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MUFFINS | How It's Made
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WIGS | How It's Made
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  • Bree Wills
    Bree Wills 5 hours ago

    Ughhhh....sugar!!!!! I dont wanna imagine how everything else I eat is made!! 😣

  • Kapy Koo
    Kapy Koo 5 hours ago

    Wanna Pele some more pumpkins

  • The_FarmerSam
    The_FarmerSam 5 hours ago

    This shit is about as accurate as a toddler taking a 12 grade math test

  • Jasmine Orchard
    Jasmine Orchard 5 hours ago

    Damn military scientists and their social experiments 🧫 🧪 🧬🔬🦠

  • Franpapi
    Franpapi 5 hours ago

    @ 1:42 why this man look like Stan lee

  • Lloyd William
    Lloyd William 6 hours ago

    Augh 🥕🐡

  • Aaron Ocello
    Aaron Ocello 6 hours ago

    Shouldn't say "adorable". Adoration belongs by right to God alone. He can only be found in His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church outside of which there is no salvation.

  • Brooke Ryan
    Brooke Ryan 6 hours ago

    she sounds like the bear filter on snapchat

  • Golly Yousuck
    Golly Yousuck 6 hours ago

    Beyond stupid and the disinformation is astounding. Eating ANY fish straight out of the water without proper cleaning and you WILL get worms of some sort. What a pathetic pathetic attempt at survival.

  • TheHumbleElder
    TheHumbleElder 6 hours ago

    He reminds me of irwin so much.

  • Jzt Yrz
    Jzt Yrz 6 hours ago

    Couldt hav me on this show, I'll end up KNOCKING her up smh

  • Jesse Terrell
    Jesse Terrell 6 hours ago

    Rip Mack

  • Jzt Yrz
    Jzt Yrz 6 hours ago

    This fool smh , girl with a nice AZZ wantd a hug fisrt time meeting naked. And he half ass hugs her back.

  • Pepe Shadow
    Pepe Shadow 6 hours ago


  • InnocentBread
    InnocentBread 6 hours ago

    When the machine was filling up the jars for some reason that turned me on

  • Jzt Yrz
    Jzt Yrz 6 hours ago

    Idk wat thy talkin bout, it's jzt lik fuckin a she/ he fr the first time . Except u ain't fuckin, not on camera any way lol. But I'll be 100% naked in front of a female😉

  • Hotgreg
    Hotgreg 6 hours ago

    That was awesome.

    BITCHY BITCH 6 hours ago

    I'd be just like that big guy: that scrawny big eared captain's a speed freak or something, and he acts too suspicious like he wants a portion of everyones earnings plus his. I'd find someone else that is trustworthy too.

  • Isaac L
    Isaac L 6 hours ago

    Dam how do u even film stuff like this. Like where is the camera I don’t even understand it’s so cool

  • beef booti
    beef booti 6 hours ago

    hey try a Ford F-150 from the 1950’s or 60’s. then put monster truck wheels on the back, and dragster tyres on the front. it looks sick in person - grave digger

  • Believe In Truth
    Believe In Truth 6 hours ago

    Bloomberg commercial puke

  • ellaTwin 's
    ellaTwin 's 6 hours ago

    2:28 I nearly almost had a heart attack😂

  • Ljzn
    Ljzn 6 hours ago

    How its made: A baby

  • Grouperhound
    Grouperhound 6 hours ago

    Double distilled? I don’t think so.

  • jeffree pada
    jeffree pada 6 hours ago

    where's the deer??

  • Ali Yusuf
    Ali Yusuf 6 hours ago

    Its all because of red bull

  • Me you and the Animal

    Maria, go easy on the Botox. You’re a fucking mess

  • EL Dinamita
    EL Dinamita 6 hours ago

    *"Somewhere underneath the sea, a sponge is casually waiting for its boating instructor to show up"*

  • Timothy Berlinski
    Timothy Berlinski 6 hours ago

    Their short sightedness is frustrating. How do you know all life in the universe needs water, salt, heat and are carbon based. We are basing it off what we need so stop saying water is required for life

  • J.s. Jordan
    J.s. Jordan 6 hours ago

    Muck Fichigan

  • O Oh
    O Oh 6 hours ago

    Years from now all the females will file rape charges

  • Johnny Barger
    Johnny Barger 6 hours ago

    Todd is very good at setting on his fat ass.

  • chevy6299
    chevy6299 6 hours ago

    I miss going to the Woodward cruse. Sooo many cool cars.

  • Charlie Hare
    Charlie Hare 6 hours ago

    Less than 20 after JFK . unbelievable ,how close a stranger could get to the President .

  • Asad Rafique
    Asad Rafique 6 hours ago

    I don't think it's a type of parrot. If you look at his face and compare with parrot and OWL, it's clear resemble with OWL not with parrot.

  • Joseph Burnside
    Joseph Burnside 6 hours ago

    who's the research babe? deidre

  • Banana Chips
    Banana Chips 6 hours ago

    How chicken eggs are processed should be the title.

  • Topro 4Runner
    Topro 4Runner 6 hours ago

    Make sure to make more women’s restrooms than men’s . Just make them all women’s rooms and stick a funnel and a drain hose in front of the men’s seats . I’m cool with that 😂

    ZIP SCHAEFFER 7 hours ago


  • MrJlpzjr
    MrJlpzjr 7 hours ago

    You guys are awesome!!!

  • Ferra
    Ferra 7 hours ago

    Man I sure do love some sticky nut juice

  • 7riangul
    7riangul 7 hours ago

    Fortunate son intensifies

  • Just Anya
    Just Anya 7 hours ago

    Imagine you got one of those long sticks of gum because they didn't cut it

  • Rashaad Nabie
    Rashaad Nabie 7 hours ago

    6:24 ‘Its coming away from the bone’ Nahh dude u mean from the stone

  • Terry Petersen
    Terry Petersen 7 hours ago

    This just confirms my decision to only eat pasture raised chickens and eggs.

  • Ghey
    Ghey 7 hours ago

    Rip popcorn F

  • animals don't lie
    animals don't lie 7 hours ago

    I think it's bullshit the cap even had to set them up with lodgings. I mean, they are grown men enough to drink thier faces off and want to fight him. They can figure it out

  • Nikki Live life Pretty

    15 hours!!!!

  • Monzive
    Monzive 7 hours ago

    This beast is the real lion king , a little too gruesome but realistic

  • Ralph Salyers
    Ralph Salyers 7 hours ago

    The clock tower in Milwaukee is bigger lol Big Ben ain’t the biggest

  • corn hub
    corn hub 7 hours ago


  • Vinny Carrocia
    Vinny Carrocia 7 hours ago


  • Riley Moore
    Riley Moore 7 hours ago

    1:21 this is what u came for

  • h1yn
    h1yn 7 hours ago

    wannabe gordon ramsay

  • Steve BigEve
    Steve BigEve 7 hours ago

    pretty sure at the beginning he just keeps calling it a penis .

    1OFGODSOWN 7 hours ago

    In America we make TIRES not TYRES but use what you have.

  • Elisha Elijah
    Elisha Elijah 7 hours ago

    This is ghetto

  • Richard Myers
    Richard Myers 7 hours ago

    Every normal half wit knows that the Bush's were behind Kennedy's death, both. George Bush who was picked by the Republican party to be vice president for Reagan, yet Bush was also behind the shooting of Reagan through MK Ultra. Hinkleys were neighbors of George Bush????

  • Ivor
    Ivor 7 hours ago

    We've had a pretty good 3 weeks. Runs to Todd. You need to pick up the pace. Todd explains hes not responsible for equipment failure. Machine breaks down, Boss blames Todd. What a train wreck this operation is.

  • Paolo Martini
    Paolo Martini 7 hours ago

    Well? Did he make it? Where is part two?

  • Princess Toastial
    Princess Toastial 7 hours ago

    This is splatoon

  • La ilaha ilala Allow your eman 2b your Imman

    Y would u do something so stupid?

  • Who drank me Dr Pepper ?

    Narrator Dude: “Secret flavoring” Factory: throws a bunch of cocaine in the mixer

  • Ivor
    Ivor 7 hours ago

    Dont take it so personal ffs!. Threaten to punch someone in the head is automatic grounds for dismissal.

  • david ames
    david ames 8 hours ago


  • Joven Mangges
    Joven Mangges 8 hours ago

    what the fuck is up with those armchair engineers?

  • Joe R Biden
    Joe R Biden 8 hours ago

    That’s a dmr not a sniper rifle

  • TheFizu
    TheFizu 8 hours ago

    Didnt that "sleeve over the end" soaked with the same water you suppose to filtered? Whats the point all those grasses and charcoals smh 😭

  • ThisIsMyUsername
    ThisIsMyUsername 8 hours ago

    Holy fuck. Im driving 100miles to my dealer and getting sausages. I cant believe this. Is this real life. SAUSAGES🤣😂

  • Samuel Fairy
    Samuel Fairy 8 hours ago

    i've 5 pet hedgehogs

  • N J
    N J 8 hours ago

    they're pretty much all macho men boneheads so what the surprise here?

  • Greg Dohring
    Greg Dohring 8 hours ago

    Oh ya dumbass, they went to the moon. They just lost all of the technology to go back. And I have a bridge for sale.

  • Max Andersson
    Max Andersson 8 hours ago

    *finding 2 dickheads and one engineer*

  • Mazir Soufik
    Mazir Soufik 8 hours ago

    Shark expert ....from what university....they shit hundreds of experts ....everywhere...everyday....even for tooth paste...

  • La Shea Hollis
    La Shea Hollis 8 hours ago

    She soooooo adorable

  • WHST Sensor
    WHST Sensor 8 hours ago

    "when we donot make sausages we donot produce cars"he was dead serious. lol

  • Cesar Uychaco
    Cesar Uychaco 8 hours ago

    Orcas - True Lions of the seas.

  • Birb TheWord
    Birb TheWord 8 hours ago

    Jokes on you that vietnamese man was already blind.

  • Gene Hasenbuhler
    Gene Hasenbuhler 8 hours ago

    Wtf- do you people even watch you're own vid clips before you post your clickbait titles??????

  • Robert Arco
    Robert Arco 8 hours ago

    Holy crap? what did you do?

  • Vanh Lam
    Vanh Lam 8 hours ago

    Little Godzilla

  • Kim Wilson
    Kim Wilson 8 hours ago

    Josh is a fake that reports on other peoples history. I can’t stand people labeling this guy something he is not. My goodness all he does is narrate that’s it. Nothing is his. Even his new show they’re trying to say that he found these bones. You and I can walk on the same ground, dig a quarter inch under the ground and come up with bones. Would they tell you the truth? No. They’re just trying to label him something he is not.

  • Michael Felix
    Michael Felix 8 hours ago

    PeeWee's Big Adventure brought me here

  • Jorge Rosario
    Jorge Rosario 8 hours ago

    What does a caged animal and a life sentence have in common?.......theyre both in jail for life!!!!

  • Joshua Asplund
    Joshua Asplund 8 hours ago

    You mean how McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made?

    • Joshua Asplund
      Joshua Asplund 8 hours ago

      When I made this comment I didn’t know someone else did it already sorry

  • MegaScumbucket
    MegaScumbucket 8 hours ago

    Zie Germans love a bit of sausage

  • Richard Browne
    Richard Browne 8 hours ago

    I love this TV show and I miss it! I can't afford TV anymore😭.

  • keith porter
    keith porter 8 hours ago

    Has Elvis left the building? Holy cow he was on quite a roll

  • Steven Copass
    Steven Copass 8 hours ago

    Mark try brown sugar with the barley

  • zachary chaney
    zachary chaney 8 hours ago

    Any range? Com’on... lies for clickbait @discovery channel....

  • Scotty miller
    Scotty miller 8 hours ago

    Ladies ladies ladies, grow the phuqe up.

  • Brandon Nixon
    Brandon Nixon 8 hours ago

    Is Jeremy Wade the Steve Irwin of fish

  • David Tichborne
    David Tichborne 8 hours ago

    There not pedophile there worse there child milestones or rapists there's a difference do your research

  • Slavic potato
    Slavic potato 9 hours ago

    I love this show! I love what yall do! My truck is a 2010 nissan frontier and I wish idmt had a diesel engine it it. It's a good truck but not the best gas mileage and I hate that. My dream truck is a ford f350 dually lifted suspension and all the good stuff. Meritor axles mainly because my uncle works their. He is the director of sales

  • Phonotical
    Phonotical 9 hours ago

    Maybe aluminium cowling

  • ميكاسا سان
    ميكاسا سان 9 hours ago

    Oops im on the wrong side of youtube

  • JaneDoe6000
    JaneDoe6000 9 hours ago

    What a beautiful place - truly a heaven on earth!

  • Javo Moto
    Javo Moto 9 hours ago

    “ his temper immediately flared” Does absolutely nothing but yell a bit for three attacks

  • Kripton Jat
    Kripton Jat 9 hours ago

    Proud to be malaysian

  • Mr.Baofeng
    Mr.Baofeng 9 hours ago

    I thought uy scutti was the biggest star discovered