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2019 Bullet Journal Setup
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  • Melissa
    Melissa 14 hours ago

    C'est la vie, why am I still watching how to note take, and I have not even started, bought all the essentials, and I am about to watch a video on Procrastination, hehe! Love your video's though. There is a method to my madness, promise ♡

  • Budgie Lovers Forever

    Gurl, I’m just going in to Middle School, I know probably none of you will have the time but can you please explain if they teach you how to take notes or do you just figure it out yourself. If you do reply thank u u guys are the best!

  • hsh b
    hsh b Day ago

    In my schoool if your work looks bad (which app is like not underlined and things ) then we had to take out books home and re wrote it all out

  • oh yes mia
    oh yes mia 2 days ago

    I loved this video, I'm crazy about stationary!! I'm new on youtube and I make DIY videos. I'd love to make some friends on here! :)

    MICHELLE LI 2 days ago

    *if only the teachers gave us enough time to do this*

  • vianca
    vianca 8 days ago

    Just when I thought my notes were so good, I then look at yours and feel dissatisfaction.

  • Kayla
    Kayla 11 days ago

    I write fast in my classes so when I get home in wanna do them in another one neatly to study

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy 13 days ago

    if only my hand doesn't get tired midway into a sentence.

  • Ava Le
    Ava Le 14 days ago

    whyyyyy i’m i failing

  • Ava Le
    Ava Le 14 days ago

    damn ok

  • Putul Shee
    Putul Shee 15 days ago

    If I start decorating my notebook ,at the end of the year I'll find I have studied nothing but decorated a notebook

  • armani vhj
    armani vhj 16 days ago

    i’m broke broke, my pencil case is a plastic to go box

  • armani vhj
    armani vhj 16 days ago

    watching these videos make me want to take notes about nothing

  • camila E.
    camila E. 18 days ago

    No one has time do be this extra

  • Ruth Ben Tolila
    Ruth Ben Tolila 21 day ago

    it is so beautifulllllll!!!!!!!! thank you for showing me :)

  • airene louisse
    airene louisse 23 days ago

    this was the most helpful note taking video ive seen so far,, thanks :)

  • kheavenly
    kheavenly 28 days ago

    I would but my teacher is just like so todayclasswewillbetakiingabouthowtoshovealinearequationyouass TURN TO PAGE 5

  • vlogs with Alex
    vlogs with Alex Month ago

    My teacher post the slide shows online so I can go on later and take notes

  • Jonela Jonela
    Jonela Jonela Month ago

    can someone tell me why she used that blue sticker i didn’t understand that

  • Day T
    Day T Month ago

    This is easy but it's just my handwriting is horrible and I've tried to fix it it's just that I keep writing in ’cursive’ that I just don't know how to even read my own notes I think I should work on that first

  • Rotmindol
    Rotmindol Month ago

    For anyone's teachers that talk too fast or you don't want to waste paper, type on your computer during the lectures and copy from your computer to your notes.

  • Vito Affatigato
    Vito Affatigato Month ago

    Her "messy botes" look like my organized notes. I feel like trash now lol

  • UniqueCon Struction

    I’m just in awe. Thanks for the tips!

  • Hazaxd _KP
    Hazaxd _KP Month ago

    Expectations: Reality: messy and just giving up

  • Jillian A
    Jillian A Month ago

    Hi! I was curious about following your blog but the link keeps sending me to a spam type of site?

  • Amani Graham
    Amani Graham Month ago

    I’ve always been a super neat and organized person when it came to school. It just makes me feel calls when everything is neat and organized

  • Keiara Cuffy
    Keiara Cuffy Month ago

    Y’all should try crayola super tips

  • --
    -- Month ago

    It's so difficult to find blank notebooks specifically for writing, near where I live lol. I often just write two lines of writing, cramped into that one huge line of space. My reason is to save pages, but BOI my denying arse hasn't notice the amount of notebooks I've accumulated and have not used for these three+ months -_-

  • arielle wang
    arielle wang Month ago

    Omg I love ur notes! And btw the effort u put in this video is highly appreciated ❤️

  • Asia the Continent

    Would this work on cheaper paper? I hope it does🤧😭😅

  • jimin's jams
    jimin's jams Month ago

    I have the ability to write really fast but very neat and tidy I might be that one doctor with good hand writing lol

  • Krista G.
    Krista G. Month ago

    ur so sweet

  • Savana w
    Savana w Month ago

    Im glad im not the only one who goes home and retakes notes. I always feel so extra haha

  • Favor Cueto
    Favor Cueto Month ago

    Damn I love her voice 😍😍😍 subscribing😍😍😊

  • qnnx youth
    qnnx youth Month ago

    if only my handwriting is nice

  • TheOliviapreston
    TheOliviapreston Month ago

    You sound like Brittany spears

  • Alyssa Tempini
    Alyssa Tempini Month ago

    Thanks for the video

  • Beauty. OR
    Beauty. OR Month ago

    Hello!! We invite you to check out our brand new chanel❤❤❤ we think you may like it!! We'll give you some love as well.

  • Shelby Pennington

    Color coding is very helpful for me, especially in math, I use different colors for different steps and it really helps my brain make sense of it lol. I highly suggest anyone who has trouble with that to try color coding.

  • Ig.itzzjay Jay
    Ig.itzzjay Jay Month ago

    Binge watching these type of videos bc my first day of school is tomorrow lol☠️😂

  • Jessenia Aucapina

    real question, how can u write so straight in paper with no lines, looks pretty and organized tho

  • Zachariah Halo
    Zachariah Halo Month ago

    a e s t h e t i c

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago

    I wish I could write that cute:(

  • Luna Quil
    Luna Quil Month ago

    This would be really helpful if my handwriting wasn't so messy to where i cant read my own notes 😂

  • GachaRyuko San
    GachaRyuko San Month ago

    Please make a tutorial of how you write in cursive!! Its really good! #christyfam

  • saphide
    saphide Month ago

    This is not my type of organisation at all, rewriting takes so much time! Plus in my university, in France, it's like you need to take notes on your computer, since all the teachers assume that we all have one(that's so stupid), and do they just speak do fast in another language, WITHOUT ANY MICROPHONE(because they are too lazy to put one), and sometimes they are so not organized that they come back and forth on their course so there is so organisation at all 😭. There's no way I can rewrite everything and take notes on paper, even though I prefer reading stuff I wrote by hand :/

  • Melanie Jimenez
    Melanie Jimenez Month ago

    •Tinted chapstick •lotion •hand sanitizer •wet wipes •tissues •deodorant •body spray •compact hair brush •Bobby Pins and hair puns •cough drops •oil blotting sheets •band aids and alcohol pads •Advil •feminine products You’re welcome 😉

  • Khaos Official
    Khaos Official Month ago

    for some reason, I have this case, and I find myself in a hurry so a cram everything in it

  • Katie Cullinan
    Katie Cullinan Month ago

    How do you write so neatly without any lines! Mine look like a heartbeat Monitor! Up and down but only once in my life will it be straight..

  • Nat Wilcox
    Nat Wilcox Month ago

    broooo you rewrite your notes? only if i had the motivation..

  • Rituj
    Rituj Month ago

    We want to make notes like these, but in India, education system is more based on cramming. Our student effort to make their own answers or notes is not appreciated :(

    • Ark Vyas
      Ark Vyas Month ago

      I'm Indian and the education system needs some work

  • srey leab
    srey leab Month ago

    it is not helpful at all it is boring

  • Strange Silva
    Strange Silva Month ago

    Congrats for the video, I loved the tips :D

  • Bree Teal
    Bree Teal Month ago

    Who would have thought there was a note community (lol)

  • Kaki Slimey
    Kaki Slimey 2 months ago

    Thanks so much, it helps me a lot to know how to have a nice notebook for study effectively! Sr my english is so bad :(

  • Jaylene Medina
    Jaylene Medina 2 months ago

    i dont know why but you look like an older version of Txunamy from familia diamond

  • anushka pandey
    anushka pandey 2 months ago

    how do u even make such notes GOD!!! If i will start writing on printed paper it will most probably end up looking like garbage! THIS IS SO COOL

  • Aanab Tahir
    Aanab Tahir 2 months ago

    Ok but my trs talk so fast this is what my notes look like jfndkjfb fkjbfjgnkgbfk fjhnfkkk j-fmggr=g0erii9 i kid you not, sometimes i cant even read them and your notes look pretty organized and good after class. im not a visual learner so your notes after class looked easy to me and prefect (unlike mine :( ) and i like your notes

  • Sharon Posadas
    Sharon Posadas 2 months ago

    If my handwriting was this good and I was this organized I wouldn’t know how to act😂

  • Unknown girl
    Unknown girl 2 months ago

    I love ur vids.

  • Unknown girl
    Unknown girl 2 months ago

    You just earned yourself a sub from me which I don't give to a lot of ppl.😀

  • Myra L.
    Myra L. 2 months ago

    your voice is so soft.i love it!❤

  • Princess_ Rhian
    Princess_ Rhian 2 months ago

    Would this do if I am in 7th grade this year? Thank you!

  • C Morris
    C Morris 2 months ago

    Wait. What?

  • 1000 Subscribers with no video's please?

    Your handwriting is so natural i like it

  • 1000 Subscribers with no video's please?

    I have good motivation for next year so I'm gonna do my best!!!

  • christy
    christy 2 months ago

    hello my name is christy and i subscribed and your videos are so nice ❤️😘

  • xilishh
    xilishh 2 months ago

    "this is not organised at all" I'M- WE- US-

  • Janae Leah
    Janae Leah 2 months ago

    Where do u get the highlights from

  • America Bless God
    America Bless God 2 months ago

    Excuse me but that Dr Axe ad scared the life out of me. It was very annoying! Too loud! Almost blew my speakes! Startled me and my dog very badly!

  • ancajen.
    ancajen. 2 months ago

    *me* : ill start doing that tommorow... *teacher* : **opens powerpoint** **talks fast** **slide in the next page** *me* : okay back on my f*cking ugly handwriting skills

  • Matrona Vasakis
    Matrona Vasakis 2 months ago

    This is what I am looking for. Simple, pretty, and easy to follow

    KAVITHA REDDY 2 months ago

    My teacher says very..... fast

  • Maliyah Gray
    Maliyah Gray 2 months ago

    the *reason* is because i’m going into 6th grade and 5th grade i wasn’t too focused i laughed to much. so yeah that’s why i’m gonna be doing my work and talk and the same time this year. i want to do better and be more focused on my grades and study a bit

  • kody becker
    kody becker 2 months ago

    My handwriting without lines is a roller coaster XD

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 3 months ago

    Your notes are more organised than my life.

  • xo.maliya
    xo.maliya 3 months ago

    Does anyone know where i can find the sticky notes that she used?

  • petrina nr
    petrina nr 3 months ago

    a pro tip to learning how to write in a straight line: use your ruler as you write & put it ABOVE the line you're writing

  • Zerh Guzman
    Zerh Guzman 3 months ago

    Why does everyone who vlog about taking notes have the same handwriting ??

  • Emily Berry
    Emily Berry 3 months ago

    Iv seen many other note videos and this by far was the best. Thank u so much

  • Sophia Rolli
    Sophia Rolli 3 months ago

    I am a giant muji fan

  • Mohammad fauzan Malik
    Mohammad fauzan Malik 3 months ago

    Amzing you are so be always focus on you work

  • Alexandra M.
    Alexandra M. 3 months ago

    Just another tip for everyone in the comments. Professors and teachers can move really quickly in class, so if you want to take organized and clean notes I highly recommend typing out all the information that your class instructor goes over in class. Then, afterwards, you can organize all of the information in a lovely manner.

  • Nyah Harper
    Nyah Harper 3 months ago

    Your eyesbrows are so nice and I felt the need to comment

  • Midori Senpai
    Midori Senpai 3 months ago

    I cant stop looking at your nose idk why

  • BiancaL407 L
    BiancaL407 L 3 months ago

    Why do y’all have big ass nostrils 😂

  • Rock star Chic
    Rock star Chic 3 months ago

    They both look great

  • kyurielle `
    kyurielle ` 3 months ago

    Does the writing from the paper ur using bleed through the next page??!

  • Smol Potatoe world
    Smol Potatoe world 3 months ago

    u look like momo

  • Ushermewormy
    Ushermewormy 4 months ago

    I type my notes lol. . . I don't have the time time make them look this pretty!

  • valerijaholik
    valerijaholik 4 months ago

    Fun fact In Croatia you don't have to write your own notes,teachers write it on a blackboard and then we copy that into our notebooks😊😊

    • brace face X
      brace face X Month ago

      She’s only doing that because she is in college/university

    • Lezzlez
      Lezzlez 2 months ago

      valerijaholik’s like that everywhere......

    • seray
      seray 3 months ago

      valerijaholik same in the netherlands

  • kikit2525
    kikit2525 4 months ago

    Thank you :)

  • Yaneidy Amador
    Yaneidy Amador 4 months ago

    Free ad queen yasss☺☺

  • Nathaniel GE | See You In 5

    Thanks for this. Had 20 min to 'be productive' before work and was inspired by Jenn Imm's talk. So I skipped to around 5 mins in and did 20 mins of clearing/cleaning my desk in room and getting rid of bits of rubbish from my room. Even wiped down my macbook. Thanks xD

  • Keith Mob Play
    Keith Mob Play 4 months ago

    6Th grade teachers don't let us write notes normally and the next day 4lessons is what we gonna write in just 5 mins each lesson has 3 paragraphs so horrible 😒😒

  • Ephemeral
    Ephemeral 4 months ago

    !!!!!!!! My name is Christy too!

  • Hailley Nichole
    Hailley Nichole 4 months ago

    Its back to school my handwriting is freakin awful

  • Regular Black Girl
    Regular Black Girl 4 months ago

    Vanessa Tiiu’s video is almost identical to yours. I thought I was having deja vu

  • Emily Molina
    Emily Molina 4 months ago

    just me is is the first genetics notes easier to read

  • Julen's Vlog
    Julen's Vlog 4 months ago

    Genetics? I'm only 13 and we're already studying genetics.