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  • Gmc Art
    Gmc Art 4 hours ago

    this is fantastic

  • Erica Oppa
    Erica Oppa 4 hours ago

    This seminar is so fun pft

  • Charlie Jeans
    Charlie Jeans 4 hours ago

    Bullshit. "They" created laws to empower them selves. Keep the court full and the money transfered to themselves. "They allow individuals to "trade" until they have amassed wealth, then confiscate all their prooerty and wealth, effectively giving it to them selves, free labour and toil. You dont hear the establishments handing out cash and property to the homeless, to the contrary the homeless are more than likley going to end up in court as well. All the time indulging in every vice known to man while pointing there ruddy fingers and saying " look over there, There's the bad one" Now there's less crime than ever, they make new laws to keep the courts full. Scare everyine into buying Insurance, paying illegal taxes, voting for illigitame politicians, who are the real the criminals in Armani. The game has always been get someone else to make your money for you. Discourage anyone from achieving more than them. Maintain the upper hand at all costs. Remember if people were independent, them we don't need government or politicians. Their the ones who are in a constant state of anxiety, when are these fools going to realise we are the enemy within. Never mind until the scotch runs low. Then we'll outlaw them through taxes, and steal there product. And away it goes again. See you in court. 5 years later and nothing changes. Gesara Now. Plus interest from 2012. Thank you. Scam bags.

  • Logan
    Logan 4 hours ago

    kid: mom can we get the new drake album? mom: we have a drake album at home drake album at home:

  • Mindful Moments
    Mindful Moments 4 hours ago

    Thoughtful, beautiful, and real. Thank you.

    NELSON X 4 hours ago

    I think I'm liberal personally but conservative politically. Things are more complicated than he shows. I think the T-shirt said "Keep your hands off my body" referring to abortion. The fetus is it's own body at a certain point, with a beating heart and brain full of instincts, and can survive outside the womb born 4 months early. That is life, that is a baby human being. I don't think that is arguable.

  • Hamza Haider
    Hamza Haider 4 hours ago

    Malala and her father is puppet of cia and mi

  • Thuy Pham
    Thuy Pham 4 hours ago

    Có ae Việt nào xem vs t ko. Tuổi thơ ùa về

  • Assasin King
    Assasin King 4 hours ago

    BTW Elon musk is an introvert

  • SuperRand13
    SuperRand13 4 hours ago

    I often wonder how successful apps like Instagram would be if we couldn't see the number of followers and like people (including ourselves) had.

  • Kyle Hensley
    Kyle Hensley 4 hours ago

    "We now hold the paint brush" Man will never control nature and most certainly wont control God. Prescribing to Darwinism is another way of denying God the glory for his work pure and simple.

  • Abb Dabb
    Abb Dabb 4 hours ago

    Great speaker

  • Vahe Arshakyan
    Vahe Arshakyan 4 hours ago

    One of the best I've seen so far 🙈🙉🙊

  • Gary McEwan
    Gary McEwan 4 hours ago

    I suffered from crippling anxiety and depression, the best thing which totally turned things round for me was dumping my Facebook account. I'm now making more music than ever and feel 10 times happier than i was before. I strongly suggest it if you want to achieve great things, dump the bull and concentrate on yourself instead of fishing for acceptance from others. Love to you all!

  • Ron Winters
    Ron Winters 4 hours ago

    Nowadays? Never. Mostly.

  • St. Asshole
    St. Asshole 4 hours ago

    Cataract surgery in 18th century 🤔

  • Cliff Works
    Cliff Works 4 hours ago

    Kevin Briggs thank you Sir you are a wonderful caring man.

  • Sunny Scaper
    Sunny Scaper 4 hours ago

    Exactly what is happening to music

  • Brandon Mullwray
    Brandon Mullwray 4 hours ago

    Serious question here; How do I know exactly what to pay attention to....?

  • Naji Saed
    Naji Saed 4 hours ago

    Lairs forget their lies words

  • Thot Ramen
    Thot Ramen 4 hours ago

    All the information this guy gave in his speech is 100%. I wasn't put on pain meds, but got introduced to them which then turned into a heroin addiction. I'm 3 years clean today. I only did opiates once, but it was a 10 year run. Opiates are seriously the devil and addicts know more about how to get off of them than doctors do.

    TOMZOR 4 hours ago

    If you can't beat them, join them?

  • B molitor
    B molitor 4 hours ago

    what's with his socks? I'm squinting at his socks...

  • Michael Crider
    Michael Crider 4 hours ago

    Again, turns out it was another moth. Just a moth.

  • Jesica JJ
    Jesica JJ 4 hours ago

    kawaykaway purposive com. 🖐

    TOMZOR 4 hours ago

    YT is my only form of social media and only because my phone won't let me delete it - and because it has taught me more than school ever did.

  • Saif Malik
    Saif Malik 4 hours ago

    Yeah I literally have no fear of rejection anymore.., 0

  • big_michi
    big_michi 4 hours ago

    The sound effects are really distracting and annoying imo

  • Jeanius Homo Sapien
    Jeanius Homo Sapien 4 hours ago

    This TED talk is part of our sociology curriculum. Tomorrow I have to appear for my sociology mid semester exam.

  • Damiano Carosi
    Damiano Carosi 4 hours ago

    It's fantastic but the economy of this city? Where the people take the money? And how is organized politically? It's a very good idea but with the real life born some problems

  • StarFox85
    StarFox85 4 hours ago

    here in Switzerland we had the chance to do that..71% no i think if i remember right

  • Eman J Abadi
    Eman J Abadi 4 hours ago

    "Verily, Allâh does not change the condition of a people until they (first) change their ways and their minds. When Allâh decides upon punishing a people there is no averting it. (At that time) they have no helping friend apart from Him". Al-ra'd,13 , Holy Quran

  • StONe AGe
    StONe AGe 4 hours ago

    I work a rotating shift pattern. 12 hours of rotating days and nights every few days, a brutal schedule, sleeping on my mums sofa at the time so I was severely lacking quality sleep. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 25 after 4 months of starting that job. I think shift work is responsible and will probably end up costing me years of my life. If you ever consider taking a shift work job I urge you to weigh up the extra income you might get against the toll on your health really carefully, for me it has never been worth it.

  • Sandra Zhang Yue
    Sandra Zhang Yue 4 hours ago

    bullshit, with CCP, China is going nowhere

  • Chaminika Bandara
    Chaminika Bandara 4 hours ago

    Money handle every thing this reality

  • Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall


    THE RESISTANCE 5 hours ago

    The Meaning of Mind: Language, Morality, and Neuroscience Thomas Szasz Thomas Szasz demonstrates the futility of analyzing the mind as a collection of brain functions. Instead of trying to unravel the riddle of a mythical entity called the mind, Szasz suggests that our task should be to understand and judge persons always as moral agents responsible for their own actions, not as victims of brain chemistry. In The Meaning of Mind, Thomas Szasz argues that only as a verb does the word "mind" name something in the real world, namely, attending or heeding. Minding is the ability to pay attention and adapt to one's environment by using language to communicate with others and oneself. Viewing the "mind" as a potentially infinite variety of self-conversations is the key that unlocks many of the mysteries we associate with this concept. Modern neuroscience is a misdirected effort to explain "mind" in terms of brain functions. The claims and conclusions of the diverse academics and scientists who engage in this enterprise undermine the concepts of moral agency and personal responsibility. Szasz shows that the cognitive function of speech is to enable us to talk not only to others but to ourselves (in short, to be our own interlocutor) and that the view that mind is brain - embraced by both the scientific community and the popular press - is not an empirical finding but a rhetorical ruse concealing humanity's unceasing, struggle to control persons by controlling their vocabulary. The discourse of brain-mind, unlike the discourse of man as moral agent, protects people from the dilemmas intrinsic to holding themselves responsible for their own actions and holding others responsible for theirs. Because we live in an age blessed by the fruits of materialist science, reductionist explanations of the relationship between brain and mind are more popular than ever, making this book an indispensable addition to the seemingly recondite debate about, simply, who we are.

  • muna ahmed
    muna ahmed 5 hours ago

    when we all sort of shield each other from anything else that might grab our attention <3

  • darthvader5300
    darthvader5300 5 hours ago


  • Julien
    Julien 5 hours ago

    Wow. Thank you Joseph.

  • Maryam َ
    Maryam َ 5 hours ago

    Here's an ex-Muslim, I'm living in the middle east between Muslims so I literally know what Allah said and what's the shariaa' law.. Allah said to kill someone if he's a gay or Jewish buy Christians should pay money to the khalifa sitting on their knees unless they're going to kill them! THE RELIGION OF PEACE RIGHT? I can't see any peace right there when Mohammad married 9 years old girl and he was 40!PEDOPHILIA IS OKAY IN ISLAM!! It's okay for them to marry their cousins and for the man to marry 4 women ISLAM INSULT NOT ONLY WOMAN RIGHTS BUT HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

  • Clauberto Sousa
    Clauberto Sousa 5 hours ago

    Lindo vídeo! Com excessão do exemplo dos CFC's! Que já sabemos ser uma grande enganação! Os CFC's não destrói a camada de ozônio! O seu substituto garantiu a empresa somente no Brasil um aumento nós ganhos de 2 Bilhões para 31 bilhões! Mas, o contexto da apresentação foi interessante e concordo com a mesma!

  • VaciveMind
    VaciveMind 5 hours ago

    Tom: Here's your microphone back Microphone: 👅💦💦🎤

  • thebigjul
    thebigjul 5 hours ago

    Hard to forget and not regret to being able tpo kill without any consequence, rape local women and children. All in all not being able to be a monster is quite traumatizing.

  • Andrew Corbell
    Andrew Corbell 5 hours ago

    Interesting placement of the word speculative..... MIGHT as well have watched a Walt Disney video. Nd he stuttered after using it!

  • Peter Smythe
    Peter Smythe 5 hours ago

    Regarding Google, I would caution that the Chinese government may well be, in whole or part, bigger in data storage at this point. Although probably not when he made that what if.

  • Henriette Rozema
    Henriette Rozema 5 hours ago

    Would it be too much to ask for you to get into the difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (which is in effect what the air is polluting)?

  • Ryan Ehlis
    Ryan Ehlis 5 hours ago

    He is right.

  • The Sprite Show
    The Sprite Show 5 hours ago

    Brain damage.

  • grace lilai
    grace lilai 5 hours ago

    This was the best TED talk I've ever seen.

  • Priesthoodagitator
    Priesthoodagitator 5 hours ago

    If I were to chose a rifle, I would chose one with a magazine. And I would prefer it to be full.

  • Maya
    Maya 5 hours ago

    Amazing talk

  • Priesthoodagitator
    Priesthoodagitator 5 hours ago

    Your rifle doesn't make me feel uncomfortable, but your ideas that only the government should have rifles makes me very uncomfortable.

  • Sakht Launda
    Sakht Launda 5 hours ago

    This is the first time I have seen Arabs laughing in a video 😂 I think western propaganda has made these people really look bad everywhere.

  • armadillotoe
    armadillotoe 5 hours ago


  • mooveegee
    mooveegee 5 hours ago

    Rajesh Rao didn't make mention of the existnce of the rongorongo tablets from Easter island, which also contain a verified version of the Indus valley script, with much longer texts, which would give the computers & researchers much longer strings to work with! I hope this finds its way into the dialogue on this fascinating project

  • Nobody's Shadow
    Nobody's Shadow 5 hours ago

    Well I'm completely fixed now...thanks for the hour Joe. You are a legend 👏❤

  • Ducksauce
    Ducksauce 5 hours ago

    None of the facts he seems to conjure out of his hat are true. That's the beauty of NLP. He convinces his victims that what he is saying is correct. Even if the details are someone in the right direction the victim snaps to the answers like a hungry shark. There is no research or social media checks it's all about planting your words in their head.

  • Mervyn Lee
    Mervyn Lee 5 hours ago


  • Pincer88
    Pincer88 5 hours ago

    Wow, so true. Both my parents were teachers and after 40 years they just yearned for retirement, after being stripped from all of their discretionary abilties and having been put under the continuous constraint of having to perform like a standardized robot. It's not only about children wanting to learn, it's also about teachers having the freedom to really inspire because they themselves are inspired. And boy, have policy makers killed inspiration.

  • sachinsurya007
    sachinsurya007 5 hours ago

    5 years later marvel stealed his idea

  • Michael Saleeby
    Michael Saleeby 5 hours ago

    Is that Derren Brown on stage and if so what happened to all his hair

  • Ryan Ehlis
    Ryan Ehlis 5 hours ago

    The earth is flat

  • Gracia Kinyanjui
    Gracia Kinyanjui 5 hours ago

    My brother in law died a week ago , loss and grief is real so sad

  • oxi
    oxi 5 hours ago

    *TED* well that's awkward XD

  • common man
    common man 5 hours ago

    Good talk

  • Nishta Gupta
    Nishta Gupta 5 hours ago

    no joke, I think I love him even more now

  • Axl McDaniels
    Axl McDaniels 5 hours ago

    Wow im currently working on a music project and i have a lot of work left and from time to time i find myself asking if this is all worth it? Will it get me somewhere ? But at the same time i tell myself that i need to do this for me..my passion..my challenge...but its hard to keep that mindset and then BAM this video pops up. Not a coincidencs

  • fb tang
    fb tang 5 hours ago


  • Ana Pinto
    Ana Pinto 5 hours ago

    true words, i completely agree

  • borednow
    borednow 5 hours ago

    She has a lisp...

  • Jerrey
    Jerrey 5 hours ago

    Joseph is like youre cool younger brother and wise older brother at the same time. Love this guy

  • Mikael Wallentin
    Mikael Wallentin 5 hours ago

    3:10 great, just great. His a great actor btw! Amazing

  • Jerrey
    Jerrey 5 hours ago

    Love where hes going with HITRECORD. Want to see him grow more and more.

  • don & deb mclean
    don & deb mclean 5 hours ago

    not the greatest ted talk

  • Nandita Iyengar
    Nandita Iyengar 5 hours ago

    What's consciousness? And how can we say animals don't have them?

  • Lew Scagnetti
    Lew Scagnetti 6 hours ago

    Better find another planet quick cause were just destroying this one !!

  • Joan Hempshall
    Joan Hempshall 6 hours ago

    Tim is the father of the internet,not a son....

  • Subeki Mahsunah
    Subeki Mahsunah 6 hours ago

    Please subtitle indonesian language

  • pass iton
    pass iton 6 hours ago

    It say's in scripture, there were giants in the land in those days...Skeletal remains have been found around the world..They werent all suffering from acromegaly, but were another race. Probably as a result of the men of renown havng relations with the women of the land........ Genesis 6:4 Men of renown. The antediluvian giants had, by the time of Moses, become renowned heroes of antiquity, as far as the world was concerned. They, like their parents, were probably demon-controlled, their giant stature engineered by genetic manipulations discovered and carried out by these evil spirits. They could not have been demi-gods (half man, half “god”), however, as ancient mythology claims, since such imaginary beings are beyond the pale of God’s creative purposes. Fallen angels are not prospects for salvation, whereas fallen men and women are. A half-angel, half-human being would be an impossible anomaly, in terms of soteriology.

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris 6 hours ago

    I am gettin fucking sick of this anti "bad-evil-smoking-chimneys" propaganda for dumb people who have no idea whatsoever how production processes, factory logistics and economy works. HURR DURR YOU GOT SHINY GLOWING BUILDING ARE YOU NOT AMAZED !?!?!?! HURR DURR GOVERNMENT / EU KNOWS BETTER WHAT'S BETTER FOR YOU - YOU PEOPLE BETTER LEAVE THE THINKING TO US EVERY TIME !!! HURR DURR YOU DON'T NEED FREEDOM OF SPEECH BECAUSE WE NEED TO PASS YOU OUR PROPAGANDA ABOUT PASSING A BILL ABOUT INSTALLING CAMERAS AND AUTOMATIC FACE DETECTION SYSTEMS EVERY 5 METERS IN YOUR CITY. ................ Start reading fucking history people, start getting to know what was happening before, after and during both world wars because you're getting yourselves AND not only yourselves fucked - inter alia by an organization like EU which literally colonized countries like mine (Poland), destroyed our industry and now uses us as cheap labour force.... hence your fucking shiny glowing pretty buildings. You won't even notice when you'll wake up buried in fuckton of regulations with no possibility of natural development whatsoever which will be blocked and steered in every single way by a lazy, greedy rich-boi somewhere behind the walls of connections and bribes of EU / 4rd R.e.i.c.h. / EUSR. And im not defending zuckerberg - think to yourself - why is it that a house ruled by a "good housewife" as EU is being described here, has managed to produce TENS OF THOUSANDS of new legislation yet did NOTHING to protect freedom of speech on the internet and not only yet INSTEAD they are surpressing free speech with article 11,13 etc. !!!

  • MHidzir Ismail
    MHidzir Ismail 6 hours ago

    Traders need this class.. How much money will cost you everytime you get emotional

  • Alan Z
    Alan Z 6 hours ago

    3:06 India 70💪

  • Sy7her
    Sy7her 6 hours ago

    I'm not crying at the office, you're crying. This hit hard, really amazing talk.

  • Filozof
    Filozof 6 hours ago

    Ne boş yaptın aq

  • Gabriel Obidi
    Gabriel Obidi 6 hours ago

    This guy is amaizing, he's done his homework, talk about walking on the edge...

  • Xylan
    Xylan 6 hours ago

    10 on 10!

  • edwin leo
    edwin leo 6 hours ago

    this video must expose to HK protesters

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor 6 hours ago

    1 month before final exams and I've hardly started studying.....

  • dong wang
    dong wang 6 hours ago


  • Latoya Muringai
    Latoya Muringai 6 hours ago

    Well said Chima...Maybe out of "feeling" the response you gave that child but that was best at that moment at time's stop them in their tracks before they run themselves over. My respond all time's whenever the term says AFRICA as if it's a country , I always respond AFRICA IS A CONTINENT WITH 54 COUNTRIES ...AND EACH COUNTRY HAS MORE THAN 5 OFFICIAL LANGUAGES...DIFFERENT CULTURES AND TRIBE'S. ☺

  • Ioan Lightoller
    Ioan Lightoller 6 hours ago

    This is a fascinating video and thank you for posting.. Animals are, I suspect, much more intelligent than they're given credit for. I believe that we really cannot fully know the full extent of their intelligence because we cannot understand their language. Many animals posses language, but thus far, we've not been able to comprehend it. So, if we cannot comprehend an animal's language, how can we say that we really know the full extent of their intelligence? Non-verbal tests for intelligence can only go so far. I've always thought that many animals are capable of moral behavior. Dogs will often sense that their owners are sad or upset and they will nuzzle or lick their owners hand in an effort to comfort. Wolves and other pack animals will cooperate to bring down prey. Now there is footage to confirm this. No matter what some people think, the line between humans and animals is much thinner than was previously thought. That makes sense because we are animals. we are first of all placental mammals, then primates, members of the family of great apes, with chimpanzees and bonobos as our closest relatives. We are essentially East African Rift apes. I know some people may not like the idea of humans being closely related to two other species of great ape, the truth is the truth.

  • Siew Yoke Lean
    Siew Yoke Lean 6 hours ago

    I think natural biology is the best. Imagine if our brain need"reward" everytime. Will it lost its resilient in dealing something that's neutral or challenging?

  • Sivuyile Ntsunguzi
    Sivuyile Ntsunguzi 6 hours ago

    salute and respect

  • haku
    haku 6 hours ago

    bonobos evolved in abundant environments (lush rainforest) while chimpanzees evolved in more scarce environments. that is a crucial factor. it is not about bonobos just being smarter or something. check this talk at 11:03 tvclip.biz/video/GvkchZADaaA/video.html

  • ayishu
    ayishu 6 hours ago

    Was expecting him to plug his social media accounts at the end

  • LoveAndPeaceOccurs
    LoveAndPeaceOccurs 6 hours ago

    Bravo! Thank You SO much George Monbiot, for helping us to consider the old story needs replaced by a new one ... I agree it does. Your brief version of a new story is a place to start. Your are totally correct that we need to speak the truth about what has happened and what is happening in order to tell the story correctly and to resolve problems ... And we need to keep working at resolving the problems UNTIL they are resolved. My, "new story," In the past people survived by exploiting and cheating those who could be exploited and cheated. Only those willing to exploit and cheat could rise above the barely surviving situation that was most peoples life. Those that were being exploited and cheated, even if they knew they were, were offered enough to make it seem an acceptable way to live. Eventually, those who were exploited and cheated noticed the pattern that made living extremely unequal for most and that trend was causing many people to feel that only people with money had power and that the people being exploited and cheated had relatively little, had to work longer and had no seat at the table or voice in important actions ... this was left to exploiters and cheats and those who worked within their realm who did get more than most but even they could rarely rise up into the realms of those who came from the truly wealthy (OLD money). THEN, one day, everyone started realizing The Truth could be told and those who worked for the exploiters and cheats could stop working for them and start working for the betterment of All. They realized We All needed to stop making anything that could cause us harm ... and that Our focus needed to shift from thinking about "better" ways to kill those who did not agree and instead learn how to get along. We begin to understand that we are all in this together and together we can create a world that Respects All Life. Love & Peace to All

  • Doreen Watson-read
    Doreen Watson-read 6 hours ago

    I'm speachles , I have found my spirit home . I feel like I have found the love of my live and it s a country. I'd love to know more about ways that we can all have that passion and be inspiring to others .

  • Yuddhaveer puli
    Yuddhaveer puli 6 hours ago

    he is true 👏

  • UniverseSix Hit
    UniverseSix Hit 6 hours ago

    So rename it to "How women are less creative?"