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Mob VS Tatsumaki BLOOPERS!
Views 90K2 months ago
Sasuke VS Hiei BLOOPERS!
Views 78K3 months ago
Hiei Peers into DEATH BATTLE!
Views 224K4 months ago
Ghost Rider VS Lobo BLOOPERS!
Views 124K5 months ago
Aang Airbends DEATH BATTLE!
Views 304K6 months ago
Johnny Cages a DEATH BATTLE!
Views 318K7 months ago
Weiss VS Mitsuru BLOOPERS!
Views 97K7 months ago
Views 256K7 months ago


  • The Pandosaurie
    The Pandosaurie 12 minutes ago

    I hate panter so much

  • thomas goff
    thomas goff 18 minutes ago


  • Chester Dacer
    Chester Dacer 24 minutes ago

    Get yujiro hanma an opponent for your next video😊

  • Asgard Ninja
    Asgard Ninja 25 minutes ago

    Favourite Pokémon

  • Bruno Veleba
    Bruno Veleba 27 minutes ago


  • Cavil Lance
    Cavil Lance 33 minutes ago

    Why did Ichigo switch from True Bankai to Mugestu?

  • Dr.Ricemen
    Dr.Ricemen 36 minutes ago

    What was the song that was playing in the fight? It was so Awesome!

  • Dwyane II Buell
    Dwyane II Buell 47 minutes ago

    Punisher VS John Wick!

  • Raiden
    Raiden 49 minutes ago

    Thats how its done

  • MC squid91
    MC squid91 50 minutes ago

    How about dark side Vs galactus

  • Lil Dic Boi
    Lil Dic Boi 55 minutes ago

    Song at 12:20

  • Just a Guy
    Just a Guy 58 minutes ago


  • 李威志
    李威志 Hour ago

    Hey, my name is Wiz too!

  • Stevenator1210
    Stevenator1210 Hour ago

    Top 5 Dream Death Battle matches 5. GTA Niko Belic vs Gangstar Vegas Jason Malone 4. Fatal Fury Geese vs Tekken Heihachi 3. Street Fighter Ryu vs Virtua Fighter Akira Yuki 2. Street Fighter Akuma vs Baki Yujiro Hanma 1. Dragon Ball Broly vs Marvel Hulk

  • NaoEdwin Tv
    NaoEdwin Tv Hour ago

    what program use for that animations?

  • Samuel Jimenez
    Samuel Jimenez Hour ago

    OMG the song of Bucky o hare reminded me of good times

  • Ethan Bradshaw
    Ethan Bradshaw Hour ago

    I would like to see this fight with a new god of war 4 update to it

  • Fct_clutch
    Fct_clutch Hour ago

    Stands can only hurt stands lol

    • Dr. Latency ΛΔ
      Dr. Latency ΛΔ Hour ago

      Imagine taking it as a 100% true rule that is valid for every stand and that all fictional stories should follow (even tho, the term "stand" doesn't have the same meaning and the actual definition probably resides in other words... *But let's not worry about that*).

  • #Xavier blaster lavia

    Falcon puuuuuch

  • LBP gamer126
    LBP gamer126 2 hours ago

    Not only this battle is between sidekicks but also cowards

  • Donny Rogers
    Donny Rogers 2 hours ago

    18:33 when you dont have the money for child support but she has her legs around you

  • omar bernal
    omar bernal 2 hours ago

    16:01 interesting. From what magazine??? ...

  • Mswati Masina
    Mswati Masina 2 hours ago

    Honestly I think these decisions are for controversy more than anything. Not to really be taken seriously I mean we all know this is just a joke. Might as well accept it as one and laugh at GL's fantasies.

  • Steven Smith
    Steven Smith 2 hours ago

    I what to see Naruto vs aang

  • Lo1zZz Gaming
    Lo1zZz Gaming 2 hours ago

    Yup he did not have. A chance

  • Andryan Maulana
    Andryan Maulana 2 hours ago

    agumon shinkaaaa i love digimon

  • Donny Rogers
    Donny Rogers 2 hours ago

    Chuck norris’ model is joseph joestar which is why he fights the japanese man

  • Jareld Acosta
    Jareld Acosta 2 hours ago


  • Derek Uahinui
    Derek Uahinui 2 hours ago

    The cabbages was such a good touch

  • Peter Njihia
    Peter Njihia 2 hours ago

    i see

  • TheWorkingNinja
    TheWorkingNinja 2 hours ago

    Izanaki for sasuke

  • ほるぃぃ
    ほるぃぃ 2 hours ago

    I mean Star Platinum is strong but not *that* strong, Steely Dan took 3 pages of that and was still in a piece

  • auls
    auls 2 hours ago

    Wait a minute... Sephiroth should be left handed swordman... And btw i dont hear one wing angel theme... This is so not fair

  • Ghost Stalker
    Ghost Stalker 3 hours ago

    Why would penance stare work on lobo when he literally doesn’t have any regrets about anyone he harms?

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 3 hours ago

    SAO :)

  • Pawan Kumar
    Pawan Kumar 3 hours ago

    Only one word Nonsence

  • Samuel Odero
    Samuel Odero 3 hours ago

    fire weakens venom

  • Sam Strike
    Sam Strike 3 hours ago

    What about a special episode avengers vs justice league

  • SpongeBob SquarePants Unofficial *

    Also, Ben doesn’t need to “understand” a piece of technology to manipulate it with Upgrade.

  • SpongeBob SquarePants Unofficial *

    Ben wouldn’t need to know about the Sotobro effect to use it. Time manipulative beings, like Alien X, feel time being manipulated.

  • SuperPokemon64
    SuperPokemon64 3 hours ago

    'Welcome to Death Battle, where you can watch your childhoods, worlds and morals get reduced to dust for the heck of it! Hope it does not accidentally blow up our world, and if we do, we have no regrets! Hahaha!' -Wiz and Boomstick You can see the sarcasm in my comment.

  • Vmac 13
    Vmac 13 3 hours ago

    DC>MARVEL Theres only like 3 people in marvel who have DC like powers

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 3 hours ago

    Can you do Hell boy vs Devilman?

  • Kayse Abdi
    Kayse Abdi 3 hours ago

    actually Goku is stronger

  • Caducus Cadarn
    Caducus Cadarn 3 hours ago

    Any other result wudda been a travesty

  • Kayse Abdi
    Kayse Abdi 3 hours ago

    am l the only one who is laughing when super man said kao what l laugh so hard!

  • Susan Robles
    Susan Robles 3 hours ago

    17:02 gundom has destroyed. :(

  • Deshawn Ryder
    Deshawn Ryder 3 hours ago


  • Bob Walsh
    Bob Walsh 3 hours ago

    So Mxyzptlk is pronounced Mix Yizz Spit Lick

  • Ur Hot Mother
    Ur Hot Mother 3 hours ago

    What about dio?

  • JSCG12
    JSCG12 3 hours ago

    Boooooo, bring back ScrewAttack

  • Quinton Hall
    Quinton Hall 3 hours ago

    Was the music playing during your explanation of why Guts wins, music from the berserk OST's? Or something you guys put together yourselves?

  • Cristan Prodan
    Cristan Prodan 4 hours ago

    You should had to put kittana From mk 1 Becuse she was a powerful enemy with the stupidest combos ever made.

  • Andrei Arredondo
    Andrei Arredondo 4 hours ago

    I will like Eva 01 vs mazinger z

  • Yuki Naruto
    Yuki Naruto 4 hours ago

    On another note, I honestly thought Lobo was gonna end up like Thanos and just get off to the Penance stare.

  • Yuki Naruto
    Yuki Naruto 4 hours ago

    Ever notice how DC has never taken a loss to anyone but Marvel? And no, I am not counting Mortal F**king Kombat as part of DC. Yet Marvel loses left & right to not just DC, but others (Dark Horse, Elfen Lied, Metal Gear Solid)

  • Thewing2001
    Thewing2001 4 hours ago


  • Pokeswag99
    Pokeswag99 4 hours ago

    Bruh when I saw the thumbnail I was like "huh...that's actually a pretty good question..."

  • Mike Moyo
    Mike Moyo 4 hours ago

    Make a death battel about steve univers vs star vs the forces of evil

  • Dr. Goodmood
    Dr. Goodmood 4 hours ago

    Agent 47 vs Solid Snake

  • Afroninja1
    Afroninja1 4 hours ago

    Indra's arrow?

  • Mike Moyo
    Mike Moyo 4 hours ago

    Try to make a death battle about steven univers vs star butterfly

  • Mike Moyo
    Mike Moyo 4 hours ago

    Make a death battel about steven univers vs star vs the forec of evil

  • Muffin man
    Muffin man 4 hours ago

    I dunno why but I love that Guy was reading the my hero academia manga in the beginning

  • Fiontan Eastwood
    Fiontan Eastwood 4 hours ago

    If mega man won what weapon would he get from astro boy

  • Bendy Demon
    Bendy Demon 5 hours ago

    It is 100% impossible for Ben to lose against Green lantern of all people you should really remake this and check your facts again

  • Mercedes Springsteel

    This is personaly one of the best death battles ever

  • Jacobe Gilmore
    Jacobe Gilmore 5 hours ago

    wish this was Ben 10 vs Beast Boy that would be a great Death Battle

  • Dr. Goodmood
    Dr. Goodmood 5 hours ago

    Mike Tyson vs Bruce Lee

  • MrNelson114
    MrNelson114 5 hours ago

    baki hanma vs omha tokita in a future death battle?

  • Zach The Dark Wolf
    Zach The Dark Wolf 5 hours ago

    This year's death battles I want to see are The Lizard vs Killer Croc ( Marvel vs DC), Talion vs Geralt ( Shadow of Mordor vs The Witcher), Something to do with werewolves, like Sabrewulf from Killer Instinct and maybe Yugo from Bloody Roar, and do one with Alucard from Castlevania

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 5 hours ago

    Still can't decide who's thiccer like = widowmaker reply = black widow

  • Drago knight
    Drago knight 5 hours ago

    Did boomstick steal her coat

  • Babbleplay
    Babbleplay 5 hours ago

    Not trying to come off as hostile, but... how many of these battles end up 'It was a total inevitability; the losing fighter never even had a chance to win'. ? That seems kind of... pointless to explore a foregone conclusion.

  • Babbleplay
    Babbleplay 5 hours ago

    Bull. Jack would never murder an unarmed opponent.

  • seb dragon
    seb dragon 5 hours ago

    If Ichigo was in his hollow form Naruto wouldn't be able to kill him and would latter on get tierd because hollows only can be killed by reapers.

  • Jimmy KrabKlaw
    Jimmy KrabKlaw 6 hours ago

    Felt a little self indulgent but was pretty good all and all.

  • Cereal King
    Cereal King 6 hours ago

    I suggest u please redo this but instead let's try spear and uppercuts

  • Bleach 3369
    Bleach 3369 6 hours ago


  • Bob Walsh
    Bob Walsh 6 hours ago

    I mean technically the Z Putties explode when you PUNCH the Z. If you were to merely TOUCH IT, they probably wouldn't explode.

  • E Killer
    E Killer 6 hours ago

    WTF why do people still watch this in 2020

  • 6:00 A.M.
    6:00 A.M. 6 hours ago

    I wish this fight could be seen in 3D :(

  • Bleach 3369
    Bleach 3369 6 hours ago


    CHIEFINDIAN _ 6 hours ago

    No way apollo creed is beating mike tyson 🙈

  • toatyrell
    toatyrell 6 hours ago

    These fights are cool so thank you for those vids. also, please do a death battle request that I submitted years ago between galactus and unicron. and also add shantae to a death battle video.

  • Froogle
    Froogle 6 hours ago

    4:50 - 5:01 Thats a nice touch

  • Jayce Richerson
    Jayce Richerson 6 hours ago

    Im not happy but good vid

  • NoLordsLand
    NoLordsLand 6 hours ago

    What pains me even more is that they did that *”to be continued”* ending for jojo.

  • jojie riveral
    jojie riveral 6 hours ago

    naruto sage mode vs base ichigo naruto can sense ichigo and can one hit ichigo if he ever manage to hit him because of his immense strength provided by the sage mode but the problem is sage mode naruto has nothing to do to stop ichigos attack ichigo was in another dimension maybe sage mode naruto can sense his attack but he cannot sense ichigo personally cause ichigo was not just invincible but he is in another dimension kurama cloak mode 2 naruto vs hollow mask ichigo naruto can beat ichigo why ? although naruto cannot see him but kurama cloak mode 2 provide naruto the ability to sense evil intension even it its miles and miles away from him plus with immense speed and kurama avatar naruto can stop and counter ichigo's attacks with bijuu bomb bijuss bomb rasengan or bijuu bomb rasenshuriken sage mode + kurama cloak mode 2 naruto vs full hollow ichigo still naruto got this i cant compare their speed and strength but naruto has the advantage he can fight in a distance with kurama avatar and by spamming thousands of kage bunshin who's all equal to his feats ichigo would be out numbered and get wrecked by kurama avatar and spamming rasengan/rasenshuriken that was coming in all side sage of six path + kurama cloak mode 2 naruto vs adult ichigo its debatable ichigo speed and strength put him into another level but naruto has also his own capabilities he has a god tier power boost (six path) and he also inherited one of hagomoros power the banbutsu sozo which give him the power to create anything from his thoughts and give life to anything to help him in battle plus his kage bunshin also has all of the acces thru all of these things so i cant decide who will win this

  • The indomitable duelist exe has stopped working

    Power Rangers vs Voltez V We need this to happen right now.

  • sid covian
    sid covian 6 hours ago

    He just got clapped by dk

  • pokemonmaster09137 and awesomecool884

    i knew might guy would win with the 8 gates of death

  • Bleach 3369
    Bleach 3369 6 hours ago

    Disagree I

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez 6 hours ago

    Deadpool: I regenerate before death The mask: wtf is death? *kills dead pool with dental floss and an eye liner*

  • Sam Miller
    Sam Miller 6 hours ago

    3:47 Ryu and Ken: AH! ENOUGH NERD SPEAK GUYS! Mario: It's just there 'cause all robo-people need to shoot awesome robo-lasers, right? Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard, Hammy, Sparda, Champ, and Sam Miller: (does the the same Mega Legends pose as Proto Man, Bass, Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Volnutt, MegaMan.EXE, and Mega Man Star Force.) Absolutely.

  • Mo tion
    Mo tion 6 hours ago

    Healing bs unlucky weiss

  • Ana Vasquez
    Ana Vasquez 6 hours ago

    Suck it naruto fans

  • Marietta Trent
    Marietta Trent 6 hours ago

    good explanation but a little long to portray the fight

  • Hilario Mendoza
    Hilario Mendoza 6 hours ago

    So afro fought a Terminator of himself?

  • Christopher Dominguez

    Scroogmcduck is the richest guy I know. But I’ve seen stronger people.