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  • Jagadish S
    Jagadish S 3 years ago

    pls kindly reply which i commented on your video how to fix desktop icon

  • Kerry Pentlow
    Kerry Pentlow 3 years ago

    Please will you upload the rest of the Nanny 911 episodes?

    2CUSING 3 years ago

    I am having problem with window 7 icons are the same. I change the values in regedit then it not allowed me to open any file. When I type in regedit in the start window it does not open.How can I go in to regedit. Please advice me to fix this. Thanks.

  • Ssantana
    Ssantana 5 years ago

    please help i need my programs working on my desktop, they all gone!

  • hopeandcharity1
    hopeandcharity1 5 years ago

    I know it's a virus and I am the administrator.