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  • Quan Le
    Quan Le 39 minutes ago

    Love to see your video. What a beautiful bird :)

  • cleanview70
    cleanview70 42 minutes ago

    3:56 on ce calme, on ce calme...

  • cleanview70
    cleanview70 46 minutes ago

    8:02 that 737 was dicey. is it true they land at a faster speed than a A320.

  • Randy Hitchcock
    Randy Hitchcock Hour ago


  • Manuel Perez
    Manuel Perez Hour ago


  • David H Bingham
    David H Bingham 2 hours ago

    The 747-8 is one of the most powerful planes Boeing has produced, in acceptance trials before production began, tests with 1 million lbs of weight (Way OVER normal certificate weight limits) had no problems in taking off (Per a Boeing produced TVclip video.).

  • MN Sidewinder
    MN Sidewinder 2 hours ago

    What was the occasion for the water shower near the end? Captain's retirement flight?

  • Killmouras
    Killmouras 4 hours ago

    What is the register of that Wamos Air 747? The "plate number". I am a Wamos flight attendant and I can't see the number in my phone screen. EC-LMN? We don't have that aircraft as far as I know lol.

  • Alessio Silva
    Alessio Silva 5 hours ago

    If the Queen lands or takes off.... it's so BEAUTIFUL....THE ONLY ONE..... THE QUEEN OF THE SKIES!!!

  • Paris Plane Spotting

    awesome catches

  • aksel Bakari
    aksel Bakari 6 hours ago


  • Paul Torresi
    Paul Torresi 6 hours ago

    Love this video! Brilliant!

  • runway heading
    runway heading 9 hours ago

    That 747-8 is beautiful!

  • gabriel costa oficial


  • Vito Van Den Berghe
    Vito Van Den Berghe 9 hours ago

    21 seconds not 15

    I FLY TOO 10 hours ago

    Nothing like a fully loaded 747-200 to the limit , where it took 45-50 + seconds , depending on external parameters as well , eg. temp.... Scary...

    • I FLY TOO
      I FLY TOO 5 hours ago

      Good evening from Athens! My last ever take off, of my career, was from Jan Smuts in October 2000 to Athens...(because the A340's took over) The experience in Joburg , was weird....due to the altitude. Somewhere in the middle of the take off run , always the speed rise used to stagnate......(quite uncomfortable)...... So to answer to your comment , I have tried it times!..... The take off speeds (in knots) vary acc to specific parameters of the specific flight..... is a video of mine , landing in Joburg,....i don't have a take off one , because it was always critical , and no time for games..... Thank you for reading this

    • R Bousfield
      R Bousfield 5 hours ago

      Try a fully loaded one from Jan smuts airport in Johannesburg the runway is 5 miles long because of the altitude, takeoff speed is something around 210-230mph

  • Catboi 747
    Catboi 747 11 hours ago

    1:25 i remember this plane! It was thanksgiving and i was in Southern California and i was on flight radar24 and i saw this plane landing at LAX. I got to see IRL because where i was at the time was under the flight path for lax. It was very cool

  • MK Duke
    MK Duke 11 hours ago


  • peyoyo
    peyoyo 11 hours ago

    I once saw a C5 galaxy take off in 8 .7 seconds

  • Gacha Video Developer Company

    Wamos Air with KLM, Lufthansa, Corsairfly International, British Airways, Rossiya Airlines, are the operators of the Boeing 747-400 in europe.

  • Greg Mctevia
    Greg Mctevia 11 hours ago

    Good work.

  • spliceon charlie
    spliceon charlie 11 hours ago

    Thanks for the 747 eye candy. Love this bird.

  • Dr Riff
    Dr Riff 11 hours ago

    I recently had also such a fast take off, see flights

    MGTOW RULES 11 hours ago

    The Owner of that Private 748 Owns the Super Yacht "TIS"

  • David
    David 12 hours ago

    Quickest, not fastest.

  • MemeSalad
    MemeSalad 12 hours ago


    DOMINICA AVIATION 12 hours ago

    Super shot🔥👍

  • Hi All
    Hi All 12 hours ago

    i am afraid your wrong with the 15 seconds, Air force one took of from Iraq with Obama on it in 9.9 seconds in April 2009

    • I FLY TOO
      I FLY TOO Hour ago

      Correct,.....the -200 series , came with different engine packs... PW, RR, or GE... AF1 has GE's. Each brand has different model variations(and thrust output). In my case for example, engines were PW , all were JT9-7Q, aircraft only was JT9-7J ,with less power , was never used in Johannesburg flights for example....(due high altitude)

    • David H Bingham
      David H Bingham 2 hours ago

      With military speculation engines more powerful than production 747-200 of which only 3 are REMAINING in US service, 2 as Air Force One, the third with Air Force markings (Likely the Doomsday Communications plane). New Air Force One will be 747-8 with MILITARY SPECIFICATIONS, but not ready until PRESIDENT TRUMP leaves office IIRC).

    • I FLY TOO
      I FLY TOO 7 hours ago

      this we understood already....we can count , 15 is bigger than 9.9

    • Hi All
      Hi All 9 hours ago

      @I FLY TOO still beats 15 seconds

    • I FLY TOO
      I FLY TOO 10 hours ago they do it on purpose ,as part of t/o and land in a hostile area...... Presumably they take off empty ,so they have a high rate of climb ....

  • Jouni Airplane Video's

    Wow, i saw a KLM f70. When was this content made?

  • John Doe
    John Doe 12 hours ago

    That was fantastic

  • mawar merah
    mawar merah 12 hours ago

    It's nice!!!🙏🙏🙏🇲🇨

    PLANE MANIA 12 hours ago

    Your videos are great. Totally awesome.

  • Maher Bekdash
    Maher Bekdash 12 hours ago

    Maybe empty?🤷🏻‍♂️

    • I FLY TOO
      I FLY TOO 5 hours ago

      Empty, far as fuel ,....minimum fuel for a 747 take off is 40 tons btw......due to not uncover fuel pump inlets....

    • Maher Bekdash
      Maher Bekdash 12 hours ago

      Annie Mars yes indeed. Thx 😊

    • Maher Bekdash
      Maher Bekdash 12 hours ago

      Mauricio Rodrigues yeah👍

    • Annie Mars
      Annie Mars 12 hours ago

      Maher Bekdash It was - use the drop down arrow in the right of the title and you’ll see a full description of the flight. Hope this helps.

    • Mauricio Rodrigues
      Mauricio Rodrigues 12 hours ago

      Probably yes. And low on fuel.

  • JH Aviation Videos.
    JH Aviation Videos. 12 hours ago

    Great video!!! 👍

  • Baz TV
    Baz TV 12 hours ago

    Your videos inspire me to be a pilot when I grow up

  • Twonder Youtube
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  • Yıldırayツツ
    Yıldırayツツ 12 hours ago

    Airbus 330?

  • Audio-Tech-Fil
    Audio-Tech-Fil 13 hours ago

    Интересно, где столько украинских АН-х летает? Ан-12, Ан-22, Ан-24, Ан-74, Ан-124, это то, что было в этом видео. Украина уже наводнила весь мир своими транспортными самолетами, опередили Боинг, можно смело ставить на Боинге крест, ха-ха-ха!

  • ueno-shinjuku gaming
    ueno-shinjuku gaming 15 hours ago

    First time I see TUI doing a reverse gear

  • Luz Marina Franco
    Luz Marina Franco 16 hours ago

    Amo aviação e com musica fica ainda mais lindo tudo a respeito. Acalma a alma.💚💛🇧🇷💙

  • Gustavo Henrique
    Gustavo Henrique 19 hours ago

    Russian aircrafts are amazings.

  • Andrew Craner
    Andrew Craner 23 hours ago

    At the fuel consumption of those turbo jets, how can you afford touch and gos?

  • Lookit Demskies
    Lookit Demskies 23 hours ago

    How many of these 'cargo planes' have a cargo of tanks full of nano-particulated heavy metals that get drained into atmosphere as part of SAI?

  • Dave F.
    Dave F. 23 hours ago

    The flaps didn't fall off, so...... what?

  • Mind the Matrix
    Mind the Matrix 23 hours ago

    Was towards the end a missed approach or is there another runway?

  • Trichy Rockers

    How's played airline commander 😂

  • Nicolino Will
    Nicolino Will Day ago

    Clicked away after realizing this had nothing to do with the Flying Fortress.

  • Nicolino Will
    Nicolino Will Day ago

    Clicked away after realizing this had nothing to do with the Flying Fortress.

  • Cuttlefish Pie

    Ooh those wobblin' wings!

  • 204driver
    204driver Day ago

    BA embraer was from LCY in the UK . The pilots are masters of the STOL

  • bruno89miranda bb89bb89

    Foi esse que o Drake, do Uncharted 3 , derrubou sem querer!

  • Curlyanne B
    Curlyanne B Day ago

    I can hear the screaming. Lol

  • Sharon Hopton
    Sharon Hopton Day ago

    Beautiful plane ❤️

  • hervé lisse
    hervé lisse Day ago

    le son est pourri

  • しょうちゃんはせ


  • Eduardo Roxas
    Eduardo Roxas Day ago

    The Beluga captain land his plane like silk very smooth and well balanced . Salute !!

  • Rogu Beer
    Rogu Beer Day ago

    how long British give us heart breaking news?first they give us news concorde not flying any more?now they give us news airbus A380 not going make any more? what a sad news for mankind? woh what a great airplane lovely lovely plane two of them?

  • ItzMatty Boiz
    ItzMatty Boiz Day ago

    I was sleeping on an Airbus A330 and I didn't even feel the landing lol

  • K Cism
    K Cism Day ago

    My life is a crosswind...

  • sergey 7
    sergey 7 Day ago

    Soviet shit!

  • Crow - Brawl Stars

    Ooooooooffff........such lovely landings are rare man.....beautiful!!!!

  • Iceair 767
    Iceair 767 Day ago

    Wow the 767-400 is longer than I thought!

  • Gabzera Bass
    Gabzera Bass Day ago

    *Any Brazilian Airline?* AZUL, LATAM BRASIL, GOL...

  • Lida Abid
    Lida Abid Day ago

    When you look at the a380 wings they look like eagle wings

  • sansu kuriakose

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 FANTASTIC. I love AIRBUS 380

  • E. Dean Fowlkes

    I soooooooo want to right seat this landing. 😮

  • Unfinished Sympathy

    That vamos 747 gave me goose bumps , beautiful sound and take off

  • basant vimal sharma

    Putin waved to me I waved back and he nodded.

  • pbell1943 bell
    pbell1943 bell 2 days ago

    great pics--- THANKS.

  • Doña Paca Garmentí

    Why don't all the engines have reverse thrusters?

    • planedudea380
      planedudea380 Day ago

      A380 doesn't technically need all four to stop safely, and in addition, weight savings.

  • Mahfut Bin Hamza
    Mahfut Bin Hamza 2 days ago


  • Alexis
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  • Yoban Gutierrez
    Yoban Gutierrez 2 days ago

    Md 11

  • Nazim sidik
    Nazim sidik 2 days ago

    The 747 has a unique shape

  • Marcin 77
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  • Angel Sandoval
    Angel Sandoval 2 days ago

    PAWA in 2019????

  • jan8 1998
    jan8 1998 2 days ago


  • Stefan Mark
    Stefan Mark 2 days ago

    Fetter Zoom bei 8.30, welche Kamera mit welchem Zoom hast du da benutzt?

  • Shreshtha Pankaj
    Shreshtha Pankaj 2 days ago

    1:35 Birds birds....

  • LUX Aviators
    LUX Aviators 2 days ago

    I bet someone from Dubai would find the video title to be ridiculous ;) Great video and greetings from Ibk :)

  • Georgia Edwards
    Georgia Edwards 2 days ago

    My vote goes to Airbus any day

  • Avinash Kumar
    Avinash Kumar 2 days ago

    the music represents the condition of Heathrow employees

  • khanage360
    khanage360 2 days ago

    Planes lining up "beep beep come on move its clear" ha jk not

  • steve mackey
    steve mackey 2 days ago

    Thanks for a well put together compilation.

  • TeleCabo
    TeleCabo 2 days ago

    I love the A380. Thak you for sharing with us.

    • Anakin Skywalker
      Anakin Skywalker 11 hours ago

      TeleCabo yeah but the A480 had nothing of an impact on air travel compared to the 747

    • TeleCabo
      TeleCabo 14 hours ago

      ​@Anakin Skywalker I like the 747 but the A380 is the most impressive passenger plane.

    • Anakin Skywalker
      Anakin Skywalker Day ago

      747 will always be better tho

  • ItzMatty Boiz
    ItzMatty Boiz 2 days ago

    how tf does this thing only have 2 engines

  • Shah Nog
    Shah Nog 2 days ago

    my vote for 777. Love this aircraft. PIA has no Air bus A-340

  • JATO-Aviation Videos

    Hi. Very beautiful video. Keep it up. A Like from JATO-Aviation Video

  • Bruegjonas
    Bruegjonas 2 days ago

    Was ist das für ein Muster bei 5:50?

  • 。Pugtorツ
    。Pugtorツ 2 days ago

    People be like: Wait. That’s illegal

  • Juan Bustos
    Juan Bustos 2 days ago

    That's the most butter landing ever daamn

  • Santi Filipino YT
    Santi Filipino YT 3 days ago

    I love the A380, due to its interior and looks (in my opinion), but the 747 is older than the A380, the 747 is the iconic and 2nd largest passenger aircraft ( I do not know if thats true) But I do think both of them are amazing aircrafts. This is my opinion

  • Arne Nelson
    Arne Nelson 3 days ago

    A 380- the super duper guppy. Larger than a 747 with none of the sexiness. Already a has been. What a shame.

  • Fromaggio Vagiola
    Fromaggio Vagiola 3 days ago

    Pershing Drive Los Angeles. You will see 2 A380s on the ground with a couple 777s.

  • Paulo Jorge
    Paulo Jorge 3 days ago


  • Bryce James
    Bryce James 3 days ago

    Love the magestic A380’s! Excellent footage! 👍👍

  • Otaku Aviators
    Otaku Aviators 3 days ago

    Nice video!

  • Rocketdyne
    Rocketdyne 3 days ago

    Interesting to see the 747’s that were passenger planes that have been converted to freight.

  • Руслан Фаррахов

    Похоже сдесь боковой ветер постоянно( раз ветряки рядом стоят ) опасная взлетно посадачная полоса.

  • Vladimir Bartalos
    Vladimir Bartalos 3 days ago

    That antonov resembles my chubby british cat