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  • Sarvinoz Shodmonzoda
    Sarvinoz Shodmonzoda 16 minutes ago

    I always watch all of your videos🌸 and they inspire me😊 to learn this language harder motivational videos😘😘😘

  • Mika Korvenranta
    Mika Korvenranta 22 minutes ago

    2027 starts real debate about this matter xD, but okay video still. *clap hands*

  • Austin Heynen
    Austin Heynen 24 minutes ago

    In Michigan the sales tax is 6%

  • Frozen Heart
    Frozen Heart 50 minutes ago

    It's Livermore outlet

  • Ardi Coconut
    Ardi Coconut Hour ago

    in Indonesia also.. I meet a lot tourist from Russian they are nice and friendly too

  • Herz_BTK
    Herz_BTK Hour ago

    3:03 TOKIO HOTEL xD

  • Hang Zhang
    Hang Zhang Hour ago

    Anyone noticed? Number 46 is missing .I’d like to know what’s that mean by “you are driving me nut”

  • Alief Irawan
    Alief Irawan Hour ago

    If there is a 'love react' in youtube..I am gonna do love react to this channel

  • GAll
    GAll Hour ago

    Teach me😀

  • Nicole Rose
    Nicole Rose Hour ago

    Yes this is happening to me!!!

  • vishwa khatsuria

    superb video.

  • Def4altBoi Yt
    Def4altBoi Yt 2 hours ago

    This video still help me always thanks!

  • Raja Raees Khan
    Raja Raees Khan 2 hours ago

    The way you talksand behave you are such loveable ❤️😘

  • Treiana v
    Treiana v 2 hours ago

    Marina i have a blast

  • Kinglysb23
    Kinglysb23 2 hours ago


  • maheen batool
    maheen batool 3 hours ago

    U are such a sweetheart ♥️

  • Zezinho Kinte
    Zezinho Kinte 3 hours ago

    Your videos it's a great learning I love your channel Thank you a lot Marina

  • Anhar Muflih
    Anhar Muflih 3 hours ago

    Very weird

  • Rashmika the Artsy
    Rashmika the Artsy 3 hours ago

    What a wonderfully informative video. Thank you, Marina!

  • Roth Pichvina
    Roth Pichvina 3 hours ago

    Come to visit Cambodia and try to speak English with Cambodian people🤗🤗

  • dhivya bhashini
    dhivya bhashini 3 hours ago

    You haven't visited india.pls do visit my country

  • masha3il
    masha3il 4 hours ago

    هل يوجد عرب ؟

  • Taimiyah Janahi
    Taimiyah Janahi 5 hours ago

    My readings nowadays are very elongated ! My readings nowadays are utterly elongated speed . Good?

  • herlina pangastuti
    herlina pangastuti 5 hours ago

    thanks for your tips for relationship..

  • Joker 6
    Joker 6 5 hours ago

    I don't dull this vido.. You are walk around the city.. this's great idea

  • Balai Bomba
    Balai Bomba 5 hours ago

    It sounds everything in the US is expensive @@

  • techprin vid
    techprin vid 5 hours ago

    Hi madam Im syam I have a doubt please clarify I know that you had been fired after my termination Or I know that you were fired after my termination Or I know that the management had fired you after my termination Which one is correct

  • Miras
    Miras 5 hours ago

    Hey there ! What is the “high GPA” out of 4.0? Thx in advance

  • Phillip II
    Phillip II 6 hours ago

    2:33 They aren't Indian but wearing Saari !

  • INFO
    INFO 6 hours ago

    Russian accented english🤔

  • Ganamo Henbento
    Ganamo Henbento 7 hours ago

    can we throw our trash into space? i know silly idea haha.

  • Chinthaka Nuwan
    Chinthaka Nuwan 7 hours ago

    expensive or cheap watches both are indicate same time, so why you wasting money to buy expensive watch. so can you spend your money some one need money more than you want to buy luxury watches. that is the things making better places world i think...( think ONE minute their are 815 million of hungry people in the world according to The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) )

  • User Name
    User Name 8 hours ago


  • Y.K Ideas
    Y.K Ideas 8 hours ago

    I am in 12th in India and I want to come in america for education what should I do

  • Pritam Kumar
    Pritam Kumar 8 hours ago


  • •SparK•
    •SparK• 9 hours ago

    Что у нас хотят перенять?>:Р

  • David Reyes
    David Reyes 9 hours ago

    Learn English is very hard = I'm stupid

  • alexcid javillonar
    alexcid javillonar 9 hours ago

    Yes US great and best like my life here than at my home country Philippines.

  • Shubhankar Dey
    Shubhankar Dey 10 hours ago

    Hi Marina, Greetings from India. Your videos are of an immense help. Well, I'll be applying for my masters in US, and I have an overall work ex of 5 years. This video has helped me to pen down the important points which I can Highlight. However, I have one question, How much I need to mention about my academic? Will the GPA, extra activities, NGO experience suffice?

  • pichy techno
    pichy techno 10 hours ago

    you rock!

  • Gomathi Gopal
    Gomathi Gopal 10 hours ago

    I am from India...this video is very useful to me.. thank you

  • Sov Basnet
    Sov Basnet 11 hours ago

    You know nothing about software testing.

  • Alan Gilberto Sanchez Morales

    You pronounced "ambición" right

  • Bac Drowned
    Bac Drowned 12 hours ago

    The political party party of the state doesn't affect how friendly the people are to those from other countries. Both red and blue states are happy to see new folks.

  • Zaki Rizki
    Zaki Rizki 14 hours ago

    Your pronunciation is so clear

  • Zaki Rizki
    Zaki Rizki 14 hours ago

    Thank you marina You are my inspiration Keep going

  • juan andres zuleta valencia

    a la verga perros, si soy latino xd

  • Josh Owens
    Josh Owens 16 hours ago

    100k in SF or NY is like $50k anywhere else.

  • Josh Owens
    Josh Owens 16 hours ago

    Self employed doing anything trumps all these careers if your at the top of you industry.

  • zantoz dida
    zantoz dida 16 hours ago

    I am from Indonesia, i like to study english language so that i culd have my better english.Indonesia is one of the country with the Nationality Language is Indonesia.When i atend the corse of english, what i have study during my study i will forget becous evry day i diden't spek English with Any body. Can i ask to study english with you in your country?

  • RS antartidante
    RS antartidante 18 hours ago

    I have a tip that i've been using some months and i find it very intereting and very useful, dowload the apply called Ankidroid, it is an apply that u make a deck and put phrases in English or whatever be the target languange you wanna learn on it with the meaning below in your languange domain, then while u are reading the phrases you will be forcing your brain to assimilate faster the words from another language and the way of how the word is pronnounced when you are listening the sounds. I did this method for a while, i think 5 months from very beginning level of the English in Brasil(where i am from) and doing it everyday and after this intensive studies i get in the join in the university to do my Masters in Business in the Ireland, i can say that my english has reached a level completely different, it worthed for me much more than spend money in courses of english which many of them doesn't have the same quality, regarded that many of the good courses are expensive, so i highly recommend for everybody and trust me, the difference in long terms it is unbeliavable.

  • Liam Edds
    Liam Edds 19 hours ago

    Спасибо! 😊

  • Мухаммед Саад

    Thank you so much, it's so useful and interesting

  • Tanvir Almas
    Tanvir Almas 20 hours ago

    very funny=ridiculous

  • امیرمحسن تقی زاده

    That was absolutely out of this world. Can I know , where are you from? Are you American or British?

  • Milky way
    Milky way 23 hours ago

    Bitis, a famous brand of shoes from Viet Nam

  • Azmat ali
    Azmat ali 23 hours ago

    Wow you have so cute voice princess 😍 😍 😍 😍

  • Hermes VLOG
    Hermes VLOG Day ago

    Marina, good evening. I have a question, if you look these coudy you give me some advice please? Im from central asia, 24 y.o., and i dont want to complain about my country. What happened to me is undoubtedly my fault. And what is your problem you will ask, i cannot realise myself! I cannot find my way in a life. I dont know what to do, i wanted to go usa but i dont have cash. Now I see people who left country whith not much money and they seems to me like a superman! It hurts! Becsuse i lost my chance! I am losing my life! In my country you cannot earn money for good life. Maybe because of that i cannot work stable more than 3 months! These year I left from my university, gave up. My parents are upset. And I dont know why i am watching listening reading this eng, because i dont know if i use that in my life. I dont have a hope please give me advice what to do because you did what i couldnt do

  • Hermes VLOG
    Hermes VLOG Day ago

    30000$ in a month?? What? In uzbekistan you have to work 25 years to earn that!!

    • Hermes VLOG
      Hermes VLOG 22 hours ago

      @_ Deonta i know i wrote that for contrast. And where are you from

    • _ Deonta
      _ Deonta 22 hours ago

      United States pricing is a little bit different lol.... $30,000 a year over here may throw you in the “poor” category.

  • Tannu Khatri
    Tannu Khatri Day ago

    It's very cute instead we could say It's adorable,admirable,lit or lovely

  • Tannu Khatri
    Tannu Khatri Day ago

    I'm very tired = very exhausted It's very beautiful = It's splendid,terrific,excellent,great It's very cold = It's freezing or as cold as ice or frosty I'm feeling very tired= sleepy

  • illuminark art

    Так как тест на английском очень сложно отключить озвучку в голове 😅 но думаю что 205 слов в минуту для иностранного языка нормально

  • Standartas Ltu

    Marina, I was all ears! :P

  • Harinder Singh Aulakh

    At what stage top universities take decision grant scholarship? I mean after getting full tuition or at time of admission decision? I can't afford usa universities tuition fee. Which universities are more likely to grant full tuition aid to undergraduates? Please guide.

  • Vivek Chandila

    Love this reader check practice.....

  • nk k
    nk k Day ago

    Thank you so much for tips!! I needed this

  • Екатерина Занина

    Wooow ! Nice vlog ! Thank you in information !

  • Asmaa Elbaqali

    thanks a lot

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  • popo colocoi
    popo colocoi Day ago

    'Ich stimme dir zu... Aller anfang ist schwer... Einen Augenblick, bitte... Bock haven... BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

  • Celina Francisco

    I want to enter SDSU as an international freshman student. Can you help me with financial aid?

  • Елизавета Liza

    Кажется,вы первая кто объяснила смысл выражения"да нет наверное"😂

  • R1
    R1 Day ago

    I'm dreaming about study abroad,because atmosphere in Ukraine and Russia so bad,not including the capital of there country

  • R1
    R1 Day ago

    I want living abroad and now I'm trying to find my passion,in future to enter into university in Poland👍🙏

  • Kazina Amir
    Kazina Amir Day ago

    I love u Marina🙄💖

  • Marie
    Marie Day ago

    Thank you so much for posting this !!!! Many kind greetings from Marie in France !

  • varinder singh

    Can u make a video on pickup lines

  • dev jadon
    dev jadon Day ago

    I am Rahul I am handicapped 80% locomotor disability I want to take in Computer Science Engineering or biomedical engineering my father is farmer so I want to full funded scholarship please guide me

  • dev jadon
    dev jadon Day ago

    I am Rahul I am Indian I am a handicapped 80% locomotor disability I want to B tech in CSE aur biomedical engineering my father is a farmer so I want to full funded scholarship in Germany Canada any country plz guide me

  • Aniket Chandra

    I scored 23 out of 30. 😐 And thank you so much because your videos are really helpful. 😊💙

  • tim boussardon

    Jésus can change yr life bro ❤️

  • herlina pangastuti

    Marina .. I am all ears !

  • Дарья Огородникова

    Wow, Marina! Thanks for the video! I use some of this points, but something was new for me and very interesting

  • Fabio inViaggio

    in this video we can learn, alexa dosen't work like google XD

  • Amer Anouti
    Amer Anouti Day ago

    No hun u don't pronounce the c in Mont blanc

  • Fabio inViaggio

    hi marina i'm italian and i start to learn english with your video. Every day i try to listen 1h a video from your youtube channel. And thisi video you upload when was my birthday .Thank you.

  • Chun muniya entertainment 1990

    Hii I from India but I live in the dubai

  • Samsoon Makhzan

    Thank you so much mam i learn alot

  • Ajay Gautam
    Ajay Gautam Day ago

    I m not getting access to skillshare cause it's asking for credit card information ?

  • ฉวี อินทร์ผล


  • siska sembiring

    hi can you tell in the comment below what are the movie clips you are taking ? it'd be helpful for me if you tell me thank you

  • Nic Punish
    Nic Punish Day ago

    I wasn’t here for the watches

  • fatin sabki
    fatin sabki Day ago

    your idea same like me.

  • 曹鲁
    曹鲁 Day ago

    The voice you write on paper let me feel write on my heart...

  • Sanjay K.p.s
    Sanjay K.p.s Day ago

    I was from India and I was good at cricket,do they consider cricket

    STORM FLY Day ago

    Большое спасибо

  • muhammad haseeb

    in reading part should we read question first or paragraph.?

  • Bikashamagar
    Bikashamagar Day ago

    Thank you so much madam, how I can follow on Facebook page?