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  • Fernando Ferreira Salvia
    Fernando Ferreira Salvia 50 minutes ago

    was I the only one who thought that Luke Bryant was Will Wheaton?? Lol

  • Bruce Carey
    Bruce Carey Hour ago

    This woman is so totally underrated its just not funny. Those stupid judges at the time had a hidden agenda from the start. She should have won by a mile.

  • Aussie Loomer
    Aussie Loomer Hour ago

    Keith just like chilling.

  • Andrew Potter
    Andrew Potter 3 hours ago

    I'm sorry honey but you wouldn't have my vote.

  • Rari
    Rari 6 hours ago

    Just remember he beat Alejandro.... like wtf and this dude isn’t even good at singing 😂😂😂🥱🥱🥱

  • Huy Đinh hoàng
    Huy Đinh hoàng 7 hours ago

    So handsome

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson 7 hours ago

    Should have won easily.

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 8 hours ago

    Lol 🤣 🤣 he horrible can't believe he won !!

  • Stephanie Crews
    Stephanie Crews 8 hours ago

    I know it had to wonderful to sing with fantastia I thought the other girl was a little disrespectful at the end she said for tastia to have come from this bad of a place👂🏿👂🏿

  • sslindee
    sslindee 8 hours ago

    Sounds like the John Waite version

  • Chris Tate
    Chris Tate 8 hours ago


  • Caryssa Scott
    Caryssa Scott 9 hours ago

    Best live performance in life 🙌

  • Matt Nick
    Matt Nick 9 hours ago

    that dude in 1:42 be like "We got fucked"

  • Kk Sims
    Kk Sims 9 hours ago

    This really has me in tears 😭 OMG SHES AN ANGEL 😇 WHERE IS SHE NOW⁉️

  • Richard Herrera
    Richard Herrera 9 hours ago

    Laine Hardy why haven't we seen more performances like the ones you did on American Idol because they were great

  • Hanna Freriks
    Hanna Freriks 10 hours ago

    I love how Katy is trying to level with her

  • n Allen
    n Allen 10 hours ago

    Back for my daily fix. ❤️💯❤️💯❤️

  • Brooke Vlogs
    Brooke Vlogs 11 hours ago

    He's so young and so cute. Akdhwohrisbe. I'm like dying.

  • Kenzie Garza
    Kenzie Garza 14 hours ago

    That savanah Chrisey friend

  • Aurora Lavender
    Aurora Lavender 14 hours ago

    He's so Handsome. The most beautiful man i have ever seen in my life.

  • Jaymie Eshelman
    Jaymie Eshelman 15 hours ago

    when her friends hugged her i cried

  • Farhan Ihsan
    Farhan Ihsan 15 hours ago


  • Donald Scearce
    Donald Scearce 15 hours ago

    Dishwasher my ass

  • Michelle A
    Michelle A 15 hours ago

    Slaaaaays as alwayss!!!!!

  • Michelle A
    Michelle A 15 hours ago

    Katy perry 😍😍😍

  • Ranjan Bori
    Ranjan Bori 16 hours ago

    Wow I love

  • Rhian Felipe
    Rhian Felipe 17 hours ago


  • Adiyana Irawan
    Adiyana Irawan 18 hours ago

    Channel Adiyana Irawan oke..

  • Catarina Domingues
    Catarina Domingues 18 hours ago

    OMG 😱

  • sadie louw
    sadie louw 19 hours ago

    damn Daniel😍

  • Bryar Isiah
    Bryar Isiah 19 hours ago

    The first several lines when he started singing gave me chills and instantly teared up..after that it kinda got a little crazy for me but huge huge talent

  • Julie Aslanli
    Julie Aslanli 19 hours ago

    Luke: 👏🏼 Katy: 👏🏼 Lionel: tHaT wAS tHe gReaTEst....mAn.............. tHaT.........tHis iS gOnnA bE tHe gReaTeSt.............. tHis iS gOnnA bE tHe gReaTeSt sHow

  • Teaira Matson
    Teaira Matson 20 hours ago

    I love you Luke Bryan

  • big elz
    big elz 22 hours ago

    Am I the only person that thinks that was better than the original

  • Cathryn Holt
    Cathryn Holt 23 hours ago

    Thank you Jesus! Tear running down my face. God will bring everything full circle. Fantastic Fantasia was just what she needed so she could be inspired! 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Alberto Alegria
    Alberto Alegria 23 hours ago

    Y este personaje ganó...y no Alejandro..aranda..que terrible...los jueces...y la gente que vota..bueno por eso se llama ídolo americano...

  • Shelby R
    Shelby R Day ago

    Some bits are OK but she sounds awful in the beginning and at the end. Her pitch is off

  • アップルジュース


  • gleice kelly Alves


  • Monica Oropeza

    anyone remember dancing to this on Just Dance?

  • Lyhong Pon
    Lyhong Pon Day ago

    Am I the only one who think he looks like Vitas?

  • Augustus Expression

    Does he have Asian blood?

  • Gavin Rispy
    Gavin Rispy Day ago

    The reason he didn’t win is because they liked laine more but you know Alejandro didn’t want to be sighed by Disney and be forced to do stuff he does not want to get told what to do he can do what he wants so that’s y

  • Kbsully
    Kbsully Day ago

    I’m so proud ahhhh 🥺

  • Kyle Lewis
    Kyle Lewis Day ago

    Dislike for whatever the fuck that was at the end

  • Juan Zuniga
    Juan Zuniga Day ago

    I'm back 😂

  • Joseph Avila
    Joseph Avila Day ago

    Where can I buy his record for this song???

    • Httleeds T
      Httleeds T 20 hours ago

      You can get them: out loud and cholo love from iTunes or under scarypoolparty.

    • realangel92
      realangel92 Day ago

  • Brian Gosik
    Brian Gosik Day ago

    Its obvious so many people want Mariah's opinion and her to see them and nikki wants that

  • Caroline Agra
    Caroline Agra Day ago

    Well this sound lyk someone who have been a star for years to me tho

  • N.D.Knight S
    N.D.Knight S Day ago

    Katty was soooo into him 😋😂. Her look when she says: stay humble. Haha

  • Scott B
    Scott B Day ago

    Katy Perry is such a creep/bitch

  • Kordel Davis
    Kordel Davis Day ago

    Not the right song for him. He needs something smooth, a Fantasia song or easy Adele.

  • Violetta Vlogs

    Yes her sight might not be the greatest but her heart and voice are

  • Mariah C
    Mariah C Day ago

    The way he plays the guitar😍 gets me everytime.

    • realangel92
      realangel92 Day ago

  • Raphael Miranda

    I'm really afraid of Jennifer Holliday singing. No lie.

    • Prarthana Perera
      Prarthana Perera 41 minute ago

      She has an amazing voice but her facial expressions are scary I agree😅

  • Emily Robertson

    Oml I love Katy's wig!

  • Priscilla Estefania

    Like: Cantante pop latino Comenta: Cantante reggaeton puertorriqueño

  • david paterson

    Nicole shirtslinger tak3 note this is how an artist does a duet

  • Regina Hay
    Regina Hay Day ago

    He has the full package.

  • elenh_strt__
    elenh_strt__ Day ago


  • Boby Kharmuti
    Boby Kharmuti Day ago

    These unlike people probably don't have love

  • Mari D.
    Mari D. Day ago

    ok, i can’t stop crying ahhh

  • Alam Jefferson M

    I'm still here ❤️

  • Edmister Enterprises LLC

    *Lets be honest.. It wasn't as good as they claimed*

  • victoria davis
    victoria davis 2 days ago

    Who do you think is better AMI judges luke and katie and lional richie or the original judges paula randy and simon

  • 田中れん
    田中れん 2 days ago

    i like her voice✨✨( ^ω^ )✨✨

  • mariana lisset pintle

    Que asco es esta música

  • Jasmine Perez
    Jasmine Perez 2 days ago

    She made me cry omg girl u so beautiful

  • Frederic Roques
    Frederic Roques 2 days ago

    Amazing talent !!!

  • Bad Boys Hub
    Bad Boys Hub 2 days ago

    When that guitar switched up that was fire

    • realangel92
      realangel92 Day ago

    HI SHISTAR 2 days ago

    Ok but glow up 🤩

  • Tanya Paterson
    Tanya Paterson 2 days ago

    That sent me to tears too!! :,). <3 her she’s amazing!!!!!

  • Bobs Burgers
    Bobs Burgers 2 days ago

    Anybody thinking she has Tourettes doesn’t know what Tourettes is lol

  • CptShifty_
    CptShifty_ 2 days ago

    Why can’t they both be great... Hope both of them put out great music. And are successful.

  • Yvonne Mendez
    Yvonne Mendez 2 days ago

    He's so humble and shy he should of won this whole thing he really was robbed Shane on American Idol of course they couldn't let a Latin win dam prejudice jerk offs

  • Wanderson Silva
    Wanderson Silva 2 days ago


  • Edgar Patlan
    Edgar Patlan 2 days ago

    Those backup singers kind of ruined it

  • Miranda Brokenberry

    2 powerful women doing what they do best.....beautiful voices meet God given talent

  • BruhWave
    BruhWave 2 days ago

    god please keep alejandro alive

    Tarai WAQATAIREWA 2 days ago

    Wtaf what a G !!

  • Tatiana Bastos Dos Santos

    Daddy Yankee ☺️😝😝😝

  • Dinar B
    Dinar B 2 days ago

    Amazing voice, great talent, God bless you

  • N7 Blue
    N7 Blue 2 days ago

    Hahaha the anthem was a bit harsh but you can sing love!

  • Grace Manglal-lan
    Grace Manglal-lan 2 days ago

    "Whatever you're feeling right now, put it into music." - Fantasia A wonderful advice that I've ever heard. ❤

  • badboy4life6328
    badboy4life6328 2 days ago

    December 2019 TVclip : Recommended for you Me: Thank you 🙏

    • realangel92
      realangel92 Day ago

  • Ashley Farmer
    Ashley Farmer 2 days ago

    Luke....why do I even have a job lllol

  • Ashley Farmer
    Ashley Farmer 2 days ago

    He's so fucking chill and humble!!! Ugh I love him

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G 2 days ago

    The clothes hahahah i was 11 when this was live hahaha its a total flashback

  • Cozette M
    Cozette M 2 days ago

    Not fair to make anyone sing along with Jennifer Holliday her own song, it's just going to be a blood bath. Holliday is the only person who can scream and yell a song and it still works.

  • Zeynep Duru Günçe

    Why is this recommend to me now lmao

  • Justin Burmingham
    Justin Burmingham 2 days ago

    If I could like this more than one time I would have

  • Grandraplady akaAMB

    she reminds me of Ella Fitzgerald. He tone, range and the jazzy sophistication interpretations and the fact that she can sing!

  • Cameroon Bonjour
    Cameroon Bonjour 2 days ago

    Such a handsome Sikh man

  • Derek Fanelli
    Derek Fanelli 2 days ago

    Why bring the guitar ?

  • Shaista Juwairiya
    Shaista Juwairiya 2 days ago


  • dented Lawyer
    dented Lawyer 2 days ago


  • yumi villalongja
    yumi villalongja 2 days ago

    Jennifer Holliday is a supervolcano just exploded. Her intensity can drain all the blood out of me.

  • Robin Light
    Robin Light 2 days ago

    How come Katy can't sing like this own her own stuff. Had me thinking she sucks

  • Robin Light
    Robin Light 2 days ago

    When all else fails sing one of your own songs Lionel

  • aria esang
    aria esang 3 days ago

    OMG i hate drug :)