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  • Glenn Alojado
    Glenn Alojado Hour ago

    nice song

  • Jeffrey D
    Jeffrey D 9 hours ago

    Never heard of SD, but saw a guy wearing their jacket on Vice News, story about the "homies" figures

  • Revor Terous
    Revor Terous Day ago


  • Abloy Deew
    Abloy Deew Day ago

    Don't tread on me the best


    Brandon booooy 😙

  • Carey
    Carey Day ago

    Mike Ness can be placed next to greats like Roger Waters of Pink Floyd with his lyrical song writing ability. A lot of bands suffer from consistent thought provoking material that reaches people to their core. Mike is a bad ass mofo and deserves to put in the rock and roll hall of fame. I mean come on this guy can describe and convey the heartbreak and pain of life in a way that that nobody could.

  • aku cinta kamu

    Lagu pengantar tidur njaaaaay... Siapa yang masih dengerin2019...

  • Rhold510
    Rhold510 3 days ago

    Forgot the song called Know

  • Rhold510
    Rhold510 3 days ago

    Forgot the called Know

  • Endang Mita
    Endang Mita 3 days ago

    System' of a down mantapppp and cadasssss

  • Mich English
    Mich English 4 days ago


  • Chippy White Table
    Chippy White Table 6 days ago

    actually its indie rock music hh hem ha ha ha ha !

  • The Slot Whisperer
    The Slot Whisperer 7 days ago

    I love that this playlist is so much more than just the radio, so many good tracks never saw radio play.

  • Iwan Aja
    Iwan Aja 8 days ago


  • Iwan Aja
    Iwan Aja 8 days ago

    Like ...dr roach

  • Kohar Dacil
    Kohar Dacil 8 days ago

    Saya penikmat music rock. Best rock S.O.A.D. from INDONESIA.

  • Maoy Balasubas
    Maoy Balasubas 8 days ago

    too many ads! really sucks!

  • 8Morghanahh8
    8Morghanahh8 9 days ago

    Banda ducaralho

  • Ka Vadri
    Ka Vadri 11 days ago

    3:11AM wow

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 11 days ago

    👍💨👍💨👍💨👍 thank u !

    LOLA LOLA 11 days ago

    Keingat Zaman masih SMA. HP msih nokia 6600

  • San Miguel TV
    San Miguel TV 11 days ago

    I don’t know how I never got into their catalog !?!

  • Emma Santini
    Emma Santini 12 days ago

    no suggestions 0/10 disliked and flagged

  • Andrea Valentini
    Andrea Valentini 12 days ago

    this "Don't drag me down" is not performed by SD

  • Andrea Valentini
    Andrea Valentini 12 days ago

    40:36 is "Through these eyes"

  • addiehf DOT
    addiehf DOT 13 days ago

    like a stone is not on the list?

  • Alguma coisa
    Alguma coisa 14 days ago

    cadeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee os br

  • Mauri Mauri
    Mauri Mauri 15 days ago


  • TheAaro1020
    TheAaro1020 15 days ago

    some kind of joke, and sail are my favorites, but i listen to all his songs, knights of shame included.

  • Никита Svlty
    Никита Svlty 16 days ago


  • son david
    son david 16 days ago

    Best of rockk

  • DaviD 666
    DaviD 666 16 days ago

    😈😈😈😈🎸🎸🎸👍👍👍👍💟💟💟..keren abis bro.

  • Dulce G
    Dulce G 18 days ago

    One of the best rock bands everrrrrrrr

  • sys ross
    sys ross 19 days ago

    peminat setia system of a down 🤘from malaysia 🇲🇾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 2019?

  • izmangr
    izmangr 22 days ago

    the blue album forever!!!

  • Standard Poodle.
    Standard Poodle. 22 days ago

    Te amo

  • Rygirl Ry
    Rygirl Ry 23 days ago

    WAZZZZUP, Who's blasting this today? Hit that like.

  • valentin szilagyi
    valentin szilagyi 23 days ago

    Love them..Thank you uploader. ))

    JUST ME 26 days ago

    Try, 1.25 speed, if you dare !

  • Vale Burgos
    Vale Burgos 27 days ago

    Son mucha gaver ho no!

  • uzefulvideos
    uzefulvideos 27 days ago

    No Attack? That's my favourite from System of a Down...

    • toasty edits
      toasty edits 22 days ago

      @uzefulvideos ur right i mean every soad fan has listen chop suey to many times that's why I listen to war? And soil

    • uzefulvideos
      uzefulvideos 22 days ago

      @toasty edits Chop Suey is awesome. I just heard it too many times.

    • toasty edits
      toasty edits 22 days ago

      Are u sure what about chop suey

  • Christian Jackson
    Christian Jackson 28 days ago

    Watched them about 2 years ago at the California State Fair. It was absolutely FREE & worth every moment of it!!

  • allan gate
    allan gate 29 days ago

    great artist

  • Ading wood style
    Ading wood style Month ago

    Kebanyakan iklan menggaggu

  • Константин Константин

    Величайше, маэстро!

  • marco m
    marco m Month ago

    where's spiders?

  • Jebril Almomani
    Jebril Almomani Month ago

    Damn you, worshipers of Satan Muslims will triumph over you 👊

  • Vopec_
    Vopec_ Month ago

    aerials and forest ftw

  • Miguel Fernandez
    Miguel Fernandez Month ago

    & do you right ?????????????????????????????

    TIMMAE Month ago

    Wheres #1 Zero?

  • Kristin Godwin
    Kristin Godwin Month ago

    Named my son Ezra after this band. He is now 23.

  • NadavG12
    NadavG12 Month ago

    ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad ad and ad

  • black wolf LD f*nz

    aidol dri dlu smpai skrg i lup u system of a down

  • Ben Wood
    Ben Wood Month ago

    Not used to a band that produced such a good couple 1st songs then just not good.. basically the strokes that are not ad good

  • Babang al hasby Maulana

    I LoVe yOuuu...

  • bevelyn paquibo
    bevelyn paquibo Month ago

    love incubus a lot... it lifts my day...😘😘

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith Month ago

    Come one come all into 1984...

  • Mikolaj Winnicki
    Mikolaj Winnicki Month ago

    Sorry but. There allready is a greatest hits collection. It's called Infest.

  • Nephilim 2k18
    Nephilim 2k18 Month ago

    Great music to be listening too, at 4:20 in the afternoon🤔

  • Denden Junior
    Denden Junior Month ago


  • Kakha Pilauri
    Kakha Pilauri Month ago

    Where are N1 party anthem and mad sounds ?

  • Ebso Kurow
    Ebso Kurow Month ago

    Tour fucking censura, mother fucker

  • joaohenrique santos

    Perfect songs.

  • seas garage
    seas garage Month ago

    Where is grave digger?

  • OkGoPOKES!!
    OkGoPOKES!! Month ago

    🇺🇸TOP 100 Group of CENTURY 🤨‼️‼️‼️🇩🇪

  • Mama Labek
    Mama Labek Month ago

    Where is radio video?

  • enPHLEKShun
    enPHLEKShun Month ago

    clickable timestamps for mobile below [00:00:00] - Love Song [00:03:29] - Amber [00:06:27] - Down [00:09:18] - Come Original [00:12:58] - All Mixed Up [00:15:59] - Beautiful Disaster [00:19:58] - Don't Tread On Me [00:23:03] - Creatures (For A While) [00:27:06] - Flowing [00:30:16] - Hey You [00:34:00] - Don't Stay Home [00:36:48] - Beyond The Grey Sky [00:41:07] - Five of Everything [00:44:55] - Eons [00:47:32] - I'll Be Here Awhile [00:50:59] - Champagne [00:53:48] - Surf's Up - Reggae got Soul [00:57:10] - Daisy Cutter [01:01:11] - Stealing Happy Hours [01:05:26] - Two Drops in The Ocean [01:09:10] - 8_16 A.M- [01:12:50] - Sand Dollars [01:16:10] - First Straw [01:19:05] - Purpose [01:21:46] - Transistor

    • Dark Jedi
      Dark Jedi 15 hours ago

      You are awesome. Props.

  • Margie Munoz
    Margie Munoz Month ago

    Love all the songs here. Cake is a favorite of mine. Love them!

  • ArcSensor
    ArcSensor Month ago

    Great choices, but if you want the need to omit the radio / movie hits and replace them with others.

  • Ariel Peretz
    Ariel Peretz Month ago


  • carolk9s
    carolk9s Month ago

    What is not to like? I swear some people just troll around youtube thumbing down without even listening or perhaps watching. Love this collection!

  • Riko Saikawa
    Riko Saikawa Month ago

    Love Song makes me sad nowadays because I still love that bitch

  • Amaterasu Familyar

    ToxicCity one love

  • Vaas Montenegro
    Vaas Montenegro Month ago

    Can't stop listening to these guys, Love this band

  • Valjean Luis C. Pascual

    This video cant load to my cp. Wtheck is happening.

  • ScooterzNC Brandie

    You forgot science! And Jack

  • Galih Nur
    Galih Nur Month ago


  • Maxat Idirisov
    Maxat Idirisov Month ago

    ен сонун самые лучшие they are the best!

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago

    No “Ball and chain” ?

  • toni kurap
    toni kurap Month ago


  • Marquinhos Antônio

    Essa banda fez parte da minha adolescência, das melhores bandas de rock 🤟🎸

  • Earl S Frazier
    Earl S Frazier Month ago


  • Marcospunk48
    Marcospunk48 2 months ago

    great playlist

  • Cris Ess
    Cris Ess 2 months ago

    This is so amazing! It´s a distortion fucking music. Just what i´m looking for.

  • Iwan Kurniawan
    Iwan Kurniawan 2 months ago

    0,75 ✌️🥰 🤟🤟🤟

  • Carrie Shield
    Carrie Shield 2 months ago


  • ropermi
    ropermi 2 months ago


  • Paul Rogaris
    Paul Rogaris 2 months ago

    So many whiners. Go upload what you like. At least this guy went to the effort for fucks sake

  • m.daniel nasrudin
    m.daniel nasrudin 2 months ago

    Cadaasss gila..

    HEADBANGRR 2 months ago

    This video does NOT play

  • Dwight Sanson
    Dwight Sanson 2 months ago

    one of the best vocal voice bradon boyd!

  • Igor Chistruga
    Igor Chistruga 2 months ago

    Where's Spiders??!!

  • Wilbert mercado
    Wilbert mercado 2 months ago

    Recuerdos good music

  • Tyler Hargrove
    Tyler Hargrove 2 months ago

    No Desperately Wanting???? I remember runnin through the wet grass .... this is the 90s for me

    • Johhnn Miin
      Johhnn Miin Month ago

      Tyler Hargrove in the blood or speeding up to slow down

  • V Reacts
    V Reacts 2 months ago

    Thank you! love your songs.

  • eko budianto851
    eko budianto851 2 months ago name eko, Im from indonesia. I like songs system of a down..🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Devon Ayers
    Devon Ayers 2 months ago

    Wish you were here is my favorite

  • Abrham Bas
    Abrham Bas 2 months ago

    Damn, this used to be the bands I listen to : Matchbox 20, Incubus, Goo Goo Dolls, Vertical Horizon, where are these kinds of bands now ?

    • John RossStar
      John RossStar 2 months ago

      Wimp-hop being shoved down kid's throats. War on masculinity. The media pushing their gay/perverse agenda. A few reasons...

    • V Reacts
      V Reacts 2 months ago

      I couldn't agree more!

  • Matt Willett
    Matt Willett 2 months ago

    That bass riff 1:00:27 made me shiver!

  • KinderDrummer Kid 6
    KinderDrummer Kid 6 2 months ago

    I Didn’t kown it was 1hroe