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Winter storm forecast
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  • Eric Phelps
    Eric Phelps 6 hours ago

    Finally began ? Where have you guy's been? Apparently you arn't a news Network . Miles have been built ! If you want real news go to. " Epoch Times " or " American ONE news " Unbelievable CBS

  • Librarian-at-Large
    Librarian-at-Large 6 hours ago

    Most black cities would prefer community policing protected by local civil service rules which would eliminate most non-minority police officers who don't have city residency from policing the minority community who have no feeling for minorities. All white law enforcement officers are welcome if they have respect for all people regardless of ethnicity. Any black, brown or yellow police officer who mistreats people is not welcome either. LGBT officers are welcome if they live in the city they police. Females are good police officers and should replace non-resident male officers in the cities t they live in. Police officers living in the cities they work in bring revenue, order and they reduce crime! . Community Policing could offer Reserve Law enforcement curriculum in the high schools as a curriculum that would lead to a job. Current law Enforcement is a continuation of minority suppressing Black Codes! FIRE AG BARR! BOYCOTT FOX NEWS! A VOTE FOR TRUMP EQUALS A VOTE FOR PUTIN!

  • Dom
    Dom 6 hours ago

    When you try to rush a level and get clapped

  • juice box
    juice box 6 hours ago

    This is what scares me. I'm afraid one day while I'm studying for school or just minding my own business having a nice day some cop is going to tell me put my hands then handcuffs me and then shoot me all because "he didn't know"

  • Brofeez
    Brofeez 6 hours ago

    She got fired on her first day at work. And I thought I am a lousy worker.

  • fully 21
    fully 21 6 hours ago

    Captain America and Peggy Carter:

  • Mian Ms.Z
    Mian Ms.Z 6 hours ago

    My goodness change their uniform

  • Steve Tackett
    Steve Tackett 6 hours ago

    Great video. Three absolutely inspiring young men. The world would definitely be a better place with more people like these guys. God bless you.

  • sonny monroe
    sonny monroe 7 hours ago

    R.i.p thank you for your service short but will not be forgotten.

  • sam
    sam 7 hours ago

    Heres a solution: put prince andrew in one of those uniforms he doesnt sweat so he'll be okay

    TEXAS RANGER ru 7 hours ago

    Puerto Rico is burden on US taxpayers Federal government is spending so much money in that territory

  • Delphine Tsiranana
    Delphine Tsiranana 7 hours ago

    Go Macron! The only European leader with the balls to put this zero brain cells white supremacist Putin asset back in his place and defend the Kurds our allies and challenge Turkey's Erdogan the toxic Putin asset Trojan horse we thankfully managed to keep away from the EU. NATO needs to reform from becoming a brain dead terrorism making machine or we will LEAVE IT AGAIN. We have suffered enough from terrorism.

  • Jimmy Jams
    Jimmy Jams 7 hours ago

    Good lads👍

  • RetardoGaming There yard

    I ain’t had a lick a tea sense I became a soldier

  • Kay Ci
    Kay Ci 7 hours ago

    The way he walked back to the car, closed the door and didn't say anything kinda broke me down. He looks so tired.

    HORROR CORE 7 hours ago

    very nice very good

  • davidpar2
    davidpar2 7 hours ago

    Zero people’s minds have changed on this impeachment sham. Bad news for the left, though-we didn’t need their votes in 2016, and we certainly aren’t going to need them in 2020

  • Aristotelezz
    Aristotelezz 7 hours ago

    Laughing at Trump is bullying a bully. Totally unacceptable!

  • African MusicGenuis
    African MusicGenuis 7 hours ago

    First Obama, now Biden.

  • EqualsPro
    EqualsPro 7 hours ago

    Wait those are hats?? I thought they all had Marge Simpson hair...

  • Nelson dr
    Nelson dr 7 hours ago

    Top selling guns for huge profits while bottom get killed

    HTL REAL 7 hours ago

    They should got summer uniforms or something

  • highofflifeforever
    highofflifeforever 7 hours ago

    3 white cops against one black man; very legendary. Police are bitchmades who need to get 187

  • Pepto Bismol
    Pepto Bismol 7 hours ago

    Lol all the money was never recovered and those are not gangmembers

  • Andy N
    Andy N 8 hours ago

    Trump was mocking NATO not too long back. Also said he wouldn't back his allies.. More faces than Big Ben.

  • Dave Ponder
    Dave Ponder 8 hours ago

    How can anyone respect criminal acts by unaccountable thugs under color of authority? Lying, assaultive thieves, and murders, who frame people because their egos get bruised. Gross deliberate indifference to the laws of the Republic it's Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Violations of their Oath of Office. Contempt towards the Citizens who provide them, and their families with every every morsel of food they eat, every stitch of clothing, every brick,and shingle of their domicile, indeed every need, and comfort. This is what we are told to RESPECT? Does "support" mean we are supposed to APPROVE of such behavior? I refuse to support, or approve of corrupt criminal acts by anyone including the police and related LE public servants. Of course, this makes ME according to THEM the one in the wrong!

  • John Kimm
    John Kimm 8 hours ago

    Typical liberal news! this man out for what he is.....he is an Islamic terrorist!!!!!!

  • highofflifeforever
    highofflifeforever 8 hours ago


  • Deepak Gurung
    Deepak Gurung 8 hours ago

    We cant blame him for his wrong decision. I guess he used to watch cnn during the uprising in syria.

  • power equipment
    power equipment 8 hours ago

    Let's be real tho. Dude stole a bike. Nobody was in any real "danger". What did hero save? He got damsel's huffy back. I guess that's how you get on primetime television 👌

  • Jaydan Almeida
    Jaydan Almeida 8 hours ago

    Dead man walking

  • power equipment
    power equipment 8 hours ago

    Is this John Ross, the political painter?

  • The Golden Tundra
    The Golden Tundra 8 hours ago

    Build it high and tough🇺🇸

  • Fnexlle :V
    Fnexlle :V 8 hours ago

    Eh...killing people...

  • Y Yo Homie Lack
    Y Yo Homie Lack 8 hours ago

    A civic duty when is all rigged

  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 8 hours ago

    We need a moat with sharks with friggin lazer beams on their heads.

  • AYE D.B.
    AYE D.B. 8 hours ago

    Its funny he built it for it to fall in 2020

    I AM HUMAN 8 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks having someones face attached to my head or yours would be weird?

  • z !
    z ! 8 hours ago

    I'm so sick of white people

  • Trevorkian
    Trevorkian 8 hours ago

    She was able to get access to the border wall huh....... Works finally begun huh.... Do you people ever stop lying?

  • Arthur Everett
    Arthur Everett 8 hours ago

    Fundamentals of classroom violence and terrorism 101. Taught by Professor Timothy McVeigh Jr

  • Graham Crommer
    Graham Crommer 8 hours ago

    Respect guys ...... x

  • Richard Carpenter
    Richard Carpenter 8 hours ago


  • D. boy
    D. boy 8 hours ago

    😆😆😆 none of these trump turds wanna mention the impeachment

  • Edmund Singleton
    Edmund Singleton 8 hours ago

    If you are the news director of a low rated national network news program anchored by a woman here’s what you should ‘not’ be doing, moving the program to the seat of government, redye her hair to a shade not found in nature, upscale her smoky eyed make-up to appear more trashy, apply more grease to her lips to reflect the studio lights. To win over more viewers, tone down her appearance to appear more wholesome and healthier, lean toward expressing her true age, that my soon to be replaced marketing executive is the way to go…to win over more televison viewers and to keep them watching week after week…that’s what I would do, but then, what do I know, I’m just an old blogger writing appearance opinion by way of the internet…without a dog in this ratings fight, vying for advertising dollars, who? not me…I’ll still be getting paid no matter what marketing strategy you decide on…its hoped it’s the same old failing marketing game giving me something to blog about for ever and ever…thank you very much, in advance…

  • Mitchell Zabel
    Mitchell Zabel 8 hours ago

    Hydrate and don’t lock your knees. Too easy

  • 3533mo
    3533mo 8 hours ago

    In what way was this aggressive or sexual in nature? And don't let age fool you too. As young as that boy is at 13 years old, other kids his age or younger have tried to conceal weed, including other types of narcotics, fire crackers and other stuff too onto a plane. They hide the items in their shorts near their crotch and this is not limited by gender or color either, both boys and girls do it. So that TSA officer is doing his job and is not being biased or racially profiling anyone in particular. I think the shock of seeing a young "WHITE" 13 year old kid getting a pat down is what the complaint is. Because the common thinking and misconception among many white folks is "Only non-whites get a pat down we're not terrorists or drug dealers! - Right?"

  • Nelpa Capio
    Nelpa Capio 8 hours ago

    Trudeau and Macron, little boys gossiping.

  • David McGuckin
    David McGuckin 8 hours ago


  • toney ingram
    toney ingram 9 hours ago

    And who is more two face as trump

  • Ogie Cruz
    Ogie Cruz 9 hours ago

    Tunnel.. they can build underground tunnel in to the US

  • toney ingram
    toney ingram 9 hours ago

    I thought he was so strong he the weakest man ever been in the world Obama would have told them about it and then laughed at them

  • Joeblow Johnny
    Joeblow Johnny 9 hours ago

    Its always start out like that ..... a good policeman dedicated to helping others ! 1st week , here let me help you cross the road mam ! 2nd week , o.k. im gonna let you go on this warning . 3rd week , may I see your driver license for no apparent reasons . 4th week , did that man just toss a coffee maker and a box of donuts out the windows of the the 5th floor for no apparent reasons ? All unit , Open fire ..... I call for more back up ! Someone please get the the coffee maker and donuts ..... I cover you !

  • JeevesReturns
    JeevesReturns 9 hours ago

    Seeing this just made my world a better place.

  • Cave nug
    Cave nug 9 hours ago

    And more fake new now brought to you by cbs the news preferred by pedos and liars.

  • Marisol J
    Marisol J 9 hours ago

    So he traveled to another country instead of face the music and still he got mocked

  • itachi
    itachi 9 hours ago

    Alpha move? Hahahah that dude would have been less than a piece of vulnerable meat

  • Sandra Long
    Sandra Long 9 hours ago

    Hahaha. And they cut the bottom of the video off where two BPOs are waiting for them. Idiots.

  • art bow
    art bow 9 hours ago

    Votes to fire sentence him to death like you would do with us

  • Satan princeofdarkness

    Bet I could get through with a wet silk shirt.

  • Eli Eli
    Eli Eli 9 hours ago

    *Trump must be announced a national hero, a champion among humans, a god, a super being, a cosmic force, a galactic master, universe owner, Mr. Creator* hahahahahahaha

  • Satan princeofdarkness

    Not with my money your not.

  • Tom Howe
    Tom Howe 9 hours ago

    Lie #1 three years after trump the work begins. Actually its been goin on longer.

  • Syber Honda
    Syber Honda 9 hours ago

    A racist reporter. Clearly she has the whole Jerry sandusky thing going on. Does she want more kids traffics across the boarder?

  • First Man
    First Man 9 hours ago

    White people are so weak...that how you know black people built the pyramids in extreme heat.

  • Paul Koehn
    Paul Koehn 9 hours ago

    After repeatedly reporting nothing was, or would be, being built..

  • TheAureliac
    TheAureliac 9 hours ago

    No, it wasn't funny when Trump called Trudeau two-faced: it was projection. What's funny, in a sad way, is that Trump thinks it's more presidential to have another long and rambling press conference than to meet with heads of state at a summit.

  • M.K.D.
    M.K.D. 9 hours ago

    *Now private job employees will realise how lucky they are!*

  • love kittys
    love kittys 9 hours ago


  • audiotone
    audiotone 9 hours ago

    These are bullies and nuts.

  • audiotone
    audiotone 9 hours ago

    Ok and let them get paid $30.000 a year, ok fred flintstone

  • Clarkem
    Clarkem 9 hours ago

    "This wall is a waste" Yeah I'd hate to wake up on my multi million dollar estate left to me by my forebearers and be staring at a wall too...

  • Franz Robert
    Franz Robert 9 hours ago

    It fills my heart with joy and warmth to know that the cops are dead and will never come back.

  • B V
    B V 9 hours ago

    They look like microphones

  • Burning Experience
    Burning Experience 9 hours ago

    America spends billions on military each year. A small 10 billion isn't going to do much.

  • joeschultz2
    joeschultz2 9 hours ago

    This guy is only 62? He acts like late seventies with dementia taking over. Turns out the guy was inebriated when he did this. He ended up getting two years probation for this.

  • Romeo Kilo
    Romeo Kilo 9 hours ago

    everyone wants to make light of nuking NK with no regard for the innocent people there. you should be ashamed of yourselves

  • Francisco Rojas
    Francisco Rojas 9 hours ago

    How is he a executive for Taco Bell ???

  • giveme melodyy
    giveme melodyy 9 hours ago

    Maybe follow the rules and they won’t search you?

  • Yeet Fecteau
    Yeet Fecteau 9 hours ago

    Don't lock your knees

  • Joey Starrett
    Joey Starrett 10 hours ago

    Let me guess, the nineteen women and one man are all democrats, and the Lyft drivers are all running for office or nominees for a judicial position.

  • camerons_stop 71
    camerons_stop 71 10 hours ago

    Dude was just playing with his toy truck

  • Seean Polk
    Seean Polk 10 hours ago

    And these are the racist fools that vote for trump! No education.

  • lokesh tanwar
    lokesh tanwar 10 hours ago

    For now...I think it's a good idea that can save this beautiful species

  • Pitchoo973
    Pitchoo973 10 hours ago

    even mascots have fan in their costume

  • Shift -Z
    Shift -Z 10 hours ago

    They make fun of all Republicans....from the European view Republicans are either idiots or Hitler....tho its because the Republicans that more of Europe hasn't been taken over by the Russians. Everytime there is a Democrat in power the Chinese and Russians will take more land

  • Chris of STARS
    Chris of STARS 10 hours ago

    Is this the wall that can be cut with a $100 power saw? Your tax dollars at work, Trumptards.

  • Okky Handayani
    Okky Handayani 10 hours ago

    Get better Quinn..! Hope soon you get to look at the windows of cars, airplanes, and who knows... SUBMARINES!! Kisses and hugs all the way from Indonesia ⚘

  • Wrangler
    Wrangler 10 hours ago

    Make hazing great again

  • Dandy Chiggins
    Dandy Chiggins 10 hours ago

    The proof that the wall won't work is clearly shown in this video. Extension ladders, tunnels, cutting tools, boats and airplanes will also be used. Mexico isn't paying as promised. Guess who's footing the bill? The U.S. taxpayers are. Trumpers: you've been conned by a master manipulator.

  • Condor1970
    Condor1970 10 hours ago

    Btw, those guys that climbed it were arrested.

  • best wishes
    best wishes 10 hours ago

    I want to know more about Trump's plan for cutting food stamps to the poor! I'm not a recipient but I strongly disagree with the idea.

  • Maja Mojo
    Maja Mojo 10 hours ago

    “BIG SMILE” on your face in that picture with Prince Andrew. You looked so happy and proud with the Prince I guess.

  • Condor1970
    Condor1970 10 hours ago

    According to Liberals, there is no wall. I think they've been been smoking something and watching The Matrix a little too much.

  • Condor1970
    Condor1970 10 hours ago

    According to Liberals, there is no wall. I think they've been been smoking something and watching The Matrix a little too much.

  • nnb203
    nnb203 10 hours ago

    NWA was right!

  • Don Maverick
    Don Maverick 10 hours ago

    Terrorists Created by america

  • mountopian 1
    mountopian 1 10 hours ago

    Better if it was built with the bodies of democrats.

  • crawlingwalls
    crawlingwalls 10 hours ago

    threatening people for respect is a sure sign that you deserve none

    • MrButtlettuce
      MrButtlettuce 10 hours ago

      And what makes you think it’s a threat?

  • Hazrat Bilal
    Hazrat Bilal 10 hours ago

    Big dramma in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Us is a liar. Shame don’t make fool ur people.