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  • NASAkid23
    NASAkid23 4 minutes ago

    Rin: there's no black its ok me: oH My GaH no bLaCk

  • Gacha Noob
    Gacha Noob 6 minutes ago

    I was in the class and I was drawing Mia and me and my teacher said “you have to do math instead of drawing! You won’t get paid by that”and I just said “but why is there a job called artist and you can become one”my teacher “……………………………”

  • Skylar Gaming
    Skylar Gaming 7 minutes ago

    her," lemme just add a scrunchie on dat wrist" Me:," VSCO GIRLS CAME FROM THE 1980's!!!

  • Heather Szmyt
    Heather Szmyt 17 minutes ago

    Thank you, this has helped me out so much I used to do that when I was little I would take pictures that I liked and found the shapes in it for fun 🤷🏻‍♀️ guess it does really help 😂

  • Megan Kraupp-27
    Megan Kraupp-27 20 minutes ago

    In one of her videos she recommended to draw with pen and now I’m obsessed with drawing with pen!!! Pls like so waffles can see!!!!😁😆

  • Gta 500
    Gta 500 31 minute ago

    drawing wiff waffs is getting up hey you want to trade some slaps

  • Asakii Masato
    Asakii Masato 42 minutes ago

    This is the collab I need to get to 2020

  • Eis Gonzales
    Eis Gonzales 43 minutes ago

    I just got my kneaded eraser yesterday

  • Alicia Matthews
    Alicia Matthews 45 minutes ago

    so beautiful but she is cross eyed also the bush turned out great

  • Lizbeth Magana
    Lizbeth Magana 45 minutes ago

    im in love with the pink fairy

  • Dharshini Mageshbabu
    Dharshini Mageshbabu 51 minute ago

    Sorry if I'm late to realize...but Rin plays Minecraft?? *air high-fives*

  • Vanessa Cortes
    Vanessa Cortes 52 minutes ago

    Just... *Beauty* Amazing Art!

  • Dagny Is Awesome
    Dagny Is Awesome 54 minutes ago

    2:09 Me: NO TIME TO ERASE, WOMAN! YOU ONLY HAVE - *looks at timer - oh...8m 33s......geez

  • Z K
    Z K 55 minutes ago

    Pick the pink and black one.. its actually spelled correctly lmao So many errors... I feel so bad for your teachers when you were in school 😂

  • Tornado Tootsie
    Tornado Tootsie Hour ago

    You enspire mecto sketch so now just the other day i was beging my mom to bye me a scetch book and suprisingly she did so now im so happy and i can sketch with you

  • Noelani Wolf
    Noelani Wolf Hour ago

    I have the highlighters

  • Andrea M
    Andrea M Hour ago

    i've been watching you guys videos for over a year i think and i always tought you were the same person ?????? idk im sorry

  • Elizabeth Stephens

    New background!!

  • Annie Lee
    Annie Lee Hour ago

    I like how you hold your oldest drawing like a angint master piece

  • It's Madylin Eleanor

    My oldest drawings from elementary are just rainbows and 2 hearts that are supposed to be me and mom holding hands.

  • Kbelle
    Kbelle Hour ago

    Please make a drawing out of just chameleon markers!!! I have some and their great!!! I just wish they didn’t blead through

  • Caitlin Mullis
    Caitlin Mullis Hour ago

    I really like the ones in the yellow book there cool the purple one is cool to though

  • PugsLike FIRE Animations

    Here is something that helps me, just draw squiggles, then, everyonce in a while, you notice something, "hey, that looks like ____!" and then you have your idea.

  • Sarah E
    Sarah E Hour ago

    Maybe you are supposed to keep that ring thingy on the pen 💁

  • Crazy Insane Girl
    Crazy Insane Girl 2 hours ago

    Honestly that boy is a bisexual icon and I live for him. He has cuffed jeans, a denim jacket, and that lightly vintage aesthetic. Also I love all of the art in this video btw

  • animerlon
    animerlon 2 hours ago

    I soooo want this, like now, no, like yesterday! It looks like way too much fun. Guess i'll have to save up my $$$ oorrr, maybe i can find a generous Santa.

  • PugsLike FIRE Animations

    All other art style videos : Step one, become a better artist dumb dumb lol This video: actually helps on develop an art style

  • Olivia Adams
    Olivia Adams 2 hours ago

    Hey I wanted to thank you for makeing this vidieo it definitely helped and I actually made a drawing I can say I am proud of you are such a good drawer thx 😊😄

  • d ì n σ `
    d ì n σ ` 2 hours ago

    8:12 *She looks cross eyed*

  • Alexis Shoplack
    Alexis Shoplack 2 hours ago

    Just me? Or is that classical painting from frozen? 🤔

  • Elizabeth Homan
    Elizabeth Homan 2 hours ago

    I played (and drew) along with you and this was so much fun. I win the owl by the way! But I totally thought he was wearing a big blue wizards hat. Hahaha

  • Ava Murray
    Ava Murray 2 hours ago

    You pay 30 for a frikin pencil topper

  • Itz_Cloudy
    Itz_Cloudy 2 hours ago

    Hmmm I think the teal thingy blue is peanut butter best name ever

  • Kimberly Baer
    Kimberly Baer 2 hours ago

    It reminds me of calvin and hobbes because of the branches.Good work!

  • rose_vsco
    rose_vsco 2 hours ago

    plot twist, the paper was a paid actor

  • Amanda Merrill
    Amanda Merrill 3 hours ago

    Do you recommend the ohuhu brush tip markers or the original ones with just the nib? I want to buy a set and I don’t know which would be best!

  • Lucia Manfreda
    Lucia Manfreda 3 hours ago

    This is Emma 👧🏽 👚 👖 🥿🥿 She is a spoiled brat who gets everything she asks for Every like takes away one dollar from her bank account and donates it to charity (Also no disrespect for any others Emmas it’s just this one in specific) Also her bank account starts with one million dollars, Every time I get a like I’ll edit how much she has :) And how much charity has Emma: Charity: 999,999. 1

  • Lucia Manfreda
    Lucia Manfreda 3 hours ago

    So my phone died while watching this and I don’t know if I ran faster to get a charger or at my track meets lol What the heck 😂

  • Ashley Zapata
    Ashley Zapata 3 hours ago

    Not to be rude but ..."u like her"?

  • calista !
    calista ! 3 hours ago

    the shorts number 1 trigger me for some reason ...

  • Darkcat Gamer
    Darkcat Gamer 3 hours ago

    Could you do another redrawing fan's icons plzzz

  • J&K Loves
    J&K Loves 3 hours ago

    Can you make mine one day plzzz❤️

  • Elliot Ludwig
    Elliot Ludwig 3 hours ago

    I keep coming back to this video when I'm struggling with my art. Every couple of months or so, I need to reteach myself how to draw with a pencil and paper, since I get used to using my tablet. I love this tutorial!

  • Brianna Margioni
    Brianna Margioni 3 hours ago

    You should try drawing with a 3d pen again!!

  • Whale Man
    Whale Man 3 hours ago

    Was this really 3 colors? It seemed like more.. anyways it was still really good! Sorry I seemed so negative 🎱

  • Jiana Basilio
    Jiana Basilio 4 hours ago

    I got the 2018 one

  • Ashley Zapata
    Ashley Zapata 4 hours ago

    Im a beginner and i hate my art idga mmmmm i get so mad i spent 20 mins drawing and now its ugly!!!:# ugh

  • kook’s ian
    kook’s ian 4 hours ago

    blood 😳😳

  • Moonlight Gacha
    Moonlight Gacha 4 hours ago

    “And one that looks like he’s given up on life” XD isn’t it already dead???

  • somebody
    somebody 4 hours ago

    You can't even buy sharpies where I live lmao

  • Offlaners Dota2
    Offlaners Dota2 4 hours ago

    This is very helpful guide especially for me as a beginner, thank you :-)

  • Offlaners Dota2
    Offlaners Dota2 4 hours ago

    “Until you dieee” lmao🤣🤣

  • Sarayah Bernard
    Sarayah Bernard 4 hours ago

    i want her to start a art class <3

  • Wi can has can
    Wi can has can 4 hours ago

    I’ve been drawing for years and something consistent that I notice is that I find an artstyle, and I can only draw 1-10 characters or more in that artstyle and usually less than 2 weeks later I’m looking for a different artstyle because I can’t seem to grasp the same one.. what’s wrong with me??

  • Sarah Irwin
    Sarah Irwin 4 hours ago

    i love your art and personality, and i always love watching your videos <3 that said, the background music in this one drove me nuts, and i ended up watching this on mute. i hate repetitive sounds. but i still enjoyed the video a lot! keep it up :)

  • Pat Byrne
    Pat Byrne 4 hours ago

    Really? This is interesting?

  • Djamila Lahiani
    Djamila Lahiani 4 hours ago

    Omg i luv the bracelet u r wearing! did u make them? if u did can u do at least one video on how to make it?

  • Brooke Balogh
    Brooke Balogh 4 hours ago

    Do you play hockey the trumpet and draw art? Cuz that’s what I do!

  • Natasha Harris
    Natasha Harris 5 hours ago

    i LOVE your peaces of art work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lexi Illustrations
    Lexi Illustrations 5 hours ago

    oh my goodness gracious, I love the empty space spot on your background image! I do the same thing in like sketchbooks!

  • Umaru Chan
    Umaru Chan 5 hours ago

    I’ve been on tik Tok for to long I looked at the picture that she drew and I dubble tapped the video to like it 😂🤣

  • itz LIAMA
    itz LIAMA 5 hours ago

    Could u please do more editing of peoples profie???

  • {Bear Gacha}
    {Bear Gacha} 5 hours ago

    YOUR amazing waffles! You inspired me to get the illo sketch book and now I want to be an artist when I grow up! All because of you! Thank you.💚💚👁👄👁💋❤❤❤

  • myungi
    myungi 5 hours ago

    i really thought the first one was a bird so when rin started drawing people i was so weirded out lol

  • Lilac Duckling
    Lilac Duckling 5 hours ago

    Teach me your waysssss😭😭😭💖💖💖

  • Panic! Out by the Romance Pilot Boys

    15:49 that Brendon Urie hair tho 👌

  • Mãddý
    Mãddý 5 hours ago

    The way you said moam:( you said mo am it's mau am (I'm british)

  • Emerson Shumbera
    Emerson Shumbera 5 hours ago

    I'm not sure why but whenever I'm in art class at school I do perfectly fine, I am inspired by almost anything, but the second I get to agriculture I lose all inspiration.

  • Midnight Fury
    Midnight Fury 5 hours ago

    I laughed so hard at the hand comparing. Well done! Maaaaan your skills are way better than mine, even back then.

  • Momo Kitty
    Momo Kitty 5 hours ago

    I feel like her name would be amber

  • Keira Burke
    Keira Burke 5 hours ago

    when you said maxi skirt were you talking about the lularoe skirt???

  • Emma Bemma
    Emma Bemma 6 hours ago


  • Bloxy Jess
    Bloxy Jess 6 hours ago

    Im amazing at feet lol

  • The Gaming Otter
    The Gaming Otter 6 hours ago

    Thank you. You were so helpful as I want to become a new digital artist I live your idea for drawings and ill let you know one thing NEW SUBSCRIBER

  • Oopsie Doopsie
    Oopsie Doopsie 6 hours ago

    6:16 You skipped a page with what looks like a roman emperor or something on it. Just wondering- what was there? I was super excited to see it; it looked super neat.

  • Ljubica Georgievska
    Ljubica Georgievska 6 hours ago

    I like how cute she laughs everytime she says a sentence

  • Rubs LL
    Rubs LL 6 hours ago


  • Mushyy Peas
    Mushyy Peas 6 hours ago

    Lol thay are so niceee but to be honest the drawing now it much better 🤗🤫🤫

  • ꉂCandii_bxshꉂ :3

    There should be a ink for every month like inkcember

  • Anjalina Ardila
    Anjalina Ardila 6 hours ago

    I should have done sadness from inside out

  • Galactic Mango
    Galactic Mango 6 hours ago

    “Water based” “Water resistant”

  • Mushyy Peas
    Mushyy Peas 6 hours ago

    I love drawing and you give me information thanks well I love your art 🖼 🥵🥵 it’s like the best not the best the best best best amazing art 🥵🥵

  • ItsCharlie
    ItsCharlie 6 hours ago

    How about you try all your copic markers, it sounds like a hard challenge and looks fun.

  • Susan Ingram
    Susan Ingram 6 hours ago

    I love paint markers

  • Cappuccino•LynxYT
    Cappuccino•LynxYT 6 hours ago

    I Hart your Art!!

  • A Fox Called Rhey
    A Fox Called Rhey 6 hours ago

    I kind of act it out too sometimes.

  • skye Rose
    skye Rose 6 hours ago

    Stranger things for life

  • Bridge Borch
    Bridge Borch 6 hours ago

    Heads, shoulders, ten-tic-als Eyes and ears and mouth and nose Head shoulder ten-tic-als (ten-tic-als)

  • pridler85
    pridler85 6 hours ago

    Is it possible to refill sharpies?

  • Cream Puff
    Cream Puff 7 hours ago

    I liked a better

  • Overseal
    Overseal 7 hours ago

    You make drawing look effortless and fun and honestly I missed that in my own art. Not caring about whether or not something messed up or if my hand gets dirty ,,, I should go back to that mindset, thank you for the videos they're a the best, your personality really shines through and it reflects in your art !

  • Emmy 13 13
    Emmy 13 13 7 hours ago


  • The lazy Cat
    The lazy Cat 7 hours ago

    Your so good at drawing.... ❤️ Wish I was so good but I'm not and won't be😭😭😢

  • Manahel H.
    Manahel H. 8 hours ago

    'for 2018 and 2019, nooo it's 2019 and 2020 ' describes my life

  • Princess Kai
    Princess Kai 8 hours ago

    The first picture is Syd from ice age😂

  • Jeanne Martens
    Jeanne Martens 8 hours ago

    I got to have this in my life!!!!

  • Yasmin Aktar
    Yasmin Aktar 8 hours ago

    How are so good at digital and traditional art?!?!?! Your art is so amazing I wish I could draw like you one day

  • Vytė Cicėnaite
    Vytė Cicėnaite 8 hours ago

    You draw so nicely

  • Colleen Moosman
    Colleen Moosman 8 hours ago

    i didn't relaize they were nostrils for the second one. I thought something furry was on another things head...

  • MrSlothman vlogs
    MrSlothman vlogs 8 hours ago

    13:51 didn't she say there was gonna be see through wings then they she colored them in orange??????