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How To Sneak Food Into Class!
Views 325K9 months ago
Aladdin But With A YouTuber
Views 6M11 months ago
Slime Art Challenge!
Views 2.7MYear ago
Christmas Carpool Ride!
Views 948KYear ago
Dont Hurt Me.
Views 1.5MYear ago
Spilling The Tea.
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DIY Peel Off Foundation!
Views 2.6M2 years ago
Your Brain Vs. Your Crush!
Views 2.4M2 years ago
If My Dog Was My Therapist
Views 1.7M2 years ago
The YouTuber Interview
Views 1.8M2 years ago
Clickbait In Real Life
Views 4.4M2 years ago


  • Ana Niet
    Ana Niet Minute ago

    All of them highschool exepet 1

  • Nicole L
    Nicole L 2 minutes ago

    Oooof the bathroom one is so relatable. 😂 Well they all are, but especially that one. It also reminds me of when my elementary school teacher said “I don’t know, can you?”

  • Kali Nicole
    Kali Nicole 19 minutes ago

    i know y’all saw that at 8:08

  • Maya D
    Maya D 28 minutes ago

    Girls at my school:

  • Sandip Kaur
    Sandip Kaur 42 minutes ago


  • Sandip Kaur
    Sandip Kaur 42 minutes ago


  • talia hollister
    talia hollister 44 minutes ago

    She reminds me of Edward scissor hands

  • Drita Halilaj
    Drita Halilaj 44 minutes ago

    They long nails😯😯

  • Victory Ash Let
    Victory Ash Let 48 minutes ago

    Damn i love their outfit's!💖 Their outfit's are just amazing!!! They must be rich af😂

  • Samarui_ Knows
    Samarui_ Knows 49 minutes ago

    More like kindergarten vs Elementry school

  • April Dominguez
    April Dominguez 56 minutes ago


  • Nesreen Jassem
    Nesreen Jassem Hour ago


  • Alea Sopa
    Alea Sopa Hour ago

    Please answer how much did it cost

  • cheyanneslays life

    Switch with azzy land

  • Om nora&nouf
    Om nora&nouf Hour ago

    ،،ىىىىىىى ىىمىىىى،ممممححججممممممممممممنككم،م،،مم،ممممممممممخخممىىىننمممممممخخخمنممممممممممننمننخننننننووووووووووىىوووووووووووووووىووووووووووووووىىوووووووووىى ًًىىىىىىى

  • Samuel Magee
    Samuel Magee Hour ago

    I like your video and I follow you on Instagram

  • Lissandra Alvarado

    U sacrificed your self for us

  • zoe carlisle
    zoe carlisle 2 hours ago


  • minty
    minty 2 hours ago

    Humans are great! *world being destroyed by humans*

  • The_kawaii_sisters
    The_kawaii_sisters 2 hours ago

    Tbh y’all kinda look similar 🤷‍♀️

  • Pink fluffy Skye Tasker-Lynch

    The shape you did with the hairdryer was a heart ❤

  • bocacloudy
    bocacloudy 2 hours ago

    6:09 ariana s swt outfit

  • maria traistaru
    maria traistaru 2 hours ago

    I could do iy

  • Bob Oznek
    Bob Oznek 2 hours ago

    the 3 day anniversary killed me

  • raverbabyc
    raverbabyc 3 hours ago

    My favourite princess is bell

  • Kaely’sorgananizing Channel

    50 paw prints

  • Grace Rimmer
    Grace Rimmer 4 hours ago

    Just me or did I get confused with who was who because they look so similar

  • tracyona rowe
    tracyona rowe 4 hours ago

    August 12 is my birthday

  • Helenis Contreras
    Helenis Contreras 4 hours ago

    U should do a video of google parents

  • Princesangelica Gayanilo

    U look auper tired!

  • ItsEvelynn Farley
    ItsEvelynn Farley 4 hours ago

    Pause The Video At 7:15 and you will see

  • Jeremiah Sanders
    Jeremiah Sanders 4 hours ago

    340 there is gummy cherries

  • Heather Cassity
    Heather Cassity 4 hours ago

    fill the hot tub up with skittles

  • Narjes gul
    Narjes gul 4 hours ago

    It is a real spider ???

  • Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    Qqqqfffcñdñddpdwpppyoyohotfplfflfllfongenddmmdenhegttopgfpc.d,me,,ddnhghfhfrfpfpf,;kl Fñlfijgj hrhfyfyvtftfyffyyfrhattqqttwyrhfhfncvnfpfpirruhrbrbrrrrbfhyfftdyryhuuuudurfufuufufufh,;,,,,,,,L;,,,,,,,,lllllllll,

  • Musical Trash12
    Musical Trash12 4 hours ago

    okay but like the girl with the sponge is an actual mood

  • Sneha Chaudhary
    Sneha Chaudhary 4 hours ago

    Who else noticed rachel's sister in the video 0:50

  • M My 400
    M My 400 4 hours ago


  • Bebe whitehead
    Bebe whitehead 4 hours ago


  • Betty McBride
    Betty McBride 4 hours ago

    You so nice❤ I feel bad for the people who have b breast cancer.

  • Jessica Stirges
    Jessica Stirges 4 hours ago

    Mr Nice 😂

  • Matilda Wallis
    Matilda Wallis 4 hours ago

    Elsa and ana

  • Layla Badran
    Layla Badran 4 hours ago

    Make a pound of slime on your face

  • Katarzyna S
    Katarzyna S 4 hours ago

    Why lauren did almost nothing?

  • Maddie Nagan
    Maddie Nagan 4 hours ago

    when she said "i think im going to die today" all i could think of was miss truchbull saying "SOME RATS ARE GUNNA DIEEE TODAY!"

  • Layla Badran
    Layla Badran 4 hours ago


  • Kaji Shrestha
    Kaji Shrestha 5 hours ago

    My is aana

  • Mystical Violet
    Mystical Violet 5 hours ago

    No one: Cardi B's nails:🥢

  • CrazyeeCandy Playzz
    CrazyeeCandy Playzz 5 hours ago

    15:07 here’s ur shortcut Ur welcome 😇

  • Rishika Khullar
    Rishika Khullar 5 hours ago

    Bell is the best

  • Violet Idk
    Violet Idk 6 hours ago

    8:08 did anyone see the singing

  • mina chan oof lol
    mina chan oof lol 6 hours ago

    Me and my friends STALK our CRUSH. And whenever he touches my stuff I NEVER CLEAN it I actually told him I liked him and he doesn't like me back but we're still....f-f-fri-frie-FRIENDS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I still like him which is why I told him to check out the song invisible. And now I have to go to school at 7:25 and I'll see what he will say

  • Jhon Halim
    Jhon Halim 6 hours ago

    believe me,.......... duct tape is the answer for all our problems ........ hahaha

  • Gacha Wølfie Oop
    Gacha Wølfie Oop 6 hours ago

    You should wear bathing suits for a day

  • angela prasti
    angela prasti 6 hours ago

    My auntie eats fish eyeballs and she likes I don't know how she likes them I don't know why she likes them and I've never seen her eat them so I'm just telling you guys cuz you guys were eating I will so in the video where you did gummy food vs real food with Jen Smith cuz cuz at least I love you guys

  • Angel ASMR
    Angel ASMR 6 hours ago

    The calamine lotion works well

  • Tham Tham
    Tham Tham 6 hours ago


  • Photo Lover2007
    Photo Lover2007 6 hours ago

    My favourite are the pizza headphones who agrees

  • Mary Jean Bautista
    Mary Jean Bautista 6 hours ago


  • Clara Valencia
    Clara Valencia 6 hours ago


  • Nazeema's Family life

    2 20 201 2019 2019 2019 3056

  • chad moorefield
    chad moorefield 7 hours ago


  • Rowyn Covington
    Rowyn Covington 7 hours ago

    Who else heard Racheal,”Comment down your age.” So here you go. I’m 9

  • Kelly Robson
    Kelly Robson 8 hours ago

    I am 8 year old

  • Taylah Fitzpatrick
    Taylah Fitzpatrick 8 hours ago

    Those 1k dislikes are the blackhead all making new account!🤭

  • Monique Craig
    Monique Craig 8 hours ago

    If I chose a charity it would’ve been cancer council daisies

  • Zoe SU
    Zoe SU 8 hours ago

    honestly, I think that LaurDIY is being a bit mean, she was like "I honestly don't feel bad for you" Like how rude is that, and when its her turn, she goes like, "ugh are you serious? Why me again?"

  • Soundarya Deshmukh
    Soundarya Deshmukh 9 hours ago

    Lol and niki and Gabo thought they made the shopping challenge 🤣🤣

  • Princess Colbie
    Princess Colbie 10 hours ago

    I will add a 💜 if someone likes

  • Tarana's World
    Tarana's World 10 hours ago

    Vanessa is the EVIL twins 🤦🏻‍♀️🙎🏻‍♀️👿😈😡🔥😏

  • Iconic Cream
    Iconic Cream 11 hours ago

    Rachel? Amazing Videos? Awesome Sound? Gone Hotel? Trivago

  • Hafeez Bakri
    Hafeez Bakri 11 hours ago


  • Weronika Michalak
    Weronika Michalak 11 hours ago

    Omg her songs coming out November 22 😮

  • PsychoKitty사랑
    PsychoKitty사랑 11 hours ago

    I'm surprised she doesn't have tattoos if she says she has a high pain tollerance

  • armyof1d 2010
    armyof1d 2010 11 hours ago

    4:34 you just washed your hair !

  • Sha_Niecy_
    Sha_Niecy_ 12 hours ago

    Cute pup, sooooo CUTE. What breed is he??

  • Pak Gamers
    Pak Gamers 12 hours ago

    I ♥️bell

  • Gacha News
    Gacha News 12 hours ago

    Beep bop

  • Its Me Zoe
    Its Me Zoe 13 hours ago

    Wolverine is that you 😂

  • Sky Vlogs
    Sky Vlogs 13 hours ago

    One pound of lipstick

  • Parth Patel
    Parth Patel 13 hours ago

    Your beautiful 😍

  • Pippo Pippo
    Pippo Pippo 13 hours ago

    Anna the Best.

  • Belen Salcido
    Belen Salcido 13 hours ago

    #2: that is going to rip your pours. Please never do that!

  • Gsk fan
    Gsk fan 13 hours ago

    Aaaaa I want to fuck you

  • Silly Pino
    Silly Pino 13 hours ago

    literally when her version of middle school is pre-K and her version of high school is elementary school like middle schoolers in my school are out of control

  • ButterFly_Playsz
    ButterFly_Playsz 14 hours ago

    I think college looks really good

    KEBBIE BRYAN CAMPBELL 14 hours ago


  • McKenna Kress
    McKenna Kress 14 hours ago

    I think that you should do 1pound of stickers who’s with me🤪😝

  • putri risalah
    putri risalah 14 hours ago


    KEBBIE BRYAN CAMPBELL 14 hours ago


  • Alex Vay
    Alex Vay 14 hours ago

    I like bell

  • Claire Landry
    Claire Landry 15 hours ago

    Susie bought seashells by the seashore

  • he he
    he he 15 hours ago

    did anyone randomly for a split second at 8:46 see a quick picture that says November 22

  • Ezanah Canal
    Ezanah Canal 15 hours ago

    What do you think about the new google phone

  • Abigail Clue
    Abigail Clue 15 hours ago

    I would put 10 million orbeez in my room

  • ashley cashin
    ashley cashin 15 hours ago

    You know I miss my acrylics, I actually had a real nail get ripped off though so my 6 month process to having another nail is only a month in and I’m over it

  • handog
    handog 16 hours ago

    That cost more than my house

  • Abigail Clue
    Abigail Clue 16 hours ago

    I wonder how much studying she had to do

  • Bethany Aragona
    Bethany Aragona 16 hours ago

    I like Elsa and Anna

  • Shawna Cuthbert
    Shawna Cuthbert 16 hours ago

    Jasmine is my favortite