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Call of Duty
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  • Gaz741 Kian
    Gaz741 Kian 15 minutes ago

    Price face is back to mw1 and price's voice are change

  • capellaz
    capellaz 28 minutes ago

    Add snipers only

  • مطرشق بالرسمي

    This time we all sayd this graphics is awesome 💔

    CORBS_YT 43 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who got tingles

  • Gys Trxgic
    Gys Trxgic 49 minutes ago

    Idk how but can somebody start a petition for a ghost 2?

  • Lofi Chill hill3
    Lofi Chill hill3 50 minutes ago

    War does not determine who is right, but more of who is left

  • Devin Peter
    Devin Peter 55 minutes ago

    Übelst geil 😍

  • Devin Peter
    Devin Peter 56 minutes ago

    Übelst geil 😍

  • Devin Peter
    Devin Peter 56 minutes ago

    Übelst geil 😍

  • Yaq
    Yaq Hour ago

    best game

  • xxx Scarlxrdxxx
    xxx Scarlxrdxxx Hour ago

    Isn’t it supposed to come out at near the end of September

  • Edward -
    Edward - Hour ago

    When we get trailer 2? I wanna see ghost in it man

    • Cosmo
      Cosmo 37 minutes ago

      the end of September will be campaign reveal (gameplay)

  • Alex_jager2 w
    Alex_jager2 w Hour ago

    I was 7 when i start playing bo 1 rip bo1 and bo2

  • макс дем_YouTube

    Call OF duty 😏

  • Soumen Kamila
    Soumen Kamila Hour ago

    Fortnite... U r done... Here's comes our Captain ...

  • SCZ
    SCZ 2 hours ago

    For me it's Battlefield killer

  • clown lol
    clown lol 2 hours ago

    second comment in 4 years

  • andyピクセル
    andyピクセル 2 hours ago

    Me: downloading a game in Russia PS4: this game is not available in your country

  • Jakub S
    Jakub S 2 hours ago

    Please do sth with xone graphic it is terrible

  • RestingDragon
    RestingDragon 2 hours ago


  • Unsoundrook
    Unsoundrook 2 hours ago

    I have been trash talked by PC players 😔

  • Unsoundrook
    Unsoundrook 2 hours ago

    2019 and 2020 are boutta be crazy :D

  • Василий Немцов

    Новый год - новый КоД.

  • Hydra Dude
    Hydra Dude 2 hours ago

    Who here just decided to search up this trailer for no reason, instead of it being recommended to them?

  • slim seany
    slim seany 2 hours ago

    Macmillan is back

  • Solar Controller 2019

    Yes I can’t wait to buy the same 60 dollar game as last year.

  • isabelle campanella
    isabelle campanella 2 hours ago

    J ai essayé la beta c est une catastrophe ce jeu. Ww2 est mille fois mieux. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi autant d eloges. On a fait un bon de 20 ans en arriere....en quoi est ce visuellement plus beau que avant et les sons des mp5 sont ridicules...on dirait un tir de petard

    MLGPEPSI ? 2 hours ago

    I just noticed that captain price throws a cigarette into a forest which causes a fire

  • Garvett
    Garvett 2 hours ago

    Коротко о моих похождениях в деревне:

  • Weedington
    Weedington 3 hours ago

    this looks actually interesting

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 3 hours ago

    Great beta but can we get a full button mapping system in Modern Wafare and can you put the PlayStation Vita'sl four touch buttons on the back touch pad so we PlayStation fans can have a portable pro controller. I don't know if its up to you or PlayStation about the touch buttons, so I'm off to write PlayStation.

  • raglanheuser
    raglanheuser 3 hours ago

    I wonder what if Hitman got him and Call of duty got Sean Bean

  • bill Black
    bill Black 3 hours ago

    420k likes. Nice.

  • William Hahne
    William Hahne 3 hours ago

    cancer cancer cacner canbcer

    MASTER ITAY 4 hours ago


  • Jose Manuel1985
    Jose Manuel1985 4 hours ago

    Bueno empresa....el juego es la hostia.... Solo le visto un fallo..... 1- Podriais hacer que cuando un personaje se tire mas de 15 o 20 segundos en el mismo sitio que le diera un empujon al personaje... Porque hay mucha gente acampada y asi no mola.... 2 - en ataque cibernetico se necesita mas gente.. Gracias....

  • 錦山彰
    錦山彰 4 hours ago


  • Josh Pecker
    Josh Pecker 4 hours ago

    I haven't been this addict to call of duty since bo2

  • Maureen minshull
    Maureen minshull 4 hours ago

    Who is hear cause of Spenser fearon Ifl tv comment? Lol

    LUIZINHO 4 hours ago

    Best Cod Trailer but not the best CoD

  • Random Canadian
    Random Canadian 5 hours ago

    Hey guys I posted a walk through if everything’s beta has to offer I’d appreciate it if you guys checked it out thx

    DRAGOS 5 hours ago

    I hope, this cod will be better than battlefield! :)

  • Videoforum
    Videoforum 5 hours ago

    Ive been playing BF3 and jumped to this, but this game feels so outdated even compared to bf3?

  • Jarek Bilski
    Jarek Bilski 5 hours ago

    Where’s the link for the refund this game is complete utter trash all you’ll have is kids go violent I been playing battlefield and call of duty from 2009 and never got angry this thing will have people become serial killer trash game who ever made the whole staff should get fired up to the directors signing this f n trash off

  • Bryan Jimenez
    Bryan Jimenez 5 hours ago

    That minigún killed all

  • ben marks
    ben marks 5 hours ago

    The fact it looked terrible before launch as well should've said something

  • BigSmoke Junior
    BigSmoke Junior 6 hours ago

    Seriously this game has a big camping problem

  • Vultickz
    Vultickz 6 hours ago


  • mario on a cross
    mario on a cross 6 hours ago

    fortnite is better lol kids play cod halo and minecraft

  • loardchipmunk
    loardchipmunk 6 hours ago

    This game is going to be absolute garbage if any component is based off the beta 😂😂 what a let down

    PRASH GAMING PLEXUS 6 hours ago

    Greatest cod campaign ever, writing an and voice acting was something else in black ops2, closely matched by advanced warfares campaign this gen!

  • MR modd
    MR modd 6 hours ago

    مين جاي من 2019

  • mincraftetom loew
    mincraftetom loew 6 hours ago

    question what is the song? and will that be a thing you could do? at 0:19

    • hammertoe00
      hammertoe00 5 hours ago

      Metallica - Enter Sandman and yes you could.

  • Timothy Moynihan
    Timothy Moynihan 6 hours ago

    $60 for a whole new set of microtransactions. Pre-order today and your first loot box is 10% off. Our gift to you - Activision.

  • Seal Seal
    Seal Seal 7 hours ago

    This new battlefield game looks cool

  • ilker turkoz
    ilker turkoz 7 hours ago

    Nobody:2:09 Primis nikolai EEEYYYAAA!!!

  • USSR
    USSR 7 hours ago

    Sure does look fun although y'all never sent me my beta code

  • Jack Bolton
    Jack Bolton 7 hours ago

    Rip Nikolai

  • KYBO
    KYBO 7 hours ago


  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor 7 hours ago

    Yessssssss were back boys just don’t have anyone betray me this time

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor 7 hours ago

    2:29 What’s nokk doing there

  • German Gonzalez
    German Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    Press 👍 to enter the Hype Train

  • Stevan Gucu
    Stevan Gucu 8 hours ago

    Hey look, Spunkgargleweewee games are trying to come back!

  • Agus franceschini
    Agus franceschini 8 hours ago

    PRE-ORDERED! I will wait for the others at october 25

  • More šuhaj
    More šuhaj 8 hours ago

    I think this is what battlefield 5 should have trying to be

  • Firlly Wahyudi
    Firlly Wahyudi 9 hours ago

    "who's your team?" "some old comrades" *CHILL!! LITERAL CHILL*

  • Immybiggestfan
    Immybiggestfan 9 hours ago

    Plz plz plzzzz make dead silence a perk again :(

  • Vulture 1943
    Vulture 1943 9 hours ago

    Im actually crying right now it got every cod boi wants Beefy gun sound boi

  • Viktor Viktorov
    Viktor Viktorov 10 hours ago

    I want this game

  • Tyler Klein
    Tyler Klein 10 hours ago

    Played the beta non stop the last few days and this game is amazing GREAT JOB GUYS you did a phenomenal job and I can't wait to get my hands on the full package! ❤️

  • dan smith
    dan smith 10 hours ago


  • Ashielowfer
    Ashielowfer 10 hours ago

    1:24 the part that makes me impressive

  • MisterTwister
    MisterTwister 10 hours ago

    When you were only 7 when the original came out but now the remake is here and you have ten years of FPS experience under your belt: *Oh yeah, it’s all coming together*

  • Српски Витез

    Captain Price legend!

  • Fuck
    Fuck 11 hours ago

    who's excited for MW?

  • yun 0131
    yun 0131 11 hours ago

    また中途半端なクソゲーで終わるに一票 クソプレイヤー増えんように対策できないようなクソゲーは意味ない

  • DarkZero
    DarkZero 11 hours ago

    Minecraft and CoD mark the death of the dark ages of gaming and getting back into the 2000s glory.

  • Rangerrye
    Rangerrye 12 hours ago

    I actually wish it just had old graphics☹

  • Yolo
    Yolo 12 hours ago


  • Katoyan
    Katoyan 12 hours ago

    Только русских сильно не трогайте в игре плз)

    • Lev Vladimirovsky
      Lev Vladimirovsky 6 hours ago

      В игре не будет России, теперь будет Кастовия. Доволен?

  • KhunKhun P.N
    KhunKhun P.N 13 hours ago

    Hi I need help I cant play the game is it suppose to be like that? Because I got it in beta for free. It said connection to the blizzard game server has been lost. Please exit and try again. But when I try again it said the same thing over and over again I have been doing it for 7 time but it still doesn't work. Error Code: BLZBNTBGS000003FD Thanks

  • Rishav Thakur
    Rishav Thakur 13 hours ago

    hit like !!! if you disliked this video

  • Tyler Chow
    Tyler Chow 13 hours ago


  • Charls Gamen
    Charls Gamen 14 hours ago

    Remember when cod had the 3rd person option and game mode fellas

  • ExoticRat
    ExoticRat 14 hours ago

    Am i the only one that when you ads the iron sight is blurry a little

  • Ravi
    Ravi 15 hours ago

    My PC or laptop can't handle it

  • BatanFM
    BatanFM 15 hours ago


  • Endra Agustino
    Endra Agustino 15 hours ago

    i love a7x