Tik Tok 2019
Tik Tok 2019
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  • Ya_Boi_Octo
    Ya_Boi_Octo 2 hours ago

    what is this song

  • Yajaira Y Mendez Merino

    1:02 I was like whaaaaaaat?!!😂😂

  • NekoNoodles ねこ麺


  • Rafaela Lana
    Rafaela Lana 3 hours ago


  • Fatmn 27
    Fatmn 27 3 hours ago

    The guy at 00:34 was the best he comes up on every video

  • roshni r
    roshni r 3 hours ago

    i thought the first time you do it it’s supposed to be slow

  • ufelzonme
    ufelzonme 3 hours ago

    White people are dancing to a song about killing by a guy who is in jail for killing his friends. Welcome to America 2019

  • Gacha Wickedness
    Gacha Wickedness 4 hours ago

    At 2:00 Boy in back round: -does backflip- Me: 😶 can’t compare face

  • He He
    He He 4 hours ago

    This song: *exists* Tiktok hoes: *it's free real estate*

  • Hsjansms Nskksm
    Hsjansms Nskksm 4 hours ago

    This is cute af

  • sophia fan
    sophia fan 4 hours ago


  • Waffles Are Confusing

    Does she only have crop tops?

  • Kaela Bonner
    Kaela Bonner 5 hours ago

    That awkward moment when nothing but yo clothes changed.....just gonna leave this here

  • Ashunti Johnson
    Ashunti Johnson 5 hours ago

    I love it

  • Siñorita YEET
    Siñorita YEET 5 hours ago

    This called me ugly in a million different ways

  • Isadora Mamer
    Isadora Mamer 5 hours ago

    Pq eu estou vendo isso? O mundo está perdido kkkkkkk

  • Faith Bernaden
    Faith Bernaden 5 hours ago

    *me watching cuz they're all really pretty*

  • M Bowen
    M Bowen 5 hours ago

    Where is this dance from I don’t remember it in odyssey? Did they make it up?

  • ah, yes spicy milk
    ah, yes spicy milk 5 hours ago

    this is the worst compilation I've ever seen LOL none of them did it correctly

  • Epic Epic Gaming By Me

    0:35 legit thought that was a kid

  • Lauthyslaushon xD
    Lauthyslaushon xD 6 hours ago

    Prefiero a los loritos de Minecraft

  • Muhammad Ajwad
    Muhammad Ajwad 6 hours ago

    i just want to know to song......

  • Jayden Hernandez
    Jayden Hernandez 6 hours ago

    Someone tell me the percentage of girls wearing a skirt. LiKe wHaT iS ThE DeAL!!?? Edit: At the end of 2:32 all of that

  • Boombox Boom
    Boombox Boom 7 hours ago

    I can't believe what i'm seeing

  • Suad Wael
    Suad Wael 7 hours ago

    Wow! !!!! Who love tik tok put like ♡ ♥ ♥

  • hackers crackers
    hackers crackers 8 hours ago

    Trukers be like

  • Not Bluryyy
    Not Bluryyy 8 hours ago

    If only they knew the English translation...... 💀

  • XxSpooky SkeletonsxX

    00:19 By far my fav

  • Someone you may know

    I actually thought that 1:16 was quite good...I am not understanding why people make fun of her??? Plus I think she's very pretty!

  • silverstarrr22
    silverstarrr22 9 hours ago

    3rd girl did it best _period_

  • Peanut
    Peanut 9 hours ago

    I can’t wait for this app to die 👍🏽

  • wiilkus
    wiilkus 10 hours ago

    1:46 hoe my god X-/ anyone??

  • Nic C
    Nic C 10 hours ago

    I love how the category of this video is Comedy

  • Ruati ohh bae Chhakchhuak Noi

    Please tell me the first song

  • JustGigi
    JustGigi 12 hours ago

    Tahlia Smith i think everybody wants a Twin

  • Niftyjojoo
    Niftyjojoo 12 hours ago

    This is only cringe except holy water

  • YT울 피즈
    YT울 피즈 14 hours ago

    omg love it.... OwO To burn it ùwú

  • Guinevere Paxley
    Guinevere Paxley 14 hours ago


  • 自殺Gacha Kara
    自殺Gacha Kara 14 hours ago

    3:45 She has such a punchable face. I for some reason really wanna hit her.

  • yuki_ choi
    yuki_ choi 14 hours ago

    Bretman be like: bitch, y all are so annoying fuckin' bitch

  • ramon caldera
    ramon caldera 14 hours ago

    ohh thats so cool

  • Jihyo made me gay
    Jihyo made me gay 14 hours ago

    Y'all ruined the fucking song....

    BRIANNA POLITO 15 hours ago

    gravity is working

  • Kitty_Playz Gacha
    Kitty_Playz Gacha 15 hours ago

    I wear glasses and its offending me😐

  • The Max
    The Max 15 hours ago

    2:43 ight tell me where you got the Top jacket and the gloves please :)

  • A Random Memer
    A Random Memer 15 hours ago

    Some of these girls look like thots

  • Sonia Rodríguez
    Sonia Rodríguez 15 hours ago

    4:05 tried to copy 0:03 but 0:03 where better

  • John West
    John West 15 hours ago

    Dude at 1:10 wore jeans as a shirt

  • Camry Reel
    Camry Reel 16 hours ago

    I am friends with her I meant her at cochella she thought me how to belly dance I was so happy bi meant her love you Halie

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 16 hours ago

    When i watched 3:20 I was like OooOOofffFffF

  • ღツRøçhí 7w7ツღ

    Hola :v

  • Bryan
    Bryan 16 hours ago

    These aren't even the right dance, Blanco has his own tutorial for the moves from his actual video

  • Cake world Gidget XX
    Cake world Gidget XX 16 hours ago

    Who else thinks she wears good clothes but not for her age and it would be fine if she wore crop tops sometimes but she wears them all of the time it’s too much

  • Ella Coulter
    Ella Coulter 17 hours ago

    Love em rite

  • Zyaria Fleming
    Zyaria Fleming 17 hours ago

    she reminds me of Kim Kardashian.... dont get me wrong she aint ugly bu that wasn't a compliment

  • Quinn Xelene
    Quinn Xelene 17 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks some of them look awkward walking like that in those kind of challenges? Lmfao

  • Naya Al
    Naya Al 17 hours ago

    0:46 you still are 2:14 hi Barbie

  • Kenya Whittaker
    Kenya Whittaker 18 hours ago

    I think glasses or not makes you look beautiful come on where mah glasses ppl at I tried it in avakin life it looks beautiful

  • Turtle God
    Turtle God 18 hours ago

    Holy fuck I've been looking for this song all week

  • Lydia Torres
    Lydia Torres 18 hours ago


  • Kaylah Matano
    Kaylah Matano 18 hours ago

    *Love the ppl who did so many tries and were wet asf. Dedication.*

  • Irish Borja
    Irish Borja 19 hours ago

    0.12 WAY TOO AGGRESSIVE PPLLL (sorry for some spelling mistakes)

    RAIEF JR 19 hours ago

    Shool boy was tha best

  • Zaiden Cantu
    Zaiden Cantu 19 hours ago


  • Emina Hodzic
    Emina Hodzic 19 hours ago

    Whats the name of original song

  • Antony Cetto
    Antony Cetto 20 hours ago

    Like si quisieras una jemela igual

  • Isabel Medina
    Isabel Medina 20 hours ago

    Who else likes 00:20 😂😂😂😛❤️❤️❤️

  • V's propertae
    V's propertae 20 hours ago

    2:45 is my favorite

  • That messed up Cookieꨄ

    The parrots are sad :( because yall made the wholesome parrots song bad :( WE WANT OUR SONG BACK

  • Kathy Eckenrod
    Kathy Eckenrod 21 hour ago

    You suck

  • zSineqz
    zSineqz 21 hour ago

    White girls: *ruins song with tiktok* Also white girl: *never watched an anime*

  • Raul Flores
    Raul Flores 21 hour ago

    What is this crap i was looking for inner-city big fun song.

  • emily !!!
    emily !!! 21 hour ago

    These girls probably dont even know what anime is

  • itzzeve x
    itzzeve x 21 hour ago

    just sayin to those who took off their glasses because they thought it would make them look uglier, take this from a person that doesn’t wear glasses, I really really want them!!!!

  • Pandapuff \\ Baking, crafts, and panda facts!

    whats with the blueberries???!!!!???

  • anaïs mercier
    anaïs mercier 22 hours ago


  • Bronze moira main
    Bronze moira main 22 hours ago

    Parrots > humans

  • Britney lara
    Britney lara 22 hours ago

    And I want to dance like that as hell like hell I told ya I’m spooky and love skeletons horses too

  • Britney lara
    Britney lara 22 hours ago

    Im already spooky and what spooky about skeletons is one is hiding in u right now but I’m might bring this in 31 hallween but I have school in hallween but I’m spooky already I rather murder some body

  • Tea Pack
    Tea Pack 22 hours ago

    This song exists White girls: this shit fire

  • Abby Zavala
    Abby Zavala 22 hours ago

    The amount of people in this video with scrunchies on their wrist is unreal.

  • Leah Celio
    Leah Celio 23 hours ago

    What a waste of water

  • 2000s baby
    2000s baby 23 hours ago

    The girl that dis the joker transformation is really good!

  • Throwaway Account
    Throwaway Account 23 hours ago

    Would love to see someone keep their glasses on for this

  • wind bot
    wind bot 23 hours ago

    These people probably don’t realise who ynw nelly is 😂

  • Della_ Playz
    Della_ Playz 23 hours ago

    Everyone: stares at feet Me: *watches comments to find something funny*

  • Milo Bengtsson

    Fake walking.........……………

  • Christian
    Christian Day ago

    what is this song called ?

  • Funny cake555 cutie cake 555

    1:38 black girls Magic

  • Allison duechle

    2:13 For some reason to me she looks like Rachel amber from life is strange Just me ok

  • Samiyah Singleton

    1:55 why she so skinny and pull her pants up that high

  • Sierra Starr
    Sierra Starr Day ago

    00:16 looks like Stella from 5 feet apart :)

  • Kierstin gacha kitteen

    0:46 wrong dance dude

  • Anthony Desouza

    You are bootfull the same way

  • Darlene Segovia

    The next fornite emote........just saying 😔😔

  • Cynn Lyn Lumbao

    0:25 yeah

  • Akshya R
    Akshya R Day ago

    The joker transformation had me shook wtf

  • itsjackson
    itsjackson Day ago

    2:46 why is no one talking about her? She's gorgeous

  • Teresa Woodruff

    U don't have to change the way u look to look pretty

  • itsjackson
    itsjackson Day ago

    3:45 when I tell you I cringed