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  • Shannon Knowlton
    Shannon Knowlton 18 minutes ago

    I see a Bunny in the background!!!

  • Amanda Watkins
    Amanda Watkins 23 minutes ago

    Jenna says what do you think bud... Kermit thought bubbles..... Huhhh I think Mom I've been smelling Irish Spring all day PS I'm a dog and my nose is sensitive to Smells I've been huffing Irish since you brought it in the 🏠 lol hashtag Kermit

  • noplacespecial
    noplacespecial 24 minutes ago

    This is the most relaxing thing I've seen in my goddamn life and I loved every minute of it.

  • rengirl94
    rengirl94 32 minutes ago

    These are the things I'm missing out on since I got my pixie cut

  • Princess Ames
    Princess Ames 34 minutes ago

    Lmao this girl is funny 😄 I just subscribed

    BAWSE YOLEADER 37 minutes ago

    That is so gonna hear when you have to wash your hair.

  • Sarsha Caldwell
    Sarsha Caldwell 38 minutes ago

    so im 18 and i have like 99 percent of these

  • Leyla_K
    Leyla_K 47 minutes ago

    I thought paesh's hand was a pepperoni pizza sleeve

  • pinxsgvrybkgs katya
    pinxsgvrybkgs katya 55 minutes ago

    Из-за озвучки на канале "Камеди Стор" её голос кажется очень странным 👀

  • Tess S
    Tess S 57 minutes ago

    Kermit has sensory issues. Sensory Integration Disorder is a difficult thing to live with. Mmmkay? Don't judge him.

  • Sydney-Paige Hernandez
    Sydney-Paige Hernandez 58 minutes ago

    Peach 2: electric boogaloo

  • TerrariaExpert
    TerrariaExpert Hour ago

    Pewdiepie rip off

  • nora nadem
    nora nadem Hour ago

    Jenna breaths* 50000 million views

  • Рулет Маковый

    нах ли написано на кофте хмммм

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget Hour ago

    Why does Kermit look so muscular

  • Janesa Leong
    Janesa Leong Hour ago

    Jenna pls have pt2 im waiting

  • Lauren Edmunds
    Lauren Edmunds Hour ago

    I’m dying at the dogs barking at him

  • like you
    like you Hour ago

    на её свитшоте написано "нах"????!???!?????

    • like you
      like you 49 minutes ago

      pinxsgvrybkgs katya я вижу, но на русском читается то как "нах")0)0))00))00

    • pinxsgvrybkgs katya
      pinxsgvrybkgs katya 54 minutes ago

      Неее, там н4х

  • superpizza
    superpizza Hour ago

    we choose to go to the moon and do all the other things, not because it is easy, but because it is hard

  • Brian Halcom
    Brian Halcom Hour ago

    Need more research, get real names, then this would be hilarious.

  • McKenna Dixon
    McKenna Dixon Hour ago

    That scale makes me feel vindicated in my theory that LA Jenna smokes before filming maybe?? She's extra bubbly from Boston videos 💚

  • Gacha _Lyla
    Gacha _Lyla Hour ago

    11 shirts on marbles 11 birthday.. AND the video is 11 minutes long ;-;

  • Carrie T
    Carrie T Hour ago

    Okay, so I teared up a little when she came downstairs by herself.

  • Bekah Greenhalgh

    This hair would have looked SO GOOD with the Romphim!! 😍😍😍

  • Unclephil_
    Unclephil_ Hour ago

    "is abortion legal" 8:18

  • lucia s
    lucia s Hour ago

    what is J walking? where i am from we just across the road and aslong as a car doesn’t hit us it doesn’t matter

  • Venus Violet Rose
    Venus Violet Rose 2 hours ago

    jenna is tired after being scandal free for 10 years.

  • Iris Joosten
    Iris Joosten 2 hours ago

    And to this day....Jenna secretly enjoys her blueberry dog treats away from prying eyes. Julian suspects when her breath smells like dog food, but he says nothing. For we all have our guilty pleasures.

  • Molly Harrison
    Molly Harrison 2 hours ago

    Jenna and Julian are the glow up gods

  • Екатерина Панченко

    тута есть русские???

  • Payton Meadows
    Payton Meadows 2 hours ago

    Kermit sorta looks like a meerkat

  • Melanie Dijkland
    Melanie Dijkland 2 hours ago

    Are you just gonna scroll by? without saying- "HEY BEECH!"

  • MrsJamielove777 Vlogz

    This is pretty funny. My Vinny does the same thing snuggled up to me while I am napping. He likes to lick My feet too lol. Gross! Must be a Iggy thing.

  • Vero
    Vero 3 hours ago

    From profile, Max looks more like the brother of Allison Williams than her actual brother.

  • djmonkeydoo2
    djmonkeydoo2 3 hours ago

    Ok, ok...hear me your living room.....but everything is tinfoil. E V E R Y T H I N G. Make it happen Jenna. I pay good money for this free content.

  • kyla marie
    kyla marie 3 hours ago

    Julian looks like if Lola from big mouth was a 19 year old girl trying to pledge a sorority

  • Sofija Kandic
    Sofija Kandic 3 hours ago

    I don’t know why but when julian turned a mirror around I expected to see myself just sitting there and smiling at them????

  • Lily Mousley
    Lily Mousley 3 hours ago

    So... I think Marbles needs his own bed, I bet he would love if mommy made him a giant (for him anything is giant) croc bed.

  • Daisy Hewitt
    Daisy Hewitt 3 hours ago

    im disliking this because of that disgusting burp. i prefer julien

  • Aaron Rowley
    Aaron Rowley 3 hours ago

    First off Jenna deserves her own show bitch and second where's her Hollywood star?

  • Caleb Crowster
    Caleb Crowster 3 hours ago

    “I Got A SpiDerMan WaTERBoTTLe”

  • Caleb Crowster
    Caleb Crowster 3 hours ago

    “I Got A SpiDerMan WaTERBoTTLe”

  • Caleb Crowster
    Caleb Crowster 3 hours ago

    “I GoT a SPidErmAn WaTERboTtLe”

  • Minikaroli
    Minikaroli 3 hours ago

    Marbles does WHAT?

  • Camila B
    Camila B 3 hours ago

    This is actually hilarious

  • CaZe Mutant
    CaZe Mutant 3 hours ago

    Can someone please tell me what dog is marble???

  • Kassandra Tellez
    Kassandra Tellez 4 hours ago

    When he painted her nails I lost my shit

  • Dave Dave
    Dave Dave 4 hours ago

    Can you please tell me what the arm thingy over your cooker is for! I need to know!

  • MissPronounced
    MissPronounced 4 hours ago

    13:40 "yeah, like SEW natural"

  • Josh Escobar
    Josh Escobar 4 hours ago

    I literally Died at 6:40 LMAOOO😂😂😂😂😂

  • I am from another Дименшаин! лОл

    Bunny like late for her bus and trying to catch it but she cant

  • I am from another Дименшаин! лОл


  • MegaPixlz
    MegaPixlz 4 hours ago

    Hell yeah. First Jordan, now Jenna. ITS SPREADING

  • Joely Johnson
    Joely Johnson 4 hours ago

    Please please please try and do a liberty hawk!!! 👩🏼‍🎤

  • Oh Snap
    Oh Snap 4 hours ago

    I am 23 but Jenna said that this is for 32 old ladies.. So I am 32 now

  • nuitNo.6
    nuitNo.6 4 hours ago

    Whenever I see those chairs in the background I think of her creepy chair painted face.

  • Sofija Kandic
    Sofija Kandic 4 hours ago

    why only u and 7 year olds can pull off this look

  • Pamela Perry
    Pamela Perry 4 hours ago

    The Phelps made something that looks surprisingly like corn on the cob!

  • TheOutsidersPost
    TheOutsidersPost 4 hours ago

    This is what content has devolved into? The platform has been shit and is going to get worst. The more creators sell out to sponsors. You want to waste your valuable time watching someone counting to 100,000 Or sleeping? 😆

  • pantyhatgirl
    pantyhatgirl 4 hours ago

    Watching in 2019 because peach is always baby

  • Lauren Matthews
    Lauren Matthews 4 hours ago

    Iconic. Watched the whole thing

  • Gabrielle York
    Gabrielle York 4 hours ago

    The cermets biting the hot wheels 😂😂

  • hunnybee
    hunnybee 4 hours ago


  • Ananta Ra
    Ananta Ra 5 hours ago


  • Catherine Shinn
    Catherine Shinn 5 hours ago

    For the past 13mins of this video, I'M THINKING IN MY HEAD "Who TF Is jolene.??"

  • Lindsey J
    Lindsey J 5 hours ago

    Do you think she gets tired of doing these? I mean she’s literally done every single video and more.

    • Genius Expert
      Genius Expert 2 hours ago

      @El Futbolero most females mainly care about looks and money when it comes to relationships

    • El Futbolero
      El Futbolero 4 hours ago

      @Genius Expert how is he a gold digger if she's richer than her boyfriend?

    • Genius Expert
      Genius Expert 4 hours ago

      @El Futbolero most females are gold diggers

    • El Futbolero
      El Futbolero 4 hours ago

      @Genius Expert how is she a gold digger?

    • Genius Expert
      Genius Expert 5 hours ago

      She should delete her channel. She's a gold digger like most females.

  • meemers542
    meemers542 5 hours ago

    Hey Jenna - if you haven't chatted with the vet already about this. I think part of the reason why Marbles doesn't sit is because of some weird mobility in his hind legs and hip when his muscles aren't warmed up. Especially his back left leg there's a stiffness in the knee that is sometimes noticeable in this video (also in his 11th birthday video). I think he's play bowing because it's a behaviour that is more comfortable physically for him to perform right out the gate possibly. You'll notice that sometimes when he tries to sit, he will bend his right leg first but not his left. Also when he sits, he doesn't stay seated very long on his own. Can't tell if it's muscular/skeletal or neurological but I'm a believer that Marbles is actually super wise and understands more than we think :) He understands what you're asking, he gets sit. It's just his hips or legs aren't cooperating or it may actually be just more comfortable for him to stand than sit in most cases, that's why he does. Hopefully you'll see this on one of the videos cause he's the sweetest little guy and I believe in him.

  • scorpio 1111
    scorpio 1111 5 hours ago

    3:32 was Julián 😂

  • braydeebunch
    braydeebunch 5 hours ago

    i love kanyes new manifesto song

  • Midori
    Midori 5 hours ago

    I’m so glad Jenna found such a good friend

  • Midori
    Midori 5 hours ago

    They have always been great friends

  • Lyla Ruthstrom
    Lyla Ruthstrom 5 hours ago

    I love the way Julien looks at Jenna, they’re so sweet💖

  • Colgate toothpaste -


  • LemonRings45 Gaming
    LemonRings45 Gaming 5 hours ago

    I want a Kermit

  • Sydney Bailey
    Sydney Bailey 5 hours ago

    This video brought tons of enjoyment. 10/10 encouraging to get plants and i may start with a zz plant

  • Noah Canine
    Noah Canine 6 hours ago

    When she’s a cuter anime girl then anyone ever

  • Samantha Hodges
    Samantha Hodges 6 hours ago

    just a wild thought... y’all should react to you and juliens old videos!! Lol I’m currently doing so with wine and a leisure suit and I’m crying so please join me 🙂

  • catcorisara
    catcorisara 6 hours ago

    Jenna is literal sunshine <3

  • kyndrajones
    kyndrajones 6 hours ago

    Jenna please do liberty spikes

  • m c
    m c 6 hours ago

    so u mean to tell me cindy lou who did this shit EVERY morning?

  • Meghantron 88
    Meghantron 88 6 hours ago

    I remember having that scrunchie maker when I was a kid

  • Taylor Southgate
    Taylor Southgate 6 hours ago

    Please oh god make your hair into a Mohawk

  • Gabrielle McGahey
    Gabrielle McGahey 6 hours ago

    "P R you sure about that package" 😂😂😂

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 6 hours ago


  • Gabriella Mckenna
    Gabriella Mckenna 6 hours ago

    kermit’s feet when the waves come up is this funniest thing

  • Alyssa G
    Alyssa G 6 hours ago

    Jenna....what happened to your plants Jenna.......

  • [Scientist] Dr. Kahl of Site-[REDACTED]

    1:02 Can someone put the lyrics for me? Ty.

  • Kato Seg
    Kato Seg 6 hours ago

    I remember seeing this for the first time and I was like “why’s the grey one crying?” I am now cultured.

  • Salvador Calixto
    Salvador Calixto 6 hours ago

    0:32 best fuckin part

  • Cat Mills
    Cat Mills 6 hours ago

    Now all you've gotta do is make more than one and race them

  • tove
    tove 6 hours ago

    aaaaaand i'm crying

  • J Mo
    J Mo 6 hours ago

    I am dying at the cat argument! LOL! My guy and I are having the very same "debate" now. Today, he says to me, "Knock it off about the cat!" LOL!

  • A Terrorist
    A Terrorist 6 hours ago

    A think your demon is broken

  • Meghantron 88
    Meghantron 88 6 hours ago

    Do hydro dipping with a canvas

  • Sydney Mueller
    Sydney Mueller 6 hours ago

    But wait... This is really like a functional Halloween costume idea 😂

  • Gerrika Hughes
    Gerrika Hughes 6 hours ago


  • Gomez
    Gomez 6 hours ago

    It scares me how easily Kermit took to being a human baby

  • CoffeeFox2K
    CoffeeFox2K 6 hours ago

    Real Mouths’ ratchet cousin Jenna Mouth

  • Nuann aarpoq
    Nuann aarpoq 6 hours ago

    I was today years old when I realized that Jenna was definitely living next to a camgirl.

  • Dayna D
    Dayna D 6 hours ago

    She needed a heavy duty stapler