystem?

  • Frank Ashley IV
    Frank Ashley IV Year ago

    Whatever happened to TWL?

  • MrVlekje5
    MrVlekje5 Year ago

    can't wait for the next video. Most of the topics are really interesting and very well brought. I can't wait to learn more from you!

  • Michael Steenbeke

    Where are the new videos?!

  • DingDongLu
    DingDongLu Year ago

    love you videos

  • Adebowale Konstantinov

    You're easily on a par with vsauce if not even better, you easily deserve more than 120k subscribers. Keep up the good work!

  • Marco Giacomo Ruaro

    why do you start with the same intro every time? the first time was ok, but then its boring... nice job tho! easy to understand and interesting!!

  • Olof Werngren
    Olof Werngren Year ago

    Heads up! You forgot to add TWL #8 to the playlist.

  • Roberth Sjonøy
    Roberth Sjonøy Year ago

    Please make more videos about how economics in the everyday society.

  • Creeper Explosion

    You need more Videos !!! Your current videos are awesome. We need moar

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    James Calip Year ago

    WOW great videos amazing keep up the good work

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    Muhammad T Year ago

    Great video on flying and budget airlines! Subscribed.

  • Ridhwan Rahmad
    Ridhwan Rahmad Year ago

    hi, can you make a video about dust? what is it where does it come from.

    • Teilo
      Teilo Year ago

      I believe that most of it is dead skin cells and dirt tracked in from outside.

  • VI god
    VI god Year ago

    great content dude ! keep doing what you're doing

  • KrazyKaiser
    KrazyKaiser Year ago

    You should check out The Raising of Chicago. One of the best articles on Wikipedia.

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    SykoStrat Year ago

    Hello, new sub here. Love the content especially TWL, I hope you continue the series.

  • Captain British
    Captain British Year ago

    Holy shit dude, I can't believe you've shot up 80k subscribers since I found your content just a few weeks ago. Congratulations, you deserve it. TVclip needs more creative, interesting and educational content like yours. I'm glad you're finally getting the views you deserve!

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    Douglas Year ago

    Just found your channel. Great content, keep it up!

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    Rahul Sharma 5 years ago

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    BoscoMind 6 years ago

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