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DIY BoomerangDIY Boomerang
DIY Boomerang
5 days ago
The No Plan PlaneThe No Plan Plane
The No Plan Plane
8 months ago

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  • Canada Top Production
    Canada Top Production 2 months ago

    this is a cute video

  • pipeman451
    pipeman451 7 years ago

    hey guys can you find out when the new decathlon 1.7 meter is coming out and when you might be testing it, looks interesting.... and how it can land in tree's is awesome

  • philipm785
    philipm785 7 years ago

    Fantastic job, guys. Excellent production values, fun banter, nice selection of topics. Great event coverage, too. Wishing you much continued and well deserved success.

  • FliteTest
    FliteTest 7 years ago

    @horetiss Thank you! We use the Canon 5d & Canon 60d with Adobe Premiere from the CS5 suite.

  • horetiss
    horetiss 7 years ago

    Hello. Can you tell me what type of camera you use for your recordings, and what kind of video editing program you use. I am looking for a good HD camera, and the camera you use produces good images. Love your TVclip channel : 0) Regards from Norway.

  • Janick Goudeau
    Janick Goudeau 7 years ago

    super Awesome-

  • CWorksDesign
    CWorksDesign 7 years ago

    I missed you guys at the Toledo Show. I was there but i never saw you. Mayeb next year guys. Love the Vids...keep them coming!

  • Carlos André Oliveira

    Sorry, didn't look before ask: Flite Test - Video Transmitter - REVIEW

  • Carlos André Oliveira

    What's happening with the website? I'm not able to reach it from Brazil... Any plan to review FPV from HK?

  • ostiaspedrin111
    ostiaspedrin111 7 years ago

    may i ask how you made that intro and the programs used for it? please tell me im youre... wait not biggest but im i pretty big fan :P

  • Guillows78_Rc_World
    Guillows78_Rc_World 7 years ago

    you all are doing great keep it up come check me out i just started thanks tom

    GRIZZLEE 7 years ago

    DO you have a review of the FPV from Hobby king???That would be sweet :D

    GRIZZLEE 7 years ago

    where the fuck have you guys been hiding? I recently found one of your videos by "chance"...kudos, you make a living out of these flite test lucky guys :P hehe Kudos

  • Justin Wong
    Justin Wong 7 years ago

    wat battery is more suitable? Turnigy 1600mAh 2S 30C Lipo Pack?

  • Darrell Lambert
    Darrell Lambert 7 years ago

    i was wondering about the electronic you need to put in a plane alot of kits dont come with the electronics so a list or short episode show what they are and what they do would be good

  • Clayton Payne
    Clayton Payne 7 years ago

    saw you guys at toledo i was the guy flying the mcp x while u guys were doing the review video for it check out my channel if you guys can i love the show

  • newyorkflyerRC
    newyorkflyerRC 7 years ago

    Excellent channel guys, This gives us happy hobbyking buyers a look up on how their models work and other accessories. We love hobby king out here in NY.

  • fireworkstube
    fireworkstube 7 years ago

    Hi, how about reviewing the beautiful SE 5a?

  • wickedinsight
    wickedinsight 7 years ago

    hey great channel, love the comedy as well check out my RC channel as well, thanks cheers LA

  • TommyMental
    TommyMental 7 years ago

    Hi guys, I've just come across your channel and I have to say I liked it from the 1st vid I saw. I've watched and am subscribed to many of the bigger channels and I just wanna say - you guys are cool :D Don't wanna spoil the positive feedback with anything else so just keep in mind you guys are like...real cool :D

  • Leandro Barancelli
    Leandro Barancelli 7 years ago

    I would like to see one show to demonstrate how to balance a propeler. Thak you guys. Leandro Barancelli - Brazil

  • yasuo840
    yasuo840 7 years ago

    Thank you for registration!! Your channel is very wonderful.(^.^)

  • theoneburgi
    theoneburgi 7 years ago

    Why not available outside the US anymore? Even Hobbyking has a warehouse here in Europe, so we want to watch them again!

  • TheNightstalker80
    TheNightstalker80 7 years ago

    Hi, why are your videos not avaliable in Austria! I like your Reviews but most of your videos say they are not avaliable in my country! Can you check this, what the hell is youtube doin' there... :( I

  • bonesawmcl
    bonesawmcl 7 years ago

    What is it with you guys? Why is almost every interesting video marked as "not available in your country"? I'm from germany but I cannot watch the vids (e.g. the one about the EP Pitts, or the one about the combat flight tip). That sucks. Can you please make them available?

    M HARTMANN 7 years ago

    Hahahaha Josh at 1:26 - expectantly "its gonna be...?" "OOooooh-Tay!!" 1:26

    M HARTMANN 7 years ago

    "Ooooohh-tay...." - that was awesome!! FliteTest is superb - Duh! WINNING!!

  • Mack Daddy
    Mack Daddy 7 years ago

    Great tip and information, you've made R/C life that much easier for me..

  • Gig540
    Gig540 7 years ago

    Hey thank you for checking out my channel and Subscribing. You have a great channel here and look forward to many more reviews. Keep up the great work and time. Gig540

  • HomeBrewed42
    HomeBrewed42 7 years ago

    That Joshua Scott guy is a real pain to listen to! Please get rid of him!

  • javier drisdale
    javier drisdale 7 years ago

    that camera takes?

  • Barno & Tibbers
    Barno & Tibbers 7 years ago

    I would also love an episode about control hinges, linkages and servo horns, since it is a very important part of RC flying, and I never know what to order from HK.

  • Ali Gokay
    Ali Gokay 7 years ago

    I like Joshua Scott's sunglasses. I am looking for a nice pair for RC flying. Could you please give us brand and model info. Thanks.

  • Barno & Tibbers
    Barno & Tibbers 7 years ago

    You guys should build a nutball and make a video about it, since it is one of the most popular, easy and fun to fly foamie on RCgroups!

  • Stephan Wienbarg
    Stephan Wienbarg 7 years ago

    Wow. Didn't know that. It's cool to have talented friends. I hope YT and GEMA settle soon. It's always about money... see you (on vimeo) Steph

  • FliteTest
    FliteTest 7 years ago

    We own all the music in the show. Michael Cameneti composes it for us.

  • Stephan Wienbarg
    Stephan Wienbarg 7 years ago

    Bummer! What Song do you use anyway? It's always the same music. Isn't it some generic royaltyfree piece? GEMA sucks completely Steph

  • FliteTest
    FliteTest 7 years ago

    The issue of blocked content in Germany has to do with GEMA: At the moment, there is some content that is blocked in certain countries even if the rights are secured with all rights holders. Thus, while TVclip has agreements with local German and global music labels as well as German artists, such labels and artists will only be able to monetize their content outside of Germany due to ongoing issues with GEMA, the German collecting society. TVclip is in communication with GEMA in hopes of making music content in Germany available in the near future.

  • ixer2006
    ixer2006 7 years ago

    i want to see ALL of your Videos in Germany... why do ban us?

  • TheMoritzHoffmann
    TheMoritzHoffmann 7 years ago

    have changed some setting or why cant i see your new videos in germany

  • Jan Peter Simonsen
    Jan Peter Simonsen 7 years ago

    Thank you very much for the alternative uploads of the two new episodes that are not available in germany!

  • Jan Peter Simonsen
    Jan Peter Simonsen 7 years ago

    Hey there, the two latest videos (Flite Test - Combat - FLITE TIP and Flite Test - EP Pitts - REVIEW) are not available in germany - what's up with that? Enjoying your videos (the ones I am allowed to see) :) JP

  • Matnunni
    Matnunni 7 years ago

    Why can't I watch this vid from Germany? Says that it's not allowed - any reason?

  • kpopRC
    kpopRC 7 years ago

    you guys are awesome! love the dslr audio fix! ha! zoon?

  • Sameer KM
    Sameer KM 7 years ago

    Wonderful videos, great info. Keep it up guys. Thanks a million.

  • MrTrollYourAss
    MrTrollYourAss 7 years ago

    how the hell do you guys have only 3k subscribers?

  • Shelvia Hall
    Shelvia Hall 7 years ago

    I love this video! Great job!

  • Jason Love
    Jason Love 7 years ago

    please Do a review on a mini super cub.

  • Jamie M
    Jamie M 7 years ago

    Any chance of you guys doing a review of the Gyro Cierva C30 Gyroplane EP Balsa ARF Thanks

  • SlowGuys Racing
    SlowGuys Racing 7 years ago

    i really like yalls channel! i really like some of the tips you guys bring out like the led afterburner on the edf jet! im gonna ad those to my f5 and f15!

  • rockyFLYR
    rockyFLYR 7 years ago

    thanks for the sub great vids

  • dogdirt
    dogdirt 7 years ago

    Wow this is great, The owner sounds down to earth. Here is my question. Why in December, I placed 2 orders/ 1 from Hong Kong / 1 from USA / ordered within 24 hrs. of each other / they show up at the same time 2 weeks later. If you want to beat the LHS at the game / you must ship in country items faster/ thanks for listing to my beef! KC

  • Tom Kitt
    Tom Kitt 7 years ago

    Awesome videos! Looking forward to the Part 2 of the HK interview! If you could contact me with the name of the editing software you use that'd be great. I do some ameture editing with WMM and am looking to expand. --Tom

  • eastcoast78
    eastcoast78 7 years ago

    hey so when you airing the Show with the Pres/CEO of HK? When oyu said you were before LA/or while in LA..I was like "Sweeeeeeeeet"

  • DJ Bryant
    DJ Bryant 7 years ago

    cool i just noticed that we joined youtube on the same day. awesome

  • Fra42below
    Fra42below 7 years ago

    hey no gas please. its absolutely not interesting to watch something I will never buy.

  • DatGuy
    DatGuy 7 years ago

    start flying some gas guys please :P its just a lil more interesting to me to watch a show about stuff i cant afford

  • Dareeude
    Dareeude 7 years ago

    I would absolutely love if you made a review on the HK-450TT PRO, as i think that is what most newbies to 3D start out with :)

  • Jonathan .N
    Jonathan .N 7 years ago

    very nice i subbed would be nice if you subbed back :)

  • Saad Ahmed
    Saad Ahmed 8 years ago

    Good Channel...

  • Adam Tjanavaras
    Adam Tjanavaras 8 years ago

    How about more video on the DX8 and what it can do.

  • Pinguin6218
    Pinguin6218 8 years ago

    You guys are amazing. Sometimes you can be funny. I really enjoy you video. Keep up the good work

  • Dan Maucieri
    Dan Maucieri 8 years ago

    JS, timing is everything. You've got it, just like Letterman. JB has the knowledge but you keep us coming back.

  • Seedo
    Seedo 8 years ago

    Great channel guys, pro materials as well nice videoing, i think u will be 1 of the most famous in the RC community, thank you for the efforts. i subscribed =)

  • Tommy Federov
    Tommy Federov 8 years ago

    You guys are totally wicked. Josh + Josh = Wickedness.

  • roflmcwaffleRC
    roflmcwaffleRC 8 years ago

    incredible videos!! most professional RC videos on youtube, im just starting to get my RC plane channel up, check it out subbed for sure, thanks!!

  • Dan Maucieri
    Dan Maucieri 8 years ago

    Joshs, the crash videos aren't running all the way through. Besides that, because you can only see 3 or 4 in the seen nobody sees the other videos. Can you post them by add date? I know we can shuffle them, but if they display by add date we can see more of them.

  • Blaze1024
    Blaze1024 8 years ago

    Nice flying, 30 years ago modelers could only dream of doing something like this. Better enjoy it while you can. If the FAA and the DHS get their way it wont last long. Unfortunately in this day and age of extreme terrorism paranoia this activity (FPV) could very well be the final nail in the coffin for the model rc aircraft hobby. The level of restrictions the FAA is proposing is absolutely brutal.

  • Martin Gorenc
    Martin Gorenc 8 years ago

    Eh, big props don't give you a lot of power. They give you a lot of thrust, and high pitch props give you higher speed, at a certain power imput. The power sistem usually gives us a power limit, and we can choose in what of way we are going to utilise that power. It is kind of like changing gears in a car. The 1st gear is a high dia low pitch prop, like a 9x3- you have a slow speed and you can pull a lot of weight, and when you change gear you trade in that torque for speed, (like using a 6x6 prop), but both require about the same amount of power which is limited by the engine, not the gears...

  • Fra42below
    Fra42below 8 years ago

    keep the videos coming. 1 video/week is not enough!

  • Dan Maucieri
    Dan Maucieri 8 years ago

    Nice work guys. Plan to purchase the watt meter based on your review.

  • Don Reed
    Don Reed 8 years ago

    Hi, hope you will visit our page soon!

  • R. Scott Page
    R. Scott Page 8 years ago

    One thing that I wish you'd covered in your prop video is when to choose 3 or 4 blade props. Love the shows, even my wife will watch them.

  • mosfet51
    mosfet51 8 years ago

    I hope Trappy goes to jail

  • cyberflyer
    cyberflyer 8 years ago

    Awesome job you guys are doing! Great videos and great camera and editing work! Like the music too! Would suggest adding some "up-beat" type music for a change in your FPV videos.

  • anderman72
    anderman72 8 years ago

    Love your stuff!!

  • JungleKing007
    JungleKing007 8 years ago

    I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on the electronics aspect of electric RC flying. For example: motor, ESC, Battery combinations; What will go together, what won't(depending on the type of plane of course). The math involved and an explanation of the how to figure out the proper setup to fly. I've been trying to figure this out on my own but has not been as successful. It would be nice to know and be able to explain to others rather than say I copying what this guy on this forum did. Thanks! Awesome show, Keep up the good work. So far this show has helped me with learning more about RC than others.

  • Darren Lyness
    Darren Lyness 8 years ago

    Always a treat to come home to a new Flitetest video :D keep up the great work

  • Boot2yourHead
    Boot2yourHead 8 years ago

    hey guys how about you do a show on how to achieve proper center of gravity. It would help us newbie's" aka josh" learn how to recognize the different effects in flight. You could show how to use a balancer for the different plan types like sport, 3d, slow flyers and gliders. the only reason I ask is that I build most of my planes from scratch out of epp and balsa and find it tuff to get it just right. thanks for all your videos and tips. Boot2yourhead. Boot2yourhead.

  • Dustin Ellis
    Dustin Ellis 8 years ago

    I am just getting started in the R/C plane world and I love to watch your videos. Could you guys do an episode the demonstrates the different maneuvers and their names. IE, this is a roll, this is a hammer roll, this is a barrel roll? Know what I am saying. Thanks for the great work!!

  • liambowers666
    liambowers666 8 years ago

    Hey guys, great videos,. Each one has me laughing out loud every time. Just wondering how you get your footage so clear and crisp? Obviously most of it is camera work, but what file format do you save the video in after production to upload it in to keep the best quality? Keep it up!

  • MrTrollYourAss
    MrTrollYourAss 8 years ago

    Please PLEASE PLEASE make a tutorial on how you put your FPV up on the Twinstar 2, please i want to do that so bad it seems so complicated

  • flyby8906
    flyby8906 8 years ago

    I look forward to viewing your review videos, they are full of information with some fun. I wouldn't change a thing great job guys!!!

  • Tony Allison
    Tony Allison 8 years ago

    Great videos guys!! Keep up the good work...

  • mayasternberg
    mayasternberg 8 years ago

    i had a blue angle crashed it and never fluw again

  • Matt Gunn
    Matt Gunn 8 years ago

    great videos. Whats the primary camera you are shooting with? Matt

  • MrKrilars1
    MrKrilars1 8 years ago

    Great show! Keep up the good work :)

  • rctestflight
    rctestflight 8 years ago

    who ever edits your vids is really good!!

  • StupidSkits
    StupidSkits 8 years ago

    super great channel, would love to see your FPV and HD camera setup!

  • brotherblonde
    brotherblonde 8 years ago

    Gday from Australia, thanks for the sub. I hope you enjoy my vids as I enjoy yours.

  • TheRocknT
    TheRocknT 8 years ago

    I would like to see your setup maybe an episode on it ??? You are getting killer footage !! Thanks for sharing the Video's

  • saxpg
    saxpg 8 years ago

    I found your channel through HobbyKing. Just keep them coming , you are great! Regards from Montenegro!

  • Zagrebfico
    Zagrebfico 8 years ago

    What Radio Tranmitter are you using for fpv

  • Martin Pedersen
    Martin Pedersen 8 years ago

    Whats the best girlplane? :-) Girlfriend wants a glider, but is that a good idea?

  • YS
    YS 8 years ago

    good guy!

  • Andrew Grove
    Andrew Grove 8 years ago

    hey Josh and Josh, Great vids, especially your reviews. Have had a look at the Taylorcraft 450 but will go with the Hangar 9 SU-26mm. Thanks for everything. Andrew from Australia

  • fancarolina
    fancarolina 8 years ago

    Wonderful video editing and production guys. I see you said you use the Canon 5D MKII, great depth of field and focusing during the inside shots. Couple of questions about your equipment and editing techniques. A) I saw an MacBook Pro in one shot, are you using Final Cut Pro for video editing? B) Are you achieving the beautiful focus and clarity on the aerial shots by using the GoPro HD's 720p 60fps mode?

  • Guilherme Magalhães

    It's great to see some pro's creating videos. FANTASTIC editing, shooting and lighting. GREAT WORK!!! :)

  • Adam Tjanavaras
    Adam Tjanavaras 8 years ago

    Great videos how about some plyon racing events that will be cool.

  • Troy Losse
    Troy Losse 8 years ago

    Great stuff guys. Nice videos. Great production.

  • TheRocknT
    TheRocknT 8 years ago

    I stumbled upon your Chanel and I must say I like it for one reason I have been flying RC since 1979 and I like how you guy's present a fresh look at RC . Keep up the good work you guy's have a talented Crew .

  • Scott Lencl
    Scott Lencl 8 years ago

    Great videos, I am interested. Very professional and good content.

  • Scott Rowe
    Scott Rowe 8 years ago

    HOw long have you guys been doing this. From the looks of your website and the number of videos you just got started and you already have a sponsor .....that is awesome guys !!!! How did that all come about.? I love the videos that you do and look forward to more ..... very good quality, funny and informative, what more could you ask for!!!!

  • Dinuka Senadeera
    Dinuka Senadeera 8 years ago

    You dudes are just amazing !!

  • Darren Lyness
    Darren Lyness 8 years ago

    All I really wanna know is who cuts your grass O.o looks like you have HEAPS of it. Great for landing planes on tho :D

  • Colin G
    Colin G 8 years ago

    I approve of this channel. And we all know how much that means.

  • TinkerManRC
    TinkerManRC 8 years ago

    Ok Will do thanks for the Info ..

  • RWJets
    RWJets 8 years ago

    hey guys, really really great channel! Your Video test clips are very interesting and also funny xD great YT site.go on with it! d(-_-)b

  • nishbrown
    nishbrown 8 years ago

    Congrats on having more subs than me! lol

  • Adam Tjanavaras
    Adam Tjanavaras 8 years ago

    Hi graet videos, How did you get sponsorship off hobby king thanks.

  • Tony Mcdill
    Tony Mcdill 8 years ago

    Awesome video 281st subscriber right here !!!!!

  • Roberto Padilla
    Roberto Padilla 8 years ago

    well produced rc web show and great videos...informative and entertaining!

  • tomtom4867
    tomtom4867 8 years ago

    really good vids guys! your gonna be very popular in no time according to how long you've been on youtube and the figures. keep up the good work!

  • CWorksDesign
    CWorksDesign 8 years ago

    Your vidoes are funny as hell yet informative. Keep them coming!!! The video editing and showing a rcgroups page slanted with no background is genuis, love how u show what people write str8 from rcgroups. Very cool. HD looks really good!!!

  • bassax7045
    bassax7045 8 years ago

    nice channel chad ,,great uploads you share onn here ,and great info on reviews

  • georgesjunglerc
    georgesjunglerc 8 years ago

    Hi there and thanks for subscribing to my channel. You have a great channel here yourself! I just subscribed. Keep up the fantastic work and continued success. Have a great day and happy flying friend!

  • TinkerManRC
    TinkerManRC 8 years ago

    Hi Chad Thanks for Subscribing.

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    tomstanton28 8 years ago

    Thanks for subscribing me! Great videos!

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    Flyboy258 8 years ago

    Great videos

  • Ankur Kaul
    Ankur Kaul 8 years ago

    Your names "Josh" literally mean Power in my language (Hindi) and your videos certainly do have a lot of power..lol

  • RC Airliners
    RC Airliners 8 years ago

    Wow, really cool and professional videos! Nice channel also

  • Shelvia Hall
    Shelvia Hall 8 years ago

    Wow! How informative and entertaining.......love the humor. The way Josh flies that plane is amazing. Great job guys.

  • FliteTest
    FliteTest 8 years ago

    Yes!!! We will be doing a segment on FPV. Many segments. Right now my favorite platform is the Multiplex Twinstar II with the GoPro HD. I'm trying to make all the final tweaks... I'll build another from scratch. This will give me the chance to try and perfect it. Then we can use the build log to feature it on the show. Thanks for commenting, Chad

  • Zagrebfico
    Zagrebfico 8 years ago

    You should do a review of the best Fpv plane and equipmant ( i like the GoPro HD ) i have a lot questions about it (when is the next video coming) cant wait

  • vizak20
    vizak20 8 years ago

    Good to see professional filming with a 5D- great quality and lack of depth of field. Agree you should be more critical in tests. How about imparting just one piece of knowledge to Josh per show? Eventually he could get it all together to take a first flight. BTW you guys should try the new Blaze hotliner from ST Models. The performance and engineering will blow your mind- for very little money. This hobby is about cheap holistic thrills!

  • FliteTest
    FliteTest 8 years ago

    @Betts456 we shoot on the Canon 5D MKII. It's really great camera! Some of the aerials are shot with a small Sony 3MOS HD camera.

  • Modern Renaissance Man

    what kind of camera are you using to film your reviews?

  • Basement RC
    Basement RC 8 years ago

    Great stuff!

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