Ashwin Jacob
Ashwin Jacob
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  • flyingtuvi
    flyingtuvi 5 months ago

    There are no black people in Australia lol

    • Stephanie mina Esktha
      Stephanie mina Esktha 3 months ago

      flyingtuvi we’ve take. Black culture and embraced it, that’s the best thing about Australia

    • Terry Black
      Terry Black 5 months ago

      Whiped out by the colonizers🙏

  • dynasty1910
    dynasty1910 Year ago

    I was part of the up top crew. Stormzy was fucken amazing. The crowd had a frenetic energy that bounced on cue to every beat and bar that Stormzy spat! Da da da, da da da da, da da da da da ... 😀

  • Ragnar Lodbrok
    Ragnar Lodbrok 2 years ago

    what a night