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Contextual Advertising
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  • VincentDir
    VincentDir 2 hours ago

    I wanna take a peek into that wonderful mind of yours. LOL.

  • CB Super
    CB Super 2 hours ago

    What?! No Deadpool cameo?

  • Chris L
    Chris L 2 hours ago

    "Ryan, we need you to make 3 min ad so Chris L. can make a comment on the TVclip video that jokes about you making an ad so he can make a comment on your new TVclip video about the comment in your last TVclip ad while making an ad in an ad about your Aviation gin in a TVclip video." Ryan: "No."

  • SilverStripe82
    SilverStripe82 2 hours ago

    Just take my money lol

  • goobobble1
    goobobble1 3 hours ago

    What i want to know.did ryan jump off that building with that woman in that mans perfume ad and do a superhuman landing?did the woman survive?does that mens perfume give you superhuman powers?

  • Jo Charles - My Tai Chi


  • UK Citizen
    UK Citizen 3 hours ago

    He's too funny!

  • Kyle Simpson
    Kyle Simpson 3 hours ago

    You can't advertise 4 things at the same time in just 43 seconds. Ryan Reynolds- "They called me a madman"

  • Nazar Gudzuman
    Nazar Gudzuman 3 hours ago

    I hope TVclip won't copy him and make ads inside ads.

  • KUEHNē
    KUEHNē 3 hours ago

    Producer: what is this ad for? Ryan Reynolds: *yes!*

  • Torelethain
    Torelethain 3 hours ago

    Ryan, I love ya man, but you're causing my brain to hurt, we aren't supposed to like ads.

  • Moksha Agarwal
    Moksha Agarwal 3 hours ago

    "You bought an ad for your gin within an ad for your movie within your ad for samsung tv" "It seemed the right thing to do"

  • Brian Joel Basualdo
    Brian Joel Basualdo 3 hours ago

    When the SAMSUNG words appeared on the screen I thought my phone had ran out of battery and shut down.

  • orc13a
    orc13a 3 hours ago

    Best ad, ever.

  • alina ward
    alina ward 3 hours ago

    Is this a Netflix ad?

  • jet_black_ninja
    jet_black_ninja 3 hours ago

    what in adception is this

  • Neny Kitty
    Neny Kitty 3 hours ago

    0:31 you can't say no to that face.

  • Jack Fox
    Jack Fox 3 hours ago

    0:31 I feel he can get away with anything with that puppy face

  • Laurent
    Laurent 3 hours ago

    So if you have "actor" on business cards, take it off. "Ryan Reynolds - Meta Marketer" is more fitting.

  • Alena16 20
    Alena16 20 3 hours ago

    Are you a hammer because you just nailed it

  • Yummcore Damian Nunes

    Son of a b**** almost got me with that one 😂😂 don't you want your mouth to be happy

  • KeenCrafting
    KeenCrafting 3 hours ago

    Fourth wall break INSIDE a fourth wall break. This guy!

  • Kenshigo
    Kenshigo 3 hours ago

    I normally can´t afford it, but this Christmas, i´m gonna treat myself with an Aviation Gin!

  • Trøjan
    Trøjan 3 hours ago


  • Paul Brady
    Paul Brady 3 hours ago

    Not only is aviation gin the best but I’ve just gone and purchased a Samsung 75” tv wonder what to watch first any ideas ?

  • rahul joshi
    rahul joshi 3 hours ago

    Money well spent

  • Karna Panjari
    Karna Panjari 3 hours ago

    Deadpool-costume =ryan Ryan +Costume= deadpool

  • Mohamed Naufal
    Mohamed Naufal 3 hours ago

    Okay, probably the first time I watched an advertisement... WILLINGLY! "Do you want your mouth to like you?" This guy is pure gold!

  • Pineapple Tv
    Pineapple Tv 3 hours ago

    Ok Ryan, how much money did you make off of this?

  • Dav Crowned
    Dav Crowned 3 hours ago

    Dude start your own advertising corporation

  • what ?
    what ? 3 hours ago

    This is great!

  • Kei Ziah Knight1886
    Kei Ziah Knight1886 3 hours ago

    I don't care if it'a an ad if it'a Ryan Reynolds I'm watching it

  • Nameless Person
    Nameless Person 3 hours ago

    omg, an ad within an ad within ad.. 3 ads 1 video.. im high right now..

  • JoRoWi83
    JoRoWi83 3 hours ago

    Did he... just make us watch three different ads at once and not a single person is upset about it? Ryan Reynolds. Renaissance Man

  • The SlugPug
    The SlugPug 3 hours ago

    It's not that ryan is cool bcuz of Deadpool, it's Deadpool is cool bcuz of ryan

  • J Lampies
    J Lampies 3 hours ago

    Love it ❤

  • The SlugPug
    The SlugPug 3 hours ago

    I'm gonna tell my kids this is how ads used to be in my days.

  • Mecks089
    Mecks089 3 hours ago

    Jesus Christ her glasses are huge, her poor face...

  • Sentauri
    Sentauri 3 hours ago

    Lets take a moment to recognize we don't deserve Ryan Reynolds. This planet is full of air heads, corrupt leaders, incompetent or oppressive police forces, and just all round horrible people at every level, but this man still manages to bring joy to the world THROUGH EVEN HIS ADVERTISEMENTS! May he live the best life possible!

  • حشحش تون
    حشحش تون 3 hours ago

    Why does deadpool wear no mask?

  • Sajan Mistry
    Sajan Mistry 3 hours ago

    I don't know how, but this was pretty funny

    SUN DAY 3 hours ago

    how many ads can my ads break? how many walls... spiderman has to have or will learn a thing or two from deadpool, prob. bad habits to break? good? bad? ad. - vice, flash backs?

  • N H
    N H 3 hours ago

    3 ad in 1 video. Genius.

  • RishRYK & Republic Of Sellers

    Smart mofkn Ayyess!!

  • Super Saiyan
    Super Saiyan 3 hours ago

    He should have said "Write that down".

  • Roshiq K
    Roshiq K 3 hours ago

    He is awesome. I want to meet him

  • eyja fjalajokull
    eyja fjalajokull 3 hours ago

    Ah yes, modern entertainment.

  • jdng86
    jdng86 3 hours ago

    That's like, 16 ads.

  • lo zenz
    lo zenz 3 hours ago

    nice one lol

  • Angelicavmc
    Angelicavmc 3 hours ago

    Fucking genius

  • ThePokemonCelebi
    ThePokemonCelebi 3 hours ago

    Realy that guy keep me laughten!!!!!! XDD

  • UnwaveringBackBone
    UnwaveringBackBone 3 hours ago

    Aviation Gin will make you Aviation thin but without all that cabin pressure, dry air and seatbelt hold-down

  • Yeet Mcgee
    Yeet Mcgee 3 hours ago

    Aviation Gin

  • Shane Willis
    Shane Willis 3 hours ago

    Ryan "Deadpool" Renyolds. Only the Mec with a Mouth could do this. There is no line between the two

  • Aharan R
    Aharan R 3 hours ago

    I don't get it

  • rat fink
    rat fink 3 hours ago

    Deadpool does an excellent imitation of Ryan Reynolds.

  • Ward Smyth
    Ward Smyth 3 hours ago

    Ryan Reynolds, the master of "Ad-ception" (name pending).

  • Shaldon chetty
    Shaldon chetty 3 hours ago

    This what they call "Adception"...gotta love Ryan

  • MIller
    MIller 3 hours ago

    Ryan I’m just gonna give you my opinion of the polling, this one isn’t working as well it’s still funny but just not as much

  • ThΞKnight
    ThΞKnight 3 hours ago

    TVclip: write that down write it down!!! The future: midroll ads have midroll ads within them.

  • Jun hee Bae
    Jun hee Bae 3 hours ago

    Next thing you'll know Ryan Reynold's going to upload a synchronized Deadpool 1,2, and 2 more of his favorite movie in a 4 split-screen video

  • Trojan D
    Trojan D 3 hours ago

    He has to put bottles of aviation gin or someone pour it and drink . Just like big obvious Easter egg. Lol He GOTs to do it for all the children in the world

  • resurgam75
    resurgam75 3 hours ago

    I think my brain just melted

  • Alexis Sanchez
    Alexis Sanchez 3 hours ago

    Woah and it was an ad for Netflix this whole time

  • MercedesBT
    MercedesBT 3 hours ago

    Ryan is the only person who will post a commercial and I will willingly watch it

  • PrincessSakura9
    PrincessSakura9 3 hours ago

    3 ads in a 42sec ad. Only Ryan Reynolds everybody.

  • UnknownXxTHEOxX
    UnknownXxTHEOxX 3 hours ago

    This man bought an ad on his ad that was advertising a tv on an ad for a series *Shit, did I leave the stove open?*

  • Tariq Habib
    Tariq Habib 3 hours ago

    BURHHH NO ONE said ADCEPTION !!! Really ?!!

    ANDREW PARIAT 3 hours ago

    Breaking the 4th wall again deadpool

  • Nico Slade
    Nico Slade 3 hours ago

    *This guy is a commercial*

  • Ralph
    Ralph 3 hours ago

    Nailed it

  • Martin Hewlett
    Martin Hewlett 3 hours ago

    You Sir, are a genius. I doff my hat in your direction

  • Jitana Martinez
    Jitana Martinez 3 hours ago

    *Aviation Gin,* *_MMM MMM MMM_*

  • Don't subscriber
    Don't subscriber 3 hours ago

    This is like an Adception

  • Shailesh Dagar
    Shailesh Dagar 3 hours ago

    I miss Gordon, where is that smudge-kisser?

  • Brian Learns Stuff!
    Brian Learns Stuff! 3 hours ago

    Whatever happened to the other guy, the girl, and the pizza place?

  • Up'D
    Up'D 3 hours ago

    3 ads in one video. Even TVclip hasn't reached that level

  • Keith Clark
    Keith Clark 3 hours ago

    “Don’t you want your mouth to like you?” Ryan Reynolds 2019, you slay me sir...

  • ForestofTooMuchFood
    ForestofTooMuchFood 4 hours ago

    When is Deadpool 5?

  • Mc Muffin
    Mc Muffin 4 hours ago

    Ryan 'The Fourth Wall Breaker' Reynolds

  • ThinkForward
    ThinkForward 4 hours ago

    Now that's ladies and gentlemen is how you advertise a product without making the viewer die slowly from boredom

  • ck s
    ck s 4 hours ago

    I was so angry and wanted to punch someone to death, and now I am not even mad, just very confused

  • Gargi Thakur
    Gargi Thakur 4 hours ago

    I feel like this advertisement should win the biggest award that is possible in advertisement

  • Jamie-Minecraft!
    Jamie-Minecraft! 4 hours ago


  • Zishan
    Zishan 4 hours ago

    Ad within an ad within an ad.. _Adception_

  • milanista181
    milanista181 4 hours ago

    I’m glad i watched this ad

  • Jeffrey Birman
    Jeffrey Birman 4 hours ago

    I get the whole "fourth wall" thing but WHAT sort of sorcery is this? I just now now I'm buying 2 bottles of Aviation gin. The first to be destroyed in record time while sitting in the parking lot waiting to fight everything when the doors open on Black Friday though I'm normally a Cyber Monday kind of guy. The second to be enjoyed with friends while we watch his new movie.

    • Jeffrey Birman
      Jeffrey Birman 4 hours ago

      Oops, meant "just now know", not "now now". Sorry to comment on my own comment but I didn't want to have an "edited" original comment in case someone hates something I said and wants to call me out on something I wrote. Like, even, this comment.

  • AG Gamer
    AG Gamer 4 hours ago

    (Obama wearing medal Obama meme intensifies*)

    JUSTICE BEAVER 4 hours ago

    I’m basically Ryan Reynolds minus the looks, fame & money

  • high fructose corn dust


  • Vincentsdeath
    Vincentsdeath 4 hours ago


  • bry bry
    bry bry 4 hours ago

    I love tou Ryan

  • Pururin
    Pururin 4 hours ago

    When we said we clicked to your ad not ad come to us.. We didn't mean *This* literally.. Aviation Pikapool Reynolds..

  • Chaos Lesbian
    Chaos Lesbian 4 hours ago

    This is three levels of capitalism and I freaking hate it

    BOBBII 4 hours ago

    Making an add as an add with an add flipped with an other add for an add

  • Nilesh Sharma
    Nilesh Sharma 4 hours ago

    This is ad inception ad within an ad within an ad

  • Navneet
    Navneet 4 hours ago


  • Illuminouxs
    Illuminouxs 4 hours ago

    The only ad's I'll watch on purpose

  • Daldi
    Daldi 4 hours ago

    I'm wondering what would happen if starred in a Star Wars film