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I Wish I Wasn't Asian
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I Got My First Pap Smear
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I'm 13 and Still Wet My Bed
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  • Saif El Shafei
    Saif El Shafei 5 hours ago

    Let me just say that in the Shari'a, a non-muslim man cannot marry a muslim woman. End of story.

  • Diamond Jord 09
    Diamond Jord 09 5 hours ago

    Now he is sadly ded

  • BlueArchangel1
    BlueArchangel1 5 hours ago

    Notice how women don't cheat in the Muslim world? *Islam is right about women.*

  • BlueArchangel1
    BlueArchangel1 5 hours ago

    Get redpilled and GO MGTOW !!!

  • BlueArchangel1
    BlueArchangel1 5 hours ago

    Not justifying but this was once referred to as temporary insanity. But, because of feminazis, women have too many rights now. All women are like that (AWALT). They're all promiscuous hypergamous whores who use the corrupt family courts to destroy men. Get redpilled and Go MGTOW.

  • IrelandVonVicious
    IrelandVonVicious 5 hours ago

    Arnold did the right thing. Well worth it.

  • Ojasvi Taak
    Ojasvi Taak 5 hours ago

    Shawshank Redemption

  • Ally Lewis
    Ally Lewis 5 hours ago

    MinuteVideos This would never happen ever whoever wrote this took everything that happens to LGBTQ+ kids and made it against someone who is homophobic. It's also not an opinion that anyone gets to have no one gets to decide whether or not someone is a valid person.

  • G3tshot Heett
    G3tshot Heett 5 hours ago

    Eugene alert

  • Bernard MacDonagh
    Bernard MacDonagh 5 hours ago

    You know normally it's the other way around

  • ripply
    ripply 6 hours ago

    how is this connected to the story

  • Sunset lover
    Sunset lover 6 hours ago

    I am also Muslim and gay

  • Tda 168
    Tda 168 6 hours ago

    You are so strong !! To share this story it is must be very painful !! May God bless you with the open relationship ! Please ignore the hater

  • AKA Slayer
    AKA Slayer 6 hours ago

    I am not commenting anything but i dont think muslims are allowed to marry people from other religion...i am a muslim

  • LFVKX3
    LFVKX3 6 hours ago

    I'm a liar

  • LazariYTPlayz Darkfalls

    Who came here because it was Bijuu Mike? Just me or anyone else? Comment

  • Nomiex32 Forever
    Nomiex32 Forever 6 hours ago

    1.01 to 2:58😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 good bye till next time

  • Sidrah Ashfaque
    Sidrah Ashfaque 6 hours ago

    The voice is annoying

  • Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

    That man shouldn’t have been arrested. Cheating is something that deserves death.

  • WCR2
    WCR2 6 hours ago

    As a wise man once said: "Can't trust these hoes"

  • royalz a big qt
    royalz a big qt 6 hours ago


  • JustRandom_NotWeird
    JustRandom_NotWeird 6 hours ago

    Wow, so were all gonna act like he didnt just violate religious peoples thoughts by saying "I met God and was not impressed"? This guy is retarded. I didn't think that anyone would even think to try and portray the Lord. This is disrespectful and SHOULD BE TAKEN DOWN!

  • Raventhunderstom 56
    Raventhunderstom 56 6 hours ago

    This is 10 minutes not 1

  • Amelia Hernandez
    Amelia Hernandez 6 hours ago

    Over 60 scars beech

  • Col o Cal
    Col o Cal 6 hours ago

    jesus christ this is cringe! got a real elliot rodger vibe. gross

  • Leslie Song
    Leslie Song 6 hours ago

    He is so understanding.. He is a great guy :( this really made me cry.

  • Amogelang Ramakoba
    Amogelang Ramakoba 6 hours ago


  • Ice Dragon Gamemaster

    I play video games for the last 32 years. Never had any problem. Of course I never play more than 4 hours per day.

  • Angel Hill
    Angel Hill 6 hours ago

    I almost cried,

  • ツAM3Ê
    ツAM3Ê 6 hours ago

    mental hospital like scp foundation

  • Hailey Camacho
    Hailey Camacho 6 hours ago

    Who else has been to a mental hospital during the childhood ? 🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Intense internal Screaming

    Being gay is not an opinion. You can’t disagree about people getting human rights.

  • Sushen Penakalapati
    Sushen Penakalapati 6 hours ago

    Then she could hit the gym and loose the weight

  • JJ The Cuber
    JJ The Cuber 6 hours ago

    The video photo was weird The jacket was shot and blood came out "The jacket"

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 6 hours ago

    Girl- I'm so dark and tanned *ARIANA GRANDE has entered the chat 😂*

  • ugandaknux Zouine
    ugandaknux Zouine 6 hours ago

    I would get proof then run to the police then get him in jail

  • Kana Feni
    Kana Feni 6 hours ago

    it’s the angel

  • Asad Awan
    Asad Awan 6 hours ago

    hope is the best.

  • lolo200717 Sims
    lolo200717 Sims 6 hours ago

    That story is fake why because muslims women can't merry with a man an other religion

    • lolo200717 Sims
      lolo200717 Sims 6 hours ago

      Florescent Lumi just women can't merry in other religions And impossible that happened

    • Florescent Lumi
      Florescent Lumi 6 hours ago

      It's not fake actually. Things like this happens a lot even though it's forbidden. Yes, Muslim people can't marry other people in different religions but things like this happens and people thought it's ok

  • Jonathan Njieptchi
    Jonathan Njieptchi 6 hours ago

    Death is part of reality, "death is the wages of sin" Romans 6:23. So it is bound to happen no matter what, I can't say that I do not fear death because it is a foreign concept/reality to me. I have never died nor been in a comma so I don't know how it feels to when death stares right at your face. However i know one of my fears which is dying a slow and painful/agonizing death.

  • Yeet Skeet
    Yeet Skeet 6 hours ago


  • ugandaknux Zouine
    ugandaknux Zouine 6 hours ago

    I bet this girl is in America

  • Isla mccauly
    Isla mccauly 6 hours ago


  • abdul rozak
    abdul rozak 6 hours ago

    2:31 I hate that

  • __Adorno__
    __Adorno__ 6 hours ago

    if i were you, i wouldve given him a beatdown. Since youre 60 pounds or whatever, you could pack more weight into a punch. But that is my opinion

  • mulyadi maznom
    mulyadi maznom 6 hours ago

    *I felt so alone..* Your not alone.. *Allah will always be by your side* *REMEMBER ALLAH THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING* Theres only *1* god in this world.. and that is *Allah*

  • Reggy2000
    Reggy2000 6 hours ago

    We get it minutevideo women are victims and men are victimizers!!!!

  • bambi uwu
    bambi uwu 6 hours ago

    what happened to the classmate who reported about her- did he die--

  • 한미라
    한미라 6 hours ago

    "I'm sorry for every pain it caused him" Girl what about the wife????

  • george roskilly
    george roskilly 6 hours ago


  • WeIrd_RoVeR63
    WeIrd_RoVeR63 6 hours ago

    I mean there is girls baseball u dum as

  • Mr Duck
    Mr Duck 6 hours ago

    Captain marvel yes

  • Sargent Willy T
    Sargent Willy T 6 hours ago

    “In my mind, I was protecting the world from him” you. Me “No, in my mind, the world will protect you”

  • Cheese Game
    Cheese Game 7 hours ago

    I’m using admin command to commit mass murder on online dater

  • Asad Awan
    Asad Awan 7 hours ago

    I am a Muslim and i am proud to be a Muslim.

  • Nicole and Joy
    Nicole and Joy 7 hours ago

    These comments are all freakin hilarious

  • Shrek2 OnDVD
    Shrek2 OnDVD 7 hours ago

    A straight girl! Getting bullied for being a homophone. Aww poor bby she’s so oppressed 🥺

  • ツAM3Ê
    ツAM3Ê 7 hours ago

    the islam is good i am muslim

  • Brian Bird
    Brian Bird 7 hours ago

    What he described was a crime of passion, any decent lawyer would've gone for insanity and he'd be in a mental health ward instead of prison.

  • Al naya K.
    Al naya K. 7 hours ago

    this so wrong remove this video it’s all wrong

  • defpixel
    defpixel 7 hours ago

    She was never yours, it was just your turn.

  • adan urias
    adan urias 7 hours ago

    This really hit a spot. Been going through a tough time myself, and I'm thankful for this video. Thank you.

  • Shrek2 OnDVD
    Shrek2 OnDVD 7 hours ago

    This is the fakest video I have ever seen in my entire life

  • Ractous452
    Ractous452 7 hours ago

    3:57 wait muslim people are not allowed boyfriends

  • EMsee Qutcast
    EMsee Qutcast 7 hours ago

    This is the only time I truly support murder with all my heart

  • Wofie _cookie
    Wofie _cookie 7 hours ago

    This girl is very in love with the boy , wht the heck , girl !

  • jian BACLAYON
    jian BACLAYON 7 hours ago

    How in a world did he still tell the story tho😕

  • Nirmal Singh
    Nirmal Singh 7 hours ago

    moral of the story, never trust bitches..


    I don’t want to die I want to be with my mom 😭😭😭

  • Nincie Altidor
    Nincie Altidor 7 hours ago

    Do walt Disney

  • Chu Tzin
    Chu Tzin 7 hours ago

    if u still lie u r lying about everything the about this video to get more attention

  • Dayton Wintle
    Dayton Wintle 7 hours ago

    Is this shawshank redemption?

  • John beast
    John beast 7 hours ago

    This fool had money and got cheated on so he kills her and the guy? What a idiot r.i.p to the those two

  • Boogie James
    Boogie James 7 hours ago

    The beginning of the fortnite story sounds so cringe

  • Pineapplets :P
    Pineapplets :P 7 hours ago

    True story, I almost died before when I was younger because I was drowning, I did see light but luckily I lived. Now I am older and retarded.

  • Ellie Wagar Pearson
    Ellie Wagar Pearson 7 hours ago

    He really should have even done that it was not right no matter what anyone said you made the best chance for you

  • John beast
    John beast 7 hours ago

    She stops caring

  • Joshua Keefe
    Joshua Keefe 7 hours ago

    Remember gentlemen no woman is worth your life or your freedom if your girl cheats on you dump her that's it. Do it in a smart way. I do not take her back she will never respect you again if you do she has already lost all respect for you if she cheats on you. Whatever money this guy would've lost in the divorce would've been much cheaper than life in prison.

  • RU KIm
    RU KIm 7 hours ago

    Im irreligious . . But i respect and like every religion Islam,Christianity,Hindu, More... 😊

  • Cristian Casarrubias

    I’ve been stabbed in the back by somebody that meant the world to me. It makes you very hurt and angry. It makes you think/contemplate about getting revenge. The emotion of betrayal can last a life time but over time I find myself coming closer to peace.

  • Tao M
    Tao M 7 hours ago

    I think he's still on drugs

  • Kleenex Warrior
    Kleenex Warrior 7 hours ago

    Ngl this seems fakish

  • Faris vlogs
    Faris vlogs 7 hours ago

    Don't let people judge because of you religion but from how are you from the inside

  • benevolent Butterfly

    Im a muslim and i go to a catholic school

    EVONUT CHANNEL 7 hours ago

    This all not true.. If someone die they just like a sleep human..... They doesn't go anywere

  • Afro_Soul Edits
    Afro_Soul Edits 7 hours ago

    She made this bout race n forget he was a near adult when she was still a preteen 💀💀💀💀💀the race card dont work here

  • Jatong Anims
    Jatong Anims 7 hours ago


  • Kevin Spencer
    Kevin Spencer 7 hours ago

    I’d take those wonderful 3 seconds.

  • Daibuman
    Daibuman 7 hours ago

    Ah, yes, I do also feel sad when my tie also gets shot, bleeds and sees the light.

  • MysticalSpace
    MysticalSpace 7 hours ago

    Guys I lie barely but I don’t understand how people can believe there own lie like....what do you mean you believe it

    AHMEDOV 8 hours ago

    My Mother was a very proud Muslim! Also Mother: Has a BOYFRIEND *Wow ur mother was obviously so religious!*

  • Anonymous Lee
    Anonymous Lee 8 hours ago

    The fact that the relationship moved so fast was a red flag. Users, losers, and abusers tend to try to rush commitment so they can get their hooks in you before the mask falls

  • Eddie Rice
    Eddie Rice 8 hours ago

    Sounds like she got what was coming to her.

  • Malachi Brothers
    Malachi Brothers 8 hours ago

    doesnt adam look like unalaq from legend of korra 😂

  • Sam Thomas
    Sam Thomas 8 hours ago

    I think it should be legal if your married and your spouse cheats to kill them. Its just if the person your spouse is cheating with knows shes married. If he knows shes married he deserves to die. When you stand in front of the preacher, GOD, both families and the bride/groom and promise to be faithful and death do part it should be 100% serious.

  • NightFakhriYT
    NightFakhriYT 8 hours ago

    Next video: I'm secretly Catholic on a Muslim school.