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  • Rodrigo Magalhães
    Rodrigo Magalhães 8 days ago

    Hi!! Amazing set... what version of Sullivan Street is that? Very cool!!

  • Julian Vickery
    Julian Vickery 15 days ago

    Track list: 01. [00:00:00] - You & Me 02. [00:04:18] - Where Are You Going 03. [00:08:11] - Some Devil 04. [00:12:23] - Dreamgirl 05. [00:16:23] - The Space Between 06. [00:20:21] - American Baby 07. [00:24:09] - Funny the Way It Is 08. [00:28:35] - Bartender- 09. [00:35:26] - Tripping Billies 10. [00:39:36] - Stay or leave 11. [00:43:39] - Grey Street- 12. [00:48:20] - Samurai Cop 13. [00:52:39] - Say Goodbye 14. [00:58:56] - The Maker 15. [01:04:11] - Lie In Our Graves 16. [01:11:22] - That Girl Is You 17. [01:14:40] - All Along The Watchtower For those of you looking for So Much to Say and Gravedigger, here are the links: 1. So Much to Say 2. Gravedigger

  • redlad2005
    redlad2005 18 days ago

    This must be a north american thing, never heard of them before, only now because of the rock n roll hall of fame, my honest opinion, well there very morbid, boring and quite frankly, pretty shit

  • Rui Almeida
    Rui Almeida 21 day ago

    Too many ballads and not enough Two Step

  • julles mitoura dos santos santos

    Gosto muito dessa banda

  • pamëla
    pamëla Month ago

    I swear I can happily exclusively listen to this band forever.

  • Adri Luc
    Adri Luc Month ago


  • Empress Footwear
    Empress Footwear Month ago

    We love youuuu

  • sequeira69miguel
    sequeira69miguel Month ago

    Last song???

  • Valery kanchev
    Valery kanchev Month ago

    Кор за лефски

  • nan gruyoonee
    nan gruyoonee Month ago

    My favorite brand forever 🐒🐵💛

  • Rogger Candia
    Rogger Candia Month ago

    mitãrusu vera es el nombre del grupo en guarani

  • bunny boy
    bunny boy Month ago

    Omg, I never realized our old school bell was Fluorescent Adolescent :'))

  • Halie Granda
    Halie Granda Month ago

    Kill your hero’s is the best it’s my favorite song

  • Killer Within
    Killer Within Month ago

    Thank you!

  • elias papanikitas
    elias papanikitas 2 months ago

    'best rock songs of artic monkeys' yeah right. half is this playlist if BS from their last album even Alex Turner himself hates this.

  • BTS Dance Studio
    BTS Dance Studio 2 months ago

    Early Radiohead Meets Dance Music! So underrated this great band!

  • johnfish84
    johnfish84 2 months ago

    No Slide Away??

  • Kervis
    Kervis 2 months ago

    teddy picker???????

  • Achmad Rofiq
    Achmad Rofiq 2 months ago

    My favourite artist

  • ddw
    ddw 2 months ago

    Yes! Thank you! 💫👏💞💫

  • Gamaliel Cuicas
    Gamaliel Cuicas 2 months ago

    En el minuto 25:22 se escucha una voz que no pertenece a la canción ¿Qué es?

  • Rhys Arteche
    Rhys Arteche 3 months ago

    Wake up!

  • sackerz9
    sackerz9 3 months ago

    0:00 Show me how to live 4:32 Cochise 8:17 Revelations 12:13 I am the highway 17:26 Shadow of the Sun 23:09 Gasoline 27:53 Original Fire 31:31 Wide awake 35:57 Getaway car 40:59 Set it off 45:22 What you are 49:52 Light my way 54:35 Shape of things to come 59:09 Moth 1:04:06 The last remaining light 1:09:23 Exploder 1:17:49 Bring em back alive 1:18:18 Sound of a gun 1:22:38 Give 1:26:38 Hypnotize 1:30:04 Super Stupid 1:33:08 Somedays 1:36:42 Until we fail 1:40:32 Broken City

  • Gabriella LaBar
    Gabriella LaBar 3 months ago

    Ummm... Layne? Hello!?!

  • Roni Carasuddin
    Roni Carasuddin 3 months ago

    The best song systen

  • xmetrix xmetrix
    xmetrix xmetrix 3 months ago


  • Shadow The wolf king
    Shadow The wolf king 3 months ago

    Such a unforgettable band.. long live 2011

  • under world
    under world 3 months ago

    pleno 2019 reportense

  • Mir Hossain
    Mir Hossain 3 months ago


  • kenzie reynard alvaro
    kenzie reynard alvaro 3 months ago


  • Brian WCAlex
    Brian WCAlex 3 months ago

    I was wondering what 18 asshats disliked this until I realized it's edited/censored and Social D is NOT something to be censored. Songs are good.. and I can agree with leaving out say "Ball and Chain" or those that everyone only know.. Popular, yet to many people many of these may seem just that, but that's like taking up a spot for a ST Mix using "Institutionalized" ... if you want that song just type the band name into the damn search and have at it. Thanks for the comp though

  • A F
    A F 3 months ago

    no 505?? horrible.

  • Moedas e Rock and Roll Roll

    The old SYSTEM!



  • Adebisi
    Adebisi 3 months ago


  • Tito Silva
    Tito Silva 3 months ago

    Oi, Brasil

  • One Temple Down
    One Temple Down 3 months ago

    I am constantly trying to tap into the soundgarden / audio slave/ chris cornell vein .. please stop by my channel and listen to all original songs.. i don't have a drummer.. just me and my guitars at the moment

  • Gilang Rajendra
    Gilang Rajendra 3 months ago


  • Santiago Ángel
    Santiago Ángel 3 months ago

    Lo mejor system of a. Down

  • lulu gomez
    lulu gomez 3 months ago

    na mentira gracias por subir a los más grandes

  • lulu gomez
    lulu gomez 3 months ago

    más respeto

  • lulu gomez
    lulu gomez 3 months ago

    como van a poner un cover hijos de puta

  • Williams Cherrez
    Williams Cherrez 3 months ago

    Gracias por el playlist... Está increíble 🥺

    • RabbitRedd
      RabbitRedd 2 months ago

      Falto sail pero esta bueno

  • santiago andrian
    santiago andrian 3 months ago

    gran banda

  • Om Badut
    Om Badut 3 months ago

    The best

  • Jan Katzenbach
    Jan Katzenbach 3 months ago

    A lot of Anthrax with Belladona, nothing new, except cheapest everyones digital laptop /cubase etc./ sound. Another at least 50 000 bands sounds like this nowadays and been sounding for past 15 years. Sorry, had higher hopes for this band, except for two or three songs the rest is what anybody can record at home anytime. Singers voice and links are making it outstanding a bit. Still not worth to buy, there are better bands to spend money on if at all.

  • london gallegos
    london gallegos 3 months ago

    this was my first concert when i was 10

  • london gallegos
    london gallegos 3 months ago

    omg i am only 11 and i love them

  • wertelsoriginal
    wertelsoriginal 3 months ago

    why is this cenzored?!

  • Johnny Mejia
    Johnny Mejia 3 months ago

    Ipray God will accept both my sister and I. We are dying cancer

    • εlsͼΘrͼhΘ
      εlsͼΘrͼhΘ 3 months ago

      You will not be forgotten...he loves you both, and hates to see you suffer.

  • Daniel Lima Oficial
    Daniel Lima Oficial 3 months ago

    Show ❤❤❤😍😍😍

  • HellFox
    HellFox 3 months ago

    Known SOAD for years, I have a question , how the fuck have i never heard "QuestioN" before? Damn , what a pleasant surprise , what an amazing song

  • Joey Lawrence
    Joey Lawrence 3 months ago

    Rotten hell Jesse Kent

  • rony rocker
    rony rocker 3 months ago

    Fuck Don't drag me down! it's a bad cover

  • Phoenix Lyon
    Phoenix Lyon 3 months ago

    Thumbs down for the radio edit in Man in a Box....'shit', NOT pit. Otherwise, awesome! ....hey, it's Alice in Chains. ✌😸

  • Marshall applewhite
    Marshall applewhite 3 months ago

    Silversun Pumpkins

  • Matthias Bach
    Matthias Bach 3 months ago

    The best of all

  • Scroll Rite 12 TRIBE STATE


  • Daniel Blanco Santín
    Daniel Blanco Santín 3 months ago

    En verano al resu me cago en la cona

  • Moeh Ridin
    Moeh Ridin 3 months ago

    🇮🇩 HADIR

  • Ben Sears
    Ben Sears 3 months ago

    I'm 26 this was my Jams in middle school I gotta say I had good taste

  • ilham aten
    ilham aten 3 months ago

    Making believe❤

  • Ryan Herter
    Ryan Herter 3 months ago

    why do they blank out the work fuck I mean are they from the 19th century

  • Nelio Loredo
    Nelio Loredo 3 months ago

    Show song

  • Nelio Loredo
    Nelio Loredo 3 months ago

    Thank you perfect perfect beautiful

  • A Rain
    A Rain 3 months ago

    They write every bit as good as the Rolling Stones or the Who, even. I can hear Stones/Eagles influence on Ruby just to name one. Static Space Lover - Beach Boys. Green Day and even Oasis sounds alive. They are geniuses. Love them

  • kimi
    kimi 3 months ago

    na egy kis emlékeztető 2020-ra. Amúgy bojler eladó

  • mutha trucka jones
    mutha trucka jones 3 months ago

    You made a big mistake with the thumbnail. Where is the man who made this band what it was...

  • Cristopher Freire
    Cristopher Freire 3 months ago

    Soul Asylum

  • Prustituga
    Prustituga 3 months ago

    System of a Down will play in Portugal in 2020

  • boni beis
    boni beis 3 months ago

    Lov uuuuuuuu

  • Дормидонт Евлампиевич

    Ахуенное музло ьлять!!!

  • haris boss
    haris boss 3 months ago

    Dulu saya kalo ngeband suka cover lagu system of a down Chop suey B.Y.O.B Lonely Sugar Forest Prison song Deer dance Psycho Cigaro Ada satu lagi sayang di track list ini gk ada, lagu pling enak system of a down itu Radio vidio Dan bangga nya dulu band gue yang namanya moses at war latian pkek lagu system of a down Sayang nya band gue hancur karna percintaan 😤😤😤😭😭😭

  • Joy Nichols
    Joy Nichols 4 months ago

    I first heard of Incubus when I watched “Little Nicky” when my kids were tweens. Once I saw Brandon I was hooked. I’m 63 and I don’t think I’ll ever see another man as beautiful as you, no matter how old you get.

    • T
      T 3 months ago


  • john murray
    john murray 4 months ago

    Loving this. This best of is clearly the ops own personal favourites. He's not wrong in the choices here imo. It's awesome imo. And for once not plagued by bullshit pointless adverts! I thank you! 😍😍

  • am2boni
    am2boni 4 months ago


  • Rafael Alves
    Rafael Alves 4 months ago


  • haqimy mahmod
    haqimy mahmod 4 months ago

    September 2019 still listening to this music.. nice song SOAD 👍🏻👍🏻 lots of love from MALAYSIA

    • Prustituga
      Prustituga 3 months ago

      System of a Down will play in Portugal in 2020

  • Usup Muhamad
    Usup Muhamad 4 months ago

    Oke oke

  • lisandro nicolás rodríguez

    José Pepe Mujica 🇺🇾✊

  • Better Days
    Better Days 4 months ago

    IMO! The best band in the world. Good music, Good Vibes.

  • Valmiro Nunes
    Valmiro Nunes 4 months ago


  • Ibaadiyas Syakuur
    Ibaadiyas Syakuur 4 months ago

    Like a stone? be yourself?

  • Glenn Alojado
    Glenn Alojado 4 months ago

    nice song

  • Jeffrey D
    Jeffrey D 4 months ago

    Never heard of SD, but saw a guy wearing their jacket on Vice News, story about the "homies" figures

  • Revor Terous
    Revor Terous 4 months ago


  • Abloy Deew
    Abloy Deew 4 months ago

    Don't tread on me the best

    JHAIRA MAE BRAVO 4 months ago

    Brandon booooy 😙

  • aku cinta kamu
    aku cinta kamu 4 months ago

    Lagu pengantar tidur njaaaaay... Siapa yang masih dengerin2019...

  • RockiN'Trollin
    RockiN'Trollin 4 months ago

    Forgot the song called Know

  • Endang Mita
    Endang Mita 4 months ago

    System' of a down mantapppp and cadasssss

  • Mich English
    Mich English 4 months ago


  • Chippy White Table
    Chippy White Table 4 months ago

    actually its indie rock music hh hem ha ha ha ha !

    • Steven Goldstein
      Steven Goldstein 3 months ago

      Chippy White Table it’s a sub genre of alternative rock, a sub genre of Rock 😂

  • The Slot Whisperer
    The Slot Whisperer 4 months ago

    I love that this playlist is so much more than just the radio, so many good tracks never saw radio play.

  • Iwan Aja
    Iwan Aja 4 months ago


  • Iwan Aja
    Iwan Aja 4 months ago

    Like ...dr roach

  • Kohar Dacil
    Kohar Dacil 4 months ago

    Saya penikmat music rock. Best rock S.O.A.D. from INDONESIA.

  • Maoy Balasubas
    Maoy Balasubas 4 months ago

    too many ads! really sucks!

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 4 months ago

    👍💨👍💨👍💨👍 thank u !