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  • leokimvideo
    leokimvideo 11 hours ago

    Normal 727 takeoff, they always required the whole runway

  • masum billah
    masum billah 23 hours ago


  • TheRantingCabby

    1:10 Brings a hole new meaning to dirty takeoff.

  • FS AI
    FS AI Day ago

    airplane's when they hit a certain point of the runway must take off they cant just slam on the brakes.

  • Kaynos
    Kaynos Day ago

    This is the exact same reaction my washer does with unbalanced clothes during the spin cycles ;p

  • •XyTxMadara• :v


  • Edgar Delvalle

    0:35 authentic bad ass Russian antonov.

  • M Henhawke
    M Henhawke 2 days ago

    2:48 there,s always one guy, no one said bring gloves!.

  • M Henhawke
    M Henhawke 2 days ago

    Never thought that second plane would even get off the ground! Scary.

  • American Peshmerga
    American Peshmerga 2 days ago

    See what whites can do and they want to change it why?

  • r f
    r f 2 days ago

    At the 1:05- 1:11, she is so funny the way she yell i laugh so much

  • Jerrin Jose
    Jerrin Jose 2 days ago

    Nice video, I have seen many videos of A320, but watching the A319's first time..

  • Imortal's Playz
    Imortal's Playz 3 days ago

    Pilot of the plane: Yes, we did butter. RyanAir Head: You are fired b*

  • Liam Murphy
    Liam Murphy 3 days ago

    See thtat last one in the air and you can start kissing ur ass goodbye

  • bill webb
    bill webb 3 days ago

    Don't shike so much...😁

  • Backyard Arsenal
    Backyard Arsenal 3 days ago

    That's not a scramjet tho

  • idkhello
    idkhello 3 days ago

    3:00 the birds judging the plane engine

    • Robot Hunter
      Robot Hunter 2 days ago

      I was going to comment about that. I think they are laughing.

    • Gid Baddy
      Gid Baddy 2 days ago

      idkhello they’re looking for a target

  • Nycholas Bêz
    Nycholas Bêz 3 days ago


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 3 days ago

    this shitty video is 90% dead space


    MacDonnell Douglass Huntington Beach CA designed a scramjet engine. The blackbird has subsonic flame box at 3,000 mph, it took special engineering to sustain supersonic flame box. One craft fueled with liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen at 5000 mph the hot spots that would melt on the blackbird were cooled with cryogenic fuel. I designed a thermoplastically formed and diffusion bonded titanium antenna that would have been cryogenically cooled deployed out a ceramic door.

  • Nick W
    Nick W 5 days ago

    Mud? What's the trouble? Just start aquaplaning and get lots more speed.

  • Doudymac
    Doudymac 5 days ago

    3:42 Some people working there may need new drawers.

  • Anoop Sahal
    Anoop Sahal 5 days ago

    Some what over sold title

  • rva1945
    rva1945 5 days ago

    As for the first one, Feuerwehr and Ladas, no doubt that was in East Germany. Any additional info about the incident?

    • meelo_chai
      meelo_chai Day ago

      It's actually the most interesting of them all. The plane was landed there as a commemoration of some historical aviation event, and that was actually its last flight. They turned it into a museum afterwards and it's still there to this day. More info:

  • Cyrus Fisher #19
    Cyrus Fisher #19 6 days ago

    That kalitta air 747 landing was the smoothest butter ever 🧈

  • Toby W
    Toby W 6 days ago

    Asphalt poisoned by using petroleum to clean tar from shovel. New substrate insufficiently compressed to match surrounding substrate. Water leakage weakens substrate. Uneven road surface of repair above or below existing surface causes impact loading on repair and surrounding surface Road design insufficient to support hard braking at stoplights and signs. Braking of tandem axles shifts weight to front axle.

  • ɢᴀᴍᴇʀᴛɪᴍᴇ •

    Nissan gtr : I have the biggest flames Planes : *hold my yoke*

  • Nikola NS
    Nikola NS 7 days ago

    First take off is from Tivat Airport TIV/LYTV in Montenegro. Very tricky for both arrivals and departures because the runway is between mountains and it ends just a few metres from the sea.

  • Tony Rusi
    Tony Rusi 7 days ago

    Those rotor tips are special.

  • dougie howser
    dougie howser 7 days ago

    I wish everyone understood why this tech is so dangerous. No matter who has it, it is unsafe and causes world destabilization because no one can defend against it.

  • 小宇樂園
    小宇樂園 7 days ago

    Thank you for sharing 👍👍👍👍

  • B. Maguire
    B. Maguire 8 days ago

    Beautifulllllll !! Thanks for Sharing!! Cheers, B.

  • mtbin2
    mtbin2 8 days ago

    I don’t for the life of me understand why they can’t keep an airport ice free with all the tech we have. Plus it’s someone’s job to be maintaining the taxiways and runways. If they really can’t keep things ice free than why in the heck isn’t someone calling it and saying sorry, the planes can’t move....too icy.

  • Clay Ritchie
    Clay Ritchie 8 days ago

    Look up TACA 110. A Boeing 737 dead-stick landing on a levee near New Orleans in 1988. A happy ending for all.

  • Fred Jackson
    Fred Jackson 8 days ago

    Kalitta is a fucking joke lol

  • Talal Hamoody
    Talal Hamoody 8 days ago

    😂 😂 😂 😂

  • George Mallory
    George Mallory 8 days ago

    The 747 was most likely just a compressor stall. They happen a great deal when thrust reversers are deployed due to disrupted airflow across fan blades.

  • takasy0421
    takasy0421 9 days ago


  • Kushal Dave
    Kushal Dave 9 days ago


  • BLOX Roehrl
    BLOX Roehrl 9 days ago

    Butter Buttons for like: 1:46 1:46 1:46 2:32 2:32 2:32 3:54 3:54 3:54

  • Dinh Khanh Dang
    Dinh Khanh Dang 9 days ago

    N lÄ

  • Mathéo
    Mathéo 9 days ago

    We pay whole runway, we use whole runway

  • frtguy80
    frtguy80 9 days ago

    The engine didn't explode, geesh

  • Maynard Holmes
    Maynard Holmes 9 days ago

    Our priorities are slightly askew if we really poured this much effort into cancer diabetes palsy now I’m a big aviation guy but I dunno nothing is gonna change in my lifetime there will never be another Dr Jonas Salk I just fail to see how this will do good for mankind sorry folks I’m getting old and soft at 53 if we build these things let’s use them for the advancement of mankind not just the secret elite

  • 独裁者ヌガボヌハの書記長


  • Simon
    Simon 9 days ago

    1:06 to 2:42 For one minute and thirty six seconds we were shown absolutely FUCK ALL.

  • Lin Lawrence
    Lin Lawrence 10 days ago


  • Joe Oddi
    Joe Oddi 10 days ago

    "Comes a flame." Heh heh noice

  • SoggyFries
    SoggyFries 10 days ago

    Fucking Boeing!

  • Captain Sean B
    Captain Sean B 10 days ago

    That landing gear was Putted down on that 747 too late

  • Ingo R
    Ingo R 10 days ago

    That 747c its just a backfire, caused by a aftermarket exhaust

    • MonolinkTV
      MonolinkTV 2 days ago

      What the hell? I didnt know that planes had tuning companies. lmao. This is completely false there are no aftermarket parts for planes. Its a duopoly for a reason

    • Sool
      Sool 8 days ago

      Yeah I've noticed that someone had put a Jaguar sports exhaust on that Rolls Royce engine, for the fun of it..

  • si matley
    si matley 10 days ago

    is it common or rare?

  • Alexander Shutt
    Alexander Shutt 10 days ago

    I’m glad that at 3:40 ish it’s directly said as explosion EXPERIMENT. I’ve seen many videos labelling that clip as Rolls Royce’s new engine is unreliable. It is, that was specifically designed to test how the engine reacts, should it fail

  • Gunnar Lindøe Jørgensen

    SCARY shit to be honest... If not OK on the aprons.... what´s the state of taxi and RUNWAYS!!!??? Maintanence-Manager... you are fired!.... and the entire crew as well, lacking balls to state emergencies. TOR

  • Corek BleedingHollow

    Damn... something that heavy skidding on ice.... how???

  • Max Maksymow
    Max Maksymow 11 days ago

    o main Good this is my Penis

  • Yvonne G. Nelson
    Yvonne G. Nelson 11 days ago

    not so bad

  • lon3don
    lon3don 11 days ago

    The problem with the static test is there is no passage of air to either fan or extinguish the flames.

  • Spencer Atkisson
    Spencer Atkisson 11 days ago

    1:59 That’s one buttery landing tho

    • Alexander Shutt
      Alexander Shutt 10 days ago

      Spencer Atkisson hehe, maybe the front, but I’ve seen RYANAIR land like that...

  • Bruce The Curmudgeon

    I thought this was a 707 story, instead we get KC 135 and other military variants.

  • The Elevator and Airplane Finder

    0:46 I've never heard that many seat belts unbuckle all at once

  • cellogirl11RW
    cellogirl11RW 13 days ago

    2:00 Donuts, anyone? 😂

  • Taunter Atwill
    Taunter Atwill 13 days ago

    900 kmh 'high speed pass' ? Whahahahaaaa. Where i come from 'high speed' means something completely different and way faster! :-))

  • John Billings
    John Billings 13 days ago

    Most of these are compressor stalls...this video is L A M E !!!

  • Sean Nombo
    Sean Nombo 13 days ago

    Very skilled pilots

  • Jan Zegers
    Jan Zegers 13 days ago


  • Brick Powell
    Brick Powell 13 days ago

    Use smaller text for the caption next time it nearly covered the entire video. Lol.

  • Brian David
    Brian David 13 days ago

    Jesus that's terrible. I can't believe that they can get away with it

  • Bob Riddle
    Bob Riddle 14 days ago


  • Scorpion 6125
    Scorpion 6125 14 days ago

    Good that no one got injured

  • Ville Qvist
    Ville Qvist 14 days ago

    0:14 hard bass

  • Adams Roofing
    Adams Roofing 14 days ago

    A friend of mine flys, loves it, new to it tho

  • James Slade
    James Slade 14 days ago

    Beautiful aircraft

  • Fearless 777
    Fearless 777 14 days ago

    While china was trying to figure out how to be 2nd world country and not 3rd world anymore, the U.S.A🇺🇸was already using hypersonic technology.

  • Stephan D
    Stephan D 14 days ago

    3:56 Ka-boom!!!

  • Extraordinary
    Extraordinary 15 days ago

    Thank you for saying you hope I enjoy, I fucking loved it.

  • Bots are currently Offline

    3:40 thats some fucking expensive test

  • Mihail Stoikoff
    Mihail Stoikoff 15 days ago

    Wow love the content I’m also uploading something of aviation related but it’s just amateur vids from inside the plane ✈️

  • Jimmy  Hamm
    Jimmy Hamm 15 days ago

    Why doesn't america put this type of an jet propulsion engine into an missle. It would reach its target in no time at all with the right guidance system.

  • allgoodisgone
    allgoodisgone 15 days ago

    Seriously doubt it’s actual overload situations. I mean these machines have max take off weights for a reason

  • Danny Wayne
    Danny Wayne 15 days ago

    I was on a military transport that actually blew an engine. Turbine blades came through the cabin like machine gun bullets. These aren’t blown engines. But seeing a big ball of fire come around the wing is a good beginning to a messy pair of pants.

  • Anthoine Albert
    Anthoine Albert 15 days ago

    The first mooney c-gpfs m20j use to be mine when it was brand new.

  • Stel Markou
    Stel Markou 16 days ago

    The guy is literally trying to hold the plane with his hands :)

  • Infinite Flight JPC
    Infinite Flight JPC 16 days ago

    Bruh you clearly know nothing about planes...

  • Corey Mullis
    Corey Mullis 16 days ago

    747 will always be the prettiest And the md 80 was sweet as well, like a little rocket

  • Paul Cannon
    Paul Cannon 16 days ago


  • Funky Kong
    Funky Kong 16 days ago

    Mario kart's Outside drift be like

  • Sean Baca
    Sean Baca 16 days ago


  • Mr AngryMan
    Mr AngryMan 16 days ago

    4.21... A £15 million engine...tattles!

  • Alyssa Fernandez
    Alyssa Fernandez 16 days ago

    Game entitle flight advantage lately whose descend swing key hide efficiency slip

  • Michael Mc Elroy
    Michael Mc Elroy 16 days ago

    Hi , i'm an Air Traffic Controller and aspiring musician from Ireland. I've just completed an instrumental electronic music album themed on all things aviation. Would it be possible to use a few seconds of footage from your awesome video on an accompanying video that i would be using as background during live performances and maybe as part of a compilation on a youtube video? Naturally, full credit would be given to your work and if there are any sections you wouldn't want used, i'd fully understand. Thanks for your time , Michael.

  • Happy Fox
    Happy Fox 17 days ago

    I knew it Elon Musk is a clone, there's one more in the video - of course he's a skunkworker.

  • jesuswasahovercraft
    jesuswasahovercraft 17 days ago

    3:10 callling the crash of that specific aircraft an "emergency landing" says quite a lot about the author of this vid...

    • Infinite Flight JPC
      Infinite Flight JPC 12 days ago

      skunkjobb okay back when I replied to him, I read the comment wrong. It turned out he don’t know anything about aviation. It ain’t a crash, just an emergency landing.

    • skunkjobb
      skunkjobb 12 days ago

      How do you know it crashed? Do you know more about that accident than was shown here?

  • Brian H
    Brian H 17 days ago

    Engine diarreha

  • Jack Riley
    Jack Riley 17 days ago

    If it's not manned it's not a plane, it's a missile!!

  • Ștefan Dedu
    Ștefan Dedu 17 days ago

    1:06 N704CK crashed in 2008. The crew rejected the takeoff past V1 following a bird strike and stopped 300m after the end of the runway. The aircraft broke in three.

  • C Man
    C Man 18 days ago

    Late? What time was it?

  • Rondo Hunter
    Rondo Hunter 18 days ago

    I like Ron White's experience on a plane when an engine flamed out. The pilot announced and said they could still make their destination, the plane is designed to fly with only one engine if necessary. The guy sitting next to Ron was all nervous and asked how far one engine could take them. "All the way to the scene of the crash" was his answer. Lmao!

  • Dave T
    Dave T 18 days ago

    Idiots who over load there plane can be lucky the didn't get carried off in a line box

  • Mohd Huzaifah5937
    Mohd Huzaifah5937 19 days ago

    I just want to know, can US make hypersonic missile like rusia? and why we cant see the missile shape at rusia missile