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  • Sham Azam
    Sham Azam 51 second ago

    Lol every headline has to include Ronaldos name.

  • W M S
    W M S 58 seconds ago

    So Juventus was playing without a goalkeeper

  • Yuddha Tamang
    Yuddha Tamang Minute ago

    Poor defense by juve

  • zadijo Josh
    zadijo Josh 2 minutes ago

    Still wondering what Perez had in mind while selling Ronaldo. He still regretting. Now he spent a lot to replace him but still, no leader in the current Real Madrid finishing line.

  • ViewDieTie
    ViewDieTie 3 minutes ago

    This team doesn't deserve Cristiano. Sarri doesn't knows how to use Ronaldo.

  • Luca La Monaca
    Luca La Monaca 4 minutes ago

    I am proud of the result because it was a very big point and even if Lazio did not perform as well as they usually do you have to understand It was a derby game and derby games are not like any normal game.

  • Hrehan Shah
    Hrehan Shah 5 minutes ago

    juve, you have devastated me

  • Luca La Monaca
    Luca La Monaca 5 minutes ago

    As a Lazio fan i believe in the game where we played previously in the season where we hit 4 posts against Roma we deserved to win. Clearly in this game I believe Roma deserved to win so in the end it is equal.

  • Ionut Boghian
    Ionut Boghian 6 minutes ago

    Bella partita e grande Parma, peccato per l'Udinese che stava vivendo un grande periodo.

  • Benjamin Hitterer
    Benjamin Hitterer 6 minutes ago

    Commentator on Roma own goal: WhAt aRe tHeY dOiNg?!?!?’

  • Jabhi Phungwayo
    Jabhi Phungwayo 7 minutes ago

    De lit n matuidi out! Useless

  • Eda Sbe
    Eda Sbe 8 minutes ago

    Sono un Napoli semplice. Vinco con Juve, Lazio, Liverpool... Perdo con Bologna, Parma, Fiorentina, Cagliari...

  • Ingenious Network
    Ingenious Network 8 minutes ago

    Ronaldo was incredible. His skills were phenomenal. His pace was unmatchable.

  • dhurbajyoti sarmah
    dhurbajyoti sarmah 9 minutes ago

    Ronaldo:King of easy goal.😁😁😂

  • Relativo
    Relativo 10 minutes ago

    1:09 Inquietante quel suono :P

  • Sohel Hossain
    Sohel Hossain 11 minutes ago

    Poor defence by juv

  • Anna Damore
    Anna Damore 11 minutes ago

    Ma dov'era il centrocampo della Juve? "Manca il CENTROCAMPO!" cit. Cesare Pompilio lol Insigne ha fatto un bel gol, mentre CR7 non salterà più gli avversari con la velocità, ma ragiona ancora 2/3 volte più veloce dei giocatori di questo pianeta...

  • Alessandro Petronelli
    Alessandro Petronelli 11 minutes ago

    this draw could’ve been avoided. there is no quality in the midfield and they need to learn how to close games out better. this is the second game in a row that they’ve dropped important points. if they won these last two they would be on top of the table. goodnight and better hopes. forza inter🖤💙

  • Kaliprau Tv
    Kaliprau Tv 12 minutes ago

    Mara dona

    PHSONG_ 12 minutes ago

    What a goal insigne 🔥

    ARMЯН ARM 12 minutes ago


  • Mark 99
    Mark 99 13 minutes ago

    Ronaldo l'unico con cattiveria ieri della Juve.. Onore però ad un bel Napoli

  • Sing Duwe
    Sing Duwe 13 minutes ago

    Smalling out!

  • danilo infamous life
    danilo infamous life 13 minutes ago

    Forza Roma

  • Bruno Alves
    Bruno Alves 13 minutes ago


  • Don Alfons Nisnoni
    Don Alfons Nisnoni 14 minutes ago

    Juventus lack of creativity.... and Napoli are smart to taking Pjanic down... he is the main man in Juve midfielder. If Pjanic not out... I believe it will end with 0-0 or Juve can win.

    AYAN MAJUMDER 14 minutes ago

    What a horrible goal keeping,midfield..this egoistic players don't deserve to play with CR7..

  • Роман Фила
    Роман Фила 15 minutes ago


  • Matteo Mollica
    Matteo Mollica 15 minutes ago

    Some time Juventus are doing well in different games but today there not doing there world class 😭 but there the Champions 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💸💸💸💵💵💵💵💵💵⚽⚽⚽⚽

  • Juan Bermudez
    Juan Bermudez 15 minutes ago

    Cuadrado no marca un cuaderno

  • Mino Quintana
    Mino Quintana 16 minutes ago

    Con Lopez in porta c'è sempre da aver PAUra. Papera incredibile.

  • David Ahmad
    David Ahmad 17 minutes ago

    Forza lazio selamanya

  • Sahbaz Sid
    Sahbaz Sid 17 minutes ago

    I don't know the name of commentator but his commentary is fantastic

    EMILIO MORENO 17 minutes ago

    Cuadrado muy flojo en marca, al igual que el portero...😔

  • Sing Duwe
    Sing Duwe 17 minutes ago

    Cuadrado out!

  • Mas_kenz Channel
    Mas_kenz Channel 18 minutes ago


  • Василий Пупкин

    Засадили ювеку

  • Umberto Viviani
    Umberto Viviani 19 minutes ago

    Siamo tornati mo so cazzi

  • Eda Sbe
    Eda Sbe 19 minutes ago

    Sono una Serie A semplice. Insigne fa un partitone: Cristiano Ronaldo in copertina.

  • Ciaron Smith
    Ciaron Smith 20 minutes ago

    Forza Napoli! South > North...sempre!!!

  • Shreyas Pradhan
    Shreyas Pradhan 20 minutes ago

    1:45 and people say Ronaldo's getting old😂 #ronaldo #fire

  • Dickson Aroka
    Dickson Aroka 20 minutes ago

    For how long will take De light to find he form back again ....

  • Janero
    Janero 20 minutes ago

    Awesome Napoli!!!

  • Herda Bagas
    Herda Bagas 22 minutes ago

    Edited: "*Sarri saving Gatusso's job"*

  • Trường Ngoại Ngữ Rich Lee

    Juventus should replace its goalkeeper and sell Higuain...

  • The The
    The The 23 minutes ago

    I remember when Torino vs Juventus was huge, soon Torino vs Hellas Verona will be big

  • Teddy JuL
    Teddy JuL 23 minutes ago

    hahaaa juve loseee

  • Faze rug
    Faze rug 24 minutes ago

    Why is every game about Ronaldo

    LR SQUARE 24 minutes ago

    Demiral is missed

  • هوبر جيمر Huber Jimr


  • Wiwat Kradingsai
    Wiwat Kradingsai 25 minutes ago

    ที่นอนเพียบเลย แต่ละสนามคนดูน้อยมาก 😂😂

  • Pitaresco Bigotes
    Pitaresco Bigotes 26 minutes ago

    That's a f#cked up keeper 🤷‍♂️

  • Maxime Laurent
    Maxime Laurent 26 minutes ago

    Cuadrado 👎🏾

  • Шериф. Жизнь в Деревне

    de Ligt Loch . peccato che Merih Demiral infortunio ricevuto

  • winged hussar
    winged hussar 26 minutes ago

    Ronaldo can't dribble they say almost drops one defender back to second divison

  • celestial rex
    celestial rex 26 minutes ago

    IMMOBILE stat padding against weak teams only

  • Johnny Sins
    Johnny Sins 27 minutes ago

    Ronaldo hasn’t dribbled past anyone in years 1:45😳

  • The Ahmad
    The Ahmad 27 minutes ago

    Duo Swedish.. Gagliolo and Kulusevski 💪

  • Elvin Ortiz
    Elvin Ortiz 27 minutes ago

    Buena juve!

  • noval lovan
    noval lovan 28 minutes ago

    We miss demiral now :(

  • T-BAG Production
    T-BAG Production 28 minutes ago

    Should have been a penalty clearly for Napoli at 1-0. The referee hoped that Juventus will come back into game and win it but fortunately it didnt happen. It's hard to play against 12 men all the time when you play against Juventus

  • sabung Channel
    sabung Channel 28 minutes ago

    No buffon no party...

  • fandi maulana
    fandi maulana 30 minutes ago

    Pau Lopes is ASU

  • Salbin kvr
    Salbin kvr 30 minutes ago

    Midfield game is poor very pathetic need some creative players

  • Balin Dutta
    Balin Dutta 30 minutes ago

    Cr7 fans 👍

  • Royal MC
    Royal MC 31 minute ago

    What a great commentator this guy is.

  • Ibracadabra 21
    Ibracadabra 21 31 minute ago

    Radja pls win 4 games in a row

  • alexciclon1912
    alexciclon1912 31 minute ago

    "Ronaldo doesn't dribble" well, look at 1:47

  • Turning pages
    Turning pages 32 minutes ago

    Juve has cancer def

  • Abx
    Abx 33 minutes ago


  • savvy830
    savvy830 33 minutes ago

    @1:43 Great trickery from Ronaldo . 👏 And that winning goal from Insigne was pure fire 🔥

  • Devrids Kapitan
    Devrids Kapitan 33 minutes ago


  • Yashvardhan Rao
    Yashvardhan Rao 33 minutes ago

    If this was a Juve win This video would have 2 or 3 Mil views Lol

  • Abdul Latif Khasuna
    Abdul Latif Khasuna 34 minutes ago


  • Adama Y Bangura
    Adama Y Bangura 36 minutes ago

    Cr7 is now the only player to score in 8 Seria A games in row. Simply phenomenal

  • Misael Perez
    Misael Perez 36 minutes ago

    Juventus no jugó bien! Bien por Napoli y Gatusso!

  • Abx
    Abx 36 minutes ago


  • Yaboi Sp07
    Yaboi Sp07 36 minutes ago


  • spillo799
    spillo799 36 minutes ago


  • Sergio Ausin Antolin
    Sergio Ausin Antolin 36 minutes ago

    Muy grande Juan,un orgullo que un español haga volar a Olimpia...FORZA LAZIO.

  • Fakrul Razi
    Fakrul Razi 37 minutes ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Juve lose

  • Jo Bc
    Jo Bc 37 minutes ago

    I'm a huge Messi fan but respect to Ronaldo. We're lucky these guys are still around.

  • Luppi 20
    Luppi 20 37 minutes ago

    Adidas predator 2020 golie glove isn’t not worth it. It’s not worth it. Pau Lopes get mistake in derby roma. I think because the strap from front to behind. In slow motion replay we can see the ball turn back.

  • Alessandro Diegoli
    Alessandro Diegoli 38 minutes ago

    😁😁😁😁😁........tutta l'Italia....

  • miguelquintero38
    miguelquintero38 38 minutes ago

    Grande Napoli !!!

  • Shammu Shaaz
    Shammu Shaaz 38 minutes ago

    Effect 🤪🤪

  • Kriz Gomez
    Kriz Gomez 38 minutes ago

    Hola 🤣

  • Angen Halawa
    Angen Halawa 39 minutes ago

    Banyak umpan ronaldo tp gk bisa diselesaikan oleh kawannya.. tp diapun jarang di umpan

  • Simon B.
    Simon B. 39 minutes ago

    Brutta partita

  • Abang Am Official
    Abang Am Official 39 minutes ago

    he can hattrick again All is penalty..😂 Dybala is smart than him.

  • Natsu Kiiroi
    Natsu Kiiroi 39 minutes ago

    Juve this season seems had a problem with Sky Blue Team 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 Hope they not meet M City in UCL Next LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 1245isme
    1245isme 40 minutes ago

    asroMARKET sell alisson for paul lopez joke's

  • Juan Carlos Sarango
    Juan Carlos Sarango 43 minutes ago


  • Sport Tings
    Sport Tings 43 minutes ago

    @6PointPod on twitter

  • Akash Gupta
    Akash Gupta 44 minutes ago

    Poor defending from juventus thats the summary

  • Arjun Tejas
    Arjun Tejas 44 minutes ago

    RIP kobe

  • Obed Kanglom
    Obed Kanglom 44 minutes ago

    Kick out higuain. He's a disgrace to Juve.

  • Gambit Gaming
    Gambit Gaming 44 minutes ago

    Palacio still with his very tiny ponytail. XD

  • Brindley Weerasekara
    Brindley Weerasekara 44 minutes ago

    So basically when players leave United they become better?? 👹