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Introducing My New VLOG!!!
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Live April 21 2019
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Live March 17, Caravans
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Live Sunday, March 3 2019
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  • Scott Soland
    Scott Soland 4 minutes ago

    That was done and said well. By the two of you.

  • manyowefew1
    manyowefew1 17 minutes ago

    How was this insured?

  • TakeWhatYouNeed LeaveTheRest

    Beautiful giving people.

  • Robert Whitney
    Robert Whitney 40 minutes ago

    My family and I are thinking about doing the nomad life. I too have depression and find it relaxing to be camping. We are just not sure how to begin that type of life. We have watched your videos and realized that that type of life may be right for us. Do you have any advice on how to go about it?

  • Mathy Ciller
    Mathy Ciller 42 minutes ago

    Thank you for sharing 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Alpha QuickShip
    Alpha QuickShip 51 minute ago

    Apart from God man's heart becomes hard. Nature is just God's design which is a poor reflection of him.

  • van wray
    van wray Hour ago

    This lady has a very good attitude. Many of us can learn from her.

  • Kristine Smith
    Kristine Smith Hour ago

    This is completely amazing and can be a life changer for so many people. Did you know there are phone aps available that might be able to help your community? I do not know the cost of them though. I've worked in law enforcement for nearly 19 years, the Peer support concept has been introduced into my agency this year. We've needed it so badly. I was unaware many law enforcement agencies have these but this was this first time I had herd/seen it introduced. I don't know if it is something your interested but it's a thought. I'm so glad you both shared some of yourselves with us. You're both doing something amazing. Take care, safe travels.

  • Douglas Harley
    Douglas Harley Hour ago

    this lady is awesome!

  • L
    L Hour ago

    Many good brands and models, dometic ( old waeco ), engel, Indel b, mobicool fr. I have a 10year old waeco cdf-18, from spring to autumn everyday use, very good portable real fridge / freezer. Nice to have a fridge in the car, cools in 5min. It's been in the cottage and running on battery, can sleep next to it.

  • Tami Normal
    Tami Normal Hour ago

    Love it

  • Shirley Smith
    Shirley Smith Hour ago

    I wish you would find Doug and give him a solar setup

  • kheff46
    kheff46 Hour ago

    Rubber feet work adding length to cot legs. No need to cut pvc pipe as legs. Think smarter not harder

  • Norm Nilsson
    Norm Nilsson 2 hours ago

    WOW, thats all, WOW

  • Mike F.
    Mike F. 2 hours ago

    Why are these people traveling around and living in a vehicle isolated when they have mental health issues?

  • PaintmanJohn
    PaintmanJohn 3 hours ago

    Very impressive. I wish you would have shown us a picture of the CLAMP mechanism too. I assume it is something like a swing clamp, perhaps? IS the tension adjustable ?

  • Brian leonard
    Brian leonard 3 hours ago

    Perfectly descriptive! And each person must choose what's best for them personally! Thanks so much Bob

  • 240Z2NV
    240Z2NV 3 hours ago

    Love ACCURATE debunking of one of the Most Common MISTAKES in build insulation. It’s frightening when people refer to themselves as “Professional” when they take people’s money, to glue Reflectix directly to metal. I’ll never know the (feeling) of “Ignorance is Bliss”

  • Jane Ryle
    Jane Ryle 3 hours ago

    Thanks Bob for introducing us to Kit! Great job with your van Kit enjoy!

  • dkh1020
    dkh1020 3 hours ago

    All I can say is Thank You

  • Kim Flaherty
    Kim Flaherty 3 hours ago

    You are such a good person. I'm sorry you've had to experience such pain.

  • sandy smith
    sandy smith 3 hours ago


  • Dave Baker
    Dave Baker 3 hours ago

    I'm one of that 12%.

  • Ed Spalding
    Ed Spalding 4 hours ago

    I am reviewing the videos on van conversion. Is there anything you would do differently regarding insulation?

    GRAMMIE DEBI 4 hours ago

    ?? I have a serious question. I hope you will answer it. If there are more solar panels donated, will you distribute them to those that have already applied and didn't make this cut or are you discarding those applications and starting over with the application process? I hope you see fit to put those first who have already applied, entrusting you with all of that personal information about their lives. ??

  • Jacqueline Goddard
    Jacqueline Goddard 4 hours ago

    Thank you Bob for sharing and I am sorry for your loss of your son. So unbelievably tragic. But you will see him again on the other side. I have had mental health issues all my life. My depression has hit am all time low. I have tried everything including ect. I have sold my home and will be living nomadic. I love your videos. Xo

  • Susan Dwyer
    Susan Dwyer 4 hours ago

    Thank you both for sharing your stories. It is so very hard to talk about the depression, difficulties, sad times, and especially the mistakes we have made and relationships that we have ruined.

  • Nissim Mashmoor
    Nissim Mashmoor 4 hours ago

    Hi Bob, This was one of the most powerful videos I've seen. I too lost my daughter in 2011 and went through a lot as well. I met you at the last RTR and shared with you how scared I was and how you helped me in my life. I thank you for everything! I hope I'll get to come to the next RTR and see you again.

  • Antonio Lafergola
    Antonio Lafergola 4 hours ago

    You’re a good soul Dee, we love you!

  • Devon morrison
    Devon morrison 5 hours ago

    Smart woman. Like her.

  • Carolyn Merritt
    Carolyn Merritt 5 hours ago

    I certainly hope she is doing well. This was in 2016, and I am sooo late.

  • brenda lister
    brenda lister 5 hours ago

    Down is cruel Bob. Please try and remember that.

  • Paul A. Jackson
    Paul A. Jackson 6 hours ago

    Have always seen your heart Bob and know that out of what you have suffered you are able to give! Thanks for all you Give!

  • Tina Kearns
    Tina Kearns 6 hours ago

    I lost my husband to suicide in 2002 and then my father in 2004. I know that I need to be in a natural environment. I am headed that way. I have been approved to disability and am working my way toward living on the raw land I purchased in Cochise County. Thank you for your story.

  • Big Man Tiny Kingdom

    Thank you HOWA and San Tan Solar! I was one of the recipients of the solar panel kits. It’s truly a blessing and I’m most appreciative for your kindness and service to the community.

  • elaine goad
    elaine goad 6 hours ago

    Nice video and van but don't ever judge a homeless or destitute person, and you could be walking in their shoes in an instant one day. the person (human being) cold be you.

  • quiana hoyles
    quiana hoyles 6 hours ago

    wow my grandmother has a lot of this stuff I got a van from a church that was near my home mosque

  • Lori Shelstad
    Lori Shelstad 6 hours ago


  • Douglas Harley
    Douglas Harley 7 hours ago

    what an amazing conversation between two inspiring people! thanks for this.

  • Mathy Ciller
    Mathy Ciller 7 hours ago

    Thank you Bob!!🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Mathy Ciller
    Mathy Ciller 9 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Mathy Ciller
    Mathy Ciller 9 hours ago

    I love this!! Thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Paradigm Salon Video
    Paradigm Salon Video 10 hours ago

    Thank you both!

  • D S&S
    D S&S 10 hours ago

    Can I also add a roof box is brilliant for extra like camping chairs and tent or tarp ect ✌️

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 10 hours ago

    Bob, you are doing such important work. Always positive, motivating with compassion. I love being introduced to your interview guests, learning more about life, and living on the road. Keep up the good work!

  • Mathy Ciller
    Mathy Ciller 10 hours ago

    Thank you for sharing🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • D S&S
    D S&S 10 hours ago

    Great advice I made mine just like this... and it was the same price as running a car so it was so economical ✌️

  • Jace Jacobs
    Jace Jacobs 10 hours ago

    Life with no regrets for the win

  • B Simpson
    B Simpson 10 hours ago

    "You're not alone." Bob, I'm so sorry about your son. I've been suicidal and depressed, and I know what it feels like. I stayed alive to care for my mom, and I don't regret it. Your mom needed you, too. Thank you. I hope I will meet you some day.

  • Jace Jacobs
    Jace Jacobs 10 hours ago

    Awesome poem. Love it. Great story. Keep on having fun and getting it done. Namaste

  • Ellen Schram
    Ellen Schram 11 hours ago

    You need to mark all the bins you have in your”attic”. I use my label maker ALLthe time!

  • Tuko and the Hobo
    Tuko and the Hobo 11 hours ago

    A good vigorous hike...all natural way to help with depression.

  • Lracnolip
    Lracnolip 11 hours ago

    Agree, living in my rv in a friendly park with lots of sunshine has helped me so much.

  • DailySelfReliance
    DailySelfReliance 11 hours ago

    Is it possible to set this up where the second battery will still run the factory power outlets inside the vehicle but cut off and not effect the main battery when off

  • Doug van der Hoop
    Doug van der Hoop 11 hours ago

    You look so happy. I want to be happy so you inspire me. I am just starting to convert my suburban. You have touched my heart and soul.

  • Tammy Jackson
    Tammy Jackson 12 hours ago

    My daughter took her life in feb of 2019 & its been pure hell!

    • A Marie
      A Marie 4 hours ago

      💙 my heart is with you

  • Lady P
    Lady P 12 hours ago

    Truly, we want so much, but we need very little.

  • Lady P
    Lady P 12 hours ago

    Off grid, praise the Lord!

  • Idaho Rider
    Idaho Rider 12 hours ago

    Thank you Bob. You are most kind to share your information. Wishing you good health and happiness.

  • Anna Wallace
    Anna Wallace 12 hours ago

    I’m so sorry Bob to hear that. I had no idea you walk this journey too. We lost our youngest son Branden (9/5/90-9/27/18) unexpectedly. Autopsy showed 100% fentanyl and we have reasons to believe it was murder although the police have done nothing. Our son had a good job and nice apartment. He was such a decent young man. We had no idea he ever did cocaine although fentanyl was either slipped to him on purpose or an accident. We may never know. Depression and not wanting to live are with me daily. I’m afraid to take medication as I’ve got an addictive personality so I suffer daily. I quit my job working for juvenile court. Our home sold the day our son Branden died. This last year has been a nightmare. I bought a 2012 Honda Odyssey thinking I’d just hit the road and disappear but here we still are. My husbands working toward retirement which is meager! We bought another house and see our other son, daughter in law and two little grandsons. Life is a daily struggle. There is no healing from the death of a child. I feel overwhelmed, so so sad, cry everyday looking at Brandens photos and his urn. This must be hell. I’ve prayed but I’m still a shell of who I once was. God help us all. Brandens mom, forever 28💔💔💔

  • Malcolm Marzo
    Malcolm Marzo 12 hours ago

    "When you are depressed your vision of life is very narrow. Like looking through a one-inch pipe." Something said to me a few years after returning from the jungle hell of Vietnam. I slowly got through it. An adult can often tough it out towards recovery. The problem with young people is that they don't have enough life experience to see beyond that one- inch view, thus they are are much more at risk. Bob: Thank you for *your* service.

  • 64maxpower
    64maxpower 12 hours ago

    the second he said he had the driveway security thing for his dog I liked him.

  • Eric Young
    Eric Young 12 hours ago

    Love, tolerance and compassion; keys for living happily, useful and whole. Having recently lost my brother who had schizophrenia, and having an estranged sister with bi-polar, I appreciate what you are doing to help in regards to thIs mental health epidemic. I am a (12 year) sober guy hoping to quit the hamster wheel of work, sell the house and hit the road with my wife in our rv. It’s good to know there are tools for building community on the road. So important!

  • Chris B.
    Chris B. 13 hours ago

    I've realized recently that our collective sadness is the result of a world turned inward, not to self reflection, but self worship. I treat myself as a tool to better the lives of those I love, and to improve the world in which I live!! I do not know depression, because I exist to love, to love all and be all, carry the weight of those weaker than you, and go with God there is no other way to live! God bless us all!🙏

  • boxcardonny
    boxcardonny 13 hours ago

    Thank you for your video about 17 years ago because of health reasons I started serving anxietyand panic attacks my wife died had to Girls in college and A 10-year-old son I had to keep pushing through I traveled for a living and my job let me take my son with me eventually I lost my job due to my health my son went in the navy and for the last 10 years I have been selling everything and making my truck in camper I know one day I would be homeless I want to the Rtr in 2018 and I know that’s the life I’m going to Do most likely I will be starting January 1 full-time in my pick up truck I’m not worried about it but it’s hard to explain to people that you have depression and anxiety they look at you like you’re crazy they don’t understand I was never like this but a lot of things came to ahead of my life and this is going to be my new path thank you for your video I struggle every day

  • richard leach
    richard leach 13 hours ago

    Good point, not homeless and if had to pay rent would need fuel assistance food stamps. Because of this life people are less of a drain on the system. Wish people would understand, because you live in a van your not a bum, the reality is you can live with out any government agency helping.

  • elaine goad
    elaine goad 13 hours ago

    Do you think plastic drawers are better than maybe using a metal file cabinet say behind the driver's seat, which can be locked ? What's the difference or advantage of gas milage of a mini van vs. a cargo van? I know you get more space in a cargo van but at what price? I guess a tent is a very good idea to have on hand. What do you recommend? do they make tents/canopy's that attach to the back or side of vans for shade or rain protection? Being a handy person definitely has it's plusses ! thanks for the informative video !

  • M Nash
    M Nash 13 hours ago

    Thanks so much for putting this video out here - it reached me at just the right time. It has given me hope & encouragement to start working toward what could be the key to unlock my life of depression. Blessings to both of you for reaching out & helping so many others ❤❤

  • Movie BuffBabe
    Movie BuffBabe 14 hours ago

    very nice set up :-D

  • Gregg B
    Gregg B 14 hours ago

    The lifestyle is appealing and tempting and may make sense for some but for me taking financial security too lightly seems reckless and irresponsible. I work in the private sector. Aside from social security, (which will not support a sustainable living) retirement savings is all on me. I don’t particularly enjoy working now but I certainly do not want to have to return to work when I’m in my 70’s or 80’s because I short changed my retirement by trying to retire too young.

  • Randyl J
    Randyl J 16 hours ago

    Thank You Bob for sharing this incredibly sensitive subject. The more I have visited campgrounds over the years, the more I find singles who feel isolated at times. They are no longer able to travel and they are sensitive about being overwhelmed with social pressure yet they still want to connect with others. I love the Tribal ideas. Many times genuine bonds are stronger outside or beyond birth family. Thank you so much for offering help and ideas. I also know the importance of good nutrition. And that isn't necessarily determined by income. Wonderful honest interview!

  • Turborider
    Turborider 17 hours ago

    He actually crashed his truck because he spilled his coffee

  • Patricia E Forker
    Patricia E Forker 17 hours ago

    Thanks I needed to hear this today :)

  • Franaflyby
    Franaflyby 17 hours ago

    Bucket list for the day .. Buy Randy's book. Jump in my van to go find a quiet place to read it....

  • Ktytravel
    Ktytravel 17 hours ago

    Thanks to you both for this video. We are not alone is the perfect mantra to hold on to. I can't wait to get my nomad life started. It will be more difficult the longer it is postponed since I find it more difficult to even leave my house to go shopping. Anxiety and depression is real and so important that we talk about it and like you said, to someone who understands.

  • Walter Ontiveros
    Walter Ontiveros 17 hours ago

    Bob when ever you feel depressed just remember and think "if it wasn't for you" . think about all of the people you have helped your life has so much meaning too so many. Thank you for sharing your life

  • Tiny House Cabin Homesteader Lane

    Certified peer specialist here. How many others are there here? Thanks for this video. Sorry to hear of your loss Bob. Wonder if we can know where other peer supporters are at any given moment?

  • John James
    John James 17 hours ago

    Fasting is the answer. What was the question?

  • Ray and Denise McKinney

    Thank you, beautiful people. I finally sought counseling for c-ptsd and anxiety and have found a great deal of healing. Knowing we are not alone is manna for the soul. Continued blessings and grace for each day ~~💕

  • Saber Cayenne
    Saber Cayenne 18 hours ago

    Here in Australia, almost every 4th person has it, whether they recognise it or not. There was a survey released here recently that said 1 in 5.

  • Gail JOHNSON
    Gail JOHNSON 18 hours ago

    Excellent video..Thank you..Have a Blessed Day..

  • Brown Bunny
    Brown Bunny 19 hours ago

    Hello Bob, thank you for this topic. I have named my Skoolie, after the name of the person whom stop me from suicide, because of depression. Thank you for this topic, for your channel, and you being you...💜🤗

  • Carmine Grillo
    Carmine Grillo 19 hours ago

    Wow, I love this conversion and such a great deal for the ambulance. Now I'm looking for an ambulance, if you find the right one, it can be fun to enjoy the outdoors

  • MuTube
    MuTube 19 hours ago

    This is such an important video for EVERYone, not just nomads, but how wonderful there is this resource for nomads. What a great idea Joanne. Synchronistically, I posted a short podcast video earlier about a story of one man's 'suicidal ideation and irrational thinking', then I saw this video. No coincidences. Thank you for sharing part of your story Bob and for addressing this epidemic issue.

  • Carmine Grillo
    Carmine Grillo 19 hours ago

    Really good ideas for us on a budget. I'm looking for an ambulance after I watched the ambulance walk through you did with the gentleman in the bandana in BC. Great stuff Bob

  • Reb Short
    Reb Short 19 hours ago

    One thing I can figure out from watching this video and reading this whole Comments section - You people in the US need a single payer, universal health care system.

    • PasadenaSue
      PasadenaSue 12 hours ago

      Reb Short, I think the answer includes far more than that. Many doctors don't recognize the need for nutrition in dealing with chronic illnesses, nor do they understand that "mental" health has its roots in physical health. Our brain is not separate from our body. And as long as people cannot talk about how they feel it makes getting help very difficult. I do agree with you that people should be able to get help whether or not they can afford to pay for it. Peace.

  • Royce Mills
    Royce Mills 19 hours ago

    My mom was psychizoeffective, my dad was bipolar, my brother had symptoms of both. He took his life in 2013. I, not surprisingly, have battled alcoholism as a form of self-medication. I am lucky beyond belief to not have either disorder plague me, although I do have issues. I am also very lucky to have found a woman who wants to travel with me when the kids are grown. She also is bipolar, but it's well controlled through meds. My wife is an accomplished pianist and RN, like the person in the video my wife was misdiagnosed and given antidepressants, which magnified her mania. Fortunately our lives are finally In a good place. Thank you for this video, you probably helped more people than you can imagine.

  • Jenn Hill
    Jenn Hill 20 hours ago

    Thank you both for your transparency & willingness to share your story. While I'm not a nomad (maybe, one day?), but I've fought major depression since I hit puberty @ 10. I'm 64, now. Sometimes, I haven't felt like I could continue, however, someone has always, incredibly, come through & helped me to get thru. Losing a child, Bob, seems to me to be the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent. My heart broke for you. My sweet husband is there for me, as are our 3 dogs, one of whom, Björn, literally saved my life. I couldn't see a way around or through & he gave me a renewed sense of being needed & loved. I'd say most people endure episodes of depression, but not all deal with it day in & day out, as I & so many do. This is a vital message & how wonderful you two have teamed up in this. Blessings & sunrises to both.

  • cindy nelson
    cindy nelson 20 hours ago

    I see she has a pee bottle what else does she use and how to shower

  • MeMe Mo
    MeMe Mo 21 hour ago

    Many vanlifers have depression. If they do, they need to seek help.

  • Ayana Anon
    Ayana Anon 21 hour ago

    Thank you for bringing up this subject of depression and anxiety and other mental health issues, I am not currently a nomad as of yet but it is in my life plan. I live with PTSD and depression also. I've really been wondering if a nomadic lifestyle would even be doable considering my issues... It's great to hear that others with the same issues are flourishing even with the debilitating effects of their mental health. It gives me hope that I can possibly do this myself. So thanks again for addressing this so some of us out here on the fence can actually attempt doing something they may never thought possible. 💗

  • Debra Rowlands
    Debra Rowlands 22 hours ago

    Thank you so much. Today has not been good, and I needed to hear this.

  • KindaTrueStories
    KindaTrueStories 22 hours ago

    What an act of generosity. Thank you both so much for this message of hope. This conversation and your whole channel are so helpful. Thanks again!

  • Gail Resources
    Gail Resources 22 hours ago

    Bob, you always give us more and more. Thank you! I’ll be out there soon!

  • Saved by Grace
    Saved by Grace 22 hours ago

    I love his gypsy wagon! It's awesome!

  • Saved by Grace
    Saved by Grace 23 hours ago

    What van model is it?

  • Antonio Lafergola
    Antonio Lafergola 23 hours ago

    That rv is awesome! Love the rear kitchen!

  • Owl Ernator
    Owl Ernator 23 hours ago

    I have had Depression in my life also. It sucks! I'm so sorry for your loss, Bob, you do much to jhelp others. Blessings from Australia, Bob!

  • Brainmaker
    Brainmaker 23 hours ago

    Thank you hugely for this share and for the nomad chapter. What gifts you both are.

  • Larry Webb
    Larry Webb 23 hours ago

    They sale a PVC pipe cutter tool at the Home improvement stores , the tool cuts the PVC pipe extremely easy and perfectly straight , good buy because many things can be made out of PVC pipes , like organizers etc. Good luck