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[Official Trailer] Muted
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[Official Trailer] AXED
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Face Reveal: I Love Yoo
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Face Reveal: Edith
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Face Reveal: SubZero
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Face Reveal: As Per Usual
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[Official Trailer] Seed
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WEBTOON - Find Yours
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Face Reveal: Rebirth
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[Official Trailer] Edith
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[Official Trailer] LUFF
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[Official Trailer] Your Letter
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[Official Trailer] SubZero
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  • Deondre Moore
    Deondre Moore 22 minutes ago

    Imma need this to really happen because if it does I think everyone will love it

  • maggie.
    maggie. 31 minute ago

    literally began reading it last night and i am on chapter 32 already

  • J. Ma.
    J. Ma. Hour ago

    I love this webtoon so hard. I'm addicted

  • aki__
    aki__ Hour ago


  • Stand Tops
    Stand Tops Hour ago


  • the potato artist

    Link is me

  • NGHIAS04
    NGHIAS04 Hour ago

    Can this be movie?

  • Mikayla Blum
    Mikayla Blum 2 hours ago

    I wish this where an actual anime

  • TheBlackLionessRrr
    TheBlackLionessRrr 2 hours ago

    Make cartoon about Meow man please.

  • LaNoir
    LaNoir 2 hours ago

    Not even catching the essence of the comic.

  • LaNoir
    LaNoir 2 hours ago

    I still don't get how you could reject Asuras Bride, but MPL is a 10/10 as well 👌 Also, please name the authors, this is very disrespectful.

  • Chromafeel
    Chromafeel 2 hours ago


  • 21minute
    21minute 3 hours ago

    I misread the title as Midnight Poopy Land. Oof

  • Lilly Hylton
    Lilly Hylton 3 hours ago

    I love the series, but it’s just kinda like a poorly dubbed anime. Just a ~little~ bit off

  • Megan Morgan
    Megan Morgan 4 hours ago

    Omg a new hunk to swoon over YASSSS

  • オレンジ ORANGE
    オレンジ ORANGE 5 hours ago


  • Ashi 2o6
    Ashi 2o6 5 hours ago

    Yay another interesting webtoon to read!!

  • TheBookCover12
    TheBookCover12 5 hours ago

    I'm simple. I see hot guy. I read.

  • Ashley Park
    Ashley Park 5 hours ago

    I’m already sold with this ship.

  • Kalimah Muhammad
    Kalimah Muhammad 5 hours ago

    Me: *has already been reading it.* Also me: *Why not watch the trailer?!?*

  • Humble Bee
    Humble Bee 5 hours ago

    Silence is the greatest answer

    BECKYfrom KENTUCKY 6 hours ago

    This is a good story so READ IT MAGGOT

  • Giovanna Peggy
    Giovanna Peggy 6 hours ago

    This comic is awesome!

  • reading rainbow bright

    This is the first one I paid money for to skip ahead rather than wait.

  • KirbyExternal
    KirbyExternal 7 hours ago

    You in the beginning with the orb did anyone get rwby season 4 intro vibes from that

  • Bikergirl120 Rider
    Bikergirl120 Rider 7 hours ago

    I love webtoon! I love this comic! 💜💜💜💜 to those who haven't read it or are debating whether to read it or not. You should it's really good. #linewebtoon #midnightpoppyland

  • antonia sifakaki
    antonia sifakaki 7 hours ago

    I accidentally read Midnight Poopy Land I am so sorry 😂

  • ᄏ시오01
    ᄏ시오01 8 hours ago

    이 웹툰 해외에도 나간건가 대단하다

  • elrick44
    elrick44 9 hours ago

    It's like the prequel to John Wick

  • GamerGreninjaGirl
    GamerGreninjaGirl 9 hours ago

    me: *see’s title* me: *screams* mom: WHATCHU DOIN ARE YOU DYING WHATS GOING ON?! me: uhhhh... mom: what?! me: mom: ... me: NEW STORY TO READ GOTTA GOOO! mom: wait wha-

  • FantazyFangirl 13
    FantazyFangirl 13 9 hours ago

    Though this wass just some cliche wattpad like story... I JUST GOT HOOKED AND DIDNT STUDY FOR A FINAL EXAM BUT NOOOOOOO REGRETS!

  • queys
    queys 9 hours ago

    next trailer should be “not even bones” :D

  • Camel Magic
    Camel Magic 9 hours ago

    Ok before people think I'm starting to hate, I love let's play, but in the animated shorts butchered Charles

  • wardah
    wardah 10 hours ago

    honestly this take you on a very emotional roller coaster

  • Hwang yun
    Hwang yun 10 hours ago

    ithope i have those things

  • Merie Wanderer
    Merie Wanderer 10 hours ago

    well, if it has started producing since last year, we may have a chance to see it this year or another

  • Temari Nara
    Temari Nara 10 hours ago

    I want more of Asura's bride!

  • rachel.doremi
    rachel.doremi 10 hours ago

    Not to interest bc I’m not in the sci-fi-morph-experimented-on audience, but I’m glad that low life dumped her bc his hair was trash and she deserves any better looking character, lmao

  • ZenZen Logic
    ZenZen Logic 10 hours ago

    Make animation for this comic man

  • Aysha km
    Aysha km 10 hours ago

    Going to read this webtoon! Thanks! 😍

  • Ethan Universe
    Ethan Universe 11 hours ago

    That darn pebble!

  • kageyama tobio
    kageyama tobio 11 hours ago


  • Nqqchie
    Nqqchie 11 hours ago

    hot. ill read it later

  • Karen Alphin
    Karen Alphin 11 hours ago

    I showed this comic to my BFF because she's short with giant boobs and Tora looks like her boyfriend (except Tora's hotter) and she hit me. Didn't have to say anything, but it was the greatest moment of my life.

  • Katie Hyper
    Katie Hyper 11 hours ago


    • Katie Hyper
      Katie Hyper 9 hours ago

      @Gacha Emperor ahh cool, can't wait to binge read it all over again then! 😁

    • Gacha Emperor
      Gacha Emperor 9 hours ago

      Katie Hyper ummm its already “back”?? a long time ago?

  • megha
    megha 11 hours ago

    I just love the art style <3 but what an amazing music, truly suits it.

  • S U N S H I N E
    S U N S H I N E 11 hours ago

    I recommend you guys this webtoon it's a great story trust me🤧💞

  • Duchi
    Duchi 11 hours ago

    When you can't relate because you haven't been cheated on _yet.._

    • Queen Bee
      Queen Bee 11 hours ago

      Single life like me ??

  • Elizabeth Solorio
    Elizabeth Solorio 11 hours ago

    Love this story

  • Carla Bigley
    Carla Bigley 12 hours ago

    I love this WEBTOON!!!!!!!

  • Angelmoongal Alien weirdo

    Holy sh-

  • morrigan shanon ayla
    morrigan shanon ayla 12 hours ago

    I must be crazy for loving elios

  • Gummy Bears
    Gummy Bears 12 hours ago


  • Hera Adriana Consunji
    Hera Adriana Consunji 12 hours ago

    Freaking Tora

  • morrigan shanon ayla
    morrigan shanon ayla 12 hours ago

    I love em i love em i love em i love eeeem

  • Kritika Chitkara
    Kritika Chitkara 12 hours ago

    For God's sake can webtoon stop making damn awesome webtoons.....I am tired of reading them all..bcoz every single one us damn awsm

    • Gacha Emperor
      Gacha Emperor 9 hours ago

      Kritika Chitkara webtoon doesn’t make comics, people do, and webtoon pays them for it

  • mightym
    mightym 12 hours ago

    No thanks it's just like twilight and or vampire diaries and or other vampire movies

    • Lina Nerd
      Lina Nerd 4 hours ago


    • Lina Nerd
      Lina Nerd 4 hours ago

      Have you even tried reading the webtoon? It's nothing like either of those

    • Vidgealz C. Valvatore
      Vidgealz C. Valvatore 8 hours ago

      I'm confused. No one is a vampire in this Web Toon.

  • AllisonakaSakura
    AllisonakaSakura 12 hours ago

    Where my poppy reader @

  • Carrie Wright
    Carrie Wright 12 hours ago

    Tora means Tiger

  • Howling Fang32
    Howling Fang32 12 hours ago

    I'm reading this webtoon

  • Monse Grande
    Monse Grande 12 hours ago


  • Scorpio warrior
    Scorpio warrior 12 hours ago

    Wow this webtoon seems interesting should I read it? Comment.. I really want webtoon to make another trailer for devil number 4

    • Pol Doll
      Pol Doll Hour ago

      READ IT!!! Become one of us...one of us...

    • Scorpio warrior
      Scorpio warrior 7 hours ago

      @Bikergirl120 Rider yes I will try to read this because the trailer itself was already good💗💞✨

    • Bikergirl120 Rider
      Bikergirl120 Rider 7 hours ago

      Read it girl...or guy. Its really good!

    • cali’sapocalypticrealm
      cali’sapocalypticrealm 9 hours ago

      I'd definitely suggest reading it the art is lovely and the story is really interesting it's a bit hard to read at some points tho but that might just be my dyslexia

    • EveWasTaken
      EveWasTaken 11 hours ago

      Read it. I started reading it when it was still in Discover and the story is just amazing and it's beautifully drawn. You won't regret it

  • Dark Stellar
    Dark Stellar 12 hours ago

    For people who have read the story so far Poppy: *shirt rips open* Tora: *takes pic* Me: 😅😂😳😐😏😒😶😯🤨

  • Jennifer Valencia
    Jennifer Valencia 12 hours ago

    I love this webtoon so much🤩🥰💗💗💕💕💗💕💗💞💖

  • mistaken error
    mistaken error 12 hours ago

    You know you're this early when there was still no dislikes from some aunonimous person who missed the like button 😑😂

  • Taekookie BTS 4ever
    Taekookie BTS 4ever 12 hours ago

    Yesss❤️ Omg I can't wait

  • Jimin's Wife
    Jimin's Wife 12 hours ago

    *Can’t wait* 💓🥺😍

  • Lulu Woods
    Lulu Woods 12 hours ago

    I really love this webtoon so muchhhhh

  • Water Tea
    Water Tea 12 hours ago

    I love this webtoon so much :3

  • OwO999 UwU
    OwO999 UwU 12 hours ago


  • Lolita-Chan
    Lolita-Chan 12 hours ago

    I love it! (First!!! :D)

  • J- Panda
    J- Panda 12 hours ago

    Can we get another episode of this....... Pls lol

    • J- Panda
      J- Panda 10 hours ago

      @Brissy Girl lol I wasn't trying to sound like I was impatient and I know what time and stuff sorry if you took it the wrong way.

    • Brissy Girl
      Brissy Girl 11 hours ago

      It updates in 2 days be patient

  • kim mataraso
    kim mataraso 12 hours ago

    YESSS I’m so obsessed it’s kind of not okay lol

  • __
    __ 12 hours ago


  • senjany jp
    senjany jp 12 hours ago

    Ganteng banget ih apaan ih 😭

  • Peruvian Gemini
    Peruvian Gemini 14 hours ago


  • {Min Yoongi}
    {Min Yoongi} 15 hours ago

    Okay. But can we talk about those BT21 PILLOWS?

  • Mark Vincent Aposaga
    Mark Vincent Aposaga 15 hours ago

    when will this be an animated series? i just binged read this on webtoon last week..

  • Taryne Griffith
    Taryne Griffith 16 hours ago

    Read it and it’s amazing and I can’t wait for the update s

  • Hanbie Ryu
    Hanbie Ryu 17 hours ago

    Fully free and open source alternatives are: Krita for drawing, Blender for 3D, (add in comments)

  • Forest Flame
    Forest Flame 17 hours ago

    Sarah Fina is the new mirio

  • Scrap Town
    Scrap Town 17 hours ago

    I can't find it..

  • Turtles die
    Turtles die 18 hours ago

    I’m so glad I checked this webtoon out after this trailer

  • Calla Colona
    Calla Colona 19 hours ago

    I lost my appetite forever

  • I'm a twig
    I'm a twig 19 hours ago

    This reminds me of My hero academia

  • Miraculor77
    Miraculor77 20 hours ago

    Ohmygosh so she's the one who makes the Webtoon! If you're reading this, JunePurr, I want you to know that your comic is amazing and that I love it so much. The art is beautiful and the story is so intriguing. I'm currently a few episodes behind, but I promise I'll catch up soon. <3

  • StormwindSakuro
    StormwindSakuro 20 hours ago

    3 years and 225 days and still no sight of a God of Highschool anime...

  • Mariela Cinto
    Mariela Cinto 23 hours ago

    SADLY! It Has Come To An END:

  • Rafiul Haque
    Rafiul Haque Day ago

    plot twist: that guy is also using make up

  • Cass
    Cass Day ago

    I also want to see True beauty

  • Cass
    Cass Day ago


  • Vidhi Verma
    Vidhi Verma Day ago

    They must have asked why she wears Pikachu ??

  • Vidhi Verma
    Vidhi Verma Day ago


  • Hủ DamDang
    Hủ DamDang Day ago

    Fuck Mujin Park

  • MutiaraAngelica GotDeleted

    Where's Blondie boy? I thought he was part of the big plot. ...Nvm. He is part of the plot

  • Winminiee Eniie

    Honestly eunwoo and jisoo have to take this role

  • SR. mostazin
    SR. mostazin Day ago

    Please subtitles in spanish

  • diana elizabeth

    why aren’t they posting the videos anymore.

  • Kayla Ai
    Kayla Ai Day ago

    I’m in ep 100 and I’m so mad where I stoped 😤

  • TheRealLilcreep

    Still casually waiting for someone to make this a legitimate anime