Primitive Technology
Primitive Technology
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  • Ned Flanders
    Ned Flanders Hour ago

    Your first night in your hut “you may not rest now there are monsters nearby”

  • Jacob P
    Jacob P Hour ago

    Hey John, question about your fires and your control of them. Do you have a contingency plan eg. Fire extinguisher ect to put it out, just given the terrible bush fires ravaging Aussie right now? Keep up the great videos really enjoy all of them. Cheers from a Kiwi neighbour

  • Vincent Nacon
    Vincent Nacon Hour ago

    I'm confused... it says Pot has set due to the lime in the wood ash... but... I didn't see him add lime to wood ash. Am I meant to understood that tree has lime in their wood?

  • Gerard Tomoń
    Gerard Tomoń 2 hours ago


  • Kamen Petrov
    Kamen Petrov 2 hours ago

    Do stuff from the anime Dr. Stone

  • Adrian Millan
    Adrian Millan 2 hours ago

    I really want to get into this after binging this channel, but I feel like this will go poorly in southern Louisiana (USA)

  • ちゅん ちゅん
    ちゅん ちゅん 2 hours ago

    Mud Science

  • Kevin Winn
    Kevin Winn 2 hours ago

    real world minecraft

  • Alex Petrov
    Alex Petrov 2 hours ago

    So many questions... If you make the pot with sand added does it dry and settle faster, does it leak water in 24 hours, can you cook in it, how strong are both types, what happens if you put them in the klin (burn, crack or get stronger)?

  • John Donaldson
    John Donaldson 2 hours ago

    Might be useful for filtering dirty water? If you can increase the rate of leaking.

  • Серый Есть
    Серый Есть 2 hours ago


  • Pepe's bodega
    Pepe's bodega 2 hours ago

    Can't wait until the pyramide episodes

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 2 hours ago

    This is bullshit.

  • Cron Tv
    Cron Tv 2 hours ago

    Очень красиво

  • PORAMIN singtophuak
    PORAMIN singtophuak 2 hours ago


  • Dangerous Mistake
    Dangerous Mistake 2 hours ago

    this is awesome man, 9.91 M ? you are inspiring , passionate about building a hut with tools and stuff you found in the bush and built from other things in the bush? fallow that humble dream and be a success in your own right

    THE DODO REX 2 hours ago

    I made one of these at home recently but ruffly half the size

  • Gregory K
    Gregory K 2 hours ago

    Tornado warning in orlando so wish us luck!

  • milojka vukosavljevic

    OMG!!! New episode!!!

  • Reza Ng
    Reza Ng 2 hours ago

    So your name is John Plant.. I thought you're a John Civilian.

  • Slick Daddy
    Slick Daddy 2 hours ago

    What was that brown shit? Sewage runoff?

    THE DODO REX 2 hours ago

    Hey quick question but theoretically wouldn’t ash make the clay more heat resistant if so that’s a great use for it

  • Reg Eric
    Reg Eric 2 hours ago

    And here I was thinking that ash was scum

  • Jan Johan Patter
    Jan Johan Patter 2 hours ago

    I wonder, how do you move your camera without getting it muddy and dirty all over?

  • Shadowmech88
    Shadowmech88 2 hours ago

    So the dried ash mixture doesn't dissolve in water, but is permeable to it, whereas fired clay doesn't dissolve or allow water to seep through? Are there any advantages to making objects out of the ash mixture rather than clay aside from not needing to be fired?

  • Lightchao0
    Lightchao0 2 hours ago

    If I'm not mistaken I believe the 'steam' coming off the slaking shells is actually acetylene gas

  • Nicolò Orsucci
    Nicolò Orsucci 2 hours ago

    Why he scratch the pot with a shell?

  • chancho huligancho
    chancho huligancho 2 hours ago

    primate tech

  • Silent Glacier Fang
    Silent Glacier Fang 2 hours ago

    I had always thought of making something out of ash like one does with clay but never had the time. Cool to see that it actually works.

  • Papsi San
    Papsi San 2 hours ago

    Has he talked yet

  • Fintan
    Fintan 2 hours ago

    Could I make grandma into a bowl?

  • BADER DA Ahmed
    BADER DA Ahmed 2 hours ago

    💯 شكرآ ✌️👈👍👍👍👍

  • Яша Кундин
    Яша Кундин 2 hours ago

    Знай себе куражится!

  • Nocrii
    Nocrii 2 hours ago

    My first thought tho - how s Your hands after that? You put Your hands for some time in lye actually, didn't it hurt You...?

  • Evo Docturine
    Evo Docturine 2 hours ago

    I really hope this gets seen.... You're an inspiration man... If you can, I would love to see a small clay bricked house with the tile roof ... IF you can... Combining all the best techniques you've learned. Ooooooo and also... Make a little hut deal with your tools that's attached to the side of the house... And then making shelves and such to put your pots and houseware materials... And a sweet looking bed too.. With a fireplace of course... And then whatever creativity that comes to mind.... I could only dream of how utilitarian as you are.

  • Leader Bad
    Leader Bad 2 hours ago

    For everyone who don't know. You can *turn on the Captions* . He narrates everything in the captions.

  • Zenn_G4RD3N
    Zenn_G4RD3N 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or is it when the fire was being blown i felt the heat

  • Imp Again!~
    Imp Again!~ 2 hours ago

    Good God, man. Haven't seen your vids for a few months and I come back and you are SWOL! Are you oan the protein?

  • yellow
    yellow 2 hours ago

    Oh so you made concrete

  • Classical Hektor
    Classical Hektor 2 hours ago

    I read Carbonated calcium can infact dissolve in water, very slowly tho. Also, it is a bit basic and reacting with an acid it looses CO2, so beware if you want to build a close environment with those bricks!

  • detu009
    detu009 2 hours ago


  • EmperorPeeter
    EmperorPeeter 2 hours ago

    It still amaze me how people don`t know the existense of ash blocks/bricks, which you can buy from stores as building blocks for houses, etc..... google it. Usually really light and soft and keeps warm (porous usually), but fast to build shelters, etc.... so... already really old technology.

  • Tzisorey Tigerwuf
    Tzisorey Tigerwuf 2 hours ago

    Huh. I knew some pottery glazes were made from wood ash, but I didn't realise that just wood ash alone would be so effective.

  • Lucas Thadeu
    Lucas Thadeu 2 hours ago

    Mr. Plant, your channel is one of the bests out there. Keep it up.

  • My Opinion Doesn't Matter

    Thankfully the bushfires don't seem to be near you. IIRC you're in QLD yeah? Pretty lucky given half the east coast is on fire.

  • No. 4
    No. 4 2 hours ago

    it's really great that you can basically reuse even "trash" like ash. Zero waste brick making.

  • dinnae
    dinnae 2 hours ago

    Didn't this hurt your hands? Since potash and the natural oil on your skin can basically turn into soap

  • Dmitrij Bugajev
    Dmitrij Bugajev 2 hours ago

    He can build a concrete house now.

  • riccardo sacchi
    riccardo sacchi 2 hours ago

    and the hut??'

  • tetsuoswrath
    tetsuoswrath 2 hours ago

    @0:50 Primitive 3D Printing Technology. :{

  • ScoutTF2
    ScoutTF2 2 hours ago

    i made a brick and a pot too and i smoke it

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 2 hours ago

    Phụ đề lầy vãi 😏 5:39

  • The Happy Greek
    The Happy Greek 2 hours ago

    Why doesn't it need to be heated in a furnace/kiln to cure it like he has to do with dirt/soil/clay/whatever bricks? Is it because it's already burnt or something? Why doesn't it just dissolve back into powder when he puts it in the water?

  • Darketka
    Darketka 3 hours ago


  • KeNies
    KeNies 3 hours ago


  • Dinu Golban
    Dinu Golban 3 hours ago

    This guy needs to build a TV so he can watch and react to different episodes of Dr. Stone and then post them here on TVclip.

  • Your_Sandwich
    Your_Sandwich 3 hours ago

    Brick firing kiln? How will kiln get a job now?

  • Heinz
    Heinz 3 hours ago

    let's go to 10M suscribers

  • D3Swarm
    D3Swarm 3 hours ago

    Hey man (John?) I enjoy your videos for some years now, mostly cause you do the stuff with notes clarifying what and why are you doing the stuff... Anyway I wanted to ask you if you will try the mortar (clay + wood ash) while building something with the bricks? I saw it on another video that poped up from another "prehistoric technology" but they didn't explained a thing... Thanks in advance and hope it all goes well this 2020!

  • Keln
    Keln 3 hours ago

    Amazing dark age chemistry :p

  • Chili SauceBottle
    Chili SauceBottle 3 hours ago

    This Minecraft let's play is nice.

  • Артем Налькин

    Sooo... Basically concrete? I like it)

  • Om3ga Let's Play
    Om3ga Let's Play 3 hours ago

    what is this minecraft modpack's name?

  • TBG_Scuffed
    TBG_Scuffed 3 hours ago

    This mans is playing Minecraft irl hardcore

  • akinnon2000
    akinnon2000 3 hours ago

    This is basicly minecraft with insane resolution and ray tracing....

  • William Kennison
    William Kennison 3 hours ago

    So given that this is waterproof I could feasibly use it to cost the outside of my earthen oven to keep it more protected from the elements.

  • mapesdhs
    mapesdhs 3 hours ago

    This is more interesting than the RX 5500 XT. :)

  • Mr Plague
    Mr Plague 3 hours ago

    Little too tropical up north for forest fires I guess. Maybe we just need more Jungles.

  • Ω
    Ω 3 hours ago

    If you like watching this you'd probably like the anime Dr. Stone

  • Jonas Forsman
    Jonas Forsman 3 hours ago

    Try firing the pot to vitrify it

  • dhare07
    dhare07 3 hours ago

    Ssi kill more trees to get what the ground gives without fail. This is backwards as fk.

  • Ernesto Saez
    Ernesto Saez 3 hours ago

    De book in spein..for?

  • Alex krnv
    Alex krnv 3 hours ago

    Is this John's property? I mean is it legal to make fire, cut trees there?

  • xFEAR_KUSHx Tuck
    xFEAR_KUSHx Tuck 3 hours ago

    ....I've been tricked....*reads own name*

    TECİR GAME 3 hours ago come on to the raffle

  • profwaldone
    profwaldone 3 hours ago

    Carbon sand and water. Thats a primative kind of concreet is it not? Damm thats clever. You could use it as morter on your hut if you wanted to.

  • Per Du
    Per Du 3 hours ago


  • Livi 120
    Livi 120 3 hours ago

    Pulverised fuel Ash is a major component in many concrete mixes.

  • TheCloakedEmo
    TheCloakedEmo 3 hours ago

    I love your videos, but could you update your playlists with the new ones? I like watching them my category but then I get to the end and know some are missing.

  • angelsinthewindow
    angelsinthewindow 3 hours ago

    Can you use any type of wood or does it have to be a certain type?

  • ziploxian
    ziploxian 3 hours ago

    How about you move on to metal......

  • Leo T.
    Leo T. 3 hours ago

    Excellent work, as usual. Had some questions about the ash bricks: how do they rate compared to "normal" bricks? Are they more heavy or more light? Can you scratch their surface? Are they more stress resistant (I.e. do they break more easily?) Thanks

  • A microwaved five year old

    I shouldn't have eaten my grandpas ashes

  • Jameson Wells
    Jameson Wells 3 hours ago

    So, i've watched all the videos on this channel at least once. Been following for quite a while. I'm still totally fascinated by how certain aspects have changed over time. And how apparent their change is. Muscle tone, he started with a little belly, his ability to use his feet as hands, how quickly he can start a fire, camera angles and editing, fine finger controls, and the incredible ingenuity that seems to get more deviated as time goes on, almost as if he is bored so thinks up new ideas. Excellent channel, for any of you who are new here, I highly recommend you check out more of his videos, they are just brilliant.

  • Nick Lai
    Nick Lai 3 hours ago

    Moving forward to 2020 the first person camera work would be an awesome permanent feature. Reminds me of Rust

  • LegoOverkill Animation

    That axe kinda feels unstable!

  • Bitter Movement
    Bitter Movement 3 hours ago

    This guy is fucking ripped

  • Josiah Baumgartner
    Josiah Baumgartner 3 hours ago

    What would happen if you fired it?

    • Léo El Amri
      Léo El Amri 3 hours ago

      I want to know as well. So far we know that the pottery and bricks made out of dirt sets after being heated at very high temperature. But it looks like the ones made out of wood ashes can sets after drying at "room temperature". Maybe heating them at high temperature would make them waterproof ? (Or it could also reduce them to ashes once more (: )

  • Serozha Pupkin
    Serozha Pupkin 3 hours ago

    Кожа слезет если прям так вот руки в щёлок запускать и лепить из него час горшок. Ваня, как и полагается англосаксу, просто дурит народ.

  • Andrey75
    Andrey75 3 hours ago

    А у нас - зима...

  • Lance Dalkin
    Lance Dalkin 3 hours ago

    just curious primitive, do you get fire bans up there ( i think queensland?), currently in south west of western australia and even the considered usually wet forests have a total fire ban or where you are is it too humid

  • czKarlos1
    czKarlos1 3 hours ago

    Ash + clay is practically concrete. Next time he will build an apartment building.

  • Timothy Neiswander
    Timothy Neiswander 3 hours ago

    If I recall correctly, you can pour water through wood ash to extract lye for making soap. More primitive tech. No one does this anymore. They just purchase the lye.

    • Léo El Amri
      Léo El Amri 3 hours ago

      You're right: You get the potassium hydroxide kind of lye when filtered through wood ashes. It doesn't allows you to make solid soap, though, only liquid jelly-ish ones.

  • Mroziu Iron10
    Mroziu Iron10 3 hours ago

    You are the best

  • Mohammad Hakami
    Mohammad Hakami 3 hours ago

    This man is slowly going through human’s history technology

  • FT029
    FT029 3 hours ago

    me: sad that my final tests are 3 hours long pot: casually passes 24 hour long water test

  • Storyspren
    Storyspren 3 hours ago

    Did the warming happen both with and without the sand? Could it be just potassium salts in the ash dissolving into the water?

  • 青木拓海
    青木拓海 3 hours ago


  • FunkyPlayz
    FunkyPlayz 3 hours ago

    hes so ripped wtf

  • acesarp
    acesarp 3 hours ago

    Not much of a talker