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  • J IJzer
    J IJzer 15 minutes ago

    So also made in China garbage in the sky

  • ybet1000
    ybet1000 28 minutes ago

    Lets make a mountain correlationship. It is close to 0 what should we do? Take out the outliers Swiss and Norway.... hows the correlationship number now... it's above 0.5 .. that will do... present the hypothesis... ..start the presses.... swiss .. no sea ports.. land locked... not even a eu member..... but it has high mountains!.. so.. =p

  • TK-4926
    TK-4926 38 minutes ago

    ...because the UK let the US have Alaska

  • Nicholas Miller
    Nicholas Miller 41 minute ago

    China will preference its own manufacturers when they reach proficiency. This is inevitable and understandable. Boeing doesn't need to be the world's largest airplane manufacturer to be successful or sustainable. The real challenge for Boeing will be whether the United States government and U.S. airlines are smart enough to prevent China from dumping airplanes on the U.S. market to undermine Boeing.

  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen 47 minutes ago

    garbage! :-)

  • Orazbek Mukabak
    Orazbek Mukabak 55 minutes ago

    So the invention of telepathic sofa seems like solves all of the transportation issues. Just identify specifications, due date and 10% white house budget to the Elon Musk. Done. Very simple!

  • Sam Boudreau
    Sam Boudreau Hour ago

    the us was , not is any longer, it is very sad and quite embarrassing to live here. it is like it is run by children

  • fall0rn
    fall0rn 2 hours ago

    They stole all this technology. Not impressed. Also.. theres just 2 trains between paris and barcelona because those are two entirely different countries. How the fuck can you compare EUROPE (MANY DIFFERENT NATIONS) to China (ONE NATION)?!

  • Luke Reeves
    Luke Reeves 2 hours ago

    2.2m morons sub this crap. Humanity is so screwed.

  • Вячеслав Ровда

    Что за бред, проблемы России не в огромных размерах, а в бандитской власти.

  • Caolan The Wulf
    Caolan The Wulf 2 hours ago

    I'd rather die

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson 2 hours ago

    If we nuked Israel all of the world's problems would disappear.

  • CrazyLegsMcGee
    CrazyLegsMcGee 2 hours ago

    Or you could just stay in and use a webcam. Don't even need pants, Mr. President.

  • lauren w
    lauren w 2 hours ago

    my states not even big.... why are they acting like virginia is giant

  • Azeem Siddiqui
    Azeem Siddiqui 2 hours ago

    I like how at 8:25 he’s telling us to get on a plane and commit a crime😂😂

  • Chris Yorke
    Chris Yorke 2 hours ago

    Nuclear waste disposal is a political problem, rather than a technical one. As the problem is not properly defined it never gets politically resolved. Buried nuclear waste amounts to replacement of a uranium ore body of long half-life with a store of isotopes with short half-lives. There is already a tremendous amount of natural radioactivity in the land and oceans. Nobody cares about it.

  • daleva187goligo
    daleva187goligo 2 hours ago

    who gives a shit about europeans? why focus on them? don't give them what the want, they have a real bad snobbery/superiority complex about us, don't cater to those fuckin holier than thou assholes, if they get left out, tough shit, stop complaining like little girls

  • lock n load
    lock n load 3 hours ago

    What a crock!!! By 2050 when the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM is in full effect many feet of ice will have all of Canada helmed in on all 3 sides. The St Laurence seaway will be a long skating ring as will all the great lakes!! But you global warming hoaxers won't starve...... you'll have plenty of CROW TO EAT!!!!!!!

  • Ch0kes
    Ch0kes 3 hours ago

    Hãã... Não, só não tem amount of coisas erradas aí haushaushsuah

  • Coelha
    Coelha 3 hours ago

    CARALHO isso tá mais errado que a colonização brasileira

  • John
    John 3 hours ago

    I support statehood for Guam. It is sufficiently populous and developed to make their non-representation in federal government just another way we as Americans fail to live up to the ideals upon which our nation was founded.

  • Ngama Shaka
    Ngama Shaka 3 hours ago

    Bullsh*t Ukraine had a democratically elect government and the US and EU made a push to get the control of the country... Just more propaganda..as usual... I wonder how the usa would react if Russia took control of Quebec...

  • Luka Luka
    Luka Luka 3 hours ago

    What we learned today: If you are Canadian go to study in Zagreb(Croatia),not in Vancouver

  • KiLLaKonTroL 99
    KiLLaKonTroL 99 3 hours ago

    It doesn’t Matter They in that region are ALL Asians Split up into Different Tribes by toDay Still distant cousins

  • avcomth
    avcomth 3 hours ago

    Should change your channel name to "Captain obvious production" I could take this documentary and word-for-word swap the word "China" with "Japan" or "USA" and it will still hold true more than 90% of the contents.

    ADDAM B 3 hours ago


  • Peng Fu
    Peng Fu 3 hours ago

    Sure.....Boeing is not State Owned, but it certainly has lobbyists galore in influencing the U.S. government to give them tons of favors, especially huge military contracts. Remember our Dear Mister Patrick Shannonhan used to work for Boeing, then took on the role of our "ACTING U.S. SECRETARY OF DEFENSE?"; Remember the U.S. government gave Boeing the rights to bypass the stringent inspection and certification needed by the Federal Aviation Administration; How about our Furer Trump suggested to Boeing to rebrand their Boeing 737 Max 8? One more....So China is stealing our IPs and braniac works in the past, present and the foreseeable future, why do we still keep sending the empty planes for China to install the internal components? So they could learn how to build their own planes and we get to call them thief in the future? Digressing a bit here....Why is Tesla building their first foreign factory, the Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai? Aren't we just allow these cheaters to rob more of our inventions? One last thing....Since we hate socialism and communism sooooo much, why are we wearing and using so much Made In China junks touched by those dirty Communist hands? Look, that iPhone in our sanity democratic freedom swollen hands was assembled by the evil doers' nasty hands, human right violators, dog eaters, a country without any freedoms, Black Mirror social credit system implementors, and Urgyurs lockers. We are so much better than China. They need us and we never need them, so let's move all the business and production lines out of that fucking evil country that pollutes the world (by making stuff for us). Humongous mistakes were made! But why the fuck are we not move the jobs back home, but SEND THEM TO ANOTHER EVIL SNEAKY COMMUNIST COUNTRY, VIETNAM!!!???? Won't they fuck the poor little defenseless USA the same way China did? Anyone? Anyone?

  • tskjesusfreak
    tskjesusfreak 3 hours ago

    Skillshare Skillshare and PoopShare

  • Kellerwärter
    Kellerwärter 3 hours ago

    Thank you for telling us so much about Iraq 😂

  • avcomth
    avcomth 4 hours ago

    Total garbage nonsense. I am disappointed that you made this very twisted video basing it on your crude imaginations and bias. Why would the US try to blockade China? they're both permanent members of the UN Security council. Also any significant military pressure on China would be dissipated with support from Russia. If the US tries to screw China, it will have killed itself in the process. You've been watching too many American propaganda media.

  • Kellerwärter
    Kellerwärter 4 hours ago

    It is legal to escape prison in germany but have fun trying it

  • Balo Obi
    Balo Obi 4 hours ago

    Stereotype news can give by..people who jelouse of china

  • mnguyea
    mnguyea 4 hours ago

    China will buy its own made planes just as the Russians do for their smaller fleet. I just don't see them competing in this space as no one is gong to trust getting on a plane "Made in China.' They maybe good for electronics and consumer goods but I'm not trusting my life to them at 35k in the air.

  • Normal Channel
    Normal Channel 4 hours ago

    I wish live there

  • Alondra Mancilla
    Alondra Mancilla 4 hours ago

    So why is bad for the cities to be really close to each other ?

  • avcomth
    avcomth 4 hours ago

    The handover of Hong Kong and Macau isn't just a handover. It also symbolises the shifting tide of ecnonomic influence. If China hadn't become strong economically and influence the global economy as was progressing then, these British pirates would have found a way to lobby and twist the path to returning Hong Kong and delaying the time for many more years.

  • quaxAnDixsefo
    quaxAnDixsefo 4 hours ago

    Stop selling weapons to every dumbo and u can travel less complicated.

  • Kyle Chin
    Kyle Chin 4 hours ago

    Please do one for the overwatch league

  • Underswap Papyrus
    Underswap Papyrus 5 hours ago

    Country:Klepton Capital:Platin Government:Democracy Language:All Military:Me,my dog and my 300 cows All who wanna join just comment

  • Jack Tellerson
    Jack Tellerson 5 hours ago

    How can you compete with state sponsored businesses. Abandon the Chinese market.

  • Ross
    Ross 5 hours ago

    I think it's going to be a long time before any major Airline order's the Comac. I think they will wan't to see it in service for a few years to see how it copes first. Personally I think the best route for Chinese Airlines is to order planes like the A220, A320neo, A321neo.. as they are proven to be reliable and safe. Also the 3 major Chinese Airlines have A350's in their fleet that have had no problems what so ever so it's a no brainer.

  • Mark W
    Mark W 5 hours ago

    Standard Chinese practice... Force a Boeing to partner with a Chinese company to access the market... Steal the plans and make copies.

  • Finnish Wehraboo
    Finnish Wehraboo 5 hours ago

    New finland canada huh?

  • Raphael Anjos
    Raphael Anjos 5 hours ago

    Brazil's economic and social disparities problems are not completelly related to geography, but instead to how the government dealt with colonization and the ways to distribuit land. USA landmass is comparable to Brasil when it comes to dimensions (even bigger), but they had the center colonized and developed pretty soon, which also led to solving major agricultural, social and transportation problems earlier! So you might be thinking right now... "Why the US has so many huge cities far from the coast and figured out how to deconcentrate the population from their coast and Brazil didn't? Well.. it's all about how the state regulates the land. Whilist the USA had the "SteadAct", in other words, if the land had no owner, you could take appropriation of the land... in Brazil it would belong to the government. So.. if you wanted to take the ownership of that land in Brazil, it would take a greater effort, a lot of burocracy... and bribes to the agentes of the crown (It was a Empire back then). So... the population had no incentive to explore the insider parts of the country and the government could not afford to plan and do it by themselve, while in the US people had to go further and further to get their own piece of land. Some corporations and enterpreneurs also took an important roles when it came to transportation and development of those areas. They would often buy the recently appropriet land, build a railroad and then sell it back, but it is now more expensive.. cause it has a railroad now... transportation is easier. By letting people follow their own way and respecting the individual rights to property, the US had more railroads by the year of 1860 than Brazil has TODAY! It's insane. If you want to check out some more about it.. you should read "Railroad and Regulations".. the author is Gabriel Kolko. Sorry for bad english hahah

  • Hringhorne Stularsson

    I do NOT want to learn new things, everything that has worked for hundreds of years, will work for hundreds of years even in the future!!! ;)

  • Bark Manden
    Bark Manden 5 hours ago

    China’s Industrial/Economic capacity…..courtesy of Uncle Sam & almost 12 Trillion dollars of Trade Surplus…also courtesy of ….Uncle Sam. No more free ride says President Trump. America First……..for a while.

  • Bryn Price
    Bryn Price 5 hours ago

    This is a small detail but Switzerland and Norway are not in the EU, hence their exclusion in the anecdote

    BESTofPLAY 5 hours ago

    So. Other Germans always say that Bavaria is a own country. But it's part of Germany. Soooooooooooo... what now? and.. what's the capital of vatican city?

  • Regan Orr
    Regan Orr 5 hours ago

    If you do business in Red China, ChiComs will STEAL your Intellectual Property! You'll Go Broke!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 hours ago

    I live in Canada . Why do they lie and tell us the winters are warming and getting shorter? Last winter was colder and longer than the one in 1980!!

  • Regan Orr
    Regan Orr 5 hours ago

    Instead of Fixing the Nose Thrust Upward Problem, Boeing made Computer Adjustment! Genius!

  • hygedemon
    hygedemon 5 hours ago

    Country: San Andreas Language: Gangstar language Capital: all you need to do was follow that damn train CJ

  • StJonnyVodka
    StJonnyVodka 6 hours ago

    Moronic actually

  • Kristen Sorensen
    Kristen Sorensen 6 hours ago

    Boeing was just stupid not growing a twin jet 727 instead of the lousy cheep 737. Just my view. Funny China is building its own - NOT!

  • cesar febres
    cesar febres 6 hours ago

    Imagine if this was used by terrorists to plot a successful assassination xd

  • Kristen Sorensen
    Kristen Sorensen 6 hours ago

    So Boeing burned China worse than anyone how totally stupid! Oh yeah thanks FAA!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 hours ago

    I was born and live in Canada , when is the winters going to warm up ? They sure do not seem to be to me.

  • Felix P.
    Felix P. 6 hours ago

    You cant compare a brandnew plane with the 2nd plane of airbus since they were build for very different demands.

  • Rob Badlands
    Rob Badlands 6 hours ago

    maybe its not "big enuff" for your show, but as a WAstate born'raised i wanna know. how is a state, currently consider one of the bluest/greenest states. with the votes on legistlation and representation to evidence it. the home of the most dominant, monopolistic, human-neglecting-profit-maximizing megacorps? boeing, microsoft, amazon. in my lifetime, there have been 2 "richest people in the world". both hail from the evergreen state. which is home of evergreen college. which has the viral video of some kids going full-retard on some profs.

  • Glauro Priori Campello

    Don't you forget EMBRAER, a Brazilian Aircraft Industry, now a partnership with Boeing, and presently with office in Beijing?

  • Abhay Gupta
    Abhay Gupta 6 hours ago

    Bloody Chinese all low quality product manufacturer huh

  • 颜深
    颜深 7 hours ago

    Your video is a serious vulnerability! Taiwan is China's

  • Jhingur
    Jhingur 7 hours ago

    @8:31 </heaf> bhenchod what?

  • Alex T
    Alex T 7 hours ago

    Flights per day? That means nothing.

  • Tatsuki Touya
    Tatsuki Touya 7 hours ago


  • Anonymous 18283
    Anonymous 18283 7 hours ago

    United Kingdom technically isn’t a country, it’s a nation that is made up off 4 country’s. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, its quite annoying that people don’t realise this and how people also think that the uk is just English people

    • John Smith
      John Smith 5 hours ago

      Like calling the EU a country.

  • Steve Strickland
    Steve Strickland 7 hours ago

    wouldnt give a chit if it was damn near free.... havnt been on a plane since the no smoking bs was enacted plus im not getting on a plane that has perverts and idiots putting there hands on me on the security gate

  • Austin Martín Hernández

    It's unconstitutional, writing that number is free speech. But no one would ever care about writing it down

  • badrul samsudin
    badrul samsudin 7 hours ago

    This is stupid, all it show is just a scadual of the race!

  • Guilherme Lopes
    Guilherme Lopes 7 hours ago

    So this is just the fear that USA have from everybody else. They are so afraid they must get attacked they have to have control of bases in other places to "show of" their strength.

  • Bosco Dantas
    Bosco Dantas 7 hours ago

    China is building Africa, which the U.S. and europe never did, instead they slaves Africa in the past, selling African citizens and kept African countries as colony for centuries.

  • mOcKiNg sPoNgEbOb
    mOcKiNg sPoNgEbOb 7 hours ago

    this video could have been 30 seconds long

  • Douglas Millar
    Douglas Millar 8 hours ago

    Couldn't agree more. The road designs in Europe I find to be far superior for efficiency and driver experience. Im amazed it hasn't been addressed earlier. You focused on highways and major roads but the smaller roads could be improve massively as well with some simple fixes. Coming from Europe the incessant use of 4-way stops on many of the Californian roads (lived there 3 yrs) drove me crazy ;-). What could have been a quick smooth journey to my storage unit (for example) was made into an arduous time consuming stop start PITA. You mentioned one solution, roundabouts (dont forget mini roundabouts), which on slower less busy roads are defiantly quicker than 4-way stops. The other option (not mentioned) is greater use of a main/minor road system in place of a equal priority grid ie ditch the 4-way stops and stick a Yield/Give Way sign on the lesser used road..... why have everyone stop every 5 seconds when the majority of the time there is nobody crossing or joining. - i also noticed that in the land of the free the whole system micromanaged driving to the point people are treated like barely thinking automatons. As you imply, treat people like they are not trusted to make decisions and eventually they stop bothering to pay much attention. In Europe drivers have more room to employ their own judgment and in my opinion it creates a more efficient, more enjoyable driving experience plus greater driver awareness and consideration of other road users. On the flip side some of the differences probably make the US better set up for the introduction of autonomous vehicles...oh and i did like being able to turn right on a red :-)

  • Justin W
    Justin W 8 hours ago

    0:57 Become a superpower or fail? This is a false choice

  • Eric Decamps
    Eric Decamps 8 hours ago

    Shit that was boring as fuck. I prefer videos about planes and China.

    GVOZDIK V TAPKE 8 hours ago

    Раш Раш рашкен Тим:D ахах, лол.

  • Love Is Life
    Love Is Life 8 hours ago

    China is intelligent . I am Indian but China is intelligent

  • Hoyeung Wong
    Hoyeung Wong 9 hours ago

    I just don't get your logic. So why it makes sense for the US to own Texas, New Mexico or California since they're only part of the US for less than 200 years? Like the US gov bought Florida or Alaska so it makes sense for the US to own them? And why Scotland and Northern Ireland should belong to the UK? Like none of these lands should belong to its current country?

  • End zeit
    End zeit 9 hours ago

    No...True Europeans believe in God , NATO and the USA....OK:

  • Ming Fang
    Ming Fang 9 hours ago

    The challenge of Boeing is quality not opportunity.

  • Chu Qingyan
    Chu Qingyan 9 hours ago

    7:20 “job well done, Mission accomplished” *Looks at video time left* *i dont think so*

  • Adolf Galand
    Adolf Galand 9 hours ago

    Let's start a trade war, that'll solve Boeings problems.

  • Chu Qingyan
    Chu Qingyan 10 hours ago


  • n!K Ree
    n!K Ree 10 hours ago

    Why tf we talking war.

  • Roger Froud
    Roger Froud 10 hours ago

    The biggest long term issue is definitely that China will eventually make their own aircraft, just like they've made everything else. You can bet they're stealing the IP for these and are reverse engineering what they can't steal. Once they're starting making their own, the rest of the world can kiss goodbye to selling them any aircraft.

  • uu f
    uu f 10 hours ago

    First of all, you can guess and stuff but your information has no reliability or proof and only a hypothesis. You didn't even say how could China and U.S. go to war in the first place, just giving a biased guess on what would've happened if they did. It is long and complicated about China - U.S. war, but China has allies as well...

  • Steve P
    Steve P 10 hours ago

    China is building it's very own airliner. With technology stolen from Western Companies. In the years prior to the institution of "controls" on technology , China robbed us blind.

  • uu f
    uu f 10 hours ago

    So for Tibet, your saying that the only reason that India or China can't invade is that that there aren't enough roads. Well, you don't need roads to invade a country. It is actually the mountains sir. That is like saying if 2 countries were at war and the Sahara desert separates it, the two countries can't invade each other because there are no roads but doesn't say that it is too hot. Sir, there is something called a navy and air force. India invading China... NANI???!

  • uu f
    uu f 10 hours ago

    WTF is this BS. Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar invading China? My fingers are now broken from scrolling down the 'Most Powerful Country' list. Oh wait, I forgot about the debts they owe to China.

  • Jack Robinson
    Jack Robinson 10 hours ago

    This is fantastic!!

  • The Philosopher of Culture

    We all know that American institutions tend to be compromised by the companies that they are supposed to oversee. If the financial interests are large enough and the officials are of low morale, which they at some point of time will be if only by chance, all rules and laws are discarded. This happens to all societies based on money as its principal guiding principle, including South Korea and Japan. The Boeing scandal is just one of many. It started in public awareness with the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant scandal in 1979. It is a flaw of capitalism.

  • Andy Gray
    Andy Gray 10 hours ago

    Did....did y'all use gameplay or a trailer from assassins creed odyssey?

  • bldomain
    bldomain 10 hours ago

    So much anti China and pro western innuendo, by now many people in the world should know of western hypocrisy.

  • Gene Kelly
    Gene Kelly 10 hours ago

    Nothing wrong here..charge what the traffic will bear.Nothing is free, and pricing is the best way to determine market demand. I'm cheap-I will take a budget airline to save a few $$, others can afford 1st class; why do so many people ignore the benefits of the free market?

  • Jay MacAttack
    Jay MacAttack 10 hours ago

    Those open carry laws they have in some US states are the dumbest things I've ever heard of. It's almost unbelievable. And the people that march with their assault rifles do so like they're tough. So little self awarenesss

    OGTEN 10 hours ago

    safi said xD hh

  • M B
    M B 10 hours ago

    I think you mean a trio, not a trifecta

  • Francois Villon
    Francois Villon 11 hours ago

    What a great idea and great narrative!

  • P.R.velayudhan Mani
    P.R.velayudhan Mani 11 hours ago

    Let.Modi..Amith.Sha.Finance.minister..actually.work.or get training for 5 years.in.China.and then.think.if they.fit to.be.in.Govermet..Modi.mustlearn.swasth.Barath from.China.sRail.way station.and streets

  • SubToPewdiepie
    SubToPewdiepie 11 hours ago

    There are ~300 US Marines in vaernes, norway.. stationed there semi-permanently