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MULAN Trailer 2 (2020)
Views 22K3 days ago
TOGO Trailer (2019)
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ONWARD Trailer 3 (2020)
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BOMBSHELL Trailer (2019)
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HUNTERS Trailer (2020)
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CATS Trailer 2 (2019)
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SOUL Trailer (2020)
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  • En Ming Hee
    En Ming Hee 16 seconds ago

    Two seemingly white women turn out to have part Native blood, and they end up saving the world and one becomes Queen...this movie is like a 100 minute campaign ad for Elizabeth Warren.

  • Sponge Boimemes
    Sponge Boimemes 4 minutes ago

    It Ralph breaks the internet lll

  • Bryon Lape
    Bryon Lape 8 minutes ago

    How does this fit into the DCEU or has Warner given up on that idea?

  • Daily Sushi シ
    Daily Sushi シ 12 minutes ago


  • stanley13579
    stanley13579 12 minutes ago

    Yeah the music is nice and all, but... what's the movie about?

  • Waseem Waseem
    Waseem Waseem 15 minutes ago


  • Milkyway2099
    Milkyway2099 19 minutes ago

    Dat thumbnail SOOO cute tho

  • Kaito 1412
    Kaito 1412 22 minutes ago

    So can anybody tell me why they jumped to the 80ies? What happened during WW II? And why is Chris Pine back, except the reason that he's adorable?

  • Cassius Powell
    Cassius Powell 23 minutes ago

    It looks great for the first trailer. WB knows how to do trailers

  • Sex Gacha
    Sex Gacha 24 minutes ago

    CLICK ON ME ;)

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow 31 minute ago

    StarCourt Mall??

  • rnbrip1
    rnbrip1 34 minutes ago

    If this battle took place in real life I would have loved to of been apart of it. I most certainly would have died but still would have loved to have been apart of it.

  • Fun G
    Fun G 34 minutes ago

    Why the cow mocking duke. Cow is such a bully

  • Marvin González
    Marvin González 37 minutes ago

    You and what represent of soting música what Scholl yes they don t

  • Daniel Angelo Peregrina
    Daniel Angelo Peregrina 39 minutes ago

    Ok what is it again Looks Commet 42 Me:now is 43 3.3k Me:ok maybe im early

  • DogoPlays
    DogoPlays 39 minutes ago

    Thanos: I fear no man but iron man, it scares me.

  • New Start
    New Start 42 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who is not impressed?. Then again I thought the first Wonder Woman was trash

    • New Start
      New Start 27 minutes ago

      @Jack Sparrow 😂😂

    • Jack Sparrow
      Jack Sparrow 30 minutes ago

      New Start You uncultured swine!

  • pav g
    pav g 44 minutes ago

    Everyone who think that Gal Gadot is beautiful and makes a great Wonder Woman? ⬇ ⬇ ⬇

  • Bashar Adamah
    Bashar Adamah 45 minutes ago

    This channel earn one million Dollar from my TVclip Company and I appreciated for this channel because it have everything new. Thank You

  • Lively Bubbs
    Lively Bubbs 46 minutes ago

    Spies in de skies

  • FharAwayTV
    FharAwayTV 47 minutes ago

    I lost my dad nine years ago and I'm so stoked to watch this.

  • Decteraa_ Draws
    Decteraa_ Draws 49 minutes ago

    I just realised...E-BOY?! Dantdm's an e-boy😂😂

  • Niyat Tekle
    Niyat Tekle 50 minutes ago

    6:35 That Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6!

  • Luigi number 1
    Luigi number 1 52 minutes ago

    Toy story 4 is scary. I don't like this movie

  • Annin E. Dal
    Annin E. Dal 55 minutes ago

    Kristen 😍😂

  • Chiorean Bogdan
    Chiorean Bogdan 55 minutes ago


  • meMint
    meMint Hour ago

    Warner bros: How do we make it look like it's in the 80s? Netflix: We just used a mall. _it's a simple spell, but quite unbreakable_

  • Saad Ezzaid
    Saad Ezzaid Hour ago

    So the bitch can't fly this is a mess

  • Lego Michael 13
    Lego Michael 13 Hour ago

    Cheetah will still be in the movie right

    • Jesse Mick
      Jesse Mick 57 minutes ago

      Lego Michael 13 she’s there but like.... idk I’m confused. Maxwell Lord is in this and I kind of thought the plot was gunna be a bit different. Guess we’ll see.

  • Random Volgs
    Random Volgs Hour ago

    The costume looks a little too fake

  • massi krilifa
    massi krilifa Hour ago


  • massi krilifa
    massi krilifa Hour ago

    Hé well je ousom

  • nwafor anthony
    nwafor anthony Hour ago

    This movie trailer is one of the best for a 2020 movie

  • Katrina kaif
    Katrina kaif Hour ago

    Wonderful weekend and I love it thanks again 💝💝👏👏👏👏👍 give me some more than the intended recipient please notify the teaser trailer is beautiful moments and scripted well enjoy the rest teaser

  • Ste Roe
    Ste Roe Hour ago

    This looks awful

  • Edu D
    Edu D Hour ago

    I'm a little disappointed, it got interesting towards the end and the music was good but some scenes are too dark I can't even see what's going on

  • Desirée 7528
    Desirée 7528 Hour ago


  • Steph itshomie
    Steph itshomie Hour ago

    I was on ph and this came out so i clicked immediately thank you for saving my babies

  • Jesse Mick
    Jesse Mick Hour ago

    But cheetah 😩. We barely got to see her fighting 👏🏽

  • Mohit Sah
    Mohit Sah Hour ago

    Looking Better than cap. Marvel

  • N H
    N H Hour ago

    So much vivid color, it's like the director is saying screw you Snyder!

  • A Unique Disposition

    Elizabeth Banks (Charlie's Angels) is pissed.😠 😂😆😂

  • Karinne Vasconcelos

    Uau top

  • Camendy Oris
    Camendy Oris Hour ago

    The 80s dude😂😍

  • Sánchez Family
    Sánchez Family Hour ago

    Cool movie

  • Mae ellis
    Mae ellis Hour ago


  • Jenique
    Jenique Hour ago


  • djalile mammou
    djalile mammou Hour ago

    Thanks for everything

  • Darren Arcenal
    Darren Arcenal Hour ago

    2019: I am Diana 1984: I am Diana but better

  • Levi Gifford
    Levi Gifford Hour ago

    Is that the mall from Stranger Things?

  • EnderCreeper64
    EnderCreeper64 Hour ago

    0:13 me after I just finished all my homework but then my dad walks in and tells me I have another missing assignment

  • Mark Guerrero
    Mark Guerrero Hour ago

    It's a good trailer, not a great trailer, really just shows some action, not really any plot. Still looks better than Captain Marvel

  • Gabriel Garza
    Gabriel Garza Hour ago

    I like you

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    Check out the first trailer for WONDER WOMAN 1984 and don't forget to share the hype with your friends!

  • Medal Mold
    Medal Mold Hour ago

    Been waiting all day ! Finally

  • Adam Manson
    Adam Manson Hour ago

    1st comment

  • MR The VeggieTales Fan EST 2005!

    My Tweenhood is back!

  • E' Empire
    E' Empire Hour ago

    finally u dropped it

  • CryptoThunder07
    CryptoThunder07 Hour ago


  • Rachel Blokhuis
    Rachel Blokhuis Hour ago


  • Nate Brewer
    Nate Brewer Hour ago


  • Dlorah Dongobir
    Dlorah Dongobir Hour ago


  • Kringe_Kat
    Kringe_Kat Hour ago


  • Matt Rodriguez
    Matt Rodriguez Hour ago

    Even without Mushu, Cricket, songs, etc. This remake still doesn't loon that good It looks as if there are actual ancestors there to protect Mulan, which defeats the purpose of Mulan being able to fend for herself, I preferred the original where nobody knew of her secret rather than the villain knowing that Mulan is disguised as a man, and I'm still a little salty that Shang is replaced by someone else Also, if it's practically taboo for a woman to be sent into war in China (or at least in Mulan), then why does Bori Khan even have a female to accompany her in war?

  • Игорь Игорев

    Такой сука бред!!!

  • juan jose botero

    There is nothing that , that actor hasnt done

  • Ashanty Cabrera
    Ashanty Cabrera Hour ago

    Let this Mark a historic moment in history, the day that people producing a movie on something that has a huge fan base actually listened and got great results

  • alejandro barahona

    0:45 i'm the only one who thinks they reacted like that because they're aware of the rule 34 and feared she was one of those weirdos?

  • Camila Borja
    Camila Borja Hour ago


  • Kailea Gray
    Kailea Gray Hour ago

    I get an ad for this movie before I watch the clip.

  • Josiah Wiidener
    Josiah Wiidener Hour ago

    LuV It!

  • Therese Parrow
    Therese Parrow Hour ago


  • Grace Space poke nerd

    Did you know that turtles can breath out of their butts?

    ARFIANTO WAHYUDI 2 hours ago


  • Pk&Bg
    Pk&Bg 2 hours ago


  • Leandro Rambin
    Leandro Rambin 2 hours ago

    Loira gostosa , ..😍😍

  • Rebekah Mcfatridge
    Rebekah Mcfatridge 2 hours ago

    Don't spend your money there's not enough cultural diversity in this movie I think author should have been played by a man of color with one eye and autism who is transitioning into a female then everyone should have given half of their salary to Yemen because they need more Qurans and sandles (cant fight the Infidel or kill dogs with no sandals on your feet) and I am so offended women actually speak in this movie...shame shame shame..... when are you people going to learn to just roll over and push up daisies and hand your property and bank accounts to us Muslims... you filthy animals oh excuse me you filthy infidels... now you better hurry along and do this before I call you a racist and report you....

  • OG 5
    OG 5 3 hours ago

    The old one ugly as crud

  • M_starlia_M
    M_starlia_M 3 hours ago

    I love maleficent❤️she is a cween❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️

  • piplup and penguins
    piplup and penguins 3 hours ago

    Hot or not, cold

  • Dat Polish
    Dat Polish 3 hours ago


  • Tim Mapstone
    Tim Mapstone 3 hours ago

    Put the lady down and rip them.

  • Ashley Castillo
    Ashley Castillo 3 hours ago


  • TheAndreagon29
    TheAndreagon29 4 hours ago

    I didn’t watch this movie on theaters, but I watched it Disney plus. When Steve said “avengers assemble” and the whole team goes to attack, I was so happy and I was like ‘get that motherfucker! Kill that motherfucker!’

  • 뮹가나다라
    뮹가나다라 4 hours ago

    10:14 10:26 헐 안나다 10:32~ 헉 엘사다 11:29 헉 크리스토프다

  • kakaiya
    kakaiya 4 hours ago

    This scene is just the entirety of Disney showing off their breathtaking CGI

  • B Jor
    B Jor 4 hours ago

    Im here again and this still makes me emotional...the wasp still swinging those hips bringing a little bit of swag, very sexy but lady like...power to all strong women...💝💕💞💟💗💖

  • Caix Cinco
    Caix Cinco 4 hours ago

    0:59 *its jesus*

  • Edd Hanks
    Edd Hanks 4 hours ago

    Someone should make the blood red since it’s already green someone can make it red in some visual effects thing

  • Mirha Mumtaz
    Mirha Mumtaz 4 hours ago

    I am very excited to see frozen 2

  • Princess Legarreta
    Princess Legarreta 4 hours ago

    Actually this movie look really good. Why trailers don't show the good stuff?

  • Christopher Pullen
    Christopher Pullen 4 hours ago

    If this King Kong was Godzilla’s size he would tear him a new arse hole

  • lina fosho
    lina fosho 4 hours ago

    Maleficent needs a puppy pet that won't betray her and. She should go shopping and have brunch with the crowman and her tribe

  • Grimm Ashley
    Grimm Ashley 5 hours ago

    It is so sad that the movie Alita didn't get its recognition. It's an amazing and powerful movie and all of its fight scenes are choreographed brilliantly.

  • the boi8266
    the boi8266 5 hours ago

    wow the cgi is ass

  • Q-LIN
    Q-LIN 5 hours ago

    I am watching this again, this is sad and I’m about to cry ):

  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    It's Vastatosaurus rex not Tyrannosaurus rex, a descended T-Rex (not real dinosaur)

  • WunderChancellor
    WunderChancellor 5 hours ago

    By Grabthor's hammer, I shall avenge thee

  • Xavier Gutierrez
    Xavier Gutierrez 5 hours ago

    I didn't even notice it was DanTDM when I watched it the first time 😂