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Top 5 Armor Sets - BOTW
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Top 5 Kanto Pokemon
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Top 5 Bows - BOTW
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Top 10 Weapons - BOTW
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  • Thorpe coaster photos

    Nah no 1 goes to great Eagle bow

  • Ches G
    Ches G 3 hours ago

    this needs more views fhdjdj thanks so much. I'm gonna need to grind if I wanna get all those version exclusives before my 7 day trial for online trading ends. honestly TT I'm so sad I'm literally too broke to have the subscription and even my switch and sword were gifts from my grandfather.

    • Ches G
      Ches G Hour ago

      ahh,, I read up on it and the offer expired last september ^^

    • Ches G
      Ches G Hour ago

      @RMFH omg??? my amazon prime expired last month TT that sucks but thank you for the tip!! by free 12 months do you mean as long as the prime subscription is active?

    • RMFH
      RMFH 2 hours ago

      Ches G Do you know anyone who has amazon prime? You can get a free 12 month trail that way.

  • woven cleric alt
    woven cleric alt 4 hours ago

    2:33 or you can just get the thunder helm

    • RMFH
      RMFH Hour ago

      This is a complete armor set video. That why the rubber armor is included. I swear ppl ignore the defense stat the thing gives you on top of the effect lol.

  • Landon Thornberry
    Landon Thornberry 15 hours ago

    My list: ANY WOODEN ITEM :)

  • dan wheeler
    dan wheeler 18 hours ago

    During the glider BIL how do you get the camera to stay sideways while in Bullet time?

  • David Knight
    David Knight 20 hours ago

    C'mon man no ladle

  • David Knight
    David Knight 22 hours ago

    No gerudo

  • David Knight
    David Knight 22 hours ago

    How was your stamina refilling like that in bullet time

  • Smudger The Hillbilly
    Smudger The Hillbilly 23 hours ago

    That shield looks like the face I make when a good shield is badly damaged

  • Jack Kay
    Jack Kay Day ago

    I found all the armour and then i got tarrey town - i so wish i had found that sooner....

  • DaTrippster
    DaTrippster Day ago

    For anyone that is coming to this video, the newest and easiest way to duplicate is here. So. 1. Get 5 or 6 multi shot bows (duplex bows work too. And you can sometimes do it with 3 bows) 2. Equip the multi shot bow and equip shock arrows. 3. Drop the bow with it pulled out (ZR to unsheathe bow) 4. Do this with all of the bows until 1 bow is left 5. For the last bow, pull it out, put it up, pull it out, and put it back (just unsheathe and sheathe the bow a few times and you can keep the bow out) 6. BOOM now you have over loaded your menu, now you can duplicate. Watch a video on what to do once you’ve overloaded the menu.

  • Rania AlDrajy
    Rania AlDrajy Day ago

    I use my savage lynel bows for koroks which now after what you said i feel bad for doing so

  • Crackers The Cow

    8:38 I can show you the world

  • Ishaan Vaidya
    Ishaan Vaidya Day ago

    does infinite arrows work?

  • The pumkin god


  • TheBestBanan
    TheBestBanan Day ago

    mate you still sound like kermit

    • TheBestBanan
      TheBestBanan Day ago

      RMFH not what I mean I just meant it’s funny

    • RMFH
      RMFH Day ago

      TheBestBanan Not like I can change my voice lmao. It is what it is.

  • Robert Wong
    Robert Wong Day ago

    6:46 what shrine is that

  • RebStudios
    RebStudios Day ago

    I feel guilty. I discarded the Trident on some mountain top in order to pick up a better two hander. I'm sorry, fish waifu.

    • RMFH
      RMFH Day ago

      Best comment of the week 👌

  • Cris
    Cris Day ago

    Kilton is "Evil" Tingle change my mind

    • RMFH
      RMFH Day ago

      I agree

  • Ashton Michael

    Favourite Armor Sets: 5: Snowquill Set 4: Phantom Armor (DLC) 3: Ancient Set 2: Desert Voe Set 1: Barbarian Set

  • Deco Schelly
    Deco Schelly Day ago

    Great video but one thing. You forgot about cottonee and whimsicott

    • RMFH
      RMFH Day ago

      They are in both games.

  • David Knight
    David Knight Day ago

    my brother and I have epona. and I have the royal white stallion. and my brother has the giant horse. I like your video alot.

  • Verloren ziel
    Verloren ziel Day ago

    I farm Royal Bows from Hinox

  • Penny Rosalez
    Penny Rosalez 2 days ago


  • MikMik Umlas
    MikMik Umlas 2 days ago

    Watching this guy doing the Worm in Water and Air 😂😂

  • Honzik Calimlim
    Honzik Calimlim 2 days ago

    Is it just me or is like all of their swords double handed

  • FaZe_Fusion
    FaZe_Fusion 2 days ago

    I’m on Nintendo switch btw, which button is the start button?

  • Kindergarten Kakao
    Kindergarten Kakao 2 days ago

    I am the 10.000 Like😎😎😎😎

  • MaxwellMegaGamer 85

    8:00 I pushed it up so I had to save state

  • Angelia Conley
    Angelia Conley 3 days ago

    1. Gannons horse 2. Zelda's horse 3. Balanced horse 4. Lord of the mountain 5. Eponya

  • Shallow Killer
    Shallow Killer 3 days ago

    I want u to do a divine beasts thoery

  • Milo Jones
    Milo Jones 3 days ago

    Where's shield clipping ☹️

  • fluffy potato
    fluffy potato 3 days ago

    69 mon ,nice

  • Devon
    Devon 4 days ago

    You sound like randomfrankp

    SEGA_SATURN4LIFE 4 days ago

    A climbing simulator ? Lol wow how original like I haven’t heard hundreds of others regurgitate that same stupid point. You people (liberals) are all the same and don’t have original thoughts. You only think it’s a “climbing simulator” cuz you heard some other dumb ass say that garbage

    • RMFH
      RMFH Day ago

      Idk how me making a joke LITERALLY a few months* after RELEASE = me copying everyone else. It’s a corny joke I came up with off the top of MY head because it literally is a climbing simulator. Not that hard to put two and two together.... I didn’t hear it from anyone else because, at the time, I was so deep into working my A** off making content I didn’t have the chance to hear it. Not that you care LMAO. That is ONE EXTREMELY flawed assumption you’ve got there! No comment on that front. I don’t bring politics onto the channel. Anyway, I hope you have a better day :) Thank you for stopping by and giving me a view 👋 P.S. Nice try with the heavy baiting ;)

  • Emerald Quest
    Emerald Quest 4 days ago

    But yet you can just get the thund helm

    • RMFH
      RMFH 4 days ago

      The video is about complete armor sets not individual pieces of armor.

  • Jackson Fairbank
    Jackson Fairbank 4 days ago

    wow i didnot think it would work

  • MaxwellMegaGamer 85

    I didn’t have a house before so i had to get a house quickly to make sure to get it cuz I didn’t want a SUPA popular channel to tell lies Also acient should be 3 cuz it’s best for sheild surfing cuz least friction on ground

  • Da real Salty
    Da real Salty 4 days ago

    Rubber armor is crap use thunder helm bot

    • RMFH
      RMFH 4 days ago

      The video is about complete armor sets not individual pieces of armor.

  • DreamyCottonCandy
    DreamyCottonCandy 5 days ago

    Wow I love you awesome content btw I got all the shrines

  • JUST _Fabio
    JUST _Fabio 5 days ago

    You sound like a serious randomfrankp but your videos are good

    • JUST _Fabio
      JUST _Fabio 5 days ago

      @RMFH keep up the good work

    • RMFH
      RMFH 5 days ago

      JUST _Fabio Ayy thank you! Finally a decent one ☺️ Appreciate that.

  • Sumo Obi
    Sumo Obi 5 days ago

    HE IS AT 1 AND A HALF HEARTS I am scared

  • X•C•O•M•E•T hhee


  • Frogmin
    Frogmin 5 days ago

    my recommendation: 1 - majora's mask/barbarian's helm/thunder helm 2 - barbarian's armor 3 - snowquill leggings boasts quite high defense, 1 cold resistence, 1 attack up, enemies can't spot you, and if they do you can just swap out the barbarian's helm if needed, and thunder helm too for certain situations. meaning, you're able to pretty much go anywhere (since there's a lot of cold areas in the game), and have a permanent damage boost just in case (1 to 2) on top of that, there's areas like the gerudo desert and goron city which require other elemental resistances to travel. i recommend: flamebreaker helmet/leggings male gerudo leggings having 1 page of armor instead of 4 removes a lot of clutter and makes swapping really easy, to adjust quickly to new situations. while goofing off in botw i'd usually take a speed elixer 3, or steal 3 + majora's mask, barbarians armor and snowquill leggings

  • Random 240
    Random 240 6 days ago

    Finally managed to succeed in the first one just before daytime, then the jerk who I have basically been torturing all night ripping his arm off and giving it back repeatedly took the thrown weapon before I could and disintegrated with it immediately 💀😡

  • Felicity Johnson
    Felicity Johnson 6 days ago

    Does the last one still work? It’s not working for me

    • RMFH
      RMFH 6 days ago

      Felicity Johnson still works

  • DanJ86
    DanJ86 6 days ago

    Funny. Your description of Kilton made me think that maybe he's actually a Twili? He uses dark magic, he has dark skin and doesn't appear during the day. Light hurts a Twili so maybe that's why he can't be found. It was just a theory that came to me. Though he doesn't really share much characteristics with the other know Twili, Midna and Zant.

  • Da real Salty
    Da real Salty 6 days ago

    Most traumatic things in Zelda Your hylian shield is badly damaged Your master sword is running low on energy

  • The Gaymers
    The Gaymers 6 days ago

    where does he get all this clothing? is it amiibo?

  • Brooklynn the crazy peep

    My master sword says 30 though

  • Hayden Graves
    Hayden Graves 7 days ago

    someone help me! I Just started zelda and I would love to buy some armor but i have no idea how to farm rupees early in game

  • PlayerIdentity
    PlayerIdentity 7 days ago

    Pot lid?

  • Arceus 101
    Arceus 101 7 days ago

    If you use an ancient arrow on any normal enemy, it will poof

  • FrostFireDemon
    FrostFireDemon 7 days ago

    Is it just me or is kilton's hair the kokiri symbol

  • Daniel Zelaya
    Daniel Zelaya 7 days ago

    IM having some trouble with the upward bil, i get it on random attempts but its never consistent, any tips?

    • Daniel Zelaya
      Daniel Zelaya 7 days ago

      Okay so im assuming for the upward bil your first bomb shouldnt be touching the ground? i could be wrong about that though

  • Luigi the noob
    Luigi the noob 7 days ago

    You can also get the warm dublet in his house after you get the paraglider

  • Zayed Almazrouei
    Zayed Almazrouei 7 days ago

    Last glitch doesn’t work for me:(

  • RowRow
    RowRow 7 days ago

    What's the level limit for enhancing something at a fairy fountain?

  • Mc realmusic
    Mc realmusic 7 days ago

    No timestamps in the comments

    • RMFH
      RMFH 7 days ago

      Hit "read more" on the pinned comment.

  • * Karen
    * Karen 8 days ago

    It’s not the ground in Kara Kara Bazaar. It’s the fire that burns the arrows to keep them from despawning.

  • Stickman Joe
    Stickman Joe 8 days ago

    You actually forgot one, but its from a special case. The salvager headwear, vest, and trousers is found throughout hyrule by finding 3 special red shooting stars. It gives swim dash stamina up and swim speed upon getting the full set. I think this side quest was from a special update, where Nintendo collaborated with xexoblade chronicles 2. If you dont have the side quest, I think you're out of luck. *Edit: You also cant use amibo to get the set, so theres that.*

    • Stickman Joe
      Stickman Joe 8 days ago

      @RMFH Tbh, I thought the set came out before the dlc, so my bad.

    • RMFH
      RMFH 8 days ago

      Stickman Joe This was made before that armor set came out....

  • TheBestBanan
    TheBestBanan 8 days ago

    you sound like kirmit sometimes

    • RMFH
      RMFH 8 days ago


  • MikMik Umlas
    MikMik Umlas 8 days ago

    Thanks. *I couldn't have gotten the 5th horse if It werent for my stupid newbie mind :)*

  • Austin H.
    Austin H. 8 days ago

    *hey you forgot the radiant shield*

  • Blazing Ram
    Blazing Ram 8 days ago

    Y do u still play botw

    • RMFH
      RMFH 8 days ago

      Blazing Ram lol why don’t you?

    FIRE AND BLOOD 8 days ago

    I I'm happy you showed me the shrine :)

  • brian75purple brian

    whats master mode?

  • DD peppes
    DD peppes 8 days ago

    Shops need to sell weapons

  • Phil Jeavons
    Phil Jeavons 9 days ago

    No commentary? Would have liked one so we could tell how you were feeling during it etc throughout the run. Yes I now I'm late to the party (2 years ago), I have been interested lately in reminding myself of this game for some reason.

  • Keita Tsutsumi
    Keita Tsutsumi 9 days ago

    Yeah November 30 2019, glitch #1’s still working lol

  • Bahamut 1.0
    Bahamut 1.0 9 days ago

    Yesterday I fought a Lynel and got a savage lynel sword wit frickin 90 damage

  • smith dragonstarch
    smith dragonstarch 9 days ago

    could you say how to do it on a wii-u gamepad ??

  • Joseph Jacobs
    Joseph Jacobs 9 days ago

    5:24 You can also just breed one Hitmonlee (or Hitmonchan) to get the opposite one (and to get Hitmontop)

    • RMFH
      RMFH 8 days ago

      Thank you for the tip :)

  • Joseph Jacobs
    Joseph Jacobs 9 days ago

    You my freind, are an absolute lifesaver. Thank you so much!

  • Brooklynn the crazy peep

    No dont buy the diamond if you look at your map and go to the too right theres a box thing and if you complete it youll get the diamond circlet

  • Brooklynn the crazy peep

    I went to the old mans house and there was a chest I opened it there it was but now I have two lol

  • Brooklynn the crazy peep

    Thinderblight was easy though tho

  • fire type litten
    fire type litten 9 days ago

    OMG them glitches are scary

  • Sometimesいい子
    Sometimesいい子 9 days ago


  • Aleksei Torres
    Aleksei Torres 9 days ago

    Catch em all what a lie

    • Aleksei Torres
      Aleksei Torres 9 days ago

      @RMFH Pokemon franchise is all about Catching them all

    • RMFH
      RMFH 9 days ago

      Just because every Pokémon isn’t in the game doesn’t mean the video/title is a lie. I show where to catch all version exclusives 70+ Pokémon.

  • Claire Wolters
    Claire Wolters 9 days ago

    You rock! Thanks!

  • tashawn hayden
    tashawn hayden 9 days ago

    The hero soul is us the player, we are ‘linked’ to the game and never give up until we beat it. That’s why when there’s a game over we come back lol. It’s like breaking the fourth wall. We the player have used link time and time again in every game and beat demise Ganon zant vaati bellum. Etc. and we are the connection

  • Four FORTHS of a quart

    4:03 looks like mii

  • Thirsty Demon
    Thirsty Demon 10 days ago

    Why do you need the rubber armor when you have the thunder helm and you don’t need the xenoblade chronicles when you have Zara armor

  • constipated jiren
    constipated jiren 10 days ago

    I hope there's something like a guardian boss in the sequel

  • rose
    rose 10 days ago

    got ganons horse by accident collecting rushrooms, noticed he was bigger but didnt think he was rare. little did i KNOW

  • The Sqoou
    The Sqoou 10 days ago

    His name is Kilton implying he's killed a ton.

  • Musical Covers
    Musical Covers 10 days ago

    RMFH: This is going to be a longer video Me: *checks video length* 6 mins... ok long vid! *I’m not being mean it’s just a joke 🙈😂

  • el
    el 10 days ago

    Riding Sidon? Don’t mind if I do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Lightウ
    Lightウ 10 days ago

    After doing the heart glitch my glider falls straight down pls help me

  • Lightウ
    Lightウ 10 days ago

    Is the unlimited hearts glitch patched? I don’t want to try it and loose all my hearts lol

    • Adrian Miller
      Adrian Miller 8 days ago

      No it's not. I did this like 4 weeks ago. They havent patched the game because they working on botw 2

  • RMFH
    RMFH 11 days ago

    TO EVERYONE ASKING ABOUT THE BARBARIAN ARMOR. It’s not as powerful as the Ancient armor. The Ancient armor can be stacked with buffs which makes it the best armor in the game.

    • Jaden Lack
      Jaden Lack 3 days ago

      @RMFH No I love both and have full inventory I use half for guardian and Ancient weapons than the other half for generally lynel weapons. I like to save my food attack buffs for stacking with ancient weapons and just wear the barbarian armor for the others

    • RMFH
      RMFH 6 days ago

      Easily fixed with a food buff. While you can’t get the stack from the attack up buff at all on the Barbarian armor.

    • Lucas Yee
      Lucas Yee 6 days ago

      Jaden Lack that’s a good point. Ancient weapons are kinda hard to get.

    • Jaden Lack
      Jaden Lack 6 days ago

      But Barbarian accounts for every weapon in the game while Ancient armor only accounts for ancient weapons which you don't always have.

  • Electric Peashooter
    Electric Peashooter 11 days ago

    *cough cough* barbarian armor *cough*

    • RMFH
      RMFH 11 days ago

      Electric Peashooter pinned comment

  • chol
    chol 11 days ago


    • RMFH
      RMFH 11 days ago

      chol g pinned comments

  • Arceus 101
    Arceus 101 11 days ago

    Where do you get royal guard armour?