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  • R Greenup
    R Greenup 6 minutes ago

    Fresh jokes please, too many repeats.

  • Mauricio Amado
    Mauricio Amado 9 minutes ago

    Very soft landings by Lufthansa pilots

  • planespotting italy

    Noooooo md 11

  • Thomas
    Thomas Hour ago

    Awsome video, so many of your great catches. 2:00 will always be my favorit livery and also plane ever. Loved the spot you filmed the Condor 757 "wir lieben fliegen" and blue Panorama 767 from. For the next ASKCargo an A321neo would be cool :)

  • Sean Nie
    Sean Nie 2 hours ago


  • v e r s c h l x f e n


  • Mathéo
    Mathéo 3 hours ago

    Aeromexico B787 Quetzacoalt livery plzzz (XA-ADL)

    • Mathéo
      Mathéo 2 hours ago

      @CargospotterIf you can afford it, you should go to amsterdam for a week. Its main routes out of MEX are MEX MAD, MEX CDG (I will get it someday...), MEX LHR and MEX AMS. If you are lucky it may come to amsterdam.

    • Cargospotter
      Cargospotter 2 hours ago

      I am trying to catch the special Aeromexico B787 since two years. Hope to see it someday.

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 3 hours ago

    PIA please

  • hakan737
    hakan737 3 hours ago

    How many MD11 still fly in LH cargo fleet?

  • MM KJ ChromeExhaust
    MM KJ ChromeExhaust 3 hours ago

    Cathay A350-1000 or 777-367 would be nice, L1011 if you could find ;)

    ORASTİKROAT 3 hours ago

    Turkish airlines 787 please

    THE JUSU 3 hours ago

    Finnair could be nice!

  • david ames
    david ames 3 hours ago

    Any smooth Ryanair landing pls

  • Diego Fuentes
    Diego Fuentes 4 hours ago

    Great chance to see an A300. Thanks, Cargospotter

  • Lemons & Listerine
    Lemons & Listerine 4 hours ago

    Really A320-heavy airport.

  • Luzia Aparecida de Resende

    Amoooooooo aviação ✈✈✈✈🛩🛩😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

  • Erivan lopes
    Erivan lopes 4 hours ago

    Very Cool👍👍👍 A 350, MD 11, 747, A 340 and 787 Wonderful👌

  • Bruce Pace
    Bruce Pace 5 hours ago

    Awesome video! Great quality! Very cool way to include your subscribers/fans! Amazing planes! Love it!

  • thetwopointslow
    thetwopointslow 5 hours ago

    Happy to see a LH Cargo MD-11 in new colors! Hopefully this suggests they’ll keep the MD-11 around for at least a little while longer?

    • Cargospotter
      Cargospotter 2 hours ago

      Sadly not. They will phase out the MD11 next year :(

    • Montiro
      Montiro 2 hours ago

      No. Aircraft need a repaint anyways all 7 years.

  • Lukas My
    Lukas My 5 hours ago

    4.25: are the sounds tires?

  • Timfly Spotting
    Timfly Spotting 5 hours ago

    C-17 :D

  • Jay Loz
    Jay Loz 6 hours ago

    UFO please!

  • L Salty1
    L Salty1 6 hours ago

    Boeing 747-8 pls thnx

  • TheTexanFanMan
    TheTexanFanMan 6 hours ago

    Please do Any MD-80, American or delta preferably. Thx

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 6 hours ago

    Not much margin for error

  • Constanze Steegmiller

    the Awacs plane was that in Düsseldorf?

  • Mr Tumshie
    Mr Tumshie 6 hours ago

    There were a couple of points (one at 5:14) where it seems to just hang in the air for a few seconds, motionless. Is that an illusion caused by a camera angle or can they really do that? I only clicked on this video for a quick look but was fascinated and ended up watching the whole thing.

  • Ashnie Tatao Abdulrahman

    Phillipine Airlines A350 Please!

  • SirJumbo bobie
    SirJumbo bobie 6 hours ago

    Some LOT airplane, Please :)

  • Paul Van Obberghen
    Paul Van Obberghen 7 hours ago

    For impressive that it is, the A330 "lard" landing is not really a hard landing. A hard landing in, aviation parlance, is qualified as such when the landing resulted in something broken in the airframe. It is measured by a G-Meter and an enquiry to carefully inspect the airframe for possible damages is called when the recorded touch-down G load exceeds a limit defined by the manufacturer. This one is a positive landing, no question, but a hard landing it is not. This IS a hard landing :

  • 50383277a -WOTB replays

    Asiana airline A350... Thank you! ☺️

  • mert s
    mert s 7 hours ago

    ASKCargo 737-400 pls

  • david leider
    david leider 7 hours ago

    BEST Airbus & Boeing liveries

  • Flygplan är fina
    Flygplan är fina 7 hours ago

    Boeing 727 if it’s posible🤩

  • Moto Rick
    Moto Rick 7 hours ago


  • Umme Aamir
    Umme Aamir 7 hours ago

    Any indian airline if it's there

  • Julia Winkler
    Julia Winkler 7 hours ago

    Like Airbus Komentar Boeing

  • Julia Winkler
    Julia Winkler 7 hours ago

    Sorry Airbus 300

  • Julia Winkler
    Julia Winkler 7 hours ago

    0:44 that was the last Passenger Airbus 310

    • Montiro
      Montiro 2 hours ago

      No. Air Transat has 6 still in use.

  • Fans, speakers, and more

    Wait, is this in Germany? BTW, I'm a literal fan of your videos.

    MY ROAD TRIPS 7 hours ago

    Awesome view👍

  • Bryce James
    Bryce James 7 hours ago

    More A380 and 747-800 content would be amazing, thank you! Really enjoy your videos! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Hussain Pulavwala
    Hussain Pulavwala 7 hours ago

    I would juzt give you👍🏾

  • Mathias Böttcher
    Mathias Böttcher 7 hours ago

    S U P E R VIDEO, thanks

  • Xlr8t
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    NYCHOLAS BÊZ. 7 hours ago

    Subscribe on my channel ❤✈🙏

  • shrey n.
    shrey n. 8 hours ago

    It's insane that a few individuals own some of these jumbo jets as their personal transport!! (A330/340 ACJs; B744/738/763/752 BBJs) Great clicks as ever, CargoSpotter. Love from Bengaluru, India. ❤️😊

  • planes spotter and railfanner

    737 classic takeoff and 747 8i would be nice and if you could find a q400 or embrear would be perfect

  • planes spotter and railfanner

    A pretty intense go around would be insane!

  • Lester Penner
    Lester Penner 8 hours ago

    Awsome Awesome video. Keep em coming all day👍👍👍

  • Bebi Khan
    Bebi Khan 8 hours ago

    This is so beautiful existing to watch❤ it.

  • Emanuel 6
    Emanuel 6 8 hours ago

    Any Smooth landing of an Embraer please :)

  • wxm555
    wxm555 8 hours ago

    Great clips, thanks for sharing!

  • Adrien Kovanovsky
    Adrien Kovanovsky 8 hours ago

    I found your channel by chance, and let me tell you, I did not regret subscribing to it. In my opinion, you have the best planespotting channel on TVclip, and I want to thank you for all your hard work. Hello from Florida!

  • Vincent Planespotting

    Please make any type of Boeing B707 thanks! :)

  • aviation 974
    aviation 974 8 hours ago

    french bee A350-900 please

  • Metin Bedir
    Metin Bedir 8 hours ago

    0:31 ım Turkish 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • Mkay 75
    Mkay 75 8 hours ago

    Where did you spot the maskargo A330-200F?

  • Multiplanet
    Multiplanet 8 hours ago


  • Techspotter
    Techspotter 8 hours ago


  • All Of Aviation
    All Of Aviation 8 hours ago

    B747 Crosswind landing please?

  • Orcalover91
    Orcalover91 8 hours ago

    KLM 787-10 Dreamliner please

  • Bartłomiej Jeżewski

    My aunt work in Luthansa.

  • Plane Spotting MLA
    Plane Spotting MLA 8 hours ago

    AirMalta please

  • Aryan Army
    Aryan Army 8 hours ago

    Cargospotter you are best in world . Please give a heart to me

  • BiLaLGaMe YT
    BiLaLGaMe YT 8 hours ago

    Ola soi fan desde el prisipio

  • James Taihuttu
    James Taihuttu 9 hours ago

    0:20 Pilot flying: Oops, dropped my iPhone, im gonna get it, hold on... Pilot monitoring: Oh for god sake, man!

  • Frank Kovak
    Frank Kovak 9 hours ago

    Great video and thanks for not ruining it by adding useless background music like TopTenTrending does

  • Dharmesh Vegad
    Dharmesh Vegad 9 hours ago

    747 The Legend

  • Dharmesh Vegad
    Dharmesh Vegad 9 hours ago

  • Matthias Hornbostel
    Matthias Hornbostel 10 hours ago

    Very impressive. High professionelle quality and also interesting. Filming aircrafts crossing the german Autobahn was a perfect idea. This channel and "just planes"are the best. Absolute great. 👍

  • sai ganesh
    sai ganesh 11 hours ago

    My lecturer gave me a case study about this cross wind flying when i see this video i was like what the fuckkk these people are doing some drifts on the airside 😲😲😲

  • 렠카
    렠카 11 hours ago

    1. lufthansa B747-8i 2. airbridge cargo B747-400F 3. egyptair B787-9 4. lufthansa cargo md-11F 5. asiana airlines cargo B747-400 6. lufthansa B747-400 7 . lufthansa B747-8i 8. japan airlines B787 9. lufthansa cargo B777F 10. lufthansa cargo MD-11F 11. katilda air B747-400F 12. lufthansa B747-400 13. korean air B747-8i 14. lufthansa A340-600 15. emirates cargo B777F 16. lufthansa a321-200 17. lufthansa B747-8i 18. lufthansa cargo Md-11F 19. wizzair A320neo 20. lufthansa cargo B777F 21. aerologic B777F 22. saudi airlines A320neo 23. all nippon airlines B777-300er 24. turkish airlines A330-300 25. lufthansa B747-8i 26. lufthansa cargo MD-11F 27. idontknow Bae#### 28. somon air B737-800 29. vietnam airlines A350-900 30. mongolian airlines B767-300er

  • Rayyan Ahmed
    Rayyan Ahmed 12 hours ago

    I hate this sound that comes often on Airbus aircraft.@ 4:24 What is it called? I love the 777. I hate all Airbus aircraft because of this sound. Boeing all the way!!!

  • MasterOneLew
    MasterOneLew 13 hours ago

    707 with thicc engines

  • JUNAID tv
    JUNAID tv 13 hours ago

    Flight landing at sharja airport

  • JUNAID tv
    JUNAID tv 13 hours ago

    Flight landing at sharja airport

  • Nassem Verweyen
    Nassem Verweyen 14 hours ago

    Very beautiful scene we traveld severl times this high way no5.Thats a very busy airport and high way no 5.thanks for sharing.

  • Yousef A
    Yousef A 15 hours ago

    They are both queens, but I prefer 800 it has a beauty body 😍

  • Bver
    Bver 16 hours ago

    Birds at 1:20 fkk! incoming!!

  • Ricardo sam
    Ricardo sam 17 hours ago

    They just awesome 747 beautiful aircraft

  • Simple Maker
    Simple Maker 20 hours ago

    Lol, the pilot's salary must've had a raise

  • ramze abdo
    ramze abdo 22 hours ago


  • bradley small
    bradley small 23 hours ago

    my dad worked at lockheed and was on the around the world trip to sell them. The plane was designed with rolls royce engines and i am not sure if a a engine switch was possible thought during the loan guarantee- not a govt bailout. flack was given for not using amer made engines. 250 were made and 500 was the break even point.. The 747 was a much bigger plane and l1011 was in competition with european plane and douglas plane really. It turned out the plane was about the price of a 747 and dc 10 was much cheaper. Lockheed was going to beat dc10 to first flight until rolls royce haD THERE bankruptcy problems.. Dad said cost over runs on fristar were put on govt projects of other types. The 250 thousand dollar loan came from banks- they just wanted a fed govt LOAN GUARANTEE and sen proxmire from wisconsin made a fuss... The loan was paid off. some lockheed employeees boycottted wisconsin cheese.. and to think 250000 dollars would buy my house today....

  • pet master
    pet master Day ago

    747 likes how ironic

  • Recto Verso
    Recto Verso Day ago

    A3802:16 thrust reverse .what power?

  • ComandanteJ
    ComandanteJ Day ago

    Incredible to see the difference between those poor Dash-8 and the 380.

  • Movieplanespotting

    Das Wetter in Berlin ist immer besser

  • Jose Martin Mejia Salinas

    Que CHINGONERIA de vídeo. Le doy 789MIL LIKES. Thanks for SHARING.😄😄😄

  • 4 ohm
    4 ohm Day ago

    Greta Thunberg left the room

  • Matt Bowen
    Matt Bowen Day ago

    The center engine on the Lockheed doesn’t produce as much thrust as the wing engines due to the S duct

  • B.J. Major
    B.J. Major Day ago

    I notice that the L-1011 in this video belongs to the Royal Air Force. They were one of the 3 after-commercial uses of the TriStar when airlines were "upgrading" ("downgrading", to me) their fleets and selling off their TriStars. The other two after-commercial uses were The Flying Hospital (which has performed thousands of in-flight surgeries on board and gives medical service to needy countries) and Orbital ATK, which launches a missile, specially mounted underneath the aircraft, and when launched - puts satellites into orbit! Pretty cool "retirement" use of our L-1011s!!!

  • Soumyadeep Bhattacharya

    Wow.. amazing catch and nice location.

  • B.J. Major
    B.J. Major Day ago

    To me it is no contest, the L-1011 wins hands down. It is second to none. The aircraft I love.

  • mylosairplanefan

    Nice shots mate :)

  • Kapil Vaswani
    Kapil Vaswani Day ago

    loved the Lufthansa retro livery


    only klm? is that in netherland or something

    • Aviation8811
      Aviation8811 22 hours ago

      CRAZY GAMES-YT it’s a Dutch colony

  • HeartlandTuber

    I really love seeing the Lufthansa 747 passenger jets. Our first trip abroad was nearly fifty years ago, second year the 747 was in service. We flew Lufthansa from New York to Stuttgart via Amsterdam. I still remember watching the tractor plow a field of crops next to the runway as we landed at Amsterdam. I still have the cardboard Lufthansa book given to our five year old son by the flight attendants.