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Ghost Rider VS Lobo BLOOPERS!
Views 121K3 months ago
Aang Airbends DEATH BATTLE!
Views 303K4 months ago
Johnny Cages a DEATH BATTLE!
Views 317K4 months ago
Weiss VS Mitsuru BLOOPERS!
Views 95K5 months ago
Views 256K5 months ago


  • Li Angel
    Li Angel Minute ago

    “She just had the “Esper”ience she needed to win” I see what you did there.

  • K-Lark
    K-Lark 3 minutes ago

    They neglected to mention Thor moving Worldengine. Idk if that changes the outcime but it's certainly his most incredible feat of strength.

  • Troll Face
    Troll Face 7 minutes ago


  • banana senior
    banana senior 12 minutes ago

    Dolly dearest vs Chucky.

  • Michael James
    Michael James 15 minutes ago

    Please keep in mind via Deadpool's killogy, which you have sited before, Deadpool is receald, to be in volume three: an omnipotent God who created and killed the entire universe. Twice. I would love to see some reality altering fights as both the mask and Deadpool are near invincible and can both alter reality.

  • Terrence Trent
    Terrence Trent 16 minutes ago

    Do Esdeath va mereolena Or esdeath vs toshiro

  • Jenny86 Huang
    Jenny86 Huang 17 minutes ago

    Digitmon are stupid 😡

  • Henry’s Pokémon Channel

    What about ultra instinct

  • Killer Bladz
    Killer Bladz 23 minutes ago

    Y’all see death battle, but I see super smash flash.

  • Michael Gonzalez
    Michael Gonzalez 23 minutes ago

    These guys obv ain’t read the opm manga, mob would of won

  • Justin Banks
    Justin Banks 28 minutes ago

    No freaking way mob would to her

  • Yorha Lolibot
    Yorha Lolibot 30 minutes ago

    27 year old petite Japanese girl destroy multiple cities because a boy don't want go to school

  • Deliver2ThaDeek
    Deliver2ThaDeek 30 minutes ago

    @ScrewAttack ​@DEATH BATTLE! Here's a mugen edition of your Mob vs Tatsumaki battle!

  • 3hex
    3hex 31 minute ago

    Tasumkai for the win!

  • 3hex
    3hex 34 minutes ago

    Do a video with deku!

  • Iam Bey
    Iam Bey 34 minutes ago

    How about this: Laxus vs Kakashi

  • kof2002kof
    kof2002kof 35 minutes ago

    But a bullet can kill you This channel sucks

  • KIL 24
    KIL 24 35 minutes ago

    2:39 alright

  • Anthony Almendares
    Anthony Almendares 35 minutes ago

    Johny cage is my favorite mk character captain falcon is my favorite smash bros character

  • Noodle Woot
    Noodle Woot 37 minutes ago

    You halfed his speed from base to super sayain 1

  • Reptiles4U
    Reptiles4U 40 minutes ago

    I don’t get how Superman’s costume didn’t get burnt up in the kamehameha. 😂

  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans 41 minute ago

    Who else is here because they announced a third Deadpool Death Battle?

  • insane professor x zone
    insane professor x zone 43 minutes ago

    This is amazing.

  • Ahmad Rohan
    Ahmad Rohan 48 minutes ago

    *Sees Like Dislike ratio* Me : Oh , so Mob lost.

  • Joseph Ballah
    Joseph Ballah 51 minute ago

    Doomsday (DC Comics) vs. Saitama (One Punch Man)

  • Ben V
    Ben V 53 minutes ago

    anyone care to explain why Mob would win? All these comments not even mentioning the fight, just the reason for the fight smh

  • Imxn
    Imxn 54 minutes ago

    Can we get at least 1 more rematch???

  • Justin Guess
    Justin Guess 55 minutes ago

    poor pigeon, he was the real one we lost

  • Uncomfortable Feelings
    Uncomfortable Feelings 56 minutes ago

    What if Wolverines claws and skeleton were made of Vibranium? Would the fight drastically change?

  • Reptiles4U
    Reptiles4U 58 minutes ago

    Do Incineroar vs Ken

  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans 59 minutes ago

    Death Battle: Superman would win as he has no limits. Fans: Goku would still win! Death Battle: But Superman has no- Fans: GOKU WOULD STILL WIN!

  • Neb Bobby
    Neb Bobby Hour ago

    Same boomstick

  • Scuf Monkey
    Scuf Monkey Hour ago

    Fairy tail is better

  • Jacob Heliker
    Jacob Heliker Hour ago

    Next on DB. Batman vs all of marvel

  • Dog Mal
    Dog Mal Hour ago

    men now i want to see him vs the doomslayer

  • John Baker
    John Baker Hour ago

    Why do I keep watching this trash

  • EJ
    EJ Hour ago

    This is The Most Unfair Death Battle Ever! & because of this, I want Screwattack to put Bowser back on Death Battle

  • Jin-song Prak
    Jin-song Prak Hour ago

    Wait.....aren’t they all marines?

  • Uncomfortable Feelings

    Batman would have won the first fight if he had an armor close to Tony’s. Kind of like the Armor he used to fight Superman.

  • Larry Hughes
    Larry Hughes Hour ago


  • Fernando Wolfblack

    We all wanted to see Naruto fight Luffy, js

  • Crash Davis
    Crash Davis Hour ago

    I mean venom from [2019], I'm watching death battle right now

  • TheCheshireblack

    KH3 Sora VS DMC5 Dante. Make it happen

  • Zyrille 227
    Zyrille 227 Hour ago

    "He's also one of the deadliest shinobi in the WORLD!" Me: Gaara was getting destroyed by a Madara who wasn't even trying and he had the assistance of like four other people.

  • Jdatboi
    Jdatboi Hour ago

    She killed a middle schooler for asking for directions. The fights always start over something stupid

  • Mikal Grotte
    Mikal Grotte Hour ago

    The animation is awesome

  • Alsaamir Jackson

    Dumbledore vs Gandalf

  • Alsaamir Jackson

    Dumbledore vs Gandalf

  • Alsaamir Jackson

    Dumbledore vs Gandalf

  • BLinkK -
    BLinkK - Hour ago


  • Alsaamir Jackson

    Dumbledore vs Gandalf

  • João S
    João S Hour ago


  • Gacug Gamer
    Gacug Gamer Hour ago

    crash is a careless idiot

  • naasir batts
    naasir batts Hour ago

    I feel like mob in an actual scenario would try to reason with tatsumaki

  • Dr Delightful
    Dr Delightful Hour ago

    This is hilarious however its a mis match there is no way erza could win even against an exhausted zoro

  • ErrantMasa
    ErrantMasa Hour ago

    Which of Dracula's feats/abilities are *not* Chaos-based? I'm interested in a bonus round where Drac and 'Dorf lose access to their respective power sources. _Serious answers only; fanboyism will be summarily ignored_

  • jack Mafo ]\
    jack Mafo ]\ Hour ago

    Can someone tell me the name of that Johnny Cage vs Captain Falcon trailer.

  • Sean Pazdera
    Sean Pazdera Hour ago

    Pokemon vs Digimon but it's Pokemon GO and the Digimon have to collectively beat several hundred billion Pokemon and Team GO Rocket put together

  • Rick Wanzer
    Rick Wanzer Hour ago

    Pinkie pie versus Rainbow Dash

  • gunnaz_dmn 932
    gunnaz_dmn 932 Hour ago

    Superman vs one punchman

  • Shapeshift_Moon
    Shapeshift_Moon Hour ago


  • Just RamPage
    Just RamPage Hour ago

    Sasuke got rekt versus Killer B in a sword fight.(Yes I this is Sasuke when he was like a teen) It was obvious for me he would lose.

  • mavis wiafe
    mavis wiafe Hour ago

    Welp, that battle was short-lived.

  • Brittanee Cho
    Brittanee Cho Hour ago

    DC sucks

  • Landen Nguyen
    Landen Nguyen Hour ago

    What about Star platcha ZA WARUDA

  • Scrub Slayer
    Scrub Slayer Hour ago

    Funny how this is now still relevent

  • ABigDoof
    ABigDoof Hour ago

    Why do so many people have a problem with the cloud calc? (And DB's other cloud calcs for that matter) I'm not terribly smart so I have no idea

  • Tyler Playzz
    Tyler Playzz 2 hours ago

    who is watching now that Terry is in Smash Bros

  • skull2470
    skull2470 2 hours ago

    Only a man can beat a monster- alucard

  • Black Night
    Black Night 2 hours ago

    Why did he stop time for 10 seconds instead of 5

  • Boom Baby
    Boom Baby 2 hours ago

    I'm always amazed how wrong these guys are.

  • D4nForgotTheName
    D4nForgotTheName 2 hours ago

    Idc what robocops weapons are I just care how awesome the terminator is

  • Niop Tres
    Niop Tres 2 hours ago

    Sorry Miss Marvel, but you have to stop trying to kill childs if you wanna be Captain

  • Ryan Kazookie
    Ryan Kazookie 2 hours ago

    This wouldn’t have happened if he just let it slide

  • SquagoonClone
    SquagoonClone 2 hours ago

    *Top Ten Best Anime Battles*

  • Grecia Mendoza
    Grecia Mendoza 2 hours ago

    i am excited for deadpool vs mask

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 2 hours ago

    Batman vs dare devil??????

  • Minte Chu
    Minte Chu 2 hours ago

    They did not allow the dragozord cause he one shots everything with the spear tail thing

  • Brimp ,
    Brimp , 2 hours ago

    I think part of the battle song was taken from castle crashers, necromancers theme if you play certain parts side by side

  • Ravon Hunt
    Ravon Hunt 2 hours ago

    Okay now this is a reach. Mob would never lose to Tatsumaki of all people. Some of these fights are so ridiculous it makes no sense. 😂

  • Connor Bradley
    Connor Bradley 2 hours ago

    Please do danta vs spawn please.

  • ThatWeirdGamer
    ThatWeirdGamer 2 hours ago

    I love that Lara had two pistols pointed at him and still let him take out his gun

  • Theo Miles
    Theo Miles 2 hours ago

    Don't you have enough adds...?

  • Kayden Webb
    Kayden Webb 2 hours ago

    Yes my brother owes me $10 and now thank y’all thank you I will go clame my reward

  • Micah Porter
    Micah Porter 2 hours ago

    Oh God. Can the matchups be somewhat fair? I really like Mob but we all know he ain't gonna win

  • Brand00
    Brand00 2 hours ago

    I feel like a simple genjutsu could have gotten Roshi

  • Micah Porter
    Micah Porter 2 hours ago

    Who thought Edward actually had a chance against Aang lol.

  • Лев Бондаренко

    I love how everyone is talking about the smash ball, while i'm the only one to notice they are using metal slug models. Which is a pretty good reason for Marco Rossi vs Leon Kennedy.

  • Swift
    Swift 2 hours ago

    Dio should’ve won

  • Swift
    Swift 2 hours ago

    How did his bullets do damage to the world, only stands can hurt a stand

  • Crash Davis
    Crash Davis 2 hours ago

    do Venom vs doomsday

  • Terry Douglas
    Terry Douglas 2 hours ago

    This was stupid 😂😂😂

  • Sean Pazdera
    Sean Pazdera 2 hours ago

    "Digi-Modify!" "X-Attack!" ... "Well, this has turned into a difficult situation."

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy Nguyen 2 hours ago

    1) Saitama can end both of them with 1 PUNCH. 2) Epstein did not kill himself.

  • Isaac Fraser
    Isaac Fraser 2 hours ago

    I swear he has unlimited bullet

  • malexdennis77
    malexdennis77 3 hours ago

    Why don’t you do Batman versus Moon night who’s with me

  • Mule 1979jr
    Mule 1979jr 3 hours ago

    Batman should have won I don’t even care

  • hermit purple
    hermit purple 3 hours ago

    22:43 oh a jojo

  • Smelly xD
    Smelly xD 3 hours ago

    Not dieting

  • Smelly xD
    Smelly xD 3 hours ago