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Aledo vs. Ennis
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Red Oak highlights
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  • Wil Iams
    Wil Iams 6 seconds ago

    I am on the clock here in Melrose Park Illinois USA watching this video... Thank you for your upload

  • David Boren
    David Boren Minute ago

    Dallas PD will do all they possibly can to cover up their murders !!!!!!

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith 3 minutes ago

    He isnt the only family court judge who cares more for the parents rights than the childrens well being. He should be ashamed he had the power to extend beyond to give time for what was going on to be exposed but like most judges thinks their judgement is infallible.

  • Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle 4 minutes ago

    My guess is he stated a forbidden FACT.

  • The punisher Frank Castle

    I wish this happened to the police again

  • Alexandre Cesar
    Alexandre Cesar 3 hours ago

    Fico estremante emocionado com esse tipo de homenagem , parabens a todos que ofereceram essa surpresa a esse casal , LINDO MESMO ....

  • Boofer T. Washington

    No amount of new stadiums will bring this city a trophy. We already know this. Fire JD and get some talent in here. This is absurd.

  • K A
    K A 4 hours ago

    Bro you don't beat women...

  • Barret Norcross
    Barret Norcross 5 hours ago

    The war on drugs only serves the prison "INDUSTRY""!!!

  • Barret Norcross
    Barret Norcross 5 hours ago


  • Barret Norcross
    Barret Norcross 6 hours ago


  • Danuel Lindale
    Danuel Lindale 6 hours ago

    In typical DMN fashion, you're late in reporting this. Always late. No wonder your revenues are tanking

  • Андрей Рунков

    Радулов в ударе

  • Judgment Proof
    Judgment Proof 8 hours ago

    They’re probably celebrating how many customers they’re screwing. When people pay for what they’re not getting over there overbilled, that’s probably what they’re celebrating, ripping you off. What are they going to do when they’re forced to close after bankruptcy and customers are leaving in droves? Why don’t more people wise up and start pulling the purse strings and just not ordering services? All you really need is a cordless phone and wireless Internet. If you’re on fixed income, you can get a free cordless phone from the government. Then all you need to worry about is ordering Internet service from somewhere reputable

  • Violet Joy
    Violet Joy 9 hours ago

    Lauren is incredibly articulate. Hopefully she is continuing to heal because she has experienced horrific trauma. Lauren, you are simply amazing.

  • Violet Joy
    Violet Joy 9 hours ago

    There was an angel in the closet? I'm sorry, but that's when I lose it. This girl went through years and years of unconscionable abuse day after day and she's supposed to thank God for saving her by sending her an angel to sing a song? Come on now! If this isn't evidence that God isn't real, I don't know what is.

  • Violet Joy
    Violet Joy 10 hours ago

    She is so incredibly articulate.

  • Pale Zombie
    Pale Zombie 12 hours ago

    @3:32 “Hey, I’m your lawyer...NO.” Click...😂😂😂😂😂

  • teresa smith
    teresa smith 15 hours ago

    Wow I believe it. I remember the video.

  • e delio
    e delio 16 hours ago

    if you listen you can tell its either domestic abuse, gambling on games or sexual misconduct, pick 1

  • 101 plokplok
    101 plokplok 16 hours ago

    Did you know that women prefer old spice for thier men once bajillan times more than lady scented body washes?..Did you know that im riding this hores back?..heyyyaaa!!

  • Bape Tape
    Bape Tape 17 hours ago

    Yeh thay killed Him dodo going to hell

  • Aimee Seek
    Aimee Seek 18 hours ago

    No kidding.

  • The Hammer And Tickle
    The Hammer And Tickle 18 hours ago

    Love his Tattoos He seems like a good boy... well "was" a good boy.

  • Anya Vlad
    Anya Vlad 18 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but animals have more compassion than humans do,clearly, so calling this act animalistic is wrong!!!

  • Sam Black
    Sam Black 18 hours ago

    Stop making the spoon gesture you 🤡

  • P
    P 18 hours ago


  • P
    P 18 hours ago


  • Gregory Kelly
    Gregory Kelly 18 hours ago

    Judge Tammy Kemp is a fool, does Tammy Kemp pay attention to accused black ppl. Do this judge have to pay humbleness to a killer of a human. Bcuz she was white she took it upon herslf to hug a killer, but not all killers.

  • Kim Winders
    Kim Winders 18 hours ago

    I hope you are getting passed around like a worthless piece of meat!

  • About Time
    About Time 19 hours ago

    Nice work, it will piss of the democrats though. Remember the ones that fought to keep slavery. Want open boraders, abolish ICE, love to support Hillary and keep human trafficking going. Ya, those guys.

  • Tiffany Suttle-Thrower

    Amen👏👏dear God watch over these people off and on duty

  • Leonard Wells
    Leonard Wells 19 hours ago

    Doing a great job ICE keep up the good work!

  • Vince Baleto
    Vince Baleto 19 hours ago

    All a lie bla bla bla

  • Bonney Dahlquist
    Bonney Dahlquist 19 hours ago

    Go to home depot if you wanna round up mass illegals

  • Rick Hard
    Rick Hard 19 hours ago

    why spend the money? don't billionaire trump have enough soft skulled violent cult followers to just shoot them?

    • Bonney Dahlquist
      Bonney Dahlquist 19 hours ago

      But yet the violence is coming from the demoncrats side.. you are a degenerate

  • IIDante 86II
    IIDante 86II 19 hours ago


  • T West
    T West 19 hours ago

    Five 300 pound pigs laying on him wasn't quit enough to stop him from breathing, thank stretch pants and Dunkin-doughnuts a 6th morbidly obese sloth was there to crush hid lungs! FTP!

  • adrian m8
    adrian m8 19 hours ago

    They can’t even fight 😂

  • James Olah
    James Olah 19 hours ago

    That's the Christlike love God wants his people to demonstrate. We show how God forgives as we forgive others. Thank you for faithfully following the Lord in this.

  • Dr Zaius
    Dr Zaius 19 hours ago

    When are the deluded leftists going open their homes and wallets to these criminals? Oh that's right its "do as we say not as we do" in the DNC.

    • P
      P 18 hours ago


  • Vinny Rides
    Vinny Rides 19 hours ago

    Thank you Director Albence for being a true public servant and upholding and enforcing the laws of our great nation. We need more like you.

    KiTT FOXXE 19 hours ago



    ICE AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION THE GREAT BATTLE CONTINUES EXCEPTIONALISM rules the idea that America doesn’t have great beliefs and INVENTIONS AND principles it’s not only color or race it’s everything challenging the rights of The framers WHO HAD TO BE NEGRO and couldn’t write but the drugs are from Mexico and the Fake fentanyl from China and the HIV from Africa maybe I don’t know but somebody needs to say if you are not a super hero it’s not ALWAYS right to blame yourself and in the process the law is to protect us from THINGS LIKE BULL RUNING or Needing to know two languages when ours is the most widely spoken it’s a metaphor FOR LIFE WE ARE SOME LAZY PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO EAT AND HAVE FUN THATS WHY WE INVENTED SO MUCH FUN STUFF AND NOT TORCHER FOR OURSELVES LIKE DISNEY AND HERSEY PARK AND GREAT ADVENTURES AND WATER RIDES AND ART CLASSES VIDEO GAMES SNEAKERS FRAME THAT the American population from old times probably still the same damn near but it’s not that either it’s exceptionalism new word

  • Hanzy Scure
    Hanzy Scure 19 hours ago

    95% ? Don't believe it.

    HAROLSBA 89 20 hours ago

    I wish I can believe everything he said

  • Stan Moroncini
    Stan Moroncini 20 hours ago

    She's sorry because she got caught, typical.

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 20 hours ago

    Leading the nation in apprehensions shouldnt be something to boast about..

  • U Haul
    U Haul 20 hours ago

    Can't tell what's worse: ● Leadin' da nation no whurr near da rio grande Or ● Catchin' so manay sendin' a message 4 downstate?

  • Kaa Pii
    Kaa Pii 20 hours ago

    NC unfortunately is a sanctuary state. But..I live here and will gladly tell you where you can find 10 more that I know of.

  • Krause House
    Krause House 20 hours ago

    It makes me sick to think that this country has the SS excuse me ice in it

    • Krause House
      Krause House 19 hours ago

      Tell me doctor what's the difference between the SS and ice we have Customs we have border patrol what is ice if nothing more than people hunting people brown people

    • Dr Zaius
      Dr Zaius 19 hours ago

      Since when is enforcing the law a bad thing? You kids need to stop having mental breakdowns and comparing trivial things to nazi Germany.

    • William Baker
      William Baker 20 hours ago

      🤔 The SS literally went throughout Germany and Other countries to send jews to camps in Germany...... 🙄

  • Krause House
    Krause House 20 hours ago

    I hope the people at ice know how it feels to be hunted down one day

    • U Haul
      U Haul 18 hours ago

      @Krause House Put yo monay whurr yo mouth is and house & feed a family by bringing them in. Take down your front door, garage, and locks too. Leave your car doors open 2. Welcum ms 13.

    • Krause House
      Krause House 18 hours ago

      And let's not forget a tax break to the very wealthy people who just don't need money they just use it to control what we see what we hear who to hate maybe you should open your eyes and see who the real enemy is the people that really mean us harm

    • Krause House
      Krause House 18 hours ago

      And as far as open up my wallet and my home well I pay taxes just like you and I'd rather see my tax dollars go to helping people instead of building a wall in supporting a government agency that we just don't need we have police we have border agents what do we need ice for as far as out homes we seem to find money when we want to start wars we find money when we want to build jails but somehow we just can't help people looking for help

    • U Haul
      U Haul 18 hours ago

      @Krause House U house 'em dev house? Since u invited dem, House 'em. I live in big d?

    • Krause House
      Krause House 18 hours ago

      Are we so blind by greed and hate that we turn our backs on people looking for help these people walked a long way to get here they left their homes to families I'm sure they just didn't do it because they're trying to hurt us they're looking for help and all we can do is turn our backs on them hunt them down and send them back

  • Matthew E - Science
    Matthew E - Science 20 hours ago

    Hopefully Trump triples Obama's numbers

  • Robert Schaeffer
    Robert Schaeffer 20 hours ago

    May the Force be with you ICE...The world needs to know America doesn't support criminals

    • kweezy thebeast
      kweezy thebeast 19 hours ago

      Yea we do it just depends on their position.. we support slave owners so much that we put them on money.

    • Bonney Dahlquist
      Bonney Dahlquist 19 hours ago

      Democrats do

  • BubblewrapHighway
    BubblewrapHighway 20 hours ago

    Oh no, trump is gonna have to replace all his waiters and landscapers on his golf resorts!

    • SpikersButchers
      SpikersButchers 19 hours ago

      Dont forget his wife and his wife's family. Oh wait he hires pornstars nevermind

    • U Haul
      U Haul 20 hours ago

      With AI

  • Oneshot Movement
    Oneshot Movement 20 hours ago

    90% are back lol

  • grow forit
    grow forit 20 hours ago

    Let them in better than what we have in Washington DC.

    • SpikersButchers
      SpikersButchers 19 hours ago

      @PleasentDddd nope. He is correct. Bunch of scum in D.C that only benefit their own pocket vs people trying to escape a terrible life. It's a no brainers but fox and trump labels them as Osama bin laden

    • PleasentDddd
      PleasentDddd 20 hours ago

      grow forit Incorrect.

  • ShoKolad
    ShoKolad 20 hours ago

    God bless the ICE and the border patrols! They're the defenders of us Americans!

  • Lucius Sulla
    Lucius Sulla 20 hours ago

    Nice job Dallas!

  • cuntpuncher
    cuntpuncher 20 hours ago

    Thank you officers, keep up the good work!!!

    TODDD OETKEN 20 hours ago

    Was an arrest necessary? No!

  • Kai Balfour
    Kai Balfour 20 hours ago


    CHRISTIANA ODOM 20 hours ago

    "You Can Breathe When We Say You Can Breathe!" Bitch Please. Don't Tell Me It's Illegal To Breathe Now Like Damn.

  • Randy Dumeshousen
    Randy Dumeshousen 20 hours ago

    Did he stop moving enough for you bitch!

  • For Wakanda
    For Wakanda 21 hour ago

    Stop playing Border Patrol Agents get payed handsomely by the Cartels to look the other way now that's been well documented also

  • Dr. Jh Irons
    Dr. Jh Irons 22 hours ago

    Not only is he the younger brother of the late Botham Jean. He's also a GODDAMN FOOL!!!!! 😡

  • Lead Paint
    Lead Paint 22 hours ago

    I’m sure the new truck frames will rust out too.

  • MenaceToSociety
    MenaceToSociety 23 hours ago

    If someone is peeking through my window they’d be shot unless you make yourself known

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk Day ago


  • Seattle the Great

    I wonder if the gas mileage is better probably not maybe even worse

  • Samuel McKenzie

    Looks like a fucking bus. Disgusting upgrade...

  • X N
    X N Day ago

    If he had been black, it wouldn't have taken 3 years to get the footage.

  • Mannello Sébastien

    Death to pigs. Love-Love !

  • Andrew Hughes
    Andrew Hughes Day ago

    What a joke. If he had any military training , he would have taken out the drivers in the white trucks. AR 15 vs 9mm . Come on. Amateur

  • Nehemias Rodriguez


  • Peace Selam ሰላም

    My heart is broken for u. Be strong

  • IPOP Entertaiment

    kamu adalah pemenang yang sesungguhnya

  • Tim R
    Tim R Day ago

    Designed and built to break down even sooner and be more expensive to repair. 🤮

  • shine tiger
    shine tiger Day ago

    They should start remaking older models of cars. The 1990s designs were great then from their they just started looking more and more like spaceships

  • phoolishbwoy
    phoolishbwoy Day ago

    No one wants gasoline cars any more... so sad these car companies are so blind.

    KiTT FOXXE Day ago

    I will lease it

  • Just Listening

    Ugly and way overpriced.

  • Ms Wonderfulgem

    Anyone who believes in the words of the fraternal order of police are a bunch of fools. Somd Law enforcement officers are known liars.

  • NJDevil201
    NJDevil201 Day ago

    Damn that’s hideous, what are they think at GM?? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Nic . Nice
    Nic . Nice Day ago

    Good move.

  • Nyche NYC
    Nyche NYC Day ago

    Its definitely uglier , come on America we should just give up on making cars smfh

  • Uncle Fjester
    Uncle Fjester Day ago

    Too Fuggin Big to park at the Mall

  • Liquid Sunshine

    I dont trust these mush mouth ceos give me rambling musk

  • Carlos Estes
    Carlos Estes Day ago


  • John Duckworth

    First off I wanna say that any loss of life in the field is sad and tragic whether you're wearing a badge or not. I tried watching this without my emotions influencing my opinions on the subject matter. Right at the start we are told that this guy called 911 because he was off his psychiatric medicine, and had taken drugs. So this man was not in his right mind at all. All of that yelling for help he could have been hallucinating. Also, it's reasonable to assume that a mentally unbalanced person on drugs could involuntarily exhibit strong physical force so taking him down in such a way I would think is standard operating procedure. They were asking him tony what'd you take? No answer. In its conclusion he became unresponsive to the officers, eventually leading to not breathing, and finally death. I'm not a doctor, but I would bet money on that his death wasn't solely on the officers hands. They may have played a small part, but a guy who takes psychiatric medicine and then does drugs could have had any number of problems arise in his system from an allergic reaction to a fatal combination of drugs. I think the situation should be judged responsibly, thoroughly, and unbiased. And for reference I've added a link to what he said he took.

  • Rami Qasem
    Rami Qasem Day ago

    What an ugly design

  • Dope inc.
    Dope inc. Day ago

    Someone out their got paid to design this ugly, repetitive suv while factories are getting moved to Mexico

  • Berny Sutton
    Berny Sutton Day ago

    Buenos carros y con el peor servicio mecanico en nordus motors marysville ks

  • Simon Castillo

    Texas made...... lol

  • Justin Crimaldi Knowledge & Wisdom Playlist

    U do like the vehicle though. Just fyi. Since i see alot of people that thinks its ugly. It may be a crap vehicle. But i like the way it works

  • evelynzation
    evelynzation Day ago

    What’s this company doing to stay relevant during climate crisis- nothing. 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏽👎🏼

  • Chef Asbury
    Chef Asbury Day ago

    Do they run on gas???

  • Justin Crimaldi Knowledge & Wisdom Playlist

    They say every vehicle is quality and keeps you safe. Every year. Even when it doesnt. They still say it. Not just GM. All of the vehicle manufactures

  • Neightrix Prime

    With GM going bankrupt due to unions, you always wonder which vehicles they'll cut costs on.

  • momoneyindabank4

    Americans love this.