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  • Stephen Chase
    Stephen Chase 2 months ago

    Congratulations on getting almost 138,400,000 worldwide views!!

  • Ms Ducks
    Ms Ducks 2 months ago

    I just read Jeff Glor is the new evenng news anchor, just want to say good choice. I like Anthony Mason and thinks he would have been a good choice too, but I have always liked Jeff and will enjoy the evening news once again.

  • FrankieandJim
    FrankieandJim 4 months ago

    Great video. Thx for sharing. I just came across an up & coming musician similar to this that's worth checking out... Mikey Wax... Search his song "Helium". Really good stuff.

  • Nathan Benkert
    Nathan Benkert 4 months ago

    This is such a trash network.. I will be glad when they shutdown for good. (113,983 subscribers... and falling)

  • AnotherGlenn
    AnotherGlenn 4 months ago

    I keep seeing this, "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

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  • Charles Pinsky
    Charles Pinsky 7 months ago


  • John Sholl
    John Sholl 7 months ago

    Communist Broadcast System - The owners Hook Nose and Flat Foot are the parasite owners. They should be gassed!

  • Suzy Thompson
    Suzy Thompson 8 months ago

    I am sick to death of Scott Pelley's reporting on President Trump. His obvious dislike for our President shows in his biased reporting on just about every news cast. What happened to reporting the news, in an unbiased fashion? The news Scott...stick to the news! I've watched CBS for many years but I will no longer watch! That goes for 60 minutes as well! Disgusted with the evening news and even more disgusted with Scott Pelley!

  • charlie fiftywatts
    charlie fiftywatts 8 months ago


  • Danny Boy Jango
    Danny Boy Jango 8 months ago

    Why the hell would you disable comments?

  • Stephanie Porter
    Stephanie Porter 9 months ago

    trying to find out who the man is that was on CBS evening world news the week of 4-18 who needed prosthetic legs thru the va because everytime he went back to get them something had changed and the fit was wrong can any one help me

  • David Mateo
    David Mateo 9 months ago

    Hillary Clinton is mad at Bill, he was supposed to meet Condoleeza Rice, but he met Susan Rice. Bill Clinton forgot which Rice he was supposed to meet. That's my opinion.

  • David Mateo
    David Mateo 9 months ago

    How about Bill O'Reilly challenges Lawrence O'Donell to a rap battle. Like Eminem in Eight Mile. Hosted by Eminem. They each get rap coaches and battle it out.

  • Vern Eggerud
    Vern Eggerud 10 months ago

    This is something that needs to be reported immediately. It's in regards to an electronic device called nano implants. I'm a victim of nano implants/mind control. Please check out my facebook timeline. I've discovered the computer program that operates the nano implants. I have posted thorough instructions on how to activate the computer program which is installed on Windows 8, it's called the AV1 computer program. I've also discovered who our harassers are. I have several posts on my facebook timeline, they are the Antichrist. They are 55 powerful republicans, one powerful democrat who is their Leader, the democratic CIA, the SAPO in Sweden and many, many perverted drug addicted murders. They are contracted killers. You'll be shocked at what I have discovered. My name is Vern Eggerud

    • Rodrigo19
      Rodrigo19 8 months ago

      I hear voices of people who comment everything I see, hear, speak and think, even while I sleep. I have no privacy for a moment. My whole family and my social environment are involved in this. No one has given me an explanation about how people do to violate my privacy.
      They say (in their conversations that I hardly hear) that they only need the microchip implant in my head to do this, without any additional technology.
      Now I am looking for information on this subject and I have not found a definitive answer.
      I want to know if the software you are talking about is related to what happens to me. What is the role of this software? Do they use it to see my thoughts?

  • Mark Sorset
    Mark Sorset 11 months ago

    Boycott CBS "so called" news. Fire Scott Pelly. OUTRAGIOUS!

    • Suzy Thompson
      Suzy Thompson 8 months ago

      Disgusting, unfair, biased news reporting! He hates Trump and it's obvious! I'm done with CBS news after many years of watching faithfully! 60 minutes is going too!

  • Terry Beebe-Brill
    Terry Beebe-Brill 11 months ago

    Feb. 6, 2017
    That was the most slanted news I've ever seen. I guess CBS no longer supports the
    people of the US who supported the president enough to vote for him! ! ! So since CBS no longer supports us, so let's no longer support CBS!!! I mean everything, not any of their shows either, I am taking CBS off my channel list. YOU CBS, are liars, it's not okay, liars are losers
    Instead you need to listen to what the voting public has to say. Those yahoos your news represents are freaks, somehow not raised right and not in touch with what is really going on in the world! What? did they miss all the gruesome beheadings and the beating babies to death in bread dough kneading machines??? Just close your eyes to the need of this group to turn the whole world to their evil. Just go ahead, I won't be here, I'll be watching Alex. FACT.

  • hillary ilinsky
    hillary ilinsky Year ago

    as i was watching cnbc this morning 1/23.17 it showed trump with business leaders and after showed trump meeting with union leaders.i was pleasantly surprised.trump appeared to be a leader. later a press briefing spicer was very good for a first timer. it was up lifting to see this. that evening as i watched cbs nightly news i found it very misleading and distorted against everything that i witnessed earlier. it was biased against trump and was very un-american. the hate was obvious.

    • Tri Pacer
      Tri Pacer 8 months ago

      I don't know what's going on or who exactly are pushing these OUT OF CONTROL media turds buttons but WE THE PEOPLE elected our President and we want America to be successful!! YOU ARE UN-AMERICAN in your false "reporting"!

    • Suzy Thompson
      Suzy Thompson 8 months ago

      Totally agree...CBS evening news reports the news in a biased fashion and I will never watch Scott Pelley again!

  • Inner Star Astrology

    I really like Josh Elliot doing the Evening News. Great1

  • Tri Pacer
    Tri Pacer Year ago

    I will NEVER watch cbs news or 60 minutes ever again!!

  • Tri Pacer
    Tri Pacer Year ago

    I am SO SICK and tired of you guys looking down your noses and trying to make up CRAP about our new President You still DON'T GET IT!! We don't care about YOUR opinion and your smart ass comments! Your news cast is the ONLY thing worse than CNN (clinton news network) and that's saying a lot. Get over yourselves and quit your "gotcha" attitude, grow up and find some real news or keep your stinking mouths shut and keep your mouth off our new President!
    I would imagine you will NEVER get to speak to our President ever again and you have ONLY yourselves to blame. YOU are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to news and acting like human beings! I am SO SICK of you "people" trying to tell us what to think, IT'S OVER!!!

    • Suzy Thompson
      Suzy Thompson 8 months ago sick of CBS..can of bullshit and CNN clinton news network!

  • Studio Play
    Studio Play Year ago

    Lying pieces of fucking shit, you're fucking professionals act like it for once, and while you're at it how about you stop trying to tear the country apart by defacing the damn President-Elect. If you cant be down to earth by yourselves then don't try to spread that fucking shit over to once loyal viewers. All of you should mass suicide honestly...

  • Toto
    Toto Year ago

    CBS is pile of shit a mile high ,, all the reporters are liberally bias, all there polls are fraudulent and skewed, they want you to believe crooked Hillary is actually a viable candidate, she is a corrupt criminal who sold out this country for personal gain, and should be in prison along with that other asshole .. known as the first muslim president Obama.

  • Gina Weger
    Gina Weger Year ago

    Date of post lip gloss 8/31/16..thanks...

  • Gina Weger
    Gina Weger Year ago

    What is news anchor wearing on lips??? Lip gloss pretty!!!!!

  • Diosa Lasaro
    Diosa Lasaro Year ago

    Interesting video about hydro power..

  • Matt Biddle
    Matt Biddle Year ago

    The "Weather Bit" on the CBS Evening News - There is a Tornado WATCH not a Tornado Warning! It was a human mistake, but it can if you get down to it, have a major impact. I have studied all things of Tornado Watches, Warnings, and TV coverage. Be careful. Matthew Biddle, Univ of Oklahoma

  • Dorphus James Jackson

  • CanadaCraig
    CanadaCraig 2 years ago

    Why can't CANADA watch your videos?

  • SW627
    SW627 2 years ago

    TVclip says that you have made your videos unavailable in my country (Canada). Fuck you ASSHOLES !

  • Blessed Be Lord of Majesty

    Blessed Be Name of God forever and ever

  • Pollyanna Pangloss
    Pollyanna Pangloss 2 years ago

    Why don't you fucking assholes post the entire Trump interview from 60 min, Get your fucking shit together!

  • mudgebauer
    mudgebauer 2 years ago

    I rescue abused and abandoned dogs from the street in Mexico,. I have over 300 starving dogs in my care with no help from anyone and very few adoptions. I urgently need help to feed my dogs. Cant get any of the news channels to do one lousy story. I have been begging them for years with no replies. See my webpage: .

  • 5 Star Reputation TV

    Any happy news? What about a feel good story...

  • The Best Anchorage Local Businesses

    Here to catch up on my evening news!

  • NationalVideoMarketing

    I am glad CBS posts its news segments here. It enables me to catch up and watch when I don't have time to watch the TV. Thanks CBS. Stay at it.

  • George Zelenka
    George Zelenka 2 years ago

    Why are your videos not available for overseas? I live in Australia

    • CanadianJase
      CanadianJase 2 years ago

      +George Zelenka its not available in canada

  • Kexport
    Kexport 3 years ago

    Thank you CBS News !!!

  • rafael nabor
    rafael nabor 3 years ago

    You know that smagelers coyotes theire charging 5.000. To 8.000 per person ha why america obama wont charge an he will get mor money back

  • brenda ingram
    brenda ingram 3 years ago

    I'm watching now and can't seem to understand what the 'host' is smiling about.
    Since watching, I have seen reports on severe weather and the Syrian no-vote election.
    What the hell is funny about these things? I rarely watch this drivel, boxed up nicely for the gullible American public, and will turn that into, never again, for this network. She needs to watch herself reporting and see how utterly ridiculous she is.

  • Fred Tenzer
    Fred Tenzer 3 years ago

    College and living expenses ought to be free for every person regardless of age in order so that nobody will be at the mercy of their parents in the first place. In addition, everything ought to be done to find out what causes a child (including an adult child) to rebel against his/her parents and address the problems that cause him/her to rebel against his/her parents in the first place. Each and every person ought to be given free parenting classes in order so that no child regardless of age will misbehave anymore in the first place and no would-be parent should have to suffer simply for being poor in spite of working in the first place!! Furthermore, there ought to be peacemakers that make peace between parents and their children regardless of the age of the child in the first place. Please give your feedback.

  • jake garcia
    jake garcia 3 years ago

    There is not enough discipline for the kids nowadays. Parents who raise their kids to be spoiled should really see the damage they and their spoiled kids are doing. Parents should learn to praise good behavior and punish bad behavior. Spread the word so that families can be what they should be and the future will be better.

  • bea2003naver
    bea2003naver 4 years ago

    Why cannot CBS Movie be played from Japan?

  • Kevin Lerner
    Kevin Lerner 4 years ago

    Thanks for the continued work to put CBS' programming on TVclip. After purchasing a $35 ChromeCast, we canceled our cable. I'm confident tens of thousands will follow and encourage CBS to be proactive, working to make your quality reporting available to the growing number of Internet-only users.

  • Sarah Tratch
    Sarah Tratch 4 years ago

    Why can't I see these video because I'm in Canada!

  • breongy1
    breongy1 4 years ago

    funny video: Pest Control Linebacker

  • jaykid160
    jaykid160 4 years ago

    Hello from Australia. Why not make your videos available in Aus?

  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 4 years ago

    The Truth Will Not Be Televised

  • Eric Corcoran
    Eric Corcoran 4 years ago


  • Eric Corcoran
    Eric Corcoran 4 years ago