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Mudeford 2017
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Date Night | Kanica
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Mallorca 2017 | Kanica
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My Vlogging Fail | Pj
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Day Of Thorpe Park | Pj
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  • forbiddenphoenix451
    forbiddenphoenix451 3 months ago

    What it may miss in cynicism or malice, you definitely exude a melancholic and sorrowful mood. Brilliant! Love that voice! And I totally dig your hairdo!

  • trongod2000
    trongod2000 Year ago

    I'm totally ignorant about this sort of thing so I have to ask. How does your prosthetic eye move as if it were being guided by muscles. Answer to be in a future VLOG right?

  • trongod2000
    trongod2000 Year ago

    Crazy? Jess, Ya'll are crazy awesome. Thanks for sharing. You really should share it over on your place.

  • carletto sssm
    carletto sssm Year ago

    when u laugh u make happy also many other

  • carletto sssm
    carletto sssm Year ago

    i love British ladies brains. Why?, i don't really know but i do...

  • carletto sssm
    carletto sssm Year ago

    ur gona lose these GIRLS and they will be all mine... come to Colombia ur wellcome beauti ladies

  • carletto sssm
    carletto sssm Year ago

    i'm her slave and i feel fine...

  • carletto sssm
    carletto sssm Year ago

    i once had a girl or should i say...

  • newhuskytwenty
    newhuskytwenty Year ago

    4:12 What are you doing, bad girl???? Do you always put that disgusting face when you do that?

  • Ian Ginn
    Ian Ginn Year ago

    shes got two big boogers

  • Damha Madios
    Damha Madios Year ago


  • Joe Broski
    Joe Broski Year ago


  • Joe Broski
    Joe Broski Year ago


  • Beca Ward
    Beca Ward 2 years ago

    This is brilliant!😂😂

  • Lewis Cassidy
    Lewis Cassidy 2 years ago

    Great Editing

  • Vantoee
    Vantoee 2 years ago

    i love this hahahaha

  • Amy McLean - Super Ink Arts

    I love your style! Definitely to my taste!

  • Petula Thomson
    Petula Thomson 2 years ago

    Love it

  • Vantoee
    Vantoee 2 years ago

    yass gurlllll

  • B
    B 2 years ago

    love this :)

  • Anthony Bockhart
    Anthony Bockhart 3 years ago

    this should have more views...

  • Taylor Lucas
    Taylor Lucas 3 years ago

    This is so good :0

  • anthony bockhart
    anthony bockhart 4 years ago

    wooooo yeah

  • Vocal Maestro
    Vocal Maestro 4 years ago

    Amazing, keep up the incredible work :)

  • Connor McClelland
    Connor McClelland 4 years ago

    Boom. Awesome:)

  • 88ofniet
    88ofniet 5 years ago


  • Awkwardly Ellen
    Awkwardly Ellen 5 years ago

    Mate, you're so awkward! But great video.

  • Jutenks
    Jutenks 5 years ago

    Sounds great and keep going:D

  • xragdoll100
    xragdoll100 6 years ago

    BEST. NIGHT. EVER. I was on a side where nobody really knew them and didn't sing the words. But that didn't stop me from screaming my ass off and screaming the words! I'm pretty sure people around me were annoyed and thought I was weird, but whatever. :D