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Snakes: A Documentary
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  • Alexandra Wanninger
    Alexandra Wanninger 6 hours ago


  • James Mayo
    James Mayo 18 hours ago

    If it wasn't for that ship we would never have had those great donuts.yaaay. thank you Bismarck.

  • Timothy Wood
    Timothy Wood Day ago

    A retarded zebra, god damn

  • Jeffrey Richardson

    pinedale avenue pfaltzgraff print the lady knew north korean stew

  • Carol Phillips
    Carol Phillips 2 days ago

    The story of a disgraceful period of UK history. Shameful.

  • Anne Jeffries
    Anne Jeffries 2 days ago

    Thank-you. So interesting.❤

  • Vincent Cerasoli
    Vincent Cerasoli 3 days ago

    Does anyone else recognize Mr Carson from Downton Abbey?!!! :)

  • John Carter
    John Carter 3 days ago

    So in England they called the Germans "baby killers". In Portugal, we used to call communists "eaters of children" this coming from my grandmother born in 1905, she never said anything about the Germans either good nor bad.

  • Asteroids Coming
    Asteroids Coming 3 days ago

    Would love to see a modern version of the big Zeppelins come back, imagine cruising on one of them it would be amazing.

  • Chris Cullen28
    Chris Cullen28 5 days ago

    History does not repeat itself; historians repeat each other. It is an entirely different thing ! -- Oscar Wilde

  • Mareeam Abdullah-Crownover

    Thank you for uploading this. FWIW, I liked the inclusion of the commercials.

  • vadrigar
    vadrigar 5 days ago

    The Gods have abandoned us!!!!

  • To Infinity and Beyond

    Prince of Persia brought me here

  • Vivek Sivasubramanian

    It seems like 2005 or 2006 time am I right??

  • Tay booo
    Tay booo 7 days ago

    😑 I came to the comment section for answers to my science hw I couldn’t find and you failed me

  • Carol Jones
    Carol Jones 7 days ago


  • Kaylee Amador
    Kaylee Amador 8 days ago

    13:23 me from south central I’m in the getoo Ratatat

  • greenfingers gardener

    I think they should fetch back child labour, keep the little bastards off the streets... Starting with the royals lol

  • Arthur Humphreys
    Arthur Humphreys 9 days ago

    Even then the boss is the boss, its only right if you have to whip that ass.

  • jonescrusher1
    jonescrusher1 9 days ago

    200, 000 a year!

  • Peter Aliferis
    Peter Aliferis 9 days ago

    What happened??? is that they didnt listen to Ioannis Metaxas, had they listened to him and let him run the assault on Constantinople, the lives of hundreds of thousands of men would have been saved, and Greece would have its capital back!, there would have been no USSR, no WWII no islamic terror, no 911, no ISIS and the world would have been a better place! But as usual the British and French imperial agenda, did not want any rival power in the Mediterranean!

  • Snuggles McSquishbottom

    My Massachusetts Bay ancestors returned to blighty to fight for this ugly bugger. Personally I can't see what they saw in him.

  • Herr Hitler
    Herr Hitler 9 days ago

    Zoroastic despotism removal: 1000

  • fraser mackay
    fraser mackay 10 days ago

    I’m half Scottish and half Canadian (I live in Scotland) and I’ve always wanted to venture into Canada 🇨🇦

  • Jace Marley
    Jace Marley 10 days ago

    140 fucking degrees.

  • Pass the Boof
    Pass the Boof 11 days ago

    Watched this in my class and it was fucking hilarious. He says sex so many times and so aggressively it's hard not to laugh.

  • Linda Inglis
    Linda Inglis 11 days ago

    Excellent analysis of the Lord Protector, warts and all.

  • Kwaku Boateng Boakye-Appiah

    Love your neighbor as yourself. Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. The love of money is truly the root of all evil. If people decide to love and not think about themselves and money. Africa has played a huge role in it's problems. And so has Europe, USA and some Asian countries. Yes we have some corrupt rulers but Europe should not forget it's involvement in slave trade, selecting specific leaders they could manipulate, sponsoring coup detats and the like. Let this generation make the world better. Do not support evil.

  • somercet1
    somercet1 11 days ago

    Roger Allam! I thought I recognized that voice!

  • SithLord Hibiscus
    SithLord Hibiscus 12 days ago

    God, Pompei was lucky. I wish every presidential and other political campaigns were conducted beneath the summit of an active volcano and ended by it.

  • Wetzel
    Wetzel 12 days ago

    really? oswald "belcky"???

  • laughinggravy2
    laughinggravy2 13 days ago

    Members of parliament whore masters and drunkards, nothing much has changed ,disgraced royal princes what next a civil war ? History repeating its self

  • Norma McManus
    Norma McManus 13 days ago

    TVclip subtitles are offensive and should be monitored as YT is monitoring videos.

  • Jessieplayzroblox Gaming

    I learned about this in school

  • --
    -- 13 days ago

    Can still download porn on mars?

  • Omar Bain
    Omar Bain 14 days ago

    Black people exited back then?

  • Eden Official
    Eden Official 14 days ago

    So am I the only person that saw the solider in the beginning trench charge act dead with with friend?

  • nik ol
    nik ol 14 days ago

    Greetings from Greece 1) I really respect Koreans succes in economic development,industry,techology etc.I always mention your nation and your country as an example.Really its a sucess story and you should be proud of it. but 2)''Cultural power'' and that kpop thing? Its totally BS man.Dont believe in your own lies.

  • Edward Ster
    Edward Ster 15 days ago

    Gods punishment to the Roman's for their crimes against the Israelites

  • XanderShiller
    XanderShiller 15 days ago

    How much is a tixket if im coming from NYC?

  • Cheska Marie Ballen
    Cheska Marie Ballen 15 days ago

    0:23 QUEENS👑❤

  • Kelechukwu Philemon
    Kelechukwu Philemon 15 days ago

    Im living in Dubai but I wish to work in South Korea... I love Koreans

  • lemari
    lemari 15 days ago

    There was Hedonism going on there, sexual perversion of all kinds ( e.g. orgies) documentary doesn't give those facts

  • Kevin Connor
    Kevin Connor 16 days ago

    its pronounced bull-kah, not bell-key

  • Luxurious 03
    Luxurious 03 16 days ago

    German Science is the greatest in the world

  • Angie Tyndall
    Angie Tyndall 16 days ago

    So too is World and even my nation's history( U.S.) not all truthful.

  • Emily Bishop
    Emily Bishop 17 days ago

    I can understand using T rex " Children of the revolution" but why the other t Rex song " get it on" I was rather hoping for "Ride a white swan" what's going on, why so much innapropriate music

  • Emily Bishop
    Emily Bishop 17 days ago

    Watch any other documentaries about the industrial revolution and and it's full of comments on how well behaved and genial people were, they'll talk of respect and hard work. The skilled craftspeople and designer's, hardly a mention of the utter despair, poverty and miserable lives working class people had.

  • Reese Mathias
    Reese Mathias 17 days ago


  • edgar helbling
    edgar helbling 17 days ago

    More recycled pablum in the name of greed. YOU TUBE, YOU SUCK!!!!!

  • Khātoun .H
    Khātoun .H 17 days ago

    Yalatif look how they tortured our brothers and sisters because they wanted to steal their natural resources. May Allah give ease and patience to our brothers and sisters who suffered ameen ya rub.

  • MrDjugashvili
    MrDjugashvili 18 days ago

    Why they don't tell about connection of USA and Ben Laden?

  • 3ds max
    3ds max 18 days ago

    Sad news: J Edgar Hoover passed away last night in his home in Greenbo Alabama. He is survived by his great great grandfather and 2 children; ages 98 and 107 respectively.

  • 3ds max
    3ds max 18 days ago

    Can't believe she's still standing. When our engineering team calculated the amount of concrete needed, fights and arguments were a common occurrence. They all insisted "she'd hold"......but I guess I was a worry wart :( So glad I threw in that extra 1 pound bag of QUIKRETE® that day though. Had it hidden behind my truck seat. Had to sneak it in LOL!

  • Shaddoll Nephilim
    Shaddoll Nephilim 18 days ago

    Jeez...this is horrifying

  • Bakdoring
    Bakdoring 18 days ago

    Is like Lot wife and she look back when sodom and Gomorrah was burning and transform into a salty statue NOTE:*Not a believer*

  • Emoney G
    Emoney G 19 days ago

    Wow that sitting thete bored i bet drove a lot of our bew tech..i mean they still sit n watch is possible to send autonomis r o v and side scan sonar r o v's out..on a grid...pattern..then go over data..and video...and can record more bulks vids and save intead of a crap load of tape or sure thats least one reason they watched..didnt have enuff tape tp record all the dud with digital...not a prob..i can gp to walmart and buy a hard drives that would hold all 500of my dvds plus...100s more🤣🤣🤣..bob ballard was os and always will be a pioneer..the seas version of indiana jones👍..i as an 80s ..90s kid...noticed bro and will share these films and stories...amazing what u found...i bet he could find atlantis of its not crete and really in atlantic...

  • Jaime Rodriguez
    Jaime Rodriguez 19 days ago

    Gta San Andreas & Transformers 🔥

  • Iju Dnc1
    Iju Dnc1 19 days ago

    German modern military specialists no limit

  • 미국스토리
    미국스토리 19 days ago

    This is a great book about true reality and social issues in South Korea: SOUTH KOREA: The Price of Efficiency and Success

  • no name
    no name 20 days ago

    DAAAAAAMMMMNNNN! Good video!

  • Teresa bonita
    Teresa bonita 21 day ago

    It's extremely sad they found some like that. You know all burned

  • Edward Schmitt
    Edward Schmitt 21 day ago

    Came for the battle tactics....learned about the toilets.

  • Kevin Kelly
    Kevin Kelly 21 day ago

    There's videos right here on TVclip! Just type in Burmese Python swallows man in Indonesia

  • Happy Streaming
    Happy Streaming 21 day ago

    BLOOD DIAMOND ► Stori yn dilyn saethwr, dyn wedi ei arteithio gan ei wreiddiau. Gyda greddf gref am oroesi, mae wedi gwneud ei hun yn chwaraewr allweddol yn y busnes o wneud i ni wrthdaro. Mae aflonyddwch gwleidyddol yn rhemp yn Sierra Leone wrth i bobl ymladd dant am ddant. Ar ôl cyfarfod Solomon, a'r hardd Maddy, mae bywyd yn newid am byth wrth iddo gael cyfle i wneud heddwch â'r rhyfel o'i gwmpas.

  • Liang Cao
    Liang Cao 23 days ago

    This is so sad....

  • Domestic Ape
    Domestic Ape 23 days ago

    The Chinese were more advanced than we are today 2000 Years Ago.

  • The Ramblings of Bry

    I imagine many terrible things would have happened to these innocent children by the adults abusing their little slaves. It should have never happened in the first place, my heart goes out to those poor little souls. Quite why she feels the need to SHOUT her way through this, I have no idea....

  • Cisco4kid1990
    Cisco4kid1990 23 days ago

    this has to be one of the most ruthless things God has ever done to man at least with Sodom and Gomorrah they were gone in a Flash

  • I Macey
    I Macey 24 days ago

    the sub human scum like the earl of Dudley in his ivory tower sending children down the pit to make him money, the occult secret society's are vile and they still as vile today as they were back then. enjoyed the film best regards

  • Thomas Dudley
    Thomas Dudley 24 days ago

    It was one of the first modern cities and utopian.

  • yuck y
    yuck y 25 days ago

    yes i’m at this side of yt again

  • Michael Fine
    Michael Fine 26 days ago

    Korea is an extraordinary, vibrant country that I enjoy visiting for the beauty of the Korean aesthetic, the passion of the Korean people for the arts, and of course, the incredible food.

  • ThePhilippine Editor

    Mickey Maus clubhouse

  • Jeff White
    Jeff White 26 days ago

    They show film of bombings while talking about "the legacy of 1688 in Ireland" and praising Cromwell. But you could just as easily blame Cromwell's 1649 invasion of Ireland for the Troubles. What about Worsley's biases?

  • Lady Mauve
    Lady Mauve 27 days ago

    They put taxes on pee? Taxes on fücking PEE! Ok so I guess niggas was really wildin back then too

  • Ibrahim Bah my brother I'm filling your massage

    I was born in Sierra Leone kono and was so lucky to find Diamond always on the ground. As a small boy I always like fishing sometimes I found Diamond in kono and Tongo this towns are the most mineral places in Sierra Leone

  • Mikhil Muhunthan
    Mikhil Muhunthan 28 days ago

    I originally found this interesting cuz when I played Far cry 4 they had missions where you had to collect conflict/blood diamonds at first I thought it was just a name but now I finally know what it means and where it comes from

  • Jess
    Jess 28 days ago

    Some guy living in Pompeii in August of 79 AD: "Could this day get any worse?"

  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen 28 days ago

    I hate how this woman beefs up the very men who forced children to do their work. "Their GENIUS and INVENTIVENESS" >_<

  • Ali Mustafa
    Ali Mustafa 28 days ago

    german engineers were the best

  • Joe Blambato jr
    Joe Blambato jr 29 days ago

    This doc is a Hit piece by the royals, bullcrap!😠

  • Bob Petership
    Bob Petership 29 days ago

    and the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we loved...

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas 29 days ago

    33:01 why muted? The Levellers were a political movement during the English Civil War (1642-1651) committed to popular sovereignty, extended suffrage, equality before the law and religious tolerance. The hallmark of Leveller thought was its populism, as shown by its emphasis on equal natural rights, and their practice of reaching the public through pamphlets, petitions and vocal appeals to the crowd.[

  • Cavalier Maks
    Cavalier Maks 29 days ago

    Try and shine that torch on me and see what happens. I would give most of the inmates free weed, wome and beer.

  • Megamixer
    Megamixer Month ago

    i went to a pompeii exhibition that my city hosted, i saw all the cast bodies that are shown in the vid. and i felt their energy because i started getting emotional. it was the saddest thing to see

  • Steven&Jennifer Hodges

    Baron von Richthofen was a bad ass!

  • Kwazana
    Kwazana Month ago

    31:46 I can't bruuuh

  • Leimu Laine
    Leimu Laine Month ago

    not only the men are incinerated but the women and children too

  • Denise Allison Stout

    Scientists are the most intelligent morons on our planet . I’ve been sick this week and have been binging documentaries I’ve seen dozens of scientists lower themselves into volcanoes. Like you’re gonna learn something by actually inserting yourself in the thing 🤪

  • Tim Birch
    Tim Birch Month ago

    Glad to see that evil amphetamine-soaked baggage Thatcher having to eat her words in this documentary. It's just a shame that I had to listen to her awful voice to hear it.

  • Lindsay Velasquez

    In the dictionary Pompeii is a bad word

  • Hamna Syed
    Hamna Syed Month ago

    This is a real story derived from Muslims books and the reason behind this whole storm was homosexuality. God cursed and blasted them with this horrible volcano and rain of rocks and fire when they denied the Propher Luth (A.S) to leave homosexuality.

  • Inter Naut
    Inter Naut Month ago

    Jesus the quality is horrible!

  • Divia Avritt
    Divia Avritt Month ago

    Im sorry but that one chicks hair....

  • Joseph Stokes
    Joseph Stokes Month ago

    Pitiful! What horrible intrusive distracting music! We Americans really never have known how to make videos and this is certainly proof! Just awful! Did an adult review this video before release?

    • 3ds max
      3ds max 18 days ago

      Yes they were adults but sadly, they were also democrats. Recipe for disaster.

  • Dstraxion N'1 Music Studios

    Evil in it

  • Dstraxion N'1 Music Studios

    One thing that rings in my mind is opportunity YES they did it wrong, but they proved they are more then a Slaves, In 2020 opportunities should be available where the ones that want to have ago should be given more opportunities, The children are our future and a lot of adults need training, why we have not shown this world we can do it RIGHT.

  • bigbangnone
    bigbangnone Month ago

    Crow is in Hell.

  • Tardígrado
    Tardígrado Month ago

    "The Chinese discovered America" because native Americans came from Asia. LOL by that rule Africans discovered THE WORLD because early humans came from Africa. What a bunch of rubbish...